The Evening Mail from Stockton, California on March 6, 1902 · 8
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The Evening Mail from Stockton, California · 8

Stockton, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1902
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STOCKTON EVENING MAIL, TTIUKSDAY, MARCH C, 1002, 8 Man Who Entered Senator Muen' ter's House Thought It Was His Own Home. Andrea Pvdroui, the Italian who entered Senator Muenters house near la-throp at 3 o'clock one morning recently, was brought before Judge Jones for insanity yesterday afternoon, Drs. Sargent and Gibson conducting the examination. The man appealed perfectly rational, ansueiing intelligently, through an interpreter, all the Questions put to him. The testimony showed that he had been drinking heavily for a whole week before the occurrence at Muenter? place, his drinks consisting of wine and brandy in vopious draughts a mixture enough to give any man delirium trciners. Pedrotti stalled afoot from tins city at 7 o'clock in the evening, intending to go to Tesla in search of work. He took with him a bottle of biandy. from which he drank on the road. It seems that his old home in Italy is situated in the outskirts of a village eleven mile, from a city which he used to isit often, and upon arriving at I.athrop, Idrot:i, in his liquor-soaked condition, imagined he was still in Italy, from which country he came only two years ago. He thought Lathrop was th Italian village, and. mistaking Muenuis house for his own, he entered it. Mr. Muenter and his hired man took harge of Pediotu. whom they supposed to be insane. He was quiet at the time and offered no violent e, though occasionally piobsbly trjing to make them understand that it was his house and they were Intruders he would lay his band on the wail or some other object and say. Mine: all mine. It is a characteristic of persons suffering from delirium tremens to be afraid of everything, and upon hearing a dog bark Pedrotti made a dash to get out of doors. Not knowing what damage he might do to property, Muenter ran after him, and, seizing his arms from behind, forced him back into the room from which he had run. He discovered then that the man had picked up a case-knife. with which he was jabbing backward. The knife, however, being blunt, was as harmless as a poker and no damage resulted. After Pedrotti had been disarmed and bound, with other assistance, Constable Shepherd was summoned. Mr. Muenter combated the theory that the man was suffering from delirium tremens, saying he could smell no liquor on Pedrottis breath. The doctors thereupon informed him, that that was a peculiarity of delirium tremens. The only circumstance which might be construed as indicating insanity was the fact that Pedrotti had some wheels with which he was trying to devise a perpetual motion machine. Thee he carried in a grip. Dr. Sargent remarked that the mere fact of Pedrottis having tried perpetual motion signified nothing, as many able men had dune the same thing, but the idea that anyone could make a machine with such materials as he possessed was strange. The physicians came to the conclusion that the man had most likely been suffering from delirium tremens, but suggested that he be kept at the detention hospital for a few days longer, when they could diagnose his case with more certainty, HE MOST ABOLISH THE STRAIT-JACKET. Socb a Dsmand Will Bi Made of Warden Aguirre as a Result of Em Thompsons Casa. The California Prison Commission wiii demand that Aguirre abolish the use of the strait-jacket in the San Quentin prison, on penalty of being proceeded against by a dozen or more benevolent organizations throughout the State. This is the result of the case of Ewe Thompson, the young colored man who was crippled for life by confinement in the strait-jacket while a prisoner under Aguirre, as reported fully by the Mail a few days ago. The San Francisco Chronicle to-day says that Thompson is in that city to lay the story of his abuse before the California Prison Commission, of which Charles Montgomery is President. Mr. Montgomery is quoted as saying: This ease of Thompson's is the latest nf a that has come to the attention of the. commission, ar.d it will be uhout the lat. Such inhuman work as this must stop. We are joined now by evtry charitable and religious society in the city in an effort to force Warden Aguirre to