The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 5, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, December 5, 1908
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Vol. XX. AKERSFIELD. CALIFORNIA, SATl'IlDAY. DECEMBER 5, long. No. 107 TAG THE SHELTER MAN WANTS GAVE GUILTY THE TAG MEN t Miserably ashamed of himself and broken in spirit and health, William Broun, aged 72 years and accused of forging a check for $40 to Brltz & Wolc06t, this morning at his arraignment In Justice Black's court, offered to plead guilty then and there and take the punishment In store for him for his crime. r "I was drunk for several weeks," he moaned, "and I have no recollection of anything I did during that time, Please show me the check and If It is my signature I will plead guilty and take my punishment. I cannot stay In that jail any longer. I am 72 years of age and the confinement Is killing me." But the process of law -would not permit of his pleading guilty then, both Assistant District Attorney Irwln and Judge Black explained, and the examination was set for Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. He was returned to Jail In the absence of the required $1000 bail. Broun claims to have been a celebrated actor In his palmy days, being known on the stage as Duncan McMillan. His crime was committed the day before Thanksgiving, when he offered a check to Brltz and Wiechett for $40 on the First National Bank. Tlie paper was cashed but there were no funds to Broun's credit to meet the check. 4 Salcldo Released. Ed Salcido, accused of attempted murder, was released last evening on $1000 bail furnished by Tony Rice. The arraignment will be held late next week, Carried Big Rock. P. J. McCarty was arrested by Officer Mortenson last night on susplc- "When searched McCarty had a The auction at Solomon & Law's [* features of! *:• John M. Wright, president of the Peerless Oil Company, came to town store will be one of the thia morning and left at once for the the evening. The gold tag Peerless lease, but before going, he crowd at 8 o'clock. N. R. Solomon, added his name for $100 to the roll of will be the auctioneer, and whoever Is will be i * r v ^^mf. ^f ••• -™- —^ — —i- — of Kern County properly * -I those who want to see the homeless children housed. "And I'd like to be one of 100 to give a similar amount," said the generous oil man, as he stepped Into, his auto. Hochheimer & Company were also among the liberal contributors to the fund , Manager Ira Hochheimer at noon today drawing his check for $50, Frank Keller, the oil man, last evening gave a Tag Day worker $26 in ooln. This piece of good news was simultaneous with another that Redllck Bros, had also contributed $50, Joe placed on sale at the store In the presence of what promises to be a big the purchaser will have a handsome souvenir. Whether the auction will take place within the store or at the dCtor t depends upon the weather. But It is certain the crowd will be there, for all will want to witness the spirited event. * * * * * * * * * * Redlick sending a check, for that amount Late this afternoon H. for the Kern County Land also sent a check for $100. A. Jastro Company, * * Handsom Adjoin for * * * A A. Weill, and A. W. Ferguson who recently purchased a half interest in the lot, will shortly begin the erection of a Ium<l9ome brick building adjoining the Masonic temple on Chester avenue. U will occupy the frontnue of 57 teol and extend back the entire depth, except for n snail .area to he used for a back yard. The building will be designed to meet the needs of a garage, will be vented to the Central " *;* * * * * * * * * * * * V *:• * * * * * * * •:• * *:• * *_• Ion. rock weighing at least six his pocket. pounds In THE PLAYGROUND WILL BE TOPIC. CAL •:* *:- *:* * William !larriri ( ;ii, for « years past one of the c'iar tors of BakorsfK'ld, died this morning at the county hospital. His aiimotu vas pneumonia brought jibout by alcoholism. He had" no relatives hi this state and no one could be found who knew of any anywhere else. He was buried In the county plot this morning. Harrison, who was popularly called "Colonel", was 88 years of age. He was a very quaint personage anil talked but little of himself and his family. v The Woman's Club will meet on Monday afternoon and Mrs A, Weill of tho domestic science section will have charge of the day. The subject will he "The Playground." Miss Pluss 'of the kindergarten will speak on this j subject and Miss Irma Weill will have a paper on "The Playground in America," Other numbers are being prepared. A. board meeting Is called at 2:30 by order of the president. FBI •:* * * V .