The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 7, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1908
Page 7
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THE BAKERSFIELD CAMFORNIAN MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1908. \ Holiday Suggestions!! Good Things to Eat and Fine China - "W carry the iincst line of imported goods to IK> found in the "Valley. Imported Fig*) in baskets. Stuffed Dates and Fijrs in boxes nnd .glass. Green Olives in bottles. California Glace. Fruits. T'innrd Primes in glass. Shelled Almonds. Lowney's Chocolates in fancy "boxes. Beach Nut Preserves. Heinle's Mince Meat m stone crocks and bulj'. Remember we are sole agents for National Crest Coffee. . A visit to our store will convince you of the superior quality of our goods and method of doing business. Our stock of Haviland ;and Imported Hand Painted China is complete. oPople who have called at our storo in past week were amazed at our beautiful display of Haviland Hand Painted China, Cut Glass, Brasses, Carving Sate. Steins and articles in general, which appeal to Christmas shoppers. Bakersfield Grocery Company Tel Maine 186 1715.17 19th. Street VISALIA FORMALLY PROTESTS BAKERSFIELD GAME. (Visalla Delta.) As announced immediately after the football gamo between Bakersfleld ami Visalla In this city Thanksgiving day, the Visalla high school athletic association has entered a formal pro- teat, a copy cf which has been sent to both President White of Portervllln and Secretary Hahn of Lemoore, and is as follows: We, tho undersigned representatives of the Vinalla High School Athletic Association, hereby protest against allowing the football game In this city on November 26, to be al lowed to Tiakersfleld on the ground that an Illegal forward pass was used by BakersfU'Ul, which resulted directly in a place kick, and the only score of the game. (Signed) W. P. RANKIN, CHA9. CHBSON, HARRY JORDAN. LBQAL. LEOAL. I cent of the amount bid must acconv ! iiitiiv the Ijid. balance on confirmation I or sale by Hal(i"suYieil6T coiiVt. at tin' expense of Ueed u OFFERS THE MOST COMPLETE 8E- X7 LECTION OF E S E M O R I U M PRESENT^ AT PRICES FAR BELOW THOSE OF REGULAR DEALERS. A FEW SUGGESTIONS DIAMOND RINGS, DIAMOND BROOCHES, BRACELETS, COMBS, LADIES' OR GENTLEMEN'S WATCHES SCARF PINS, EAR RINGS, STUDS, CHAINS, FOBS, NECKLACES, CLOCKS. GUNS, PISTOLS, TRUNKS, SUIT CASES, VIOLINS, GUITARS, MANDOLINS, ACCORDEONS, KNIVES, RAZORS. OUR PRICES TALK WE HAVE THE GOODS. UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. 1406 19tb St. Phone Main 1154. ALMOST k BIG DIAMOND MYSTERY HO I EL 6RIJLE STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS. .$1 PER DAY AND UP 670 Eddy, bet. Polk and Larkln SAN FRANCISCO Headquarters for Bakersfiel people. George Parker, me proprietor ot the Monte Carlo, was the near-victim of a great diamond robbwry the night of Tag Day. George was a member of one of the men's committees, and was one of the most enthusiastic and successful tag sellers, he being one of the working crew that brought in the grand $250 sale. Fortune has endowed George with two big solitaires rained at almost flOOO. One he wears in a ring, the other for a scarf pin. Saturday night when the committee started on its rounds, George thoughtfully placed his diamonds fn an envelope and put them la his safe for good keeping. After midnight when the big-coin sacks, filled to the top with silver, were brought to his place :o be stored until banking hours today, It was necesary to move everything in the vaults in order to accommodate the money bags. In doing so the genial proprietor placed the envelope containing the diamonds on top of the safe and in the excitement of the moment overlooked It. An em- ploye just coming en duty happened PRINTERS BALL PLAYERS PRACTICE El Belmont HAVANA CIGARS The NEW kind Now that Tag Day has passed, the ne*t big thing in the way of charitable benefit is the baseball game which will be played between the nines of the Ciiifornian and Echo staffs next Sunday afternoon at