premise to discontinue the practice or to f ic-e serious charges in court. I; is inconceivable that both in Foist m and San Quentin the strait-jacket is still bong UfccJ when there can be no question that the overwhelming sentiment of the people of the State Is opposed to it. Governor Gage must kr.ow it. to. Here is th.? boy Thompscn ruined and crippled for lire because of a trifling infraction of the prL-on rubs that he could have bun pioperl pun-islnd for in man? wus. Mr. Mnntffom-ry added that Warden Aguirre would be asked' to abolish the strait-jacket, and that if he refused a dozen or more benevolent organizations throughout the State would unite to prosecute him. CROSS-LEVEES BROKEN vii uiiyu The Danger to Ecnldln and Staten Is Temporarily Alerted. The following telegram was received by the Mail to-dav from Sacramento: Dcpuii fchmff J. J. Tinners r-turnr-i from IslKon. -.own me rivtr. mis niorn.ig H. won then cs;-r(.av to srvr a writ of tempor.iiv ir.r.mcin.;) imon C. H. Gardntr. Philip G.irurtr ar.o Huts Wolf,, lining them from t:ie uvte on th a?t s.,-e of Andrus leiund. J ;ie wait was is-'iud by Judge Carro.l ( ook of Km FrincVcu upon the petition of m o.jrnian Companj. wh ch has large land no. emu-' on Tbr Hard, llm-ters served the writ, but s?iys there was r ally no need of the service, as th- breaking of the cro?s-levees on Andrus island removed all the danger which threatened Tyler island. As stated by the Mail yesterday, the cutting of the levee would have endangered also the safety of Bouldin and Staten islands in this county. The Yoor-man Company owns land on both Tyler and Bouldin. The breaking of the cross-levees on Andrus island, of which mention is made in the foregoing telegram, is known here to hae afiorded only temporary relief. A u It gram which appears in another column of this paper slates that there has been a very heavy storm, amounting almost to a cloudburst, in the upper Sat i ufiento valley, and that that stream will l.s-r again, in this event the situation on Andrus island will be worse than bt fore, for two divisions instead of or.e will be under water. Cross-levees are comparatively low embankments, and those on Andrus island will very likely be under water in the event of another flood stage of the Sacramento. The laiger the aia of water the greater the danger of hvees breaking, because the wash of wavt formed by the wind sweeping over the water. The situation in the locality is shown by the following telegram. All the islands mentioned form a group: A portion of the levee protecting Brannan bl ukng Jackson eloush has given way. Information received at Walnut Giove i? to the ff, cl that the brtak is a tvriou? om, ami no hoje of being able to till it in t me to .k tin- district is entertained. The brtak was cauj,d by the great rush of water wlvch is sttep;ng over Andrus island. U w.i- imported that two breaks in the Itvee cn Smirnrn Hand had occurred, but nothing w.m kin yn of their extent or location. Wab'ut Giove reports Tyler Hand as Irena -aft. The Heeding of Andrus and Brannan islands i- said to have afforded much relief to the It u on Tyler island, particularly on the G niguna slough side. G:an I. Sutter and Mtrritt islands are still safe, but the dancer point has n' iv n puesal. The rivtr is falling rapidly at Walr.u: Grove. CAIRNS WILL HOLD MEETINGS HERE. Communicated. Gtorge Robert Cairns is mak'ng a tour nf the S:atr- with r markable success. In Sin Jo-.. Salinas. P.w.uUna and Riverdde lame am ierces n-mhld to lisitn to his fo.vetul 1 it aching of the Gqi 1. and scons ha t in - n lei.vuted in each place ht.rnl fiom. Chiis-ti is liave Wen great iy edified by h char ir.sntaticn of the word of Gcd. ar.d ih. (hurchts increased in numbers and powei. Ht u- new in Rnilaiids, and souls are miking (orfesv-ion at every meeting. The mettijiu began in the opera-house, and it was tilled to t he deem. He is coming to Stockton soon. ir. patatcrv mi dings will be conduct! by the pastors in the First Baptist church eerv right next wtek. biginnirg at 7:30 o'clock, am: everybody is invited to atttnd. P.-n:-cu.-tal Hymn? No. 2 will be used, and a large choru? choir will lead th? singing. LIBRARY STATISTICS. The report of Librarian W. F. Clowd-hy of the Frte Library for the nfomh of February shows that 1.!7 books were loaned, as follows: Fiction. 2!JS; juvenile, 1112: room reading (general. 