Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 6, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith ft better understanding 1 of tho transient nature of the many phys- tel Ills, which vanish before proper of' lorta— gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— lightly directed. There is comfort in MM knowledge, that KO many forms of •ttkness arc not due to any actual dis- •Me, but simply to a constipated com)*- tttn of the system, which the pleasant fcBlily laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt- If removes. That is why it is the only Mowdy with millions of families, and is •MTV where esteemed .so higMy by all •Who value pood health. Its beneficial •ilects are due to. tho fact, that it is the i remedy which promotes internal inlincss without debilitat ; -3£ tho Mns on which it acts. It is therefore flmportunt, in order to pet its bene- 1»1 effects, to note when you pur- lie, that yon have the genuine arti- •fjw, which is manufactured by the Cali- fcrnla Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by •11 repu table druggists. 11 In tho enjoyment of good health, Md the system, is regular, laxatives or gjHtr remedies are then not needed. If ••feted with any nctual disease, one •A* be commended to the raost skillful •pkTsicians, but if in need of a laxative, SB should have tho best, and with the wall-informed cvcryavherc, Syrup of ITlMttands highest and is raost largely —4 and (fives most general satisfaction. *m •U I ~ g. p, KLOTZ. PASTOR D. B CHDRCH. nurertoo, ind., Sept. 8,188«. Pepsin Syrnp Co.: •Dear Sir:—I have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or soui ftomncb., I.'bare tried different remedied without much benefit. Finally 1 bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrnp.Pep- •In and found that It benefltted me. 1 am convinced that It will do what It Ii recommended when taken according to directions. I ha^e taken nearly one bottle and feel Hie a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Kecallng. Keep Cool by Ujlng THE'KELLEY Shower Bail) RING '* Hot Water . . ~ Proof Hose W«ittlij* H««d >_. 721<-—~ y ?9° r or ''W 1 ?'' ' • • rvV'". - Hornleu Water-. CloseW. 1 '~~ : ' 8«rid lor Caialogne- tntt Proot. Wat« 010MM,;FelHrtimi Water ClOMti.'Xcllr Slop and Waste CocK. THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aor Madison Street^ Chicago. ALL R AIL:.RbtJTE' TO :THE' SEA. ,10 AUantlc City Without Transfer via PenmRylvBnla Lines. . \ By .the opening of the Delaware; River Bridge the Pennsylvania Lines, have become ,the only all rail route to. Atlantic City and.the : seashore. Transfer of passengers and baggage at Philadelphia via Market street Ferry and : Cainden Is. avoided, as seashore trains • «tf Parlor Cars nnd Coaches depart from Broad street station, at which passenger* fornv the'went over the Pcnnsyl- • vanla. Route arrive in that city.. • Thrpugh trains from Chicago, Indiana- -polte, -Columbus, Cincinnati,: Pittsburgh; and tntennehiate points on tne Pennsyl- Tanla Lines make convenient conned tlon with the seashore trains. For detail* apply to , nearest Pennsylvania .tine Ticket Agent. • : '•-,•' ' . BUCKLBN'S ARNICA SALVE. -.The bert salve In the world, rpi cuti, ^^fcwlsw.-roret, nicer*, salt rheum, fevei; •on* tetters, chapped handi. cMlblfJn« .«on» «»d all »kin eruptions and poil- "Ht»ly-carer. pu» or no 1 pay?required. • H '•» : jB(ifttnte«d -to ;glTe p^rfect'satis: ; fi(ctlon' ; oy 'inb'aey refunded. Price' 26 i per : ' ! t»i.' For *ale by B. 1 Vi Bnbacribe for The Journal, 40 cent? a A Ullnd Stndent'i Elumln»tlon. Among- the students who went up for tho 'classical examinations, for foreign lan^unyes, held before the'pro- fessorof.thc University of £aris,flgure;l n blind youth, who is a oUiy scholar nt the Lycce BufEon. Some curiosity wna nroused omong- the other competitors .as to the method by which thla-sigbt- less rival would contrive to translate his paper. The young, man, who was ac- eouipanicd by a small boy, was given a private room. Here one of the masters rend out (lie passages^ which the student took down on impcrwithapointe'l instrument. The dictation terminated, the pupil reread the subject, marking the punctuation. He then set about the translation, which was into the English language. Words he did not ksow tho meaning'of were looked for in thi dictionary by his companion, who, however, afforded him no further help, When the translation had been written In his own curious characters tho young- man transcribed it for the examiner or. a typewriter, working tho instrument •with remarkable/speed, and he concluded his task within the time prescribed for the other competitors.