The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 8, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, December 8, 1908
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•••«••. a Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD; CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1908 AND CALLS FOR FACTS BRAND JURY IS CHOSEN MURDERED IN PALATIAL HOME NEW YORK, Dec. 8.—The New York World has replied to President Roosevelt's letter with reference to Develln Smith and the Indianapolis News. It deplores Roosevelt's language and Denounces the letter as a. Ecandalous personal attack. It calls upon Congress to Investigate Just "who got the money" with Deference to the $40,000,000 paid for the Panama rights. The World says that William Nelson Cromwell Is the only man who knows, and that he was the soie ad- rlsor of Roosevelt and Root in the negotiations. The World says It accepts the chal- i lenge from the President. That Roosevelt's statements In his letter are untrue, and that he knew them to be untrue when he made them. In conclusion, the World says the "fact that Theodore Roosevelt as President of the United States, Issued a public statement about such an Important matter that Is full of flagrant untruths and reeking with nils-state- ACTED VERY SnANEGLY ments makes It Imperative that full publicity come at once through the authority and knowledge of congress," CINCINNATI, Dec. 8.—The Cincinnati Times-Star, of which C. P. Taft Is editor and proprietor, today published a reply to the World's Panama article. The paper said the Inference WBB that W. H. Taft and President Roosevelt used their influence to help near relatives loot the treasury. KILLED GIRL AIJIIIDES TRINIDAD, Colo., Dec. 8.—Maggie Garcia, the eighteen year old member of the Garcia family, four of whom were murdered last Friday and their heads split open with an axe, was found dead yesterday twenty miles west of the Garcia ranch. Near her was Francisco Martinez, suspected of murdering the Garcia family and kid- naping the girl. The bodies were found In the extreme eastern part of Las Anlmas ; * County and both were shot In the * head. Martinez had killed the girl and then committed suicide. A large posse had been on Marlines' j * trail since the murders of last Friday * were discovered. A posse located Martinez and the !?lrl Sunday night In a lonely canon und a.guard was placed so that all escape was cut off. Martinez then killed the girl and himself. He had forced the girl to walk with him where he was found, having no horses. Martinez was pardoned front the New Mexico penitentiary a year 'ago and he had been ordered away from the Garcfn ranch, 85 miles from Trln James Curran, Foreman. Henry B. Phillips E. D. Bliss L, P. Flckert " ' ' 3. J. Arnott C. T. Sanders B. F. Bedlnger W. H. McKHtrlck Herman Durable H. L. Weems A. P. Eyraud Harry Quihn M. Cesmat L. E. Formway j. T. Basye W. P. Wllkes 3. F. Morris ST. LOUIS, Dec. 8.—Francis D. Hlrschberg, prominent in the Roman Catholic Church apd a friend of Arch bishop Qlennon, well known In club and business circles and a director of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, was shot and killed at his home, 3818 Linden Boulevard, early today. Whether the death Is due' (o murder or suicide Is undetermined. Members > generous of the family say a burglar fired the folow: phot but the police say ther'e Is no evl .TRACY'S GIFT IS ACCEPTED Robert Nelll L. C. Ross • riiui uut LIIU jjuiiuu oe*/ v&ioi«« »« •*« v» • • The above are the, names or tne | denoe Q{ an lntruder having /been In nineteen men chosen this morning in j the palat)al home, Judge Bennett's court to act as grand | H|r9rhh(irir wftB jurors for the year. The formal offer of the site for the Children's Shelter home was made'by Mrs. Tracy this afternoon at the meeting of. the shelter directory, and accepted with suitable resolutions. The offer and the rear.Unions After the nineteen had qualified Judge Bennett appointed James Curran as foreman. He then charged the jury, going over the statutory ground as directed by. law. The charge was somewhat lengthy, and was given close attention by the grand jurors. Immediately following the close pi the charge, the members of the InQUls- Hortal body retired to their room and