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The Recorder from San Francisco, California • Page 5

The Recorder from San Francisco, California • Page 5

The Recorderi
San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

THE RECORDER TUESDAY MORNING APRIL 15 1913- New Suits Filings Etc NOTICE 10 CREDITORS DEPARTMENT Co ord off cal settled Smith-Rice Co ord off cal trans Stanton ord Intl dee of div gr to jiff ex cruelty with $100 per mo alimony etc Title of Estate No Paper Ferris making and passing fic just in writing for payt Of money mo for probn gr 2 yrs Masterson to vest lid off cal EXTRA SESSION London Guar and Aeeident Co dam to 2d amd complit suet 10 days to mild Oates Ilary Brown John Cagna Lorenza Perry Foley Honora Lindquist Gust Cocharn James A Bauer Jacob Welch Mary Ann Hall James Ryan Margaret Mayer Morris Driscoll Michael The len Otto Joseph Salter John Wm 14747 14899 14834 14874 Rec 14875 Rec 14824 Rec 14897 Rec 14630 Rec 14838 Rec 14816 Rec 13859 Rec 14861 Rec 14855 Rec 14487 14sa2 Date of 1st pub- Attorney lication Feb 18fLeon Samuels Feb 19ICullinan Hickey Feb 191Cullinan Hickey Feb 19feullinan Hickey Feb 1tCumnai Feb 191R Gillogley Feb 19ICullinan Hickey Feb 191Otto Irving Wise-- Feb 19Pohn Quinlan Feb 201I Quiltoyle Jr Feb 201Stafford Stafford Feb 20 Louis Brownstone Feb 20 Milton Schmitt Feb 20 James Oliver Feb 21 Cross Feb 21 Cullinan Hickey Feb 21 Charles A Sweigert Feb 21'LeveY Lipman Feb 21 A Brun Feb 21 Allen Feb 21 McCutchen Feb 22 A Comte Jr Feb 24 Stafford Stafford Feb 24Emerson Read Feb 241Bankins Hankins Feb 24Andrew Burke Feb 251Sullivam Feb 251John Burnett Feb 251She1don Kellogg Feb 25114 Lapachet Feb 2515 A Riley Feb 25ID Freidenrich Feb 251Cross Newburgh Feb 251Louis Ferrari Feb 251Cullinan Hickey Feb 26lJohn IT Williams Feb 261A Colton Feb 26IR Busted Feb 261Neal Power (Continued trom Poor One1 Hayes Haves divorce wilful Morrow 4S4tmi-4harles A Salter Agnes -N1 iInitor wilful Van I-invents-Dr O'Donnell vt olcuru11 divorce wilful Curtiss lain for 4issin-3 Langhorne 14o44 Ntotir Eslor et al damagea personal injoiripi4 $1oiNto-4 1 Leonel alag dl nd Trunsportnoon t'o will for alithoritatena to lease teal A 4Brion 4S102-1410 Boyer Oliver flavor livoree WIl fIII deseniMi --C Piper A Sievers John Sievors wilful NV King 'Ilr A Nelson et al pron 111e Corrugated Culvert Genoral ontraoting Ciorpu ou contraot Gaylord II Goddard Jame Dunphy Jinigt Perry Sutton Albert Schwab11er Pt al services NV Perry 4850S-----Lon Allah Niusgravo Sunwel De Witt Nilisgravo divoree cruelty-3 I Nagle Probate Ft lacNitill11 pro of will poln' of Jas MaMullen et al personal prop $1S14il7 hearing April 1 Proltu pro of will poln of $hirley NV Johnson real a nil personal prop hearing April NI Johnson Misney inonipt A Burt let of aiim lean of JosiJ Burt IsTsiltial prOp Wig) hearing April Bates Ciirry lot of adin potu if Joseph flurry psi tile value unknown hearing April it I I 1altersoll pro of will porn a Jilin Patterson real nnii porsonal prop hearing April Clarke pro of will poll Of linion Trust Co of real proporty $1iililHi bearing April lol-o-John Bach lot of aiim poll of NVIII join lineh porsonal prop $9401 hearing Alio 1-11nrris I 'rime to the claims 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 rtionths 10 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 10 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 10 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 10 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 10 months 4 months 4 months 10 months 4 months Lueorri Cemht Postal Tel JUSTICES' CLERK'S OFFICE NEW SUITS Piled April 12 Mil 771041 Merehautsi Colin Agey A Biggers goods to 8 Co 77teis Installation Co United Light A Power tio goods Headersoo Niintat to 8 CO Cameron 11108 MiIhr note II Boyer 7S0111 to tio 17iSoll2 to Co 4luflEerhi Rose money Hayes to tio Compton May A Warne board $35--1 II Tyrrell ions to Co N017 to Solon Co to San Mateo Co isiSoon Co tilde Tonisky to Co rSolt Kennetlyiv John Christiansen note King Jorgensen Chas Vlitinoison vent Ithronne Carnevali Marble Mosaic Co I Chas Whittlesey labor $90-11 NI Getz 8014 to Co Nholff NI MeAnliffe John Rea note $220 solti Peekbant Webster rent Ailj Co Vogel goods Dinkeispiel to Contra Costa Co to Co SIS02o to Santa clam Co nsii21 to Diem