The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 8, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFOENIAN TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1808. tbt BaKmfttid Califontian Every Evening but Sundays at Bnkcrsflfld, Kern County, California. City and County <B$f!>§gfc> Official Paper •me rod In PoBtoffico at Bake Afield, Cnl., as Second-class Mall Matter, *0 cents a month; $5 n Year In Advance ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prep. 31 T«/ephone ................. Main T! T:sl ).\ V. Tn 'HIS A EIGHT MOVE. The li-^islaturo is ti> lie called upon lit tin 1 <'oinini^ session to con- ni<lcr ii inrasiirc intended to take file jiidicuil arm of the frovorn- jnenl nut of party politics by eliminating llie iiiiiues of candidates for .jiuliciid nt'ficcs from party columns ami pliiciiiK them .in a column liy thi'iiiselves. The rough draft "I a bill already devised would place all candidates for judyx whether for the supreme. tjii|ici'i'ir ui' police courts in one column without party designation, Tuesday, Dec. 3 DEAR TOM:- It'a the same old story--everybody buys Gruenhagen 1 s candy because it's the best and most dellc'lous candy sold In town. BILL condition obtains, the men voters will foci like a^rci-mir that in principle, e(|iial sutTniL"' is right, but not ijTiportani. CELEBRATED THEIR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. anil tin 1 voters would the individual .judg tlei-trd without id at'liliatiou. It Mr. and Mrs. floorse Pctz delightfully entertained' a number or their friends Saturday evening In honor of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. The evening was mofet pleasant ly spent In playing progressive pedro. The first prize was awarded to Dr. Me- kenzle nnd tho second prize to Mrs. Marlon, there being no consolation prize. Mr. and Mrs. Petz were the re. that plishnii; I that is absurd In < reason tlial ;i in accord with Voters. .Illduc- the then choose | clpicnts of many beautiful presents of he wanted sllv ,er. Those present wore Dr. and Mrs. McKonzIe. .Tndsc and Mrs. Marlon, Mr. and Mrs. Wiltnot, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Mr, nnd Mrs. W. II. T!nl;r>r. Mr. and Mrs. i, Vn\ and Mrs. Ganns, Mr. and Mr 1 ', r. A. Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. ;i!ii| *on. Frank, Mrs. Helm, Mrs. Cniln. Mr. and Mrs. Rohesky. \Vdeliel, Mrs. Slinlnger nnd i-r. l,dn. 'Miss DcOann, Mrs. De- Mi:-'-. l"lorcnco McKcnzic, Miss '/ii'j. Miss llutli Tlobesky, Mrs. i. r; nn, Mi:? Ciladys Oanns. JJB^Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street THE MESSA6E TO CONGRESS (Continued From Page 1.) enthroneme crudest and destruction tin! fnncili civilized bii The "evn failure," <--i tanchl Its i "The v.iiL' tin 1 liiborin .. way in u iii I'oi-f ID «i in reH|>..;if hatred, irn ii Hiss privilege In |ta ist brutal form, and the cini- of the most essen- ..i Mi" judiciary In all .' was a "complete '".• President, but it >:! -• !BIG DAY AT SHERMAN, CLAY | & COMPANY'S PIANO STORE. Y.^tenldy at K and Nineteenth streets the store of Sherman, Clay & Co.. wap the scene of much activity— there bring a number of May's large transfer wagons coming regularly, un! Ipadlnp and unboxing pianos of every ' description. Tbis large exclusive ptano store ha- found it necessary recently to briist: in several shipments of this kind, thus showing that Bakersfleld Is by no means a dull place from a"n ar- ti.-iii s'amlpalnt. The public is .in- vlti a, to inspect this Immense stock of flr.e ] iaiuis. • .EDDIE WHITE SllOllId lint ll.' JICclillM with t five and cxeci! people c-'cnorally a [ilan that will leclioli ul' till' 1'iinili political '/rounds. •;. and I h will approve n eliminate 1 ||c se"II purely A QUESTION SETTLED. President Roosevelt ht-.s replied t" the administration critics anent that $4<).<«III.I)()() paid for I'anaina ojinal ri«rhls to llic French irnv- I'rinncnt. The charge lias been made, and it is no new mie, that •when it became evident the irnv eminent miuht purchase t'i" riyh! 1 aforesaid, an America:! \vndicati bought lip most nl' the stuck. am that ('lias. I', '('aI'l was «n<- <>l Ihoso who profiled immensely h\ the deal. The Indianapolis \"ws .'ind 1h< New York Sun have In en asking ciiu'st'mns about who the siock- liolders were and linv asserted thai the mailer was shrmidvd in mystery. Nnw emnes the I'resi <Jcnt and (urns on the )i'_'lii turns it (in by saving thai butli newspaper editors are liars. Trie' tin- informal Mm the editors ha\r asked Cor iis to the owners!.in ni' the stock is nut '.riven, leil Hint will count for bill little. 'I'll lito.'s have been maliciously mi'iid.'iei'nis. The President has said it, nnd th.:1 will be about all, except that the .