The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 4, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 7
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFOENIAN FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1903. *• ' • I 1 id I - * i ; I .-' it • f ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I |f^|A&^«jj^K jj^^^H^^^^^^^ ^» ^^^.^^^^^^^«^^_^^^ Mathie ore win UIOAL UEQAU LEGAL. TaxcB and coats 4.05 ines Bank huildiner. corner 1.0th and H 'K^xe/ > \uHl b co' ! ts 14it ' 8 14 ' Htreets « BnKfrafleld. California. 11-25 Citv or HakersflelV. rJudmit tract, all mock Plaintiff will tnUc lufltmciit for any money or tl:imaees demanded In the c w ompany Tnxes and costs 4.lift Lois 4. 5. 6. block 150. Taxes ami coats 2.11 ; NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Civil rode of California.) plaint PPl v • i' Kern, Kern Countv Pipe line nnd Stonice [ dav of .ucntiou of orlnclpnl nlare - Ihcai arisinu mum contract, or Court lor any otho* 1 1 v * will RpPlv u> the Court lor anv o relief demar.«ic(i in tin- mrnnlaint. Witness inv hand am! the Hen said SUPenui- Court o! n.r- count Kern, Suit* «,t Ciflifornu. this tat*. ot (jpriii.i. this ct. A. I), i:<<*. I. i,. MIU.KH, Clerk. LOS ANGELES J. lot ti. block Tjixr* and costs ( eo. r. lots 14. ll"rk 1 Celebrated bbon Wurzburgc ottled ers 16. „ . '('itx.'s and costs .,..,. Robnjfin. Jr. ; ji,j m . lot 10. block , v fo Taxes and costs ..... oseinover. Kstate of J. V, )<>ts r2. is. block 115. .1 axes nnd costs i-ot ;j. block 220. 1 axes and costs ..... u tne Lowell addition. lot Iti. l)lpck 1 Cptnpanv. Location of principal nlare (Seal) , _. el business San Francisco. California. Ceo.E. XVliltaWr.Attv lor IMitT 11 l Location of works. Kern Count v. Call- . _ * . _ 1 i'ornla. , Notice Is hereby ulven. thai at a NOTICE OF «IAI P nr DCDCOMM meetlnc of the BoaA of "Directors. NUnufc u *•_ § A ^ E _O F PERSONAL held on the L'lira dav of November. , 190S. an as:-< ^smetn No. 2. of 40. cents 2.t! ! nor sna-.f*. VMS levied upon the 1.S7 capital stock of the corporation, nay- able Immediately in United States m>ld com to the secretary nt.tne oinoe of the comnanv. No, 569 California street. San Francisco. California. . . In the Supeiior r,,uM. stnto of California, in ami loi ihr <.\.>.n; , <„" Kcirft. n the manor of tin- Kstau* i.t Union In e m wer, d S. \J f V nion It Anv stock noon wnion this nss<»ss- mont shall remain nnpnld , on Sat- 6th da of Decemb nrdav. the nrcinv. \ will foe r. 1!t"S. Jaxes ana costs nolle dditi EYRAUD m PHONE MAIN ent n , - -..>*. j anu c Robeskv, nolle, in th . ,. ... Jon. l Mock 9-L Rood. le Lowell ota 7. 8. . J axes and costs . .... •John H.. in tho Lowell addition. Jots 15. 36. block 22. ie 2Gtn rtay or uecemua , ,_ .._ dcllnauent ana advertised tor sale at public auction; nnd unless mtv- 1.113 mont is made before, will be sold on Fridav. the 16th dav of Januarv. 1908. to nav the neHnouent aspe.ssnient. to- uother with the coats of advertising nnd exnenses of sale. Bv order of Notice Is ht-reUy civ,-n, that hi pursuance of an ord'-r ot the SuiM»rtor Court of. the Countv oi K, tM . state off alifornia, iniu . A. . oil .the -'un dav <»' lk in thr matter ob 1.4h Free delivery to Bakersfield and uarantee purity and The best beer $1000 gKern lock 22. Taxes and costs ...... 2.27 . Francisco, in the l-o\veil addition, lot 4. Mock 18.^ nxes and costs ..... . EchnuncI, Cltv of Ba- kersfleld. Hudnut tract. Jots 4. 5, and, east 25 feet lots 1. 2. block f»12C. Taxes and costs ..... 3.73 s Snittar. ('i.«<*.. nersnnnl m-ooertv Taxes and .coats ..... 