co Taggart Wilson goods MeErera ATTACHMENTS Filed April 11 1913 Dolan Harry hetkowitz note $311-1 NV 1ovey 57972 Lippert Reighley note Moeller Ridgway Morgin labor 11 Asher Adi Ager Gm Montgomery goods 57178 Co 1 Janrier goods Tomsky 51931 Mayers National Borax Cs gootis A Jambs Oriental Bazaar goods Same Bros Co Boyle money 1V Lieehti ii7981 Kiernan Tijos MeKeeet al note $1il7-1 Limey 57945 MIMS Mot Adj Ager doll services Kimx Pacific Flioor Sanding Cm money 4120-1i II Knox Vtilit Kohn Tanabe note 11 Schwab Marks Joek Lester goods $77-11 NleCurily LIST OF JURORS Department No 5 Impanonea February 29 1913 Abrahams Meyer 1826 Buchanan Al lee Jelin 2397 Folsom Andrew Adam 1900 Pierce Anigter Abraham 1406 Golden Gate ave Baldwin 120 Frederick Brandenstein Edw 1735 Franklin Bremmer Wm 720 Jones Brisac 1200 California Brown Peter 1458 Ninth ave Callaghan John 900 ClaytonCarpy Charles 2096 California Caswell Geo 1921 Sacramento Cattermole 899 Vallejo Dannemark 1033 Fell Day Wm A 22 Fifth ave Diederich Henry 2224 Bush Dresser Frank 108 Bosworth 'Dunes 110 Sutter Eddy Richard 2930 Pine Edington David 419 Golden Gate ave lEdwards 1544 Polk Clarence 2902 California IFIemer Henry 1688 Page Ford Edw Bohemian Club Frank Marshall A Hyde Washington Fraser Hugh 624 Golden Gate ave Galloway Wm 2203 Devisadera Grant Spencer 2205 Sacramento Habenicht Rudolph 1001 Chestnut Hall James 119 Belvedere Hardin Edw 119 Dubove Henry Marcus 1177 Ellis Hewitt Wm 2300 Fulton Jacobs John 3045 Twenty-third Jacobson Emil 54 Fifth ave Jones Edward 1820 Washington Keegan John 2287 Sutter Kroger Fred 770 Tenth ave Lally Henry 1816 Pacific ave Lewis Wm 2564 Folsom Liebes Julius 1821 Broadway Mann Clarence 3414 Washington Martin Alfred 1630 Devisadero Martin 1573 Grove Mayerle George 423 Baker McGinness James 1422 Eleventh ave Meyer Julius 2606 Folsom Munk 1175 Green Murphy Danl 1282 Jackson Nye Albert F' 1701 Octavia Olsen Chris 2226 Geary Perramont 1719 Buchanan Perry Victor 569 Belvedere Plate Harry A 625 Bush- ReilleY Chas 519 Baker Reimer Julius 2666 Baker Sanford 1471 'Washington iSchmidt Chris 45 Fifth ave Schroeder 243 Lake Selig Alvin 2876 Jackson Spader Chas 1092 Dolores Stokes Harry 819 Ashbury Sutton Walter 2542 Sacramento Swales Edw 909 Broderick Tamin 297 Haight Toplitz James 1647 Post Walsh Jas 1807 Golden Gate ave Warren Chas A 2698 Vallejo Williams Arthur 626 Lyon Wolfe John 2336 Fulton 'Worth Henry 1112 Golden Gate ave EMILIO LASTRETO TO PRODUCE "OTHELLO" (Concluded from Page One) iand was used by the elder Salvini and also used by Bo Ito in the libretto that he prepared for Verdi's use in the com'position of the opera "Otello" Mr Lastreto's version will the character of Bianca who forms la most important link in the story clear the reason that Othello fell a victim to the wiles of Iago and post his reason through jealousy The scene between Iago and Othello is inI troduced in which the latter driven to madness by the fiendish lam casts inside all restraint and gives himself over to uncontrollable rage So terrific is his 'rage that he is unable to withstand the i strain and falls in a swoon to tile stage The cast Is made up of those who so successfully assisted Mr Lastreto In his notable production of "Hamlet" last I Year lGeorge Paterson will essay the part of the Moor Othello Emilio Lastreto will be seen as the wily and subtle 1 logo Miss Pauline Hillenbrand whose of manner and ability contributed i so largely to the success of "Hamlet" will portray the beautiful but ill-fated Desdemona Miss Ellen May Jones will be seen as Bianca and Miss Marie Millen-brand will play Emilia The part of leassio will be in the capable hands of 'George Paterson Brabantio father of Desdemona William Melander will play Roderigo while Harry Hutaff will exhibit his versatility as the Duke of Venice and also as Ludovico and Leone eadenasso will portray Montano New scenery and lighting effects have been provided and the production will be adequately and correctly costumed The friends of the players who have been bidden to witness the performance of "Othello" anticipate a most enjoyable performance Feb 27 Cullinan' Hickey Feb 27 Wise Sapiro O'C Feb 27 McCaughey Feb 27 Dorsey 4 months Feb 27 Cullinan Hickey1 4 months Feb 27 Pillsbury 110 months Feb 27 William Canbu 1 4 months Feb 27 