The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 5, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 2
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HATUKUAY, D I I • • • I m ^—f — — - - -r, lER 5. 1908, , I- tfte California!! Kvery Bvoning but Sundays at Bpkerwfleld, Kern County, California. Official Paper ^ Bntered in Postofflce ut BakorMleUl, Cnl., as Second-elnsK Moll Matt r. o cents a month; jr, a Year In Saturday, Dec. DEAR TOM:There Is always a good bctter-and a best. Gruenhagen ! s candy Is it «'bestest' ! . ALFRED MARRELL, Editor and Prop. Telephone Main 31 SATCKDAY, DEC. THE PEOPLE RULE. j;ii HUH •i lo Hee s;iV,S that '"' is not n tit man for •f New York. \nt lit for The people of \,.\ v York ''' Hie eleelh.n of Koof They h;tve In. ( -n sMtis- .-'""! mjpjy y ( .; ( rs with j ; t "j i ' i \v ;md eertainly '.'"I'^f ( hii M I his pree- , 4 -'-\v Vi.rk had !he riirlit , "t a man should > i n i;i i J ' L - J - i f i tt s v ' - Tl'M : I •;!!.'•..' h • A ,'J.NI f M *n L I I 1 " i ; ' ' i' - i I t ' p f ' \ hnnil 1'or Hi- 1 J:; t i iliflVivnl -<> \ Tl t i ^ U'atii ( ; £ to 11 a\i p.,,.:{.!, 1u hi) N <• l,'-H'l t ; r ' M i \ ( LINCOLN RCOSEVCI NOT PEMEMOEH \ • - M ") • , i r I OS A pf ]'i'.r run; 1 ! 111 i ll*' ('.I:-'' Hi ' \\ it It IM . in priniui y el. \er.ii.'! oi" i\ot L- " i'Mil .IK!' 1 ,' 1 a Sf'nll '-linn fit VM! i r • n ,, • 1 •,.! i:: e U . I * l*e lie ( .( 1( n I'll* i l; n t I ' i t - ', i ,\'i •i ' • * Mi upon hi (>v. n in v i _ . i' 1.. M li;i!l' «.f Mrs. M M' ti r\\\\\ I,, \V Jean son, $10; \vesl one aero. H. I'. $U»; west 'Jo ,:ATE TRANSFERS. Deeds, lv M. Menson, $5; ea?*. t' r --I'l i ion 1 1. A. \VniMU\ar.l to (V •• ;ui«| ui'. jn H. [ southeast (pi:o'1»r nf JMM h A At Menroneys. BILL Dealers And ars quo ines ro erve icatio Nineteenth i time for good time for good re is no time for ••^—^™- — ^«-i-i—i GANS-NELS eilhel 1 t M > < ) d \ i : i '•'<•? t Iv -.1 old. . S a 19th hard ;; r • rest i a !'f ));; Mil. (ii V( Phene Main 401 i • Op. r;v r;-«! mofi'-y if you don't La I 1 P OFF; the coiih' : ent v, hi' h cure. Thin c. for:n''d ; " " etlon -can - t *» USEFUL - t i t t r T TRAINS LEAVE ; it L : iis own tint:i\ e:< a free street • 'ay, and also a pit.'rr, "The bo iho play strung hill (i[ fj bet Wi'M'U tin 1 R^KERSrlELD ;! i Kmnunee" will be th- nh:ht and all the five ehanued as well ;v.- an e:i: ire chanue ( f •*.. > e ! Tlie manner of Morle.y's Theater luts .in: t i-'-eeived a wire that on next. Monday nii;ht he will be able to present the (inns-Nelson flght pictures. This film i> of the July fight hold at .("olira. 'i'lM' lilm Is perfect and lovers 'df ill" ;:,;ur,e will have a chance to M«' 'in- tinUh ni one of ilic best mas- i> rs in tin' ring. , AUo on Monthly night will take , place the drawing for (he stiver set. j , This i.< i he H-eond t silver set that has been given away lo (he patrons of the < , hoiisi.' nnd the management has decld- j i (d io uive away a set each week un-j j til Christmas. All children attending • if i matinees will be presented with a me- i i i c-hanical mockingbird, tlie delight of ' ' ^ the little ones, This week's show Is ^, Hie. li>,'.-i iliai has been offered for j i sou!" time. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LAND1WARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every respect 150 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meets all trains anti boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and Ellla car to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. l • I'M •r J r A.M I'.M BEL 'Jl.AR / h - *)•* V O II S VH MU i • >:* s -i I 1 L : j /;-...'