The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 25, 1925 · Page 17
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 17

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, October 25, 1925
Page 17
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THE TjyCOLy SVSDAV STAR—SCNDAV, OCTOBER r jej > m (Continued from page One.)___ onrt periods, an inspired Corn- husker aKKrepration swept onto the field at the beRr'nnlng of the second half and launched ;i drive which refused to relent until the hall iiad been downed back of the Kansas goal. Halfback Ilhodes and Fullback Glen Presnell, a new and startling performer in Gorn- husker moleskins, alternated in a plunging parade which slashed the Kansas defense into ribbons, the onward march starting near mld- field and never ending until Flhodes had charged across the final chalf-mark. Brown’s successful dropklck accounted for the extra point. , Brown Sprints to Touchdown. The scoring of the (!ornhuskera’ second touchdown gave the crowd of 10.000 the afternoon’s greatest thrill. Kansas, deep in its own territory, was forced to punt and t^uarterback Brown snared the kick on the .layhawkers’ 47-yard line. Dodging a Kasisas end. Brown circled toward the east side of the field, reversed his direction, after evadlng a string of .layhawk t.ack- lers, and sprinted to the end of the gridiron, crossing the K. u. goal. Held to Two First Downs. Following the subsequent kick- <iff by Xel*raska, the Jayhawkers, in a final despairing effort, let . loose a barrage of forward passes, 1 only two of which wer*> .successful. A Schmidt-to-Welhnnn pass gawted ten yards for K. I’.’s first down of the battle, wliile a second pass glanced from the finger tips <tf a Nebraska backfteld man and was grabbed for a seventeen-yard advance, in these two aerial performances. the .Invhuwkers executed their onl.v first <luwns during the sixty minutes of 1 * 1 «>'• Lineup and Summary Nebraska, 12— Pus. Bprague 10. W elr Uaish . .. Hutchisoai Scholz Stiner J. Weir . Brown i.. Rhode.s I »alley .. Presnell (ct LK. .LT. .LG . , .KG. . . .RT. . . RK.. . .y B. . ..Lll. . .RH. . .FB. Powers ; .\nderson I Schmidt I tv ell man j Mackle Substitutions; N*‘braska - Locke for Dailey. Wlckman for l.ocke, .Mlelenz for Brown. Dailey for l^restiell, A. Mand**ry for Dalbw*. .Mielenz for A. Mandery. I.elgh for .1. Weir. Shaner f»*r Si*iague. McIntyre for Shaner, I.awson f'*r Leigh. Dehlrlch for Rliodes. Kuu- dalls for Stiner, H Mandery for K. Weir, Whitmore for Sch(*lz, Pos- plsil for Ralsh. Kansas II. Baker for Powers. Wall f**r Mackle, Taylor for Luttln. Halpin for Sanborn, Burton for Smith, Voigts fur Burton, Powi'Ts for Baker. Touchdowns—Rhodes. Browei. Point after touchdown -r- Brown 2. ( point awarded by referee liecause of Kansas f*>ul.) Score by periods: Nebraska ............... 7 .--14 Kansas ..................... 0 0 0 0—0 Dfflclals: Referee—'Warren €. Giles. W.ashington ‘V .lefferson. ( mplre- H. G. Hedges. Dartmouth. Field Judge—H. W. Harglss. Km- j.oria .Normal. >leadUne.sman—Dr. j. C. Reilly. Georgetown. Play-by-Pi^ Details. made 3 yards. A pass, Presnell to Brown, gained 3 more. Mlelenz went In for Brown. Presnell’s pass was incomplete and Kansas took the ball on its 29-yard line. The Jayhawkers were forced to punt and Nebraska carried the ball to the 2-yard line on a 45-yard pass, Pre.snell to Sprague, as the half ended. .Score end .second quarter: Nebraska, 0; Kansas, 0. THIRD QUARTER. A. Mandeiy replaced Mielenz shortly bcfort th** second quarter was up and was still in the lineup when the third i erlod opened. Sprague returned tlie short Kansas klckoff to the Nebraska 39-yard line. J’resnell plunged for 13 yards and Rhodes rammed the line for 10 yards more. 1‘resnoU’s pas.