The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on August 30, 1961 · Page 1
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 1

Laredo, Texas
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Wednesday, August 30, 1961
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Laredo's Tax Rafe Unchanged Af $2.15 Per Hundred LAREDO — FINEST CONVENTION CITY IN SOUTH TEXAS Sec Story Column 1 and 2 FINAL EDITION SlargiKo etmgg 80th Yeor No. 67 LAREDO, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1961 16 Paget 10 Centi WEATHER Partly cloudy and warm through Thursday. High today and Thursday: upper HOs Low Thursday morning: mid 70s High Tuesday: 07 Low (his morning: 75 Goulart En Route Back To Brazil NO MORE ROOM ★ ¥ ★ ★ ★ SOME PAY BOOSTS $1,872,928 Budget For City Approved RAMON GARCES Times City Editor With Mayor J. C. Martin Jr. taking another blast at critics of the admini.stration’s efforts at getting organized recreation facilities, the city council late Wednesday morning approved a $1.872,929 budget for the new fiscal year. Airman Charged In Theft I Th<* hudgrt approved a salary ' iecrea'ie for i'lty Streot Com mi.^sioner Jose iPepei Rodri gtiez from $.1,675 to $4.,500 a year land it also okayed $.1,117 increase ,for the Child Welfare l^nit, which cares for dependent children. The mayor called the Child Weltare Unit's work “worth: while*’ and said the Child Welfare' Board was doing a “tremendous job are most, or in fact, all*' of the other Boards made up of citizens. An airman first class from La redo Air Force Base is the fourth member of a burglary ring to be bound over to the October tern' of the 49th District Court grand jury. James Claude (.anlner, 2 6 who address was listed at 1616 Jar VIS Courts at LAFB, w as j^aced under a $1.000 bond bv .Judge .M u- nuel Cruz in justice of the peace court Tuesday. However, Mayor Martin said that in regards to recreation faeiljlies the city often did not get credit for its aid in keeping up local sanrilot field* and other parks used hv men and hoys to play softhall and hasehall. He said that one field, San Luis Rev Field, has asked for the city's help in maintaining it and the city had assigned a man there He said the city was Ire quently called upon to build dug outs and other sport farilities. 1 “I feel wp are doing the best' D.,. Ramlall Smah, test,. yi/'L^aTd '""'I fied for ,bo alalr, toM of finding „^dod thal a .Marlin an outboard motor boat and a fiarner, a native of Houston, »as charged with receiving and concealing stolen proper* t.v. By Rl SS PVRKP R One of the most satisfying phases of newspapenng for the old pro newsman i s writing a column, allowing leeway from the formalities of factual news writing. That is the attitude of Double L Se\en months in the border area i.s hardly .sufficient qualification for writing a dailv column, but with the help of friends old Dnu - ble L w ill keep them coming regularly. “They may not always like what I say. but I try to make them look for my column,’ said Col Dave F.gan of the Boston Daily Record. “Kveryone hates me.’’ grinned the colonel that day several vears ago, “but each day they read me to find out .lust why they dislike what I say.” Double L does not have that as an ambition, but it mav become a factor School man. a u hich he did not t^r-hoth ..orlh an osliinatpd hHp Ihn $40«-,l th. (..ardnnr homn ¡.„„'„j , The boat and trailer were rppoit '^^'krounded recreation program ediy stolen from Wayne Jone.s in Corpus Christi. Smith .said that Jones had identified both articles, Gardner refused to make a •fatement. He and the three of his companions who were bound over previously are all members of the .1640th M and R Squadron a t the local base fContinued on Page 61 The budget also allowed a salary increase for the public library personnel, pointing out that the department had been operating well within its budgeted appropriation. (Continued on Page 6i A few weeks ago m Valles Double L w as surprised and slightly embarrassed In a wonderful Mexican friend The occasion was Double (Continued on Rack Page) TERRIFIC DISCOUNTS ON AI.L FURNITURE APPLIANCES Eftry Plec* Ml ST BE SOLD Regardless of Price; HURRY TO J. R. JONES CO. ms 8A.N BER.NARDO Pbooe: RA1-M32 Where's That Satellite? Sensor Site Will Know Former City Councilman Alvin Hansen, w'ho did not choose to run the last time. Visited his old city council hatutat Tuesday, and it seemed like old times. However, this lime he was there to do business with the citv. His firm was low on bids to supply the city with premium gasoline for the ne*xt six months. Deputy Sheriff Oscar Villarreal. who won the Carnegie Medal for Heroism, has received the impressive