The Evening Mail from Stockton, California on October 17, 1881 · 3
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The Evening Mail from Stockton, California · 3

Stockton, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1881
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The Evening Mail. I MISS EVA FAYS SEANCE mon iiu.v ..October 17 I THE HlIJtlTH TVKXEIt LOOSE IX 310ZAIIT HALL. TIUVKI.KIW' TI3IK TABLE. mills HAUi HAS NO ADVERTISEMENT X from any of tho linos of tiaiel rstlintinir from BtooUton, but publishes tin, followlmr uratultoilnly os a matter of convenience to the public : PASSENGER TRAINS LEAVE STOCKTON POR Loilt and Oalt (Sundays exempted). . . 8:4fi r. H. Lodi, Galt and Sacramento (Express daily) P. M. Milton (Sundays excepted) Ail a. m. Oakdale (Sundays excepted). , p M Visalia and the South Aide p. M. Modesto and Merced (Sundaysexeepted) , il5 P. U. San fronelseo (LoDal-Sundays except- ( 7 :r3 a. if. San Francisco (Express).... . LS6 P. M. Emigrant trains going west leave at . . . 8:46 p. u. Emigrant trains east leave at . . , 8:05 a. u. Morning train (or San Francisco runs via Mar Afternoon twin connecting at Lathrop for all points south and east by the Southern, runs via Livermore ; connects at Niles with train for San Jone. . x , A freight an l puronger train leave every morning except Mondays, at 0:45, for Lodi, Oalt and Sjcraineuto. BATES 07 PARE TO San Francisco (stop over ticket) S3 5b Hound Trip 6 00 Single Trip (limited) 8 00 Second Class (morning train only) 1 60 Lathrop (any train) W Modesto 1 00 Return Ticket (good for 80 days) 8 00 Bantas 75 Merced 4 50 What was Seen and Heard Home Clever Trleka One of the Committee who H DlssatiN flert-Ktc, Return Ticket (good for 80 days). . Lodi Oalt lone Sacramento 6 76 75 1 00 , 8 26 . 8 00 River Travel. Boats leave for San t rancisco, dauy (Sun days excepted) at 4:00 p. a. Leave Ban Francisco daily, Washington street wharf (Sunda. s excepted) at.. . .6:00 p. m. BATES 07 FARE. Cabin ........81 00 I Rooms $1 0C Meals...... 50 Berths 60 PofitolHce Hours. Wbrr Days From 8 a. m. to 12:26 p. m.; from 1 to 1:25 P. M.; from 2 to 4:45 P. n., and from 6 to 7 p. m. Sundays From 1:45 to 2:30 p. m. ill"!! Notice to Subscribers. Subscribers of the MAtb not receiving their papers regularly and promptly by carrier or through the Postofflce will confer a favor by reporting to the business department. HARitiEb. WALSH HENCKMAN-ln this city, October 16th. by Rev. W. T. Fieenor. Will5am Walsh and Miss Amelia Henceman, both of this city. MARTIN On the Waterloo road, October 16th, Felix Martin, a native of Virginia, aged 74 years, 7 months and 20 days. GIBBON In this city, October 15th, Mrs. M. E. Gibson, aged 30 years and 9 months, of consumption, after an illness of six years. She struggled with her disease with more than ordinary fortitude. So far as fnedical skill was concerned, not a stone was left unturned in her behalf. The deceased was possessed of more than average intelligence, and was ever ready to bestow a kind and sympathetic word to those around her. Those who knew her best will miss her most. Nay, dry thy tears ; her soul is free ; Disease no more can hold her fast. Her happiest days on earth the last. To think that soon in Heaven shed be. Upon her grave the sunlight falls, And all the air is filled with peace. Thus one by one th e choirs increase That walk in Heaven s crystal halls. C. USX OF JiKTTEBS Remaining unclaimed in the Postoffice at Stock-ton for the week ending October 15, 1881. To obtain any of these letters the applicant must call for advertised letters and give the date of the list. If not called for within one month they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office: LIST. LADIES' Adams, Mrs Katie Allen, Mrs Robert liamin, Mrs J Barber, Mrs O Bekert, Mrs J F Biven, Mrs E J Beivans, Miss H Bulkley, Mrs A G Chapman, Mrs E Clark, Mias Cary Clark, Mrs Johanna Compter, Miss Kate Devine, Miss Lotta Dovle, Mrs A Duffee, Miss Mary Dudley, Mrs I B Emerson, Miss Emma Elam, Miss Lida Francis, Mrs H J Fanshaw, Miss E Givens, Miss Lou Gilbert, Miss Ella Harrison, Miss Maud Harrison, Miss L Hopkins, Mrs S Hooper, Mrs L A Holden, Miss Emily Howe, Mrs C GENTLEMENS LI8T. Johnson, Mrs P Kenyon, Mrs A 61 Lee, Mrs E S Martinez, Miss Julia May, Miss Nera Monroe, Sirs A C Morrow, Miss Mary Murphy, Mrs E SI McCloud, Mrs Ruth MoKsmy, Miss V O'Brien, Mrs James Parker, Mrs E A Parmer, Aliss Ada Perkins, Mrs V A. Ralph, Mrs 3 Reiver, Miss M Sickels, Mrs N D Sciefford, Miss S Smith, Miss Maud Smith, Miss M A Vermelli, Mrs C Weiner, Mrs Aug Welch, Miss Nellie Wiekham, Mrs E J Wisewell, Mrs A L Yoraon, Miss Nancy Youth, Miss B A Averhill, J H Haydon, L T Abbey, A M Hatch, A B Bachelder, P 51 Haden, H Badoreco, V Hanson, J Bartlett, Joseph Havelson, E Barrera, M Harris, C B Bredaquaar, C Hickman, F Bennett, J Hill, W Brown. E C Hogan, H H Brown, W A Hopkins, P Cabanilla, T Howard, W N Chamberlin, A1 Howe, M J Collins, H DeBarra, T DeRoza, H Dexter, R Dowd, T Dudley, J H Eva, C Ester, A Ebebe, H Ellis, W H T Treatis, V J Frank, L Fitzgerald, 8 Fidelia, M Fox, G W Ferguson, Jim Gann, 51 Jinson, H 0 Jones, R Johnson, E A P Swift, J Stipes, H Peri, A Perasso, G Potter, A W Richardson, J Rougue, L RossB J Robeson, N A Russell, W Saur, J N Sayles, D Shatter, P Shafer, J Sweeney, M Seileck, W J J avmuauii, l, Kerdin, J Kimble, G Koltsoo, F Lager, J Loingne, A Lloyd, S S Mack, F C Morton, M A Mathews, J C Menzier, T Moore, F Moore, A Mullen, J McGregor, R Galbraith, G H Meek, Dr Garwood, J E McKenzie, F Garnett, T Gibbons, M Giles, W M Giles, W Gosch, H Gordon, G Gonner, R. D AlcLarity, J R Nanney, C Owens, J Patrick, J W Pentell, J Simon, A Smith, G W Smith, I N Smith, E A Scofield, H Snodgrass, J Solari, P . Sparks, F Shutticb, P ? Tracy, E K Taussig, F Tevlin, P Tiorney, D Triplett, R Vordon, F Watson, J B Wakefield, C Webster, J W Wise A Hahn Wright, J Persian Powder White, W Co Williams, J M Beal Estate Transfers, - Transactions in real estate have been recorded as follow : A. R. Elliott to C. Lindstrom Lots Mozart Hall was crowded last night to witness the seance Riven by Annie Eva Fay and C. C. Braddon, Long before 8 oclock, the time advertised to commenoe, every bench and chair was filled. The proceedings opened with a short address