The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 7, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1908
Page 4
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CALIFORNIA!* MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1908. Marek's Cigar Store J. F. Marek, Proprietor ].>s Nineteenth St., I'lione Mnln 90S. Wholesale (iml He-tall Cigars, To b;H'i-«s. Pipe-: ,'inii Chewim? Own. liis trlliiiior for HaUursfl'-ld of LOVERA, 12i/gc Cigar AVALON, lOc Cigar HALO, 5c Cigar A NEW TOWN McDonald's Famous Candies We., have just put in a lin^ of these flue can- die^ awarded five gold medjals throughout the wor^d for quality. Try *t Annett's Bakery 162719th St. Phone M 390 City Fish Market ALWAYS A FRESH SUPPLY ON HAND. OIVE US A TRY. PROMPT DELIVERY. Aiyons 1512-18 Main 977. i'|Vliiicb:ti>l Tomahawk.) According to the latest reports a town has been platted on the Hamilton "timber culture" ranch, adjacent to Aqueduct, nnd lots thc.icin are now on H:ile at prices ranging from J5 up. The rest of the tract. Is to be subdivided into lots of from one to five acres, with water furnished for domestic and irrigation purposes. B. I. Strlcklen la president, mul Louis 8?)uter IH secretary and manager of the association, Portland Townslte Association, which Is handling the project, and on account of Its proximity to the cement plant at Aqueduct the new town will bear the name of Portland. Mr. Sattter was at Tehachapi early this week with surveyors platting the tract. He says contracts have already been made with many eastern cement workers for the purchase of five acre lots. These men with families who expect employment when the cement plant Is ready to operate and who will make comfort* abje homes as near the plant as possible. Poitoffice at Aqueduct. Tho first mall was received at the newly established pout office at Aqueduct last Friday, and a regular mail service is now fully established and mail hags are exchanged with all trains. A neat office has been arranged In the Aqueduct store and the manager, Harry Marx, is postmaster. To Re-open Office*. It is reported that four telegraph offices on the mountain division of the Southern Pacific are to be re-established shortly. Bealevllle is already do- Ing business, after having been closed several months. Marcel, Bena and Warren are otners.- The re-opealng of these stations may bo attributed to the wave of "Taft prosperity" that has made local hay worth $22 per ton; but it Is more probably due to the fact that the tracks being heavier during the winter season,'more telegraph offices are needed to facilitate communication with belated trains. FIRE MflNT STANDS GOOD TEST ay Mr. Man! We want to talk clothes to you.— It's not to be a long drawn out discourse nor a sermon, but just plain facts. Now we're off—We know the clothes you like —that's the kind we have, You have the money to buy—we have the clothes to sell. We fgive you your money's worth in every suit you get here-— that includes the best of style, fit. fabrics, tailoring. ; We want the trade of every man in Kern County who wants good clothes—That's all. Suit prices $1Q to $30. The flre department was given a good test this morning shortly before 11:3U for the inspection of members of the Los Angeles department who are here today. The local flre fighters were caught entirely unawares. The chemical engine was at the blacksmith I shop but Hoon caught up with the en- \ pine and hose wagon. The call came \ from box 26 at Nineteenth and H I CALCUTTA, Dec. 7.—In an explo- f=treet. s ami after a pretty run the en-' |sion of a magazine at the military sta- eine was coupled to a flre plug and Ion here today, eleven were killed i watni- was soon flying, nd 2C wounded, most of whom will Chief Upps of the I.OB Angeles fire le. The men were converting ball} department. Captain Percy Williams Cartridges into blank cartridges. 'nnd Rreman Bonnie Healy, also of | tin- department, and Steve Quorrolo came up from I .OH Angeles this morn: In« 10 ti'Slll'y In- the .second Nusser i lilL r ainy \Vliiie here the lust time Clilct l.lpps «.