The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1949
Page 6
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PACK SIX BliTTHETTLLE <ASlt.y COURIER Chinese Solons Meet in Nanking Legislative Yuan Convenes; Hostility To Premier Shown NANKING, March 4. OT — The Legislative Yuan convened today for its first working meeting of this session in an atmosphere distinctly hostile to Premier sun Po. Twelve members Immediately de- manded'that premier comply with the seven decrees on protection of constitutional right promulgated by Acting ' President LI Tsung-Jen. • They attacked sun's government for failure to Implement these measures. A majority resolution criticized the premier for failure to enforce those decrees, including the prohibition of Illegal arrests, abolition of the secrcf sen'lce and the release of political prisoners. The legislators rejected by acclamation a formal request that the Chinese legislature meet in South China. Legislative Yuan President Tung Kuang-sheng announced that Sun may appear before the session on Tuesday 10 deliver his administrative report. A cabinet meeting today began drafting the report. Meanwhile top Nationalist leaders here arc Communist." in Pelping were mapping their strategy for national peace talks that may open In Peiping soon. Li Li-san, the Chinese Communist who assuredly broke with Red leader Mao Tze-tung several years ago and fled to Moscow, was reported In Peiplng to confer with Mao and other Chinese Communist, policy makers. Officers Find New Clues in 'Vampire' Case IA>NDON, March 4. W)—Scot- and Yard detectives picked up new clues today as they sought a solu- lon to the "vampire" slaylngs of, xissibly six—maybe more—persons whose bodies were dissolved In acid. They found that a suspect bought 'our carboys of sulphuric ncld and an acid-proofed steel canopy which could be used as a trough. A man bearing the same general description as this suspect also was reported by police to have taken over real estate and personal be- ongings of some of the missing persons. Those missing Include Mr. and Mrs. w. Donald McSwain »nd their son, Join; 35; and Dr. and Mrs. Archibald Henderson. The police theorize they were shot to death and their bodies dissolved In acid. A sixth presumed victim was a man still unidentified whose torso was \vnshed nshore near East- x»urne last September. Detectives said that In the death of Mrs. Henderson the slayer apparently slit her throat, caught her Wood hi a Igass and drunk It before doing away wllh the corpse. Meanwhile, police held John Haigh, 40-year-old plastics manufacturer, on a murder charge in the death of Mrs. olive Durand- DeRcon, a wealthy widow. 'Dip detectives snld they also found In the same spot fragments of ration books and other papers belonging lo three other of the missing persons. Dyersburg Firm Gets Big Contract Let by Engineers Award of contract to Pioneer Contracting Company, Inc. of Dy- er.sburg, Tenn., for construction of levee, ditch excavation and crectioi of oii« highway bridge In Mud Slough Drainage District in Greene and Craighead Counties In Arkansas, was announced today from the Office of the District Engineer, Memphis District, Corps of Engineers. The contract Is the sum of IQ64.S51.ftO. The site of the work is on the west side of the St. Francis River and consists of approximately five miles of ditch excavation and levee construction, and the erection of one bridge. Construction of the levee will call for the placing of ap- . proxlmately 210,000 cubic yards of earth and the ditch excavation will totaj approximately "700,000 cubic yard*. The upper end of the work „ begins at a point on the levee along Big Slough Ditch approximately .seven mile.-, northeast of Paragould and extends In a southerly direction to approximately one and three-lourth miles east ol Schug. - ' The bridge will be located approximately one-half mile above the junction of Eight-Mile Creek to provide & crossing for an existing road. The contractor will not be re- Quired to commence work before July 1, 1M9, and will have 200 calendar days after that date to complete the work. FRIDAY, MARCH '4, 1949 Police Continue Probe of Murder Despite Truth Serum' Admissions NEW ORLEANS, Mnrch 4. W 1 }— Louis Eugene Hoover filled In his blank memory with "truth serum" and told jiollcc he boat, and strtui- ;led millionaire James Mahoncy. Police Investigators, however, con- :lnued lo dig Into the case today, rhey said there "are a lot of angles" to be cleared up. Acting Police SU|>t. Joseph Schc- uerlng said the statements