from Mr. Braddon, in which be impressed upon bis audience In general and the boys in particular, the advisability of making as little noise as possible. He then went on to give a sketch of Miss as a pub-llo medium, and gave the names of several distinguished European potentates and acieatisti who bad indorsed her aa being the genuine artlole. Mr. Braddon observed that tbepubllo could Judge for themselves as to the source from which life manifestations' produced came. He said that there were three causes usually assigned, namely : Spirit power, odio force and jugglery. He took the odlo force theory as bla standpoint and claimed the manifestations to be ecientific facts. A committee of Investigation was then nominated by Dr. A. T. Hudson, consisting of Dr. MoICaig aud Thomas Y. Read, agent for Wells, Fargo & Co., who after some further remarks from Mr. Braddon proceeded to closely examiue the cabinet and its surroundings. The cabinet, if suoh it can be oalled, consisted simply of four iron rods fastened to the stage. To these were attached red curtains which formed a eqnare of some eight feet. The side faeing the audience was fixed with a draw curtain and had a square hole covered by a flap in its center. When the committee had thoroughly convinced itself that there was nothing about the cabinet but what was above board, Miss Fay appeared and made her bow to the audience. THE MEDIUM Miss Fay, who is a slightly-built lady of about 25 years of age, with a profusion of light hair and a pretty expressive face, lost no time in getting to business and took her seat on a camp-stool inside the cabinet. At her back was a wooden stanchion into which was screwed an Iron ring. The mediuma hands were then securely tied with strips of cloth, the knots of which were sewn with black thread by theeommitlee. These strips of cloth were tied to the iron ring. A similar ring was screwed into the stanchion Immediately behind her head, and Miss Fays neck fastened to it by another strip of cloth. Her feet were also tied. This left her in each a position that It was impossible to move hand, foot or head without bursting the bandages. When Miss Fay had been firmly secured and duly inspected and approved by the committee, a bell, tambourine and a mouth organ or harmoniphon were placed in her lap. THE SPOOKS AT WORK. No sooner had the curtain been drawn than the tambourine began to rattle, the bell to ring and the har moniphon to give forth strange noises. On the curtain being drawn aside the medium was found in exactly the same position she had been left. Of this fact the committee assured itself by a close examination of the surronnding8. A glass of water was then bronghtand placed upon the tambourine on Miss Fays lap, and the curtain pulled to. Inafew seconds the glass was found between the mediums teeth and the water gone, Mr. Read was then shut np with Miss Fay. He placed his hands upon her lap, and had his own head, covered with a tin bucket; inside the cabinet were placed the guitar and tamboui-ine; inside the tambourine were placed some sheets of paper, and between Miss Fays teeth a pen-oil. The curtain was drawn to and the noises at once commenced. When exposed to view the bucket still reposed upon Mr. Reads head, the medium was still tied and several communications were found written upon the sheets ol paper. THOSE ME8SAGES. Mr. Braddon then read to the audience the following messages supposed to be irom the spirit world; Dear father and mother: Why wish me to return? I am better off in spirit life. Mobbis Minks. Marks was drowned at North Beach about a year ago. Janette Kathberger Am suable to write. I was seventy-one years old when death called me away. I have many things to say in private to my family. LaDBENUE Ktami-er. The last message was: To Henry Harris: Six years ago I left yon at the age of twenty-nine. I often am with you, and my little one is with me. Cabbie. Although persons in the audience knowing the spirits sending communications or the persons to whom they were sent, were requested to respond, no one cared to get up in public. Mr. Braddon then announced waa a prejudloe against ropea and apologi.ed for their use in the present Instanue. A small ooll of rope was then placed In theoahlnet, the medium entored and the ourtaln waa drawn to. In a few moments he waa found firmly seoured to the chair by both wrists. table was then placed by his side on whloh were bells, a guitar, eto., and the cabinet closed. Soon the guitar began to play, and was poked out through the hole in the curtain. Some of the audience declared that they saw spirit bands appear several times at the opening during this performance. Mr. Braddon next gave TUB LYMAN TEST. This test consisted of a tin backet put on a chair with a ring In it, and a wooden hoop on the top, with Dr. MuKaigs coat and vest hung on the chair back. When the cabinet was opened, although the medium was he so desire. A. Mail re- sUlTfirraiy lied the right sleeve ofl porter Inspected the stage this morn the coat was found on his arm, and I wd found on tbs floor beneath the buoket, vest, hoop and ring tbs aperture aome pieces of the cloth strung on It. Ail this time gas was I with whioh Miss Fay had been tied, burning behind the cabinet and all I some fresh sawdust and the sides were closely watohed by the wiw. The cloth waa oommittee. The spirit knots were A QLEEIt DISCO VEKY. A Couple of I.oose Boards ionad In Bloanrt Hall. At the oonoluslon of the so-qalied "spiritual performance in Mozart Hall last night a number of gentlemen Inspected the stage while the oablnet waa being taken down. Upon trying a couple of short boards in the floor and within the oablnet, it was found that the nails by whioh they had been fastened to the Joist were broken otf short, and that the boards could be taken up easily. This left an aperture about eighteen inohes long by nearly a foot wide. The apace underneath the atage Is open on both sides, and a person oould easily get under the bole should he so desire. A Mail then examined and pronounoed to be tied by other bande than the mediums. miss fays final effort. Three ohairs were next placed In front of the oablnet and some lady requested to step on the stage. A Mra. Lamprey responded, and took her seat on the right band chair. Dr, MoKaig sat