« on a third down was Incomiilcte Brown’s dretpklck from tb»* 3S-yard line rolled out of bouiuls on th. Kansas B-yarU line. Mackie lost 2 vards and Andcr. son punted 37 yards, Nebraska taking the ball on tlic K. L. 39- yard line. Leigh and Shaner went in for J. Weir ami Sprague. Pats Gains 17 Yards. Nebra.ska failed to gain 4hroug>i the line Iml a f(»r\vani i*, Pres- ncll lo A. Mandery. was good fu, ¡7 yard.s. Nebraska again failed tu gam tiirough the line and when a pass w'ent astray. Brown dropp*;d back to the 24-yard line fur a dropklck. Th«' ka-k was blocked ami K. U. W’a.s given the ball on downs on Its 22-yartl line AmJcrson’s i>uni n>lle«l dca«i (*n the Netraska 43- yurd line. Nebraska fumbled a trom ccntiM- and Baker of K. V. re- coverc«! on Nebraska’s 34_yard line, Rhodes Over Goal. They exchanged punts and Nebraska got the ball on its 44-yard line. Riiodes and I’rcsneli ncgt*- t'at*-d a first down and Prcsneb reeled off eleven yards for another. Klimies’ T-yard plung«* mdted another first down and N«d,raska had the ball t*n the K. U. tt-yard lin.^.’ I’resnell plunged for 4 vartls bc_ lor he was furc-d out of bounds. J.bodes dro\*' over tor tin touchdown Brown iliopklcked the extra point. Time was up t^r th* tliiril quarter. Sc<ifc thii'tl quarter: Nebraska, 7;, 0. FOURTH QUARTER. Schinhit returned Weir’s kh koff 1« yanls to 1 iic K. I' 3(i-yar»l lin*'. . — .Kansas faileii to gain tind lirown W. Mullins ¡made a 5-yaid return of Wel’man’s I.afttn I 40-yard punt. I’r*‘snell an*l Rbotles made a first down In tlirtc plunge.s and a pas.s Rhodes to A. Mainieiy. was good tm anotiier fits! d**wn. Barton went in for Fmlth in the Kansas line. Pre.sndl and Rhodes guln*'d 7 yards and a pass, l’re.«ncll to Brown w'us good ft»r anotlu'r 7 yards, biinging the i»ali to the Kansa« 17- yard line. Rhodes plunge*! for 3 yanis. Mlelenz went in for A. Mtindery In tin.' Nebraska l*ackflclil. Presnell iilunged for 5 yards and Rho«l«'s drove over center for one more. Voigts went in the Kansas Ih'.e for Burton. Khod* 8 drove. through for 5 yar*ls atid over the goal but Head- llnesriutn Reilly claim* d he went oni of bounds on t ht' 1-yard line Rh»*de.s lost a yard. I'resnell lost ariotber and on a bad puss Rho<l*‘s was thrown for a 4-yar*i loss. Pow- for the extra point failed, hut a Kansas lineman was guilty of rough play and the Cornhuskers were awarded the point. Bcore: Nebraska, 14; Kansa.s, I. Coach Ernest K. Bearg sent in a full .string of Nebraska substitutes. Roy Mandery kicked off 40 yards, Sclimldt returning 4 yards to the Nebraska 24-yard line. 'Fwo passes by Kansas wetjr incomplete and i,aw.son, Nebraska end, intercepted the thir«i pass as the game ended. Final score: Nebraska, 14; Kansas, 0. 1 J LLEGE SCORES (Continued from page One.) -Boston GAGO BOWS TO ASTEON ELEVEN Kansas. 0 'resternian Smith tc) ,Sant>orn 1 Javldson At Boston—Boston college, 14; Allegheny, 7. At Amherst—Amherst, 73; Wesleyan, 6. At New York—Columbia, 26; Williams, 0. At Brunswick—Bowdoin, 7; Colby. 0. At Waynesburg— Waynesburg, 12: Westminster, 0. At Washington—uucknell, 3; Georgetown, 2. At Lewiston,—Maine, 16; Bates 7. At New York—Wash. A. Jeff., 7; Lafayette, 6. At Springfield—Wittenberg, 19; Heidelberg, 0. At Wellsburg—Bethany, 20; Geneva, 0. At Gettysburg—Gettysburg, 12; Mt. St. Mary’s,, 2. At Morgantown—West Virginia, 16: West Va. Wesleyan. 