The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 8
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ETGRT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Baity ral« per lint per consecutive Minimum charg* 1 t!m« ppr line 2 times per line per day 3 limes per linn i>cr <J;>y .,, 6 times JIPT line j>rr day Jc 12 limes per line prr day .,..,.,,. 5r Month per line 30r Count five avm«* worrfs to the line Ad ordered for thrrr <ir sl.i tinti>s and »toppprt helnrp rxp) ration will 30 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIO BTOV- ICE. O'STKEN'6 STUDIO. J15 \V MAIN. 13 I r* it K. R, A!l*-v -hit roiKiL'.LotiLiu n-fil*- trsiilor) M M K,' I'M 2178, JO'J t;. Missouri, Dlyuii'vllJc, Aik. 1 <j it For Sale, Misc. 91* Ma.this TrrtL!' , brskr control finVi'jO r l>iuk. South on U'-vy fil. Kite BncJ htirtjliir pi ii Mtlt'r^. All |r:SI<t I'llOIl'' 7 22 [iX n ^2 ^^'^"^y^srs MnjuSED COMBINES All rl^UMi-rl nH.'UMne: copr ^nh- ., . .... mUlfd by persons reslrilng ontsid*- of If you UPCtl 1\ tfOOCI llSt'd ?C)!f- »^rtion* ishf (hr one *lm<* ».i>>lf. All ad< arr rr^lrfrfrrt fo their \trf>\"T rlat:slfiral|nn. ^tvl«* an«1 < vpr. Thp Courier \fv,<; r^";frs'Pi Ihc rlcht to rdlt or rpjfrl «nj id. Apartment for Rent 2 rm. fnrn npl.. el*rlrir l:itc Close In. Ph. 33-17. fl n r Unfurn. ftt>t. 4 rooms. pr!rrit ter heatpr furnl<hi-rt Ph, FAIR fd. Phone 2612. 2 rooms Itirnlsh^d. private and b^ih. U block rCrrwf First Phonp 4fiM B Mod<»rji n brclronin 'IDIMP i/\> N. 13lh St. Rent ifT.VOiK Call 2 i Hams, J;itcm;itJoi)aJ Jhirvps- ^ lor, John Un-ere and Caso 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiway 01 I'hono -21 -la 719 t f Pave ifutipv Whon You Jiny — Sell — Trade Used Furniture CIJ.V HAftRlSON X- SON FUliMTURr; CO. 517 \V. Ash Hi. •>:,:,•£ 1 2 rm. Mm. honsr ffhert apt. Ph. 42.55. nnrt 2 rm rurn- R 12 rt: in TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. II! W. Wilnnt ; room.* Ph 2r>20. S'll pk II Sm^ll rurn prlrate apt, 1512 W Ph. £«73. . nil p 3 unfurnished npartmpm*;. 11? K Cherry. S II nX 9 1] S room funnlshen Rpt. 20R N 7t>i Phone 3516 89 pk 23 nflt. with prlv^tr in rk tf 4 room unftirnlsh taih. Plionc SSJi, NJcelr turn. rj(wn5la!r5 ftpl. Prlvair mtrancr, NPT rrfrlReralor HtllltlM *10. 1M W. Ky. 55 pfc IP 3 rm. iinfurn upl. prt, bnth. Auto matic hot wstrr hnRtnr Ph .132^ 7J13 ck R t Modern 2 room fur. upt Ph. 2505 or **«• 2 14 c'< IT Modern Rpt. 3 rooms ftnrt bs[h npw- IT decorated, cood furniture. Has equlp- menl. rh. 3373. F. Simon. 9,21 ck tf Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. BodrooniR S4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2333. 8-4 ck If Services . in. , Plenty of Parking Space B (AMC.) COOTICT VfWSt Your Extra Bonus at Phillips VALUE In the Car or Truck You Buy '49 CHEV $845 '47 CHEV. . . . $645 A I'll!) Clinvrolci Sf-,lan »e- feme H<iwn-«r* Il-Hrlvf It "very ,r>r only fKW. See Ihl, _ you .)| buy „. T 'hk li-Ton Jj.