2.55 Lot o. block 186. o F Office. No: fe6» Francisco. California. .. Directors. ... Secretar alifornia Street. an OR vCiouer t f». *-'«__»v"t i> '" >'" nitiiu tlie estate of Ralph Hmvrr. (Iec«»;i8<»<f. tn« undersiened adniinisnaioi of th* estate of said dece-HRed \\iii sell at unvote sale In the office of the wiblU; administrator and coroner of Kera County, situate,in uie court house, lo the Cltv oC.BaJcoraflt'ld, in .said Korn lountv. to the qiKhest .bidder for nisi uwful. rnonev of the United States o 11-26 awu nonev o e n he 9th day of November, ,n anv or jsoveinuer. ll»0h. at lour of 5. o clock D. m., the uerttona a th NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRESENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OP L. OARTMAN. DECEASED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. sa lD pr rr 11 nousc u, an? pi Kb: l b belonging t n Bower, d r ^m ^— -I ^ r ^H ^m _ ^^ o the estate <K , t _.ainn uower. deceased: Three small nausea: l gasoline enelne; I pumu trou 1 water tan arn:l corral, a on the west one-half (U) of aoerlor .Court of the County I ™F,S • • •» LEGAL, TAX LIST Treasurer's Office and ex-Offlcio Tax Collector's Office. City of fleU. Di-cpmber 4. 190S. kers PREAMBLE LEGAL. south 99 feet, west 33 feet to beginning. „ M Taxes and costs, ..... 6.44 Commencing 567 feet north and 136 feet east of southwest corner of southeast Quarter 6. LEGAL. ts 8.42 T«l^l 7 Laird. J. Suhr. C. ancfll. fot 3. b^ck 169. ci i- I axes and costs ..... 1.46 Skinner. Newton J. lots 7. 8. block 226. section 2 townsniD . 29 soulh. ranee 27 east. f , w 'eet. south 99 feet to ^m V P^^^ ^m ^ »• « * »4 • thence east north 99 feet 3 e est . et. 33 Taxes and costs ..... 6.44 oove wrqnerty assessed to M. H. Stetion. CaklwelJ. Mary J.. nersoaal property. rt Lt8 9 and 10, block L „ -'axes and costs Campbell. Mary E,. lot 1 . an * • • • 3.91 east 18 feet lot 2. bloc 441. costs. 18.38 PUBLIC NOTICE IS HETIEBY GIV- • en that default havlne been made In payment of tuxes due the City ofiBtk- .ersfieJd for the v»?ar 1908. upon the hereinafter described real and personal proper v. i. A. Weaber. Treasurer of said City and ex-offlcio Tax Collector of said City, by virtue of the Power and authority in me vested by the law and Ordinance No. 9 of said Citv of Bakersfield. entitled. "An Ordinance RcKiilatinc the Assessment of .Property in the City of Bakersfleld. and the Collection of Tuxes thereon." passed and approved bv the Board of Trustees of said Citv March 4. 1898. will upon /^ t J T , Cookendofer. J. w.. ID cltv of sfield. Southern er addition, commencng at a point 82 5-2 feet east of northwest corner WOCK 22. thenre east 82 1*2 feet, south feet, west 82 1-2 eet north 264 feet, to ~ ,, „ Taxes and coats . Caldwell. Root.. In the Trowel! Addition, lots 14. 15. 16. block 24. „ , Taxes and costs Carlson. A., beelnnlna 66 feet east and.435 ieet north of southwest corner of southeast Quarter of southeast Quarter of section 25. township 29 south, ranee 27 east, thence north 33 feet, .east 136 .5-10 feet, south 33 feet. . west 136 5-10 feet to beeln- 2.96 5.76 MONDAY December 28 1908 9 antl costs ..... Coronado. Susunnan. lot 5. block 1X1. . T Taxe Cunnincham. nnd costs . A. A., in t .68 2.76 Lowell Addition, nort east quarter of nor at the hour of V2 o'clock, in., at the Citv Hull in s-iid Citv of Bakersfield. sell bv declaration and by operation of law. unless the taxes delinquent. tOKether w'th the costs and percent- aae are paid, ihe liereiunffer described real propenv tuion which such taxes are a !!<•::. Dated. Citv of Bakersfie.ld. December 4. IJH'X. A. AVKABEK. Troasui-er and Kx-Offlcio Tax Collector of -ni I Citv of Bakersfleld. A Arlinuton I-Iott-l, personal prop- e no rr i- east nuarter. blnrk C. f P;iYOS Mild OOSt S Church of Christ, north 40' feet lot 8, block 315. Taxes and costs .... Carder. Geo., in the Lowell Art dition. Lots 11, block 4'2. Taxes and costs *-•> ^ . personal prop- ertv. Taxes and costs 3.23 Commencing at point 445 ieet south of northwest corner of block 3t>7. thence east 122 feet, ^ south 50 feet, west 122 feet, nortnliO feet, to beelnnTn«. be- a portion of block N. , raxes and ,costs ,...... . S.. lots 17. 18. bfock 160. G.23 Taxes and costs 17.84 Lot 10 and north 8 ft lot 9. block 57C Smith. Ellda S.. mortKase I'riter- est in the Lowell aadj- tipn. Lots 1. 