4s3: juvenile, J76b 5559; mscellanecus. 715: history and biography, 164: geography and description. 123: poetry and drama. 161; science. 165. The numUr of bi cks loaned on teachers' special cards was 26 One teacher's special card was renewed, making 49 speciul cards issued and renewed from the beginning. The number of new borrower cards H'ued during the month was 93. and the numlxr of old cards renew 1 170, making 18.317 new cans issued from the be-g.nnmg and 47.(M cards issued anl renewed from the begmning. There were 2b volumts added by purchase and 9 by donation during the month, making 31.57V cn the accession list. Dcnition for the month were 23 vol-cm?. 37 pamphlets and 1 atla The financial npert of the Librarian snowed expenditures f'r the month amounting to $527.99, Raving $Cvu9.49 in the treasury. KNOWS NOTHING 0? FLOUR COMBINE. A San Francisco paper said yesterday: G forge B. Sperry of the Sperry Flour Company, when seen last night, denied all knowledge of any deal to amalgamate the flour interts-ts of the coast. Mr. Sperry said that hs firm knew nothing of such a plan. He said that he had heard unfounded ruma:? cn the subject for the last few months. This is the combine alleged in a telegram from Portland to be in process of formation. Mr. Sperry removed from this city to San Francisco some time ago. Although no longer manager of the company he is still a member of the B iard of Directors. TO-DAYS CRAIN QUOTATIONS. Received Over the Mailg Leased Wire. SAN FRANCISCO. M irch 6. May wheat 9:15 stdnn. no -ales: 10:15 r-v.ssion, 1.12: 11:15 -xsfon, $1.11. Wheat eteady; May, $1.11; Li.-h, $Llo. Barky, no sales; (.ash, 92. CHICAGO. March 6 May wheat opened at 76c and udtunctd to 76e. Close: Wh.a; March, 7oc: May. 76c; July, 77c'J77e; :5ptemhr. 76c. LIVERPOOL. March 6. Clc-e: Wheat-March, Cs ld: May. ts d; July. 6s d. FELL INTO THE CHANNEL. M Gibbons fill into Stockton channel las; racht. bat n.'ple standing not fir away saw him tumble in and rescued him. CASHES HERE AND THERE. Mrs. Jemie L. Southworth of th'? ciy has betn appointed aft-istant insiiector of the National W. R. C. The City Board of Education will hold a mteiing this evtning for tht transaction of routine busiia.-s. Black Swift, a greyhound ht longing to J. Gallagher of this city, died last night from sane sicmaeh trouble, notwithstanding treatment by Dr. Eddy. The hound was well known on the local coursing grounds. Dr. Ira B. Ladd of this city has been appointed as a number of the Board of Pens'on Commiadontrs. ice Dr. A. T. Hudson, deceased. The other membeis are Drs. Hark-mss and Maddork. The duties are to t xam-ine applicants for pensions, and the fee u $2 for each examination. PERSONALS. John R. Croes of the ?ptrry Flour Company is in the city on a business trip. John Mean of Colorado L on a vLit here to James A. Louttit. an old-time friend of his. He is accompanii d by hL son. Tucker Mear. Bank Commiiontrs Barney Murphy and A. H. Barren art in town to-dav to ex imme the banks. T!a are guests uf the Yo Semite hotel. Samuel Henerv of the firm of Claik & Huiery. which has the contract for the dredging of Pearl harbor at Honolulu, arrival in Stockton last night. He sis tin- wuk pregret.-ing sati-'factcrily. Dooatioos Acknowledged. Tne monthly meeting of the Ladks Aid Society was held Tuesday afternoon. Twtm- ight children were reported as burg in thc-Ghildrens H me. and the wards ar all in su-Bfactorv condi: m. The ladus xt-nd manks for donations of fornl during the month of February from ladiis of t n- Presbyterian hureh. the G!i -.mlxr of Ccmmi-rce. laid. -s of the Episcopal nurch. the Masons, th- Native S ms and the Li.;is of the Eastun Their ik nations ware the articles remaining after banquets. A Mortgage of $-10. A. M. Noble has commenced action cminst D. F. Rur-xll ft il. to foreclose a mortgage .on lot 16, block S. of the C ty Homistcad, given to secure a note for $9 The sum of $ 90 is alltgid to be due for principal and interest. $5 for searching title and $: f.r at-terneys f es. Bu2d & Thompsun n present the jiluintiff. Removed. Goodfriends bamboo goods store from 44 North El Dorado street to 44 South California street. ja21-lin A J Gilbert, Dentist, Over Jackson & Earles. Phone 69 white. o Comprehensive Plan Outlined at San Fian-ciscoJames I, Barr of lales a -c SAX FRANCISCO, March 6. Wotk done by the representatives of the va-tious interests now seeking the development