Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on June 11, 1965 · Page 5
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 5

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 11, 1965
Page 5
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Today's Sport Parade Still Thrill to Play But Gets Tired, Willie Says By MILTON RICHMAN UPI Sports Writer - NEW YORK (UP!) —"I'm human just like anyone else." Willie Mays felt like getting a few things off his chest. His words came out in steady uninterrupted torrent, as if someone suddenly had turned on a cold water faucet, and he didn't stop until he h a d finished an unusual soul-searching •analysis of himself as a ballplayer. "I love this game ... I love to play . . . and it's still a thrill after all these years anytime I do something to help the club win," Mays said, "but I'm only flesh and bone too. I get tired, "When I get tired, I get nervous," he went on, sitting there in front of his locker, wearing only his undershorts in the Giants' clubhouse. "And when I get nervous, my hands start to shake. I've been in every game the club has played this season, but if I ever take a day off some people make a big thing about it. If they think I'm joking, let 'em think that. It doesn't bother me. Play Anyway "In my heart, I know I played a lotta times when I shouldn't. You go to the ball- FABRICS? PATTERNS? COLORS? WHEN IT COMES TO MEN'S WEAR, WE HAVE JUST ABOUT' ANYTHING YOU COULD WANT OR NEED. PAY US A VISIT SOON—LOOK OVER OUR LARGE SELECTIONS. BE READY FOR THE NEW SEASON. HUBER'S park, the man says 'How do you feel?' What are you gonna say, you ain't feeling well? So you say 'okay.' "All I know is if you have a horse that's going in the Derby you don't run him until he drops. You rest him once in awhile. You think what he can do for you through his whole career. I'm trying to preserve myself for a season, not for a day." Although he has been playing with a nagging cold for the past 10 days and despite the fact he keeps taking shots and pills, Mays refuses to ask Manager Herman Franks for a day or two off. Nor will he. Willie doesn't think that's the right thing to do. He also realizes Franks is on the spot. "I can put myself in his position," Willie said. "I understand his problem." Mays then talked about the future. "I feel," he said, "I can help the ball club for another five, six years. Maybe I'm not the ballplayer I was 10 years ago, after all I'm 34, but I still can go full speed when I have to. "I know I don't steal bases like I used to, I know I used to run more, too, but I still think I hit the ball just as far as I ever did. "People talk about the mon ey I make ($105,000 a year). They say I ought to do all these things for all that money. Money isn't what makes you Slow-Pitch Softball In slow-pitch softball league play Thursday Herbert's Shell stopped the Methodist Church 11-2 and the Christian Church whipped the Baptists 12-6. After plating one tally in the 'irst and another in the second on a home run by Meyer, the Herbert's crew exploded for six markers in the third frame and went on to their third straight victory, tops in the league. The Methodists scored once in the initial round but their only other counter was a fifth-inning run. The victors had 14 hits, with C. Duerstock and Hermesch collecting three each. S. Storms and Barnett each poked two of the losers' nine safeties. Worland was the winning pitcher and M. Storms .the loser. The Christians plated four runs in the opening round and led all the way over the Baptists, adding one marker in the second, two in the fifth and five insurance runs in the sixth. After getting two tallies in their first turn the losers went scoreless until the sixth when they added three. They also scored once in the seventh. Buell and B. Flack whacked three hits apiece for the winners and P. Shutters, Brown, D. Flack and Easley had two each. For the Baptists Lay collected three safeties and Osting two. Turk, winning pitcher, allowed eight hits and Harrison, losing moundsman, was touched for 17. FOR OFFICE FURNITURE THAT WORKS FOR YOU — SHOP JACKSON'S Filing Cabinets $4995 STURDY FILE WITH SAFE .. We hove oil your office needs and equipment supplies. Boost Your Staff's Efficiency And Morale With Office Aids That Really Mean Business! Office Machinery — Office Products — Office Designing Is Our Business — Our Only Business Jackson Office Equipment & Supply 662-3691 1008 E. MAIN 662-9211 do things. You do them because it's your job, no matter what they pay you. "And after taxes, that money isn't anywhere near what it looks like anyway. People would be surprised how little I get to