2. block ^M ^^ ^T^t ^^^ x^f '" ^" ™~ ^~ "™~ ~™"^*^ ^^^""— K A ~~^H ^ ~^~ ~ ~tB of Kern. State ot California. . , „ In tne matter ot uie estate of L. Gartman., deceased. . Notice is hereby Riven bv the under- eiened admmjstrator of the estate ot rtrpac. deceased, to the creditors a . all oresons havfnsr clal ! deceased, to exhl ...,-. ^n^cessary youcne fouf month B after the first mi l hor , , situat of the nor west Quarter. (V) of section On three (33) in lownshin tnfrty 5P U IP 5* ranee thirty-seven 37) M. D. B. and M.. in Kern county, fornla. A.nd notice is hereby alea. bfds wfll be L dmlnistrator fur sai >f Biilfi the: our o received oy sa Vf ereo ^ ™- ™— ^ - v -r *— — f -r ^ -l-» - v • H ^*^^T^ r ~ ^h ^^ ^•". s roust be flCcomnanFeST by c ? r cerufled check. 1 D ftbriffe* the nmnub- to ten per cent 01 tne DIOB> m&oe. hffi l olce° ff e th S e al co?n Administrator of tfie estate o^lKajttfc Ctt? oT Ba¥ersffe S. Bower, deceased. IMl n. Sfflte of Caiiforn a. r^m 11 c*ition of this minlstrator house. In Bounty of Kern, sinie p tie same beina: "the olace for t ransacEon of business of said estate njaidKern County. n ^ n ated October 11. 1908. oun ea Taxes and costs ...... 13.40 J t a uolnt oe ot L street „ feet south of line of I3th extended: ff2 fe 'I axes and' costs ..... 7.60 Above urouert ed to iMaud L. sess- ilev. to wes 8 75- center street thence went ee ea«t line t of, alev. throuA block 392. thence south alone § ast line of said allev. 0 feet: thence east 122 feet to west line of L street, thence north 50 feet to uoint of be- einnlne:. , ,. , Taxes and cos'- 1.53 Lowell Land and Improvement Company. Lowell addition. lot 11. excet 25 . . feet off east end b ock 11. axes and costs . x)ts 4, 6. 6. 10» lock S. • /axes and costs ..... Lots! to 6 inc.. 12. 13. 14. block 9. j flxos HTid costs 11 blocks 10 and' 'll. R xes and costs . eiEQeot lots 7« 8. ock , ^ ..... ocks 13 to 1<S inc. Taxes and costs ots 1.2. 5, to 16, inc. lock 11 Lot 1. block 18. Jaxes and coats ft .^... 1-otB 1. 2, 5 t to 8 Inc. • • 5.62 t • . • . . $ J.U f D FNtnff of L. .M.. por- sonal proocrtv. Taxe^ ;tn--| costs lots 7. S. Mock 284. Taxes and costs . ... Darnnl. J. .1.. lot. 1. block 1(2. Taxes arid costs E Edminslon^T. A., lot 7, Tnxos find costs Kuan. Mrs, A'l'lie ) In (h. ell Addition, lots (!. block HO. Taxes and Kinerv. Mrs. JJ. R..A)tH J aud -f. block ir>n. Taxes and costs 4. 7 51, 49 Taxes and .costs nd --- r - R --. 13 and* 14". WocJc 30. and coats ^ ..ock 31 to 40 inc. Taxes and costs ..... All except lot 2. block 41. Taxes and costs Lots 1 to S. inc. block 42. Taxes and costs 1G. Inc. Lots -L 9 to block 45. • * * • * * 'J'axes and costs Lo's 1, '2. hlocU Ta^es aud costs Lot !». block S(». Taxes and costs Lots 11. 15. Hi. lot 10 "xcent :i:i feet off east «'iul block 50. Taxes nnd costs 1.1$ 3.37 5.69 5,96 2.76 11.69 5.9G 1.18 5.41 34.35 4.12 .'1.50 •I.-M; \ fr* 4 f-* - *-" * "•* -••»»>»X« \*w »T • • V- .T ' ick. Sain personal property. » B ^ i^ ^ H ^L- _ _ _ . • . . J _ Paxes and costs Lot 3. block 266. 12.10 W. A- M K Public Administrator o_ _, d AdmlniBtrator of. the -. Gartraan. Deceased. Thofl. Scott. Attorney for Admlnlst tor. - 11 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Uon of POSTPONEMENT .Notice is hereby given that the date of the above sale of has 4 been nost vember ^4. 19 ned t ________ the hour of INN ( arnconntv. o'clock, p. m. . W. A. McO__,.._ . ^ state of AdmVnlsfrator of the estate of Ralp* Bower, deceased. ?r8pnal pro o Tuesday, POSTPONEMENT. -, . - I U^CTD mill COStS famart. S. C!.. personal prouerty. " of lot Lot 5. west half 6. block 250. xes an(1 costs 3.37 ..... 1.46 o* T. , ..... Starns. H. C.. oersonal m-onevty. Taxes and costs In the tx)weU Rd. ots 1. 2. 3. 4. block 75. Taxes and costs ..... 2.14 T Tibbetts. Lizzie, in the I,o\\vll addition, north lot 15. block 28. Taxes and costs V Voelkere. Helen. Jot 4 and south half loi 5. block 520. Taxes and costs ..... W Wrhrht. Mrs. B. 0.. lot 10 and W'H ^ r<?et iot block 429. \Vilkina. .04 I .87 orinclniu place oYbuBlnesk. lO^S'Broad-1 52£,iSSP?A way. Oakland. Alameda County. State 1 vember 30. Notice is herebv given that the of the above sale of personal pro has been postponed to Monday vember 30. 