of interior California, at a meeting held in the Chamber of Commerce yesterday, gvs a long way toward insuring a vigmous campaign, not only a-rogaids the development of the Saciu-mento valley, where the movement originated, but of all sections of the State which are commercially tributary to Sun Francisco. The plan of campaign prepared and indorsed by the delegates attending tht convention yesterday, and which will now go befote the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce to be acted on, proposts these things: 1. That the Chamber of Commerce shall urge upon tht- people of San Francisco the m-ctpeity and the value of co-operating and financially a.- sting the new movement. A miles metling is called to this end. 2. The formation of a central committee, composed of thrte members from each association inttneied ar.d an equal number from the Chamber of Commerce. 3. Tht establishment of a large permanent exhibit in this city. 4. The opening of every possible channel of publicity in the matter of placing exhibits, distributing literature, etc. 5. The co-operation of the railroads to be secured in the maintenance of energetic representations at Portland. Ogdtn, Ltd AngeKs and othtr main travel points. 6. To foster legislation which Is to interior California and to oppose that which is not. 7. To aid in the maintenance of natural water and forest supplies, and the tivnso.i cf the irrigation system. S. To i:isist that all who are benefited by thtse things bear their share of the burden of expense. Although yesterdays meeting was called to give the Sacramento Valley Development Association, the railroad men and a sub-committee of the Chamber of Commerce an opportunity to map out a campaign of publicity and impimv-ment, it was attended by many from other parts of Northern California. BARR MAKES A HIT. Professor James A. Barr of Ptookt-m, one of the new delegates and one of the best speakers of the day. said that the people of the San Joaquin valley wanted to join with the people of otner valleys in this new scheme of promotion. He continued: But San Francisco should at one? and without iv- taticn assume the leadership in thi.-mevement Los Angtks baas in all such mat-teis in Suthirn California, and San Fran-e'sco should do the same in the northern part cf the S ate. If the Chamber of Commerce hire is in d-iubt as to that. I want to e-t it r.ght. T; . same organization in Los Angel. s dechns its purpose to be the devel- n li 1 1 1: Kll A case of "now you see him and r.ow you don't" spoiled an awful good newspaper story this morning. Whenever anything happens in San Francisco, Stockton is always expected to contribute something, and Stockton is generally there with the annunciators on. If a San Francisco criminal is doing the fugitive act he is supposed to be hiding in' Stock-ton or headed this way, and the Stockton police are always notified to be on the look-out. That's the way it was to-day. Some time ago a policeman named iiobinson was murdered in San Francisco bv men who were out on a highway robbery Expedition that they might obtain money for the d.-fense of George Moore, one of their gang, arrested in Stockton for shoplifting. The special correspondents of the San Francisco papers worked up their end of the story in great shape. It was supposed that "Kid (ioucher, son of ex-Senator Guucher. was among the gang who shot down the policeman, and efforts to find him have been made ever since, but without avail. A telephone message from Chief Witt-man of San Francisco came to the local police headquarters this morning containing the information that "Kid Goucher had boarded the California Santa Fe limited train at Feint ltich-mond, having left San Francisco at 9 o clock. This train comes through to Stockton without stopping, and the local police were cautioned to be at the passenger station to take Goucher into custody. They were there. The rumor that the fugitive was on the limited train came to the ears of the reporters. and, it being a dull dav in local news circles, they were exceedingly glad Each one supposed that no other reporter but himself knew anything about it. and isions of a sensational scoop danced before his eyes, with a "freak head clear across the first page. The train was due to arrive at U 50 but long before that hour interested people began moving stationward. Tile police hiked" down to the station. Tne reporters "hiked" down to the Ration. Photographer Hollis with his camera hiked down to the ftat'on. The fait limited came into Stockton with a whistle and a roar, while the police five of them took their stations along the track, c;mint. no: of Lc.