keep. But I'm not complaining. This is my life. I love doing what I'm doing. •"The only thing I haven't won, I guess, is the RBI's. It doesn't bother me. I don't really have any goals. I don't have to be first. It ain't that necessary. "Disappointments? I've been lucky enough so I haven't had many of them, either. And I can't count all the thrills I've had. It's a big one being captain of this ball club. Players come to me now, they tell me their problems and if I can help 'em in any way, that's a thrill for me. "I don't know what's ahead for me in baseball," Mays said, speaking a little more slowly. "Managing is something I don't think about right now. Not as long as I'm still able to play ball. Besides, I don't have any experience. All I know is to go out there and play ball." Maturity has brought about one major change in Mays. That change shows clearly through in the things he does and the things he says. "I used to go through life taking the curves instead of the straight road ahead," he said. 'By that I mean I used to put )ff doing everything now and eave it for tomorrow. Now I do things differently. I try to meet every problem straight on. I find the problem isn't half as tough this way." Willie suddenly caught himself and grew silent. : 'I guess," he said, "I've been talking too much." County Little League In a previously postponed County Little League game played at St. Paul Thursday light, the hosts nipped Westport 6-5 when Remmler walloped a grandslam home run in the last inning. It was his second homer of the day as he had hit a solo roundtripper in the second round. St. Paul also scored a run in the Eourth and Westport tallied two in the third, two in the fifth and one in the sixth. The victors tiad three hits and the losers Eour. Mike Schroeder, who relieved Dearmger on the mound in the sixth, was the winning pitcher and M. Studler was the loser. Foyt, Other 500 Vets in Sprints TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (UPI) — National driving champion A. J. Foyt and several other Indianapolis "500" veterans will compete in Sunday's first sprint racing program of the season at the Vigo County Fairgrounds. Don Branson, USAC's 1964 sprint division king; Jud Larson, Mario Andretti, Roger McClus- tey, Johnny Rutherford, Al Miller, and Bob Hartke are other scheduled starters. Branson is the current point leader and winner of four of six sprint races this season. PAGE 2 Gresnsburg (Ind.) Daily News, Friday, June 11,1965 Baseball Scoreboard (United Press International) National League Los Angeles Milwaukee Cincinnati San Francisco Pittsburgh St. Louis Philadelphia Houston Chicago New York W. L. Pet. GB 34 22 :607 . 28 21 .571 2% 29 23 .558 3 30 24 .556 3 27 26 .509 5% 26 27 .491 6% 25 28 26 31 22 30 20 35 .472 7% .456 8% .423 10 .364 13% Thursday's Results Cincinnati 8 St. Louis 7 Milwaukee 6 Chicago 4 San Fran 3 New York 0, night Phila 4 Los Angles 0, night. Pittsburgh 4 Houston 2, night Friday's Probable Pitchers Los Angeles at New York (night) — Drysdale (.10-3) vs. Spahn (4-6). Houston at Philadelphia (night) — Giusti (6-3) vs. Culp (3-2). San Francisco at Pittsburgh '(night) — Hands (0-1) vs. Cardwell (3-2). Cincinnati at Chicago — Ellis (9-2) vs. Buhl (5-5). Milwaukee at St. Louis (night) — Lemaster (3-5) vs. Washburn (4-3). Saturday's Games Los Angeles at New York Houston at Philadelphia San Francisco at Pittsburgh Cincinnati at Chicago Milwaukee at St. Louis American League VV. L. Pet. GB Minnesota Chicago Cleveland Detroit Baltimore Los Angeles Boston New York Washington Kansas City 32 18 31 20 27 21 27 23 28 25 28 29 24 28 24 28 24 31 12 34 .640 .608 .563 .540 1% 4 5 .528 5% .491 .462 .462 71/2 9 9 .436 10% .261 18 Thursday's Results Chicago 4 Boston 2 Cleveland 4 Minn. 1, twilight Baltimore 5 Washington 1, night (Only games scheduled) Friday's Probable Pitchers New York at Los Angeles (night)—Downing (4-5) vs. Brunet (3-3). Cleveland at Kansas City (night) — Kralick (2-4) or Ti- ant (5-2) vs. Sheldon (0-1). -•-., Minnesota at Detroit (2, twi- night) Grant,.