The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 25, 1925 · Page 13
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 13

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 25, 1925
Page 13
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N THE LINCOLN SUNDAY STAR CLASSIFIED iDEEirnsixa TWENTV- FOURTH YEA R LIXrOLX. XER., SVXDAr. OCTORER U,. tniô. TEX PAGES Kansas U. Jayhawk Plucked of Proud Feathers HUSKER PUNCH BEATS KANSAS r’». Scored Nebraskans Touchdowns. liBENeALS NDSE li F AGG Nebraska Shows Superior Driving Power and Reels Off 14 to 0 Victory Over Jayhawker Eleven. ■i« 3 1 .?;s 41 VKI4H V-.K \. I Mrwt «1o4\n frmn »«Tlni 3 Kirnt l(j |triitilt> 0 \»r»ln Kulntnl b> mih I i 44 \ariiN lir*t tu wrlm INrrwiirtl linnen Httriii K«* pM«»'«"« linnnn •■'«rwiirti iHinn«»« com|i Intrm-eptr«! b.% opp. . . 'iirtJ*. K«!n(n| iimm««*« . , N*“f yMrtlMKr ifHltir«! IVimItIm ................. IVnaltj- yariluKr ......... I'iinl«* ................................. 4'unf NvrrHKp l’untn rf'tiintnl <>Wn iMintH bl« KI«-koff ............................ KIrUolT yartlHKr KIrkoff rrliirnr«! Kiimblr« .............................. Iblll l«M(t OH fmiiblr«. •4»ll lont «»ii d«>w nn , l-'lobl K«aln »ftomptr«! l*’lobl |r»M|n »pnoniiriil KA>H,%n. 4 I »t 4 I« U « 4Î 3H« 5 51 i 15 l'trni ilowii from «rrim Kirnt tloan poiiaJtj , . . . 5 »reis K-ninrd In rnsh 4 tot 3 3 5 ards losi in mslilii» Komartl itasM"* «Itnn. Kornarel imssrn iiironi l-'ornttrd |Missm finnp Interi'op'd b> «*Pl* \nrds icHinrei imssrn. , . \rt >Hr<lHKr ifHlnrel l*rnullirs l*rnMlt\ \ur<lHK<* I'lintM ...................... ............. Kiint aerrHKo (I 0 II I 1‘niils rrtnrnni ................ II 3 :i 1 PniiU blmkrd .................... KirUnfTs ............................ KlrkofT >iirtli«gr ........... KIrkolTs roliirnrel . , , . Kimiblrn tiall olst «*n fundilrs. I4»ll b*st on ilowns Klrld Konls »llriniilMl I I !I'J 5 53 :I3K II II I II II 5 II 3 H II :I5 31 5 511 107 II 3 311 I I 3 4 I 5 3 35 33 41 3 35 13 31 •I N' Niew Grid Star In Husker Circles Missouri Victor Over Kansas i Farmers by Tight Margin I Of Three Points. Aggies Rallied In the Final Period, But Try At Goal Kick Goes Astray. .MAN 11 AT’!'AX. ICAi^ . < The .Missouri Tliiius .atiMul rliainplonsVili) olaltns on«' ^iamo noanu the »'ovrtoil laurel.s liy defeat itis th *y •> t heir more Valley Ka nsas HALFBACK RHODES. QUARTERBACK BROWN. « K« 130 II II II I 0 3 I 0 3 II 1 6 3 II 3 II 0 0 I 311 III I BY “CY” SHERMAN. Cornhusker football was pre.sent with much of its old- time potency Saturday afternoon at the Nebraska stadium. Sw'inging into action against their traditional rivals, the Jayhawkers from Kansas, the Husker gridders plunged and ploughed to two touchdowns, achieving a merited triumph l»y a scoring margin of 14 to 0. Nebraska elevens of former seasons have flayed the Jayhawkers more decisively from a comparison of points, but the mere figures fail utterly to tell the story of the (’ornhuskers* superiority in Saturday’s fray. The crimson- jerseyed Nebraska warriors plunged and passed their way to eighteen first downs. The Jayhawkers’ total of first downs was two. The margin in net yardage was as eight to one in favor of the Cornhuskers. Award GSAIIFA C D ColleÒG Ï-SINGLE POINT FOOTTBALiI^ Kari' Drake Wrests 7-6 Victory From the Pioneers On Grinnell Grid. of Extra “('’hiippy" UhodoH, Ilnr-rlpplnK halfliark, Kuhmk “.iuK" ih'DVvn Point. Xf hniska’H and Quar- lugwrd tho • • airoH.M th»' Kan.naH goal lluf fttr thi' I'urnhuaktra’ lirac»' of scur- Itig jdays. Hrown drop-klckt-d a goal *11 exifutltiK the flrat extra point, whll«' the a*‘eiaid waa awarded to th»' Huskera hy virtue »>f an ufficial’H deelHion, who ruUHl tliHt H Kansas ftirwurd had 31 nighecl I'aptain E»i Weir a.