in the middle and Mias Fay to his left, Dr. MoKaig holding both her hands in his. A blanket was then pinned up around them leaving only their heads exposed. Mr. Read baviog satisfied himself by looking In from behind and in front that there was no one Inside, the manifestations began. Theae consisted of materialized spirit hands throwing out bells, playing upon the guitar and tambourine and rapping Dr. MoKaig over the head and shoulders. Even while Mr. Read was peeping through from behind, these manifestations continued. A com. munieatlon was also handed out in the tambourine from a spook called "Wilson Goodman, who said he wanted to speak to aome one. This closed Miss Fays part of the performance. BRADDONS FASTENINGS. Mr. Braddon then stepped into the cabinet and requested some person or persons used to tying knots to oord him np. W. G. Phelps volunteered and with the assistance of the committee soon bad him firmly knotted up. The orchestra then struck up Sweet Spirit Hear My Prayer. When they had tortured the audience for sometime with their horrible discords, the mediums voice was heard proceeding from the cabinet and asking to be liberated, as the spirits refused to untie him and the knots hurt. A vote was then taken to whether he should be liberated or no. The noes were In the majority. Mr. Phelps then strove to right himself with the public by stating that the medium had raised a new tied in. to knots, and the knots sewed with while thread. The pieces of cloth had been cat off at the knots. They were probably knooked Into the hole when the boards were taken up after the performance last night. On the table in the epace occupied by Miss Fay last night when not on the stage waa a crumpled towel containing fragments of fresh flowers and leaves. Some of the Spiritualists in the audience ex pressed the opinion that the flowers thrown out of the cabinet, and afterwards given to some in the audience, had been plucked by spirit bands, Id the absence of any other explanation as to the manner in which they came there, bat the discovery Just made will probably convince them that they were produced by the aid of a towel and the "odlo force. T. Y. Read, one of the committee who assisted In tying the medium, states that the knots were secured by him with black thread, and not white thread, as was found in the knots under the stage. He said also that he tried the loose boards mentioned above before the performance commenced, and that they were fast. While alttiDg on the stage be was eeriain that he felt some one moving under the stage and heard a noise which might be produced by hammering. When he examined the floor after the performance, he picked up the boards readily with his Ungers and found that the nails had been freshly broken off. He described his experience while sitting with Miss Fay in the cabinet with the silk handkerchief and the tin bucket over his head. He bad his bauds resting upon her hip, and while the tambourine and guitar were being played, reached one of his hands towards the ladys shoulder on an exploring expedition. As be did so he received a sharp rap over the back of the hand with the tambourine and the medium asked him whether he was afraid. He took the hint and placed hia hand upon the ladys bip as before. Dur- of the Good Templars that the law was eniorced In them. 8he said that it was the determination of the Good Templars to have the law enforced In every county in the State. Mrs, Stevens is on a tour through the State as Grand Lecturer of the Good Templars. She will return to Stockton I ab'out the middle of the month to inaugurate a weeks temperance re- vlvat. BtBlYEHW BRIEFH. E. J. Marsters received the blue ribbon first premium for his self-feeder, for the "Tempest Windmill and his derrick, at the last District Fair. J. Glick, the eminent horologlst and jeweler on El Dorado street, baa a fine display of jewelry at hit place, the revolving pyramid with its richly laden shelves, being one of the prettiest sights in the city. John Caine, proprietor of the Stock-ton Gang Plow Manufacturing Works, received premiums at the late District Fair for the best four-wheeled truek, and best two-horse wagon, and was recommended premiums for the best gang plow 4x10 and the best platform wagon. Mr. Caine bae a very large stock of all kinda of agricultural tools and machinery at his store on El Dorado street, and he puts prices down very low. W. A. Dorr, proprietor of the large agricultural warehouse on El Dorado street, got away with the following premiums at the District Fair; Best self-raking reaper, best Adriance reaper, best chilled plow, best harrow, best Baldwin hay-cutter, Gem seed-sower, Cahoon seed-sower, best derrick-fork, Union cider press, best Hutohlns wine press, best swing ahum, best gang plow, best Gilpin sulky, best grain separator, best ssed drill, and others too numerous to mention. Btocktonlana Jn Ban Francisco. The following named Stoektonlans were registered at hotels in San Fran-olsco yesterday: Amerloan Exchange J. Ransford. Russ House Mra. Southerland. Grand Hotel George Hart, W. Barnes, C. A. Ruggles, E. Ruggles, L. Ruggles. Occidental Hotel J. C. Campbell, Mias M. B. Campbell, Master E. Campbell, V. Galgini, Palace Hotel E. Harris. B171CIDE BY HANGING. What a Ban Joaquin Farmer did In Ban Franelseo. ALLEGED EASTERN WIT. Quaker doctrine is pure thee-ory. The father of the cereals la Pop Corn. The billiard player is not sn Imitator, He takes the cue from no man. He takes it from the rack. Why is a Zulu belle like a prophet of old? Because she has not muoh oner in her own country. We are going to Arkansas and start a paper, calling it "Quinine and Whisky. Everybody will take it. We would respeotfully suggest the following title for a parody on a popular song: "Empty ia the baby, the milkman is gone. Evident signs of an electno current running through the body of the mule. Every time the ears go down, the heels go up. "That was all written for effect," said Brown, throwing down the paper coDtemntuously. "Beg pardon, said Fogg, " it was written tor $5 a column. One of the most disagreeable things in the world is the comparison of the "I will at the marriage ceremony with the "I wont after that event. "The New England cat has no voice, says the Louisville Oourier-Joumal, basely