(5-1) and Stigman 0-0) vs. Sparma (4-3) and Lolich (7-2). Chicago at Washington (2, twi-night) — Pizarro (0-1) and Buzhardt (5-1) vs. Ortega (6-6) and McCarmick (2-3). Baltimore at Boston (night)— Roberts (4-6) vs. Bennett (1-0). Saturday's Games Baltimore at Boston Chicago at Washington Minnesota at Detroit Cleveland at Kansas City New York at Los Ang., night Pacific Coast League Eastern Division W.L. Pet. G.B. Oklahoma City 3123 .574 — Indianapolis Denver Arkansas San Diego 2924 .547 2926 .527 .2329 .442 2232 .407 1% 2% 7 9 Salt'Lake City 2134 .332 10% Western Division W. L. Pet. G.B. Portland 3322 .600 — Seattle : 30 23 .566 2 Tacoma 3023 .566 2 Vancouver 2626 .500 5¥> Hawaii 25 30 .455 8 Spokane 2229 .431 9 Thursday's Results Tacoma 5 Indianapolis 1 Arkansas 5 Portland 2 Oklahoma City 8 Spokane 0 Denver 5 Vancouver 2 Seattle 9 San Diego 4 Today's Games Spokane at Arkansas Oklahoma City at Denver Portland at Indianapolis Vancouver at Salt Lake City Hawaii at San Diego Seattle at Tacoma For Society, call 663-3111. need. auto money? Get the necessary car repairs —or a newer car if you need it... and let us help. We lend millions of dollars to thousands of people for hundreds of different reasons. To us, driving a safe and reliable car is reason enough. $25to1OOO CAPITAL FINANCE CORPORATION Lite Insurance Available On All Loans LEON S. McCAMMQN, Manager West Side Square Phone 663-3091, Greensburg PraCagers List Gripes With Owners BOSTON (UPI)—A settlement in the National Basketball Association, owner-player feud has been postponed until September. The moratorium was declared Thursday by -the league's board of governors after listening to a series of demands and complaints on rules abuses made by player representatives during the annual two-day summer meeting. Conflict between the owners and their players broke into public during the 1964 All-Star game when the stars, led by Boston veteran Tom Heinsohn, threatened a strike if their repeated pension plan requests were not met. That walkout was averted only after the national telecast of the game was delayed considerably and the pension plan, or at least a limited version, was ultimately approved by the league's nine-member board of governors. The performers, officially the National Basketball Association Players Association, 'Inc., lost round one of their latest campaign. • They carefully named New York attorney Larry Fleisher as a member of the association and created a vice presidency for him in a bid to have legal advice in their dealings with the owners. Even so, the owners banned Fleisher from their 90-minute meeting with the players and issued an "under advisement" statement regarding the dozen requests and suggestions made by the player representatives. League President J. Walter Kennedy later announced he would appoint a three-man committee of owners to consider the player demands and" objections but declined to speculate on whether consideration would be completed by the Sept. 15 deadline set by the players. Pope Celebrates Mass for 300,000 VATICAN CITY (UPI)—Pope Paul VI was back at his desk in the Vatican today after a flying visit to the leaning tower city of Pisa, the third Italian trip of his reign. The pontiff flew to Pisa Thursday afternoon to attend the National Eucharistic Congress. The Pope celebrated an open- air Mass in -the shadow of the leaning tower for a crowd of 300.000 that packed the green lawns around the Pisa cathedral. In that, heavily Communist city, the pontiff said modern man needs faith to be truly free and find the road to world peace. He said * the. Catholic Church's offer of faith "does not slow down social development, does not estrange man from his legitimate, vital aspirations." Predicts Approval Of Dunes Park Bill FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UP)— Conservationist Thomas E. Bustin predicted today the U. S. Senate will pass the Indiana Dunes National Park bill "by the end of June." Dustin, spokesman for the Save the Dunes Council and secretary of the Indiana Division of the Izaak Walton League, made the statement after the -Senate Interior Committee Thursday approved the project. He said the League is now developing "a concerted effort" toward obtaining similar approval in the House. "The park project is right on schedule and should go forward from here without any new stumbling blocks," Dustin said. BIGGEST BONUS BABY — Rick Monday, 19-year-old sophomore from Arizona State University, is the first pick of the Kansas City Athletics in tbe major league draft. Regarded as the top prospect in the nation, the center fielder is expected to receive a bonus dose to $75,000 from the As. Lena, Casper Lead In Cleveland Open High School Nine Has Busy Weekend The local high school summer baseball team will host the Muncie Southside American Legion nine in a game at 10:30 a. m. Saturday. A previously scheduled Friday game at Hope was postponed until a later date, which is to be determined. The Greensburg Legion crew will play a doubleheader at Columbus at 1 p. m. Sunday and a single game at Madison at 7:30 p. m. Monday. Hit-and-Run MADISON, S. D. (UPI)— Donald Olson, 35, was recovering today from injuries received when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. He