0. At New York—New York U., 33; Middleburg, 0. At Allentown—Mtihlenburg, 0; Dickinson, 0. At Kingston—Rhode Island State, 12; College of New York, 7. At New Brunswick—Lehigh, 7; Rutgers, 0. At Geneva—Niagara, 1^ Hobart. At '"'^Itimore—Johns Hopkins 13: Droxsl, 0. At Hoboken—Stevens-St. Lawrence (Cancelled.) At Burlington—Holy . Cross, 47; Vermont, 3. At Amherst—Mass. Aggies, 54- Worcester, Tech., 19. At Buffalo—Canisius, 1; John Carroll, 0. (Forfeiture.) At Durham—New Hampshire, 10; Springfield, 10. At New Haven—Yale frosh. 20; Culver academy, 0. At Mavertord—Mavertord, lO; Hamilto*i, 0. At Harrisburg—Lebanon Valley, 6; Villa Nova. 6. At Schnectady—Union, 42; Ren- tselaer, 0. At Swarthmore—Swarthmore, 13; Franklin A, Marshall. 2. At Philadelphia,—St. Josephs, 13; Manhattan, 6. At Brooklyn—St. Johns, 22; St Stevens, 0. IN THE SOUTH. At Waco—Baylor, 24; Howard Payne. 4. . , At Gainesville,—Florida, 24; Lake Forest. 3. At Atlanta—Alabama, 7; Georgia Tech. 0. ^ , At Macon—North Carolina. 3; Mercer. 0. Charlottesville—Furman, 7; Stagg’s Team On Short End Of 7 to 0 Grid Battle With Peru U. Quakers Pull Pass Play To Score Touchdown In First Period. BY DAVIS J. WALSH. FR.V.N’KLIN FIELD. Philadelphia. Pa.. Oct. 24.—11. N. S)—In a game quite wHhuut particular incident. Punnsylvanla defeated Chi- eagu this .afiernuun bv a score uf 7 to U. and tliereby inerea.sod the pre.sttge of eastern footl*all l*y something a trifle b'ss than one thousand per *'cnt. The game pru- vided a- meeting lietweeu the ree- ognlze*! “liell \v**tlier” of the eastern field and the 1924 chan>i»lons of the VV#'Stein «'onifeia'tiee. the Ite- men from the spaces taking one on the chin at an early moment and c<»ntlnulng to «to s«> with great f*'g- nlarity for the reinalnd*‘r of the afternoon. A sincere rain operated throughout the gam»' and made «>f it a «■ateh-aa-eat« h-ean miss proposition t'lileago was outplayed, but nut out- fumbleib Only one of those made the slightest dlff*'ienee to anybody. Leith fumtding t'hieag** ini'* a chan«'«' ft>r a li*uch«lt>wn. H«>Nvcver, the .Mar«»on ha*l tii© liatilt ami figuratively fumbled thl.'i on*'. t«*o. Maroon Pass Fizzles. IVith tlie ball well within tlie 2i)-yarti line, Kcrweln hurbil a «iesperate «»vi’f tin* goal line and Chicago’s only d* finitc chaiu'C to s«(*re «'vaporat«**! lnt«t thin air P*'iinsylvunia’s average rva.s a trifle lietter. It luul f«*ur chaines to score aiui ma«ie goo«l «*n «me of them, which was ample, sufficient and enouglt. It all liuppened rather sudil'Sily in the opening pcrio«!. An exehang*' of punts gave Pennsylvania p**ss*'sslon of the l*al! (*n Chi«'agu’s 46-yard line. Penn Scores on Pass. Wltlj«>ut furth*r pi<ainl»le, Rogers wafte«! a forward pass lo n'hav«T, wh«i tok th«' l>all over a shovjider. did a and went on t«> the gual line withotit vlsil)le remmti.Htrame from the Ciil- cago «lefens«'. Having done this much, how- •'vcr, Pennsylvania declin«'«i to il<* more, the team ellmbing on Its bi­ cycle. going on the defensive an«i staying there. A rather active young man, Kreiiz, l*y name, and a powerful «jsie by nature, essayed three placement goala from the 45, 25 and 15-yur«l ifnes, at various times during the afterno«>it. l*tit ntithing eanie «>f them. Tlie 25-.var«l attempt hit one of the uprights, l»ut the «ithrrs were not quite as cl«)se as a couple of nostribs. Quakers Stopped McCarty. Chicago was carried off its feet i>y this early rush of the Pennsylvania team ami never resume«! Ihem. “Five-yards” McCarty smashe«! away at the Pent' lin«i all afternoon and got the benefit of the doubt on some very fine interference from Henderson, but tlie «•astern tlefense liad a «iiscouraging habit of closing up as rapblly as it opened and McCarty’s style was crnmpe«! comsiderably. Late In the gam«' be l»rok<* outside tackle for eight yards. I.iit «jtherwise he «ii«ln’t jtist ellck. M<*st of