The Evening Mail from Stockton, California on March 10, 1902 · 8
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The Evening Mail from Stockton, California · 8

Stockton, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1902
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I STOCKTON EVENING MAIL, MONDAY, MARCH 10, 1902. WAS J, P. CROWTBER WICKED OR GREER? Man imsicd lor Pdisicg a Bogus CbecM May Hath Been Victim of a Joke. PAX FRANCISCO, March 10. J. Pollard Crowther is out on bail and tells a tale of miH'laotd confidence. Crowther is the young man wncm Landlord J. A. Robinson ol the Kniekerboe ker hotel, on Van Ness avenue, charges with having part'd upon him a lkuriuus check for $100, drawn upon the Wells-Fargo Lank r.f this city, in payment of a bill which included ret only the ordinary items of lodging and sustenance, but at leari one entertainment given, in most approved form, to some of the city's fa. rest and m st exclusive daughters. I'ruwther states that he rectiwd the check in good faith fiom ainth,r p- r-sn: and gaw it to lL.bun-'-n in the belief that it was genuine. A. far as they have gene, the polne have vended tins stuy m t-veiy par tvulai . He has Ken detected in no missiat n.eiits of tact. The man whom he names as the giver of th-' elvek. which bore the signature of Y. B. Benedict. admits that he did so, but says he gave it "as a joke." The humo!:.-t is a v.Hl-krown v ung feh.w about town, who ha-. figured before this, in many episodes of the tenderloin. He is n r.t- other than J. Morgan Smith, who has pos-ed in the past as a nephtvv of J. IMerpont Morgan, and is the hvio of a whaling voyage lo the Arctic in the capaciiv ot a foransth-hand. According to Crow ther, Smith is the Cause of his piestnt Double. Amoi-Png to Smith. Crow ther is tne v.etim of a Jiuge joke. Roth asriee that they had known licit other but a short time. Th substance of t luvvthei's stuw is ae follows: One night, ovt r a v.oik ago. while I was dining m a little Bohemian party at a Meviotii restaurant on Rreadway. I saw Snnih in.iovmg a similar time. We saw other siv- ral t.ntes afti r that. Finally, last Wednesday, when 1 was very much worried over the non-arr.val of ex-pt etv-il finals, and after the episode at the Knh kerbocki-r hotel, in which i had told them 1 ws going t give up my room that day. 1 met Smith again at a saloon. We got into conversation, during whkh it developed thit he was very well acquainted with a fra nd of mine named Dudley, a Princeton man like Smith. We found that we also had other common acquaintances. Ho had some fr.ends with him. ami i. m view of my shortage ol finals, frankly called him aside ami told him that 1 really could mu afford to remain and buy drinks, as I was short of money. "Whv, don't let that worry you." he replied. "I have a friend who will let you have a hundred lor a few days, if you are a friend of old Dudley." He took me to the Palace hotel, where he left me for awhile, and came back with the check payable to my order for $kn. He gave it to me: 1 offered him a receipt, which he refused, and 1 thought he was simply a thoroughly good fellow who was willing to help me out of a temporary difficulty. I had told lum w'nat my hotel bill was. and that 1 would have some dollars in change coming from the check after it was paid He s tid that he felt just lke going aronm town a bit that night, and that if 1 would del him have $K out of the change we would roam about for awhile. I gladly agreed to Ft him have it. Robinson, though, did not have enough cash for ail the change. He went to a store near the hotel to try to get it. tint could not. so he at last gave me $5 cash and his check for the difference. I went downtown ami tried to get the check cached, but could not. After several attempts, which failed because I did not find anyone who knew me. 1 went after Smith again, but he had gone. ARE SATISFIED WITH OILED ROADS. What Supervisors of Yolo Couoty Thisk of Highways They Inspected here. From the Woodland Democrat. Supervisor Hoppin returned from Par Joaquin county this morning. He and Supervisor Kussell went over there on Thursday