«« the tiall waa lielng paaae»! hack from center for Hi»i\vn’a klek. / Jayhawk Feathers Drooping. A water-aoaked grlillron, made altppery and .aoggy from rain and Himw of til»' two prevhiu.a daya. uii- »lueationaldy fa«'t»ired In !»alklng the ai'aaahiniK attack launched l»y the I'ornhuaker ha»ka, y»'i a full meaaui'f of er»'»llt helonga to the .lavhawk»r forward«, wlm dl«- pltiy«'»! a at Iff d»>f»‘u«lv»> In the first two pciltnlH aiul hehl the (*orn- hmskcrs scoreless until the com- l»at had progressed until th»- final lialf. It was an unhappy l»ut n»>l, disgraced Jayhawk therefore which shuffled from th»> field, f»athers drooping, ami started the r»'turn Journey to Us hum»' on .Ml. iirea»!, s»>at of Kansas I’. Balked by Stiff Defense. Victory hclonge»! to X«'braska from th*' nmrnent H»ferce (Jlh's hh'W his whistle for th*' Inauguration of the hattl«'. Captain Weir’s khkoff «ynt the hall spiralling d< ep int*» Kansas territory a»3d the .layhawk»rs, turned hu»k In their first » ffoi t to drive ahead with the l>all, resort* d lo puntiiig t.ictlcs. ’I'he charging C»irnhusker f»irwanls twice l>l»>ckc»l Qnarterha» k .\n*l» r- siin’s piwits ami t»*ok possession of cm.XXKl.l., la.. Oct. ;>i —'fhe Orake university unleashe»! on Crinnell’s here today and defeate*! neers, 7 t»> 6, in one of the -O'. C.) HulUlogs gridiron the I’io- clostst the oval. 'I’h»' first ami seeond 1 »K‘ous periods of t»lay were stag» d cn- ' tirclv in Kansas territory. the ('ornhuskei s. with Ithoih s and Presncll driving. Irrc.slstlldy ovt r the * halk-rnnrks, advancing frc- »piently t»i within scoring «iistancc. »«ily to he tiaffled hy u d«'f»' Mhi»h refus*'d t»> give gianiml Take Ball on Downs. \ irility of the .layhawkers’ de- fenslv»» wa.s .strikingly demonstrate»! during the seeond pt*riod. when a Presnell-to-itprague pass gained 4.’> yar»is, the Xehraska in«! d»»wnUig the hall on the K. IT. tw»*- yartl line. When performing In mi»l-fl»'l»1. th»' Iluskers hatl h»'en reeling off the yar»ls with reckl»'*ss .nliiin»lon. hut wh»n a touch»lown vvas In pr»isp»'ct the .Jayhawker f*»rwar»!s hurle»! hack th»' driving Xehraska liacks ami took the hall on «htwns. Referee Reversed Ruling. 'I'he Hnski'is w»'r*' th»- victims «>f another aggravatkiR experience In the fourth peilo»i. Halfl*a»'k KI km U' s , »m an off-tackle plunge, »arrinl the hall over the K. C. goal in th*' corner of the fieUi. Ileferee, <}I1»'S, a.s a matter of fac't, Uft»'»l his arms full hngth and »iffhiully aw.trded a touch»iown. hut fhe decision vvas revers*‘d on a ruling hy Headllnt'.sman Uellly that Hho«les had gone out »»f houruls In his drive to th egoal an»l the liall was declare»! *!eatl tei the .Tayhawkers’ one-yard line. Jayhawk Stood Its Ground. Then »'tisued a »'onfli»'t lietween the Irreslstihle am! the immovable. In which the latt»'r, r«'pr*.sented by a »lesperate though d*‘feated Kansas «'leven. w » mi the urgumerit. In thr»'»' plung»'s and then a fourth lilav , i«i which .Xehraska resort* »1 to a for\va,rd jiass, the Iluskers w« I'l' thmvvn hat k ten yards an»l the hall passed over t»i as eour- I Kansas l»am as «'vei fo*>l on .Xehraska so»l. Rhodas Crosses Goal. H.'iffled during th» first an»l sec- (C»>nttnu»'«l on Page Five.) games ev»*r played between these tw«i unch'tit rivals. (.'»»at'h (issle S»*lem outwitteil the Pioneers hy presenting them with safeties vvh*'nev*'r they carried the play »'' t»i the Drake g»>al line. (•rinnell's si.x points were r«*pre- sente»! by these safetU'S, two oi which \\« re ai tually rontrUniled Iiy the nulldogs t»> e.scap»' from tight place.s. The »luarter less. Grinnel! Counts First. Crlnnell c«»unted first, gaining ivvii point.« *m a safety in the .s»'c- ond Muurter when Drake fumbled »m a pass from center, the hall rolling fr»>ni Drake”« 30-var»l Un«> to hehin»l the g<iul, vvln n Conk recov- ere*l an»l was <lown. 