Recreation Park. Tha etlre receipts will be turned into the tag day fund Vesterday mr rnlng the rival squads appeared at Recreation Park for practice An impromptu game was played, merely for the practice There wa« a score keeper on hand, of course, and after the conclusion of five innings of better than ordinary ball he announced the result as 3 to 3 Keith er squad won and the big effort musl now be made Sunday Both teams put in two hours ol hard practice and although many of the printerlbaseballists are today nursing sore arms and stepping around tenderly, they feel one stej near the Chances and Lajoies of the present day. Next Sunday Sammy Church will probably hold down the pitcher's mound for the Echo, while the pitch ing honors 0n the Californlan Bide of the fence will be divided between the editor and Johnny Moore. The former unraveled his whip yesterday and sent mystic benders across the rubber in regular professional fashion and the Echo boys got as much practice aa i they could off his delivery in order to aid them In solving the puzzle Sunday. The line up of the remainder of the Callfornlnn te.rai haj not been fully decided but will be anounced later. ! to put his hat over the envelope ami it was hidden. Several hours Inter I when George went to tlu- vault to «et I tbf previous stones they were no I where to be seen. He looked ami Charlie Meroney looked, and kept on looking until well into Sunday evening. And in the mennlime the envelope was securely hidden beneath a black derby hat—it happening that every incoming employe put his headgear where the man he relieved had hail bis. Shortly before going to dinner last night Parker wanted his hat ami picking up the wrong one of ti number on top of the safe uncovered the envelope containing the stones. H' 1 was greatly relieved as he and his i friends had already started in an endeavor to solve a mystery which look- led to be tlio blackest of tlie_blac'U tine, of ptirchiBcr. \\. A. McClNN. I AtliiilniHtrator of tin' estato of Biv | I'Jricksou. (iecoiiHO'l. Matthew rf. Platz. nttornev for ail: MiintHtraipr. : Ujito of Hint, publication. Doceinbor ! r . SUMMONS. In the Suporior Court of the Countv ,Korn. Stato of California.. Ktlie.i,.Kuwiuette.. Plaintfir vs. Peter (he Suporior Kern. State of Kern. Returns Tuesday*. Ad- BARBEAIT & ROQUBTTE. Proprietors NOTICE TO S ON PROVING In the Superior court of the County of Kern. Stale of Coliiornia. mont nt 1. n the iJeoart- matter of the estate of Heln- of lOthel Roudiiotte. i Uouauettc. Dofcudant. Aci'-m brouislit In ' (iiirt of the ("ountv of rich Aiiitust. GiidehieislerVdecease'dr.' Notir ' " • - THE WEEINOER ASSAYING OO. Is now prepared to make assays of all ores, metals and waterr. Ore samples by mall coat Ic pt ounce, send for free mailing envelopes and price list f. J. WERINQER, Assayer and Metallurgical Chemist Woody, Cat. Near Bakartfleld t < oiirt o the Oountv of Kern. State o ( al iqrnla. utid the Complaint ffjed i » said Countv of Kern, in the office o I- the Clerk of said Superior Court. , —... ^f H.'iid Superior Court. I he People of tlie State of Callfor- i nla send m-ectliiK to Peter Rouauette, I defendant. You are hereby reaulred to uouear in an action brpUHht aKiilnst vou iiv the above-named niaintrff. In the Su uf-rlor Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California, and" to answer the Complain! flled Ineruln. \vjthin ten dys (exclusive of tne day of service) after service on you of tnis Summons. If served within said Countv; if served elsewhere, within tutrty days. And you are hereby notified that.if VPU fall to,so appear and answer, the ..i-i-im _.,n ^f. 3 fnjRnjent for any rf •B demanaed in the BinK upon Contract, or ' .Court for anv. other in tne ComnTatnt. . and and, the Seal of jTtlie Qpunly of 16tn 7116 Big Brass Bed Sale * .., _._ , ___.,. . .._. $ 35 N $ 40 At s p ecial Price of $ 24 ^^^f ^^^^ ; L^:_";_ . . -. ._„ ...', ..-' ".." -.'. "-~.."~" •-••—- --~~--- -~—-~"~- —- -~.