Alexander Keyes 10 months Feb 27 Harold Louderback 4 months Feb 27 Cullinan 4 months Feb 27 Marcus Rosenthal 4 months Feb 28q3rewster Ames 4 months Feb 281Cullinan Hiekey 4 months Feb 28John English 10 months Feb 28IAdams Adams 4 months Feu 29 CUllinall 4 months Feb 28 Cullinan Hickey 10 months Feb 28 Robert Porter 4 months Feb 28 Rees Daniels 4 months Feb 28 Cullinan 4 months Mar 11Getz Robinson 4 months Mar 1 Jewel Alexander 4 months Mar 1 Thomas Hayden 4 months Mar 4 North 110 months INCORPORATIONS Filed April 14 1913 Co Inc cap stk $77000 sits $1 ea Donaldson Ferriter and 11 1 Mantling 10 sits phote Iff business 8 F- potts2--corral Flat Milting Co eat stk $300000 sl ea suhs Kearney 111111 I 0r4en 7b sits en and A Frietlhorer Johnson tili 11 Riordan I sit ea photo 1f husinoss 8 Invest tnen1 Po eat stk $1004111 $hs $1 ea sults $101 Kearney 100 sits and I VII II and Kearney I sh rta tinter Of hosinest 11N84-11Muelirr Mfg Co certified copy Printing Co (tap stk $10000 sits $10 tot sow $tio Iler 1 NV LovvY anti ii Dolan 1 sh ea: place of business 8 NV 1-orit5t Pnuittett Co runt stk $77000 sits $10 ea sub Hansen II A Italkar and 8aratitites lit sits ea pint or loudness Vitssey Eitzmaurice Ann 14257 Hannan Thomas 14818 Mendelsohn Rose 14870 Cashman William 14869 Smith Frieda 1 14887 Finn John 14765 Rec Kleinclaus Angele 114806 Moran John 14572 Rec Hamilton William 14888 Rec Alexander Rebecca Rec McCloskey Thomas 14685 Rec Cotton Mary A 14872 Rec DurIciti Edward 14842 Rec Scott Mary 14909 Rec Burum Hugh 14847 Rec Collonan Mary Ann 14901 Mayer Tillie 14903 Simon Isidore 14891 Giannini Emil 14883 Woodruff Lora A 14930 S'ichel Charles 14705 Rec Stern Joshua 14920 Rec Coggins Charles 14862 Rec Coster Annie 14889 Rec Jarand Charles 14919 Rec Siggins Nicholas 14946 Rec Kahlstrom Carl 14742 Rec Boysen Edward 14877 Rec Farley Elliott 14902 Rec Benedict Courtland 112844 Rec Rasmussen Mariane 114944 Rec Payne Noah 14912 Eluhr Christian 14649 Kearny Horace I' 14636 Schonfeld Annie 14913 Auradou Madeleine 14931 Rec Strakon John A 14867 Rec English Wilhelmine 14954 Bordeaux A 14928 Rohrer Ignatz 14949 Repsold Herbert A 14950 Forbes A 14923 Johnson Edward 114929 Eichler Gustav 114947 Gradin Emma 114885 Wasp Ross George 14880 Rec Larson Annette Rec Lissak Adolphus 14935 Le Fevre Hjalmar 14755 Rec Curry Jonn 14910 Rec O'Halloran James 14934 Rec Castle Sophia 14954 Rec De Haven John 14896 Rec Carbray Edward 14952 Rec Chiouzells John 13535 Rec Johnson Reuben 12525 Rec Keating Mary Ann 114904 Rec McEllin Dennis 114961 Rec Tobin Honore 14799 Poehlman Rosine 14938 Brandt George 14977 Rec Meaney Lewis 14978 Rec Allen William 14971 Rec Fitzpatrick Annie 14975 Rec Wetjen Liese 14959 Rec Cederberg Per 14963 Rec Dreyfuss Caroline 14917 Rec Leveroni Nicola 14915 Rec O'Brien Patrick 14830 Rec Olsen 11663 Rec Barnard Frank Star Sullivan Sarah 14962 Rec Clements John 14994 Rec Ryan Emeline 14752 Rec Adams Joseph I' 15013 Rec Jones Lena 14462 Goldblatt Nathan 15005 Sundberg Jennie 14827 Tiseornia Angelo 14941 Rec Cronin Charles 14966 Rec Williams Rena 15001 Rec Petersen Robert 15026 Caglieri George 14976 Rec Malcolm George 14997 Rec T-ebau Louise 15009 Nat Caglieri George 14976 Rec Malcolm George 14997 Rec Wighlmam Mary A now) Rec Hedluend Nellie 14933 Rec Wood Hamilton Holton 15033 Rec Honey Catherine 15007 Rec Carbray Edward 14952 Rec Kasch Charles 12377 Rec Lehrberger Jacob 15030 Rec Wagen Louise 15039 Rec Vezin Karl 15006 Rec Bannon John 15055 Rec Hasbrouck Rachel 15067 Ree Gilbert Benjamin 15015 Rec Jack Win Robert 115066 Rec Kahn Jacob 15048 Rec Woodbury Isaac A 14882 Wilson Samuel 14434 Rec Prien Johan 11 15031 Rec Epstein Henry 15051 Rec Olino Antonio 15040 Rec Blumenthal 15076 Yesterday's Proceedings COPARTNERSHIP Filed April 14 1913 Reich OW Lievre us The Now york Cloak rink 4 months 10 months 4 months 4 months 10 months 4 months 4 months 10 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 10 months 4 months 10 months 10 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months 4 months Mar 41Leon Prescott Mar 41131ack Clark Mar 4 William Razeto Mar 4 Jacks Mar 4 Sheldon Kellogg Mar 41T Selvage Mar 41Robinson Robinson Mar 5Archibald Treat Mar 5 jkonard Mar 51Cullinan Hickey Mar 5 Cullinan Hickey Mar 6 Joseph Bluxome Mar 6 Emilio Lastreto Mar 6 Cobb Mar 7 