of Hoo- 'er, t 23-year-old Louisville, Ky., parking lol attendant, "sre not * confession" and the case Is tar 'rom closed. Amon? angles to be cleared up, ie BSltJ, Is the matter of Mahoney's missing watch. Hoover said he took II from Maloney's room after a IlHht with the wealthy Bristol, Va-Tenn., man In ils hotel room the night, of Feb. 21. It was not In Hoover's luggage vhen he was arrested Monday af- .er his discharge as a mentiil pa- lent at the Veterans Administration hospital here. Another angle Involve* Mahoney's emptied ivnllct which Hoover said ie threw Into » trash c«n. 11, too, Is missing. Submit* lo Tett Hoover submitted voiuntarlly to administration of the so-called "truth scrum" (pentothal) i»t* yesterday. Scheiirhig quoted Hoover as telling of going to Mahoney'B hotel room in the French Quarter, taking a shower and engaging In an argument with the millionaire as the two lay nude on a bed. When Mahoney called Hoover's wife «. "name," a tight ensued, Schcuerlng said. Then he quoted Hoover: "I pasted htm and pasted him several times. The only thing I used was ihy fist. I gave him a rabbit punch with my hand on the back of the head. That might have broken his neck." Mahoney's bloody, nude body, the head battered and the neck broken, was /ound In Che hotel room th« morning of Feb. 22. A towel wai Iwlsl-cd around Mahoney's neck. Hoover Is still held on "Investigation of murder" charges. Sche- uerlng said he plans to prefer no other charges at thlj lime. Sprlng-Like Weather Ovtr Nation Appears Certain over Weekend CHICAGO, March 4. W)~Spring- like weather appeared In prospect over the weekend Jor most of the nation. The mild weather extended Into central' and western Canada and th« u. S. Weather Bureau said no cold «ir w»s headed from vinces, Temperatures are mild and generally above normal over the central and western part of the country *nd around normal In the eastern at»tes. There were only a few wet spots. Showers were reported la central California and western Nevada and light drizzle over mast of the upper Great lakes region. Off lo Another Fort HOOK ISLAND, III. (UP) — The officer on desk duty at the police .station couldn't make change and it cost a motorist »20. K. J. Buix-h gavn a hitch-hiking sailor J20 to step Into the station and pay a }2 parking line. Told there was no change, the sailor said he would get some and left by a rear door. That was all. Re?d Courier News Want Ads: GIVES FAST RELIEF when CO1D MISERIES STRIKE 'Can /Save up to 6OV in the Cost of the tee / Vse?" "Sure ...t/o what I did. Install a York Automatic fee Maker or a ' York FMIce Machine." AUTOMATIC ICf MAKER po'xf with it. ivb«* lOllt kt,»d,,J It, laclad. " r ' '' City Electric Co. Wytheville, Phone 2241 MACHINE AutorrvatrC No fust Demands Grow In Capital for Anti-Red Law WASHINGTON. March 4. Russions Order Advancement of Working Women Now It's Boom and Bust Beyond the Arctic Circle; Bubble Gum Crate Hits Anchorane, Alaska, March 4. r/r —It's boom and bust beyond the Arctic circle. —The Eskimos are chewing bubble gum. It wns Introduced, Arctic while resident* think, by soldier, .stationed at Cape Spencer and other northern ouliwsts. Some of the soldiers may have gone, but 11- • bubble gum stuck. It U a common sight, outpost residents nay, to see a husky Eskimo racing across the Arctic wilderness behind his dogtcam, his sled and a mighty balloon of bubble gum. Marmaduke Physician Freed on Drug Charge ST. LOUIS, Mnrch <. Wj—The U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the acqiiUtnl of Dr. Paul v Dee Wesson of Mnrmaduke, Ark., on a charge of violating the federal Tiaicotlcj; act. The appeals court held that the government's case in the trial In federal court at Little Bock was based entirely on circumstantial evidence and failed to show Dr. Wesson was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Harris Appointed WASHINGTON, March i. M> Bep. Oren Harris (D-Ark) hns been appointed to the chairmanship of a subcommittee on petroleum. He was named to the position by Chairman Crossser (D-Ohiol of the House Commerce Committee. Demands grew on Capitol Hill to- dny for stroiii; laivs lo curb Communism, following a broad hint by American Communist leaders that they would side with Russia In any Soviet-American war. Chairman Wood (D-Gm of the House Un-American Activities Committee said a subcommittee will be named this week to draft a "stringent" measure aimed ivt the Communist "conspiracy." He said the Communist statement In New York Wednesday would give such legislation "powerful