|« model ln,ck ,,o» al ,-fiil- Hrku,, I, ,h, Wark one. On"? '48 INT'NAL . $345 '51 FORD^ Cl. Cpe. , Wi ;1 l a Imv ni, a I'.i-Tnii Call 11,-re's I),,. |»|, mnilel * Chassis Tnirli. S115- Gel „ ,,,,,'ve been wauling (<, buy, Bond lira) an ,| , Bonrt j ra , Custom "8- Club Cm.M more Mere.! Green color. • '48 FORD $695 '47 NASH $645 II s n !,-•[„„ Slake Truck This |»|7 Xasl, z-rfr.or Sedan "•)>«'< U r 51 " ,"" """"• '"" h "' h ""'" an<l "'»<" A .;,cu 5 a v;,x ; y '"*' ^',"" v ror som — at °"" '47 FORD $395 If you're [nailing fnr '2-Ton Truck-—this I!) 17 Tnrd Is U: Cab A' cliasslt Killi now [lain!. Scvcrnl Cheap Cars '39 & '40 Models At 300 Broadway ^ iiilhps Motor oempanii ^a-j-»<:i'fjraaajEagE[aggs» "* 300 Broadway Phon* 4453 l.ucian Gaines Furnilitrc Co. Triidc your old ft; for now. I \vi|] ;ijso In uld furniture. Kantier^ loi-ins' • • >•*-• ..tnn-| ''» down, balance in ||,c f-i.M P , ll<)urs ' '' ll ""' ''"''"^e. 30! ','"""•" "'">""- ''"" '«<»" '•• -HI & Gninos '!?. eiel: - llot Wlltpr h^er.Uv. wJK'r.'Ss"'; 1 ! MFMpHtf'™ * If I I LH.,.1 li V 1 !«.. I,, i. .,_ I ..I /!•! ' _ i_ fc'lll: 01.1™ t . , , * " : -*" "IO. 1"* WE HAVE IT ! Suction Side Control Jack Robinson Implemenl Co. , Ark*nMu — 2371 \fthioplans Said Mnn eo *-ork In rotton cln nltlfe" I 'Greatest KisSBrs' Courier n Tn o hflpful. Reply to Bo» X6 . c*i. 8 7 ck t5 Private Rooms n-jlromn. !adl« <ijiu"~in<iviT *uth anl. !04 s. «!l] aJitr 5 „ ,„ Modern 3 bedroom IKHIKO & i jit <)():-. I'uwui Ave. Hani- Female Help Wanted Formerly Arnold & (Unities'' Ph. 0.157 30 pal Jcrroscr Perfect condltlnn rr. ?n07. 31.1 pk 21) For II cuhlc frr-t relilrprator nnd <*'n-(- trlc r«nup In K"ort i-orulltlon. Ph. 3V?n nnrth. 1 >.onn7.w. _ LUMBER ron ly of I Kxlra lurije lot. This IIOIIKC 'in K<wd condition. flSllQ cash, will handle .ami assumption ofi loan balance at ;?">:>.f>o per' month. I'os.scssion July 2Stli, owner leaving town. t ,„ JIr - f!.l- — 1 lutvc R 4 mi. '-^ house & balli, sci-pene<l in j . jj j licater. Close in on Vine St.' t i6 i Price $5250. Closing cost _rt I HllOIlt $11)0. rmphts T«nn. 8 H In HVA in home nnrl hplji 8 14 r Help Wanted man with cx- on Clciicivil IMoturs l.orBS front room. Pi tn\, eiumnci .«Xn™So!, I ,"\f,f,f' hB ; n X'r''i;nd | Phone IBM. ">"""• W^ f-^-^ L.irre. rnmrnitnbli. (ront luilinain <.i>nvpnlr,nt]y located, ph. 2S14 8 1 pk 9 2 | Nlr, roo] brvlroom. «<lJnlr.ln B bath Ml W. A.%h. Ph 2iW. 7 |3 p k 8 lo Bees Invade Home; Call For Help Tells Anyone 'Just^to Help Yourself Mir.WAUKKH. WIs. M'I Some frii-iids of Mr. and Mrs. li.m-ant t'jwi.scl «-|io IIIMI dropprd in /nr a <:lmt nr.ticcd a of hc« flyinc around Ihc living room. Oreusel went nvr-r and opened Ihe fireplace flu. Immediately Ihe room was swarmed over by tlimisnnds n! bees—all over the rue. celling, (urnituie antl television set. They later look over Ihe basement. Till- GriMtsels and TiieiKls will), dri'w to e.,:l ]nip. G, ( .|, M .| ,,..,.„, K-ri'il the ]-<MIIII nnii knocked out ninny \vith DD 1 !'