organized by appointing committees. Hlrschberg was shot at the foot of the stairway on the first floor. He walked up the stairs to the bath room and then Into his wife's room where he (ell. Ho died 'in a few minutes without making any statement. His wife is deaf and was not awakened up to this time. Hlrschberg was aged 54 and was a leader In the Insurance business. He was a member of a distinguished French family. _^___ BIG PRICE Wilson and Wheat, the Los Angeles dealers In oil lands.yes- The defense In the Nusser bigamy case today "Introduced evidence to show that the defendant acted very queerly at times. Captain Percy Williams of the Los Angeles fire- depart-, ment told of some extraordinary | things Nusser did while both In and out of the fire department service. At one time* when Nusser was working for an undertaking firm he called the fire house boys into the street and then taking a corpse from the dead wagon threw his arms around it and kissing the foiehead exclaimed "Oh, my long lost brother." Chief Walter Llpps of the southern fire department was another of the witnesses, as were R. C. Humphreys, C. R. Story, Stephen Qurrrolo and Barney rfaley. Mrs. Kate Nusser, his first wife, was on the stand during ^ ^ 0 ,. lJCl ,.„„„ ,„„„, „ „ t IIP afternoon session of court and she i j.. oaslon At noon adjournment was ulso told of many of Nussor's strange i taken , m tu tomorrow morning to al- actions. Four prisoners were brought low t j, e board members to attend the _ placed "on the wise noted his peculiarities. Thejiase j },,,Vi g ent roll at ?a per month. The *monthly claims against the county allowed. * " the pany's strip adjoining the Safe Oil Com- Sill, the former owners. The trans- and while the parties concerned refused to amount It Is understood that the price paid $3000 The price Is one of the best Midway land The Los Angeles men, it is understood, bought for of the Broadway Bank of the southern city and he Fs'^aVinTto move four rigs on the property and begin development work on a large scale. The land Is In the proven belt and Is ^uated among" Se of 'the best paying properties In the Midway district. . .. . _.. « =. * * * * * * * •* * BaUersfleld, Cal., Dec. 8, 1908. To the Board of Directors of the Children's Shelter—Ladles and Gentlemen: Wishing to erect a suitable memorial to the memory of my lately deceased, beloved husband, Ferdinand A. Tracy, I feel, that the noble work of the Shelter would beat represent the predominant characteristics of his life. He was most kind and tender to every helpless and dependent creature but to care for a neglected child or a child In trouble was his pussion. I therefore tender to you tho following described plot of land for a building site, on the condition that a building to cost no less than $5000 shall bo built thereon and maintained as Children's Shelter or asylum and that said building must be begun within three months from the dato of this tender, to-wlt: Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, S 9, 10, 11, 12, -13 and 29, in block Z o the Baker Homestead Addition to the City of Bakersfleld. Respectfully submitted. ELLEN M. TRACY. The acceptance "by unanimous vot was couched as follows: Whereas, Mrs. Ellen M. Tracy has tendered to the Shelter a magnificent i?lft of 14 lots in the Baker Homestead addition to Bakersfleld, and . Whereas, suitable appreciation of AND GROWING Acknowledged $4095.2f Sale of Tag 130.00 Oil Fields 230.00 John Cowing 15.00 Truxtyn Beale 23-00 C. J. Berry 100.00 Cash 11.00 Kern City 186.10- Tehachsipl -.47.12 Mojave ....' 68.80 Marlcopa 108.00 Keene ,.-• f.29 Callente 22.00 Delano 50.52 Panama 50.00 Rosedale 47.00 John Cowing » 5.00 Total $5588.47 The Tag Day fund has already pass, ed the 15500 mark and Is stljl growing. It may yet reach $6000, though this Is hardly looked for. Clarence Berry swelled the fund today by a check to H. A. Jastro for $100. The oil fields have sent In $230 through Mrs. Kennedy, and there i§ pome v yet to come. Of this amount, the P. D. lease contributed $39.10 and this gift should be expressed, therefore : the g - p lease , $36.60. Mrs. Jack "Vesolved, that we acknowledge with Campbell was an able oil fields worker idail. The murder find the slrl followed. abduction of ASSESSORS WILL MEET WITH THE STATE BOARD. SACRAMENTO, Dec. 8.