The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 5, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 7
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iron* — m-mmm • v • • • mmmwrmmmmt ^ mmmmrmrm-m mmmmmmw-l mmm—n CALIFORNIA MM PRACTICE GRAHAMS WILL PUT OP WELL V-'.- For Infants and Children. Umbering up exercises have been H. E. Graham and Frank Graham, ordered for the Callfornlan baseball who have 90 acres in the southeast squad (omorrow morni at 10 Tun-tor of section 25-32-23 in the Mid (omorrow morning at o'clock at Recreation Park. Ye editor W! '>'- preparing to put down u we!] inuiiitmiiiminHflimii table Preparation for As similating tbeToodandRe tomacks anlBowei I \ IAM is < X.iii Li) n i: Always Bears the PromotesTHfcslioaCheerfu]- 'RestConlalns neither ness Opium;Morphiiie nor NOT NARCOTIC. Miner* A perfect Remedy fur Constipation, Sour Ston»ich,Diarrhoea, Worms.Convutsicns.Fcverish- oess and Loss OF SlEEP. favnrr to onll it a dress rehearsal but JJ" »"«' property immediately. U. K. by the time the younger ball players Graham has hem lierc for several dnys get through with the practice, he may £J" u »'' have other ideas about tbe American THE WERINOER ASSAYING CO. Ts no\v Y to nuike n^say.s H ' i t j*!'^ -, O t', h 1 the but ^" and water.", i!;.!cs by mail cost lc pc . *-ji(] i'or 1'rt-e mailing •cs and price Hat. F. J, WERINGER, ycr and Metallurgical Chemist r , Cal. Near Bakersfleld Signuture if NEW -r COPVOF WRAPPER. h ,1 • • * • I his brother (i n a day or two. gun,, as i, is practice, nowadays. | £-&"*££ ^fonlT ^^ For a week past the arms of the Californlan devils, machine men, 1 Bjones—\Vnat kind of ribbons do pressmen, and news and money chns* you use on your typewriter? era have heen kept in motion by play- Ksmith (absently)—Any color she Ing "catch" in the rear of the shop, | thinks is becoming, so no one need complain of a twisted "whip" tomorrow. The infield and outfield will be organized, while Pitcher Harreil, with Harris on the receiving end, will ty to locate the rubber and hoop it in slprhf until next Sunday when fir- Hg shooting occurs, TlicUfj, who \vriK ono of the ste nf thorn all fri the olden days, will probably play his old position at third lv. ••->, whili' Benson, Alexander and PntiMi will probably bo stationed unfuix infi"ld positions. For 1 ?Ju-iv nre four candidates. • three <-,'m be snenkod into th«- one who Ks so unlucky as to dr:i\v !li-< Umi? straw will have to take chances on one of his team mates falling under the expected strenuous strife. T-M - ,,-. '. ,,,.;,, •!<•.. n-JH be tho first •-.! i ^ s vebfjisal" i'or the'Cnllfor- niiin •.\'<'-\, ini( every day next week tlii-i.' will he ;-oniefliing doinp in the bas(>hnli lint 1 . The h[^ samt 1 comes ott : ':•(•]': fopm: ITI'V ;ind Die street Cdiniifiny e.vpecfs to install a spec- at of LEGAL. LEGAL. cent of the amount bid must accompany the bid, balance on confirmation or snip by said superior court. Deed ut the expense of purchaser. _,_„ W. A. McGlNN. Administrator of the estate ot Kim! tertckson. deceased. . . MatHew rf. Plata, attorney tor art- iiitnistnior Date ct hrst publication. December "f »m< 12-4 lt ' Kern. Returns Tuesdays. A*Imra, BAHBEAU & UOQUHTTK. Proprietors NOTICE TO HEIRS ON PROV4WC WI L»L*» of SUMMONS. l laiictt County Dlntf vs. Peter t1 __ Superior V>urr " r ihe Count* ern, btatr of ColiEornin. Deuart- ment 1. ( In the mnrtor of HIP f-st.ite of Hoia rich AusuHt (itldcmeistor, deceased. j\\ • "la *'r *'<f*^u t »•* _ Court of the County of e rn u we rlo r & o'clock, a. Smioro . State o at lu ociorK. am. o! th;.t dav. on* the Courtroom. Don-art im-nt 1. of ?,M Court, fit, the (Vitrt H<*u •• . Tn fln» County of Kt-rn. state ui r.alliornU, Hounuette. Uetondant. Ac' 1 >n hrouunt in . tji< Ke iUtl 'lor <JOUn. I nwiiriuu ^initial vjiuu'imMMor. utf ,, c wiAte of Cnlifor- ceased, now ou hlo in sad Court, and ni;i send crcetine to feter Rououeile. for hearin«; *ho aunllcaiion of Henry 1 l 1 *V.»VJ! < i> IXMIU * lu reid "^ u Mohns for the issuance to him of 1/it F 'orniamiflu! Comulaint flled In have been amioimorti H the time am? Mild Count v-if Kern in the. office o mace for provine the wll) of salt* t oClS^of salt sSheHpr ltourt w __ lieInrlcfi ^ Aueuyt (Mdvmei.tor. V id Countv of Kern, , e Clerk of said Superior The People of trie St defendant. i Slate or California, ana 10 »"» v me Complaint ftleef therein, within ten iltr-H (exclusive of tho dav ol s€»rvino after Hprvice on vou oi tms SummouH. atu>r Hprvlce cm vou 01 in s & mimon*. ;!' served \\iihTu mild Countv: 11 scrviM elsewhere, within thirty "iivH And vou are hereby notlnVd that H vou fail to so am>ear and uumyer. the will take tudmneut tor ;inv tlrmnnnV'l In nd etl °f)»tod Nov. 19. A. D. jrr-nev or (laitiHtioR tirmanni'n in uu i Complaint as m*ldin£ unun Counaci. or \\111 -uinlv to the Court for -m other relief <|euuindod in the (Vnunbmt. Witness mv naud «ml the o. •-Hid riuuerlor Court ot the ( ount v H K.-rn." Stnte of Cnliror" 1 ", tills 1Mb • ml J. W. P. Laird, at SUMMONS the Superior.CQurt. of the Count* Siiver I in toe superior uourr or jno of Kern. State of Callforulii. .). O. Uodfrens. PtiUntitT vs. How Oil Company. Defendant nlu <;io('tn»r Silver JU>w Oii , t ! to n ColU'I 01 e *'( . CE OF T I i* I 1 inst vou ir tho :v ol .'ij-we \vitMn V. of WN*J» :^^-!!?^^ i »--\t ''l (Kt ,\'\' M'i vh »' ou V M •."^•y,",,' ,,,' 'v, itlV'u t ;uri v ATM! .vou live Iierehv n ; • i 11 \ i!'!' \\-\\\ '.'lie i t i < i L: ii'ovfv nr •' .vs i Mi"t " j i i t'i \ \\er. V'V c H i'V A.-*"' i, • Weiser Ma! ,V—i. THE ctm» c iUK c.: cvr.v err?. ;ir sprvn-f to if i^ hoped se f'U 1 tho bejiofi the Children's Shelter, which will the procerds of (lie contest. i „- n ! L r j i • 11 i i i ill 1 *! i"»v* South- 1 OF NEWS (-ROM THE DESERT t r n /• : n r I I •';.' rs ' \~ ' i > 1 •*:iutl l j htu- t\' lln! o ' T . • I**. </._ ^i - *.' '. i - I t I i MI» ;'L-;iin I'o r ih«- Tin- oi' U:i ( "(.' : J(ioi'iiia Trou.i >da. UeW Guai • • ., | ... f. n-i V cif' ; j >,, i-t ii" i if j « J *• ),,..- UMMON.?,. with tUtM* ,, . " f) ,nv " an,'. ."<H>M,VS ot P.- Unnnis 'J nlf hulMinr. I' t KIM-II * .'mill- 11*27 ¥ J^ eni. iv Mi<; olHoo «1 Sinmrlor Court. .! tlHMl « - -.1*11- • i ft It i -* DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY fi. nuni NOTICE OFJvmETING. •e is UoroLiy tdveii Unf To M !,'o iii)- ot tho f " . -A Offlr A. T. rnr»in No. i. Pro \ i •in * L » A n :i .1.1 I tv _*.