. Fjres were Ijuilt 1" Itie liipplare anil Ihe bees «cre swop!, nnrt shoveled in. A serene was Vt over the chimney lo block ftirliier entrance. The bee* then swarmrd all over the outside or the house. Then rain eooleci off the bee advance i They retreated to the chimney top. j CJren.soI Issued an appeal to any farmer wanting bees to Iioltj him- I self. ! CAIRO M>i — Ethloplam; art the world's Ereniest kissers. This Is the ! conclusion of an observer wllo re- j really visited Ethiopia. i Men and women, meeting on the ; ; slreets, kKs one unollifr three times iik 21 | on (he right anil left cluck*. There ! is much month kissing. t<,o. Kjfslng nl walls arountl churches, and even (he pavement p.nd ground in 'ront a' churches, is widely prac- i ticeil. Forflsti doctors frown on' these common kissing habits, wam- I ine that they can further spread' syphilis, which already is wide- i spread In Ethiopia. Stay Within The Law! Kvery J.iw-afildlne eltfren shnil- ilcrs at the prospect nf Ix-lng .ini-sleil fur spfriliin;. But. .vonTl ncvi-r In-.sure unlrs, you KNOW yuu'rn s|iroil clcr Is aci-nr;il(-. H'<! eiie I il.iy service mi s|ierd- omctrr repair lor all mnkcs nf cars and (rucks. T.!. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysli-r-riymnulh Dealer Ul E. Main rhntie 2122 elenn Vnd >U rndy for^wfnto^ CnVl'"^" ! n !',, rt ,,''T,'? /*'"'','" ' Ot ''"' ' '" m '""' "' ' I O 1—IKIKIV A/ A DD ty Mycre 83«. a 12 p k "jj | ",^ O r f-ifth sir"'"' lh " " rrt - |1 " sl , - 1 '—'11 IN IN T M/NKK EXPERT REFfilCERATJON REPAIR SKRVICK H[r c Tcr quick, expert service llJtlonlns 'cfrlgoratlan and . . . Cflll B9B6 or R064. BROFF rnPnlLiERATI jBob Malone. Pli. 2771," 7! 17 ck 8|17 Inc., ra Mi«»oiin. „ ,5 ct m A four u-hrH trailer "lii'rno.i "ronm"- llon. Cnrne to \talii H^rlur Slmn B'ls'iH 11 ni.vniKVII.I.p; WKAl.TV SI'KC'IAI.s" IWANTMII' r';t ,v ' 1-11,''^;^'?,^ Ks C1J-M1.-K l.-i7. Lftunrirr la my home. Ph. c n;ts Guaranteed pl^no tnntnr ^nrt rc- PBIr. Call 2071 tlay. 203T nlghtB S 36 tf V/urch and Jewelry Repair clone br prices. it repairmen i>ow«»t . PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second I0;3clt If _ _ Moving & Hnnlinp ClOJrd Van trucks. Sale— nef cnrtablr E\pc7lenrcrt help. IV. U-. Bccftlinm. (1I> ft. Second. Phone 6928. 79 pic gg Refrifrcration Export Brrvlre on commercial nnd nlr «n"s»ir'°''° J 0 " 1 *""" 0 ". >'r>. 2S6(i. II no !'ar or Nhtht Service Stabbs Refrigeration Service . ___ BI3 pV. 27 Plans-Estimates F.K A OR O. I LOANS XO OHl.KiATION Phone ?P6« Frank Wagner Bdilders -Supply Co. HKMtN SI' IM t nn'pk irt _ For Sale, Real Estate Roiiltor 112 So. 2nd Phone <ltli ' Rpsifiencc 1'hone 25DG 7 24 tf For Rent Sm.-i)l hut nlt-c. •( rnciin hou«i> K1io«'- - . ! T lifttti. -•-Le-Ttrln hot water hf-nter O» 120 nrrrs. 7. K oort hriilFp.^. barn, -|ft , ic^i of lavsivisio W .Uli rounto only ark lanrt. RO Mild Innm. S175 por ,xrrr. ! I'rlvat* yr.r.i «.;o pvr m r»mh Vsir-tnV «rl? taracod, conn ro:\rl i Jnhnny Mnrr. 1 nh.-?.Wfi R IS rl- IP 1?0 nrrr.i. J pood hoiisr.,*. •?, l^rpr i •-- - ..'.". ^rns. nr^r town, pood nnnfl ]o?im prU-r ** tooins iiiiTl bitli l/it-ntrrl «t sriT MO per ^rrr. | N.W. J'nrkway. Phonp 0751 — "••RO ncrc-s. bl;irk Innrt. nrar town, pcinrt , . "' a ^s. Apply to Verner \Vil- iiams . at Homer- Wilson Mot- 1 or C°- 814 ck t{ ' Position now open for experienced Ralp.slady. Apply in person Miss \Vhit.sitl\s Shop. _ 8;M ck 17 Lost & Found Vv,.L<ri fl ro <!_ itnyhColE bfrll^vrd Ion In tlrjiil.v of MfMil'-Dmriy Wanr« KIOIC. . .;*,! \iikr M, .,.•).