'I'he Pioneers carrie»! the play Into th*' Hulhhig territory the greater iiart of this half. Drake c»>unte»l in the third »piar- ter, Siiears taking a pass fr»»m t'ook and shaking tiff Pioneer taoklers In a ”0-yard run th*' goal. 7; -Ohio Wesleyan, 2h 0; 25; 17; Cook kick*'«! the extra point. t'oai'h Hvlamls Pioneers out- chargeil the Blue and White the great«r part »>f the lime in Drake’s territory. The llneu|i 1 ami .summary: Drak«'— I’os. — iJrinneil Semple ..........le .............Xlblo Henry .... ..........It. ....... Davps Ainhelang..........Ig Peterson Don Carlo.« .... c . Moyer Bohcrt.son ..........rg, Sceland Kwa rt ... ..........rt. Martin Sloan ------, M«'Clain Cook .......... __ Ihb . .. Meetcr Sumlerliind . . .qb ____ Potts Spears .. ..rhh .. . . Sweet Cronkite . . ..........fh ____ Wing Wvatt, Missouri ’ h.'i ailllnesman. Little, Ohio State, umpire. Cirov’er, Husker-Jayhawk Observations. .1. Pluvlus. with an all-day rain Frhlay an»l then a snow storm .‘Saturday morning,» d ami shatter*'«l the e.\ peel at ton.-: <>f the Nc- tnaska inanagi'im nt, which had an- ticipat»'*! a fair w.iilher attend- an»'H of 20,*Mifl. Tin* hoim'-cotnlnr; attract»'»! sev»ial hnndrt'»! C»irn- huak*r alumni. an«l s(»e«ial trains on three rallroa«t < running mf»* Lincoln also helped to swell the throng, hut tin cmw«! t«»tal was e.stlrnat*'»! at no inor»' than lu.tHMi, mentor of the ('«»rnhuskers figured that,'with firmer f»»otifig, X*'l»raska hiid enough punch f«i hav»- pile»l up a gr»'at»r inargln in the .«»'»»ring. Washington. refer«e. Nelson Defeats Hebron Hi Team IN THE WEST. At Lincoln—Nebraska, 14; sas U., 0. At Vermillion, S. D.—Nebraska Wesleyan, 3; South Dakota U., 0. At Manhattan—Missouri, 3; Kansas Aggies, 0. At Dallas—Oklahoma U., 9; Southern Methodist U., 0. At Grinnell—Drake, 7; Grinnell, 6 . At Stillwatei—Oklahoma Aggies, 22; Texas Christian U., 7. At Ames—Iowa State 28; Wash» ington U., 13. At Urbana—Michigan, d; Illinois, 0. At Minneapolis—Notre Dame, 19; Minnesota, 7. At Columbus—Iowa, 15; Ohio State, 0. At Madison—Wisconsin, ^7; Purdue, 0. At Chicago—Tulane, 18; Northwestern, 7. At Milwaukee—Marquette, was .s«'Oi'c- i Lombard, 0. At Athens Ohio U., 0. At Huntington—Marshall, Transylvania, 0. At Bloomington—Indiana, Miami, 7. At Denvei—Colorado Mines, Denver U., 6. At Grand Forks—North Dakota, U., 27; Morningside, 0. At Beloit—Beloit. 7; Knox 2. At Colorado Springs—Colorado Aggies, 7; Colorado college, 3. At Laramie—Wyoming 24; Regis, 0 . At Indianapolis—Butler, 0; Wabash, 0. At Salt Lake—Utah U., 12; Co'- orado U., 7. At Des Moines.—North Dakota Aggies, 14; Des Momes U.. 6. At Gambiei—Kenyon, 13; Reserves, 0. At Hiram—Baldwin Wallace, 21; Hiram, 0. At Athland—Adrian, 13; 0 . At Cleveland—Oberlin, 0 . At Franklin—Franklin Normal, 6. At Detroit—Detroit, 6; Marines. 0. At Wooster—Wooster, 7 Union, 0. At New Concord—Muskingum, 13, Otterbein, 0. At Akron—Fordham, 28; Akroa, 0 . At Logan—Utah Aggies, 14; Brigham Young, 0. Ashland 7; Case 7; State Quantico Mount HFUIIDX, f)«t. 24.— XclHon «1« - fcutc»r H»’hron high In football y«'s- 'TUIIO '»ril»'’ 1*>rüav h.v P* scor«'. Nelson liuM not been «Icfcatcd thl.s .soa.''oii. Sutton Blanks Frimd. l UlF.XD. Xcl... Oct. 24 - Sutton high blank«»! Frl«^.id 'c football h.'fc v»'st*'r«lay, 14 t»* t*. 7; Chi- 13; The ,<outh < hnulia IlvcHt«»« k »Ical- n-s, hc;i»l«'il hy .» I«an»l. «'amc ♦»> l.!n»»*ln tw»> to three humlr«'»! strong ami »'tr»'htl the fh'ld in paraii»' in .advanc* »>f the klckoff. The K C. foolhaUei'H iin«l*>uht«'»l- Iv were present with m efflchnt «lefen.slv«', hut theif oifi w »« Ihr m»»st lmp»if»'nt a .lav hawk» r rh'ven had dlsjilayed In maiiv .v<ars of gridlr«>n rivalry h< tvve«‘n th»' tvv»» jnst Itutlon.'» F»! Welr, X'»';i c.-iptaln, uh«'<1 bis h< a»l In gcftlng th»' uvvurd of th»» »'xtra point, f«>ll«iwlng ".lug” Hrovvn’H .p»'cta»'ular run to thè Cnt nlm.Hk»'rH* .H»'»'i>n<l tou»’h»lovvn. .t forwur»!. pl»|U»'»l hy thè d*>- f»at, «almlv vvarned Welr, wh<n th»' lcam.H llncd up far Hrovvn's try f»)r thè ixjlnf, that ««vmething vva.