to examine a section of public road upon which uil has been applied and both of them are pretty well convinced that the time is coming when oil sprinkling will be geneialiy substituted for water sprinkhrg. They saw a mile of oil-sprinkled road between Ftocktnn and Woodbridge, th base of which is a sandy loam. The nad was properly giaded before the oil was applied. It is now in line condition, shds water readily, and with proper care is nut so likely to cut up as a water-sprinkled road. Supervisor Hoppin also viewed another section of road over an adobe soil This road was not properly prepated. The oil was applied on a llat suiface, con sequently there is a tendency to cut through. Nevertheless the mad is in fair condition, and practically flee fiom mud. Both Supervisor Ku.-sell and Supervisor Hoppin are so Well satisfied with thf oil treatment that each wiil enter int contract to have oil applied to five or six miles of road in his respective district. BURGLARIZED A CAR AT LODI Frank Th'-mpson. alias Wilis Phoenix colored, Is in the County Jail on the charge of burglary and two other men ar- wanted for the same crime. He was arrested early Saturday evening while trying to dispose of ;i lot of un-a-'arwear and furnishing goods takem from a freight car Saturday evening at Lodi.- The prisoner is said to be a hard character and is tucuse-d by the police of thrcH burglaries pr-Mous to this. With white man he came to this city t-arly Sat urday evening and nff.-jvd the furnishing goods for sale. H is belit-l to have disjMjse-d of a lot ! it bcfiuc he was tak into custody. When (juestioneil by the police he told S'-vi-ial differerr stoiies as to how he ean;e mio itosse.-Lin of the merchandise, all of whnh vas new and diiect from the packing cas . TWO ESTATES. ( C. Fianklin, the Publi tor, te'-day filled ajqdii ations f administration upon the persons who died intestate. V-one application, W. R. Wlh leaving an estate amounting : con-'isting of $2'D0 m bank in St-ukt $10. (DU in bank at lone, a not. f.r $7i;ti aiuRrcal estate valu--d at $2uuo. The ot)-e' was Ah Hung. According o. the an lication his estate is worth $6un. th'-ru bing $:on in bank in Stockton ami p sonal property valu-d at STOCKTON DEBATERS WON Defeated tbe Modesto Team Saturday Night la Ibat Town, At Modesto Saturday c-nin Stockton High school d 1 itu. decision over a team compos 1 of Modesto High school studems. The suiqec for debate was "Resolved, That capital Xunishment should be abolished Stockton had the affirm itiv1. and the Stockton team was compa-rj of Homer Keyes. Bruce Johnson and RichnionJ Turner. The Slodesto train was Dan ('Leary, Frank Cressey and Ram Kvan T; r .uiog p were Judge Minor. Attorney Tko,;,s ilnilin and J. II. Wilkinson. The do sum was unanimous. The argument of the Stockton debaters was consistent and well-sustained tl,n u?.mu.t, and their delivery was much -liji. to that of the Modesto team. 1 pt J iiest i tiam was not weak, by any ,, .-a and the argument advanced by mimi Kvai.s was tine in every way. He on.- no. well suj ported, however, there being a lack of it am work. The Stock-Mi I 'i vs Were well treated at Modesto aid :;ay report having l,a i a delightful tarn. 1 he audience was most impartial, aid toe applause was unstinted when ociJsion warranted it. TC-DAYS GRAIN QUOTATIONS. R-.f.vtl Over the Mails Leased Wire. SAN FliANGJPGO, March 10 May No sales. Wheat dull: Decetnh r, cash, $i.lll4 Rarity steady; May, . December. Tie1-0; cash. 9'e CllliAGO, 10. May wheat ope md st TMsC L ,, 'c. ailvancenl to 7S'4e h'h! ast d oil to 77c. Close; Wheat Ni .na h. 7r8o : May. 77c; July. 773c''a77C-v: y m- r. Tfo.e. l.lH-KKMih, March lu. Close: Wheat M.s! n. 6s till; May. 0s l-'4tl: July, 6s 1-Sal. F0M THE 01)1 FALL SEWER. The Retard of Public Works to-adopted plans for the outfall sewer, oj-Lrol an advertisement lor bids, prop sits to lu1 in by 10 oclock on niorr.iig of Monday, th Llth in Dm t all contemplate? the furnishin 6214 Vet of sixttcn-imh pipe, with in i : ns, and the laying of Lite same, g. ther with the 1. iyhig of about 2i of f. .in iccn-ire-h ii e now mi hand. J.iv ai d the Dm mi. THE RAINFALL. lainfill H.