slandering the pet feline of this vicinity. The New England cat, neighbor, is all voice, with perhaps a coating of fur about it. "When I goes a-shopping, said an old lady, "I allers asks for what I wants, and if they have it, and its suitable, and I feel inclined to bay it, and is cheap, and cant be got for less, I most allers take it without clapperlng all day about it, as some people do. The bashful young man who asked a lady on the beach if he "could see her home was much surprised to bear her reply "that he could go up and see It if be wanted to, but she didnt think her father wanted to sell; then she coolly walked off with th&man of her choice. A lady of the wsthetio school went op to a gentleman at a swell party and asked, "What Is partingf And It happened that just at this moment he had come to realize that bia sus ponders were breaking, and he thought it awful queer that she should know there was anything parting. But he bluntly answered "My suspenders, maam, and then she screamed, and there was his Sa tanie Majesty to pay. Mrs. Devoll keeps np to the times and receives the latest styles shortly after their appearance in Paris and New Tork. She employs none bnt the Isiat miliinors, and keeps only the best and most stylish goods, at a price within the reach of all. Many druggists reoommemi and try to sell what paya them the largest profit. Do no be deceived. Ask for Ammens Cough Syrnp. Take no other. The remedy stands on its own merits. Yon can buy a sample bottle for 15 oents, and test it ; rourself. Larger bottles at B0 cents and ill. Ask to see a larger size and read the wrapper. F, Blieridan Is ready to receive orders for fine suits from his enstomerB, at his new establishment. El Dorado street, near the corner of Main. He has some fine cloth and cassi-mere, especially aeleoted for thia season, which he will maks to order at reaaonablc prices. oc4tf Dont Pour Alcohol on the Fine, And dont take anything that has alcohol in it to help inflamed kidneys. Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cnre is purely vegetable, and acts directly upon the kidneys and liver. W. H. Von Vlear Has Just returned from the City with a fall stock of guns, pistols, smmnnition, and in fact everything in the sporting line, which he will sell at reduced prices. Give him a call and see his large stock. se22-tf no objection during the operation of I ing this part of the performance Miss tying. Still the voice begged to he set free, declaring that its owner would submit to-day at the hotel to any amount of tying up. Just as the audience bad begun to look od the whole thing as a fraud, the curtain was drawn aside, and there was the vacant chair, and Mr. Braddon walked round from the back without a rope on him. The receipts amounted to over $400, and Miss Fay will have no cause to regret her visit to Stockton. - From To-diys Call. About 9 oclock yesterday morning, Charles Wagner was found hanging by the neck dead, In the basement of the cutlery shop of John Bauer, 637 Kearny street. About two weeks ago deceased came to this city from Stock-ton, where he had been employed as a rancher, and was stopping with his friend Mr. Bauer. Saturday night Mr. Baner romamed up with deceased watching him, as he had for some days threatened violence to himself. Yesterday morning Mr. Bauer left deceased at his place of business abeut 8 oclock, to go out for breakfast, the latter not wishing to go. After breakfast Mr. Bauer consulted with friends what was beat to do with Mr. Wagner, bnt on bis return to hia shop found the deceased in the position described. He bad taken a piece of rope, about nine feet long, made a slip-noose with one end, which he bad placed abont his neck. The other end he passed over a gas pipe, then he stood on a pile of ashes, that no one was I drawing the rope as tight as possible, He attempted to do so, hut I and securely fastening it, and then Fay did not move at all, and Mr. Read is of the opinion that the music playing and other phenomena were done by a female confederate who came np through the trap door. In the triek in which Dr. MoKaig was put under a blanket with the medium and another lady medium from the audience, Mr. Read was asked to go to the rear of the cabinet and look under the curtain to satisfy himself within. found that the curtain waa nailed down so close to the floor that he could not see anythiog higher than a couple of inches from the floor, and consequently was unable to see whether any one was on the table or not. He called Dr. McKalge alien lion to the noises under the stage, and changed seats with him, bat the noise eeemed to come over to his side again as if the person underneath desired to take advantage of him, be being deaf in one ear. Another suspicious circumstance was noted, and that waa that when Professor Black, a well-known magician, was proposed as one of the com' mlttee, the medium, who was sitting in a curtained recess at one side of the stage, exclaimed in a voice loud enough to be heard by those sitting in the first few rows, "take the first two, meaning Dr. McKaig and T. Y, Read, who were proposed by Dr. Hudson, a pronounced Spiritualist, Dr. Deane Clarke dropped into the Mail editorial rooms this morning to say that he will furnish satisfactory Dean Bradley and the Tramp. (London World. One story about the new Dean of Westminister has not yet, I believe, found its way into print. He waa on one occasion staying with the Arnolds, In Westmoreland, when plcnio was being celebrated. Lota were drawn as to who should stay at home and "mind the bouse, and the office fell to Mr. Bradley. On the return of the plcnio party he remarked that it was a very good thing he bad stayed behind, as tramp bad tried his best to get in through the drawing-room window and would have done so had it not been for him. The tramp, as most people endowed with imagination would have guessed, was the poet Wordsworth. STOCKTON THEATER. 