« golng fo hatij»en. \V cir, In tuin, In- f»irm»*l »»tm nf thè officia!«, vvho kcpf -t k»'cn evo »>n th»* .layhawker pl.iyi'r nittking fhe thr«at. Suro » n«>ugh. thè .la>havvk«'r forw'a»»! pulied «onie r»»ugh ph»y nt Welr'« exiiem»»' ,ind th»' *'Xfr;i point w.i.'< :»war«letl l<» thè ('ornlmski'rs .aft<*r Hr»*vv n h;.*l tuF.«« »! thc try at goal Beatrice Win» Game. F.^IItHIIlV. .Neh.. n«t. 24.—Pc- atrh'»' high *I«'f»af»'d Fairhiiry in ffxitliall h*'i»' yc.'HtiTilay, 1”. to {>. Fatrhury wa« tvvlc«* on the !5»>;itihe 1-yard line but could not ■»core. in th»' pri'llmln.arv game, Falr- hury rcsi'i'V*'« «l»'f»'at»'«l th»' lîeatrlco fpx.'i'v»7 to <> H'*th gaiiK's were played In a «Irizzllng rain. IN THE EAST. At Pniladelphia—Penn., cago, U. At State College—Penn State, Michigan Aggies, 6. At Annapolis—Navy, 37; Washington 0. At West Point—Army, 1»; bt. Louis U., 0. At Providence—Yale, 20; Brown, 7. At Cambridge—Dartmouth, _ Harvard, 9. At Princeton—Colgate, 9; Princeton. 0. At Pittsburgh—Pitt., 12; Carnegie Tech. 0. At Syracuse—Syracuse, 8; Providence, n. At Medford—Conn. Aggies, 3; Tufts, 0. .Xgglf's, ."I to II, h»'i»‘ this aft'.noon. .Mthough ih»' pliiy»rs struggi»'»! through a heavy w ,i!er-«oak»'d Held, »'Vi'ry »piarlei w.ts flth<! with spcct.'H'Ular fuothnll and it' was no- ho»ly'.s victorv till th«' last inliiut»' »if tiie f»iurth poriod was thked out hv the tlmek»'»'pcr’s watch. After luddlng .Mls.souri for »hivvns *»n the .Xggh' »iiu'-yar»! line ami fur three down.s witiiin her lii-yard zone, th«' .\ggie Wildcats finally were forced to ylehi thre* to the tight ing Tlgcr.s on a field goal from placeim'nt, the Aggie lt-jar»i Whiteman hooted It third period Blocked Punt Disastrous. It was a gl v»*-an»l-take battle throughout. th»‘^.Xggi»'S having the advantage In th»' llrst and fourth lM*rio«l.s, Mi.s.souri Imhling the edge lif th«'i .s*'*’ond an»l third jHTlods. The break vvhh'h won the gam»' «ame in the third perio«l. Itacchus, Xli.sHOurl l« ft end, hr ik»' tlir»>ugli the Aggie »l»'f»n.s»' and hhicked i'ochrane’s punt »m th.' -\g- gle 3ri-yar«i lin»'. The hall re- hound»'»l tt> the Aggie une-yanl line, where <'o»hrane fell »m it. Dn a i:i2r» ruling govi'tnlng hlo«'k» «l f>untH behind an »H)p»>nent‘s line of .scrimmage, the hall was Missourt’.s where t'»« hram* rec«>vcred, f»»r he had kickeil »in a fourth »hivvn an»i ha»l failed to make yardage. ' The Tigers s»'nt theii' hacks f»)ur times against an Aggie line that wouhln’t hu«!g»' an im h. The hall went over to the Wildcat.s ami Cochrane kl» k»'d to his own 3r>-yard line. Whiteman Kicks Field Goal. Whiteman, vvho ha»l been *m the side lines during the period, then was .substituted for Grantellu, Mis- sourl halfback. On the first play, Whiteman pu.ssetl to Hacchu.s for a 14-yar»l gala. Then Ktuber < ar- rled the ball aroun«! the Aggie right cn»l for 10 yards. Jackson hit thc Aggie line for ."i var*l.s and it looked like a sure enough march for a Tiger tnuehdown. With thr»'e to go f»)r the 6-point c»>unt»'r, «»icon»! down, the Tigers a yard on .a line play. Another lin«' plunge and .Missouri was still no »’lo.sor to thc goal line. The iiall would have been in the «liadow of the goal posts, if the goal p»ists had h»'cn casting sha»lows to(lay, when Whiteman droiiped hat4c for fhe placement klek. His hoot sent the mud-enciustc»l hall sqiiar»' hefwe»'n the uprights and vv<‘ll ov«r th»' i'r»»ss bar. Aggies Rallied Desperately. Th»' Aggies alimist hrok»' up tlie game in the last qu.arter with less than tliroe min\it»s yet t*> play, carrying the liall from their own 3S-yiir»l line to the Misstuiri t.*»- yatd line. A pass from .M»'ek to Knns was go«i»l f»ir 38 yards. Hol- slnger gained four mor»' apuind eml. P'alllng t«i mak«' their yar»l- Hge in thre»' atttmpts, the Aggies el»'»'t*'d to «Irtip-kii'k from th»' 2.'»