1908. at the hour of ot ;alitornia. otlce is ner meetlne of the. Director! ninth dav of November, sessment or 3 cents _per i fed upon t oration. ., „ ,, „, „, dson. Secretary of said WelH at nis oflice. rooms m. at ^ ?ec P t'o V r e8 %^ at on at thl I ^ISSSTlSSa^ 6 tt 19 e data oner t* ~No- 2 m. r —r— - ^ l ^r^r ^J — ^^ ^r — ^^ ^ ^ ^- ^. estate of Rnloh un AS 1 ,._.._,__. share was lev- capital stock of the C avable _al once to J, said welil STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. akland. Alameaa Kera-utah ffi Notice is hereby elven that the a eetlnE of the stockholdpra Oii -^ -•-» ^^» ^ ^t^ ^^ ^ ™ ^ » -»» i ^k ^^^ ^^^ — Company will \m ^ -^f- ™~^ ^ -m- -w ^^ >^» "• '^ * T this assessment s & ny oK B «W"LXS9S held at the office of said..corporation , d on the nintn da o 1908. will be d , h f remain ecember. ^u 1 rsd . o iff . the sheriff's office, in th the 3r • t f affiTfuSflgn^a 11 ?te {m » ? V Hf ° y fl ° m -" ;° r uouc Auction an^ iji^ | uurnp Be of electlnc directors for nsufne year, and for tfie transac f such other business as may nrooer* Taxes and coats 18.05 ! of California. ed for sale at,Public Auction ana ui_ less payment is made before, will be sold, on the 28th day of, December. 1908, at 8 a. m,. to pay delinquent as- Mv rnm * hftforp t sessment tosether with cost of adver- IV come De f°% t tislnE and expense or sale. „ ' - - - **• VVj Bv Or " erT °*r/ D ft,JPSft r .C of Directors. Office rooms 1§ nnd 111. 1068 Broad* way.. _0flkland. Alameda County. State ctv ecem T. A. Baker. Secretary.' esiden DOG LICENSE NOTICE ^ v/ i Y , ill the LoweU addition, lot 2. block 1 o. Ml Taxes and costs \VearinK. \V. S., In the Lowe addition, lot 11. blue rt k .01 County Taxes and costs 1.18 , NOTICE TO CREDITORS. J" the %lP?rlor Court of the Co of Kern, Stale of CaHfornia. I in tT>" Tvuiupr of the Kstnte of Alex , ander, Bessueille, deceased. I iNotiee is nereoy Riven, by the Notice Is hereby exven .to all sons pwninff and k the limits ot the that S wnar :y$ aue _ s ror. the year. a icense aps ror .e year-unit. , a re now readv for delivery at the ot- ce^pf the CUy^Clerk, in the bnaemw* of ProducerB SavmeB.Bank buiiolnK. SUMMONS. the Superior Court of the County ern. State of CaHfornia. Ethel Houauette. Plaintiff vs. Poter Rouauette, Defendant. dci-Blsned Hdnunlslrator of tho est fl ? of ) Y tli Alexander BeBBueUle. aeceaBed. the <• realtors of. and uie t -ream Ins: clnum to exhibit e. all un* and on aft late Larv. J will . to dogs found 3 UK DX1 ay of persons nav s aeainst .the»ftoIU deceased i the vear 1908 er the 15th day or jan proceed to unpoun runnJnc on the streets are not wearing the license tae s Hi y — - -r — -rv v ^ ^-^^-H- • ^^^ »™»l-r ^b^ ^ them with the necessurv 3uauette. uerenuant. Art'on brouuht in the Superior 8 o«rt of the Countv of Kern. St ife of alifornia. and Uie Coniulalnt i\ ed in aid Countv of Kern, in the office ot e Clerk of s-aid Superior Com The People of the State of C ma seiul itroetiim to Peter Rounii defendant. , You are herebv rponlrod to np to e.MJiDn. inem witn tne necosi vouchers within four months alter the firs: publication of thin notice, whlon IB thr* date hereof, to said for nt the Jaw office rooms ;ti ami ?,'2. Ha UK or HaKersn(Mn hmhunc. Bakorsfield. Korn Countv, California, the name home the place i of the business of niH noueo. wnicn > said iidiuluistr*!- of C. L. Clatlin. nK or Bakersri(^l(1 1.26 + * * * 3.' block and _ 1 axes and costs Allen. C. U.. lot -I, block __ .., t I'.'ixos and costs 1.40 w Abbott. J> r.. IOIH -I. 5. 6. block F ,1"'!: , , , ,„ i Freeman. O. R. lot I lax.'s ami costs -1.5^1 Taxes* and Uemnniuu: -io toet " " . . <> it l.or .0; j.ols -t to -N. inc., and M to 1»> inc. hlock fift. Taxes and costs All hlocks t2 aud 73. :iorih or southeast cor- ii'-r rtlock 1GS. Uieuc*> north -(;". foet: west 12li i*M»r; youth -ir> foet: ".ist 1^^ t'eot: lo be.- umnnm. Taxes aud costs .... lleumnlim at southeast corner Block IRS. ;uo north -10 feet: '2'2 ieet; soiU.Ii teet; oast 122 feet: to homnnlnK Taxc-s and costs B Brown. K. A., in tin- r,owoll Addition, lots l i block Itt. Taxes and costs Banducci. A., lot :.I. hlock 11'.)"