-- Augrbs. not of California, but of Soi.Unrn r.iiiiorni.i. They r.rst through r. channels between $1mKK and 12 0T fur that pur, ox, and win never they re calbd upon for moie they go on the -triers and g. t it. Once they got tg.thjr $3o( in thw way. 1 want to say to ou frankly that tin- trade of thi griat San Joaquin valley is trcmbl'ng in the balance right now. The Undtncy in, however, toward Los Angeles, and you. g.n-tlenum will have to do something soon to turn the tide. And 1 hope you will. We art-doing oiu share in Stockton. We have oigati-Ized our own Chanio r of Commerce, and a numb rehip already of old It is high time that w- all brgan to pull together, for by doing just that thing Southern CUifornia has st-ruivd tire Uowrnor, a Initid Statu Senator and a majority on every State eom-inirflon. i agJee with other speaken that has cum fur lai'.ical and aggressive action. THE RESOLUTIONS. Jams Horsburgh Jr. presented a series of resolutions which outlined the plans c.f the bureau it is proposed to form. He said that the Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco was disposed to co-operate with the interior counties in the work and he suggested that his resolutions be referred to that body for action, which was done. The resolutions began as follows: Whereas. The prosperity of the city of San Kranebvo as the metropolis of the Pacific -.oast and the prosperity of tributary eectionn are interdependent and the prusptrity of the country immediately adjacent to San Francis, co. compiling tht three sections known as the Sacramento val'iey. the San Joaquin val-ly and the central and coast line counties, s particularly of vital importance to San Francisco: and. Whereas. These- three sections have, through rept tentative associations organized and new birg organized, of town and county L-uards of trade, evinced a lively disposition to further iluir development in every way ie--vibie: therefore, be it, Resolvul. By the San Francisco Chamber uf Commerce, recognizing the very great -rood that must come to San Francisco through such dcvelojment that we urge upon me people of San Francisco the vigorous co-eperation. financially and otherwise, of its atizens with tluse afwxdatlons and others that may hereafter be formed. The resolutions then proceeded to outline the plan of campaign summarized above. AN IMPORTANT COMMITTEE. Mr. Mills moved that a committee be appointed to receive the reply of the chamber of Commerce, and President Newhall, when this was agreed to, selected Messrs. Green of the Sacramento Valley Development Association, Briggs of the San Joaquin Association, Wooster of the Santa Clara, Mills of the State Board of Trade and C. A. Ricketts, not present, who is Secretary -f the San Luis Obispo Board of Trade. ii 10 I the rport. r.- biii ging up the rear. The prus-tnce of th' police made it apparent to ail that Vomtthins; was doing. and everything was at tli txtrtme tendon of supprttixd ex-eiumtnt. As the local sleuth., alert and feauy, glunotd from car to car, staring at each pHA-engtT, nothing could be heard but the oretn ot a towel in one of the s-lttpers and the buting of an tgg in the dining car. Just ibnut then a man answering the description s-nt out by Chief Wittman s.eppt-d off the car. He had on a dark coat and vest jus; like the des-ription; light troupers juK 1 k the d .-vt-ipt ion; soft black felt hat ju.-; lik the dtTiption; carried a bask; just like th description: locked pale and sickly -jiwt like the dtsTip;:cn. But i: n,'-'n't '-Kid Goucher, the nlleg d despeiati riiminal. It was Jlcw aril Bulkley, the mild young .'porting man. who has be n busy of lat u-:ng to gt pc-vesjon of an estate left bv f.i. Ltmmted father. The minute Bulkl y puf in an a:i; aratice the ofiictis anil tin- rep.rtirs knew tnnt the Stin Fr.wit'i-io Police lHj.artment had v ru-nily ii thm a brick In till nobabilitv BtIkU. who look much like the pictunsof Cinwlur whPh ha tip-inured it- pr.nt. was s. n to hoard the train or the beat by who theugm h niu-t be the man wanted. Knowing that th- train would not stop until Surkion was teachnl the San Fi .1 ncio pcdl.-e n.iturallv tob-phamd to the local cci.'