Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 5, 1895
Page 5
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Responsibility! 1 Which ih your mind carries the most the button or the suspenders. We can furnish ^you very responsible suspenders at a very moderate cost. DEATH IN 1WFUL FORM IS MET BY AN UNKNOWN MAN ON THE VANDALIA LAST NIGHT. A Body Mnvpoied to be ThM of Luther Smith, 1 Who Wm» TbouKht to be Stealing a Hide, In Brought 10 Thin Cltr-The Dead Han WM on the Cow Catcher and the Locomotive Mtrnck Three Horse*— Accldeat Occurred Three and * Half Mile* Vortta of Town—Kemalnft Crmihed ' Beyond BecotcalUon — Two Hone* Also Killed. T, P. A. STATE CONVENTION DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Save This Coupon. our No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit, Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adcrned ( 'your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, FEflRL 6TRBET TfULORS. CHAS. W- SeLEGOE, Watchmaker and Engraver, Corner window Johnston's Drnj? Stor*. Broadway and Konrth streets. Formerly wllh J. 0. Taylor. jli work warranted, uivehlmacnll. DIDN'T MEAN ANY HARM DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. MAY 5 Girl wanted at 224 Sel River avenue. MoKeen's steam laundry—good work Natural gas bills for May now due and payable. James W. Woldnor has been ap* | pointed postmaster at Delphi. The advance sale for Marie Wain| wright Opens tomorrow morning. Another car load of carpets just | opened at tho Trade Piilaoo for this week. Frederick Helm of Doer Creek is I reported lying very tick with heart I trouble. The Printers' bate ball team will I play the Lions at the Driving park at I 9:80 a. m. today. The Rev. F. M. Huokelberry, of I Madison, Ind., will preach today at I the Baptltt church. No such thing at those fine line of I wath drett fabrlct to be found only at I the Trade Palace, and such low prices. The tarvicet at thu Home for the iFrUndleu will he held at uiual thit I afternoon, led by the Rev. Ferguson, i have perfect health you must re pure blood, and (he best way to I have pure blood is to tako Hood's I Sartaparila. The new building of George Strecker Ion Broadway will be built clear back I to the alley. The rear portion will I be two storlet In height. Oliver J»met and a team of horiee I Btr.'owly etoaped being crushed be- I neath a falling load of Atone at the f Taber-Strecker building yesterday. The fire laddies of the city had their I pictures taken recently by Pbotog- I rapher Wilton. The group, an ex- Jotllentoae, la on exhibition at Fogle. j long's furniture store. Dr. Jas. W. Stewart hat taken pos- Iteitlon of hit new purchase, the ITerrenoe MoGJovern property. Mr. IMcGovorn baa removed to the Uhl [property on Eel river avenue. John Blncamaa Didn't, th« Letter He Accepted Was Really Addrenaed co wm. lIIoKumna. TUoiich neautfor Another. It is evident to many that John R Bingaman, who has been accused of appropriating another man's mall, Is not really guilty of intentional evil, doing. When he accepted as his father, Wm. Blngaman'a letter, a mis- size that was Intended for Wm. Burg man, he did it in good faith. It Is slated than the address read Wm. Bingaman. The draft found in the envelope was by John and his father, neither of whom is possessed of an education, thought to be a part of a fortune that it had been said was some time ago left to them. They used the $56, but when they heard that it belonged to the Red Men ana was not intended for their use, they at once repaid the cash and the matter was considered nettled. The United States la not so easily pacified, however, and the poet office inspector finally caused young Blnga- man's arrest, and he is at present at Indianapolis to await the action of the U. S. district court. An effort is being made to secure his liberty. A horrible accident, occurred on th Vandalla railroad last night, three and one-half miles north of the city One human life was wiped out and two horses were killed by train No. 54 which leaves here at 8:40 o'clock Last night the train was in charge o: Henry Kuhn. engineer, and William Warrey, conductor. At the crossing near Verona three horses were met by the swiftly -moving train, and two of the animals were killed. They wera evidently st.