-i'l"rt"(l about ten pnir of Cleveland liny horses at the Slorkdale Adams Fruit Company Has enlarged its stove mul is prepared to jwoiiiinodiite. the public with all kinds o!' fruit and Groceries Just received (I load of mountitin apples, for 'holiday trade. 806 Baker Street. Telephone Main 714. The Jesuit Fathers Address Large Audience on Sunday The mission which is in charge of , tlons Liter In life the temptor comes , the Jesuit fathers began with a sol-i along and argues the pleasure to in(••inn high mass at St. Francis church sin that Is against the promises made vesterday morning. As was expected j a short time before. Are you to fol- the edifice was crowded and the cere-i low the temptor or are you to say to evi! " ' * * * * * * * * * * * * CITY BRIEFS. * * Buys into~Salopn. — Charles Russell has become a partner In the Crawford saloon. »He pwchasoil a halt Interest in the place Saturday. The firm name is now Russell & Wilson. WHITE BEGINS HARD DRAINING i Eddie White came in from Maricopa iH'\v rv u ?>£>*•* 11 «, \\ ni">*ni. i — - .. - . _ _ _ . j._ To Name Trustee—The creditors of! Saturday night and this afternfcon at ninny was In keeping with the occasion. The Rev. Father Thos. A. Meager, S. .1. arived Saturday ev< uing and to be purchased by the Los An- j is at the ijt. Francis, S. .1. arrived Sal- fire department, and the sale j urday evening and is at ihe St. Fran- A ill |ipi!,a1>]> lie closed during their I p""- ( nt s'ay. This afternoon Chief j(iund)ach of the local department I pulled an alarm box In order to ex- jhlhli the Cleveland hays in review on i the engine. The southern fire tlnht- ! ers liked the; work of the big horses ; immensely, i Doth Chief Upps and Captain Williams have much praise for the local chief and bis staff of fire fighters. Tho i-ali came at a busy hour and unox- cis rectory. At the solemn high mass Father Frund was celebrant. Father Meager S. J. was deacon and Father Leo sub- deacon. The sermon was delivered by Father Meager, S. J. After explain. UK ol ;tct, nili«! and regulations him, 'begone with your evi! doings and your devilish snares.' " 1 This Mornlng'.s Instructions. Tins mornitu* Father Meager spoke . at both the mission masses. At the 6 i 'clock mass the instruction was on Iii-n.ver and "s ab; ; olutc necessity for salvation. At the 0 o'clock mass the sermon was on "Prayer and Its Rela- i ilon to Mankind in Particular." i Tomorrow a. Holiday of Obligation. | Tomorrow being the feast of the Im. i maculate Conception masses at St. J. S. Drury will meet in the office of Referee Thomas Scott In the Bank of Bakersfleld building nt 3 o'clock on the afternoon of December 17th to elect a new trustee of the estate, i caused by the resignation Hay. of George Prisoners Are- Committed—Consta- o'clock commenced his training at McDougall's road house on the oil fields road for the fight with Leonard Lauder at the Scrlbner Opera House two weeks from tonight. White Is comfortably installed at McDo'igall's place, Both Sam and Prank McDougall are training with him and he has oi' the mission ho spoke on mankind as • . . - . ,, . „ „_, 0 needs as regard I Francis will beat C. 7, 8 and 9 Taking as his'"'Hock. These masses ble Newell left yesterday morning for I Kid Parker for his rubber. Billy Mor- San Quentin with Frank Valencia and K. Regnosa, who were sentenced to six and ten years respectively Saturday. Deputy Sheriff Mort Bell, who took two prisoners to the same institution earlier in the week, returned ris has gone out to the camp and will likewise work with White so as to he getting-in shape slowly for his coming fight'with Al Noil. Kid Murray of Los Angeles, who fights one of the preliminaries, will arrive later in the week and will also be one of White's not knowing their their eternal tnp " peeteiily, but every member of the de- i tnnl ( , von I fill ptirtment was there on time. weeping over Jerusalem, I ">" 1 ™ "i * , _, .I in eloquent teims told of jO'Malley, S. J., Father il time when .be Blessed "' ^"nd The mission , not over the destruction 'he 6 o'clock and 9 o r SUPERY.SOR "PETE" BRINGS j Savior wept j of the city Itself but because of the lg- i noranco of Its many Inhabitants re- home this morning. Visalla Attorneys Here;—Hon. B. C. helpers. The McDougall boys have Farnsworth and E. B. Baker, two i fitted up a good ring 'and training will be cele-1 prominent Visalla attorneys, came | quarters for White and the general i brated by Father Meaner, S. J, Father down from the Tulare County capital j public Is invited to visit the place and i D> * atnerFather T ^'^ n ' d Fvath . t hi 8 morning to appear before . the watch the clever little pugilist at his Board of Supervisors today, I work. Guest of Honor.