them were "five feet’’ gains, if at all. As Pennsylvania was away running with Us «'arly score, young Bf*b Curley, greatest «>f mo«iern field goal kl«k*rs, did n«)t .Icploy Into action, three field goals being necessary to offset on«' t«nieh- down Everybody Well Soaked. A «Tow«l «if 50,0(Hl sat out the situation for m* goo«i r«'ason. the game hanlly being w«*rthy of their attentbm. The rain .simply made lb«' situation all wet ami the boys walked out on the game In great numbers. It was the fourth time Pennsylvania has taken a full «mt of Chicago In five games playeil, the fifth resulting a tie. 'rh«'y playetl the last «me twenty- four years ago. but the sons «if PtKin fouml that what wa.s goml ciumgb lor their fatlu'is wa.s gtuni «'iiougli for them. .Inst ;i niatt«r of inh**ritcd habit, no more, no They outgalne«! the Mar«>on by a matter of 244 yards to 150 an«l got ten first «iown.s to seven. Th«'y outpassf'd Chlcag«), gaining slxty- flve yards on two passes alone. They even «mtlnoke«! the Stagg outfit. leeovi'rlng the latter’s many fumbles with iMiconimon s*'use. Penn on Defensive. However, there was only on«' Interval In whUb Pennsylvania really held the upper hand and thill was when It won the game. With the music of the rcferc*‘’s whistle still in the air. Rogers and Kri'uz smashed their way through the Maroon defteise for continued gains. Then( after Kreuz’s first placement kick ha«l g«»ne .astray. Penn sud«ienly switched to the «)vcrhe;ul game ami the stuff was off. it ioketl like the beginning of a big «lay us Thayer race«l a«'r«*ss the Urn*, but Penn «'K' ss «'«! • v«‘ry om. ineimiing «'hlcagib by going on the «lefenstve anti staying there. P«*nn.— P.*s. —('hicago SliiKer .......... ...U* .......... LAiiipe Willson (c) . ...It H«'iul«'rst*n («t» I’ik«' .............. .. . k......... Hlbb. n R«*btns«>u....r ........... Haki'v Butler ............ ... rii.......... Pokras.N Sir rack! ........ ___ Hobseh*lil Thavtr .......... . .. r '.........V«'lsle\ L«'lth .............. . ■ -n*......... Cnrley 1 Fb'bis ta.......... ...Il......... . S. Rtnis*' j lltiKers .......... ...ri ... Marks 1 Kiauz ............ ...fl...........Met'arty f’lXlM ............ 7 n II 0 7 Chb’UK«* . • ■ ........ 0Il 0 «( - 0 1 T«)u«'b«lo\\ n- Tha>«i i I’olnt aft«r t«iuch«lo\vn — Krt'uz ((*lac* nii-nt *. Mrs. Molly D*'I1\ uk of Wlchlta. Kus., «'lalms to b«* tht* woman h*'H\ yw«'ii;ht \v rest ling «hamplon of til«* uairUl. H«'r hvisband, .also a boa vy w *'lght. l.s ber wre.stling part ner. FIRST QUARTER. Kansas won the toss and Weir klcke«! off 50 VHrd.s to Anderson, w ho returned 15 yards t«* the Kansas 26-vard line. Brown returned Wellman’s 40-yard punt « >aida to the, Nebraska 47-yar<l lin*». \fter a, Presnell to E. Weir for- waiil pass was incúmplele. Presnell plunged off tackle for 7 yards and Weir then puntci 32 yards. Anderaon returning 4 yard.s to the Kansas 24-yard line. plimges gained but three yards and Wellman dropped buck to P‘'m- 'I'he kick was blocke«l and I res- ncll recovered for Nebraska «»n tlie Kansas 37-yurd line. I resnell un«l Rhodes gained 7, but l,altln dropped Rhodes for u 3- vard loss. Brown tried a dropWck ■frotn the K. U. 45-yard line. The ball was wide of the posts and rolled to a t<mcli*«uK Another Punt Blocked. Kansas scrlmmug«'d from its 20- vard line. Wellman’s punt on the third down was blocked ami rollf«i out of bounds. Stiner recovering on the Kansas 8-yard Une. Presnell nuide 2 yards. Brown squirmed 1 hr«.ugh for 1 yard and Rhodes plunged for 2 more. I resn« 11 dr«»pped back to pass. hut was sniUed bv Testerman for a 9-yard 1 . 