looking medal. His check for $750 was sent first. It paya to he brave. Arturo Villarreal ihc s wuth a local utility company) savs that when he is elected president of the US < very cautiously he adds “if“) his first act will be to abolish all types of taxation. Dr. Arin McMillan, orthopedic specialist, will visit the l.aredo Rehabilitation Center Thursday from 9 a.m. until 12 noon and anyone wishing an appointment is asked to call RA 2 2513. There is plenty of evervday drama at the City • County Welfare' Office At the pre- .sent time. Director Ricardo Garcia is making arrangements for the burial of a Laredo mother who passed away at an upstate TB hospital. Thcri* are no known relatives and no one to pav for (('ontinueri on Back Page) IN ATLANTA BV RAMON GARCES Times City Editor The T.aredo School Board Tues- I day approved a whopping S3 561 268 budget which includes a amali raise for custodians besides the .salarv ¡ for teachers. The budget is $426,941 30 bigger than last year's. The rai.ce in salary to custo dians, which will amount to ?1.5 a month, or $180 a '-ear, is not cn«t ,ing the school district anv additional expense over last vear i The school matrons are also re ceiving a salary increase amount¡mg to $190 a vear. Custodian will get a monthly sa larv of $155, up from $140. Last vear. the board approved extra benefits for the custodians, which included ho.vpital and surgical coverage. The budget shows that receipts for the vear will be $3,591.417.20 of w hich $2.729 603 20 will be com ing from the state and $116.351 from the federal government Revenue from local maintenance taxes, both current and delinquent, will total $470,000. The biggest item of expense on ¡the budget is for instruction, ! which includes teacher salaries This amounts to $2,788,152. The 'Pexas 1 legislature approv ed an $810 a year raise in salary for teachers This wnll be paid in tw'o lump sum.s during the school year because the school board decided that it would have to borrow’ the money at interest T the increase were awarded in re How Near, How Far? A giant radar antenna Rueeps the sky to locatf earth Ralellites as they pass within range. This is part of the installation at the Laredo Sen.sor Site, formerly called Laredo Test Site. ic ^ -k -k * -k ^ ic ir -k FORMERLY TEST SITE Laredo Sensor Site To Track Satellites By H. DENNY DAVIS RIO DE JANEIRO— fUPI)— Gen. Jo.sp Macha- drr Lopes, top army supporter of Vice President Joao Goulart's claim to the pre.sidency. was ordered relieved of hi.s command of the powerful 3rd Army today, according to reports from Brasilia. Goulart left Pan* by eommer- icial airliner today en route back to Brazil by way of New York. The vice president made no stale' ment before his departure. The brazilian new« agenc^ Asa;press said in a dispatch from thi capital that an official communi­ que was signed earlv this morning by Acting President Ranieri SMazziili removing Lopes from hii command There was no Indication whether ■ l^pes would respect the order, iffis headquarters are in Porto Alegre, a Goulart stronghold. Blow at Opposition ’The move was believed backed by Mar Minister Odilio Denys, Brazilian militarv chief, in an effort to break opposition among .some segments of the armed forces to his anti-Goulart stand. Reports from throughout the country .said six of Brazil’i 20 state governors were behind Goulart’* efforts to take over th« presidency, a development winch Negroes Enter High Schools By At. KUF.TTNER ATLA.NTA (I PI)—Nine Negro ! Student.^ brought 15 minutes late for classes the first day of school, entered four previously a 1! while high schools today in an historic ; and ,s\ mbobc breaking of racial barriers in Atlanta. The former Laredo Te«t Site , AD headquarters the vital Infor-iP*’'!*^^ nation a step nearer ntUri. The 'l»af<> 'ic located approximately six miles mation it must have to carry out to civil war . na in» iKo inrroa«» in tun in«fall oortheasi of Larcdo AiF Forct Its mission - the air defense of>. 'V r- I pajmg the mcrra«. in l«o ^ n North America, ,Or>nrt. do Sul, OouUrt j hrothtr- 1 _ L . J mission and a new commander j .Also, the data gathered here 'O-law and chief supporter, aaid ; The next biggest item of ex-^ ^.jn out space scientist* and * f»<t'o the vie» pense is for plant operation whichj Formerly u.sed by the Air For- technicians gain a more complete president ^¿.so is supported hr th« will total $224.449 Maintenance ce .Svstem.s Command to test el ¡.¡oowiedge of the problem* and governors of Bahia Goias. Santa of plant cost is estimated a $84,- ectmnic equipment, the si'e i s potentialities of orbital flight. 