— London Telegraph. noun* 'Jacket*. Some of ths new dainty house jackets are made like the jacket bodices en suite with the street costume, these showing :i curved scaro over the hips, to which is applied a gathered lace flounce which joins th« continuous scam down the back. The large turndown collar is edg-cd with the same wide lace, and' frills to correspond fall from the full elbow puffs. ' The jacket fits the figuu 1 very &migly in 'the back and has but one dart seani on each side of the front, nod the usual under-arm seam.—X. Y. Post. CKBsnva Plant. The cultivation of tihe cassava plant has been begun in the United States. It is a shrub from six to eight, feet tall, and bears larg-e tubers underground. These arc first heated to drrve off the poisonous .hydrocyanic, acid, and they are then made into tapioca and dex- trine. It is said -that the latter cam b« more easily manufactured from <hl» plant than from corn.—Chicago Inter Ocean. If you have ever seen a little child In the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltt's Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea it Is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this as a cure unless It'were a euro.—Jno. M. Johnston. Germany lias one doctor to 1,500 of population; France 0110 to 3,167; the United Kingdom one to 1,234 but the United States one to GOO. Many a day's work te lost by sick headache caused by Indigestion and stomach troubles. DeWltt's Little Early Risers are the most effectual pill for ovcrcomtaK such difficulties.—Jno. M. .Tolmston. At the beginning of fchls century tho Russian langauge was used by 30,770,000 people; now It Is *pok™ by 75,000,000. • ' - Don't trifle away time when you have cholera morbus or '.diarrhoea. Fight them in the'..beginning with-.DeWltt's CoJic * Cholera Care.. You don't have to wait for results. They : are.Instan- taneous and 1 it leaves the bowels : ln healthy condition.—Inc. M. Johnston. Professor' (angrlry)—Toting man, yon are better fed than taught. Scholar— Quite right, sir. My father feeds me. —Brooklyn Life. . "Boys will be boys," but you can't afford to lose any of them. Be" ready for the green apple season by having •DcWKt's.Colic & Cholera Cure in the house.—Jno. M. Johnston. , •• . Teacher—Now, Petsy,--'would It be proper to say, "You cni't.leainnne nothing?" Patsy—YlB'fli. Teacher-Why? itsy—'Cause ycr can't!—London Tit- Bite. ... : •-'•••:• Polson.lvy, insect; bites; bruises, scalds, burns, are qulcltly cured by De-j Witt's Witch Hazel Solve,-the great pile' cure,—Jno. M. Johnston. - colonial •forces. Theories-of cure may be discussed at want quick"- relief;',: and flne; M - Inute - . . harmless remedy 1 that produces Imtnedl--:- ate Tefi'rats'."— Jna j Mi Jdhnston. ' : LOW RATES.TOrSALT LAKE ticket agenfs'of connecting lines .pri*; dress W. B. Knlakern, G. P. i'-T.-'-i.,' '•My little boy, when two years of nge, was taken very 111 with'bloody flux.-,-I WHS oil-vl,5ial to use Chamberlain's.Collci. Cholera' :md -DiaiTlioea Remedy, nud luckily procured 'pnrt of a bottle." 1 cuvufully read tlie d.1 ruction* and snva it accordingly.' He' was very low, but slowly anil snrely be liDfian'to Improve, gradiialiy recovered, niicl.lt! now II L -I sliiut and strons us ever. I feul sure Ii saved 'his life. J never cau praise iho Remedy half Its wortli, I. am sorry every 0110 in .tho'world does nol know liow piood. It It Is as 1 do.—SIrs. Llna S.