- yar»l line, hut F.nn.s hooted .short ami ami Mls.souri i »'»'»»vi'i i il. Tlve game end*d Just .'is .Missuiil lining up f»»r iu'r se«'on»l atlcmjit went over and Summary. .\ggies LINCOLN ROMPS ON TECHSTERS Capital City High Team Wins Smashing Triumph Over Last Year’s State Champs on Omaha Gridiron. OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 24. — Lincoln high school’.*? football ttam one of thc most finished organizations seen in Omaha this stason. outplayed and outsmarted the Omaha Tech team here today by a 16 to 6 score, and in so doing cleared one ot the highest barriers in its path to a 1925 state football championship. Tech, which wore the crown in 1924, is almost certainly out of the race unless it upsets Omaha Central in the final game of the year. .lust ,'is fh'ld goal.s figured In GLEN PRESNELL. Presnell, former Dewitt high I school athlete, flashed like a comet i across Nebraska’s football sky Sat- j urday afternoon. Presnell was ' playing his m.aiden game as Corn, husker regular and he delivered in kick»'»! trom | tpectacular style, plunging from line. Capt. j fullback position through the iivi'i in the i ^ fo^ g string of consistent ' gains. Southern Team Shows Its Stuff; Defeats Purple líiéh Sctol 16; Omaha f«jr «'Xtra I'HP'ACD t)ft. 24. 'I'ulam*. th« "Cl »»'11 wav«'” friun th»' .s»mth. gaV»' Xnrthvv «'.sti'i n an IS to 7 lamhast- iiig totlay pruv«'»l »•om'lustv«'ly two tilings. On»' is tliat footl*ull as playc«! in lli»- .«»»utii Is just as jx'p* pcry ami lough as that of the mtrth. 'I'h»' other Is that N»5rth- vv«'stern. depi iveil »»f the s»'rvlces of its .aptain and star. ”M»mn” Dak»'!', is a ratln'r vv»ak outfit on both »dft'iis»' ami defense. Tulane .s< »»r« »! in the first *iuar- ter on straight football ami passi-.s^ a 21-yard lu'av»'. puttimg the hall on Xorthwi'steni's 6-yard lin»', from vvhii'h Flournoy skirte»! <*ml touclnlovvn. A pass for th»' point was in('«unple!e. Purple Once In Front. Xorthvv»'Stcrn «am»' ha« k flKhliiig ma«l in th.- secoml quarter ami launched an aerial atta<k that ev»xitually «arri»'d U across the line. A goal from plae«'im nt put the Purple in th»' leiid, 7 t<» 6. 'rnlan»', a few mitiutes later, for- war»i jiass»'»! t'* Jhe 3-yar»l line, where Northwestern h* Id for three «lown.s. l»ut gave way «>n the fourth buck into the line and Tulane was on th»> long end of a 12 to Tjw'ore. In th«* third »luarter, Tulane scored agai-n. Iarg»'ly h.-.-ause ,.f its ahllllv to gain at will through the vv«'akening PurpUi line, and again fail»'»! f<» g't th»' extra point on a kick. Exeter—Exeter, 7; Crete, 6. Madison—Madison, 14; New- Grove 0. Palisade—Palisade, 27; Grant, 13: Res. Coler- 13: Mc- Fair- (Continued on Page Five.) after the hall Lineup M Issouri Cogliz«'f . Staf for»l HUhersun Ferguson Walker . Dtmlenmev «U Hiicchus .lack son Stub»'!' W hlt»'maii. ( 'lark ... .SubstitutI ms Iowa U. Wrecks Ohions Hopes In Big Ten Race X. CODFMBl’S. Ohio., Oet. 24,—(I. S.)_I«)wa boost«'«! its owm hopes of I “Big Ten” championship and burlisi those of Ohio State here to- the Buckeyes day hy romping over <m thè ir ovvn ho me iot hy a score of K, to 0. . .r> , Tlie lowans. »oatlie»! hy Butt InRwersen who last week turned thè lahlcs on Zupi*ke. slmply fram- pled thc »'ihi»>ans inio At Omaha—Lincoln, Tech, 6. At Pierce—Pierce 48; Crestón, 0. At Ravenna—Ravenna, 48; St. Paul, 0. At Callaway—Callaway, 25; Maxwell, 0. At Callaway——Anselmo 6; Callaway Res., 8. At Fremont—Fremont. 13; Norfolk, 3. At'Scotia—Scotia, 112; Burwell 0 . At At man At 0 . At CroIton~Crofton, idge, 7. At Crofton—Crofton Hartington Res., 7. At Havelock—Havelock, 7; York, 0 . At College view—College Yicw, 13; Bethany, 6. At Curtis—Curtis Aggies. 