8AM DRARIN... M Engagement Extraordinary, Tm. o. sTETsorr Supported by a powerful company in his grant 'juthern plav, vritten expressly for bin by Mr. J, MeClosky, entitled. Challenge. Everybody should try the latest quality of the Polish. It causes old shoes to feel and look better than new ones. This kind sold only by Fred. Arnold, 194 Main street. Stockton. mhl8 A Hew and Healthy Drink- Half and half on draft at five cents a glass at the Chicago Baloon. corner of Mam and California streets. oc6tf KBUTUCZ:. AdmlMHion .,..50 Cents and hi. Ocl3td Dont Take Any Chances on Life When Warners Safe Kidney and Liver Cnre will regulate and keep you healthy at all times. r Quail Every day at Shaw's game market, Hiclfhans building, Levee street. s22-tf For cards, billheads, letterheads, ball programmes, visiting cards, handbills posters, briefs, transcripts, pamphlets, one, all kinds of job printing, call at the Mail Job Department. Mrs. B. Fregosa does all kinds of elegant and fancy work. Stamping, pinking and embroidery a specialty. Residence No. 186 Washington street, near El Dorado. au27tf Just received one car-load of tapestry Brussels, selling at 87 H cents per yard sewed and laid, at E. Hickmans. ocl7 The oldest wines and liquors and the most attentive treatment at Johnnie Hllr Independent Saloon. Preserve your eyesight by buying pair of those fine pebble spectacles or eyeglasses for sale by J. Glick. One hundred pieces of tapestry Bros-sols selling at 87 H cents per yard, sewed and laid, at E. Hickman's. oc!7 The celebrated Afnoan and Peruvian Bitters at Johnnie Galls Independent Saloon. One hundred pieces of tapestry Brus eels selling at 87 H cents per yard, sewed and laid, at E. Hickmans. oc!7 The Irish Laid Leagae. The Stockton Branch of the Irish Land League held a meeting at College Hall yesterday afternoon, Vice-President Buckley presiding. Secretary Murray made a brief address aud said that he saw in the signs of the times a crisis in the affairs of Ireland. England evidently intended to carry out lier coercive policy, and would, if unrestrained, enforce her odious and oppressive laws. The league would soon be called on for moral and financial aid, and that aid should come from America. It was time for the sons of Ireland to rally anew for her support or see her banner trailing lower than ever In the dust. John Sexton eulogized the late President Garfield, and said that when sympathy was flashed across the ocean by the natious of Europe, shackled Ireland was one of the most sincere mourners. Vice-President w Buckley called attention to the fact I certificates of his character to Rev, that the Executive Committee of the Mr- Fieenor tn order that the rever-branch had never organized , and he 1 gentleman may stand in no dan-urged a speedy organization. The ger of g01nDg his cloth by entering members of the league In Ban Fran-1 lnto discussion. He also desired to oisco anticipated the worst. They I that he has no connection with had been informed by cable that the the Era Fay Troupe, except to offioi-- - tj ii i- 1 at9 0nCe in the Grand Opera House In arrest of Parnell was to be followed by the imprisonment of all who did an overt act for the rolief of Ireland or her unfortunate children. A meeting of the Executive Committee was held immediately after the adjournment of the league. Kev. W. B. OConnor was elected Chairman and R. E. Murray, Secretary. San Francisco about two weeks ago to introduce them to the audience. He afterwards consented to accompany them to Stockton to make business arrangements for them. He wished it understood thst be is not responsible for them in any way; neither does he indorse them. DASHES HERB AMD THERE. J. Carlin forfeited $5 in the Police slid off the pile. Depnty Coroner Platt found the deceased banging as above described, with hlskoees nearly touching the floor. Deceased has a wife and family living in Germany. He was a native of Germany, aged about 43 years, and an organ-maker by occupation. Death of a Mach-Married Woman Eastern Paper, j Lady EUenborough, who, since her divorce fifty-one years ago, passed under the name of Lady Digby, and led a life of strange romance in the East, has just died in Syria. When married to Lord EUenborough, who was regarded as the most classic and Ciceronian orator of the day, and who ran a career of memorable notoriety as Governor-General of India, she was of singular beauty and accomplishments. Very shortly after her marriage she formed an attachment for a Russian diplomat then serving on the English embassy, and a divorce was the result. Resuming her family name on this, she led a wild life for some years on the Continent, and was repeatedly married. At the age of fifty, however, she abandoned such courses and settled down to a peaceful and happy life with a sheik of Damascus, whose tribe she joined and became a good wife and a devotee to works of chanty and kindness. Travelers who met her in the East spoke in glowing terms of those virtues in later life which redeemed the frailities of her youth. American Cars on British Roads. London Times. I Encouraged by the success which has attended the introduction of dining-room cars on the Great Northern Railway, the Midland Railway Com. pany have decided to follow in the same direction. They intend to place a dining-room car on all their ex Vasques, tbe Artistic Barber The leading characteristics of this establishment are: Neatness, cleanliness, and polite ard prompt attention to customers. All, whether rich or poor, being treated alike, and the skillful and artiatio performance of everything required in the lineof fthstonsorial profession. Yasquez converses fluently in six different languages and can address every customer in his own tongue. Vaaquea keeps this establishment open from 4 oclock in the morning until 9 oclock in the evening for the accommodation of travelers and the pnblic generally. M. Vasques, Hair-cutting Headquarters, No. 208, Weber avenue. mySltf IOO Desirable Building Lots For Sale. Having divided the Faravagna tract of land, fronting on East street, between Main and Lafayette streets, and known as Gambettas Addition to Stockton, into building lots, I now offer for sale these lots at a reasonable price. They are already improved with vineyard and fruit trees, and are in a very desirable and healthy location. They will be sold on the installment plan or for cash to suit purchasers. For further particulars apply to J- Gambetta, jy8-3m Boom 1, Odd Fellows Building. One of Natures Remedies, William M. Hickman Dear Sir: In reply to your inquiry, what use I make of Abietene, I would state that it is a general remedy on my ranch. I