\nminias (lull membership has been swelled by two. NOT IMPORTANT. BOOMING EXCURSION TO McKITTRlCK SUNDAY WEEK. r-'Msiori to Mi'Kittrlck a week \t Sunday is being planned. •Ki'Tid; baseball team cap- nil by Happy Hogan has challen;reii tlie BaUersfleld tossers to a panic of ball. Tbc defl lias bc<'ii accepted and Kzro R eh fold bas been IE with Agent Matlack con- f-crnlntt n (.-pedal irnln. The round trip price has been mado and as Jl.'n isi the amount re- '• nlrcd by the railroad for a -special j •J cvnrslnnit'ts will 1invc to be so- \ •iireil ii ill'' trip la to lie made by •pedal truln. Kzre Is preparing to •ircnlal" n list and nniicipntcs little rniiD'o in cettliiR the required num- ier of sl.L'iiers. \Vcs Hrown is banding llie ball team IdKetlicr. Tbf train If secured will leave Kern about S o'clocU in tho mm-ninK and returnins will depart, from McKiltriek at the convenient (> of the excursionists. •' : "is. llic worklnRmon, • n :ii tiie country by the •'•.• ;• icpudnite.l the ef- • ; ; 'o c:'Kt. their votes 1 :i'i :!|ii>c:!l to cln.-s • .Miilia.-iix.'d i heir swiii \ •iothun i : Ainerici-inlsin. Tin: >1" ' ' i • c'insp to i'eel jiri l t . j this ;•; ; i i ! nt' sturdy lndo|ii.-nd- "Dffe in •!.;.- .incoinjH-onilKlii',' insisi- encc uiion nut; simply MS ^nod-cit- i/.ens, iis uMiiii Americans, without retard in r.-tnek'd—;nid Imitropor—class iui.M.'.-!-. rfucli an attitude is an object li'.;s>m in good citizenship to the IS NOW IN TRAINING. In \\'hiti brtan his (raining for '.'. -.\itli l.atidcr December 21 ; e-- :M't"innoj:. lie boxed two • ;n h with fhreo of his sparring - : :i n'!iiiHf,n 10 punching the , i jninpiir.: rope. This morning '.vi ni for a lout; jog on the Frank McPouBall accompanied will resort, to these runs improve hi? wind. He starts i-inm work every afternoon at-3 TEA Linger longer over it; let it be steaming hot from the earthen pot; and the loveliest woman pour it. Your gnetr return* rear moa»r ll 7ea Ulii Scbilllat'« But: we PIT him UOT Hiti HA;- E;.>",;;. <» l si- .V»-«l;ri,'.i ] Free 1 T'I-:; :\'n::, ,•;; Cutic. J.dr.!:iii;i. i/i'.i-Oil. . ur..'s II. r;.i. '.:... A;-r:. •*. ' list- i( fur , :i!lr" |i::]..!t!P.'- ilclcx in !.-|3 si-.-il;. \v>-n- i 20 clays ho had li.-ilp ;ill o | On July 2 ho vritc-i, "ar.d !, i 13 na thlr-k :ir.-i V-.rnrlnnt could wish." Nowlit'VM Hit hi'i t c-n an olil pi'I;iciij!i; : 1 1 v, orl; . v,- d -.-HI- Two sizes, 50c and 51-00. I J. A. HUGHES, Agent. "lint i!;e extreme reactionaries, th pcrsnns wlui blind themselves to th. wniiMs now and tlionn committed by i lie courts on laboring men, should ::lso thinU seriously as to what such :i niovetnent as tliis portends." • I The message speaks of good judges i and bad, and It Is the hitter that have 'given substance to (lie agitation ' against the judiciary. I On Injunctions, "There Is ground for the belief that substantial injustice Is often suffered by i iiii'ii.yi •(•» in consequence of the cn'iom of courts issuing temporary injunctions without notice to them, and piitilHiilng them for contempt of court in instance.-? where, as a matter of tiicl, they have no knowledge of any proceedings. Outside of or- i^ini/cd labor there is a widespread f<cliiiK that this system otten works injuslU-e to waneworkors when their efforts lo better their working condition result in industrial disputes. A f.emporary injunction procured ex pane may as a matter of fact have ail i he effect of a permanent injunction In causing dis.isler to the wage- workers' side in Hitch a dispute. Organized labor Is chafing under the unjust restraint which conies from re- ;vatci! re-'Oi't to this phill of procedure. Iis discontent haw been unwisely expressed, and often Improperly expressed, but 'lhere is a sound basis for It, and the orderly and law- abiding people of a community would be in a far stronger positon for upholding the courts if the undoubtedly existing abuses could be providei against." Extension of the forestry service is advocated, nn is the enfranchisement of the Porto Ricans. The parcels post,] tin? Philippines and the navy all receive attention as do a number of minor subjects. The admission of New .Mexico and Arizona as separate :!;'trs is advocated. Denver Restaurant Meals, 25c and up. Knstern Oysters nnd first- class Chinese. Noodles, Ohou .Mean, Pineapples, Chicken, and Chop Suey. ( !oud Service. 1313 19th St., Bakersfleld. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Elll* Street* FRED P. PLAQEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern In every respect. 