-t iVtuiday niah: am anted u .17 of an inch, making l.t for the month thus far and 12.22 for th-' a-ason to date, fts against lor th-c-i.ncsronuing p riod last season. CASHES HERE AND THERE. Rebel trtugal. nslap. The steamer Grisbo. which was blown through a h-vee and upon Winters island, b. t-n lta uled back into the river again. W. Galway was operated on this orning at St. Josephs Home, a growth ing removed from his neck. Dr. . J. Young performed the- operation. Ed. Luvergne and Fred Cogshall. accused of a burglary committed in the City omostead. pleaded not guilty to-eiay, ami their trial was set for the l.Mh inst. Drs. Taggart and Southworth of this city will attend the thirteenth semi-an-mi d session of ihe Ran Joaquin Valley Medical Association at Fresno to-morrow. The local W. C. T. U. will hold a meeting at 2 oclock to-morrow afternoon, aft-which there will be a meeting of the Department of Christian Citizenship, td followed by a tea. The High school team defeated the Gas ty tfam 3:1 to 6 and the Business College defeated the Gas City team by a score of last Saturday evening at the opening of the b tsketball tournament in the M. C. A. rooms. Games will be played ry Satunlay night. Andrea Pedrotti. The man who, while offering from the- effects of liquor, enroll Senator Muenters house at Lathrop t week under the impression that it as his own home, was discharged from eb tention hospital Saturday, where he had been confined under the erroneous impression that he was insane. and Thomas Home, natives of v L-re to-day bieimitted to e-tti- PERSONALS. Mr. and Mrs. R. Rarcroft of Madera are visiting relatives here. Attorney John A. Clark returned yesterday from a business trip to Newman. Prot-ssor Rmytho, who is to deliver a iure on irrigation this evening at Ihe M-lung of the Chamber of Commerce, is guest at the Imperial. L. O. Stamper, who for many years has been e-ashier for the California Naviga- on Compsny. left Saturday evening for m Fran Deo and other points on a two months vacation on full pay. M. V. Daggett of Folsom, who came to Stocktm. Sunday noon to visit his elaugh- Mrs. J. Y. Crawley, returned home to-dav. accompanied by his younger iught'-j. Mr-. R. T. Howard, ami little rand-on. R-n Si. C. Frank, the advance Yepre-seniut'e of Alex. J. Mclvor Tyndall, the lebiaMd mind-rea li-r. whose performance?. lure in the past excited great wonder. n in town m-eluy. Hi expects make a d etc t r the appearance of Pro-.ssor Tni.ill at the Yo Semite' theater. Both Under Age. Janirs Loian Isbell of Lathrop. at 2D years, was to-day granted a license to wed Jennie DrunsfieUl of French Canij aged 16. A -a will be seen, both are underage. However, they had obtained the written ons-.-nt of their parents to many. BORN. CHRIST Ri this citv. M.ere-h 9. the- win of C. C. Christ, a so. Illinois Anti-Trnst Law Unconstitutional. 0 0 0 ooo O Received Over the Mail's Leased Wire. 0 WASHINGTON, March 10. The O United States Supreme Court to- 0 day di-cid-d the Illinois anti-trust O statute to be unconstitutional be- O O cause of the provision of the law ex- O O entpting agricultural products and O liveb'tk from the npeiatiuns of the law. j Q Tbe da imn was rend-nd in the O case of Thomas Connelly and oth- ers against the Union Sewer Pipe Company of Ohio and was cUliv- 0 er d by Just'c Harlan. OOCOQOOOOOOOOOGO Oag Pleaded Guilty and Will Be Hanged. Rccc-ive.d Over the Mails Leased Wire. SAN FRANCISCO. March 10. Judge Cook to-day irnpOM-d th- sequence of death on Chew Lan ong, a Chinese high binder, who. on July 2:th last, shot and instantly killed a four!--n-year-o)d lad named Gin Do Ling, who was heir to an estate in China. The Chinese refused to stand trial, and insisted upon pleading guilty, and th- duty of aiding as both Judge and jury tints devolved upon Judge Cook, w iiu impost (1 s nteiice as slated alien e. For Over Sixty Years Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrup hfus been uned for children teethlr.g. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and i3 the best remedy for diarrhea. Twenty-five cents a bottle, mwf Removed. J. 55. Edwards, who formerly conducted a raw ur.d ft ' ond-hand store at 210-212 East Market street, has moved to 127 South Center street. H r.ow has a nice line of stoves, tin ar.d hardwciit anil gemril household goode. m:5-lw John P. Fri7fll, M. D.t Physician and Purgec Licentiate Kir. ar.J Queens College of Phyt-iaans, Ireland. Registered by Slate Me ii -al Board. Office hours: 10 to 12 a. m.. 2 to 4 p. m. Office and r -ddeuiro. Commercial hotel, Stockton, Cal. pnont green 301. fe24 Use gas if you want to save money. Bids Her In at Auction fir $670Q-Will Convert Btr Into a Freight Beat, and thinks Be Made a Big Bargain. Reproduced by the Mail Artist fio:u u photograph taken soon after th'Daunt-leas was brought to this- city by the wrecking crew. The wi. k of the steamer Daunt:- s. 1 belonging to the Union Transport:.!!- n Company, was auctioned off to-day u Captain Rro.-k for $G700. He intenels n convert her into a freight boat, and d dares that the wreck is worth at Ua- $10,000. By putting the b-at into shape again lie expects to make $20,000 Do.1' within a yeai. A t. amboat being a very unui d thing to be knocked dow n under th hammer, a good many people gath-r 1 the freight shed of the Union Cum-pany at 2 oclock this afternoon, that bring the time announced for the sale. J. Gail acted as auctioneer. The first bidder was a junk man. who offered $150. Captain Brooks immediately raised h.-bid to $4ioo, and the junk man nearly t :1 over backward. From that point on the bids were lais-d steadily to the selling price, the jumps being sometimes by $25. frequently by $50. and occasionally by $100. Captain Brooks hesitated several times and Fumed on the point iff quitting, wn-ntip.n President Gillis of the Inion Comtmny. who was an interested spectator, e.illd out, "Oh, youie no steamboat man. i,p-tain. Among the bidders va Sinai, the junk drab-r. When the' figures reached t;v vicinity of the top notch he icmurked: Odd Scenes at the Coming Ashore of Three Shiploads of Italians. From the New York Post, Fvbiuary 27th. This was (listin' tiy Italy's day at the Barge office. Throe steamships from Naples. bringing in all 2347 immigrants, arrived in port almust simultam- msly this morning the Lombaidia with 1137 immigrants. the Lahn with 652, and the Silicia with Coo. With the unloading of the raw material from which th- future American itiZidi will be molded, the plaza stretching back from thea-wall at the battery to the elevated railroad ! '-ame aflame with gm genus bits f color, fiery scarfs and shawls and neckerchiefs, all of which the raw material of to-day will discard disdainfully as soon as R becomes thoroughly Americanized. From Ellis island the immigiunts were sent over to the Bargo ollic- !n lots of from three to five bundled. And with the first consignment it became evident to the Barge office men that sonic restraining inliueme was imperatively necessary. With the very first load the services of two Barge fli'-e attendant siationed on the pir and those of two deckhands on the Ellis island boat wviv jequired to restrain an Americanized Neapolitan from welcoming his m-wly imp-upfi bride in midiir over the icy waius of the bay. While the boat was .-Lii! mam ftet from ihe landing the bridegroom and his bride simultaneously caught sight of one another. and simultaneously thov started to leap into each other s aims. "Theyre too many for m " said the P.aige office man, and tel phoned toqxdice hcadquai ters for help. A roundsman and two patiolmen were sent to hnu. The roundsman was not an impKssiunable ofThcr. and the warm Latin fervor with which th future citizens w ore w e homed by the gloat crowd of chattering, shuf.iing ri;nies did not appeal to him uppan inly u fiikd him with disgust. "R j ou aint got a tiket m cant get thiough. was a pioGumatiou which he repeated at int'rals of Inmi four to six seconds. "I haa no tick, but I hau th telegram. explained a b lit old woman in a i ae picker's diess. but with two great bits of eoial dangling from ln-r ear-. "Lemmo look at it," demanded the un-svmputhetie roundsman, snatching at the same time the official blank which the bent old woman h-!d out to him. It wa.J dated from Ellis ii-land an hour or two befop', and i ad. "Your sun a stowa,a. onie to Barge office at once with $10." "And I have the mon," x.