—Hon. Frank H.I , Word was received from Ben S. DevelJn, whb delivered the oration a't j Lauder, father of Leonard Lauder, the Elks memorial services yesterday, this morning, that the Los Angeles was the geust of honor at a dinner last fighter and his father, will arrive here masses will be flock masses. Sermon This Evening. This evening St. Francis will be - - Meager morning presented 'ho board with a box of fine mountain apples, Peter- its many fantasies. think of nothing spirftiMl, :,othing for their hist end on earth. Tiu-y are wrapped up In their iu'er.vt of ten* «•«•« best. County Clerk Miller says t , nfflllrB Y ou find them in gath l. .. t. -... «•--. r.ri 1 1- r,,l »i-/-iw,l t li <11 uii r»o*-»rlo/i»» ' . . ... I he has received word that Supervisor•.led Hmise.r has set out an appie orchard and hopes to be able to Kond In the ilrst installment to the board next apple time. ___^_ *\ r TAL KfffG ^MACHINE 3 &R-EE Equipped With a Large cMorning Glory Horn The O'N'eill-James Co. (if Chicauid, tin- well known dealers in Talking .Machines, has placed us in a position to S.MVO every family thai irados at our stoi'e, one. Grand Easy *Bee Vise Talking Macbien Absolutely FREE Hero IN the plan We issue coupons on nil cash pmvhust's, dollav for dollar. When jwir cash jinivhascs iunnunt to $f>0.()<> you are entitled to one of these $2a.UO tnai.hines. It is not necessary to buy a certain nuintier of records In ohtain a machine. Wo carry a stock of Busy Roc .prices: 10 inch, 660; 12 inch, $1.00; '1'his offer expires December ;il. 1008. Buy your 'Practical and Useful Furniture Gifts here and receive one of th^se machines absolutely free. PHILIP W. MEDERAVR 1408 Nineteenth Street. Main 173 crlngs speaking of this or that material gain, losn, etc; of tills or that mur. dev as being proper; tiny u.-c tie name of their (Jod, not in or In conversation proper, but instead the nam-? Is ti: ; ui i' cui-Mtig and of Is Invited to attend. Special Instruction Classes. The special instruction class for grown Catholics not yet first communicants and for non-Catholics desiring to learn certain points of Catholic doctrine will take place every evening -r Jeru . r your j knowing; hj~ life; : l.y. Oh, , ;<,ve and j him." I lleoords at the 7 inch, 35o. folio win i; swearing. As Christ \v.'|it < - salem, so He weeps today .. many faults, over your M.I as you should the dantjei-s ,»: ' In' weeps for you lndlvid'i;i that you could appreciate hi.- bis longings for your love n, Father Meager Is a man of ability, both as a speaker and :c- ;T. . sample of the groat work he ha:- i >• f n select- t«d to take up as a ml>>U'tiiiry. His appearance, voice and peiuial ahrdlu appearance and voice apiii-aled to the huvse audiences that ^reet, .,1 him yes- terJay and added much to the impres- Pi'/M'oss of his lecture. Sermon In the Evening, Last evening St. Fram \? WIIP filled with members of all laiths. Father Meager spoke from the text, "Martha, Martha, thou art troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary." He said: "Wo are interested about this or that ,nover asking ourselves are they of benefit to our eternal welfare. The temptor comes in the pert-on of a friend to take us out for a full day's pleasure on a Sunday morn- Ing. We as practical Catholics understand our bounden duty of hearing mass on Sundays. On the one hand wt> have the day's pleasure and on the other we have duty. How many ot us ask ourselves the question, 'which Is the one necessary for ray eternal welfare? The day's pleasure or the duty 1" The one we easily can see lasts but a day and the other casts its shadow Into far eternity. The young married couple promise each other at th<» altar certain obUg*- WH.TNEY COMPANY GETS TSf. DELANO FRANCHISE. MISS MARY'SCRIBNER WAS MARRIED SATURDAY. Mary Frances. ?