^— HBHHl <HB Haberfelde Furniture Company 1604—1610 19th. Street Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager of the Weiser Optical Co., 1033 I street, Fresno will be in Bnkersfield the wcuk commencing Monday, December 14. IMS, nnd will stop at the New Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free AllJWork Guaranteed DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worries you consult us. AVe will agreeably surprise you. Again you can do it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING 13 JUST WHAT YOU WANT. Comes in rolls, quickly ap- so little, plied, comes in any width; Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. GUI Ichamblin money or dai Complaint as ^ wIIT apply to Uje relief demand Bedel Clerk. lerk. Rowen Irwln and J. W. P. Laird, at torneys for plaintiff. 11-1 8 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize Oil Company. Prlnrl- oal olace of business. Bakersfield. i >»,, ment of one cent per sh_ "£?" £e « 5 Btofik.o; eld on the „. an nssess- e was levied — — — — the corporation., payable immediately ,to the undersigned secretary of said corporation, at roqma 203-20/ 1 Producera Sav isrs Bank ~buTld|nK. BakerBfleld. Kern junty. California, Anv ^tock upon which this assess stoc .ail s Tu enrshafl renmln unpaid on Tuesday s llth day of January. 1S109. will be .Inauent and anverilsed for sale al ^-bjlo auctlo- --' —«-— f- rnade before. the oth , auction, and unless D , and ill b dav of Pebruarv. 1 cl , e sold on jdalurd 19 J mont Is ilurdr nour or 2 o'clock D. m. to nav'tne ( llnquent assessment, teeetner witr costs of advertising and .expenses o sale F. B. BORTEN, Secy, pro tern , Rooms ,203-204. Producers Savings bank Tjulldme. Bakersneld, Kern Coun tv. California. . 11-27 NOTICE OF MEETINQ. Notice is hereby islven.that th{ § Ual or . - ."^SPi^" 11 tn P .1 n --- V1 ~_...of stockholders of the • ngfleld Oil Company will be belt ,t its office., room. No. 1. Producers laylnes. Bank_ building BakerBnel '..ft vines Jlfornla. on Tuesday. Decemb< 08. at 3 o clock p. m. of sajd d ilectlon of n boarr' * . . . the election of n boa and such 'jther busin broueht before the U said day. lor of directors ornlji. pn Tuesday. i>ecc?rnber ck p. " 1 ;r bu —xV 1 ^ OnTce. roorri No. CB Bank bulldlne. uch 'jther business as may be t before the mootlne. NER. Secy. . . . roducers Sav Incs Bank bulldme. corner 10th and H streets. Bakersfield. California. 11-26 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Civil Code of California.) Kern Countv Pipe line ami Storage Company. Ixicatton of principal place H business. Sjin FrnnclM..Q. California. Location of works. Kern Countv. California. Notice meetlne held on 1!»08. an astifrsHmeDt _ „ per share. w:vs Jevlod upon the Issued capital stock of the cornoriitlon. unv- able imniedlatelv in United States colil cc.:i to (lie secretary lit the office of the company. No. 50") Cfillfornia street. I S!l ! 1 _F' t anc|sco. Ciilifornin. ... I Is hereby elven. that of the Boiii'l of Dire tne 2;>rd dav ot Nove .at o rect ors November. Nn. 2. of 4(1 ci<nts tllHUUI, vJtii«T:||iviC"LV7I» «*^V- _ - i- - qe l.s heiobv civen. that. Monday of December. A. 15. 1908 >f that _ tment : Court Hduso, . in he 14tli dnv of I locomber. A it 10 o'clock, a. in. of that h« Courtroom. J)'-p;irt -•, .,MI, dav, and .-_-, _ ..artment 1. of said Joiirt, at the I'ourt Hnisp. in tile County of Kern, state of Calltornia, ijive been uppplntoij as tin? time ana 3 ive been ace for el n rich provlnc the will ... .__ AiiKust Clldcrueister. eased, now on file in said Cour' ->r hen ring J.'ie application of 1 onus for the Issuance to him o or hen ring J.'ie iippliriition Violins for the issuance to hi ers of Administration with innexcd thereon. r«^ 'h,^- MILLER. Clerk. , Thps. Scott. Tlios. Scott. Jr.. jind U'rleht & VVrlcht. Attorneys for Peti loner. Doted Nov. 1!). A. D. 1908. 