-tabularv. Chit f B:iar F in San Frunci-vo att ndn.g the. mating of the ('hi fn (if Pol'i. eo acting Chi f Gilj tailf! Oflic c;s Craig. K nyan an i Alarshall and Detei'tn e 5alkr to .locomnanv nini to th Santa Fe uast ng. r at on. BulkPy was n:irly mucns'Pus of th fact that th bin coats v.'etr nf th trin in cause he had b.en fi-r a nigi;hf murdrrer. and whn apprirfd of it in. .x-claimtd: Now. lok at th..:; veu ?' Someone nu nt ion d ii him. and he rmarkd: Ive gut a mva: f-m potato'., tumaiot-s, grv at. S-. th y thought I kul Goui-br. Wool 'n't that make yen jo... the Salvation Arm? It's a wonder i war't arrested in San FrancL-co. hile the offi rs ware morally -'ertain w h n thej saw Bulklty that a mistake had b-f n made. D tictive AValker Doardt-! the rain and went through every car to make enjrp fcun1 that all the pa.-wngers had alighted excpt twu ladies and a man. He was certain that thr man could not be the one wanted, as he did not answer the- description in any way. btii g muh too large jtnd hfcavy. WILL A CHIEF BE APPOINTED TO-NIGHT? A J'guli.r metting of the Police and Fit Cmmnissioner." will b? held this e tiling. Commissioner Griffiths is said to have remarked to-day that a Chief of Police would be appointed to-night, but he disclaimed any knowledge as to who the appointee would be. saying he was not on the inside in that matter. One of the other members declared his Ignorance of any intention to make an appointment this evening, and it is possible that the selection will be deferred to await further developments inasmuch as the department has been getting along very well under the command of acting Chief Briare. C. H. McGurk is said to be the first choice among the applicants. The others are W. E. Russell, Milton G. Hart, John Ahearn, George Dewey, Mil-ton Hubner and Mr. McGouglvey. SILVER MEDAL CONTEST. A s-dwr cn ibil eonlfet under the- auspice? ct W. ('. T. U. in being ansnged by Mr?, o. K T'Hikinin to talte place in the near fujur-. H will b the fir.; of th- kind held in ;n ity. Aftr thi? one othere w.ll follow in t imYi fLtocejion until Stockton ha- eix winr: 1 f the Dmor,t rndal. when thcrc will 1-- a corfiet by the ?ix f-r a gjld At. ii. r xt rmcttrg of the State convention of th V. C. T. F. th' winn-" of the gold me.ijii bn wiil be fntitbd to fnttr the con-tj-t 101 th- d'urm.r.d muial. The ebnet of th-- .tU(t-is i? lot.tffonl eoniF tntferiain-mi nt at ;'se m tine? of the temperance work-t-i' and io premate floution among the joung in conmctiun with the con- t-t? thrii will be musical ptograme. Tne tlurd Tii -.,! in ach month the members of :n lu. ! union h ld parliamentary ?cncol?, with Mi-. Srurtovum-IV-t as the instructor. Sla i- ''otoughly v r.srd in par'.iameniary law. and th e re on are mc-t in.-tructive. Th y ;t t b Ire :utrd(d by iadicj from other orgarizaiioi e that they may glean simp kroAlulgc which wdi be of service to thtm. TUMOR REMOVED. One of the largest surgical operations ever performed in this city took place this morning at the Physicians Hospital on South San Joaquin street. A cystic tumor wtighirg thirty pounds was removed from the abdomen of Richard Lawrence, who came hter to have the operation performed. Mr. Lawrence does not live here, but has many relatives in this city. During his stay here he is the guest of Mr. Blake. The operation was successfully performed, and the patient will probably recover. HALF AN INCH OF RAIN. Exactly half an inch of rain had fallen at 3 oclock this afternoon for the storm, which commenced last evening. An unusually heavy shower occurred during the afternoon. Thus far this month the fall has been 1.03. and for the season 11.80. as against 33.65 for the coriespond-ing period last season. Sbot Oce Robber and Caught Another. Received Over the Mail9 Leased Wire. OSWFGO. Kan . March 6. At a siding mar O?wgo yteurday moriing, James W. Dr.l-n shot ar.d kiUed a hisriwaynian. who had robbtd him and h!? brother of 2oj. and matched a eecor.d robbtr b lore him to the Oew go Police Station. Tnrt men came upon the Lr tiers unawares in a hex car, while :ht were aelup. and robb d them. Junius Dr.der. eizt-d one of the rcib-!V. and after chi king him into ?uLtri?sirn, secured hi? revolver and shot and kill! him. A ? cond man. who give? hi.- a George Gray, submitted to arrist. The third ?.