-,- ,•(.;«!. -> ,, f j. (g Notice -PLANTERS- fxp«rt Spray Painting . . . Metal Roofs , , Get a Job That Will Last! Experienced! Reasonable! Call or Write For Free Estimates Phone 21 5W ROYAL WEAVER Steele Mo. To my frlc-ncls »nd "cwVtompr"f «m ,io_j' back with Mr, F. s Barci-r «t ; Mlil-n Rarl;er Shop. 115 W. Mnln Bruce j __ " _ 8 12 Pk 19 r . bouse. S2GO SO ncr« W->.'k SSIKI loam. lotl .1 room hru! = r ^ mojij Ii 1 T ?0 ctio<-crv ^tntc hiillrtln ODcl Mock frtlrn j\-rl !,1or^ fl K protcrh's, ml, o *|p.(t(j',> ' »oo<l road '1 rnl. fi:rn hou 111. nh .1065. , elpr. Xifrh^-ii cioi B 12 pk H IK fflrprntry anrt palnllnif a'or> c fl'v* pk 21 [ ^""fty^ii. a^27. 7 30 r)c • e porkmcjlA und :H*jt Aftt. 600 Chtrk 8 1 rk 9 | bin. . . laiul. b'.|i, ntl Ir .1 with hr(H Mnd v frnm Holromh. Mo m ,,,, H l.irtte hams, rrnrcd 200 ac Inntl — halrtiirr cood iicnvy IT too laree for OUP buvrr Trlrp wlltiln roA?o*n, WP RlFn hsivp ntlirr 500^ /aruis. hnlh r«p nnd sirmll tn suit tl:r. hiiyrr We ,?o harp .i.PvrrAl cr>od stork larrriB Rt ~REAL~ ESTATE Farms—Citv Property LOANS 1NSUR \Nirp If IniTr^trrt in TlMylnR Noble Gill Aqencv rh. r,8f>s j T;c. Modern i-onvpiilc i) 1.. G. Thompson. ,; . 2151. , 27 For Rent or Lease I Save tnotio\- on a no» water is> p sleiii sit \\'jtftls—Nu niuiicy i ilnwn on FHA lorms. ' Wh^trvrr your water nr<"!< Toil'll I fln.l th<- rlcht p.lmp to no the Jr,h ot ttarrt. Payments are us lo •»• *< is I moivlhlv. ! Shallow UV1I .1^1 SyMc,,, »«h i, lip i.mtor ,, n ,| jn cullnn tank, in; so Deep Well PI.Mon.TFP' System. llontjromcry \Vi\rd lOfi W. M;iin " BIylhRvillc 8 13 rk 20 For Your Convenience WE FINANCE I AUTO AND TRUCK REPAIRS \r -_ I • . • V FOR RENT OR LEASE Bmlclinjf located 5ni-r,o:', ! •TTTTTi '" ** •-" West Main Sired, now occn-i, H " llls nny *" n ti11 ^flHem- I'if'i '..-.- l.ilK-rly CJIKII S(oroJ ",'.'' ';'• M'ill I... f.,,- , I l_V.... l... T.. ., I'' .'.'l"" 1 '"- "' ^'-Itl ' ILIVIIIKUlu Blytheville'Motor 1' & Wiilniil LO. I'lume -1-122 (tlonco*; »' • for r.-nt H,.pt. Isl. y ur ',^' "^'7£,* ,X,;^l£'\',™?: iiit'orinntioii sec i;"" "-''^7; J"' 1 " «-r-»'-r «i s G. G. HUBBARDj" '"""'""° «• F -Mnltl-rholtr Jiiil)i>;ii-rl Puriiifurn Co. 85 ck ! farm Loons Wanted Wdnlrd _ -106 \\'. Main Jilyllicvillo fl 1.1 rk JO Wonted to Buy Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set L.PAY SERVICE ^^^^!^7;S.§§:s^'HiGHEs "^.'"'r! PAID ! j For I in. wire and all kinds of si-rap metal. j 7I !:^f! B'yl-heville | ron | & Metal Co. ! : N. llrhvav & Moult He Drive ' I'lione 8!)(i^ i •I 15 rk If ; IV. will ^^^ CASH tor'Vo'uV OM Kn- FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SHRViCE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Kxtra Charge For iN'iRht C«ll» FRED CALL1HAN RADiO SERVICE n O 8. 1st Blytheville Iiii» land'Co. orc^r U pho ( no !i:ij: '.V T Et.TTIii-H T;i:"ftl E Rlnlr* Insurance Call 4553 For Complete m-jiiu'C I'rolct-tioti |. Pollard Auoncy at KSC-OF nori-1. Run 15* W A^t, St. ' STEEN S STUDIO. 115 Wr« MMn 124 c* »*" A ton « < a r> tl t'-Vn^t™. trtu-tt Jrt HP. Phnnp the Peach Crop Is Short! It's Now Half Gathered We now have Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Street Blylheville Never A Dull Moment! DANCING NIGHTLY! 24 HOUR SERVICE! FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOL.LAND 3241 or 941] COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED Alt Popular Brands of Cigarers, per carton . 