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Stockton Evening and Sunday Record from Stockton, California • Page 1

Stockton Evening and Sunday Record from Stockton, California • Page 1

Stockton, California
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LAST EDITION Two Leased Wires The Associated Press The United Press Two Sections STOCKTON SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY CALIFORNIA SATURDAY DECEMBER 7 1918 Twenty Pages A BRITAIN DAY CELEBRATION BY NEW YORK FOLK NO S3 Associated Press WASHINGTON Dec 7 Five additional divisions have been definitely assigned to the American army of occupation now advancing into Germany General March announced today They are the second and seventh regulars the 2xth (Pennsylvania) and 33d (Illinois) national guard and the Tilth (Northeast Pennsylvania Maryland and District of Columbia) national army The official composition of the American army of occupation the third American army as reported by General Pershing follows: First second third fourth fifth seventh regulars Twen'y-elghth S2d (Michigan and Wisconsin) Thirty-third and 42d (Rainbow) national guatd Seventy-ninth 89th (Kansas Missouri South Dakota Nebraska Colorado New Mexico Arizona) national army Major General Joseph Dickman is In command of the entire force The personnel assigned by General perehmg for early return home was given by General March as 5825 officers and 125515 men Additional units of the 92d and 87th divisions with some coast artillery regiments and engineers are included General March announced that at l'ome during the-past week more than 290900 men hud been released he total number of officers released up to yesterday was 7G58 The discharge system is being rapidly speeded uo as the men In charge of it be-reme more accustomed to the operations Announcement was made of the sniling from France of the transports Susquehanna Santa Anna and De Kalb with sick wounded and casuals The Santa Anna and De Kalb may be expected in New York about December 17 The De Kalb has on board eleven mtvui enlisted men The Susquehanna is due in New York December 10th The total of returning troops already actually embarked for homo was announred as 854 officers 17363 men 185 civilians two nurses and two prisoners These five divisions have been given the task of occupying Luxemburg General March announced and go to specific areas around Mont-medy St Mihlel and Lnnguyon They form the second line of the army of occupation ready to reinforce the other army on the Rhine if necessary 100000 FOLK VICTORY SING Associated Press WASHINGTON Dec 7 Fifty thousand government employes were given a partial holiday today to take part In a victory sing as a celebration of the signing of the armistice and In observance of Britains day The exercises were to be hold on the Ellipse near the White House and tt was expected that the singers and audience would number more than 100000 PERSHINGS REIORT WASHINGTON Dec 7 Advancing along the entire army front tho Third American army reached the general line Uddhovnn-Doewellor-Laubach -Driesch-Todanroth-Nleder-Worresbach according to Oenera Pershing's communique today FRED MITCIlT WILL LEAD CUBS United Press 1 CHIUAGt) Dec 7 The election of Fred Mitchell manager of the Chi- cago Culis to the presidency of the clulowilf he announced late today William Wrlgiey Jr chief stockholder announced today Mitchell has secured a block of stock od only a rule requiring 20 days' notice of a change in the official roster prevented an early election it was said Weeghnian grown wealthy In tha restaurant business became president of the Cubs two yeara ago when peace Was declared between the Federal Lesgue and organized baseball Mitchell it was said has carried most of tho load of running the club during 1918 Woeghman being fully occupied by other business PLOT IS CLAIMED United Press ST'JCKIB'IM Dec 7 Documents beta are sllcgi-d to reveal a plot fur Porlrt wide revolution was center la gtockholu VOL XLVIU I TJMtONc1 7 The Dally Mail ias it understands Premier Lloyd-George in a speech at Leeds today will declare that Great Britain will demand 8000000000 pounds indemnity from Germany nd that France will demand even more than that FOOD ADMINISTRATOR WILL NOT HELP IN ANY PLAN TO FEED GERMANS BAKERSFIELD Cal Dec 7 Frank Smith today resigned as Kern county food administrator declaring he wouldnt be a party to any plan to save food In order to feed Germany A BAVARIAN LEADER SAYS HE CAN PROVE KAISER BEGAN WAR BERNE Dec 7 Kurtelsner head ot the Bavarian government has promised the Bavarian council that he will publish war ofHce documents ith marginal comments In the former kaisir's handwriting which will