*. * 9 .* v «% or * .*. *:• !;;;::.v-'n (at ••,-.- the Benj'»v/in Harrison and ih<; iV.rmer Prp- <lont is sai\l te \\v\- been uncle. At one time he \y.»s n. person of considerable pivmi- nence, but drink was his downfall and for man> ye rrs n-Mt he was a object of pity. His native state was Indiuu;*. TRINIDAD, Colo., Dec. 5.— With beads split open with an axe, Casino j Garcia, aged 75, and head of the ^household; Mrs. Vlvlana Garcia, his wife, aged 52; Torrivla Garcia, a son, aged, 25 and Luz Gurrule, aged GO, a ! friend, were found dead In their beds at their home on Corrlso Creek, eluh- ty-flve miles east of here yesterday. The indications are that they had ; been dead at least two days. .Maggie Garcia, aged 18, is missing, and Is believed to have also been murdered or kidnaped. .;. - Francisco Martinez has been paying *;• court to Afaggle and was ordered by * her parents to keep away. He disappeared and search Is being made for him. He was last seen, In the viola- iity of the Garcia ranch, Wednesday .*. V V V * Overcoat 4 Weather Now •5- * * V *:• Why ont You -:* Get One? •:* We know \vt» c«n tlu- are postve weve ust ihe price you wish in pay. you in style you wtiul miKim . •--- •'*•.-•' •-.-•• v-x-f IHi I T . 1 ''•',• o£ Overcoat stylos huve changed Komowluit thi> season-—light striped inaterials, heavy materials, heavy worsteds'and rou^h material "re in the greatest !•:* EVENING ESTIMATED TABS *:• * '• • ••:•*. n I f ~\ — « . l" I ' - .*. . take pleasure in \veari nir nri overcoat that's stylish, out-of-tho-ordinary and that's tlie kind we sell. We you don't need to tell know you it's overcoat tiint Promoters of Fourth of July celebrations, Board of Trade meetings, and sundry other movements of a civic nature, who have noted that men come reluctantly to a public gathering of any kind, were as- tonlshed last ovenlnp, when In to a rail of tho ladies the Board of Trade rooms were fined with enthusiastic citizens roady to go out and do thlmrs for tho Children's * * * * * * o'clock t!U ~.'K f 4 P_ • w '*» :•;/& it by the weather—all we have to here to supply say is \vo n you. * * * THE t \ ~ ^^ ^^mr^ ^ Copyright. X908. by L. ABLER. * * * i A. F. T,. and And the rnon were npt laggards either. They were sup- poped to he on hand at 7:30 and at the appointed hour, the moms wore full of citizens, many of them leading merchants and business men of the town, nnd all willinc: and anxious to tnfco part in the business of tonight. J. M. Jameson was named as chairman, and on motion of Ira Hochheimer, ho proceeded to appoint -captains to have charge of the night's hueir He named them an follows F. Stoner, James MoOulre, S. Rice, J. J. Goodwin. B. Bnindase, Alfred Harrell ,T. A. Hushes. The Working Squads. Each captain was thereupon authorized to name from tho list published In last evenlns's paper, his working squad, and each squad shall be a free lance, to po out and get money. As Trustee Stoner said, "Our business is to raise, this fund, and I'm going to do It. If \ve meet another squad we'll tag 'em and they can tag us. We'll tag everybody. The thine is to pet the money." This broifpht forth a round of applause and was fairly In- dlcntlve of the prevailing sentiment. The captains named their pquads an follows: A. F. Stoner's equad—Oen. R Parker. Frank Munzor, Frank Keller, H. A. .lastro, .T. M. Jameson, f. T-- Miller. Fre<l \V. Tegder and Phllo S. Jew- ott. James McOulre's squad—Kl- more King, M. A. Undberg, Oeo. Price, J, F. Egbert, Max Gundlacb, T,yman Ixiwell. J. W. Brlscoe and K. H. Lnveland. F. S. Rice's squad—J. W. Kelly, F. W. Robinson, Her- man'humble. J. W. Tntutn. H. I. Tupman. George Brundage and A. Weill. Joe J. Goodwin's squad—Pat, O'Brien Tommy Txive, Herb Baker. Ben SHI. Bob Price, A. E. Savoie. Fred Gunther and Tom Owens. B. U Brundage's squad—J. M. Holloway, Chas. Ball. Joe Yancey. Doc Peyton. C. S. Meroney.'