— t . "Wi \ :^ n: S'M- \v;:s ai'iMn. • Mi>s An sun, of : In- a in-si .it th V hoi i who will (JnudtM'.snn home if:;' rr-.! ! ' •' t ' * ' will ;t 1: VOU 1 i I '- r ivirnm saiq uouniv: within thirty dim. i And vou :ire "nerplw notified • t vou fail to «o AnnftA.r and nt and'M i Plaintiff will lake luduirrut lor fir 'l.tni;'' *'"A ili»nutn-,'*'(? m 1 \ ' ' r ' < l i Fi o 11 «\i '< * . i comnlaint as arfnintr n , I will an!>lv to th'- Court lor iinv i.l i \ - t " • 1 I ' * * i \ t i s-dd '-:*••,, 1 .-- in thn inv hand \\n*\ Ui Court oi tint f. ^» i *,r * -.ff 4 _ » **. fc — «. p *• ' p" supervise every detail n j )ir f:a tin n SI 'L '' ' it ''OTitain< pure, natura? ¥ straight btundard H01> r ' ' h fuii r ; ^ - *f cr if SUNNY BROOK U1ST1LLKUY *;O- f JeMi.-r:;on Co L. C. ROSS. General Distributer. EAKERSFIELD, CAL. , uere. i While in I3ai'dtow yesterday Cc.n I 'it-;!/ie l),l\ e Th''!Jl'-n" \\\ (•-.. I »•) .1 - . ••.".•.! 1 :•» '. M ::;: r WHAT YOU WANT. o; l!|nni ! ;t. \ <;<-a . \ & 1. 'bitalier.A Mil ! KH. id a :i!i n ha 1 ... , ' 1 i ---.-I i i - * -t ( h 1 1 _ i r * 'S ill roll-;, Mnicl'1 v ;>;>" t * L so littio. coinos in an \vidtli; of the Mo.u-l e the -j'.'.i-d <\a' *'! DOG LICENSE NOTICE. X. n w-is K. „. !lt'<'lt 10 aid Ml* in \ a: lit No. On Tn<vdav hist Heov^i 1 Hau had his ht\td cut open t)V !iie i'i.IHil:: o 1 ' a rock ticr ;i hl-ist whiN' \v<irki;i:j on tht.» hi!!. Dr. Srd/tchi s«-\v< i d him nji and him in U»e hospital one nl-jht. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Gun flchamblin ;if(fr whirl) our old friend thought ht» j tal;* 1 rare of himself. LEGAL. Is hereTiv civf-n to all sons nwnlne and U^oDtm? diic.s, w tho limits of the Citv of License Ta'-r.s for *'*o vonr now readv for dellv<-rv *it t.^re nf Tbo THv OU'rk, in and on lifter Hit- Kith dav of iirv. J will nrnt-eed to imnoiil ,,.,,, , , , (loirs found nmninir on the streets will In- if.-IiiMmeuT t and a< vornse-i 1t>r,- tn , ,, of we^rlni; the license saJ<' af nuidir iiurnou: and unless IMV- ^ lf > year l'»0s . ,i. Anv :-t(t{-k mum whK'li this :iss«*s:<- >nf shall rt'ijiniji unnnl.l on urd.fv. (he 'Ji'.ili dav i>!' n*'cemli*-r. !'.t»s. irirnt is niad s ni 'v, the i "I imdcrKtiind, sir, tliut you had tin 1 ridaciiy to propose 10 my dan^htor. A'hat hav* 1 you to say to that?" "Nothing. Kir; except that your had tho impudonno to m "And haven't you ever taKon a in an automobllo?" asked the man with the n ew machine pityingly. "No." replied the plain person, "but I fell out of a third story window once." NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. l\ern-(."tali Oil Compativ. IMIiicina) ice oi business. BuKerKfiehl. Horn Ctiunty, Caliiornia. N'nlH'e is heri'lis- trlven Miaf at n meet in JET of the directors, held on the lira* day ol December, llioS. an assessment of one-quarter of a cent iwr share was levied upon the rauilal stock ot the corporation, payable immediately to the undersiuntMi ^ _ .L _ •* __3l____ i* • _l \vill he sold nn f:;v or' Janii.