• ;-;Mier. eldest evening at the Bakersfleld Club which i Wednesday. They will make their was attended by prominent local F.Iks, headquarters at the Louvre where Those seated at the table were Hon. training quarters will he provided. Frank R. Develln, H. A. .Tastro, Geo. r^^ fight ls on)y two Wee]t8 ofl &n n Brundage, W. A. Freeman, .1. M .lame- alread mterest Is being shown. Manson, Max Gundlach. B. A Hayden.i a er ^ enfe , d has begun lg8U i n g his James McGulre, Leo Patily, !•. M. n 5 vprt i B i nB , matter Hamilton, and C. S. Meronov. Mr. | advertising matter, revelin took the Owl for the north. ' Steve Qtwrrolo, a prominent Los Angeles sporting m&n, who Is here as a witness In the Nusser case, says that the flght Is being talked of In i fight circles In the southern city. O f I Lauder is a popular lad In Los Angeles and White is fast becoming known In the south, where he hopes to do a fighting if he is successful The supervisors today disposed the electric light franchise for Delano' to the Mt. Wliltney Power Company ' lauehHr of Mrs. W. II. S< ril.nor, was ' for * 25 ' < nat roneorn being the only ' Httle bidder. The purchaser is required to against Lauder, give a bond In the sum of $500 that It! Quorrolo. the Los Angeles enthusl. will fulfill the requirements o f the jn*t, Is a fight manager and Is the man who is handling Mike Kutchos, the At the Hospital. nnnninr Httlft Greek. Mike is ill at married Saturday in Berkeley to Ralph \Viitts Wardwell. The young couple left yesterday for Colorado Springs, [ Colo., where they will mnko their; borne for a time, Mr. Wardwell being i connected with a large contracting' firm which is doing a big work in the, eastern state. Rev. Edward Morgan performed the ceremony. . < i » C. A. MAINO OPENS UP NEW BUSINESS. <"'. A. Maiuo this afternoon opened ; up his cyclery and Kporttni; «oo«\ s i house in the room adjoining Wells- Kanxo. in the Bakersfleld Improve- meit company's bull ling. The open- In 1 ,' announced to the public, by- large Imnncrs displayed on (be streets this afternoon. Mr. Malno is an up to date business man, and he is going after bis share of the public trade. A. C,. Nichols came in from the west side last night. Jud Jordan Is In town from San Francisco. J. M. Smith of MoKittrick was In town today. N. P. Peterson is down from Weidon. PAINT YOUR HOUSE * * House painting ts .my specialty. •)• I use nothing hut the best mate•!• rials, guarantee my work and •5» charge reasonable prices, * *.. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor * + 2117 B Bt Pbont M«ln 172 <t> franchise. . At the Hospital. popular little Greek, The report of'Superintendent Buck-i present and Is out of . tne _|ame until of the hospital shows that forty j his health is restored. Fred jvarn - ' - j ef[ p erry a re two other ngmeis patients were admitted during Novem-|and ber, two died and thirty-seven were discharged. There were forty-five patients on the first of the month. NAPKINS POUND— Left a t 1623 H street, a package of napkins. Owner can have same by proving property and paying for thi s notice. 110 being managed by Querrolp. The Al Nell-Mayfleld fight schedules for Sacramento this month, has been declared off and Nell, who will be one of White's advisers the night he fights Lauder, Is expected here within a week or ten days to assume charge of White's training. Empire Theater Tonight and all Week- Overture, LORRAINE THORNE Singing and Dancing Soubrette Illustrated Song—"You Will Always Do ths Same Thing Over for the Red, White and Blue." 'RAYMOND MERRITT College Tramp Empire Moving Pictures, Scenic View* Jack—HOMES—Ada Comedy Musical Act. Doors Open 7 p. m. Continuous Performance until 10:30. General Admlttlon 10c, Rowrvotl, 8«ctlon 15c, Reserved Seats, 20c.

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