.T. P. Kcrr, Tom Baker, Jim Qulnn and C. A. Hare. Alfred Hnrrell's sqund—C. K. Real. F. W. Webster. H. O. Stuart, John U Swott, Chas. P. Fox, C. A. Barlow, S. P, \Viblo Clarence J. Berry and Thomas, J. A. Hughes' squad- Bowles. ChR8. E. Day. Ross. Martin Coyne, Chas. A. Metcnlf. B. A. Hrtydrn. Tom Kllpstfin. Clarence Wilson, W. S. Kimball. Aus Stones In Uniform. Atifl Stonor In uniform—female attire—will be a feature fonight. George WhHalter today secured a princess gown or something like that for the trustee to wear tonight Also an extra long corset that goes with Hucb gowns, underskirts of pale blim with pink stockings, and the official wHl certainly he a dream when he appears in the busy mart this evening. Anybody offering to flirt with him will contribute $20 extra to the fund and Geo. Parker and J. M. Jameson will rolleot tlie flneg. To Meet Early. Tho men workers will meet at 7:30 at the Oil ExchanRo buU'JlDg, the. squads will ge.t together arid then there will be flomothJng doing every minute. Brundage's Way. Ben L. Brundage has sold all of hiH tags before starting, adopllnfi the simple expedient of soiling $10 worth to each of bis committee. And yet somebody called B< i n a farmer once. A Big Night. But there's Rolng to be a bi« nl«ht tonight. And a busy too. And a paying night for the Ohildren'B Shelter. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * '* * * Day! How much? Fresno, $3000. Stockton, $1!200. HnkeTsfield ? Who can say? But at !' afternoon the outlook IB splendid. For how much? \Vell for more than $•11)01). $5000? May be—and H may IK? more. But one thing is certain, at this time. 3 o'clock p. in., and that Is that, the Children's Shelter is going to have a home. The work or taKRini; bt^;m early, nnd it has continued uninterrupted during the day. Men c.une ilowu tlie streets early this morning umlecorat- ed. But their button holes nnd burtons wore soon full, nnd Htll! they bought. They bought and Kmilcd, jimJ thoiijthoy bought somo more. At noon Hir mnantfors over In the oil exchange building bec;ime alarmed ox'or a poHHJblo ihortago of tags nnil they ordered 2'l.fJOO more, maki::^ a total of 105,000 tags that have been printed. And the calls for *li*»in were continuous. Workers rfnbl out, ;m<l wont for more tags ainl then some. Hu.sirit.xs houses werf l:ivj»('«»d. nn i n everywhere woro the biuU?es. nnd tho number grew as the day ndvanced. But there is no line on the result, as to actual money. That is only guess work- at this writing. Only you may ho Hiiro li's going to be something worth while. The offer of a ^ite alnu- n-preHi :it : ; u gift of $f>(ioo. Add to that tho collections of t'v day, and what's tho nu-Hwr-v? At Headquarters, Itown at the Oil Exchange, Mrs \Vcbster and Mrs. \V. ].. Dixon and other workers wore Imsy g» i n«M'nls with tho army of workers. Thoro was h:ick for tho solirl gold tag whicli Ks to be auctioned off tonight at S o'clock at tlie American Jewelry Company's More. Messrs*. Solomon and Law have the beautiful trophy and al- r< ,i> ore hat? boon much rivalry ufsj»1;i>od for tho possession of U. .John Oswald opened the bidilfng this attornoYm l»y ottering $25 hut ho was .soon raised to $;!•"> by Charles Mer- onoy. Others Jnterotited gradually forced tin? price upward until at 3 o'clock $*io was the standing hid. John. Oswald having gone that biuli. Much spirited bidding Is expected tonight. Through tho kindness of V. S. No- vlus, traveling for the American Bls- c'uit Company, an Impromptu auction sale of fancy cartooned cakes was held In the lobby of the Southern Hotel un ; lor the auspices of Mrs. .T. Benson \Vronn. .Mrs. H. Badge) 1 and Miss Mar- narot Robertson, who \\ ore stationed there. Mr. Kevins contributed n small wagon lo;uJ of stock during the morning and the* ladies iU-eidod upon an HMO! \nn .salo t o open at 'A ; :»0 as tho bnst ii'-nTis of disposing of the articles. Mr. Kevins noted as tho man on tho. block and succeeded in raising n rinnMorable sum. The product of tho A. H. Company a v o all good soll- ors but it is safe to day they never before brought tho prices they did this al'ternoon. THE YANKEE TURNS * * * v * * V A * * * * * * * * * * * * * money to receive, fresh -supplies of 'agK to gtv nut and surely it was a hustling rl.'i.v ;if homlfjiirJi'lers. Tin* .same \va* true of Kern. T'.Ir:. ro!''iii;-M W-T- Kent moving I hro:!- 1 ; V out the ( to the needs of Ihe workers, and the rcfuniw promise in be something h.mdsonn* It is estimated that llu-oii:Jintit tin- rounty. l lie Midi UK I tie men who take up tho burden oi' the labor ei- nightfall, (.lit* workers mimber no les.t t hall tiod. They are at every available? point, evoii as far away MS the south nnd Uelano And every section and Is making good, from at't- * * * Harr L. 0. * * * * *i * * * * t.