convict Wilhelm of responsibility for tarting the war MAY CALL ARMY OFFICER IN THE BREWERS QUERY WASHINGTON Dec 7 army officer only recently out of tne si i vice may be called into the sen-aie Hr wcr-German query The officer is listed in the military intelligence files on account of the work he did -4- BALFOUR SPFIKS OF LEKIK OF NATIONS LONDON Dec 7 The League of Nations Is one of the most important matters to be taken up at the Peace Confidence Foreign Secretary Balfour declared in an interview here He said that the prominence President Wilson has given the subject has been a "Valuable contribution to future civilization Unless there Is a profound change in Russian conditions Balfour said be could not conceive of Russia having any official representation at the conference 1TISH WARSHIP IS IN THE BALTIC United Preps Loxdov Pec 6 (Delayed) 1 Cassandra has been mi 11 pk I was announced toi Tne name Cassandra does not lists! iU dny vaUable British WANTS a nhinMiN Ier- 7 Jack John cawing (ron1 Barcelona has aa Bookei Anglo-American i wuh arrange a bout for hJP Flnn 0r Jim Sav given? 'i that KlnK Alfonso Nict7nTnU3ion for the bout to al gymnasium at I for aid he bad been trait of and was In the I token to 'i0" Boker has unt token to arrange the match nurse cited BY JOFFRE Ureas IJeC- 7 Miss nci as Chicagos who "Pnt nurse In France Is sting from Kenosha Wls reel bar? aLn down It today 8he won In LKion of Honor 1 tbl menu' Ce rK-ved hi Fh DcrfJ frm Marshal Plinu ited lxt8en standar rr'nTZ'X'" 10 WbUtSIMKNT'op-k4a ar'ry has BRITISH Pres NewiNi'UN Dec dispatch frot torcdCd rea Cologne yesl TURKS KILL TEN THOUSAND ARMENIANS Associated Press 1 AMSTERDAM Deo 7 Turkish forces massacred 10000 Armenians while evacuating the towns of Baku Olti and Ardahau In the Caucasus according to reports received by the Vorwaerts of Berlin 4 WILSON MAY SUMMON BARI III AND DAVISON WASHINGTON Dee 7 Bernard Baruch chairman of the war industries board and Henry Davison chairman of the American Red Cross war council have been asked by President Wilson to hold themselves in readiness to respond to a call for their services with the peace delegation in Europe 4 1'NGLlsil COTTON SPINNERS ON STRIKE IONI HJV Dec 7 une hundred thousand cotton spinneis in the- Lancashire district have been ordered to go on strike Their employers hav4 lefused a 40 per cent wage increese miliir A BIG SUIT United Press 1 LOS ANGELES Dec 7 Declaring he proposed to tight Francisco Villa just as hard in the courts as Carranza et al did on the battlefield La-zaro De La Garza defendant in a quarter million dollar suit brought by Villa and Alberto Madoro today denied all the charges made against him He said he had made a complete accounting for everything before he resigned as Villas treasurer in 1914 and Villa got all that was coming to him out of the munition contract alleged to have been sold to Morgan Company AMERICAN HELPING BERLINS WORKERS LONDON Dec 7-Pr James Graek an American who has resided for a long time In Germany is head of the department at Berlin which is finding work for idle men according to a Berlin dispatch to the Express Three thousand applicants for work registered daily with him It Is said and twenty-four thousand men are now unemployed there Less than a quarter of the Berlin troops have as yet returned from thn front and tt is estimated there will be 70000 Idle when demobilization is completed The dispatch to the Express was sent Thursday evening and deals lengthily with tha labor situation but does not mention any disorders such as were reported yesterday from Amsterdam BERLIN COMMENT ON WILSONS ADDRESS BET LIN Friday Dec 8 via Copenhagen (By the A Pj The summary of the address delivered by President Wilson before congress last Monday which has reached here Is presumably inadequate and hence there has been little comment on it in the newspapers Germans seek vainly for comfort in the message and in Mr Wilson's program in which it is supposed that America and the allies have pledged themselves that Germany will have only a shadowy existence at the peace conference A large majority of Germans believe In President Wilsons good intentions and ell their hopes are centered in him but there Is a general fear which amounts almost to a settled belief that he will be unable to force his program through KURT EISNER WILL SUCCEED DK SOIF LONDON Dec 7 Kurt Eisner the Bavarian premier will probably succeed Dr Soif as German foreign minister Negotiations on the subject are now proceeding between Berlin and Munich according to the Cologne Gazette quoted in an Amsterdam dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph company A DELBERT MILL SUPPORT EBERT BERLIN Dec 