11-1* SUMMONS . of the Superior Court tate of Callfi or the Countr ornla. Jp'direns," PfaTntfff" vs. Silver omnany. Defendant le County of Kern. State ot — and the Complaint fllefl w iounty of Kern. Tn the Offlce ot -rk or said Sunerior Court. , — People of the Stale of CalifOrr nla send Greetine to Sliver Bow Oil Company. Defendant. iou are- hereby reaulred to appear in an action brpuent against sou Joy tne. above-named pmintirfrTn the sit- rtor PQurt nf tne Cp«jnty oiKem. imolaml filed therein, within tern ,ys (exclusive of the d~av of service! ter service. OR vou of this Summons, •en. within said County: IFserved re. within thirty days. t on are hereby notified that it to.BP appear and answer, the And vo P?aWft W taYe~luaraenT?of' any oner or damages demanded, in the npTy lo the Court fernandod in the ess my Jbanf (rior. te of ivember.. intract. ot [or any other .jompTaint. [ tne seal ot he County, ot . this 2nd dav laker. Attorney for FljirL- SUMMONS. iperior Court of the Count? Kate of California, odeens. F Jomoany. rerk of snld 8u. The People of the Sia.te of_Callfi Defendant nla send t Cor omoany. You are ver Bow ror- Oil , In an. action broue the, above-nam oerior State o ComDlan — , ----- ereby reaulred to ^. rouent against YOU j>y ed ,n Iain tiff. In the So- irt of the County of Kern. alifornia. a fllea . the ive of th an<f to answer tha erein, within tea of service! s Summons, ounty: IFiserveS irty days. t hereby nntffled that It nnd answer, the ---------- ...., ..,.._ .-dement for any monev or damnees tlenniii'ifil In tne cqmolatnt as nrlBlne upon contract, or -'" — rT " -- - L - •nirt for any other eisewnere. wunm uiir Ann vou are hereby you, tall to M> appear t PlalntilT will take lud will apply to the Court for any _ reUsf. demanded. In the oprnnlaint. seal i Witness mv hand and the seal said Sujierlor Court of tne Countv Kern. State of California, this 2 rti-v nf Oct.. A. T). 190R (Senl) 1. U MILLER, Clerk. Goo. E. \Vhitnker,Atty for Pltff. 11- DOQ LICENSE NOTICE. civen to all doua. wlt Notice la beretjv sons pwnlne.and k£ ...,._ „. „ the limits of fhe Citv of Bakers! that LIcenBe Taus rnr the year are now readv for delivery'at ' or le . .. . lo.'"iv In/* dollnotient riHsesHiDpnt. to- Bother with the costs of nclvertmlnc; and expenses of Kyle. Bv order of tfip Ron LEGAL. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Kern-Utah Oil Company. Principal lace ot business, Bakersfleld. Kern ountv. Calitornlii. place ••'-•.i vi uiiDiiicno, DUKeruuuiu, ixern junty. Calltornla. Notice is hereby eivon that, at a meeting of the directors, hell on thelird dav of December, 1108, an assessment, of one-quarter of a cent "er share was levied upon the capital htock of the corporation, payable im- mediatelv to the undersigned secretary- or said corporation, at the sheriff's offlce, Bakers-field. Kern Countv. Cal- Any' mont^ be tie. i»t nub rna< auction, nnd unless pavment before, will be sold on Mon- , dav of i*. t.'ici ''it* >il tltlllUHl.V, . hour of 2 o clock D. mr to litui). cia\"""t i no cioijn<iiio7it ~iiBVesHinent.~ioiffci.iici with coHtH of vlvertlsltiK und expenses of the sale. By order ot the Board of Directors. 11-5 T. A. E.AKER. Secretary. . , 0 nether N AND he 'mil In tho Superior Court In and for ' County ot Korn. Stato of OitlUonii,, In tho mat tor of the Estate of Ei Brick BOH. Deceased. Notico is hereby ufvon that In pursuance of an order ot the Suporior Court ot tho Countv of Kern, Stato of U\l .9.':i> »• V;. i >'«,?n.,"» > ai.'th duv of! . nad NovoiiilH-i 1 Km _ Offlce. No. 569 Calll Francisco. California. jrd of Directors. . 11-25 NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRESENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF L. GARTMAN. DECEASED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. In the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. In the matter of tne estate of I/. Garlman. deceased. Not ice is hereby eiven bv the under- slcned administrator of the estate or Li. Gurtmoa. deceased, to the creditors of. and , all presoiiB havine claims aealnst the said deceased, to exhibit theni with the .necessary vouchers within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator a£ Ms offlce in the cot house. In Hie Citv , of Bakfrsfle County _of K^rn. Sjafe of Californ franpnc of Kern. State of Californ a. .ma being the place for 110 itfpn of oiiHlness of said estate tranpncHpn of ou«lness o In said Kern Countv. Dated October 11. 