Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 12, 1964 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
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Wednesday, February 12, 1964
Page 7
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Grand Jury Report Continued probe urged in veterans' tax exemption Redlandi Daily facts Wed, Feb. 12, 1JM - 7 ditional 223 veterans who rc-:Jury investigation.) ,licity should stress that claims quested t h e i r claims be with-j 4 Information provided to the w > 11 be checked to determine; u,ZZ' ^.n ^r 150 ' 1 , T' Tax Assessor which casts doubtl eI f Wity . tu „ turned over to the County As , . j In conclusion, the 1963 Grand sessor in October. 1953. No ac-j° n the veterans claim for cx-| Jury js concerned ovcr the tion to withdraw the claims wasjeniption should be expeditious-'dilatory tactics of the County taken until the Grand Jury^y investigated by the Tax As-i Assessor in failing to act on in- urged more positive action byisessor's office. Failure to doformalion provided by the the County Assessor in Decern-!so may result in loss of revenue'Grand Jury in October. This inker, j to the County. j formation consisted of signed 3. Based on this estimatedi 5. Publicity on the provisions requests from the veterans reduction, approximately $2,865,000.00 in assessed valuation should be returned to the county tax rolls. 4. This Grand Jury also made recommendations as to the proposed new form for Veterans Exemption Claim Applications to be used on a State-j wide basis in 1964. The use of this form will remove veterans claims from the secret status imposed by including Personal Property information with the Veterans Exemption Application form. R ECOMM EN'DATIONS : 1. The 1964 Grand Jury <-on- of the law governing exemp-i themselves that their exemptions should be placed in all tion be cancelled. Failure to media by the Tax Assessor's take prompt action will now re- Office prior to filing date of vet-.suit in no action due to lack of erans exemption claims. Pub- time prior to filing date of 1965. A continuing investigation of claims for veterans tax exemption in San Bernardino county was urged by the 1963 County Grand Jury. The Grand Jury declared that its investigation and the request for additional information in connection with "questionable" claims resulted in 223 veterans asking that their claims be withdrawn. Cyril A. Barnes of Redlands was chairman of the Grand Jury committee on veterans affairs which made the following findings and recommendations regarding veterans tax exemptions: FINDINGS: Based on recommendation made by the 1962 Grand Jury the 1963 Grand Jury investigated applications for veterans exemption, made by San Bernardino County Veterans, by taking the following actions: 1. A letter was mailed to 33.-• 000 County veterans, with their 1. The 1964 Grand Jury <- 0 n -j HOLLYWOOD — The story be-'don and filming of "Some Other! application form, which cx-'tinue the investigation of Vet- hind "George Maharis Sings'"|Love.". Man-of-many - roles, plained the provisions of the;erans Exemption Claims re-can now be told. And it is in'Mickey Rooney is trying a new; law in detail. This action re-jceived from those areas not the same suspense league with J one — a Greek immigrant for a, suited in a decrease of 2,642|covercd by the 1963 Grand Jury his battle to escape from tele-\"Rawhide" show going before! IN HOLLYWOOD Maharis tells of near voice loss U. S. SURVIVES INVASION — Manhattan Island, with a solid rock foundation, withstood the week-end arrival from England and U. S. debut on television of the Beatles (as shown here). Washington, D. C. was assaulted last night; now the mop-top rock n' rollers return to New York and Carnegie Hall. (NEA Telephoto) By Erskine Johnson Beatles capture Washington Bach girl had problems SAN FRANCISCO (UPIt—Pa­ tricia Bach. 15 year-old great- veterans exemptions over the tax rolls of 1962. 2. In follow-up action a list of the names of veterans granted exemption was obtained for certain selected county areas. Grand Jurors checked these lists finding approximately 1,000 exemptions which appeared questionable. A second letter with an accompanying questionnaire was mailed to these veterans requesting additional information not previously requested on the form used by the Assessor's Office but ap- inrestigation. [vision's "Route 66," for a whole]the cameras next month 2. A separate form be used;new career in motion pictures, for veterans exemption claims. ring in his first big screen film, Such form to be clearly entitled "Application for Veterans Exemption." The information contained on such a form would!"The Satan Bug." not be classified as secret under the law. 3. Veterans Exemption Application Forms should not be Hepatitis felled