7 Prince Adolbort son of the former kaiser hss telegraphed from Kiel that he will support Chancellor Ebert's government 1 THE LAW TAKEN FROM WILHELM United Pressl LONDON Dec 7 The German government has withdrawn the law exempting the former kaiser and his family from the law aeeordlng to a Central News dispatch from Berlin Under the old laws of Germany the rulers were Immune from legal prosecution for whatever they might do MOTION PICTURE CO IS UNDER CHYRGFS WASHINGTON Dec 7 Unfair trade practice is charged against the Lasso motion picture company of New York in complaints issued today by the federal trade commission Tlie Lasso company I accused of changing the titles and name of used motion pictures and re-si lling them as new thffpk i SOUTH HOLDS BRITAIN DAY CELEBRATIONS Associated Pressl ATLANTA Ga Dec 7 The south paid tribute today to the part the British empire has played in winning the world war Mass meetings marked formal celebration of "Britain day Some cities set aside tomorrow for formal observance of the day Atlanta being one of them COME BACK TO SAN FRANCISCO United Pressl SAN FRANCISCO Dec 7 Safeguarded by the active presence of William Denman at an investigation to be made into his eensational dictaphone charges John Densmore who Investigated the Mooney trials for Secretary of Labor Wilson will return to San Francisco This interpretation of Secretary Wilsons telegram announcing the selection of Denman to represent the department of labor was general here today The San Francisco grand jury which Secretary Wilson said was not an impartial body may have the sanction of the department now that Denman and a special prosecutor will be present Instead of District Attorney Fick-ert named in the Densmore report Meanwhile the Mooney strikes which were ordered by many labor bodies to begin December 9 as a protest against the scheduled hanging of Thomas Mooney on December 13 and which confirmed In prospect when Mooneys sentence was commuted to life Imprisonment are being called off Labor has decided rather upon a Mooney-protest convention at which labor generally will decide how to obtain Mooney's freedom Secretary Wilson's appeal against Mooney strikes It was believed would prevent the few not yet cancelled SANTA CLARA IN RUGBY TODAY United Press 1 SAN FRANCTSCO Dec 7 The first and only big game of Rugby of the season will be played here this afternoon when Santa Clara and Stanford meet at Ewing field Gate receipts of the game go to the war camp community service SEVEN TEAMS FIGHTING FOR CYCLING LEAD United Pressl MADISON SQUARE GARDEN New York Deo 7 Seven teams were still fighting for the lead in the six-day bicycle race today at 8 a This is the last day of the grind At the end of the 128th hour seven teams had covered 2179 miles one lap Three others had done 2179 miles flat and the trailing team 2178 miles eight laps Record for this hour is 2508 miles four laps Magtn a as leading REPORT BRAZIL IS MOBILIZING LI A Peru Friday Deo 8 Reports in circulation in Lima tonight were to the effect that Brazil has begun to mobilize her troops There was no official confirmation Francisco Tudela Varela Peruvian foreign minister wi'l leave for Washington next week to assume the post of Peruvian minister to the 8 A reorganization of the Peruvian cabinet will coincide with Varela's departure CHARLES WEEGMAN HAS RESIGNED NEW YORK Dec 7 Charles Weegman has resigned as president of the Chicago National League club he announced today in a telegram to John Heydler acting president of the National league Ha informed Heydler that his resignation was necessitated by the pressure of business interests CHICAGO 7-CENT FARE DEFEATED Uniter! Tress CHICAGO Dec 7 Chicago surface lines will continue to charge five cent fares at least until next April The state publlo utilities commission In a statement made public today refused a seven cent fare delaying as Investigation until April Elevated tines were recently allowed ta charge six cents ne cent increase SECTY WILSON IS MUCH AGAINST MOONEY STRIKE Associated Press WASHINGTON Dec 7 Secretary of Labor Wilson today appealed to the workers of the Pacllic coast not to call a strike for the purpose of Influencing public opinion in the Mooney case The appeal was contained in a letter to Otto A Hartwig president of the Oregon state federation of labor United Pressl Mooney according to Secretary Wilson was convicted on evidence which seemed proper at the time although afterwards this evidence was in a large measus'discredited No strike said the appeal can give a fair trial to Mooney nor will it produce a particle of evidence that will be helpful in securing justice The only effects of a strike would