586. now part of the farfbing deter Salaries for custodians will to Pton and communications network ^ " Mal $1.55.169 m both operation and'of the North American Air De maintenance of plant and this ft fense (omniand, gure is actually $171 smaller than last year's e\m though cu.sto fUans were given a in sa larv. Ihis i* because id ans ¡eft the school sv «stem and Now officially named the Ta redo Sen.sor Site, manned hv De tachment No 1. F’ir«l .Aerospat* , .Surveillance and Control Squad several custo- fon, the site is part of the i4pare no one else was emplnved. Admmtstraiiv e expendttures’^f^ NORAD. will total $111.9.50, up from $116. (i'lH .\ttcndance service will t o tal $6.9.50, up from $6 406 Health■ servite is budgeted at $18 622,| which is an increase from t h e ,521,.566 of last vear Deleetion and Tracking Svstem t.SPADATSI now being develop Yesterday Double L rcfcr- revi to Laredo, .Mexico and later to Laredo, Texas That I.s about all he will say to i dentify the masthead of this column .Neither of the L’s refer to l..ewiston, -Maine All of the nine neatlv dressed Negro 11th and I2lh graders, most of them smiling nervnuslv. were driven to the .schools exact Iv 15 minutes after the white stu dcnt.s were in their seat.s. E. GERMANS DETAIN FOUR U.S. SOLDIERS ft* main purpose is to track space satellites and ve- rilv their exact positmn relative to the earth. Ultimate- Iv. Ihe system will he iitiliz ed to determine location in space of any satellite that may be considered potential- If hostile. I .S PAD ATS also maintains j up to-the minute catalgue of an all ;known orbital vehicles with ex- jar; data on tlieir positions and orbits. i The Laredo .^^en^mr Rite plays an important part in thi;; opera lion bv milking regular oh-crva lions of numerou.s saieliitcs and BKRI.IN il’PD-Kast German checking their pinpoint uuvitu.c Coiniminist polue held up a C R against computer generated pre There were no notable incidents Army r.apiain and three enlisted e.irted po.sition Two anablc'. although police at Brown High, men insiue the Fast Berlin sector atmospheric drag and the oblate on<* of the more sensitive of the loda.v and then turned them loose shape of the earth, aff< ei ttie or integration targets, questioned shortly after an American .snow hits of satellites and make conti two men in working clothes and of force on the border. ¡nual corrections mccssar took them away in a police cruii* 'Ihe officer refused to com er before the Negro students ar ment when he returned to the ¡rived West and the reason for holding i , the men was not immediately 'riiiee young men also were ar rested in front of Murphy High Fyewitnesscs who saw the Opc'l ¡I)c!ail.s of the incident in whieh jj,,, ^len inside return they were involved were not i h r o ti g h the Friodrichsira.sse rhci kpoint said the w indow on Ihe righi side had Ix'cn broken., gpp ¡g p^rt of an extensive When tlie iirst unconfirmed re ’pipp,f.,>j,ic detection and surveil ! lance network that feeds NOR - Beatnik Poet Seeks Freedom On $2,500 Bond Raymond Bremser, beatnik poet who has bc'en held m the Webb County j t 1 1 .since Aug. 8, expects to bt rc a leased on bond shortly. Bremser s attorney, Gerald \Si atherly. said com« of the poet s friends in Ft. Worth were arranging the $2 500 bond and as smm as it w a 5 approved by the shcnif there, it would be forwarncri to Laredo. He* said thi.s should be the next dav or two. within The 27 Vear-old poet, who is from New Jersey, w a * taken into cuslodv at Laredo follov. ing expulsion from MtMt 0 New Jersey authorities are a.sking extradition on charges of armed rob- herv which allegedly oc curred in I960 •* « Catalina, Ceara and Pzisui. Tt was typical of the confusion caused in Brazil by the resignation Friday of President Janio Quad ros that the support of the governors of Santa Catalina and , Ceara was claimed simultaneous- Hy by the military leaders who have vowed to bar Goulart from ithe presidency. j Not all of the nation's general* and admirals were arrayed against the vice pre.sident. The I commanders of the 3rd .Army and ¡the 5th Air Force both based in i Brizola's capital of Porto Alegre, jhave pledged their support to j Goulart. > Ex-Pre.sident Ju.scebno Kuhits- ehek also has declared his unrestricted support for the vice president, who was his own running i mate in th« 19.55 election. Brizóla said in another broadcast that he had invited Goulart tto come to Brazil immediately »o he “truimphally received by the Brazilian people” War Minister Ddilio Denys, strong man of the anti Goulart forces, apparently could count on the support of about three-quarters of the nation's 120.090-man army, its 50.000 man navy and imost of its 10.000-man air force. knov\n imrnediatelv .Althmigh