-laimed the mother, her soft - snapping triumphant lv. "Go on with vou." commanded the e motionless roundsman. It was not a re.-otd day, but it was the largest Italian importation that has been handled by the immigration officers this year, and marks, according to Commissioner Fitehie. ih- beginning of the spring and summer stream of immigration which sets in from the Mediterranean. "Well, I wont bid any more, because Captain Brooks is a friend of mint', and he might get mad: hes bound to have the boat, anyway, and Jd only be running the price up on him. Say. Captain, why dont you give me 25 ee'nts to go home?" "Why dont you pay me to go? "Ill give you $1) if ou will. was the retort. Sinai bid as high as $6925, P. S. Marshall of San Francisco $6650. and A. Cohn, the junk dealer. $6000. After the sale someone remarked to Mr. Gillis that he did not appear to have had anyone bidding in his interest. "No." was the response, "1 decided to part with the boat, and so I gave the boys a fair show." "1 suppose, remarked the questioner, "that she brought enough to leave quite a sum after paying the expenses of raising her. "Just about enough to cover the expenses. was the reply. It is said that one of the companys objects in auctioning the boat off was to lix definitely the value of the wreck, as a factor to he used in a damage suit which will probably be brought against the Navigation Company, owner of the boat that sunk the Dauntless. The original value of the latter is said to have been about $75,000. and. the sale of the wreck for the price at which she was knocked down opens the way for the Inion people to bring suit for over $63,000 damages. Interesting Gossip of National Celebrities and Their Doings. PUOR SENATOR CLARK! A faw bays ago, wlvn it was cold for Washington.. S.-nator Clark of Montana walkal o i r from the Maltby building to the Capkcl i;h ut hie overcoat. When he came up the terrace etets he was shivering. A par ty of D. A. R. delegate.? were seeing tin sights. Om .-ympathetie lady notie cd the shiverirg .Montanan, and said: "On. sa tlwit poor man! How cold he- look! I wonder why he doesn't wear an ovoreoa; "Perhaps lie cant afford ont, chirped young woman in the party. "i guic-s he could if he would ernromiz. for awhile." pul in the guide. "He's woitn only a hundred million or so. Thats Satator Clark, the copper king." WOULD NOT BE DISCHARGED. One of tne colored men cmploywl on the Senate die. of the Capitol i. Jerry Hi-grizzled and old. and has been there many ye. a is. Not long ago it was dc:dn that voui gt i man should, have Jury's pin . Jit i was told about it. but he- kept sttadily work. Finally, in desperation. Serg aot-at Atm- Ran-riell s nt for Jury. Tile ag.A negro ca mi into the office. "Now. Jury. sdd Mr. Rankle ih "weve got to have vour piace. You cant stay here ai y long. You're di-ch.trg. d." "Oh. emit yuitr foolin. Masr Ran.Akll -aiil J:ry. "You're1 kupin' me fiom my w r? k . " He tcddled back and is there still. DEPKWS LATEST JOKE. This is the latest Depw joke. A tiae-her aske-1 eaeh one ot h r pua.l wiite an example of a long suuenoe. 1 he e'l' strugglul to produc comlnnati'ns of wnnls longer than "Pit the cat or "Ih dog is black." A small bny in the rear row chon sirugeit any. lb tutici .n as his idea of Erg s ntt ne-e the ward-. 'Tab-- imnnson-m nt." iGtt-it laughter by S natcr Dtptw.) MORGAN IN THE PRESIDENT'S SEAT. Once in h's life. ( v n if it should m v r hap. pen again. J. Pierpont Morgan on Monday occupied a ?-at r.s rvd for the- Prsid nt of the United States. During the visit of Prince Henry to tne Senate two or time people tnund affiance to Hit- ftont low of seats r - rvul for the Prts'dtni and his family in the private Senate galleij. Sitting on the end seat, in the Pn dd nt.