him for a year! "The Charge of the Light Bri- ; Washington in such force Dolly they clapped, they stomped, they during the legal row, but he's'gade" will be filmed again, with.Madison had to roU ypthe Con-. laughedj tney howled, but espe- now fully recovered and star- ~~ By FRANK JACKMAN IThey have invested in SoOOicry, laugh, sob etc. United Press International |worth of medical insurance in A squad of impassive police-i WASHINGTON (UPI) — The;case of injury. j men matched the goings-on. but great - great - granddaughter of last time the British came to. Fans screamed, they shrieked,i^-,. all they had t0 do thc !composer Johann Sebastian As a young singer Maharis was threatened by permanent damage to his voice through bad advice from a vocal coach. automatically mailed to all county veterans. Any veteran In revealing the story for the desiring to file should person- first time he told me: allv apply at thc Tax Assessor's! "I was >°™S did not „„. ., r Office. (This recommendation isjrealize I should have gone to a plicable in the case of granting!based on comments received j g°°d singing teacher who would veterans exemption. jfrom veterans themselves dur-|have recognized my natural bar This action resulted in an ad-ling thc course of the Grand Tony (Tom Jones) Richardson,stitution and smuggle it out ofj ciaUy ^ cy S q ue aled for the as director. If the role gets'• town. (Beatles Tuesday night — not a screenplay build-up, Bob Gou-j The Constitution — and the let says he will re-create his;White House and the Capitol —| stage Sir Lancelot in the film version of "Camelot, seemed secure today but there was some doubt about the rest of the city after Britain's mop- The two-for-one beard is now|top Beatles made their debut with us — or, rather, on the here. chin of Charlton Heston, for his x ne f ouri who may be the role as a Civil war hero in "Ma- greatest British dollar-earners jor Dundee." After sproutingthe s j nce t he Haig twins began bot TELEVISION IN REVIEW By KICK DD BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — It is not likely that the slogan "CBS- The Stars' Address" will earn the perpetuity of such other battle cries as "Remember The Maine" or "Wait Till Next Year." For a number of reasons, a number of stars will no longer be doing their weekly shows at thc address next television season. For example: —The Judy Garland program will end shortly, a victim of its own problems and the ratings war with "Bonanza." —The new Phil Silvers series failed too. —Garry Moore's variety hour was also canceled. —Danny Thomas, head of bis own successful production com pany, decided to quit thc weekly grind, and will do a group of specials at NBC-TV in the coming season. —Jack Benny is taking his series to NBC-TV. CBS-TV said it decided not to renew him be cause of his age. Sources for the comedian say he was dis< satisfied with his CBS time slot, and initiated the move himself. To anyone who has seen him perform in person re cently, the age story is ludicrous. —Lucille Ball, boss of Desilu Studios, announced she will not do a weekly show next season though many still doubt this. In addition, Andy Griffith is said to want to end his series after next season in order to do movies. Often, these expressed desires are to improve one's bargaining power at contract talks, but the show has been on for a lpng time. With its lineup of such situa tion comedies as "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Petticoat Junction," plus popular panel shows, CBS is still the network to beat in the ratings. The stars who will have to carry the burden now include Jackie Gleason, Dick Van Dyke, Carol Burnett, Danny Kaye and Red Skcl- ton. Skelton has been miffed about his 8 p.m. EST starting time, which he considered too early in certain zones, but it is reported that CBS promised to return him to his 8:30 slot It was announced Tuesday, by the way, that on April 5, when CBS' Ed Sullivan expands his show to 90 minutes, the network will also inaugurate a new half-hour game show in which all the contestants are million' aires. Celebrity panelists will try to identify the contestants and determine how they made their fortunes. "I Made a Million" is the tentative title of the show, and cash prizes up to $600 will be forwarded to each million aire's favorite charity. The extra 30 minutes for Snl livan plus the new panel show will comprise the hour that replaces the exiting Judy Garland series — and is CBS' latest gambit to unhorse NBC- TV's high-riding "Bonanza," a western with four heroes who didn't become stars until they saddled up. in the United States is the subject of the entire NBC-TV "Today" program Feb. 21. Howard K. Smith and Edward P. Morgan will be the anchor-, ^ s ^'Bug ^'and^neTpian" men of ABC-TV's coverage of| n j ng a