The Parsons Sun from Parsons, Kansas on November 29, 1978 · 10
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The Parsons Sun from Parsons, Kansas · 10

Parsons, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1978
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fr i Results Don Allegrucci in the 5th district and Democratic incumbent Dan Glickman won by 56285 votes over Republican James Litsey in the 4th district The top Republican vote getter facing major party opposition statewide was Mrs Kassebaum She received 403354 votes to 317602 for Roy James Maher Conservative Party candidate had 22497 votes and Russell Mikels Prohibition Party 5386 Insurance Commissioner Fletcher Bell Republican polled 555089 votes but was opposed only by Glen Shields Prohibition Party who tallied 86407 On the Democrat side the No 1 vote getter was State Treasurer Joan Finney who had 392739 votes to 277439 for Republican James L Ungerer Benjamin Baxter Prohibition Party had 20851 Here are the candidates and votes in other statewide and congressional races Governor-Carlin 363835 Bennett 348015 Frank Shelton American Party 17053 Barry Beets Prohibition Party 7343 Secretary of State-Jack Buer Republican 360993 Betty Paxson Democrat 292935 Sharon Scoggin Prohibition Party 24498 Attorney General-Stephan 389398 Schneider 328010 Vearl A Bacon Prohibition Party 12194 Congress 2nd district- dCPnney The First National Bank and Trust Company Member FDIC 1900 Main Parsons Listed Jeffnes 76419 Keys 70460 Congress 4th distnct-Glick-man 100139 Litsey 43854 Congress 5th distnct-Whittaker 86011 Allegrucci 62402 Jack Blackwell Prohibition Party 2353 Reps Keith Sebelius and Larry Winn both Republicans who were unopposed in the 1st and 3rd Congressional districts received 131037 and 103265 votes respectively Kay Groneman Democrat received 33840 votes for the state Board of Education in the 1st distnet without opposition George J Frey Republican defeated Enoch Jackson Democrat 40358 to 30926 in the 2nd distnet Harold H Crist Republican was a 40007 to 30990 winner over Charles W Johns Democrat in the 5th distnet John Bergner Republican defeated Will T Billingsley Democrat m the 7th distnet 38716 to 33040 and Denise C Apt Republican was a 35670-30599 winner over Democrat Kevin L Neuer in fhe 9th district Three Supreme Court justices were retained in office with these votes- Kay McFarland 432994 to 103199 Richard W Holmes 406177 to 98833 and Perry L Owsley 400353 to 99533 Court of Appeals Judges were retained with these votes Bob Abbott 409732 to 94816 Corwin C Spencer 404239 to 91-467 and Joe Haley Swinehart 384973 to 105141 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 Catalog 421-3200 $jj V V

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