1 60 HUBERTS CLUB Hubert Utlcy and Wcrt Akini HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. FRIPAT, AUGUST 15, 193t THEY'RE GOING F-A-S-T! THE BEST SELECTION OF RECONDITIONED TRUCKS IN TOWN 191!) STIIDBBAKKR 1 14-Ton LW« Truck, molor overhauled, 750x20 front I ires, 825..20 rear S-9JMP all fine '" flfJJ J!MI> CHBVKOiJCT ll'i-T. I,\VH Truck—I{152 .1 mlr! Good tires—750x20 front, 825x20 rear."!. 19-12 CHUVROI,KT I'/j-T. IAVB Trk. with 12 Si ft. Ixuly. 750x20 tires all around. Good running' i r,'!,-?« M?, KI) -)w, S ,!,"''"" T''" cli —insulated body. 650x20 non, hies, /0()x20,rear. An exc. Irk. for haul- ¥« i"K Pickers. . . ,T S warm, it's dry. A super valued 1950 CHRVR01.KT '/ ; -Ton Pick,,,, Truck. S..I- S| liviin-Nclson offers this low mileage pickup for * 19-19 Ji-OHl) V-S '/.-To,, J-ickup Truck. Kxtra *< clean, (.ome to Ihe M K lot on Walnut Street...I 1.'»l« KOKI) V-S i/,-Ton Pick up Truck. This S« li ui-k in a sharp ),„>• f,,,- y (11 , il( , )lltv ^ We have a few lale model curs . . . Cbevrolcls »tvi Fords . . . l!).|7 lo 1950 models. ^"^ruiels Many more to choose from. EASY CM AC PAtMENT PLAN Remewfc^r, j-o» tan »Iways makt « good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "Tht Rij Uswl Car Lst «n Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut . p honc 4578 Since World War II research has been carried on in Mexico (o boast corn production by the use ot new hybrid strains. THE ONLY GRAIN BIN WITH 6.PLY RIBS FOR EXTRA STRENGTH EASIEST BIN Or All TO ERECT! •Stop in j*on, while we still have famous •SIOUX- Steel gram bins! DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main—Rlythefille Phones & H857 FOR SALE Concrele culverts, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenforcerl. Also Concrete Byilrlin s Blocks ehcap- :r than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant house*, tool sheds. Wr deliver. Call «i for fre« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE& CULVERT CO. 681 Pictures Of Your Vacation RENT A CAMERA All Trp«5 of Camera* And Sftppllei at Bamey'i Barney's Drug CAMERA KEADQUARTKRS ;t»« w. Mali rhon* ?.M1 REAL BUYS! 1950 CMC I-Ton I'ickup wifh a liig bed. At $ftfti; Horner-Wilsnn it's priced at only 3t/D 1SI-U KOUI) Hi-Ton T.WIJ Truck vilh slake SflflC body—a real buy at tins price JLUU 1950 CHEVROLET IT* the Bel-Air "hant lo|l rnnvrrlihle"— 2.|iii, F . finish. A !ow niilraer, Tnlf model rar Toti'U enjny driving . . nnw nnlv $1595 inin I'ONTfAC A boaiifv of a lali- mntlM r ir —Hits inis riilrrtnin is clean as n ulii.stlr. n.irk grren J-dnor. Ra.llo. heater, $1295 3950 STUUKBAKKR <i-Ton Pickup— an unusually clean, cily truck. Now only 1!)50 CHKVR01.KT 2-Ton T.WH, new j,orl. 2 - $ speed axle, new paint. S25x20 lires. Kxrcllcrit 1918 MACK 2-Ton I,\VB Truck—good tires ^JflC new painf. Look (wire al (his price ' .'45lD l!Mfi KOKI) I/,-Ton Pickup—fur Hie buy O f your life come NOW fo Homer-\Vilson HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile — G.\IC Trucks Phone 205« Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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