12; Cook, 0. At Fairbury—Beatrice, 13; bury, 0. At Fairbury—Fairbury res., 7; Beatrice Res., 0. At Hebron—Nelson, 20; Hebron, 0 . At Liberty—Liberty, 6; Odell, 0. At O’Neill—O’Neill, 25; Ainsworth, 0. At Central City—Central City, 26; David City, 7. At Lyons—Tekamah, 20; Lyons, 0 . At Pilgei—Pilger, 0; Norfolk Res,, 0 . At Cambridge — Cambrige, 24; Minden, 0. At Polk—Polk, 12; Genoa. 6. At Friend—Sutton, 14; Friend, 0. At Stanton—Creighton Prep., 15; Stanton, 0. At Oakland—Oakland, 20; Blair, 0 . At Hartington — Hartington, 6; Yankton college ret., 0. At Tecumseh — Nebraska City, 12; Tecumseh, 0. At Broken Bow—Broken Bow, 0; Lexington, 0. At North Platte—North Platte, 19; Scottsbluff, 6. At Ashland—Ashland, 12; North Omaha, 0. At Randolph — Randolph, 33; Wayne, 0. At Bloomington — Oxford, 10; Bloomington, 7. At Allen—Allen, 7; Laurel, 6. At Spencer—Spencer, 26; Fairfax, S. D., 0. Island—Grand Island, 0 . —Neligh, 60; Creighton, Pos . . re. . . rt. . r K. ..1». . It. . .le. qh. . . r h. («'1 , .Ih. . ,fh. Fh'i'k I» I Mc(i«'«' 'r»>mhaugh ..... Brlun fîaJlar»! H«lvvar»l,s«»n . C'rx'hruue . . H|>rlng«*r ... Wilson I a»ugl.4.s Mls.souri Mil!»'!' f<ir lUi'h»'i’.s<m, I'rantvllo f»u‘ liifo- man, Whittinan for Gmiilr-llo, Aj^- glrs Kamials for Fdw.irUs, Pi ii o for Fh'i'k, Itolsing»!' f«»r Springtr, llaskard for WiI.son, M»*lv for I will hv adlmring -•‘follow the hall" an»i f »k- f «'vrry »»piioriun- («'»iiillnm*»! <»n Pag» F'MI ' 4 th»' tnml at to th»' wluskero “adagf ing n»lvant ig»' ity. Thf* iov.a i*»ivvar«is, making up oniv of th»' nmst povvorful U iipm In ; th»» ('»>nf»'r»'nc<», t»>r<* up ih»« »>hlo i line off»'nslv*’ly ami pla.v ed stone j wall on vh'f»n.s«‘. i Iowa’s first tou»'h»lown came on , straight io»»lhall, mostly dir«‘» fe»l ' at t h»' lin»' .'ii»lt>»l hv one tim<'ly| Its fi«'l»l goal »'aim* as the r< - i jsut of an I dilo fiimhl»' ami anotlHT lluinlvl«* r»'suH»'ii Iti a s»»»'oml tom h idovvii almost iiiit»i»'»li.»l*dy afterward. 1 Th«' soggy c'cm»litlon of th** fiel«l I pi'»'vent« *1 the «xp*'»'ted «lisplav »if ihrilHam »- hy Kiits» ti of low a and * .Mari'k *>f « 'hi«i Stat»'. 13; At Grand 0; Kearney, At Neligh 0. At Ewing-Ewing, 30; Neligh res., 0 . At Holdrege — Gothenburg, Holdrege, 12. At Edgar—Edgar, 87; Harvard, 0. At Seward—Osceola, 18; Seward, 0 . At Yerdigre—Bloomfield, 0; Yer- digre, 0. At Peru—Falls City. 6; Peru Prep, 0. At Fairfield—Fairfield, 37; Alma, 14, At Washington, Kas.—Washington, 70; Wymore, Neb., 0. [STOPPE WOLVEOINES WIN Curtis Aggies in Race for Nebraska High School Title. >,•. hruska’s forward wall, which di«l It« wtuff sui»eihlv fitim wing to wing, hatl th»' Kansas hueks stopi-s«! • old in their «'ff«»rls t»i giiln «»n Un»*- hmklhg tattles Har«dd !lut»'hl.son. veteran eenter, j»rovi<le«i anoth«»r^ notent ri' iBtin f»*i th«' Jayhawk« r-' ln»'ffeetlv. ofGnslve "lluteh” was turning haek *»veiy plimg. at th»' inld«lle of lb«' line an»l inakin,' many tai-kh.« <m «irlv»‘s In th«' »11- ri' 4 'flon of th«' Xeliraskii tai'kh'i and <n«ls ’rii« Iluskers ex»'< ut»*d .s< ven su» «'< H.sful forvv.'iid |»as««*s a new r»'*'- onl f«>r the Xt'hruska «»»ason. agin ’s «naring of a l'r»'snell pass for a In-yard galti vva's «me of th most «peetai'ular tvlavs of the afternoon Siiragru»* was »m the way t»* n t«)ueh«h>vvn, hiii the turf broke from under liis feet and he was taekh d «»n K t\v»)-yar<l line. c'oa» h' V »’lark of K F wa.; fi'.ink to ••«mtess that his pnii«ií» for thè .-uffh h nt i»as«m r«>rnluisker« h.a«l th«' puneli. tioth in lugging th.' hall ami tn stopping til.* J*»>h.iwkel .-«• ,ifl« IlKlVV. h.