-ay horses. While the investigation of the obstruction and collision wss going on a ghastly God was made. On the pilot of the engine, horribly crushed and disfigured, the corpse of a man was found. The form was lifted from its place on the cow-catcher, where death had come unawares, and tenderly placed In the baggage car. The train then returned to Logansport. The body was placed in the care of Kroeger & Strain, the undertakers, and an effort was made to settle the identity of the unfortunate. It was asserted by a number of witnesses that the dead man was Luther Smith who. formerly worked at the Vnadalia yards. It was,' however, impossible to state positively that the crushed features exposed to the gaze of Smith's friends who called ^at the undertaker's were those of the former Yandalla employe. It was stated that he had yesterday evening announced that he intended stealing a ride to Marmont for the purpose of spending a day fishing. It was supposed that he was carrying out his stated purpose when the fatality occurred. There was no positive identification of the body as that of Luke Smith last night. Coroner Downey viewed the body last night, and will hold an inquest Monday or Tuesday. field at IndlinapoIlM Yenterday—Lo- K*niport Well Represented. The fifth annual state convention of the Traveling Man's Protective Aseo elation was held at Indianapolis yesterday. Post F of this city attended, and many of the members were accompanied by ladles. There was a parade at 11 o'clock a. m. beaded by the Indianapolis Military Band. Amone those in carriages were Governor Matthew;. Mayor Denny; John A. Lee, oi St. Loult, National President of the T. P. A.; J. T. Elliott, J. T. Reltmeir, C. F. Taylor and W. M. Seer of Loganeport. At the meeting at the Propylaeum addresses were made,, by Governor Matthews, Mayor Denny, John A. Lee; J. C. Simmerllng of Boston and State President Hoffman. G. D. Custer of Post F was made a member of the committee oo. rules and A. C Taylor of the same Post a mem. ber of the committee on constitution At 12:20 the convention adjourned until 2 o'clock. At that hour the com mittees reported and the convention stood upon a working basis. The report of Secretary Logan showed a balance on hand of $1,170.21. The receipts for the year were |9, IOS.04. There was paid in accident benefit claims, $3,460.51. There are now fifteen poata in the State, an Increase of five, and the total membership has been .Increased to 1,190 Sixty members were lost by transfer and 225 became delinquent. A'tor the routine business was transacted, tb constitutional committee reported o amendments, the officers were olec:< d and the delegates to the San Antonio convention, fourteen in number, ae- ected THE LI JHTS GO OUT Cltj Lamp*, I» IB Claimed, Were Aealn Tampered WltH—Expert Comen- feorder SBFH They Couldn't Go Out accidentally, Again last night, about the kour the rouble occurred one week ago, the Ity's electric lights were snuffed our times tor about thirty seconds at B, time and at intervals of a few moments. Superintendent Costen- border la of the opinion, and so stated last night, that the failure of the current on two Saturday nights, when the light was in great demand, was not of an accidental nature. His view is that the line In being tampered with, and that malicious persons are causing all the troublesome short circuits that have 'been met by the new enterprise in light producing. ARRESTED ON SUSPICION- A Cvlorci Miii Varui'd Ilankw Who W«« Susp-rlM of «*Ini« Would be .Train Wrerki-r. Ther-H h»vi? he«-n pome very quo* tlODB^le iloiRf-' "lib reference to the Psn Hindic railway in [be neighbor. hood of K»onetb i>tB'ion recently. According to ihe stories of trainmen, railroad liw ••"••ere found on the ralis one ciirht .•* snurt time ago, ooe near ihe ea.-t >• .• nch. nnrl one opposite the Talbott fdrm. Toe obitructlons caused no material damage. besld_e rough rldirtr for H distance. Ann hi"- -^ntntloiiiil rep >rt is th*t of a shot fJ-eJ at the Wlnamac dummy eta n"int nn> fnr tmco Runneth, she bullft ns^lm- tnroucri H window ncd lodging in the wood work on the opposite sldo of the car. Toe caco has ulace Tuesday been in tbe hands of Detective DeWlre, and Chief John Bradley of Chicago. A colored man named Banks was Friday nifrhl arrested on suspicion. but as no evidence could he produced to justify hie iraurifoninerit pending a further investigation, ho' was yester day released Bialrs Is an employe at Kenneth. Edrtlf Foy "OIT Tim Eanh. v Eddie Foy is ;i' laugh ln*tigitor. When ho e&yft » i.hing the smile goes round und k is fi-enerfilly an audible smile. This CHS-UQ Eddie hafi at his cV ." *ve" tr-'^'d ^iraoany of sinp» e-s da^ce:^ ;\r.n '.^uriefquorp, and the production "Oil i.be E irtb" is put on the F.1.TH6 in iff "id -'>!«. The audlenc-e that witnee-i^d 1'ist Debt's presentation. r-.nri "-•••>. •'' tho more or less modern and fxcei-cicgly catchy songs and F'lyingsnf ?ny, w«i Urge, but cot loo much MI. D OLA.V'S OPEHA HOUSE. S. B. Patterson, Manager. Wednesday, May f First Appenntiic? Here of tho Famous Marie Who Will Tben Present for the 209th Tlma tno Brilliant Society Drumn Daughters Of Eve. Pr#sent*d Wltb Gorgeous Co&raaai Mendnr Morning at Johnston's Stor*. PRICES-lst *loor Me, To:, SI. 25c.QBox<?s, C chairs, f 6. A. C.. NriM and T. K. Brlce, tbe former the proprietor of ibo Progress clothing stord have formed a partnership, and will start a ble store at .Columbus Ohio. Tbe Pale of the Pro gress stock. preparatory to the removal, w',1! b-srln Wednesday. Thcrp will "IH H nooning Kt 2 o'clock today of tbe 0 R C. No 110. A full attendance is desired, »s business of will be considered.