190S. Public Admlnlatrator'of' Kern 'Countv and AilmlnlHtVntur of the Estate o L. Gartman. Deceased. Thos. Scott. Attornt",- for AdinJnlKjra- i "i 1 ^"^ 11 '"" %-•!».» vji^-i i\ (of Producers Sa vine and y "at e b nk of theCltv_C]erk;TrTthcs '..'..Si. ' nrv. J will nrbcred to fiiipoiL docs found runnlne on the Htreet_ are not wearing the license tae for ..._. _.. er the liith dav of art the year Dnted January COX. Potimlrnaster. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Sprincfield of prlnclmi field. Callf G pnnv. 1 UElnesB. tion akers- >Jd Oil Com 1 place of b foinia. Notice Is hcreli.v elven that at ft nieetlnc of tne Directors held on the 23rd dav of November. 1908. an. all- sessmeut of two ( % 2) cents per spare was levied uoc'i the capital stock dC :he corppralion. pavable immeiualaw n united States Kohl coin to the sep- r etarv of said corporation at ornce ot .he company, room 1. 3a.v- UKt, bank buildlne. Bakersfleld. Cal. Any stock upon which trite assessment ahall remnln unpaid on the 2<ftk lav of December. 1908. will be do- llnr-uflnt mill anvertlBod for sale at Ditbltc iiuction. and unless payment 7js iiiMde befcre. will tie sold on the 17tfi lav of January. 1909. to nay the de- Imouent assesment. tocether with cost of advertlslne and expenses of sale. By order of tj&e Board of Directors. _ A. T. UOHTNER. Secretary. Ofllce. room No. 1. Producers Btvy- es Bank bulldinc. corner inlh and ft roots. Bakersfleld. California. 11-21 .nes _. streets, TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. m. u the E , . uer o t OBI at o pi Eniil ErlcUsun deceased, t ersiKnod. the aijniiiiislrntor of t I'slntf. will Belt at private mil niatfor of (Jeceased. t, 10 .i S i . ' ' i,",. 0 ^* 1 * lt - l"l-.-.-- .. t ..,. .^, tliu hiiihoKt b ilder for ciiRh. uojd coin of ho I tnloii Suitos. and HI))) oct to I conilrmntliui by the Stinorlor Odiirt dii' V, 1 '..-iiftor Iho aist day of Doeoinlior. I li'iis. at tin- ofllco of the said inlminln-! nil or In tho court houKe. In Bakers-! nold Korn I'ountv. atatt- of Caliloniia. I all liu riL-lit I tie Intorosl. and ostalo • it tho said Rniil firlpkson. docoiiKoil at i .of his (l(^at(i anil nil ilio rl«hi.l illo. and Intfr l>v opt'i-jitlon o ! milrod other ! nulred other tlinn ; Mutt of (ho KaUl Eir; i lino of tils (loath. ! ("ot'talil lof. nlpf*> / •«t that tlio osiato h;is aw or otherwise, at:I 1 i ( , H 'r, ln addition to .irijl IvrlckKoti, nt the , In and to all tluit i. . • , i- •- rv *j <)r narcels of laii'Ks situate. Ivlnu. and boliif in tho C'oiinlv ()f Korn. Stato of On fornlii ; iul MHindod and described i'a foWowH. !!,- *» * V • IntoreHt In tho 3flon "" ' WollinK.Ui} vvuipany. location of principal place of business. 1008 Brpiul- wav pakland. Alameda County. Stato of California. Notice is neretjv c'ven. that at a mootlntr of tho Directors >ield on the iiliuh dav of November. 1908. an As- sosKinont of 3 centH per share was levied upon the capital Block of the Corporation. Pavable at once to J. Jl lylHon. Secretary of said Welilms Oil \ffmniinv^ at his offlco. rooms 18 and 19. IOCS Broadway. Oakland. Alameoa Countv. California. Anv stock upon "'Mich tnlB uBBOKsmont Bhtifl remain VJWWl'' P,n fhe .ninth day of December. 1008. will be dyjlnnmrnt and aiivertis- «d for salo at Public Auction find unless payment U made beforo. will be m'l °? c the a * 1 " ( ''' iv V "ocrinber. 1908, at 8 a. m to oav (lelliiduent UK- sesHrnent tototiKjr coal of adver- tisini; and i^xnopse ot walo. liv order of the' Hoar' of Dirontors. /•»m •'• H..J5DSON. Secretjirv. (lulcfi rrwilllH IS and 1!). 100S I)roa<"l- wuv. OakliitHl. Alanieda Countv. of California. Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools And Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET uhi,; ot, 'o 1 «' v '*^ of section 31, towu- ^Mhiamf^^gki^l ijndivldeil one-fifth Intorost In \'A of tpo SW,i and lots 1 2 in Sfcunn 10. (o«vnshlp aft a. i.,.r <.vf ^9i"i. A "'• "• "• * M- contain- Also 'J-IOO acres, moro or less, An NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In tho of K ern. uporlor rpiirt of tlio County Hate of California. L Aii the ' and i n .'