- place, was loimer S a -tary of State Ri, har 1 Oiney. Mr Morgan occupie! th tat imtnr-liauly behind Mr. oin y. Al the opposiie end of the ,-cme row eat Cornliua N. Bliss. All thin gr.tlmn lisP-ufJ for two or tlirr-c nours to the eklau. Then Mr. Olni-y K ft. and Mr. Mou-gan bid a chance to move down and lake the seat that hid been oe-ruph d by Mr. (ln. 1 1 iikid this scat eo well that he remained nlnio- until th final vole on the Phil'ppine tariff bill was reached. WHAT MAN DIDNT KNOW. "What ,w .s-inn of Congn is this?" fked Senator Masai of a woman m the- menhir iom to-ei.u as he tuck a card of adniincn lo the ri-erved geillay from his pocket. He had wriuai the womans mime on tin -.ud, but he .-lumbhel when it came to naming the stseicn. "Why. Senator, don't ou know wba s- s-slon it Is?" epnri'd the wennan in as'oni.-h-n cnt. "No. 1 do nr't." gravely eKolarul Mi. Mi- n. and turrirg to a clerk he asked whether was tne Fifty-exth tvssion. The clak told him it was the Fifty-seventh. "If I were a monitor of Congress." said the oman, I would know in what &-:on I rv t eh "Tr.ut is just wh'n you would foiget it, and many othtr tning.3, re. plied the tk-nator, as hi h u did her the card ar.d waiktu away. ROW BAILEY SILENGED FOHAKKR. During S, rater Raiby's 1'miit in the senate f r ihe rights of the Slate of South Carol n.i be had lilts with many ot the Republican teurs. He sileiicrd all comas. When Senior Hear dung cxime legal question at him he slid -uaMiy: Of cour.-e, when the venerable S orator fiom Maseae ha- tie as-ke about the law the qtu -tiun answers itself. Tnr ventrabL- Senior frem M.L-.saehi wtts is so elistingmamd a iwyer thit tvai if 1 thought him wrorg 1 liould 1? tate tc say so." Thai St-natcr Forakt-r took a hand "That ma be the law in Ti," he- stud, but it is i. at in any other State 1 have ew-r Rani of." Tiuie i- a gnat elenl of 1 iw the P nate-r frnm Ohio M-- not heard of," said Saiator .iile-y. phasanily. Forukcr was l.ish. He' came ha."k again: "Fudi ubtedlx. arc! esjucially in Ttxa.-. from what tin- Senator has said." i'.aile y pLye d with him. I bn! ih msfortunc once to try a e.iv in nhi . and 1 learned -seme- rtmarkabk- law hi r-." I haw no iToubt you Darned something bt'fi n- you got through with it." Forakt-r ,n a back R. p'lblicars laughed. Y s," dr.rvlt J Baile y : "if there is mu-'h to be- ! allied there I r-mmend tin- Sirator fiom Cdo to day there as much ad his S.n-:e i i-tl i mies will allow." And Fw.ake r sat down. Ri- SI RENTS CABINET OF EN-COW-BOYS. Datir.s a lull in a Cabinet mpct't.g sunn Umc age cm of the Cabinet numb is upuk. q ilnvua cruj to jusluiv, when the quts-a - a He iiru i t of ns in our boyhood days i w- to pr'.-tut ?" .i hvIcpei that every one of the rs nffiiial fnnril had pcrformei tint in l.H youth. Pic-i.l cn io WORLD DINE' IN TILLMANS PLACE. l'rv'Mlciu RC'.'wrlts d'rfber lo Prince Hn-y lias furnished Wa-huigton wiih a choice msirsai of gissip. Sna:r Martin's curt dfeii-iticn of the' invitation which had be n withdrawn from Saiatcr 'lillman is talked of mo.-t. The invitation wassi-nt about 3 o'clock. u:d brior rvctiving a r ply the name was includtd in the list of guists given to the pre.-s. Hi nator Martin w;iJ not at hetne wh.n the invitation was rteuved. but the momau he go: it he dispatched a r-ite regrttting his iiiah'lity to accept. He as-igned no reason ther than this. NAUGHTY BOYS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. The dinn.r of the Presiduit to Prince Hr-n-' was copeide red quite a success for a Washington function. A part of the function which the President did r.ot see was the acrobatic performance of Kumit Roosevelt and his two e-hums. The boys were allowed to r(-mahi in the corridor, the musicians were placed. When the Prince and his staff departed, about 10:30, the boys followed the proce-ion to the main entrance, turning handsprings to the ?Gund of the music. One .f the Gel man officers caught sight of the performance and lift the White House shaking with laughter. Canada Sap and Maple Syrup Tho hard-to-please customer who wants the best of everything should trade with J. G. Strohmeier, successor to. Hansel & Strohmerer, corner Channel and Hunter streets. He is now making a specialty of his Canada sap. maple syrup and sugar. Attention is called to his lines of choice, staple