-HIuton, Grn- hamsville, Mnriou Co., Florida. For sale by U. F, Keuslinp. druggist. The grave of Diuiii'l Boonc and his wife is In the old 'cemetery in FmnUfort Kyi It Is .marked by a. mounmeni which lins beeii very much defaced by snekors for relics. six weeks ago I suffered with a very severe cold; was almost uuable to speak My friends all advised me to consult a physician. Noticing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy advertised In the St. Tanl Volks Zcitung I procured a bottle, nnd after taking it a short while was entirely well. I now most heartily recommend this remedy to anyone suffering with a cold. Win. Kell,-G7S Shelby "AVC., 'St. 1'nul, Minn. For wile by B. F. Kccsliiig. druggist. ' .Tapau, wifhln five mouths of taking possession of Formosa, had built two 'ifcnus of Dcc.iuv.lllc railroads one'thirty- five miles, the other fifty miles long. ELECTRIC BITTERS. Electric Bitters is a medicine suited for any senson, but, pornaps more generally needed when the langnid, exhausted feeling prevails wuen tho liver is torpltl and sluggish and ttie need of a toulc and alterative is t'clt. A prompt use of tlite medicine has often averted long anil perhaps fatal, bilious fevers: No medicine will .'act more surely In counteracting and freeing the system from 'the malarial .poison/ Headache, Indigestion,- constipation, dizziness, 'yield to Electric Bitters. 50c and ?1.00 per bottle at B. F. Keeping's drug etoro. The widow of Prpfessor Huxley is to receive a pensloji of £200 a year her name having just'been placed on the English rrlvll list for tliat amount. . MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a letter written by Rev. J. Guu- derrann, of DIraondalc, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: "I liavo no-hestltation -In recommending Dr. King's New Discovery, as- the results were almost marvelous'In the ca'ae'"of my'.wife! 'While I was pastor ] of the Baptist Church at Rives Junction she .was brought down wJth pneumonia succeeding Ja grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hours with little interruption nnd it seemed as if she could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery, It was quick In its worl: and highly satisfactory in results"..Trial bottles free at B, F. Keesling'e drug store. Regular size 50c and ?1.00. : In stipends salaries . ; and wages to •thelrinurnerous officers, clerks and staff the corporation of London, spends yearly upward' of ?500,000 V It doesn't matter much whether sick .headache, biliousness, indigestion and : constipation are caused "by • neglect or -by -unavoidable : circumstances; De- Witt's'Little Early Risers will speedily cure them oil.—Jhp.'.M.-.Johnston. . ,. PLAN YOUR SUMMER OUTING ' 'NdW-GO TO 'PICTURESQUK ,, MACklNAC .VIA TH» COAST .... LINE. ,..-:, It'only. : costs $13.50 from Detroit,; land for the .meals, and , berths. , . , lake ride.on new modern steel ; 'steamers for tne above rates; Semd 2ci •for illustrated "pamphlet: Address' "•• A. A; SCHA'NTZ. Q. P. A: ; •'. : ' ' Detroit, Mich. ... ——: :— -r- _ , j.' renc ii )) Or n is execmuie, it win urnt- LOW RATES TO LOUISVILLE MA; . evc i, ybo(ly trom my house. You told .; -PENNSYLVANIA LINES, ' j -^ ,,- wns ; a '. tcacll V r » '."I did'.not I „ . __ - special cxcuTSlon tickets to : lx>ulsvllle,; ... ..•„_.„,.,.,— anitl expedition are to have a special: -jjyi'wlll be 'sold 1 via Pennsylvanta'; ; dccoraitlon* ; A".star cast In gun 'metal .jines,, August Otil'and'10th','account the; •will,be'presented to the, British and; '" onnu ai.ineetof,the Eeague.of A'merfc&nj eluding' August 18th may .be obtained j eore ' cung ugus . , . length by physicians, but the ^sufferers : flt ^^ offlcC8 ot - the' Pennsylvania! ;CoI.Ic, Cholera and Diarrhoea " ' " ' " ' - ~at tlCKet OlnCCS uc tee xeuuB^i»«"»«; t ^"'."-' r—- ; - -.- '... . wuui, ««.^«..-.«.^,.,. !-,—:—:-- Ltacs."'For deiails,','apply "to: nearesi; ; w h's used with-perfect success, Dyson-• Cough Cure will', give It to. them; Aj 'pViiigjWania Line-Ticket Agent. ^' \ ! ,tery, when epidemic; !s almost as sevw safe ciire:for children; Xt.la "tbo.only '.,:; "' —':' "' .,':' . .and dangerous'as Asiatic cholera. Here-EXCURSION-TO: NIAGARAi FALLS. ( 'tof ore the best efforts of the uwstekllled - On'August'.18 the Waba-sh- Railroad i physic!aris : bave'fa,lled''to'check its rav r . tliebest medicine in the world for bowel SiSONGS .FOR, GOPHERS. How Florida tp.nd Turllci Arc lured Oat "• of Thflir.