-^t the “W»» «»»ul.ln’t earry the }.oi«y snl‘1. Xehraska 'I'hat was a hlg »lllfet» n» e. It ...I the gam»' so eompletely that hall.” et'uhl. »held - tli«re In nothing m«ir.' to say »'oaeh Deai'g natiiraHv. .ilth<»ugh h» ».r.aks In th»(P, t».ims t »o»gy fb‘1'1 »»f .Xe!»ra.ska. in a »'lo'e'ful regrt'tt «I We ith* I quite ni'ui'l. Bv giving the .layliavvkers tb*‘lr annual ti lmnilng. .Xehranka r* ghd- *>red its , tvv ant y-first football triumph over K F. The Kansas ■vUtory total is nlm 'I'wo gaims hi'tvveen lIusk' Ts mui I lavliawk's r"- Hulte»! in th' s»'oi«'s, The Iasi Kansas vletorv over X« lu'.i ka vvus a«'lii»'va'«l in 1!M6 -11 Xetira k.i flelil Not sin«'»' 1 Siiti has Kansa*. hien al*h‘ to win a foolh.-H gam»' from Xt'hiiisk» al l.awK'nc'e, .Iiidt'ing from the reionl, ttii'ia for«', Xehrask ■in.i w:U ¡ (iDf ah that .layliawk-r team.s ami root' ts ar»' iileiity gam«' Ttu'y fake tlu'ir lickings regularly, hut always «'»»me haek for tmu-*. Ih'lng worthy foemen, the Jay- liuwkers are resp»'<teil in the X’e- hraska »amp. .vthh'tie i*‘latiims hy th** tvv«> liistltuthms have h««'n «>l»»an ami vvlmh -*orti»' «lui ii- ao that the many year« that the Kansas Xe < lUiiiM 11» »1 i hr.iska gam»' always i; iat»d a« Fails to Do H is Stuff And Michigan Grabs 3 to 0 Victory. FllBAXA - Cine 'i*'hi mud from l''n«'<ima n. Ilk. IX t. 24 II X, hfi<d»’»i out of lh< 2 .'.-y,ard lin«' .Ml. big «11 ca\ V th< hy 1 hr»'« points III th»' .''» « <md <|uai t«''i and a shiiloif vi«'t<iiy <»v»'i ik Hml»ni foe, Illinois, vvhih* liT.D'Hi spel latura vvati'heik 'I'he gam« , fi atili ing ing at Illinois, iiail h» »'n » xpe«'t«'»l to devadop a »»mli-sf l(etw»« n ”U*'»l” itirangi'. Illinois eaptaln ami |*rie»l- iiiaii, ,Mli'lilgan’s parti» ular ln»livi- ! dual star. i Tw»i thin,. s<'rv*'«l t»i prévint if ' from niali riallzlng l-’lrsf in ini- j portane«' »'aim* th«' sognv flelil. FIru'oln’s »h'feat ut home «»f T.'. h last year, so did they play an important part in Lim«dn's victorv ovei' Toi'li luday.. McBride Used His Toe. Th«' J.erfeel to«' of MeBrid«'. capital »'ity fullhaek, sent the l»all uvir 111 «' 41'»'ch goal ;>»)sts three times from til«» field and »»me after a tou«.'hdo\vn, making goml «>ii every «rmr of his ait'iiipf.s. Ami t lie se-.'*>ml ki»'k. was from ilie 42-yttr»i- llne- «mu of ttu* nuisl sp«'ctaeul.»i plays of the » ntire gain«'. A long f«*rvvard pass from Win« lo Fisher resulted in idncula's t<uu'h«lovvu in th»' seeond <iuutt»i. i»ft«'r TiH'li had Juiiipe«i into tin l«'ad tn th«' .sani»' pt'iiod vvitli u tom lidown hy I’remst. Lincoln Scores First. T*'»'li won the toss and eliuse to ki«'k off Lliu'Oln tlun came down tlu* field t«> Ti'ch’s ir>-yai«l line and was there fore»'d to i>unt. Ti. h .soon punted haek an»l I.lmtdn r»'- sume<l the off«>ns»' from Terh’.s 2!'yard line. A gain fimling tli»» Te»'h lin»' imp* ni'trahle, afl»'r atlvanclng to the 20-yard mark, McBrld*' dropiii »1 hai'k ami jila< eklrked from the 25-yard line for the first acor« of the g.uii*'. Tei'li re»'»'(ved 1 he ki»k off ami then folUivveil an »'xehang*' of punts. I’n rtjst an»l .X» ls«m then m.'itl»' 'r»'»'li's down .aUh'd hy a Ltn I'tdn uff.sid»* jienalty. Te»li had th«' hall on Lincoln’s 36-y ai «l lin«' us t h«' first pi'i'lod ended. .'\nother <»ff-sUle penalty against Linc«jln, couidf'd with gains hv Pri'ro.Ht ami Xekson, gave 'I'« « h another fii'sl down, Kootiman, Nelson an»l Pr<'i'»)sl gaiiu'd yaitiag«» again an«l then Drerosl hrok«* through for a 20-yanl r«»n and a Ifiuehdovvn. ,Xels«»n‘s ki«'k fail<«l. This placed T*'«'h in the Irail 6 t<>:!. Fisher Crosses Goal. But Tech didn’t hold the lead f'«r long. 'riie great halfback, Will«', got into ai'tion soon after J..incoln i*'»'*'ived III«' ki»'k«»ff ami l*'«l an attack that hnniglil the h.«JI to Tei li's 38-yanl line. ’I'hen W’ltt«« <»pen«'«l up the Itag and l»tok out a pair «>f t»erf«»'t pHss»'s. 'I'h«' first h«' thi»*w to .McBrid«« for a »-.vanl gain. 'I'li«' s«'«'ond he hurled 25 yards through the air to Fisiier. Flsh«r caught it ami ran I lie remaining 17 y ard.s to a toui'lniovvii. McDrUhi kick*'«l goal. 