Ira Li hick Mar 7 William A Kelly Mar 7 Edwin Hanson Mar 7 Frank Hultman Mar 7 Samuel Wiel Mar 8 James A Bacigalupi Mar 8 Watson Mar 8 Perry Perry MEETING OF SONS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION MORT COURT OF APPEALS In the matter of the meeting and adjournment of the judge attending this 14th day of April 1913 the day appointed for holding the April adjourned session of the court no business was transacted and pursuant to Sec 1 Rule 4 of the Rules of Practice of this court the clerk directed the crier to adjourn court to meet tomorrow Tuesday April 15 at 10:30 am JUSTICES' COURT APPEALS 32751---1hpt luihi Bohli for 111T: 1 I' Cassell for dor Afore Agoy Stoele nl alltrart from Bnint 3261--iopt Wowing Frani lin I' Will for 1111 II WitheroPoon for tel Ft I ititili0q) (' Ntorgantlitilco trael from point h--W 1 Ninxon Bryon for tI fl 1 I 1 Arlosirong for del' Dont The how l'onsig Karpolos $mith f'r On: II Selmortnor for dor 1261 Itoyster Irene Itt'oso nbsirnol from leE The annual meeting of the California Society Sons of the American Revolution will be held at the rooms of the Union League Club southeast corner of O'Farrel and Powell streets on Friday April IS at 8 o'clock to elect officers and aboard of managers for the ensuing year delegates to the national congress and to transact such other business as may come before thetneeting The twenty-fourth annual Congress of The National Society of the Sons of the Anaerican Revokition will be held at Chicago Illinois It to 20 1913 A Morgan Centenary jangt Ilec railed Railroads or 8 1-11 Wolff for Puff: It Ashe for del Maim' Ahoy abstract from italet 7 1)11 tOTI ii11411 Ilit II nit v1 fr pitI (I Whin tor (11' liali I) NV Strong ahatracI front Italltt --Wrn Kohler Iona I A Mitchell for pin Finch r4ir tilf 1 to Arthur NV Crawford 11Stillet front talgt Witter II Chlvers sante Citron I liroalterg saute Mere Union Ulu Persett sante fl flu Mar 8 Lovey 4 months Mar 10 Knight Heggerty 4 months Mar 12 Cullinan Hickey 4 months Mar 12 Wm Geary I 4 months Mar 13 l'I'obin Tobin 4 months Mar 13 Clarence Oddie 10 months Mar 13 Maurice Asher 4 months Mar 13 Jacks 4 months Mar 14 Cullinan Hickey 4 months Mar 14 Cullinan Hickey 4 months Mar 14 Hoe lier 4 months Mar 14 Cullinan Hickey 4 months Mar 1F Wm Sims 10 months Mar 15 Crothers Crothers 10 months Mar 151Cullinan 8- 4 months Mar 15 Wm Sims 10 months Mar 15 Crothers Crothers 10 months mar 17 Morrison Dunne 10 months Mar 191H Schaertzer 4 months fear 1SIThomas Beedy 4 months Mar 19lEdmund Nelson 4 months Mar 19 r1' ft Selvage 4 months Mar 20 James Scott 4 months Mar 20 Goodfellow 4 months Mar 20 turn Suden tuin 4 months Mar 21 Wm- Rose 4 months Mar 21 Geo Egan 4 months Mar 21 Cullinan Hickey 4 months Mar 21 Morrison Dunne 10 months Mar 21 Frank Schilling 4 months Mar 21 Joseph Farry 10 months Mar 21 Oliver Ellsworth 10 months Mar 25 Taylor 4 months Mar 251Morrison Dunne 10 months Mar 251Rothchild 10 months Mar 251Gendotti Houston 10 months Mar 251Harris Hess 10 months TRIAL JURORS MARCH TERM 1913 United States District Court Northern District of California Acton Richard 1365 Valencia st San Francisco Adam Herman 500 Potrero ave San Francisco Armsby George 2015 Broadway San Francisco Bacher Louis 1220 Vermont et San Francisco Bacon Edward 1440 Jones wt San Francisco Bailey Murray 481 Belvedere at San Francisco Baldwin A 2 Presidio Terrace San Francisco Bangs 139 Ninth at Oakland Bell Joseph 1269 Filbert at San Francisco Bentley 1 537 Crofton ave Oakland Beyiard a San Mateo Binner Theodore 534 Church at San Francisco Bissell Wm A 1737 Alameda ave Alameda Blatchly Harry 1001 Pine et San Francisco Booth Frank 1640 Broderick at San Francisco Brun Benjamin 1003 Van Ness ave San Francisco Burdick 922 la Fayette et Alameda Carlton 2513 Hillegoss et Berkeley Daggett 2824 Cherry St Berkeley Deering Charles 2846 Washington st San Francisco De Forest A Palo Alto Devlin Frank 2535 Union St San Francisco Dimond Edwin 310 Sansome St San Francisco Dunn Ambrose 367 Perkins st Oakland Dutton Harry A 2522 Webster at San Fra ncisco Erskine 1811 La Lorna Berkeley Firth 3473 Washington at San Francisco Gray Geo 454 Ninth at Oakland Grennan John A 104 Montgomery et San Francisco Horton Chas 3731 Sacramento St San Francisco Koster Frederick 3 676 Monadnock Bldg