be to bring disrepute and tend to destroy the jury system It must be evident to every citizen that the people as a whole cannot sit in judgment on criminal cases FEDERAL RESERVE BOARDS OUTLOOK Associated Press WASHINGTON Dec 7 Confi dence that the nation will go througn the readjustment period without serious difiicuity is expressed by the monthly review of the federal reserve board made public today which reflects the observations of the board's trained agents In all parta of the country The extreme scarcity of labor has been relieved by the lessening of activity of munition and other strictly war work plants and by demobilization of the arrsed forces the report slates adding that the general level of prices had begun to decline slightly before the armistice was signed In tome districts says the review it is already reported that cancellation of government contracts has altered the commercial aspect very profoundly besides influencing for the worse the ability of concerns with high cost inventories to pay taxes Cm the other hand readjustment of labor In a way that will restore the employes in munitions and other war plants in their old lines of industry is regarded as essential and will be a problem of the immediate future Whether it will be practicable to take all of the floating supply of labor off the market as fast as it appears is now admitted to be a serious question The readjustment period Is expected to be short is the opinion in seme districts It is however reported from important sections largely those engaged in agricultural occupations that comparatively little readjustment will be necessary and that ample outlet for everything that can be produced Is already seen The future is regarded with general confidence and but little pessi-nsm or fear is evident 4 GERMANY DECLARES A FAMINE IS CLOSE COPENHAGEN Dec 7 Germany has sent a note to Denmark declaring that she fs on the verge of famine "It is necessary we greatly reduce our rations up to February when our cereals will be exhausted" the note said "The present supply is only a third of normal Austria has not food enough to last a month It will be necessary shortly to cease railway trafllc put out street lights and close numbers of schools and shops 4 FINANCIAL WORRIES BY HUMAN PRESS Associated Pressl MUNICH Friday Deo 6 via Geneva Anxiety is being shown by the German press over the financial stability and even the honesty of many of the hundreds of workmens and soldiers' councils now conducting affairs In this country Reliable reports say that the disbursements of these councils for the past two weeks have totaled 800000000 marks If this rate of expense continues the usual cost of operating the government will exceed the total German budget with its enormous outlay for military upkeep by several times WILSON HAS IkrrDy I 1 1 1 United Press BERNE Dec 7 President Wilson is invited by Cologne to meet delegations from Berlin and other German cities there for the purpose of bringing about an understanding regarding the integrity of Germany Berlin according to dispatches received here wants to form a combined allied and German army to march against the Boishevlki in Russia 1 1 AmiiYikiw released IN Icc 7 Thirty Ameri-ers released from a German imp in West Prussia landed Scotland yesterday with one British prisoners of war whom worn in An AuuMsiAtsd ul condition Associated Press! NKW VOKK lec 7 Britain day proclaimed a holiday in New York state by Governor Whitman was celebrated in this city today by a generous display of the Union Jack and a series of dinners and fetes but the main public ceremony will be held tomorrow at the hippodrome Special services will be held in nearly all the city churches tomorrow DISAPPEARANCE CASE OF YOUNG PORTLAND LAD United Press! PORTLAND Ore Dec 7 The fatd of little Clarence Thompson aged live is as much a mystery today ns It was November 13 when he Disappeared from the home of friends rear Estacada Oregon Since 490 men with bloodhounds thoroughly covered all of the woods where it was first supposed he had been lost it has been believed by officials and the parents Mr and Mrs Thompson of Portland that Clarence was either kidnapped or run over and killed by a motorist The latter theory Is most believed by the detectives who have been working on the case for no possible motive is known for any one kidnap-pli the lad It is plausible that a motorist killed the boy and then disposed of the body in the hope of not being detected and punished Clarence was lost seen on the road rear Ketacada by a motorist who said that a car followed him at some distance The boy's hair light brown in color had been bobbed lie wore neither hat nor coat