*i^*l^ K 1 1 ( i \i f o i I The largo in tun * * •iS- * * * BLOOM land it Is believed the murders were commuted that day. Garcia was a Randsburg on on the north', every district all reports. Will Give Prize. hate thin afternoon It was agreed that a $10 prize should go to the man who showed the inowt tags tonight at 11 o'clock—tags he purehaHOd himself. Tho award will be made at headquarters, and is looked «( ,'f o'clock Ilk*? J, K. Dearth, J. M. Jameson and A. K. Stonor wore likely candidates for the houor. The Biggest Bunch. One of the biggest bunches of Uigw In evidence on a single wourer wurw sported by J. F. Dearth, superintendent of tho, power house In 1 he, canyon. Mr. Dearth had almost. 100 tags, the rout rihnlion of the power house em- ployes. A little typewritten slip with 'Power House Cam;" written thereon \votl to the ptihJk' ihrif tlie kni-r the dynamo although so.venu "s away, were hero in .spirit, At the Harvey House. themselves to be clover were supplied with a j ment of tho tags early and the ninny railroad boys and others who entered the establishment during tho, day escaped none of the fair workers. From other Cities. Many tags, HonvcnlrK of Tag Days :;ono by in other cities, won* in evidence. Nate Hake,!' wort! one that wan sold during tho. St. Louis World's Fair on tho famous St, I.OUIH day and finite a few from San Francisco and Los Angeles tag days adorned the lapels oi' the coats of BakorsfiHdans who were In these cities when Tag Days were in KWII.V. Hilly Horn*-, at'ier \\itt spacloiiH front had been covered with until (here was hfirdiy nny more on which to put a pin, adopted "!'.';" Hltfii. Urn J) did no good. h* was turkey 1'or the workers and ii/r.v Hilly is having tho hack of Ills ( mi tilled. "Tag me, .1 am single," v,,i- tlie letiorlug on one lag worn by •>d looking young gentleman, and way tin- charming young ladies went after him was far from slow. Early Workers. Mis ,1 Benson W'ronn and Mr.-. H. iilgor were among tlie ftrst at work fu the down town HOC!Ion. Mrs Wrutin took a station at the Southern Hotel desk and no person who looked like a ready ten cent piece, OH- cwped. Some looked like u dollar, and beter, too. Baer's Silver Tag, Tho silver tag, which Haor's drug .store will present to tho ludy return.' ing the largest amount of money from the sale of tags, was placed on oxhl* hiton (his morning on tho Chester avenue display window of tho store. It is engraved on ono sldf with a rogu- latlon owns and Hakorsflold Tug, The winners namo will be Inscribed on the reverse Hido. Auction Sale. The United States cruiser "Yankee, which was floated yesterday after being aground on a reef at the, western entrance of Buzzard's Bay for several weeks, sank early today off T^ee Panl! Rose Island. The ISO members of the 1 crew wore landed safely. i j The Yankee was proceeding under ; low to tills city accompanied by the navnl collier Lebanon and two tugs. ' Darkness came on nnd It wns decided | not to try to come Into New Bed- .ford nt night. The ships anchored at i Leo PanikoKC Inland. The Yankee 'sank at 7 o'clock this morning.* No ! details are obtainable, but it la under. ( stood she turned turtle. It Is reported ' tho ship IB in fairly shallow water and tho funnels are still showing above tho surface, and It (s thought who can be raised HEAD ON COLLISION IN SEATTLE WITH FATAL ENDING. SEATTLE. Dec:. 6.—Gun Olsen, A motorman, was fatally hurt and about thirty others more or less seriously Id- jnred In a hoad-on collision of two heavily loaded trolley cars In a dense foK nn the University line at East- hike avenue and Roauoke street thl» inornlnR. There were seventy pasaen. jrerrt in one car and a hundred and twenty in the other. The fronts were to splinters. RECEIVERS DISCHARGED, prrrsruwG, Dec. 5.—neetovers of the WoKtlnghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company and Securities Jn« vos'ment Company wore discharged In the rnlted States Circuit Court today. MOST EVERYONE IN TOWN HAS A BAD COLD. Bui tak< vmi can if you Cold and Grippe Cure start your cold will depart quick- i a '. th. We don't umlorstaud . why anybody would lot a cold develop, when it he so easily eliminated from the sys- t<*m. Kinjr up at Main 64 and have a tMo, package delivered if you wish to bo sa£c from dangers that e$lds al- i ways threaten. THE KODAK STORE J. A. Hughes, The Leading Prescription Druggist, Phones Main (4 and 74, - ^.

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