1 RS. K. t. took the ball on downs on its 15-yard line. _ Brown ran k*ack Wellman . h 40- vard punt 17 yards and a 16-yard m*nalty on Kansas gave Nebraska the ball on the Kansas 22-yard line. H. Baker went In the Kansas line for Powers. «.- t- Rhodes plunged over the K. I . left tackle for 7 yards and on the third play added 9 more, bringing tb«*. ball to the Kansas 5-yard line. H Baker recovero«! a bail jiass from the Nebraska, center nn*l It was the JA>hawkers’ l*all on the K.inaas 18-yard l.*ne. Kansas Again Psnalizsd. Anderson punted 4 5 yanis un«i Brown returned 23 yards to the Kansas 37->ard line. And.rson intercepted ITesncll * pass on the K. 1 35-yard line, but the play was called buck because a Kansas pluy- rr fouled and Nebraska given the »wll «m the K. IJ. 24-yard line. ithoiles gained 4 yards, but wa.s stilllei^ for Í* «.yard loss on the next play. A pass. Presnoll to Italley. gained 9 yard.s and Uhmle.s plunged for 4 yards and a first down I're.suell was dropped for a «-yard loss «nd time wus called f<»r the end of th«j first quarter with the Imll in Nel*ra«ka’s posse.ision on th«* K. r. 18-yard line. Scor*> first quarter; Nebraska, 0, ''““"'"‘‘ second quarter , Locke went ta the Nel*ru.*«kn back- fleld for Dailey. A t«*i ward 1>.V laicke was Incompb'te. Locke ran the end for ten yard.s befor«* he wiis forcetl out of l*uunds A for- wsad pass by Blown wa.s incomplete and K. I’- t«*«»k the ball «>n d«*wn on its 18-yard line. Schmidt failed to make yardage and Anderson punted 30 yards. Nebraska scrlmmoging from the K V 45 ->ard lln**, H BuW**r «lr«*pp***l , L«*cke for a 6-yar«l loss, b«it f?ie Missouri Valley sprint champion | giilned IS yturii# on the next play after a crlscross behind th** line. Rhodes plunged for I yard ami ad«le«l ten more and a first down ,,n the n«xt play l*o*ke faile.i to gain but Rhodes plunged f«*r five «urda and a 6-yard penalty made tt a first d«>wn. with Nebraska on the Jayhawkers 15-yard lln«'. Baker Toseee Locke. H. Maker tossed l.ocke for a 5- yar<t l«>ss. Wlckman replaced Locke In the Nebraska backfleUl. Hh«*d«*s made leleven yards in three downs, tn'it Kansas braced an«l to«ik the luill on «lowns «*11 9-ynrd lin«> ^ (in the thlr«l d«*wn, .Amlerson punted out of h«»unds on the K U. Sé-yafd llnu> Rh'xles and 1‘ersiiell At ers went In the KansHs line for H. ¡ Davidson, 0. ! At Richmond—V. M. I.. 27; North -A for ward i*a.'i.s, Br«*\vn to i Carolina Aggies, 6. * a Lhodes. gained four yards, but At Knoxville—Louisiana State. O; Kansu.s took theb all on downs. A Tennessee, 0. ON THE COAST. At Portland—California, 28; Cre- eon, 0. At Los Angeles—Southern California, 56; Arizona 0. At Occidental—U. of C. (Southern Branch,) 9. Occidental, 0. At Seattle—Washington U, 64; Whitman, 2. At Lavern«^—Laverne, 23; California Tech; 6. At San Francisco—St. Mary's, 35: Nevada U., 0. At Moscow—Gonaga, 12; Idaho. 3. At Palo Alto—Stanford. 26; Oregon Aggies, 10. 26; St. Martin's. 0. At Seattle—Washington frosh, 26; St. Martin's. 0. At Tacoma—Puget Sound—,7; Williamette, 5. At Missoula—Montana U., 57; Montana Mines, 0. Schmblt t«> Wellman, on the thrUl play, gain*'«! t* n y«rds. Rhode« kitocked down Schnihlt’a pusR, but it f*‘U into Wellman’s arm.s for a l7-yarri gain. A paa.s. .'-’chinldt lo Anderson. gain*-d 2 vard.«. D.'illev went in th<* Nebraska ia«kflebl f«»i I’resnell ami Riindar*.'