at the time he vanished He wore a striped ginglium waist and knee trousers PERU DESIRES AMBASSADOR TO UNITED STATES Associated Press WASHINGTON Dec 7 With the approval of President Wilson Secretary Lansing has asked Congress to raise the American legation at Lima Peru to the rank of embassy Peru has signified a desire to appoint an ambassador to the United Btutes and the administration wishes to agree -4- MEN WILL PLAY DESPITE RAINS United Pressl LOS ANGELES Dec 7 Southern California today peered through the rain at the pfospect of Its first real 1918 football Three ganes were scheduled The weather man said More ruin today but the footballists said they were going to play anyway Down at San Diego the Rockwell field aviators will play the San Pedro submarine base Two submarine chasers and four submarines convoyed the deep sa gang into San Diego last night The aviators merely remarked a flying machine Is the submarines worst enemy At Washington park in Los Angeles the Balboa park seamen and the Arcadia balloonists tangle It's the first game played In Los Angeles this year Experts favored the balloonists In college circles 8 and Pomona meet at Claremont for the southern California collegiate championship Pomona has the weight but 8 has a hard hitting record ANZE1GEK PROTESTS THE EXTHYDITIOV COPENHAGEN Dec 7 The Berlin Loknl Anzeiger protests that Holland has no right to extradite the former kaiser RE SUCCESSOR TO WILL WOOD United Press 1 LOS ANGELES Dec 7 No successor to Will Wood who has resigned as state high school commissioner to become state superintendent of schools will be named until Governor Stephens fills the Vacancies on the slate board of education the board announced today United Pressl BY' CRL GROAT WASHINGTON Dec 7 President Wilscn plans to stand pat at Paris on his definition of freedom of the seas as given in his famous peace without victory message to the Senate January 22 1917 In that speech he declared that "so far as practical every great people now struggling toward a full development of its resources and of its powers should be assured a direct outlet to the great highways of the sea If this could not be accomplished by cession of territory he recommended that it be done by neutralization of direc: rights of way He declared that great preponderating armaments if continued would rob the world of a sense of safety and inequality These thoughts still constitute the backbone of the Presidents policy it was learned definitely today He stressed then as he does now this idea- "The question of armament heth-er on land or sea Is the most immediately and intensely practical question connected with the future fortunes of nations or mankind" Freedom of the seas" is absolutely necessary tq world peace he then told There must be free constant unthreatened intercourse of nations Freedom of the seas he regarded as closely connected with a limitation of naval armament and the keeping of the seas tree and safe" Under the question of limiting naval armament he continued opens the wider and perhaps more difficult question of the limitation of armies and of all programs of military preparation Difficult and delicate as these questions are they must be faced with the utmost candor and decided in a spirit of real accommodation if a peace is to come with healing In Its wings and come to stay From this brief sketch of policy it was pointed out today that there may be a difference of opinion between President Wilson and the British peace representatives provided England maintains its recently announced intention of keeping herself supreme on the seas SAN FRANCISCO HAS GONE BACK TO THE MASKS Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO Dec 7 The board of health at a meeting here today requested that the general wearing of protective masks be resumed immediately as a result of a recurrence of the influenza epidemic here The pnpee were directed to the attention of the puoilc to the order An ordinance compelling wearing of masks will be enacted Mutiuay -4- CZECHO-SLOYAK MOBILIZATION LONDON Dec 7 The new Czechoslovak government has called to the colors all men between the ages of 18 and 45 according to a Prague dispatch to the Cologne Cazette it was reported by the Reuter agency today WEYTIIITt FOR THE WEEK WASHINGTON Dec 7 Weather predictions for the week beginning Monday issued by the weather bureau today are: Pacific states Frequent rains during the week over north portion and generally fair weather for Monday over south portion Nearly normal temperatures ABE MARTIN SAYS Now watch North sea minin stock take a tumble Uneasy lies th head thats makia $385 au hour.

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