-ap-d. The Under? were cn their wa home from McAlister, I. T., to Lawrtnctbug. Nlo. Trust Does Not Control Cuban Sugar. Received Over the Mails Leased Wire. HAVANA. Match 6. Gen ral Wood ?nys that the Statement made by b.v; sugar jnter-t? that ih Cuban sugar crop of thi year has bun bought up by the sugar combination i? without foundation. Forty Fianos at Half Frice. We haw bought all the Howell & Salyer stock cf high-grade pianos and have placed them on sale in that beautiful new store in the Mail building, where for thirty days the people of Stockton can find the peerless Knabe. world-renowned Fischer and many other high-grade pianos selling at half price. Here is the opportunity of your life to get a good piano on easy terms and for little money. We will sell tr cash or on installments. Installment terms, $23 down and $G to $10 per month. The sale will commence on Saturday morning at 8 o'clock. No goods will be sold befote that time. Watch this paper for fuither announcement. HARVEY BROTHERS OF SACRAMENTO. Spring Millinery Opening. Tmiiwiiv i'Mn Friday of next work, March 13;h and 14th. ere looked forward to with much ?uportsj.d excitant nt by the ladies, for on th-? cat. Misa Willey, the popular milliner, will introduce to the notice of thoe who rail at hr tmporium of beautiful art ail the n-w fa.-hior and creations in milli-n rv that the director? of fashion have pronounced tin- proper thing. Nothing nvikea a lady feei ?o bad a? to be told that she is wtarirg a !a?t year? Ftyle. Miss? Willey ha? taken pain? and gone to great expense to have the first and prcttie?t styles to show at thi? com t,g opening. J. J. O. Campbell receives orders for tuning at Stockton drug store, corner Main and Sutter streets. Phone brown 201. jal8-lm Dr. J. M. Meseroll: gold crowns. $4 and up. Clark & Henerv building. S. Sutter st. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. FOR RENT A larg. well-furr.ihed room 'n ;h- northern part of town: use f bath ard phen : r frrnccs required. A Tdrfw F. A T . Mail office. mrti-lw MILLINERY. SPRING OPKXING AT MISS WILLEYS, 315 Bast Mala Street, Thursday March 13th Friday March i4th mrCtf NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. RYE.. 5 85 TELEPHONE 1. OOODS DELIVERED FREE Stockton Rochdale Co. NEW GROCERY. A3 South Sutter Ht. Ttl. pren 26. Give u? a trial. mrSned FOR SALE. Wreck of the Steamer Dauntless And its tackle will be sold to the highest bidder. for casn, at 2 o'clock p. m., on MONDAY, MARCH 10. 1902. at the Union Transportation Companys office, Stockton, Cal. fe24-2v-md Snell Bicycles, The lightest of all high-grade wheels. Marvels of beauty, speed, simplicity, durability and sterling worth. 19(8 models now in. We want you to see them before buying elsewhere. S&LBiCHS CARRIAGE and WAGON SHOP, 322 East Channel street, Stockton. Cal. 'Phone, 51 green. de23-ly California Olive Oil, GUARANTEED PURE. GROWN AND BOTTLED BY CAMPO-DONICO & LERTORA, Lodi, Cal. For sale by all grocere. This is not from Italy. It has no cotton-seed oil in it- It is pure olive oil, grown in California. noll-lmned GEO. A. BROWN. J. W. WILLY. WILLY & CO. NOTARIES PUBLIC, SEARCHERS OF RECORDS AND CONVEYANCERS. NO. 5 SOUTH HUNTER STREET, STOCKTON P. O. box 292. Phone, 1743 red. myUned KNOX HATS. WINTER AND EARLY SPRING STYLES On Sale To-day. LOTHEOP & NOBLE, PRACTICAL BATTERS. HATS RENOVATED. 383 East Main Street, Stockton. seSdAw YORKS Preparatory School AND BUSINESS COLLEGE Clark & Henery Block, Stockton. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. Thoroughly reorganized. Extended curriculum-shorthand, Typewriting, Languages, Commercial Law, Civil Service classes. NIGHT SCHOOL. fe27tf SOLB AGENCY W. B., Globe, and Her Majesty Corsets Showing all the new straight fronts. Bad Eyes ARE WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR. It is to be regretted that there are so many of that sort at thia day and age, but they mu?t be cared for. and we are fully equipped to do it. No matter what you think the trouble is. do not do a thing till you come to us. IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING, And it is your duty to your eyes. JPf JEWELRY and MUSIC HOUSE, 3Z9E. Main St. TRYING to avoid use of Glasses. WEARING other people. Glasses. GLASSES Dot scientifically adjusted These are serious causes for future eye trouble. You can depend on the advice of our optician, G. L. SCHNEIDER. EVERYTHING GUARANTEED. mr9?mtn P

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