-irv. Urns, nent assessment, to- uetber with the oosts of advertfKlmr an"-I expenses of sale. J Hv ot"?er '•)' i' 1 ' 1 Mo;»r<I of DlrectitrH. t R RBIS. JR.. Sccretn _ Office, No. fi(I'» California Klreei. .San j, . COX. Poundmnster, J^nunrv ft, , . Hco. (\'uifornia, CF Oil •- \f ? rice erre .L-urnim Lompany 1604—1610 19th. Street rvol K»I*1 corMoratJon, at the sheriffs omce, UaUerstield. Kern ('ouut v, c!al- (l fill :. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Wednesday, the t'.tli dav of Jauuarv. Until, will be (k-Hnuucnl am! advertised Cor sale ••( uutiJir MUi'llon. and unless tmvmeni is made beiore, will be sold on Mun- 'IM\ tne H;ith dav n| January. l!*0f>, ut (tie hour of 2 o clock p. ID. to nav M'*- .i», 1 ih'iueni ,; Si'.fn.suumL, lOLel net' with costs of -vlvoriislnu and expenses of I he '-vile. By order of tho Hoard of Directors. 11-.. T. /v. l-.\KKU. Secretary. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL AND PERSONAL ESTATE BY PRIVATE SALE. , lu the $iit>ei'lor Court In and for '..ho County ol Korn, State, of Califoit,,... In the matier of the Estate of Kmil NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRE SENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF L. GARTMAN, DECEASED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. San SpnniifleM Oil Comiriiiv. ]*ot f al 11-25 of principal place of ImsinoBS. Bak —- tield. CnlltV.fiiia. In the Superior Court of the County in tne sunenor court or of Kern. State of CnlifornJn. Iti tbe mutter of the estate of f*. Gartman. deceased. Notice H hereby irivo siunod nutninlstrntor pereov iriven bv the under ot the* estate or tield. NuMce is Jjr rebv ers at . nn t ;inu of tne Director*} he-Ul on tte 2:ird dav <if November. 1008. a of (wo (2) cents per a was levied uuo'i the cai)ltal atop tho cornoratum. payable immeaii in Tnited States uold coin to the _ '•etarv of said corporation at ottloe oft the company, mom i. Producers .MBS- nuiH bank oiiihlinu. nakorsfleld. CSiL Anv Block upon which tnVw in im ut shall remain nnuald on. the ,\n!i<-e is hereby civon that in uur- BUnnee ol an order of tire Superior ('nun td (he Coitiify ol Kern. Slate of made oil ilie ;;mh dav ol' A. T. LKJHTNER. Secreta Office, rooni No. 3, Proaucert* nes UanXbulbJinir, Corner 15*th a U California. 1 TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTIO« me same ueinc t le mace tor i transncMon orbiiPlnesa of said cutiiic , in said Ksrn Countv. n „ ' Dated October 11. 100S. VV. A. Mc«/.VV. Public Administrator of Kern Count\ and Administrator of the Kstate of I • 1, Oartman. neceased. x oUce is hereby given ™ IIios. facott. Attorney for Amniuisj™- fnxps on ftll peraona1 property, one-half of the taxes on all real erty, will be due and payable om tte NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. November. l!»ns. n the imittor of the yfelMns C:: ^nmmnv. location of principal >»lace of buHineHS, 10*»?y Broadway. QaKland. Alainoda Couutv. State of Caiiyjrnia. Notice ) ; s nereDv p'vnn, that at a of the DlrectorB "eld on tho ninth dav of Novetnhor. 1!*08. an AH- sta'e •>: Km 1 1 Kric!<^on. d*'ec;i.