RPAHATR has dire« t I MU'm»nn aliof»' with the Ballistic Missile F.arly Warning Svstern tHMFVtH), site commander xiajor I lovd C. Hili imted thal the l.aiedo .Sensor Site i* not engaged in missile tracking. ' In each case, the pupils were ;brnu>iht to the front sidewalk of the schools bv Negro driver of the incident was heard, Thev were not accompanied mto'^^"-"'' Amencan tanks and three By THgt ROBERT C. BROMN LAFB Information Office most infinitesimal part map, anyone ** Road identified a* Negro police detective driving his own auto mobile How <lo you pinpoint the posi One of ihe funrtions of Ihe l,a Disobeyed Order iu»n of a satellite in space'' As redo Sensor .Siie is to determine one Space .scientist remarked, accuratelv Ihe position of tlu* v a .. k ,. «rriviriiti!»: vseanng an emhlem from ihf back previously, atcnmpanioa I Ilf V wT’ii’ «I t X. «r «II iin f 11 V 11 iin'r , | i j i the schools hut police guarded all i»rinored personnel earners loaded .U_ nL. Ik... A ______ v.ith troops mo\ed un (iirectlv on the Kust West Berlin border rhree f’atton tanks, which had been pulled a wav from the border Tuesdav moved up and stopped almost on the line. Combat reariv A man identified as Bill Codv. troops, v« tu» al.vo had been putted It depentts a good deal on nous earth satellites that pass »i n. where ' ou re standing” In other,wiihm effective range of its hieii American Nazi Darv was a r-^ AM,n-u-.r» u ar words, when vse say ' pmsition in ly sensitive radar Data sateíli- V’ space,” we must itTimediately 1 tp po-ilions and movements are into Henrv TneeHsv nicht uhm he ask, ' position relative to vshat’-'Vlertrnnirally anabzed and tele- Officers "»«H t ndv ÍJn ^ ,mí Fas" As the earth riiiafes on its axis, ivped directlv to North Ainerir^'^‘<ff^ them if he would be a! ‘ ti-mtorv robore i*' m Its slightlv irregular shape caus ,n Air Defense Command head- ^ Final Plans Being Mode For Giant Fair In N.L. By TDM GRLFN Times Staff Writer Fit'al preparations are being made in Nuevo Laredo fnr the i)iirK<*^t fair and exposition in the history of .Nuevo Laredo. Sept. 8-17, 1 f ing Rude.sindo Montemiyor, fair and livestock exposition, ■talc director of Agriculture and it is at ail possible Uuciiuuk irom v’ludad Victoria, i , v. * .,riur,lmlh, .„KT ciiy by pUn- -Hi cons.rtfr« Ibi. Uir In b. from Mexico C ity Tuerday es variations in its magnetic and quarters at Colorado Springs gravitational fields winch have , ’vacon, and taken to cits mmuti* bin measurable effecCs on J’lu' sir defense function of this .satellite iirbits operation is fairlv’ obvious, btil if This IS only part of ihe slorv. '« Ttnu-arth not otilv turns on Us bulion to scientiir knowledge of axhs; n also move.* around the space Information on (he ec sun at very high speed. Fur • ihermore, the entire solar system is nio\ing in telatiori to the ,alelv arresti*d. plaeed in * paddv West (,erman\ jail I W'est Berlin fMiliee reported that an Fast Berlin refugee dodged ^-/VCTO- /i> Gtve o womon on inch and she'll complain none of her clothes fn her ony mot e. _ • ma • immense galaxy of which it is al- Government Prices Violators Pay Fines MEXICO CITY’ IAP)- (Irnceiy if- _________ - - .................... may ultimately enable science lolmacie* were finixi a total of charge* of provocation and began vioMtemavor. who ha* bee« named by Gtuernor .\orber- to IrCMno '/apata a* dirertor of the fair, visited the fair grounds with fair offuiat* and also met w.lh the committee to make final plan* last nigbt befme leaving. Like the sunshine, your Laredo Times Ads cover La- ’ I curUi’fied wuh Ing Julian Rodriguez .\danie minister of bullets Iron» the guns of Com munist border guard* and swam to the this morning acrtixs the 50 yard wide Teltow canal West {.erman Prestdenl Hem centricities of .satellite orbits,store.*, meat market* and phar-ltuh Luekbke defied Communist send into space viilh pmpoint ac- $27 046 80 during thi* month for an nr »hr scene study of the International /ri. curacy. ivmlatmg government-set prices. lUn erisii today. iNewspaper. jvenuoD m Nuevo Laredo, and the redo, Southwest Texas and igruulture and m Me North*rn .Mexico. NothinR ü ;- verv imp«>rtant for Mexico, e.*- pecifllly the livestock expositioa and the cattlemen s convention.” Dr Ignacio Aldana has been naoicil representative of the m i- nistry at the convention and li%estock show, and h« will head the j'.idging committee M*iteinny»r said Dr. Jo*« Figueroa, in Mexico City, ha* •grripd 1« »erve as judge of Cbarolais rattle. Dr. .Antonio Sanchei Andrcu »tU judge Brahma eatti«. Both Aldaaa and Figueroa will be «p«ak«rt (Conuoued on Back Pag«)

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