nse it for diarrhoea, colic, kidney troubles, fresh cuts, i sprains, burns, scalds, etc. It is the best i remedy for inflamed eyes I ever used. It I is a splendid liniment; Ive cured the sweeney with it. When my horses have I the colic, or kidney troubles, or my cows have tbe milk fever, I cure them with Abietene. In fact I consider it one of Natures remedies and one only to be known to be appreciated. I hardly know what Id do without it. John E. Moobe. Near Stockton, August 7, 1880. One hundred and fifty pieces of Brussels, tapestry, ingrain carpets just received at Sylvester A Moyes. The best place in town to get your watch or clock repaired is at J. Glick El Dorado street. Just received one car-load of tapestry Brussels, selling at 87 cents per yard, sewed and laid, at E. Hickman's. oc!7 7 9 11 and 15. in block 13, Wood- that the messages would be left for urrounaea me nouso brSw-IHB examination with the proprietor of capturing the smokers. A couple of Driage, . mu n.j 1 tbe offioers cot on the Sophia MoCoy and H. H. R. Mo. I the hall. These so-called oommuni-Coy to A. R. Elliott and C. Lindstrom 1 cations did not meet with much favor r,ots 7, 9, 11 and 15, block 13, Wood- and it was generally remarked among bridge- $1. the audience that they suggested a John N. Woods to D. M. Denehy trifle too plainly a visit to the ceme-Lots 1 and 3, block 2, and lot 1, block I tery and an inspection of head.stones 1, Acampo; $240. I fresh manifestations. Gniseppe Paravagna to Frank Pel-1 j,ija8 j-ay still remained firmly tier Lot 11, block 3, Gambetta a Ad-1 aSltened to the stanchion and by her More Opium Smokers, The police have suspected for aome time that opium was beiug smoked I cJuru'hVrmo'rningor drunkenness. I press trains running between Lon. 1 don, Manchester and Liverpool. These cars are to be made by the Pullman Palace Car Company. Tbe same oompany are making several new palace ears for tbe London, Brighton and South Coast Railway. Since the Brighton tragedy tbe demands made upon tbe Pullman car accommodation have been so great as to bs in excess of what is at present at the disposal of the company. Tbe directors have consequently decided to run a train each way every day to be composed entirely of Pullman cars. dition; $125. S. P. Wellard and H. S. Sargent to W. C. White and F. R. Thomas Lot 16, block 53 south; $14. Mu(l(ten Death. Pea Sing, a Chinaman, proprietor of tbe wash-house next door to the Central M. E. Church, dropped dead out of his chair while writing a letter abont balf.past 1 oclock this after, noon. The Coroner took possession of the corpse, whioh was conveyed to the Morgue, where an inquest was to have been held this afternoon. The deceased was quite an old man, and had lived in this city about fifteen years. He had accumulated considerable money, and was intending to return to his native land in a lew days. SlorVton Theater. To-night Stetson opens at the theater under the management of Sam j Dearin. The favorite American Idyl of Kentuck will be given for the first three nights with Stetson in the title role. Wherever Kentuck lias been played it has met with a favorable reception. Stetson Is well supported and new scenery will be introduced. The race-track scene in which real horses are brought on the stage is most exoiting. On Thursday Keck and Keck will be played and on Friday The Marble Heart. side was placed a chair on which was a piece of board, a hammer and a nail. The cabinet was closed and tap, tap went the hammer. On tbe enrtain being drawn tbe nail was found driven right home Into tbe board. A finger-ring was then put in her lap and in a few seconds found its way iuto her ear. Mr. Read next marked a piece of paper and placed it with a pair of scissors In Miss Fays lap. On being exposed to view the paper was found out out in the form of two babies. Mr. Read identified the paper and declared that the medium bad not moved from her moorings. Tbe tin backet which had served for a hat for Mr. Read was then placed in her lap, and on the cabinet being opened was found over her I head. A pocket-knife beiug put on Miss Fay's lap the spirit power waa Invoked to liberate her, which it did by cutting tbe ties which bound her to tbe ring, but leaving the knets on her wrists untouchod. Her feet were then liberated by an assistant and she walked from her seat to tbe front with tbe knots still intact upon her wrists, fhe committee then cut the knots and satisfiod itself that the sewing was just as it had been left, Miss Fay then retired and c. c. braddon took tbe floor. Mr. Braddon gave a short account of hia experiences, and explained that he would give what is known as the Lyman teat. He explained that there tbe offioers got on the roof, and saw through the skylight Teddy Ormsby, James Patterson, Carrie Clark and George Smith engaged In smoking the forbidden drug. A descent was Immediately made upon them and the whole party taken prisoners. The prisoners were taken before Police Judge Smith this afternoon and pleaded guilty. They were fined $20 each or twenty days imprisonment. John Roger Clow, aged 21, baa been licensed to marry Sarah Abigail Staoks, aged 24. The Street Commissioner last Saturday let the contraot to build a new footbridge over Miner channel at tbe intersection of Stanislaos and Lindsay streets. The contract was awarded to W. W. Vaughn for $153. The other bidders were E. T. Lake, $173; James Helt, $205; and McKinnon & Co., $168.60. Adrift In the Mloagb. Yesterday afternoon while two gentlemen connected with the Mail were taking a row down the slough, they came across a man in a small boat, halplesaly drunk, and unable to pull a stroke. By hia side on tbe seat lay a large flask of whisky, half-emptied. He was taken in tow and rowed up to Fred Berrymans. He AMUSEMENTS. .MANAGER ONDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 17TII, FOI oiu$ woo! only ami Saturday MUmau. -OF B&ND ENTERTAINMENT -BY THE CALEDONIAN CLUB THE CALEDONIAN CLUB OF THIS CITY will ffive an entertainment on Friday Evening, Oct. 23, 1881, -AT- MQZAEiT jHXjL. The exercises will consist of i LECTURB by Rev. Robert Mackenzie, on "Books and Reading; a Concert and Social Dance. Program will be given in due time. By order of Committee. oclOtf J. D. MoDOUGALD, Chairman. THE BOHEMIAN LADIES9 ORCHESTRA HAS NOT LEFT TOWN YET, BUT HAS removed from No. 74 Center street to tbe corner of Sutter street and Weber avenue, to tbe HUMBOLDT HALL. CONCERT EVERY NIGHT Under the direction of Prtf. Lerche, the celebrated one-handed violinist. Best wines, liquors and cigars always on hand. Beer 5 cents a glass. se27-lw G. KINDERMAN, Proprietor. Dont buy your carpets until you have seen the new styles at Sylvester A Moye's. Mrs. Hayes celebrated ' temperance drink, frozen rum punch, at Johnnie Galls Independent Saloon. Go and see the elegant tapestry Brussels selling at 87 H cents per yard, sewed and laid, at E. Hickmans. ocl7 B1- rock Now is the time to buy carpets, vester 1 Moye are selling them at bottom prices. Go and see the elegant tapestry Brussels selling at 87 4 cents per yard, sewed and laid, at E Hickmans. oc!7 For a cough or cold there is no remedy equal to Ammens Cough Syrup. . 