* Taxf-s and costs I,oi 'j. fduck HUi. '1 ;t\es itnd costH in-ne ^U',.. lots I and i 3.10 <> R. lot 20. block 23S. _____ - . costs , . . . . Ferguson. A. .F.. lots 19 ? n rl 20. south ir, feet, lot IS. block 484. Taves and costs ..... Firebauirh. Sarah ,T.. in the Lowell ArldlOon. lots 7 and K. block 7". Taxes and costs r. oc O.wO 1.40 5.22 estate of Andre, citv of Hudnut VJ Brown * • * * • Ta\ " ..... ami costs .illins in Lowell Addition. lot (i in i-aM halt of north- easi Muartt-r block A. Taxes alii) cosis ..... Bernitz. 1? \V . lot l!n. block 57G. Taxes and costs ..... urue i-\. lots 1:1 to 10. inc. block IIP., Taxes aii-l costs ..... 'm., Monuai-'o interest, in the |,o\vell Addition. lot i:;, block 17. Taxes and costs ..... 1.2(1 1.46 7.05 llrown. ake l.or, .91 5.41 dlrnult tract, lots 11. V> and VJ. block H. Taxes and costs ,1. Jean R. C'itv of Bakersfield. Hndnut rraci. lots I 2 less 25 foft off east end block 512C. Taxes and costs H Howard. Karl, personal property. Taxes and costs . , . . , In the Unveil addition lot 4 hlock ?»!. Taxes and costs . . Hinds. O. 1... lot S. Mock 1M.. Taxes anil c< ' Ilutrhes, Kt'Uxi. nioti-^fe j _ es! ill lots 1 1 U) 1:> inc. block '2- l i7 Taxos and rests A hove nrrmertv ed to ,1. M. Hunter et 4.-10 3.50 2.41 1.20 25.0 Taxes and costs Lots 5 to 12 inc., block "*4 Taxes and costs Lots 115 to Hi Inc. block 74. Taxes and costs I ots 5. 9, to 1C. inc. block 75. Taxes and COSTS ... Lots 1 to 8. inc. block 7ti. Taxes and costs All block y;!. Taxe.s and costs .... Lots- 5. «. !>. to 10 inc. block 94. Taxes atKl costa All block E. Taxes and costs ....,. West half except p feet bv 150 feet In northwest corner, southeast „ quarter. \v*st half, northeast cnuirtor. Boutn nail block CJ. Taxes and costs East half of southeast ouarter block H. Taxes and costs M Molina. Je^us. In the l-owejl ;td dition. lot 14. block anil costs . .1 - 't ..t. I, Cflllfor* / tor the nlii send itreetiim to Peter Rououei te. said estate. ^ tut ne-ilnsi vn» nft i?v I Admlnlstn.toi-of th' - . . UNI *lU(ilJi-St \t/il Fl> f HilflfT flf j * the aboye-nanieil plaintiff, in the Su-! r>! ted Nnye Court ot the County of Kern. ' * " M ' (I ™°^ „ ,J. K. COX. Poundmaster, Dated Januarv 9. 1908. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. in an at re eren* r tion brough trator of tlie RHtate iu*«*m'fll<\ Docey.sod. Estate or* Alo\11-10 o noKI. SnrinirfieM Oil Cn;rip;inv. T of princinal phice ot business. Uukerft* ViIuonifa. that at a on the State ot California, and lo answer the C'oniplnlnt fiJeri threin. wthin ten da* s (exclusive of the.dyy ot service* 1 County; if served after service on you of this Summons If served within said County; if serve , elsewhere, within thirty days. SPRINGS. nnnerul si>rtngB -i H.VTTT^V-B^ •T^*v-w v ^ v ^riWVT»*r- ^^^.^Tpjf i \nd vou are hnrebv Jtotlfiod that iff vou tiiil to so appear and ans\vor. HUM plaintiff will take ludi ff will take 1 money or dania e udKnient for nnv i us demanded in the) Ja Coniplnmt as arttuntr upon Contract, will applv to the Court for any oth relief demanded In the Complaint. t. or er 555 * » » •I.s7 t;.::/ relic; demanded In the Complaint. \\itness niv.haml nnd the Seal of said Superior t'our.! of the t'puutv of Kern. State of Cnllfornfn. this KHh dav of July. A. D. 1906. (Sean I. L. Mlf.LRR. Clerk. By Bedel Smith, t)ei»uty Clerk. Rowou Irwln and J. W. P. Laird, attorneys for plaintiff. 11-JS NOTICE OF SALE O^'^EllTjQUENT AluBcot Oil Companv. prlnclnnl place of husincss. Camp on N..K. >4 Sec- Uon aj,TownKhfi» 32 South Ranc:e 2tt East. Kern County. California. tt Notice:— -There is, ilelinouent upon the tollowlng described stock, on ac- levied ou the 5tn •nil OELONEGHA mmr- f\Qi T^O m Cl T 1 IT \J D L It" 14-1 ti I l\ a California. An atiRoitue cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-live miles from Battersfleld in •rra Nevada Mountain?. Fine «uro er climate. Good nccommodationa. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleld Thursday mornings between 8 and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Occidental hotels, and from Met'/opole In Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad- fr« s . BARDEAU & ROQUKTTE. tt Proprietors Notice Is hereby clven meetliic of tho Directors 23rd dav of November, llios. an as- icnt of (wo CM ccntH o/-r sha levied npo i tin* canltal stock tho cornorntiou. pavnbu* innnodiMtelT lu United States told coin to tlie sec- rotary of said corporation {U ofHee of the compuny. room 1. Producers Jtf^ hank l)'ii!iiint r . HakcrsIl<'l<K Cui, Anv stock upon which thin nv soc on c ent shall remain unpaid o NOTICE TO HEIRS ON PROVIIMG ment sa reman unpa (lav o! Decenilier. 1!K»S un'U.-nt and ii'ivertis»M . n'U.-n and ii'ivertis»Mi ntihjic aucti tho l b n ^vfl o lor sale at W»H*HH navment •" I7t lor sa and unless pf ;il! ne sold on nuiilr av of ,lannnrv. lltoit. to nav the .. llnnttent a»H**smem. together with coflt of advertiwiut: and ''\nenHOK of snl^. FUmni of nlr^ctors. Bv order o A, T. LlOinNEB, Secretur Office, room No. 1. Proauoerw I. nirs Bank bulldlni; r ;ornpr IJMh and it reels, Bakerf^peld. California, 11 count of HKKOSS.. dav of October, 190S. Uie Kev e na resneetrve shareholders as follows: amount H set. opposite tho names of the lu the Superior 1,01117 of the County f Kern. State of CoJiforniu. Depart- o ment 1. Name ThoK. (.ileason 1 ol. K. Mays B. 13. Mminute ...... ....... ...... No. No. Cert. Shs. 45 1000 47 loop 8 f)(.lO A?»).t: Tuxes ail Morgan. Ellen M.. ' 5.14 ed to A. .1. \V lite. If. A.. Jot 6. b ock 1S2, _ , Tnxe^ and costs IJlodnot. I(, A., i/er.sonal Hi- Taxes iind c(jsis . . . . . Lots rt and 7. block 384. Taxes and costs In the Lowell Addition I.nts I.".. 1«. block 30. L n .', n *' lA tv <)f Bakersfield. Chester tract, commencing at n point. 2.08 4.07 1.04 1. Hollywood. Nellie. Ciiv of Viak- ersfieUI. Hudnul tract. H). 20. block H. ,, OH a-Ul cosfs ....,Horner. \v. l.. lots 12. ir>. block •1K ( . Ti\ Xf;H nnd costs , . , . . Harrison. JJVrn.. lot 17. block 4S5. TaxcB Hud costB ---- . Harrison. Rrntlv. lot IS. block . ^H and costs ____ , Huntley. Mrs. M.. in the Lowell 2.41 2.00 dd moii block 211. lots 5. G. n. uth ^i^ Cannell north of east corner of northwest ouurtcr of north- fast ouartjer Bectlon shin 2J) south, i east, theuce north 'i2 ( i feef. went 407 Mil feet, -orth 40 feet, west 120 <MO feet, KOinii ;'tJO feet, cast 52S hoirlnnlntr. faxes and costs Vmlivided nuarter in- lerest hi oonimenclne at northwest corner blork j:;j. thence nouth ^7 I '_' fi-,.| caKt 7i» feet not ih J7 1-2 feet, west 7t> fri-t. to beuinnlnc. T;'X'-s ;u»'» costs ..... o T. A., morttrnsr Interest In commencintr 5fi7 ft-et. north and UI9 foet east of southwest corner of southeast quarter of southeast Quarter section 25. town. ship 29 south, ranere east, thence nprtfc tot. tan 83 41.45 Taxc'H mid costs .. ' , sir i v " Iols R ' °* 10 block 102. Taxns and co.^ts . Huehes. .T;'coli M in the Towell nnmUf'i^ l-jts 11 nml "2. nlocK 2 14 *j i * • 18.38 , 19 Taxes and costs J * « » . * Johnson. Aue-ust. lot 3. hlock 334. Taxes ant} costs morttfiieo interest in. Hudnut tract, lot S. IHock Y. Taxes and costs .... Ahove nronertv asse->- «il to H. T. Bailev. , Kelictdad. lots i'J, 1--. lilocU 5ir,. 'Faxes and costs Marv 10 comniencur^ r' feet S in. west ot nurth- eiist eorncr hlocU ih*-nce north 122 I- -10 Ieet S south 122 ted. e;i:0. feet S In. to hctMiiii!;..'- Taxes and co••• -j . . . - Movuan. Mrs, 11.. inorttrain; interest in. City of li.iK- ersfteld. Southern Addition. Winn nu /;' southwest cor block > thence east loo feet. south HO feet, west 1<»' ft>t't. north ISO h?et to hetiinnintr. Taxes and cosis > Xewbury, T. A. S v lots ifl. 2';. ami east 15 Ieet lot. l v Block -irjO. Taxes and costs .... 0 .1- - if 50.00 0 0 13. Mmurate -8 500 25.00 nina riKlerbvink .110 250 I'i.&O chard Kinsman ...115 12&00 ^25.00 chard Kinnnmn ...1C liifiOd t'.L'^.oo ). Thonison ISft loooo ifii;.45 ). Thomson is? UMMMI fiOn.Od t In Uie matter of the estate of Hein rich Anu'ust. GilflemQlstcr,.deceased. tho at 1 t ('ount v have hoe j AUL'usi, uiiuemeisror. aeceased. • ntici- in herebv c-fyen, tJiut Momlav. no Mth dav of D'-cember. A, D. liinS. t 10 ocloclf. a. m. of tmu day, and he Gknirtrnpm, peuartuieut. 