* went In the Nebraska line for Stiner. Halpin r«'placed Sanborn In the Kansas line. Brown’s Long Return. Dailey Intercepted Schmidt's pass nt,«l cqrrieft the ball to the .Nebraska 4-yart! lin*'. Falling to gain, U elr punted and it w*as Kansas, t.all on Its IH-yard lln*'. Kansas drew a 15-yaid p«'naltv. Oelrl«*b v;«‘nt in for Rh«*des ami Hutcliison r. placed Wostoupal Kansas passes went wild and Amlerson punt*-d 4« y.irds 1<* Brown, who returned 45 yards to a t<iu«'hd«*wn. Brown’s «Iropklcg Tailored Clothes Are che.aper in the long run. ('lothes tailored by us carr.v our absolute guarantee an<l are the last word in style and fit. John K. Lebsock Orpheum Tf.ilor 1,92*23 209 No. 12th The New Cadillac emerges triumphant in ev'ery contrast Paraphrasing Kipling:—Six is a Six and an Eight is an Eight, and never these twain shall meet.** You cannot get Six riding and driving qualities in a Four; nor Eight riding and driving qualities in a Six. Nor, by the same token, can you se* cure Cadillac Eight riding and driving qualities in any other car but the new 90-dcgree Cadillac. Is this mere say-so or braggadocio ? As you well know, Cadillac has never indulged in either. The evidence is overw helmingly yours w’henevcryou care to make comparison. Whether you drive the new Cadillac first and the others aftcnAards, or vice versa, is of little consequence. The contrast in favor of the new Cadillac will be equally striking in either case. Prifct ranfC from for the Brougham to iaait for the Cuatum Imperial. F. O. B. Dcuoit. Tax to be adde«l. General Motors own time payment plan (GMAQ fumithea purchatera with the moat econ«3inical way of butring a Cadillac on time. c A D I L DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION LAC Harr9 Williams Cadillac Co, 1328 1‘ St. . Lincoln, N'el). Quality can now talk Price Twentletli Century Sedan ^1490 Wrmmr Prie« BlBfS f. «. b. CWvoUivi A Finer. Luxurious 4'Door Sedan Priced Less than a 'Z'Door Coach C LOSELY following the newt of Chandler breaking all records as winner of the annual Labor Day automobile contest terminating at the summit of Pikes Peak, 14,109 feet above the sea, Chandler now announces a notable advance in body development, together with large reductions in prices. It is one thing to reduce prices. It is another to increase quality. Still another thing is to break records in performance. But to do all three things at the same time is an accomplishment of triple interest to the public. The new Chandler Twentieth Century Sedan is the most important accomplishment in Chandler history—a magnificent, large-size, four-door Sedan that Is priced les$ than a two-door Coach I Chandler believes thal the'ultimate and logical closed car of all closed cars is the 4-door Sedan. Here is quality appeal plus price appeal —an ideal development in body-building on the perfected Chandler chassis — with the marvelous Pikes Peak Motor. This new Twentieth Century Sedan is as smart as anything that ever touched tires on a boulevard. It is a picture of rich« ness to look at, and a thing of richness to ride in. The upholstery is fine, durable broadcloth. Chandler power, Chandler pick-up. Chandler hill-climbing. Chandler steering. Chandler brake action—all will open your eyes to motor car efficiency that is completely and faultlessly delightfuL And with it all, yon save money — whether you choose the Twentieth Century Sedan; the Metropolitan Sedan Do Luxe or the Seven-Passenger Sedan; the Brougham, or one of the open models. Note these price reductions—then see and drive the cars. Extreme Reductions Naw FtiM OUl F«4 m T«« Sava 4-Door 20th Century Sedan ^1490 ^1995 ^505 Metropolitan Sedan Dc Luxe ^1795 ^2195 HOO Seven-Passenger Sedan a a • ^1895 ^2295 HOO Brougham ................... ^1695 ^2045 ^350 Comrade Roadster ...... >1695 >1795 >100 AO prlcaa f. k. CVa**alamd Easy Long-Time Terms THK CHANOLIR MOTOR CAR COMPANY • CLSVILAND DLER Card-Adams Co 17.^2-34 O Street Lincoln, Nebraska Phone L-6464 08673164

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