-HomBii.. W. H, Gilbert, locksmith, nstroriomer, fisherman,, scientist, hunter nnd.. capitalist, of Jacksonville, Fin., is a great fancier of gopher meat, and has thought' of many ways of catching the game. Some time ago he learned that there was a-family living in the northwestern part of the country which boasted of young men whocould "sing" gophers out cl their holes. , He traveled maoy miles to ascertain if the report was really true. The young men were reluctant at first io give on exhibition that might reveai their secret, but Mr. Gilbert had anum- ber of pursuasivc-s along, and finally they consented. The young men equipped themselves with a g-unnysock and a pointd stick ' COVERING THI-: EKTRANCE. . »bout five feet long. A hnlf mile from the house, in the wircgras? o£ the rolling pine land, they found .the hole of a gopher. They covered the entrance of his tunnel with a sack, ,-uiJ planted the stick over t.he tunnel. Then nil the men lay down about 20 feet away, and one of them sung. ' In n, half hour the sack was seen to move slightly, whereupon one of the young.men jumpe.il up quickly and ran to the stick, whicli he pressed deeply into the ground, cut ting off the gopher's retrcat< The other reached his hand into the hole and 'brought'out a big- gopher, which was made intoadelicioii.s Btew for their dinner. Mr. Gilbert, discoursing on.the incident,'says: "I have since learned that the Mexicans, who are very fond of gophers, pursue this method, except that they do not sing. The sing-ing is entirely superfluous. Curiosity is what kills the gopher, as it has killed the historic cot. The animal evidently is curious to learn what it is that has darkened the threshold of. his abode, und comes forth to see. The stick does the rest. I have tried the same plan myself, 'and very successfully." : "A Fruit Drink. A plecsantdrink oilered ntlunchconi, where women who value their complexions will not drink-wine, is made from orange juice treated with fruits. The juice is served in tall glasses and is undiluted. Into each glass is dropped four slices of banana, a Tokny grape cut and seeded, a slice from n-tart apple and a pinch of'sugar. The drink, of course, is intended (o be sipped through the courses and :nny be the'only one «(?rved.—Chicago Tribune. OF ALL T.HINGS IN THE WORLD A tonic Is what nervous people require. To impart strength into the nervous organism te to Insure its tranquillity, provided causes of unhealthful excitement are avoided. A medicinal tonic that— like Hosteller's Stomach Bitters-commands, the unqualified sanction of the healing profession, and. which Institutes-a general reform In a billons, dyspeptic and debilitated condition of the system, is surely entitled'to a careful trial by intelUigenl people, capable of• 'forming a due estimate of a medicine, froin emp'hatkrand often 'recorded pror fessioiuil evidence in. its behalf. Not only are the nerves and 'stomach. lnvlg : orated, by the BIttors; but tlic: system is also endowed .with.unwonted .power of resistance to influences In air, .water Prominently dangerous among the first „, „"._„_. "Is,'malaria;, against which Hosteller's Stomach Bitters af- 'fords a' competent safeguard. Rheu!, and .kidney troubles are als^ prevented and overcome.by It. trip, -Including, , .. .. ., Onllnbusands;?^-^^ "Sir, yonr-son's-performance, on the ' i'renc'li horn is exccfablQ. It will drive -he -was- a • too'ter."-pctro!t Free . ._ 1878.there'li'ave been. nine.cpi- Wheelmem.. Tie low raitea will be.openj : dcm , cg O f ^ sa ^ Yy '• fa different parts to all. Tickets with return.limit, In-: -. <„••„,,,,„•„ m,nn,hi.riflin, ; k of the country in which Ohamberlain's HOME-SEEEERS' EXCURSION. j ; The i Wa-bash iBffillroaii .company ..will sell excursion tickets to points In the 'Wert, :: South'weBt--and'-S6u : th'at very low •.™tM"OD~i«rw5t' 4 'and 18, Sept. fc-W; ''' name to avoid burnln' oil tn their blcy: -'' f >i> ^o .28;'.Qct.';8''aiia'20,'1896.''..' ' ' , v . .undermined by'lnclolenl n'lcerijand-openj iii.'ai v " -riowitVa witch'' Ha"iei' : SaJTe' an«..c.,...,. ., ,. . "For. •particrul'ars as to limit's, time of '' h»Ten't; but Ivlry'.toime I see thim ,!