^M,J ucr Hhure as ev- " t tfe a i lie omro oiihe >aid adiiilnis- «TiiV'Vi thlA a .raior in ihe roiu't bmi^e. in I lakers-' ,,, ', ., t ,n ihf !:'•!.!, K« rn rouutv. S(a'e (.f C:tlii. ' ' UIUI<n(1 <Hl uu ()-e r}L;M_. Mile Jjjici .-si, an( | , t : , w I) b i'-d for -sale at.l'nhll nnd advertU- d un- n a tion an rs. .1. j i. IM j^iJiN. nee i-(u a rv. Office rooms 18 nnd Hi, IOCS Uroad- . b»t. piece, or PIU-CI-I;-, Mt ,, 1 i 1 * . i *• tkt\tl^t, 1 * \ i * « ^' **"*i" tiF-'liahi J V i * i I ' * *''« **f\ftr .tttiJllll ,, «..'««?.•, i'i n: \f !I1 A' U } . !h( ; ( Oll! ' , * vvav. Oaklaiitl. Alumeda Countv, State i: i\ein. htute ( ,t (/alitoinia. and i o t' ('.,]Ifnrniii 11-11 inoiu'led anil descr bed " " ' ^ainnuiui. n 11 second Monday In October, atttf bo delinquent on the last Monday Noveiuber next therafter, at 6 p. m,, and unless paid prior fifteen per cent will be added amount thereof, and that 'if half be not paid before the la«t day in April next, at 6 o'clock an additional flve per cent w added thereto. 1. That the remaining one*hait the taxes on all real property wltt payable on- and after the first Wan- day in January next, and will be Mnauent on the last Monday in iKxt thereafter, at 6 o'clock *, and that unless paid prior flvo per cent will be added to amount thereof. ToIIow:--. to- .An undivided murler interest lu the s U', r.r tne S\VV, of sec'tion IM, town- NOT1CE TO CREDITORS, j,* • Bakersfie Works _x In the 8uoei'/or Court of County ecenaed Also. & IfH**. M . . con t a t n 1 n c 1 (Hi a c ut i sa i (1 estate. Alnn. 2. That all taxes may be patt the time th first tnBtallment, as in provided, la due and payable, 3. That taxes may be paid to office ot the Tax Collector In county courthouse between the trtmr -jot 9 a. xn. and 12 m,, and 1 p. nu 6 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908, ?; DAY - Tftx Collector. Kern Conntf, Well NOTICE TO CREDITOR* Tn ;j e o?« or s qourt in the..matter ot Coiinfy ei * J U tn ,._ »fl A.^pvrlin, ece iiirt in nnd fo te of dalifori e estate of lots 12. }?,. '{\. VS 0 '?^; townnhin :;o more or lesH, Also. An undivided ouo-etelith interest in s ri DKSIRK BKSSUEIM^ of Alex- . , . . i tu ( A<!ml« sh-fitor of (ho Estate ; M K Hn*UT UmmieWe. DeceaJefl. ncn-HiDntcM November 19. looft 116 ' 1 ' n-19 In DELONEQHA HOT SPRINGS. contaning mo acres more or Ions. PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET I' §^11^1 I h»g Bald o flee, or vnav be filed ui clerk of t imii oral fornla. An aosomte cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from BaKeraneld BUrra Nevada Mountains. Flat awa climate. Good accommodations. the Httld HdmlniHtrator at i-«niii reasonable. Stage leaves Bak;e, or vnav be flbd with the trsfleld Thursday mornings between above, named Courta.t nia • -W( , « ft »ni^ir fr«« A^H^i; JJJ ven 1) of ersons ttl wlthin four months~a Duplication of tWa doffce at r i be re , _- lountv o -«. 4.u rn l a - the A same. or the.transact&n of estate In saia Ker» c injstrator bf lie court Court a , In Ba • « B d 9 o'clock frnm • *** u » u viuc* irom e court noiise, in linkers- -» «T , , T r , -•—- **»««»IA»» »uu Countv. California, ten net Occidental hotels, and from Metropole

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