6 Tell your friends of Amment Cough Syrup. Tickling in throat -Byrup. -Ammens Cough The price of diamonds, watches and jewelry is greatly reduced at J. Glicks. Go to F. Sheridans for loons at $7. a fine panta-I Price, 1,350. Valuable Property For Sale. AUAXCII CONTAINING 320 ACRES, situated near Atlanta; portion Summer-fallowed, neh loamy soil, well-improved and considered one of the beet ranches in that section of the country. A portion of the purchase money can remain at a low rate of interest. Ono hundred and twenty acres 12 miles from titockton, near Calaveras river; good rich soil; produces large crops. Terms reasonable. Five seres of good rich garden soil. 1 miles from Stockton Court-house. Contains house, bam, chicken-houses, windmill, and well improved m every respect. One hundred and sixtyaeresnear Hoquelumne river; good wheat land; all fenced; 50 acres Summer-fallowed and otherwise Improved. One-half can remain on mortgage. Two huudred seres on Moqnel-untne river; all bottom land; toe richest iu the State; has right of ferry, two good houses, one nearly new and suitable for a store, two barns, 40 acres in alfalfa, all fenced, numerous out-houses; has flvi shade trees, also figs, wui-. nuts, apple, peach and other varieties, it U the head of navigation and the only steamboat landing. Will be sold cheap. Three hundred meres on Cals-veros river 130 high land, adopted for wheat; 170 acres of noh loom that will raise corn, potatoes, alfalfa and fruits; all fenced. Contains house, bam. windmill, chicken-house and other improvements, block and farming utensils will be sold at reasonable prices if desired. Terms eay. To Lease for toe term of BIZ years, one of toe finest ranches in the State, comprising about 1,200 acres, 400 of which are in Summer fallow, 400 to be bummer fallowed, and 400 to be Winter sowed. Of tho latter, 2u0 acres are composed of bottom land free from overflow and capable of raising oorn, afalfa, etc.; includes also 5 acres of vineyard and orchard; a good two-story bouse, barn and numerous out buildings, it has a private railroad stAtion on the place. None but reliable parties need apply. 1.350 acres of the finest land In9tanislaua county, bordering on the north of the Tuolumne river. 6 miles from Modesto. It will be sold in arcels on reasonable terms. It is ail fenced and ias fine improvements on different portions of toe land. Tbe largest cron In Stanislaus county has been raised on the land. It has plenty of wood, steamboat landing, etc., eto. Must besold this month. Hotel The lease and fixtures with furniture for sale. A short distance from Stockton. Cheap house for sale, on the installment plan, a quarter block of landwith house ef 0 rooms, situated in the northern part of the city; good water, plenty of shrubbery, trees and vines. This offers a good opportunity to procure a home. It will be sold on easy installments. A block of land in the western part of the city. Improvements consist of two houses, Fine pebble spectacles at J. Glicks El Dorado street. Consumptives Syrup. use Ammeos Cough Roman plaid and stripes at the White House. Sherfian baa reduced the price of snits from $45 to $35. barn, chicken-houses, variety of fruit trees, vineyard, windmill,, eto. , etc. The soil is rich garden loam, capabls of raisiog aH kinds of vegetables. The whole is surrounded by a good picket fence. It will be sold cheap and on reasonable terms. A first-claw saloon in City ef Block, ton; centrally located and has a good run ef trade. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Magnetized Well-Rods. J. H. Fields, the well-borer, de dares that he has handled the Iron rods with which he turns the auger into tho ground, lifting them out of I managed to make tho shore after sot the hole, putting them back again erai narrow escapes of going and turning them, that they are com' pletely magnetized. His knife he says will cling to one of these rods as firmly as to a horseshoe magnet. It la all owing, he thinks, to his having handled Ihern so much, Imparting to the metal tbe magnetism of his body. Xcw Rifle Club. At the meeting held last Saturday at Van Vicars gun store no definite conclusions were arrived at. There will be another meeting at the same place at 7 oclock this evening, when laws and regulations will be drawn np and officers elected. All interested in target shooting are requested to be on hand. Infbrmati.u Flint The Deputy District Attorney filed sn information in the Superior Court thia morning against William Lynn for burglarizing tbe residence of Austin Y. Pinner on the 11th of October last. An information was also filed against Ah Fi, charging him with robbing Ah Hin on the 8tfi lu.tsnt. board, and started up town to replenish his jug, and seek tbe repose he so much needed. . , Peace Disturbers. C. F. Deane and a man named Goodhue got into a quarrel In Seth Peytons saloon yesterday morning, which was terminated by Goodhue striking Doane over the head with a tumbler. Doane was arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace and lined $25 in the Polioe Court this morning. A warrant was issued for Goodhues arrest this afternoon. Handkerchief Language. (Eastern Papr.) Handkerchiefs most have a language of their own, whioh he who runs may read. The name, initials or monogram, formerly embroidered on handkerchiefs, have been discarded, and instead is adopted a flower or motto. Thus each selects