. r / f-AGT WOHK C. N THE NfiW AQUEDUCT. !X)^ .\;u;K:,K.>. )vr. :,, - \Vith the f > V I . 1 " t h I .MS An i * M<':NO I -I i • n 1 t veiling was on inf'-t the most nie» 1 jiiL'i-' >!NG':;, D1A- ••40 BKOGCHE5, BRACEHI-. LADIES' OR ' i\ i i .. d by the- loval order of the rn 1 uinl-ti^ for ;-OMJ irit fi' "do ihini; n. : • i -.!iilin tf in -. t j 'h . ;i:-ii - ' I F ti f ru J_ ' • <h <- r »j ^ i L* Theie was ;• the results t * j i n of n/nrer;- '-• he ( U'dlon " Unii'.lt;. \V. '\V A. Mn-Acll; l»J i ( ' 11 - - * r % *l MI 1 1 l 1 I i , • v 4 , 3 \ I ' ! J , 1 - , i! reiarv, Ro\ (Jar- * • •try. KranU Mnr- j . :idvncato. Rob- / :i;;ird. A. Davis; i 1; Prindcvllle; !> '* Sr.. John l^i- 5 Tlie new grand £ ;i':.'!r«"~s. stating fj "•aii< il for the WATCHES (1 s'" <•'! »M T|Ve i Kn^ilierl \, HI. | i . ;- u i .Hi i i , ,. ' 1 i - to i i i FAR RINGS, h > L . * J *\ I ::iO, -- h U i»i k IS (MM- ' » !n i - *• \ f " I I I Mine! li J ' t ,\ » » ro: an GENTLE HOESES. AVe alwaj'S have on hand safe and yen tie 1 orse.s that ladies can drive. You will find everything *pick and spau about our stables, Mir horses good animals, and cur- '•ia*jes, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in rood r-.inmni: order all the time. W, T. RATLIPF Jor 2tst and C Sts Tel. Main 88 t - — •+ L * --f w" t- 1 A. ,^6 TALK THE GV-ODS. I M ' ; r IH/--I J l n a nn dnulit II !j»^ ht*M ofd-n UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. 1406 19th St. Phcne Mntn 1154, :: yrnr. Howell District Deputy. <;v'rf r.f Mi'- i vi'irnyr was fho vv™i V«WT nftoncrs? ' <-\iirej--.i'n th re- Vi y 'lif ^tatc deputy \Y A. Unwell an di^lrir-t deputy of Mi 1 Sivlh ilisM'iM. This in'dudes the vn'.' ; <-\- and britii;^ Vr-'.-no under Mr. Hn\v.'ir>, jun.-'liuion It is; a part of the dnt> nf ih<- (',i>trifT deputy ir» (»i- ir:ini/:e and visit cuMiwil^. Me is also nfie ru»'hnriV.f d 1 o AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE nes Cirter's Hotel, Maricopa Bakersfield Garage, Bakerafleld. Main 142. Main 1260 A GOOD HORSE V harness is as inneh out o as a piu; in a parlor. Oui 1 harness will set ofY tin •t'lty of Miiy jiniinal for M^l:: whil-' f'oi- draught \vnrk llt iron in wear, yet (ittiMt/i 'HitM 1 "'! a-; a h.'irrn* of the installation of otnVeis e;uTi ; •• t;- \ -M"'' ial ;n*. i /ram will hr- had f '. 'lie fif-*t m'-'tiiiL' in .IriTnary. when Mr. M. ( ,v\td! as di-Tk-1 d-'pnty will in- • ' "i 1 i 'Le n^i'-'ers nf M- n'-V n llODie cniill- ril. Tho r ereinony 1« an .-lahorate nnv It" i i'n:rr;!M! by the lecturer •.n in 1 ' i ii! ,'t! t mi :'!ii| ;i FOR SALE EUCALYPTUS TREES 1 MAKING PAPER FROM i CORN STALKS IS FEASIBLE. i "Uncle Sam's busy chemists in (Washington have decided that cheap , paper con be made from cornstalks. ; We have long known that wrapping I paper is manufactured out of old i rags, that the back fence can be turn: eel into perfumed and tinted atation- 'nry, and that, newspapers are made of primeval 'forests and damaged reputations. Now they tell' us that a common rural nuisance is an asset—that porno day every fanner can be his ( wn paper trust. This proposition from Washington i is music to our ears. The disappear\ anco of our forests and the machina- 1 tlons of the paper trust have made the price of paper soar like a Wright ; aeroplane. At the rate we are going 1 now paper is destined to be beyond ; the reach of ordinary mortals—paper i railroads will cost, more than real ones and paper-soled shoes will he a luxury which only the rich can enjoy. Capital Paid Up, $100,00^ Surplus. $25,000 1 WB3&-W ; . **.-» * *« visit iuir '*V i 11 \V. S. TlUlteip-.-, S t -e' ( ). 123 SO. !'