Impetus." Senator Lodge (R-Mass) a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, agreed. "Congress ought lo make it a legal offense," he said of the communist statement. President Truman, permitting direct quotation at his news conference yesterday, called It "a statement by traitors." The statement was issued by William Z. Foster, president of the American Communist Party, and Eugene Dennis, its .secretary. In event, of another war. they said, they would not support "the predatory war aims of American imperialism." Similar .slatement-t have been made recently by Communist leaders in France, Italy, England nnd Norway. MOSCOW. March 4. Wj —The Central Committee of the Commun- </!>,_ 11st J'arty today ordered all party, SEC Okays AP & L Plan To Finance Building WASHINGTON, March 4. OD~ Thc Securities and Exchange Commission has authorized Arkansas Power and Light, company, Pine Bluff. Ark., to modify Us corporate structure to allow additional financing to pay costs of new construction. Under the plnn, 4. p. and U will increase l(s common stock from 2.000.000 [o 3.000.000 shares and will also increase its unsecured hutebt- THOUSANDS OF INVISIBLE FINGERS IN A Oil FILTER CARTRIDGE CONSTANTLY "COMB" DIRT AND SLUD6C f ROM YOUR ENGINE OH TO . . . y MAIHTAIN H/OHEST LUKKICATIHG ffFICICNCY OF OIL V MAKf OIL LAST LONGCR ¥ PREVENT EXCESS/ Vt WEAR OF EM. GINS PA*Ti . . . RESULTING IN BETTER PERFORMANCE AND ENGINE WFE i • • • *• l filter for Ford cor and truck engines government, trade union and youlli organizations to advance women to posts In "more daring" fashion. It also ordered that the utmost I)C done to Improve the working nnd living conditions of women, and Innl "all assistance" be extended women in bringing up the younncr generation. The special decree was isseud in connection with International Women's Day, March 8. The Centra) Committee said there lire 280,000 Soviet women who are engineers, foremen and technicians, and that 44 nr-r cent of all spccinl- 'sts with a completed higher education In the Soviet Union arc women. It said 2.500.000 have been awarded the order of "Glory of Motherhood" and the "Medal of Motherhood," while 28.500 mothers have been given the highest awnrd, "Mother Heroine." With the Courts Chancery: .> C. Colenmn vs. Laura Ooleman, suit for divorce. Virginia. Hnrgett vs. Chester Har- getl. Giwlon Taylor vs. Allene Taylor suit for divorce. AP & L Pays Dividends LITTLE ROCK, March 4. W|— Directors of the Arkansas Power nnd Light Company have authorized quarterly dividends totaling 4152,142.25 on preferred stock. Dividends, voted nt a meeting here yesterday, arc $1.50 per share on $6 stock and $1.75 per share on $7 stock, payable April 1 to stockholders of record March 15. Answers to Communism Sought by Rotary Club Education, business and religion were ciled a.5 three phases of America'.s Answer to'Communism, at th» Brythcville Rotary Club's luncheon meeting at the Hotel Noble yesterday. John Mnyeji, county school supervisor, spoke on education's answer to Communism; B, A. Lynch, banker, spoke on business' answer to Communism; and the Rev. Allen D. Stewart, pastor of the First Methodist Church and a guest of the club, spoke on religion's answer to Communism. Tiie program was directed by EnoDh Brown. Guests of the BIytheville Roti- rians included: Lee Kensinger of Memphis, Tenn., j. V. Gates, Jr., Jerc of Greenville, Miss., Robert Eckles of Memphis and Fred Wnrte of Luxora. Ancient Romans believed owls foretold the coming of death when they nllghted on rooftops. rani HIE! COPY THIS GIRL AND TRY FOR A free '240.00 ART COURSE • 5 PRIZES! 5 Complste Art Couriei, Including Drawing Outflttl Each Cour»« Valued at $240.OO EXfMI Whether you win or not, the contest juries will write you . . . if they feel you cnn develop your talent profitably. Our famous home-study course mattes your own room an extension of one of the world's largest art schools. 34 yearn RUUS Ymi must be Rmatpur, Our students not eligible. MnVe copy of Rirl 6 ins. hiRh. Pencil or pen only. Omit lettnring. All drawing* muni he received by March 31. 1919. None relumed. Winners notified. If desired. Bend stamper], ^elf-addressed envelope for list of winners. experience in turning out succweftil, money-mnkinggrnduntes.Splendid opportunities now for trained artiste in jill fields. Kind out how much ability you really have. Take (hit Drawing Test FRKR. Mail Otu. coupon milk your drntL-ing. ART INSTRUCTION, INC., D«pt.0000 300 SovHi <th, Miiw.opolii ti, Minn. 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