San Francisco Lockwood (Thos 382 Frederick at San Francisco Magee 537 Sacramento at San Francisco Miller A Ross Marin County Newton- 249 Front St San Francisco Rankin A Bush and Sansome sts San Francisco Richardson 306 Crocker Bldg San Francisco Spencer Frank 1680 Clay st San Francisco Stromberg Joseph corner Beaten and Pacific ave Alameda Tracy Theodore 1650 California St San Francisco Turpin A Hotel Turpin Powell and Market sts San Francisco Wilson Horace 409 Montgomery st San Francisco DEPARTMENT Winter ord final dec of div ent 4 re Standard Suit and Cloak Co a corpn appin for distil Rice burglary def arrgnd Apr 16 to pld 4680-4 Clarkson violg Sec 476a I def arrgud Apr 19 to pld Fox making and passing tic inst in writing for payt of money def pld guilty Apr 18 for iudgt Nom Lee Ling Fong Yee and Jung Kow murder ar- I rend Apr 16 to pld Wong alias Wong Sang Ching Dodi Dal alias Chin Dien' Mar Guey Wong Kim Lee Ching murder same De La Pene making and passing fie inst in writing for payt of money def pld guilty Apr 18 for judgt I A Brown asslt mo for probn mo of Dist Atty ord infn dis Dist Atty filed inins against the following assigned as indicated: Maxi Benson forgery Dept 12 Thomas Williams burglary Dept 6 Richard Yokes rape Dept 11 The following order printed In "The Recorder" of Monday April 14 1913 should have read: McKenzie violg Sec 274 def pid guilty Apr 16 for judgt Edith King Wm Dunning and Emma Dunning violg Sec 274 dots arrgnd pia not guilty Apr 22 for trial DEPARTMENT Pearce et al on 1 argt contd to tomorrow 10 am O'Connor ord off cal All Persons etc defit eat ord dee to plff estg title as prayed All Persons etc same ords Boyle etc on trial contd to Apr 23 10 am All Persons etc deflt ent ex as to City Co of and German Bk ord dee to puff estg title as prayed All Persons etc ord off cal Lark ord final dec of div ent Hunt same ord DEPT Stewart Hotel Co ord subn of mo of intvr set aside and vacated and contd to date for trial Stewart Same ord subn of mo of x-compint to strike out parts of ans to arnd same ord Suburban Home Bldg Socy mo of plff to set for further hearing gr Alaska Coml Co ord coma issue to take testimony etc United of ord mo of piff to authorize comp and dis action gr Hunt on trial contd to tomorrow 10 am Polley on hearing conld to Am: 16 10 am Lady let of adm gr to Katherine Hartzell bond $10500 petn of Pub Admr withdrawn and dis Conway let of adm over to Apr 24 Ulman dist over to Apr 21 Mahoney alias part! dist acct and rept of admr filed for info of ct and of ord for army' of claims over to Apr 30 Washburn Inc let of guardp on hearing contd to Apr 16 Petitions In the following gr: Cottle conf sale real est Ford et al minors ord sale real est bond $250 Pugh sett of acct and dist Walker eont sale real est at $2600 Klinkwitz let of adm bond $2500 Brendel alias let of adm bond $200 Whalen pro of will McCarry pro of will Alexander sett of aCet and dist and Thomas Guinasso minors sett 4th acct of guardn dist of jut of Erminia Guidasso and dischg of guardn Stobener sett of acct and dist Beardslee sett of acct Mitchell sett 1st acct exr DEPARTMENT Knorre ord final deo of div ent Ind Co Bridge off cal Martin pro of will over to Apr 28 Baelgalupl let of adm over to Apr 17 12819-0 Dondero pro of will contest jury on trial contd to tomorrow 11 am The following over to April 21: Burns ino to disallow lam all mo to pay costs McGillian conf sale real eat De Budge et als minors sett of acct Petitions In the following granted: McBean sett of acct and dist 13169--Cornelia Stafford sett of acct and dist Ross cont sale real eat at $7500 McCarthy let of adm bond $2500 Bryan alias set aside eat to widow Norton sett of acct and dist 15245--11 Rownd let of adm bond $200 6970--Shaller Scott Jr sett final acct DEPT Salabert felony obtg prop under false pretenses def pld not guilty Apr 29 for trial Rigel felony obtg Prop under false pretenses same Rigel felony prop under false pretenses same Jones felony to-wit murder on trial contd to tomorrow 10 am Edmond alias Louis Edmunds mistir vagrancy ord jiffigt affrnd and appl die Vernon violg provn of Sec 26 State 1911 known as juvenile ct law off cal DEPT i I 1 1 i RIDGMENTS Scud rev fl I Scudder af olo Or di ot $'25 nor wo alimony 10127 Bonk of Andtwson Susannc Ft Nash S210110 Cain -Bertha