«»'• *.~. T f«i ifillrtV'fa'rmeri 'TBe^ide* o* caujrht loike sores. JL>,e\yut'g Witch ',Haiw. heals-them. It.M''lie i-test 1 : Rile' 'onre'known;—Jno. .M. . . 'tratos,'and other details, call on or ad drees '' ' ' ' Hood's SarsaparlUa sells because .it MAtONEY SEES LIGHT. But- It ; Was' ft Long: Time Before This Event Occurred. Purk CoiumtNflloner'i .family OODN Abroad la JMrknom on LIU lUnt H nd Encnpo J'ollce Interference for » Long Time. "Whiniver I see thim bic.yclc lanterns driftiu' down the road loike witch lights I feel loike a farmer," said Ma- louey, the ."sparrow cop," dejectedly, to n'Chicago Tribune reporter. "To begin with, me job, ye -should understand is, to use a I'rinch term, tin: )x;rquesit of a- park commissioner by the name o£ Watson, a great man he is too. He should be Iri^h and prlsi- dent. Well, I got me job through u frind of mine, who is the frind of flfat son's, so the name is swate to me cars, "The beginnm' of me trouble was an order to pinch the min as were ridin.' without lunteriis-^ure 'twas no use crderin" >falo'ney to disturb the ladiec. Not- bein' acquainted at, the toime with the' min'of influence I wan night ran ii! a, man with a pull nnd was near losin' me job for the same. " 'Use your discreshun, Maloney,' said the captain to me. TJsc your diserc- tihun.' 'I can't,' floid I. 'I'm Irish.' 'Well, remember this is a republic,'said he to me, ' and lave min with pulls alone.' 'I will,' said I, and that was the second cause of me trouble. "WcJI, Hie nixtnoight, as I -wasstand- in' in the droive, along comes two min, with nary a loight on their bicycles. 'Be cautious, MaJoney,' said I, and I si/.ed 'em up. Sure, they looked harm less, ond I grabbed 'era. 'Come along- wid ycz,' said I. 'Fur what?' sez won of tliim. 'Fur what?' sez I; 'fur ridin' without, a loig-ht,' sez T. 'We wo* g-oin" to a banquets' sez he, 'whin our lamps wint out.' 'An' where did they go,' sez I, fur they had not a Inntern on their bicycle*. . ' • . " 'Now, look ahcre, Mr,. Orficer," said the other wan, 'our name 'is Watson, sons of Park Commissioner Watson,' said he—sure, I thought I would drop dead ;it the mintion of the name—'and I thinl; ye should Ictus go this toime,' WE'RE -WATSON3,'' 1 said he. 1 did. I dropped 'cm loike tho divil would holy water. "They wint., and the noig-ht after along comes three more without a lantern, among, thim. .This toime- it was a mawand two wimen— they, was ladies, but 'tis the stoile to say wimen, -ye l;now. Sure it" wint 'to -me heart to frighten tiim, but 'twa«; me duty, so I jumped out ond said:' ' 'Holt!' said I. 'Halt and loight thim lanterns.' " 'Our name is Watson,' , said they. And before I couldVbe . hoggin' their pardon they waa goniV '[ .',']"'. "About tin o'clock the next' noight I seen a, party of no less thah'twinty bicyclers Tldihgl-along-: .'without • ,'loights. Sure 'twas so dark omong thim they moight all bee«irrnlfagedc;'-rMiiloney;| said I, 'the. tbim'tt' Haft-cpm'e fo'^arn a reputashun.' So I jumped out in the road and drew me club. 'Halt!'. saidJ.^ 'Ye are under orrist,' And'wh"at"ao' you thinfc'they done? Halt? - Niv«r»' bit. 'Git out of the way,' said the leader to me, 'we're Watsons,' and away tht whole twinty wintv . Suire ; » baby. could ha, knocked, m'e down' ind '-bate; hie T ,!l wa* ihntaiizprtsed; •• : ', " J -•' ; ^ "• '••' ' ; -' " 'I wonder If all the commissioners have such multitugenous families,' said: I; to ineatelfiit'Sure,- anMf they have" /I don't want the job, thin,' said 1. So next day;I"a6ked-bur mutual frind: -'What nationality is this man Watson?' 'He U Km rAmffi'can,!' *aid\me frrnd/f ;nnd '.» great man,' 'He is, indade,''saidl. "That noight near midnoight I seen two riders come a wabblin' down, the road without lanterns. I knew all the Watsons ! were !good riders','. w>.T grabs. 'em— they bein' min. 'Ye ore under ar- ristV said T; "Git but; will ye,' said one. 'Our nnine ia Watson,' .said he, with a brogue. 'You're, no Watson,' said I. 'You're Irish.' 'Faith on' I'm as good,' said he. 