and fancy groceries, canned goods, etc. ja22tf Business Chance. Flock and fixtures of Beldings dry goods store. No. 12 North El Dorado street, for aile. Fine stand for dressmaking and art goods in connection. Counters for e.ile separately. All goods at greatly reduced prices until sale is made. mr5-lw Instruction in Pianoforte Theory, Mi Hjerleid-Shelley, pupil of Herr Barth, royal professor and court pianist, Berlin. Studio, rooms 409-410 Yo Semite theater building. felO-lm Malt for Sale. Dairymen and those feeding stock can secure malt in any quantity by applying at the Dorado Brewery, Stockton, Cal. felS-lm Are You Troubled With Pimples, Blackhead?, moth, tan or sore face? If so, try face manage. To be had at Keseels Commercial hotel barber shop. 25c. mr5-lw The Frauen-Vereins Party. Eintracht Frauen-Verein will give a social at Masonic hall on March 16th. Admission. 25 cents. mr3-lw NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. COME AND SEE our new R. and 1. gloves for Easter in all the new shades. ( O. IU-nm it, 320 East Main st. mrlutf FOR RENT Furnished housekeeping rooms. 27 street. rooms: also East Channel mrlO-lw LOST A ladys small silver watch. Finder will be rewarded upon returning it to 246 East Lafayette street. mrlO-lw FOR SALE TH) acres of good land, cheap, for colonists, and loo acres in grain near Lodi; $55 an acre. F. McD. Green, real estate, 24 South Sutter street. mrJ-lin WANTED Young man to work on small raneh; must understand taking care of sto-k; good home and fair wages for right party. Call at 112 East Main street. rnrlu-lw Snell Bicycles, The lightest of all high-grade wheels. Marvels of beauty, speed, simplicity, durability and sterling worth. 19j2 models now in. We want you to see them before buying elsewhere. SALEACHS CARRIAGE and WAGON SHOP, ,322 East Channel street, Stockton. Cal. Phone, 51 green. de23-ly AVON THEATER, ON Monday, March 17th, At N P, AT, For Benefit ot Catholic Schools. LECTURE Inlands Welcome Day." My FATDKK (1KKALD GAY. AilmisKinn, li-ic; rt'servt'd peats. IT., ox tra. lt.(aod peats for pale at 1. IJ. ( ampbotl'p. .go buildinp. Sunday, tile len. At Aten. Monday fiom '.t a. mrltltd. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. r, & 4 ijj pure, 8yearoId me-dicioal whisky. Sixty & cents a bottle. & & & & & IN Ht- Ti THE HOLDEN DRUG GO. 'iff Cor. Mc!n and El Dorado Sts. TELEPHONE I. GOODS DELIVERED FREE -AT MRS. A DliCKIRS, 327 K. Main Street, wmKSD4Y,...MAUCH 12th THCKsPAV .MAKC11 13th mrStfned Stockton RccMale Go. NEW GROCERY. 43 Moutli Gutter Tel. grern 26. Give us a trial. mrjt. FOR SALE. Wreck of tbe Steamer Dauntless And !t.s tackle will be pold to the highest bidder. for cash, at 2 o'clock p. m., on MONDAY. MARCH 10. 1902, at the Union Transportation Companys office, Stockton, Cal. ft24-2w-ned KNOX HATS. WINTER AND EARLY SPRING STYLES On Sale To-day. LOTIIROP & NOBLE, PRACTICAL HATTERS. HATS RENOVATED. 323 East Main Street Stockton ee3dAw California Olive Oil, GUARANTEED PURE. GROWN AND BOTTLED BY CAMPO-DONICO & LERTORA, Lodi, Cal. For sale by ail grocere. Thig is not from Italy. It has no cotton-seed oil In it. It ig pure olive oil, grown in California. noll-lmned GEO. A. BROWN. J. W. WILLY. WILLY & CO. NOTARIES PUBLIC, SEARCHERS OF RECORDS AND CONVEYANCERS. NO. 5 SOUTH HUNTER STREET, STOCKTON P. O. box 292. Phone, 1743 red. my6ned YORKS PreparatorySchool AN D - BUSINESS COLLEGE Clark & Henery Block, Stockton. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. Thoroughly reorganized. Extended curriculum Shorthand, Typewriting, Languages, Commercial Law, Civil Service classes. NIGHT WCHOOL. fe27tf fSOLB AGIiNCY W. B., 'Globe, and Her Majesty , ana -Her majesty" I Corsets I Showing all the new straight frpnts. wv.v.v.'.mw.v.w.'.w. These Solid Silver 25c ea. And a bushel more of the latebt novelties. (Exact size.) DOES THE LIGHT HURT YOUR EYES? It depends on how strong they are. ('all in and our optician v ill examine your eyes and honestly tell whether anything can be don for them. Consultation free. iUJ-ie; LMAIM $L dlUUUOh LiL f' 5 t

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