Deniers's Frank Ilcutecus vrve or livoref I SnlYth I 1' II etc' CO0405 V201 -Al 9101 A Kuorm Fred norm decree of oliyoree te 'h ee NEW YOIrK April 14-By an odd coincidence the day appointed for the funeral of Pierpont Morgan happens to be the centennial anniversary of the birth of his father Junius Spencer Morgan father of the late financier was born one years ago today in West Spring-Mass Ile was the real founder of great financial house of Morgan 'hen he was a young man his father set him up in business in Hartford at an expense of $50000 The mercantile venture was such a success that in a few years he was able to dispose of his interest for $300000 With that sum he removed to Boston and embarked in a fresh enterprise of a similar character When he was ready to make another turn he sold out his interest for $600000 and went to London becoming a partner of George Peabody the famous American banker and philanthropist DISTRICT COURT Before Kreft Referee In Bankruptcy Flannery trs final acct alld re Elmo Springs claims of Luven etal on hearing contd to Apr 16 11 am Moenning 1st mtg creds contd off cal DISTRICT COURTS Or APPEAL SECOND DISTRICT Los Angeles April 11 1913 of Inglewood Kew By the Court Upon stipulation the rernittitur herein is ordered to issue forthwith Los Angeles April 12 1913 Danziger By the Court Upon stipulation appellant granted to and including May 10 1913 within which to file opening brief SUPERIOR COURT DEPARTMENT Front Imp Co A Brewing Coord off cal Pottier et als dam of A Post ler to complt bust 10 days to arnd Parker et als dem to Iamd complt ovrld 10 days to ans mu to strike out gr as to ptns of amd complt specified as 1 in notice of mo in other respects mo is den Navigation Co Brown et als dem to ans ovrld mo to strike out gr as to pars 8 9 and 10 and part of par 6 of ant in other respects MO is den Breton Eldredge dam to ulna to 2d amd ant suet etc Cal Safe Pep Tr Co dein of recr to petit of Crane suet dam of recr to petn of Frieda it Major suet Assn Ainsworth at als ord 10 (lays stay of mon gr Bk of Napa et ale same ord City Co of of data to complt suet 10 days to amd 1 ENTMES IN ORDER HOOK 4213G---sulyth Plate et td execn 4ho2 1--11appet Rooker Jodat 4s412---ItIlsetall I liasciati final decree twan tiolwan Food decree 4 Knorre- final decree Lultitzer Judgt Lark -titott dtree 3a31111-tiont flout final decree Hitchcock italgt Winter final dceree 417111-1tizatta Lero eveen 41N111---ereditors Blanched et al iatita Adj Woodward 11141 4tost --Mtitoire Alv(inire decree 47141 Clark Clark decree 2:00 --Ford Mahal Nttotlyan judat 4-trc7 --1alea Itates 1011 decree 4s2s7t--Parks Carey jotlat attottl Butterfield evecri 111111 deal' -4x3211- Ittlekett Puckett till titterer 41917--Nloore Moore deflt 4741i1 111 re Standard Cloak Sail Co decree of (Oslo roil It Loather ro exect1 Sth111011 int decrce Whitoev 1100 gt Trosetn Arthemise 15084 Rec Smith Lottie 15108 Rec Hope Robert 15028 Rec Higgins Ellen 15065 Rec Robinett Margretta 15058 Bercowitz Shnon 15063 Rec Haas Samuel 15064 Rivara Victorino 15086 Rec Hudson Henry 14748 Rec Ziegitnahr Ferdinand 15049 Rec Hoyle Edmund 14985 Rec Cohn Elias 15061 Rec Oat John 15070 Rec Ward Matthew 15160 Rec Perazzo Anglo lino 15098 Rec Bertucelli Leopoldo 1-5060 Rec Ying Huie Guey 14754 Billington Charles 15115 Johnson John 15112 Rec Podesta Angela 15095 Rec Mar 26iRobt Countryman! 4 months Mar 26 Thomas Dunn 4 months Mar 26 Loewy Loewy 4 months Mar '26 I Mahoney 4 months Mar 26 4 months Mar 26 11 10 months Mar 26 Louis Brownstone 4 months Mar 27 Geo Shadburne 4 months Mar 27 Guiltnyle 4 months Mar 27 Fraser 4 months Mar 27 James Gartlan 4 months Mar 27 Harry 10 months Mar 28 ID Lord 4 months Mar 281Cullinan 4 months Mar 281James A Bacigalupi 4 months Mar 28iJohn Filippini 4 months I Mar 28 Catlin Catlin 4 months Mar 28 Cullinan Hickey 4 months Mar 29 Stone Campbell 4 months Mar 29ITimothy Lyons 4 months Women in Spirited Contest of Commerce News Town Talk Weekly Bureau Letter Journal ewa POSTING CLERK'S NOTICES Department Seven April 28 lirislan a1a sett acct and diet LIST OF TRIAL JURORS-1913 T41 -WASHINGTON April 14--Polttics filled the air about Continental Hall today at the opening of the twenty-third eontinental congress of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution The biennial election of otilcent takes place at this meeting and as usual there is a spirited contest on for the office Of president-general of the soelety For the third time Mrs William Cummings Story a resident of New York and a leader of a powerful faction in the A is out for the office of president-general 1-fer strongest opponent appears to be Mrs John Miller Horton of Buffalo Still another candidate for the honor and one who is expected to have the solid hacking of the Southern delegates is Mrs Charles Br Wan of Memphis a daughter of Admiral Raphael Semmes The election will not he held until the end of this week A movement has been started among the delegates to elect Mrs Matthew Scott retiring president-general honorary president-general of the society Our force of printers is trained and organized in legal printing 41 Exactness promptness and style make our briefs premier in the Stale I 1 1 -1' 1 I i I 1 4 1 I 1 0 I 1 7 DEPARTMENT THREE Brady 166 Fremont at Callaghan 1047 Alabama st Collin Jean 1535 Hyde at Colombat 900 Lake at Corms Jay IM 1510 Twenty-fifth at Curti 821 Douglass at Dinntgan 1789 Haight at Dowling 525 Fell at Eager JI 27 Union at Fairgrive A 1197 Dolores st Finnigan VV 44 Belvedere ave Goetze A 253 Sanchez at Green Chas A 1329 Filbert at Hail Chas A 1318 Fifth ave Hogberg Emil 249 Edgewood ave Holt 369 Fourteenth ave Inman 834 Clayton at Jones fl 2656 Larkin at Jones 1535 (Tenth ave Keenan IL 300 Webster at Keyes Ho 333 Stockton at Klemm 1338 hrader at Koehler 1480 Willard ave Kramer 1424 Gough at LAWATY A 439 Eighth ave Lux Gez 2420 Union at Melhorn 2267 Post at Nelson Chas A 456 Harrison at New4tai1er 180 Sutter at Newman Sam 3912 Clay at Noonan Jos 3836 Twenty-flrst at Relley 1260 Fourth ave Rich Palace Hotel Schmidt 1910 Filbert at 6i111111011 28 Sixth ave Smith 457 Corbett ave Whelan 1705 Oetavia at 'Lull Max 2816 Greenwich at To Vote on Commission Plan Department Nine April 25 12491-1Ienry Schutt sett of acct and dist April 28 Hughes let of aft Smith let of adm will anxd April 29 Lazansky let of adm Taylor conf sale of real Herold let of adm Laehini alias let of adm itaffo let of adm Department Ten April 24 dos Santos ord sale pers II rop Gerard fain all April 25 IL29t--Itichard Alooney Inc restn reeds April 28 10'240-14' A Harland con! sale real est (2 applitsl Uri alias let of adm 15285-3olin Laliaille alias let of adin O'Connor sett of CASES ON APPEAL FROM THE JUSTICES' COURT TO THE SUPERIOR COURT The following papers have been transferred from the Justices Clerk's to the Coutitl Clerk's Mlles end will be held there pending the payment of the Cowl AgVy Newman (I We NEVER disappoint and WILL NOT disappoint you Hildebrandt ord order heretofore made denying mo to set aside judge vacated and mo ord sub Asphalt Co Holmes Lime Co dem to complt ovrid 10 days to ans DEPARTMENT All Persons etc deflt ant ord dee to pill estg title as prayed Wilford ord off cal DEPARTMENT 33370-01mo All Persons etc ord off cal All Persons etc same ord All Persons etc same ord Puckett ord Intl dec of div gr to plff ex cruelty with $30 per mo alimony Loftus Jewelry Co et RIB deflt eat ord judge for piff for $40399 prim $1343 int from Sept 20 1912 to Apr 11 1913 $1010 costs and 850 co fees eat Apr 12 lwan Solwan ord final dee of div ent Loesch on trial contd to tomorrow 10 am All Persons etc deflt ant ord dee to Off estg title as Prayed All Persons etc ord off cal DEPT NOSTRAND Jones ord Intl dee of div gr to plff wit deser child to der 1 Bruguiere dem gust 10 days to amd Defits ent and decs to gifts estg title as prayed In the following: All Persons etc Savings Bk All Persons etc All Persons etc All Persons etc Savings Bk All ersons ete All Persons etc RECORDER PRINTING AND PUBLISHING CO 28 Montgomery Street San Francisco Phone Sutter 2800 JERSEY CITY 1 April ft elections are to he held tomorrow in lersey City Hoboken and several other New Jersey cities to deeide upon the adoption or rejection of the commission plan of government Jf Jersey City adopts the plan It will be the largest -municipality in the East to do so Mayor Wittpenn and other city officials are leading in the campaign for the change and it is declared that opposition to it has generally less( ned since the rejection of the plan two years ago and the chances of success are