1, of fijilrj 'ourfr at the Court Iiouse, in rhe ^ ^ t ^ t the Court IIOUKO. in rw of Kern. State of Calitornia n tipootnlcn as the time aiif of said :). Thomson X Thomson * * * * * * • * * * 100(10 fion.oo 500. On ndo.oo And In acortUinco with law and an order ot .the board of directors, wad'* on the tilth day of October. lf*(»s. so imniv shares ,or eaeli uarct-l of such stock as mav be necessary will he aol<! at tho branch . office of t)ie (Vrnjnariv. mnc(> tor nrovmu tne win or said Hem rich AiuruKt (ifMemejstor. de- ceaKed, now on filo In Kuld Court. .iud for hrai'intr .'Me aimlication of Henry Mdhns tov the IsKuance to him of Letters of AdmfuiKtration with the will annexed thereon, I. L. MlLJjRR. Clerk. ,..Thp8. Scott. ThoH. Scott, Jr., an< Wrluht & Writtht. Atfornoys for l*eti tioner. Dated Nov. 19. A. D. 1908. NOTICE TO HORSEBREP-DERS. Positively no advancement In ser* 1 SUMMONS In the Superior Court, of tho Coun kern. State of California. rooin 4i:J Clti/,en« National cornei- of Main and B:ml< J'hird strei;ts. in the- Cltv or l.os Anueh^ CaHrornfa. on Saturday, the nth riav o Uecember. liHiS. at Hi o'clock a. m. o , r ecenihei. «»fh tlnv. of r J. O. H How Oil CorriTnm Action broutrht tate of alifornia. ofkenH. Plaintiff vs. orriTnmv. Defendant. tv n of Court of the C D in Silver the Superior i- at lo % ocl(tc a. m. o ro nav rlelimiuent lor " he snlo. tv of Korn. State of „ „ otnplaint fi ed in Countv of Kern, in the ofl co of ii . •i- t / ce roo hank htiilf]ln . . ^. . C«l Jforn U. and the Comi) aint fl e< i nuld Count v of Kern n the ofl the Clerk of "aid Si heiior Court te of Califor- vice fee of the stallion Richard B for the season, H*<'!). Those being informed «H 4o advancement In price arc misled. 107 DR. SBAUa. V. S. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given that tin taxes on "all personal property, anfl one-half of the taxes on all real property, will be due and payable on th* second Monday in October, and wf8 lie delinquent on tbe "ant Monday in November next therafter, at G o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per cent will be added to tfett amount thereof, and that if s^ld on*half be not paid before tho last MOK° day In April next, at C o'clock p. nk ff an additional five per cent will added thereto, I l e or lonal i 1, That tbe remaining one-half the taxes on all real pr«M»rly will payable on nnd after tbe first Moe- riia send Owiinu fo "Silver Bow" Oil cla " / in January nest. will be d» Coijipanv. Defondani. Hnquent on the "aff Mcrulay In Aprt3 fo annear ,,,, v » thereafter, at t> o'clock p. '/nn« ,>„,.«,- 'PIT v - i i-P an, nction brought aiaiiuHt YOU t>v """ \T,,in «*«.n J^'i £?'V ir i fh!r fl ,A< n 'J tn^ ali<iv t »-n«m*'*1 plaintiff u tlm Su- and Main btreets, Los Anirelos. Calitcir- imrior Court of the Countv of Korn. five nin. ^ NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (.rand Pri/e Oil Company. Princi iierior Court of the Countv o Korn. State of California, and to nnnwer the Complaint tiled therein, within ten aav'K ( imive of tJie (lav of service) m\ place of buslnesH. Bakersncld, if «"rv^l wltlil Kern Count v. Ca ifornla. Notice is horobv dvtm that at u , meHini: ol the direotorw, lu-ld on th^ . Jlst day of November. 1!'<ifc. an JISHPSH nu-nt of one c.fnt JXT shan> was levied upon the capital KtocU of tho corp(jr:i- tjon. mfWihltt iinmpfUaiplv TO the nn- on of this SurnriioiiH thereto to mplalnt tiled .'H (c.'.velUKiye ol er Bervico on \* if served wkftln ninn roii»iv; H serv • •1st-where, within thirty Oavs. And you are hereby notified that \ou fall to HO am>car and answer, the nfflca 1'I.iintiff will take md^r/ient for npv;,'"^ money or damages demanded In thei^oun^ that unless paid prior per cent will i>e added amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid tho time th flrnt installment, as hero- ! lfl «•«•>, J »J'»«»»«^»-H'*« 1 - r t ' 1 rvniHiv: if Bervcd! in prov|(|cd( |fl (]ue and wMet if! 3. That taxes may be paid in th« of tho Tax Collector in tiro ty courthouse between the hour* imoij Con truck or) of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. Katt > _ ... Jackson. . . . . . 