^"i l ', n 'Uvld«!d one-elKhth interest, in j lot.s 1_. 2. 3. 4. and 5 In section f,, town-! 21 B. M. D. h. and 1VI.' shit; 30 8. ranee contalnlnc 160 Also, -•y—i MVMrW \Jl Vyllll t y I »J1J1, i the Mat tor of tho KBtato of or. BesBuellle. deceased. .is hereby eivon.. by tho un the estate .ors o ur • of ti _ .-•... ,ll(^. (U'f'.OflSOQ tfl and. all persons hav acres moro or acainst the said deceased . ,H ien) . wltn t^K' necessary ichers within four iponthij after tb< ;t tnem within I lout ion iJj"« " nd l, vl k' e 'J, lono -f l ? h th interoal In lots 6. 7. 8. 9, 10 and II, of section 0 towpsnln 30 S. ramre 21 R. M. D. n ft M., containiriB 100 acres, more or IHnS. A I HO. more or less. An tindivi'led lso. Hw publication of this not Ice? whlc IB tho dato hereof to said, adinlnistn- tor at tho law office pi C. L Clallln. r.°5 y?.^ 1 I 1 ,'.!?. 32jjnnk oY DakorHlloIri „, "" oV ^"nA"HV w V* V'^ l 't. VvlHIHIl. oon s SI niirt 32/Hniik of BakorHllolrl luilijlne, Uakersflold. Kern Countv, OalVprnia. the same.belne the nlace ror tho traiiBaction of the DUBinesa or said estate. DB8IRR BBSSlIEILMi!, Administrator of the Estate of Alex- nnder BeBsueillcB. Doceiuiud. Dated November 19. 1908. 11-19 the N*' ship ?- cental _ . Also one Bet o! be found for 1 lrzhth Int in » 30 S. ranee 21 B.. M. n. B. & containing 160 acres moro or less. it si—^- '— - ele ence of L T. "W real nnd personal nrobert' ielveq by tn»> Bald aqrr' tis.sald Qfflodi. or mnv D<I harnews mav Curtis at "ilJfifttr'- California. trlck, Tountv. Cu.. r .. d offer? In wrltlna for suld will h( — DELONEQHA HOT SPRINGS. Most remarkable mtneraT spring! (a California. An aosoiute cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from Bakernfleld In •Hurra Nevada Mountains. Pine turn ner climate. Good accommodations. r «rms reasonab'" brnfte leaves Bak* •rifled! Thursrlfi nornlnga betweoa » 8bd 9 o'clock • -nnt Ar> agUtu nlcj-K ii-l fro I Notice Is hereby given that th« taxes on all personal property, an< mio-half of the taxes on all real property, will be due and payable on tte second Monday in October, and wtO be delinquent on the last Monday in November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per cent will be added to thw amount thereof, and that if said on» half be not paid before the last Mot- day in April next, at 6 o'clock p. ra., an additional five per cent will be added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half rtS the taxes OQ all real property will lie payable on and after the first Monday in January next, nnd will be dt- Unguent on the last Monday l n Aprfl next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m v and that unless paid prior thereto nve per cent will bo added to th» amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid (rt the time th first installment, as hone In provided, IB due and payable. S. That taxes may be paid in tht office of the Tax Collector In th« county courthouse between the hcKiw of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p.>m, <urt 6 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. _ In the Stmerlor Court In ami for tlw County of Kern. Stnte of f'allfgrnla, In rhq matter or the estate of Bintw A. Sflurlln. deoeanod. , . Notice Is hercBbv irlven )>v the^ua- , „ . adminlHtratgr of the estaw rally A, Bniirlln., (foccjisod. to th« Itors of. nni] >ill Persona liavinB [IB BKalnst the, said doceasod. t* bit tnem, wfih the neoesBa.rr ner« wltfiln four monthfl after Duplication of this nouco._to laic! acrimtnltUfntor «t U)o offlce pi Hatthew, sT Platz rooms B ana.7 in he Conk/ln jJiiffillni.' In therTty ot laKeranpld. Countv of Kern Vt State o* 5allfprnla. the same W " or the transactlpn of but sstale In s«in Kern coui strator of ltn< v A.. Spurl ft. Platz. a drat niiblloation

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