njght c i UD singing ap- the coming political conventions,pearance as part of his growth The Channel Swim: Poverty beard, Heston visited 20th Cen-j t]u]g Highland dew, swept all tury-Fox studio for a story con-[before them Tuesday night — itone. Instead, thc teacher I hadiference on his next film, "The: vcah vcan> vean Agony and the Ecstasy," in; Tne " next stop? ^ hallowed which he will play Michelangelo. , o{ N - ew YoTk - s Carnegie Thc studio mistakenly as- 1 was convinced I should be dramatic tenor. "In pushing my voice I suddenly became hoarse and started spitting blood. A doctor gave me the warning: 'Don't say a word for five weeks, or there's a chance for permanent damage." "I followed his orders. After five weeks the doctor said I had saved my voice. Looking back now, all I can think is that not talking for five weeks was almost as bad as hapatitis." Maharis will be recording his sixth album after completing .. .Willie Mays appears on the same network's Tennessee Ernie Ford show Tuesday. as an actor. Because, he says, "singing is almost like acting.' Doris Day heads soon for Lon sumed he had grown the beard for Michelangelo, and pronounced it perfect for the part. "But it's for another film," Heston said. "Wear it in both films," said the studio. Heston will. John Barrymore Jr. had another voice dubbed in for his own in an English movie. He's suing. Burt Lancaster's movie "The Train," on location in France, has been on and off the rails so often it is coming in "Cleopatra" style. Shootingj started last Aug. 1, and the| film is still before the cameras and 53 million OVER budget Hall. But the Beattles are no respecters of tradition. Beethoven and Bach will have to take a back seat to their rock 'n' roll concert before 6,000 Beatle fans. Tight Security Precautions Security for the two Carnegie shows rival precautions for a king. But one group of 45 teenagers is taking no chances. dio) leaves these lyrics on the cutting room floor when the Chad Mitchell Trio sings "Alma Mater": "The National Guard, the barricades. Where we shared our first kiss The senior prom, the hand-gre- i nades . . . Television censorship (not ra-l We're going to miss Ole Miss." only at the jam-packed Wash ington Coliseum but in the hallowed confines of Her Britannic Majesty's Embassy. More than 8,000 teen-agers, most of them girls and all of them somewhat demented, packed the Coliseum for the first live U.S. performance by the bushy-haired combo from Liverpool. After the performance, the Beatles, who go back to New- York later today leaving the capital to visiting British Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas- Home went off to the embassy to conquer the lifted-pinkie set. Mobbed by Crowd They were mobbed by the crowd at Ambassador Sir David Ormsby-Gore's masked ball. Most of the costumed ball-goers were put in the shade by the Beatles, who wore their working outfits of tight black suits with velvet lapels and winkle- pickers — high-heeled pointed patent leather boots. The Beatles didn't look much like diplomats under the lights at the Coliseum, but they obviously suited the audience to a shriek. And shriek they did. Also whine, whinny, squeak, gurgle. crowd was noisy but peaceable, even when subjected to a long wait before the concert—that's what it says here—began. Sues zoo for camel bump SAN DIEGO, Calif. (UPI)-A $30,000 damage suit was on file today against the San Diego Zoo in which a Stamford. Conn., woman claims she was bumped into by a camel. Mrs. Gerard F. O'Hagan claimed in the action brought Monday that the zoo was negligent in maintaining a section called the Children's Zoo. She said that while on vacation here March 10, 1963, the camel and other animals "violently collided with her." Bach, returned home to her parents Tuesday — five days after she was reported missing. The girl told police she had "some problems to work out" and had been staying with a girl friend since last Friday. Her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bach, reported Patricia missing when she failed to return home from classes at George Washington High School. Thief takes four wheels, fires from car Russell L. Baldwin, 1390 Pacific street, reported the theft of all four wheels and tires from his sports car Saturday night. The theft occurred between 7 and 10:30 p.m., police said. The loss was estimated at $300. Stamp thief free on bond EVANSVILLE, Ind. (UPI)— James Coleman, 21. a college student, was free on bond today on charges he stole more than 1 million trading stamps from a supermarket where he had worked since 1960. Police said they began to investigate when an unidentified Louisville, Ky.. physician became suspicious of an offer to trade him 1 million stamps for $1,000. 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