'I'he half «'mhil with the hall m Lincoln'.s possession on Ti'ch’s 4.i- yar«l line. Lincoln starteil anuth« r attack that seemed surt' to ind In a lomh down at the opimtng of tlm thini qu.arter, making two first down.',, «'xchanging punts and making on»» more to t>!aee the hall on Tecli’s 43-yard line. McBride Repeats. Witt«' ma»lu si.x ami M- liriih' r**«»led Joiir. l.imoln wa.s thrown for a loas on the next pla.v, Imt was taking n<> cham'cs »»n hisiiig til»' liall. Ami vvliy slmuld th* > vvitli a man in the lineup wlio »an do wliat .Mi'ltri«!«! *11»! -planekick the liall over the goal from Ih»* 4i' yard Hn. ’ riUs nronght the sc<>!«‘ to 13 to 6. Lincoln lea«llng. Two offshi«' pcnalth s against Lincoln gav»» Tech a fiist »lovvn .F- the «ipening of the f«iurth iieri»»«!, hiU Frerosi fuiuM* «1 ami r«'Cover.' l ami then X.lson h'st five yards at ■ t« tiiptlng to Lincoln On Kampage. Wilte i''i'«'iv«d U on I'is own 37-y.'ir»l lin»', h«*lng «lovvn«'d «n hi*“ traeks. H»' th« n mail»' four yard ami Kimm» I ripi'it ‘>tf L n. Lin- I'oln '.vax»il stronger amt Back*: folh.w«'.! with thirl« . n-yard plun*R< . Mt Driile gaimtl eight ami Witt«' luaiio thirti'.n ainun»! »nil. M» lit nh , Far kir amt Witl« gaim»! yanlagu again »n«l 111« assault sliqip«»! eight yards trom I h»' T-»-'i goal. Tw«> play.s fali<al to gaie M<'Hti»h funihl«'«! on th»» 1hit»l, hut I e«'ov er< »1 vvitli a five vaiil los,-. I 11 1 '«» lu' dropp«'»! h.i« k to the 2*1- yar»l lin«' ami maih lik'- last phi»'« Kick, hrtngiiig t h«' s«'or. I-» l»i to *i Touchdown Disallowed. \rtiT r«'<''lving th«* hall 'Ui tli< ki-kolf ami r< turning it i»i hi.s 1> v'lnl Im . .XelHon tn-»1 a pass, tui it w a lilt«'! «'• i»l«'«l by Hau«'r on 'I’.'ch's 33-yar.l llm-. Witt« nia*h ! iiin«' yar«k' ;»mf llu'n .McDrhh' h:«»! « I through for a lomlulow ii. 1 It, was «'alh'»l ha« k, hovvcv< r, ;im! horn»'« < 1111 - : Litu »»In was pi nallzi'd for off-snh M<'Hri«h' tlun htitk«' away and ran throu-'h the I'ntlr«' Te»'h t«‘am saw I*r«'r»»f-d, who »lown««l llm Lincoln (Fonilmi»'«! on l'«',v' F*»ui ; high sflmol < ;i«'le 1)1 '¡««ii«' on the F pluv Ihctr K iin»' on .i , one of Ih» sea.s-iii's clu.- In oih. r wm .ls t k-j *J i.ssouri Valley » ire!«. s In Dm Tile of «'111 tis umlouhtedlv are f.n iimlahle « ont» m!« rs for 1h* 1325 f«»olh«U rhauipioii.shlp In X. lir.isk.» ;,»V» «».¡upihil * r.».*r«l of five u* »• ssiv. vi.-mins «»vii stroii- w .dem X«hra-ku leams, n«»t ».m of vvhlch ha- ithl*_ Til. i’uitis 10 . 1111 « nconl lu dut. p.llow.s CuitD. 34 Uraut, U. Curtí«. 6. Cozad, ü. Curtí», 34 Mlnd«n, «' Curtí,., 32 Ih-hli klcC"«>k, U. th» Grange Failed to Function, ,X< xt wa« the fa» t that Crang«', startl'd in th«' Kaim out of p«-^ turn at «iuar1«'iha»'k ami h/iiii- p.n.l liv a line that Was md any too sif'adv. Ills line leak«'<l lík» :t sieve at lliiii'.s ami on sevaral »•«'» asio'is he wa« thrown for a los .. fin «1» ft ns»‘, hiiwi'Vi'i, h«* wa ' hellet, ami iiiler-fpt«'*! ««veral pu«.' ■ ; Ihiil '.‘.«■I«' ill H ft«ii W ,v <lf hl'int; eonipl» ted. W hiif gaím he mad»' \v»'i e aroiintl lh< «‘mis and rnostlv he: than !«'n yard» To I''ne»linan go« h what»'V» t' g'hu v th»'«'»* mav h«' in th«' a«'«iiiiiulnth>n »if the thr«'»* (Miinls f»»r Mi-'hlg.m, hut to his teain-iiiate, .Moleiida. u»i- 111« cr« lilt f’oi ruining Illinois’ liopi's <>n lop «»f hi lin«“ plungin'; ami end lunnln;.. In nal*li<'<l -o manv Illinois (la-«* ‘ out of tin . I h.i I ! Ill- * ««tint wi I-) «I. Seals Hop Into Lead By Defeat Of A. A. Champs IK ,i '11' litll.' ' '. tin til III 'i'lie poW -I I’ullop, piti lung Ir.ll 1« -I e : ih n! li.-lll * I ,;hi 1; innm :, w to n \i 'I."« •» I, « 1 . ,iL i *oi '•Oi'l-i S« I P . ■ tin I bird . I ip) ti < f. r It tip t ”4 !l. lea.t I ■■«l.i V V« !-. IP", to ' to 1 .«* «'oloml to t,l l: .’S- 1 ■■ » I him f- • div< I • ul lipa w 111 I hern ir tiV( -lltc In h- to ‘ tup II, th hi \ « n ¡ ! r-ii! ■■ «« - rilhit t 111 F II ' hilPopl M.yi-r:

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