her own flower and then embroiders below it its flower language. The beautiful brunette chooses for her very own th. rose with tbe device, "I am all heart; another a pansy with tbe inscription, "My thoughts are only of you. One with a poppy has "Beauty dwells in the heart and not in the face; above a sprig of mig-aonette is the modest remark, "My qualities surpass my charms; "I cling or I die surmounts an try leaf; "Parity and nobility is written over a lily, while some sentimental damsel inscribes over a primrose, "I am misunderstood. Hewing Hade Kusy. The Domestie Sewiag Machine, H. H Devoli, agent, is by fsr the best machine ever presented to the public. It works with an eccentrio movement, so thst the longer it runs the smoother it becomes. It is noiseless, snd hss a cylinder selfthreading shuttle which holds more thread than thst of any other sewing machine yet invented. The price is within the reach of the poorest. Examine them at H. H. Devolls, northeast corner of Hunter street snd Weber avenue. Let There Be Light Woods A Drury, 246 Main street, announce to their friends and customers that they are holding s special lamp sale, and have now displayed a larger and finer assortment of lamp goods than ever before shown in tho city, at popular prices. The firm will consider it a pleasure to show the goods to all, whether intending purchasere or not. We may add that by importing in large lots they are able to offer the most attractive styles at prices mnch below that of last season, snd within the reach of all. ocl9-tf Ask to see large bottle Ammens Congh Byrup. Coats nothing to pass an hour or two in DeroUs Reading-room. mr26-tt Twill cure your cold Ammens Congh Byrup. Fine pebble eye-glasses lor sale at J. j Glicks, El Dorado street. Gents white shirts at tbe White House. A Temperance Crusade-Mrs. Emily Pitts Stevens lectured on temperance last night at the First Baptist Church to a large audience. Twenty-fire dollars were colleoted for tbe Orphans Home, and three bend, of Hope Temperance Societies were organized. Mrs. Stevens referred to the Sunday law aa a dead letter on the atatnte bosks, exoept la nine counties, which counties owed it to tbe efforts The Popular Demand. Bo great has been the popular demand for the oelebrsted remedy Kidney-Wort, thst it is haying an immense sale from Mains to California. Some have found it inconvenient to prepare it from the dry oompound. For such the proprietors now prepare it in liquid form. This can be procured at tbe druggists. It hss precisely the same effect as tbs dry, but is vary oonoentrsted so thst tbs dose is much smaller. "Lowell Mail. Sheridan has a large stock from which to select deairabl. suits, Elegant Purntture. A. Easton nss Just received from the Cast a beautiful and fin. usortment of silk goods for parlor fnrnitur. snd for fancy lonnge-oovors. A good supply of solid walnut furniture, cheap bedroom sets, snd s general stock of housekeeping goods, which will be sold on the best possible terms. Don't fail to oall and secure bargains. felO The moet beneficial discovery of the century to man is Ammens Cough Syrup. A wealthy gentleman, who claims that it entirely eured him of incipient consumption, offered $5,000 tor the formula and the right to manufacture and sell to the world, which waa refused. The remedy stands upon its own merits. A 15-cent sample bottle will convince the moet skeptical of its virtues. . Try it. It may save your life. All respectable druggists keep it, at 15 cts., 60 cts., and $1. 6 Carpets, Cmrpets-Cali and see the new patterns just received t Sylvester A Moyes. They now have the largest stock kept by any dealer outside of Ban Francisco. Hall to Kent, Corner of Hunter and Channel streets, Suitable for societies. Rent cheap. Apply to L. Hansel, grocer, in the corner under the nail, ocl2 The Latest Htylea la Millinery, At Mra. M. A. Devolls millinery i tablishment. on th. northeut corner ol Weber avenu. sad Hunter straets may be found th. latest and beat styles of i ladies beta, bonnets aud millinery goods. Ministers ns. Amman's Congh Byrup. Ulsters at the White House. Buy 50. bottle Ammen's Cough Byrup. Beys clothing at the White House. Beeur. Spooners Best. Flushes at th. White House. Babies' photos by Spooner. APPLY- TO- James A. Morrissey, Notary fublic. Real Estate. Gen- , oral Agent and Collector. Main Street, opooeite the Coart-house, Btoekton, Cal. EARLY CLOSING. T.rE, THE UNDERSIGNED CLOTHING VV dealer, hereby ayree to close our place of business from date until March 31, 1882, at 8 oclock sharp, Saturdays and during the Holiday week excepted; J. Marks, L Blumenthat, Stockton Bargain House, X L N T Store, I. Btauiper, Charles Newman, I X L Store, B Fraokenheimer, 181 El Dorado street, Cadien k Begley, D. S. Rosenbaum. Stockton, October 12th. oel2-lw PHILIP MENGEL, Manufacturer of furniture bedding. Orders filled for sets of Furniture of Any Design AND OF pains in ohest Ammens Gough Syrnp. Sore throat Ammen'i Cough Syrup. Congh Ammens Cough Syrnp. Bronchitis Amman Cough Syrup. I Hoaraensss Ammens Cough Byrap. ANY MATERIAL DESIRED. Colds Ammen's Cough Syrup. Consumption Ammen's Congh Byrup. Lawyers use Ammens Cough Syrup. Gents colored shirts at tbe White House. I Do not delay using Ammens Congh Syrup It cured my cold Ammens Cough Syrup Velvets at the White House. To parties wishing to furnish their houses with the most finished and elegant furniture, a visit to Philip Memels Furniture Store I WiQ cause them to choose the best. Re mem berth place: Center St., Opp. the Postofflce. Whooping cough-Ammens Cough Syrup. Ask for Ammen's Cough Byrup. I Try 15e bottle Ammens Cough Byrup. Great dtscovery-Ammen's Cough Byrup. Large bottle $1 Ammens Cough Byrup I JAMES M. McCARTY, I Upholstering and Repairing Meat-ly Done. ss30-lm Get Spooners satisfactory photos. Cloaks at the White House. Dolmans at the White House. Bure cur. Ammen's Cough Byrup. Alldruggtsteaell Ammens Cough Byrup. Croup Amment Cough Byrup. Trunks and valises at tbs White House. VTOTARY PUBLIC, REAL ESTATE, LOAN, I li Fire and Life Insurance and General Agent. ?Real Estate bought and sold. Houses let and rents collected. Sale of Sheep, Huge mid Cattle negotiated. .Q. KOI Rain htrfft, I Stockton, CnL apiutl

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