believed to be fair tionolten Bayonne and Union Hill where the proposal also will be voted on are regarded as doubt onommilmiloom LIST OF TRIAL JURORS-1913 EXTRA SESSION NO 3 May Reinstate Cadets I SURETY BONDS LIST OF TRIAL JURORS-1913 EXTRA SESSION NO 1 Boese 23 Seventh ave Bullard 148 Third ave Cahn 3924 Sutter et Clark IV 3500 Clay St Clavere Alec 1541 Kirkwood et Cole 100 Mississippi st Cox Edw 1375 Ninth ave CULTWO Thos 1672 Broderick et De Martini Luigi 1809 Taylor et' Drake Robt 123 Locust et Dunn Edw A 565 Diamond et Figel Arthur 4926 California et Grimm 11 3528 Seventeenth at Hackenroth 335 Eighth ave Hi liers 231 Cortland 'ave Ho lle 3012 Mission at Johnston 823 Third ave Katz 1695 McAllister et Kendrick 526 Forty-fourth ave Lockwood 382 Frederick at Martin Edw 935 Guerrero at McMillan 3258 Twenty-fifth et Moore 17 Roscoe et Mu 'hero northwest corner Post and Stockton sta Olson 3476 Twenty-nrst at Quinn 2243 Van Ness ave Samuels 861 San Jose ave Schultz 2924 Pierce at Scott 323 Seventh ave Selmer 1223 Third ave Sununer Max 730 Aslibury Buzniner Max 730 aalibury vs Green 511 Clement st Grisex 3626 J'wnty'-ftCth st Heuter 2322 Howard st 7 Hotmelater 708 Webster St Holland 1542 Page at Horniein A 2728 Green at Jackson 1447 Lake at Janorsky A VV 3294 Mission at Ki lborn A 1370 Masonic ave Kirkpatrick a 312 Cherry at Levy 2957 Pacific ave Lippitt 766 Sutter at Lux A 2420 Union ELI Mannix 702 Larch St McCarthy 3029 Twenty-sixth st McKay A 2561 Bush at Miller 1776 Greenwich at Moore 17 Roscoe St Murray Wm 1264 Eighteenth ave Myers A 3524 Jackson at Kellam 41 Arlington at Netottadt 48 Divisadero it O'Connor 2862 Bush at 4 O'Keefe Thos 780 Valencia at Pease 2600 Pacific ave Price Wm 516 an Jose ave Raphael 3536 Clay at Shermanski 1247 McAllister it Sullivan 349 Twenty-seventh et Swanson 4066 Eighteenth at Wagner 81 Buena Viata Terrace Watts Joseph 64 7 Hayes at Watts Joseph 547 Hayes at Abraham 1417 Ninth ave Anderson 1221 San Bruno ave Arata 2863 Twenty-third Ashcroft 620 Buchanan et Bachman 2359 Devisadoro Barry 2057 Hayes et Bergerot A 14 Hollis St Brady 0 1317 Twenty-fourth et Braunton Wm 132 Cushman et Butler A 4010 Fulton St Cebrian 1801 Octavio et Coppin 325 Willard st Cronin Thos 52 Stillman )aver 2400 Lombard et Donnelly 156 Langton et Duchein 2621 Pine st Dunck 701 Oak sL Dunker A 2738 Bush at Dwyer 1369 Fourth ave Eisenmann 3028 Washington at Faber 'H 1413 Steiner at Pincher 861 Clayton at Fisher 308 Sem Jose ave Franks J1-1 639 Twenty-ninth ave Friedman 1623 Page et Gardner 829 Elizabeth at Oilman 898 Shotwell at Goeggel MS Hyde at Goeggel Wri 1323 Hyde at VEST rolsT compliance with the recent order of Sec-re tar of War Garrison and in conformity with an act of the recent Congress the general court-martial which expelled four NVest Point cadets from the service more than a year ago for alleged intoxication reconvened at the academy here today to reconsider the eases Captain Thomas Darrah 29th Infantry is president of the court and hient David McKell A is Judge advOcatel After full consideration of each case on Its merits the court will report to the War Department its judgment as to whether The original sentences should be allowed to stand or whether they should be Iloodilled netner kiley 1 4 UV iltmmulA LAW STENOGRAPHER Depositions Multigraphing GERTRUDE SMITH 1022 MILLS BLDG TELEPHONE DOUGLAS 2454 Residence Franklin 1190 BONDM 11111g1M111 LA :11 '111 I I 17filim i 17 THIE I 1 wall 1 STENOAPHER LAW GR Depositions muitigraphing TELEPHONE GERTRUDE SMITH LEP1OH22ONMEDSOBuLGDLOA5 2454 I Residence Frankiln 1190 It I' parte Small on habeas corpus writ den prisr remanded Schultz gd larceny on mo of Lust Atty ord int dis 4529--Charles Miner gd larceny det changed plea to guilty of petit larceny an to 6 mos in Co Jail 4508-1 Justice making and passing tic check on trial could to tomorrow 10 am IIIINOIS SURETY COMPANY IIIINOIS SURETY COMPANY HuGHES Gen'l Agent FIRE': LIABILITY AUTO ELE VAT0g HEALTH and ACCIDENT BOILER BURGLARY and PLATE GLASS 020 kleteopolla Bank Building phone Kearny 8969 111INT GH01HsusETY eRsGenCI I 3 Agent Ail vsmonooll FIFIE' LIABILITY AUTO ELE VAT0g HEALTH and ACCIDENT BOILER BURGLARY and PLATE GLASS 020 kleteopolis Bank Building phone Kearny 8969 I I i.

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