.roadway, l,ns Anu'olos, Pal. '"ail'- iinil t LOG AN'GELES WANTS E SUPERIOR JUDGES. i '• ' I n;) a sma r L . n t \ HARNESS MATT SON PROS. \ , . I t ' HOO 3,000,000, Loading Varieties EucHlyptus Laml rnul Timber ! if sofnethin glsn't done about it, the <'nmpany, I'M ward (\ Cnbb, Pros, 'day will come when the Sunday newspaper will be no larger than the atlas of the world, and magazines will cost so much to get out, that there will bo no room for the advertisements. • • But it seems we are to be saved from these awful possibilities. Wtlh every farmer growing cook-books and par-wheels and lire-proof theater curtains in the vacant lot behind the barn, there Ts little danger of a world- J{p-<rular M-'iils, LVM: ;ind up. M wide lamin in paper, Astern Oysie,, ,:,.', •:,... ^! Now (loth " Uie m ^ raai ^ n fair c ass t. miicM- .v,,n (i . , 1,1 .i Buy prosen (a small and great; Mean. 1 meai^ue^ f i,,.-.., .. n . M UT ji djK-sn'i seem to worry her, and Chop Suey. i |,\, r papa pays the freight (lood Service. i 1313 19th St., Bakersflcld. A checking account with the First National Bank has r.,> many advantages that yon ,vill find it a great aid in your fiTiancial affairs. If yon have not already sueli au account with us we shall be pleased to have you open (me and test it yourself. enver Restaurant ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN UHh and H Streets. f to Charles I.. M< n west in aeres of southeast W*.' f ti f U I " If L'! Haker, quarter M. Du- West Corn puny. $1"; north east quarferhvy ,T. S. Watkins to Ureat Divide oil Co.,ii>aii>. $1". northeast, quarter see- Uon 0, 27-is. uorthoast quarter, eaut hnlf and tKirUiues-i quarler ^ecllou ,')(!, 26-18. Painosa hand r<, t« R/ f \$10; east half nf imi'lu ; t st sf»ctl(»n 3i», 2<J-2fi. Francis A, Jlollenhei !\ m 1 mat, #s'm/;. soiiihea^t qunriei 30, 9-14. .M. Purant and un*' m Ainorb-an Oattle oinpmiy, $MMI; south- <*iist quarter soot ion 30. t»-14, rt. M, Morrison (o Kern County Land $10; northwest quarter nf quarter section LM, IU-LM, lot :\ section 34, 30-28. C. i,. Taylor Company to Charles 1C. Wri^hi. $((.; jots ID nnd HI, block L'OO Kern City. Jan. B. \\ r ooHu j i' to C. I,. Martin. $10; undivided 1-4 of northeast quarter section 19, 2508, ' E. S, Uurton and wife io H. Colin, 1 1*11*; <;,K; nf'ivs iii lots 13 and 14, section 1, 30-27. ON NEW YEAR'S DAY \V E WILL CIVr. TO 0 N E OUR C t J S T 0 M L R S "HOD 1ER- CABINeT WHICH YOU CAN SEC. IN OUR WINDOW. COME IN WHEN YOU ARE UP TOWN AND WL Groceries "Wo have 1 liein. < 'ur stock is complete and \ve would be fiist.'*! lo h;ivc you call or f^ive us jiu oi'dei- i'nr anything in tiie ^rueerv line 1 . • Our stuck oi' Thjiiors is al- \vavs knit UP to tho stun Always Buy Jessie Moore Whiskey eral Diredtora Embalmers Pun o\V iristmus time is near ami vou want to >u in a sup s to oat an o ood n don worry iruinir o out where you are ra- o l labor If It's for hor.'«' i ; - •'. I'*.- 1 the l)''st-—and i'ir n drink at tiie bar. it's the OIK* you should always ask for. Have a choice in wills key always buy the best. Jessie Moore, celebrated th*- world over for its purity. U you don'v know this whiskey, U'H Mine you were ^euintf acquainted with it. Always bear the name in mind, Jessie Mooro— - and whiskey saUsUiotlon will be yours. Fred Guhther Co. Bafg am ami Hotted 1209 19th Main Store room 151 Prompt Delivery attached Phone OLD ML1ABLE Painters ENYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branohefl. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING BIGNB Phone Main 1188 19?f Wall 6t ••kerefleld, Cat.

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