1(0 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient (or commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OP THE CITY Free bus meetc all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. The Bon Bon for HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPIN, Prop. Phone Main 251 1 eilhel&l aylor Good vegetables are hard, to get these days. The local supply is limited; the rest is old. "We keep a fresh supply always on hand. Give us n trial and he convinced. 1423 19th Sv Phone Main 401 GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safo and gentle torses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spai. about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc.^, iu good running order nil the time. W. T. RATLIPP Cor 21st and v Sts Tel. Main 88 AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H. Jones Carter's Hotel, Marlcopa Bakersfleld Garage, Bakereflefd. Main 142. Main 1260 frupv is riijlit lint nui i" And lli;i! Mj.rleil Hie 1r ir icisin, tlidiiuh it was all vi like, in't iu iill al'li't- the of tin 1 l.oiuliin \v<nnen w ctl tlieinselvi'-s in their i ..i .-ri -ry !,ni\-' Mianner u cliain-' si-ais so; they could not ho ]>nt out. i Bui really, isn't -Mr. Roosevelt l right iili"in it/ \Vi»ii''n '.s snl'-, t'rago canii.ii !«• important miiil tho women ask I'nr it. They have not yi't done MI. ,\ |'e\v then.' aivj who want, tlii- ballot, lint there is ; good reason to lielievn they do not ! ropl't'scnt llic many. (Vrtiiinly ' the woiiK'ti <>( ( 'alit'urni.'i as n\ whole, take no interest in the niat- l.w, and t'Xort absolutely no in-' ilnctuH 1 in behalf ol.' the political party that favors equal sniTr!iu;c. This Ava» shown in the last cam when llic, ltc[)ublican con- n turned (lu- sutVr«- -yottcs without- even an apology. while the Democrats of Stockton favored the submission of th.; quest i«>n of oijtiiil sulTi'ay. 1 to the. Yoters. Thcro is no reason to believe thiil- Ihe siitl'rai,'i>ttes iulli-sinc- *d a single vote for tlio Demoit- jracy, ua<J truly, HO loug ua tliis IDEAL FOR SHORTENING AND PRYING. MADE FRESH DAILY, RIGHT HERE ON THE COAST. OR— Sastern Shortenings—at least 30 days old when you recc ive them—not fresh -not in perfect condition for baking a,nd frying, That N 1)10 ((iie^iion ttiat thoiisandw of CaliforniH housewives have rleclded sensibly and profitably. Suetene is ni:nle of the* choicest bee' suot and pure, healthful vegetable oil. u agrees with the most dellcuto stomach. Y«« can 1NSUKK the goodness and dlgmtiblllty of your pastry and fried foo«» by using Sl'lSTENE uxclu sively. Peclde tod.iv that you will use. a FUKSH, HOM^-MADB shortening—a trial pail will maUo you a permanent user. SI'KTKNR is made In a aanl- tary nlant- as clean and spotless as a mode) kllche;;. Every ounce made under the porsonal supervision of Pure Food Inspectors. Order from your grocer or meat dealer. Sold In 3, f> and Ill-pound palls — hermetically healed. THE CUDAHY PACKING CO. LOS ANGELES, '/I ^TRAINS LEAVE ; BAKERSFIELD Leave for Antioch ... Berkeley* . Chicago •... Corcoran .. Denver ... Fresno Grand Canyon Han ford .... Kansas City. .Tohannesb'rg Merced .... Oakland ... Oakdale Richmond ... SanFranclsco Searchlight . Stockton Talare Vlsalla Yosomite .... I 55 30 55 30 55 30 30 55 :55 55 55 30 55 8:20 9:00 j 8:20 9:00 8:21 8:20 9:00 8:20 8:20 P.M. Tfsb 7:30 7:30 7:30 8:20 8:20 :30 :30 :30 ;30 30 30 30 For detail Information phone or call on N. J. HUDSON, Agent. r Always Buy Jessie Moore Whiskey If it's for home use, it's tho best -arid for a drink at tlie bar, It's the one you should always ask for. Havo a «holce In whlB' l;ey—always buy the best, .ToHslc Moore, celebrated the world over for Us purity. K you don't kno-w this whiskey, it's tlm« you were giHUmr acquainted with It. Always bear the name In mind, Jessie- Moore— --and whiskey satisfaction will b« youn. Fred Gunther Co. Faulty Trade «d Waroroonw W*i . No Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus. $25,000 A checKing account with the First National Bank haa so many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you hare uot already such an account with us we shall be pleased tn have you open one and test it fo«- yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. PAYNE [& SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMbULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night A Bargain!! FOR SALE—Lots 23 and 24, block 39, on Q street, between King and Baker streets, Kern. Price $450. -Terms It desired, f!50 firat payment; balance 1. 2, 3 years. Write to Leigh Thornton, 531 North Boylston Street, Los Angeles, California. OLD MLIABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. OARBIAOE PAXNTINO »icm« Pkem Main 1188 1U7 Wall 8t Ort.

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