— At a special meeting of the State Board of at- SUPERVISORS HOLD A SHORT SESSION TODAY. The supervisors today held a short over from tho jail. They are in the; funera i of j. B. Miller. Fame cell wltti the defendnt and like- j A ugust p. Akman was will likely be cpmpleted tomorrow THE ALASKAN OPERA COMPANY HERE ON THURSDAY. •:• J. M, Cooke. representing * * the Alaskan Opera Company, * * Is here today ancl It Is said a * •5- prettier lot of show girls could * •{> not be asker for than those .* * with John Cort's Alaskan Op<• era Company, coming to the * Bakersfleld Opera House next Thursday. PAID LITTLE ATTENTION TO ROOSEVELT'S MESSAGE. WASHINGTON, Dec. 8.—Interest in both houses of Congress centered today on the message of the President. * j members had printed message before them, attention to the reading.' and paid little Equalization held this afternoon, ma ters concerning assessments nest year were discussed and an effort will be made to arrange a uniform standard for counties in making assessments to make them in accordance with the full letter of the law. * To this end Members of the state board authorized Secretary Eby to send out a circular letter to assess- Fors of the co'untles in the state eallr- Ing them to attend a conference to be held In the following cities: January 4 S at Los Angeles, January P at Fresno, January 7 at. San Francisco, January 9 at Sacramento, January 11 at Redding. Counties contingent to these places will send their assessors to the nearest city where the conference will be held. In the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles the real estate kind motive ...._ The galleries were well filled. The Boards will be called in for consulta- " copies of the' «on after the assessors and state board have completed their private discussion. BAKERSFIELD MEN GET PATENTS FOR INVENTIONS. Through Townsend, Lyon & Hackley patent attorneys of Los Angeles, J F Morris of Bakersfleld has been issued a patent on a, wagon coupling and W. H. Noonan has also been granted a patent on a valve nut. -- • »•» CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH LADIES' COMING BAZAAR. Tho Congregational Ladles Aid So- and ciety bazaar will be held Friday Saturday afternoons and evenings of. this week in the vacant room of the Kern County Land Company's building, corner of Nineteenth and H streets. There will be a fine assortment of domestic and fancy articles on sale. At the housekeepers' table will be found a variety of delicious home cooking. You can buy your Christmas candles at the candy booth, where all kinds of fresh home made candles will be found. Refreshments will be served afternoons and even- Ings of both days. The Y. P. S. C. B. and Junior Endeavor Society will each have a table also. with Mrs. Kennedy. Miss Welll received returns from many outside points this morning, but there are others no estimate Is yet to come, attempted on and the amount. At Tehachapl, the workers were Wm. Wiggins, Miss Rowena Laven lieutenant; Miss Ruby Brlte. Miss Net grateful hearts tho prompting the gift, tinrt That we hereby' accept the gift with tho dondttlo'ns ntatched, ami That a copy of those resolutions be presented to Mrs. Tracy and that they H!KO be engrossed In the minutes of the board together with the tender of the property, and .... _ That the tender of the property be! Hc Jackson, Mrs. Chas. Smith, David suitably en grossed und framed :\n>l to-j clarl{ ftn (l a number of young men. gether with a life size bust portrait ot At M ar i copa Mrs. C. S. Garfteld, Mr. and Mrs. Tracy be Uung on the M Thornton Miss Skinner, Miss walls of the reopntion room of tne j • Mr(j Tape ney, Herbert and Ar- home, as a memorial to the memory ( ^ ' s ^ TeSi Raymond Garnet, Heri bert Mny and others did effective ! work. I Mrs. Coleraan came to the Shelter I meeting (his afternoon with another Ifat check from Kern for $166.10. Of this amount, $2.50 was from St. Barna. has Guild. of IVlr. and Mi'H. Tracy. THE MESSAGE TO CONGRESS You Notice We Say a Good Deal About "Value;" Did you Ever Think What That Mean's? You want value when you f pay out clothes money; you probably think you get it, whatever; wherever vou buy. Do you? "Value" as we use tl«' w >|<( l means not only what you get for your money, but the way you feel about it aftenviinls; HIP confidence yon have that you've got what yon want; and a guarantee of it that lasts as lung as the clothes last. ' You'll get a 11 this in our suits. You'll get full measure of it at whatever price you choose to pay. All fabrics, all models, all sixes. WASHINGTON. Dec. S.