told police he was standing in Lake Madison and fishing when an unidentified motorboat knocked him down, circled once and sped away. For Personals, call 663-3111.. By JOHN S. RUCH CLEVELAND, Ohio (UPI) — Champagne Tony Lema and Billy • Casper used excellent putting control Thursday to tie for the first round lead of the Cleveland Open golf tournament at 67 and set a pace that, if continued, could run into another championship playoff. Lema, winner of the Buick Open last weekend, set out to show the field the way with birdies on the first two holes. He finished just as strongly witSj only one bogie against five birdies and pars on all the other holes for his four- under-par total on 35-32. Casper, a late starter who said after his round that minoi surgery performed at a Cleveland hospital Wednesday night almost kept him off the course, had one of his most satisfying rounds with four birdies and 14 pars. He went out in 34 and fired 33 on the return. The 147-man field will be cut to the low 70 and ties after today's second round at the par 71 Highland Park course. It seemed Lema was going to make it a runaway first round and, in fact, only 27' of the pros were under par at the end of the day. But Casper's late rush and outstanding efforts by Tommy Aaron, Dan Sikes, Billy Martindale, Bob Reith Jr. and LEADS WESTERN OPEN • CHICAGO (UPI) — Margie Masters, a former amateur champion of Australia, New Zealand and Canada, credited other' people's clubs today for her success in gaining a surprise one-stroke lead over the field in the 36th Women's West- jrn Open golf championship. Miss Masters, 29 and playing in only her 10th pro tourney, used a driver borrowed from Bob Toski and No. 3 and No. 4 woods on loan from a Palm Beach, Fla., pro, Henry Linder. Don't b'yy'.P until you've looked CH AIR • really rugged construction • tangenfrspoked wheels • double ball-bearing casters • Naugahyde upholstery, . canvas reinforced • safety hand brakes • bright persimmon and white color , • so well constructed it's backed by a _, 3 Year WRITTEN GUARANTEE walkers, crutches and. canes • commodes bathtub seats and rails • trays and accessaries HUNTER PHARMACY West Side Square Phone 662-4991 Johnny Pott for 68 cards lightened things considerably and indicated the battle to be fought for the winner's $25,000 share of the $125,000 purse. Eight players were tied up at 69, including Terry Dill who collected $1,000 for his individual low score of 66 in Wednesday's $10,000 prto-amateur, and Mason Rudolph. Arnold Palmer, who won the inaugural in 1963 in a playoff with Lema and Aaron, hit 3734 for par 71, along with 21 other players including Julius Boros, Bob Rosburg, Doug Ford and Don 'January. Greensburg Babe Ruth League The Giants edged the Tigers 3-2 in Greensburg Babe Ruth League action Thursday evening at the North Park diamond. The victors plated the winning run in the last inning on two walks . and a single by White. The score had been knotted since the fourth when both teams plated two runs. Each team collected three hits, with Huber having two safeties for the Tigers. Prater was the winning hurler and Huber was charged with the loss'. i Wheelchair Games NEW YORK (UPI) 1- The ninth 'annual United States Wheelchair Games opened at Bulpva Park'today with'al- most 300, athletes vying for a berth-on the 1965 U. S. P'ara- lympic squad 'entered in the international meet at London July 20-24. The contestants, in wheelchairs because of disabilities caused by war, illness or accident, competed in events such as track and field, weight-lifting, table tennis, swimming, bowling, fencing and archery. Top individual scorers in the three-day event will be selected for the U. S. international team, which won last year's games at Tokyo under the direction of Benjamin H. Lipton. Minor League The Jets topped the Pirates 4-2 and the Twins shaded the Angels 5-3 in local Minor League action Thursday evening. The league-leading Jets won their third straight tilt by scoring all four of their runs in the third inning, in which Sallee hit a triple and Price-a double. The Pirates scored once in the first and once in the third. Sallee, winning hurler, gave up only one hit and Humpert, the loser, just three. The Twins came up with four tallies in the third stanza to overcome the Angels. Two walks, a hit batsman and base knocks by Wood, Hamer and Ricketts did the trick. The winners had previously scored once in the first and the losers plated two in the third and one in the fourth. The victors had five hits to the Angels' two. Hamer was the winning pitcher and Lozier the loser. 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