'I'm the Watson's cook'— and sure HwasVwomHnTa'wonian'in man's" clothes—them things they call bloomers, ye understand. 'An* what haye.ye_ on?' said I, polntin' to the b1oonYersV 'The English groom's roidin' suit,' said she. 'And 1 who''is v this?' said I'pointin' to the other, a lit.tle wan. 'That's the English, groom,' rsaid. she, , 'Let me be,; ye rufSan.' • ' " 'Atf' English groom,' said I, an 1 I gives hin»!S.<'*h>tke;:^iir'me;grandfatheri .e cook.^' I: 'an 1 ' don v t"'be 3isgracih v ybuf"race'an3 sal *, ,„.„ ,in' to" the Viiooniers,' A'gfurthe" little Inglish.gropm,.I.lpcks,him,.up. And thin the' light began to'dawn'on me. .r-iHYr'i 5'C'.. f OY''T3yT'5: "So the next day, seein* Mr. Watwra oin the park,'IiB4d!to,ttiinTr'Ajrfn? yota pardon,' Bald,, I,, 'bow many,, children.. With Hood's Sareapi- rilla," Sales Talk," and show that this medicine has enjoyed public confidence gnd patronage to a greater extentthan accord- .ed any other proprietary medicine. This is simply because it po»8e««e« greater merit and producea greater wires than any other. It is not what we »ay, but .what Hood's Sarsaparilla does, that t«!l» the story. All advertisements of Hood'a SaroaparilU, like Hood's Sarsaparilla it- tell, are honest. Wo have never deceived the public, and this with ita luperlatlve medicinal merit, is why the people have abiding confidence in it, and buy Hood's Sarsaparilla Almost to the exclusion of all others. Try It Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mas». .. ,. _.,,, are the only pills to take HOOd SPIllS with Hood's Swsaparllla. A SHORTJOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA , : • • ' IN FIRST CLASS 5TYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Jvw the Sunset Route—New Orleant to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. Tfcs luperlor accommodations given ttb pent number of patrons of the above :nJn during the" past tourist season, warrants the announcement of plans !tr next season of finer service with tqnlpment superior to anything yet cnown In transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-Inauguration of •8DNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co.'"Sunset Route" in connection with the "Queen ind Crescent Route" are running the »nly line of through tourist PullmaD Weepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angelee and ton Francisco: ....-.-.. Those excursions are specially contacted, and the object Is tr, enable tbos« who do not care to buy the first-class round ''trip' or one way tickets, to enjoy i'comfortable ride with sleeping car trlvlleges and no change of can at the --•ry low^secohd-class'rate. ;, -. '• for further Information, addreti W. 8. CONNOR, Commercial Agt 8. P. io., Cincinnati, O. ' •"' '[.]: ' : W. G. NEISrTER, G. : W.'-Aft.'8..P. •«., Chicago, 111, .8. F. MORSE, G. P. * T. Agt 8- P. •o, New.Orleacs, La. Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION ^CO. rWIOE DAILY STEAMEB8 TO CHICAGO, CONNBOTW(J : WITH THE VANDALIA RAIL- ' WAI AT ST. JO- Beginning May 25th and continuing •ntll labout Sept. 30th the steamers of this line will make two trlp» each w«y .telly between St Joseph and Chicago, the following schedule: . - ..... •' ,(Mye St." josepb at *:30 j p. m. wi* 10:80 p. m'.;'aal!y, Incltidinf '' auniJiy. Te Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and 11^0 •,'m., dally, Including Sunday. Extra Irlpf on Saturday leave St ^oaeph at l"». m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. mi. Banning time across lake 4 hourt. '• Trl-weekly Bteamers to MHwaakee, leaving- St Joseph Monday, •Wedne»daj» Mid Friday evenings. The equipment, of this llne s Inwndei the tide wheel steamers City of Chicago irid City of .Milwaukee (the targert »Di5 Inest west of Detroit), and the newly. rebuilt propeller City of liulavllie. Service first-class. Connections with all Tandalla' trains. Tlcketd on sal* •t-«ll fandalla Line stations. Chicago dock f»ot of Wabash.avenue. , '.-~''ffr :>' •*"— ..... - j. H. GRAHAM, Prei.,' Benton Harbor, Mich. AND LKB SUTERIOR You'll Tn'flfeViny all of ludellgbtv Jf you tAktiono o. tho .... '.AKE ''Mlfli/GAff^^' 7 '' 5 —' : *™™-^ iOAHT Mllng•

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