—.Tho last annual message of President Roosevelt WIIB rend In both housed of Congress today. The document, n volumous one, d,oalt with evory Important topic with which tho government or the people have to do, but excepting only the question of the tariff perhaps the greatest interest centers In the executive expression concerning the corporations, and the labor problems. Tho message contains no reference to that revision of the tariff which was promised after election. Mild as a Cooing Dove, After n lengthy discussion of corporations tho President says: "As regards the great corporal Ions i outjaspd in Interstate buslnctw, and especially the railroads, I can only repent what I have nlroady again and n:<!»li\ said In my miwRHguB to tb« John Cowing left $5 for the fund. this morning THE TOGGERY Copyright, 1908. by L, ADLER, LOWELL * 0LOOM Congress. I believe that under the Interstate clause of the| constitution of the United States has complete and paramount right to control all agencies of Interstate commerce, and I believe that tho national government nlono cun exorcise this right with wisdom and. effectiveness KO as both to Fccure justice from, arid to do justice to, the great corporations, which aro tho roost important factors in modern business, t believe that it is worse than folly to attempt to prohibit all combinations as Is done by tho Sherman anti-trust law, because such it law can bo enforced only imperfectly and unequally, and its enforcement works almost as much hardship as good, I strongly advocate that instead of an unwise effort to prohibit all comblnatlonH there shall be subHttttutcd n law which shall oxpresHly permit combinations which are in the Interest of the public, but shall at the name time give to some agency of the national government full power of control and HiipervUlon over them. One of the chief features! of I bin control should In- securing publicity In all matters which tho public has a right to know, ami furthermore, the power, not by judicial but by executive action, to prevent or put a stop to every foi'm of Improper favoritism or other wrongdoing. The placing of telephone and telegraph companies under control of the Interstate commerce commission is advocated, ancl the usual ploa Is made for tho regulation of tho railroads, and Increase In the power of the central government is advocated. Those "Violent" Attacks. On the nubjec.t of "The Courts" the President says the attacks mude on the judiciary in the last campaign wan "violent." Of the demand for trial by jury In contempt canes, the message says 1 . "The demand was inado that there SENATORS AGAINST POSTAL SAVINGS ACT. WASHINGTON, Dec. 8.—A thorny path confronts the postal savings bank — bill, In spite of the fact that Its passage Is advocated in the Republican national platform. Wneh Senator Carter secured a special order to take up this measure on December 14th, it Is said he had pledges of sufficient votes to pass the bill In the senate. The situation seems to have changed and at present It Is doubtful whether Senator Carter can rally anywhere near the required number. In fact Uy is said that he will fall short a dozen: 4 votes on the Republican side. should he trial by jury in contempt cases, thereby most seriously ImpairInc: the authority of the courts. All« this represented a course of policy which, If carried out, would mean the (Continued on page 2.) MOST EVERYONE IN TOWN HAS A BAD COLD. But you can avoid it if you take A. D. 8. Cold and Grippe Quire at the start— your cold will depart quick- \\c- don't understand why anybody would let a cold develop, when it can be so easily eliminated from the system, Ring up at Main 64 and have a 25c package delivered u you wish to be safe from 'the dangers that colds always threaten. THE KODAK STORE J. A. Hughes, The Leading Prescription Druggist, Phones M»ln M and 74.

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