—H. S. Beordtarv A Friend'* idrleti. MONTAGUE, Mich., Nov. IS, ?9S. William Wmdecknock, a wealtnjr farmtjr of Mutkegon county, persoa- ally appear Before me, & Notary Public, iQk-i oay, snd deposes and siy*z "That for the past year or so he wae afflicted with weakness, trembling, heart failure, extreme nervousness, headache ana general debility; that he has consulted wiih physicians ant received no benefit. He was persuaded by a. friend to i,r? a .*a.mpl<> -.bottle of Dr. Wander's Nervo Vita he says that the trembling and feelioe: was iiamedisiuly stopped by- its use. Afterward:! na utswd. two Iwt- tle of the same medicine and. says.fae i« entirely cured «ud free from 'last trembling sensation; bis heart gives biro no trouble and he sleep? tvelL He further says that hU genera,! hoalth is much bettor, and that he ie caHtafc- the attention of his neighbors and friends to the remarkable value of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer," Signed, \V. WINDECKNECK. Sworn to and subssrlbed before tut, a Notary Public for Muskegon countf, State of Michigan. JAMES MOKRISOIT. For sale by Ben Fieher, Druggist. NIAGARA FALLS EXCURSION! Just a Minute of Your Time, Please. P rices Cpeak **~NOTE THE \J FOLLOWING FOR DECORATION DAY LOGANSPORT CONTRACTOR WINS Awarded \ Nif but Honors-World'* Fair. •DR. E. Glblon of ThU Cltr Will Build the Fulton County Court House. The new court house to be erected at Rochester, Ind., will be put up by Jordan £. Gibson, the well known contractor of this city, whose bid of $76,073 won agalntt a field of about twenty competitors. He will begin work one week from tomorrow, and the intention is to have the structure completed by August 1st, 1896. Mr. Gibson's bid takes in every de tail ot tbe work, and it is probable that more Logansport contractors will be in it when the contracts for plumbing, galvanized iron 3work, etc., are tub-let. The building will be of buf Bedford stone. Mr. Ferguson with John Radmond has about OnUhed aa elegant temple of justice at Winamao, and it is hoped the building will be done by the Fourth of July. CREAM BAKING POHDIR MOST PERFECT MADE. i pun Grapt Cram c ' Ttrtar Powder. Frtt i Ammonit, Alum ocvty other adulterant IVorU's Colimblui Exposition Was of value to the world by illustrating the improvements in the mechanical arts, and eminent physicians will tell you that the progress in medicinal agents, has been of equal Importance, and as a strengthening laxative that Syrup of Flga is far in advance of all others. , More of the Wolcott Snlt. The Woloott damage suit will be taken to the U. S. supreme court by the attorneys for the Pan Handle railroad, if it is possible, they claiming that a question of inter-state com. meroe law is involved. Wolcott at present has $15,000 coming to him. and It it drawing cix per cent interest. Order of £xercl«en an Announced by (he ttencral Armmcementa (Committee. The general committee on arrange, ments for the memorial services on Decoration Day has decided that the speaking, music, etc., shall take plaoe early in the afternoon at the rink on Broadway and that immediately after these axeroleea the parade will be formed and marched to the cemetery where the graves of all Union soldiers lying in Mount Hope will be strewn with flowers. In compliance with a suggestion made in the general .orders of the Commander-in-chief of the G. A. R. arrangements are being.made, for the schools of the oity to have patriotic exercises on Friday afternoon preceding Memorial day. It is ex. pected that special exercises of this character will be conducted in the High School and A Grammar grades. Of those further announcements will be made. It is believed that this new feature as well as tbe change of place for the speaking will meet with the hearty approval of the public, Announcements in detail will be made in a few days. By order of the-committee, W. T. GIFFE, Seo. A New Pastor fleeing WOFE. The Rev. M. L. Exllne has re- from St. Paris, Ohio, to Deer Creek, where he begins today bis work as pastor of the • 'Rock Creek circuit of the Evangelical Lutheran I church. The churches at Deer Creek, Mt. Plegah and Evanezer are included in the pastorate. - ABD1TIO2HAL ITEMS. A. Rogers of 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. •wap«d. W«mld-be JBnrxlar* Boated. Night Policeman Wooley at Royal Confer, detected two men la the act of attempting to enter C. M. Ander. ton't store at that:plaoe one night latt week. In »plt« of the effort* ot m pott* of olilzent to capture them, they Bncklen'H Arnica Salve. Tbe best salve in the world for cuts bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever -sores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25;centt per boy. For tale by B. F. Keesllng. Walt! Walt!! Wait!!! Will .be with you at soon at posti. ble—the new dry goodt and millinery home in the old quarters formerly occupied by the New Fathion store. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, look five bottles of Lemon Laxative and is permanently cured of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She ad* ( vises ladies to try a fifty cent bottle. To Mr. and Mrs. E. Royal Center, a son. A valuable horse belonging to Chas. L. Woll died yesterday after a short sickness. Dr. Putnam will speak to men this afternoon at 3 o'clock in the R. R. Y. M. C. A. rooms. All men are cordially invited. Merritt. Hilton has assumed the dutiet of chief operator at the Western Union telegraph station since the resignation of John Larraway. Ayres & Co. a Chicago firm, secured the Fulton county bonlf, $65,000 worth of them at. $7,100 premium. S. P. Sheerln was one of the bidders. Geo W. Clevinger has taken offices in the Spry building and will engage in the real estate and loan business with his brother, L. R. Clevinger. The Trade Palace is slaughtering dry goods now, they hiving made a large purchase of $68.000 worth of drv goods at 61 cents on the dollar. Tomorrow we will be back at our old quarters which have been greatly improved, and we now have one of tbe finest rooms in the city—Harry Frank. The Knights of St. John, who are preparing for the prize drill at Evans- rillo are arranging to have electric ligbtt hung at the Driving park where they will drill at night. Frank Brice gave hit aged parents their regular periodical drubbing last night just after 12 o'clock. He closed the program by throwing a chair through a window, and is now in jail. He irat locked up by Capt. Thomas a few moments after the trouble. The Young Mens 1 ChrlatJtn Association of North America will hold their convention in Springfield, Matt., this week. This will be followed by the cooforebce of iecretarles at Hartford, Cone.' Secretary Jook will attend thotci meeting!. J. D. Young it alto a delegate to the convention. .He left Tetttrday. ' : " ' ' ' 890 Tan or Black, for $1.50. Made to sell $1.38 Tan or Black. Silk Gor- inc;. Made for $2.50 83c Misses 1 Tan or Black. Others ask $1.50 for 'em. Bargains in Men's Shoes, Too. Thurxliy, Amcnti N, 1*95. Tin. UK I/ukeKrie* Wetleru K. H. OD ThursJay August 8, 1895, ton Lake Erie & (Veatern R. R, will nm their popular annual excursion to Cleveland, Chautauqua Lake, Buffste and Niagara Falls at tho folio wise verp low rates, viz: Lafayutto, I6.-O8; Indianapolis, $5.00;Fort Wayne, $5.40 With corresponding reductions tfro*t Intermediate points. In addition to the above, tho purchasers of these tickets will be pivot privelega of special excursion trips to Lewleton on.tbe-lake, ing a steamboat ride on Lake Ontario, for 25 cents. To Toronto and' retum by lake from Lewiston, $1.00; to Thousand Islands, |5.00. Tickets tor tbe above side tript can be had win*, purchasing Niagara Falls tickets, at' at any time on train. Besides tbe above privileges, wttti that of (pending Sunday at the Fade, we will furnish all thote, who destrae side trip from Brockton Junction <te Chautauqua Lake and return free OT charge. Tickets will bo good, however, <tc return on regular tralnt leaving the Falls, Saturday, Augutt 10, for thoaa. not desiring to remain over. Tickete will alio be good returning on all regular trains up to and including Tuet- day, August 13, 1893. Secure yo«r tickets, also chair and sleeping «ac accommodations, early. Thote desiring can secure accommodation IK. these cars while at the Falls. For further information call on any agoaC Lake Erie & Western R. R. or addreff C. F, DALY. Gen. Pass. Agent, Indianapolis, Ind- Attcntion. NlrKnlehtH! Stated conclave of St. John COK- mandery No. 24, K. T., tomoriw (Monday) evening, May 6th. \Votfc in the Temple Order. An invitattoc from Soutn Bend will also be cocsid. ered, and it is hoped that every Sir Knight who can possibly do so, be present. C. M. CCSTEH, E. THE BESTI OUR GUARANTEE : FOOT Money's Worth or Your Money Back! /AMPLE/ '•HOE ( IVhat I* the Work, ot tho To remove from the blood its impurities.- .The products of cell waste which have been burned up In suatila- ing life and giving strength to the Bystem. Every particle of blood fc. the body goeK through the kidnejc every three minutes, and if ttxMt organs are unable to perform ttafcr work fully, sooner or later the systeK is poiioned. Therefore, • San Jak" fc the indicated blood remedy. Xenon Debility. Every person baring nervoun debiit- ty. organic weaknett. or falling me ory, it entitled to sympathy of bonwt perton, and ibould have a tended medical aid luch M U found ••SmnJak." Sold by Ben Fiiher. druggijt

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