'Mock 1,.. lots 10. 20. and costs 2.89 1.87 Victoria. northeast ntifirter of lot 4. block $.76 Krull. C •). Taxes and i,.. It] the tion. l f 'ts hlock 4i. Taxes and costs 5.06 L kolxeaux. '- O.. Joi-; 1, J, D. 4. 5. hlock 46(C. Tax«H and w co5jtB r,one. J. .f lots C. 7. block 126. ret Taxes and costs .... v 11.08 Lotello. Juan, in fhe^ Lowell ad- don, lot 1*. block 8. ^ AW . ^ & *K2ft and^ cosU ..... 1.05 Lewis. M r*. EKliabeUi.. lota 15. O OE 1'axes and costs J. A., nersonal in- Lot 1. '' j aat 7 teet.. lot «. blnck «25. Taxes an;l cos's . . . . . n u reston. J f L.. in the Lowell addition, lot 13. hlock 2«i. Taxes arid costs Putnam. P. P.. in tho Lowell addition, lots 9. 10. 11. 12. block 70. Tuxes and costH . . s. P. nersonal nronertv. seerptarv of said corporation. at room tnt,'s Hunk bu Countv. Calif Anv st nek unon which thin - ± -- 111 • AV - inu'icv in uuijia^t's uiMjiiiii'it'ci m mt» ^"«MV/ ('iii/inlaint HX arirflnf ni>on Contract, or I of 9 a. \\ill anolv to the. Court for anv other} r n m relief d<>mnnd^d hi tho CoinnTnlDt. i *v .' AVitneBB mv hand and the seal of !>ate< said Sunerlor Cotirt of the Countv of Kern. State of California, this 2nd dav 1ft1 ..f \V,fs.i» l.sii* A t'\ ffiAO Il/'l 1)ftS(lHH . jof N'ovcniher. A. O. IftHS. mi-nf Hhan retiytfrV unrmfd onj"''*^- >Sf; ll fc \UiItaLr" AfVoriiev^'for %«'ln the llth dav of Januifrv. Kifift will ho (if * () - *' \\niuiKer. Attorney ior twin. deiinmient nnd adyertlKefl for H«)C at. nnbUc.auctlfin. an Dated October 1. 1908. C. B. DAY, T&x Collector, 1 Kem County, California. . - .....d unlfHK navnient IH niade before, will ua ttold tm SahirdJ v he Gth dav of February. 1919, at t lour or 2 o clock n, in. to iuiv (lie < In OIK-nt aKKesstnent. together with [COsfs Of Htlwrt.lKlntZ ttllf! ^'XfK'IlHO.S Of sab- F. 1C. nOHTKN, Secy. j>ro tmn. 2o:!-204 Producers h tiff. l-G of SUMMONS. rior <>wrt of the County rn. State of California. In the Supe Ke fi» at< r.'M. Hoddens. PjaioUff." vs. Silver How Oil Conmnny. Do Action brought In the. and costK . . . . . ]n the Lowell Addition lots 1. 2. block . . o po { ^ , * ' — ; 2. On Rooms 2o:!-204 Producers Savings ntik biifliliriif. Bakersfield. Kern Couiv v. Calilornin. II -i NOTTcFoF~MEETING. Ck i rk of sail! Snnorlor ''ourt. The iVonle of tiie Stute of Calif nia send jrrootine to Silver Bow Oornpanv. nefendant. a Taxes and costs PoESon. Annie L.. mprterf terest. in. Cit.v o ersneld southern dition. east half bloc ixea and coata 3.23 K68S- Notice is hepfbv clven that the :in- ou are ior nual rneetln»' of Ktockholrlers of the; in an. action broutejit OU bv minan 1 You are lieretty roantred to -. , ,, , an, action brought airainst vou PI SprinKileld Oil Comnanv will be lield i tho, above-named nlaintlff In tho Su Ht its office, room No. 1. Producer** Perior Court of tho (Bounty of Kocn. Savint'B Bank buildint'. nakerslleld. State of California, and to anflwi California, on Tuesday. Deomnber 8th. Complaint filed ^Uieroin. with! _ 1908, at 3 o r clock p. TO, of said dav. for dava (excIUBlve of the. day of serviced the election of a board of directors after service on YOU of thia Summons, be If served within said County; If served and piich" other ,,,. the Ithin ten weeB as may DrouKht oefore the. . J OOce, » >"i A, T. No. . Bee roducera « Coun A. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. -he Superior Court in and for th« -y ofKern. St.-tte of ('alifornfa. ne.matter of tlie entute tit BmT _ _ --^- _-_ c " -— — ^^- - r - Urlin, decoriHed. , _.,Jce.iB hereby (riven bv the ma- uersiprned aOmluiHtrator of ilie ostate of EmfJv A. Snurlln, dereaviMl. to the creditors of. and all persons bavin* clalmH weainst tlie said deceased, exhibit them with the nncQBB,, vouchers within four months after t] first publication oi this notice, to iald _ administrator at the offlct- Stat ni . -— - — -----^T*— r — ^~— ^ r" — ~ ™ ^ ~ ^ f^ W ^^ ^^ for thotrunsactjpn of business o estate In said Kern strato ^ city o within thirty are hereby n W ABQOfcf ^^^^f ^v^^^^^v a _ed that if taawtr. the

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