The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 4, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 5
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, «OS. THE BAKERSFIELD CALTFORNIAN Only 21 More Days to Christmas 1 START XMAS BUYING NOW | Our store is just brimming j ovur with useful and appreciated Christmas gifts. Early selections are al-| ways best. American Jewelry Solomon & Law '1430 19th St. GM r **QotiDQviOCiOOQC!OiCJOc*uoo«*2ti^ I Kern City | CBCMXKWOOOiOOOOOOOCBSOOOQtMjOf. K. OF P. HELD THEIR REGULAR MEETING. The Knights of Pythias held their regular meeting last night and elected officers for the ensuing term. The following are the newly elected officers: W. M. Wallace, C. C.; B. E. McClure, V. C.; Gard Rae. M. of W.; It. Johnston, K. of R. and S.; George Kaar, M. of F.; J. D, Arana, M. of E.; Fred Andrews, I. O.; J. C. May, 0. Q. Kem city j Tomorrow is C. S. Tag Day NOTES AND PERSONALS. BOYS' CLUB WILL GIVE A BANQUET. k ii We Lend Money at 7 1-2 per cent - per on iinprmed farm property. |jonL r terms—easy payments. Funds unlimited, f.nok ;>iiu the matter further and ,_ei more details. Bakersfield Abstract Company GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St, Basement. Tonight the Congregational Boy_' Cluh of Kern IB to give a hard tlmea social at the Congregational church, corner King and M streets, Kern. A banquet-of eix courses will b« served and between the courses the program will be given. It Is as fo! lows: Violin solo, Hoy Larson. Rrrifation, Gordon Baiter. Pinna solo, — Lewis. Dialogue, I. Reilly and W. Owens. Mandolin find guitar duet, J. E Smith and Lewis Long, O. Ruwlliiffs and chorus. Toasts by club members; J. Parker, fonstrnastf>r. Oration, Elwood Claflln. i ADAMS FRUIT COMPANY ! ENLARGING ITS STORE. : The Adams Fruit Company In Kern IK enlarging its place of business, due ' to increased trade, and otherwise making improvements. I GOT THIRTY DAYS. 1 Thomas Puffv, arrested several days ;ni;n for attempting to snter a car of ! merchandise, was sentenced to thirty i days In the. county jail this morning ! by Judge Marion. | »„..» 1 O. A. Dnnbem went to Los Angeles last night on No. 8. Street Superintendent Hand has disM-ilmte.l -the now surname cans n round town. The funeral train of D. Burkhalter, consisting of five cars, went through last night at 9:60. Mrs. Grace Collins, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs, Fred Marsh, j for the past month, has returned to her home in Seattle. The past noble grands of the Rebekah's will give a dance tonight in Kaar's ball. Mr. ana Mrs. C. Fosnaugh have moved in from the oil fields and will take up their residence in Kern. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Golden have gone to Los Angeles to reside. j M. Shaw has gone to Los Angeles on a business trip and expects to be gone about a week. Sixteen lots, south half of block 139 on E street between King and j Beale, opposite Beale avenue school I ."loiise, Kern. For sale at S65 a lot. I Would make an Ideal home. For! terms write to Charles T. Zensen, j I ?-616 Mnnikm avenue, Los Angeles, 1 | California. 127 j i Ernest Eardley is in from Famosa ', land is a guest nt the Metropole. I | Mrs. U. R. Roscnberger Is expected . I home tomorrow- from a two week's vis- ' lit with hi r mother in Sacramento. j I Assistant Superintendent J. H. i Di-.i 1 - ". ' :! -.. '.r AH ,•;.'•, ; . if. i ;y. j J. T. Hell,, chief dispatcher at Sac-! I ramento, stopped over In Kern for a .little while last night, on, his way • r'o'vn 1o T,os Angeles. ' i Mrs. .!. .Minn has gone to Santa Bar- bnra to visit relatives. i ; Mrs--. Tnin Curry expoots to leave I tonight !'or I.os Angeles, to be gone < for several days, i Mr?. C. A. "Lee is expected home tomorrow from Loss Angeles, where she hns bren IH for some time, and Is re, ported to be greatly improved in '. health. | Mrs. Olson of Snn Francisco Is the ! cuest oC Mrs. J. H. Thayer. Misses Eva and Flora Ramsey returned last evening from Santa Barban, where they have been visiting. Miss Ethel Cross returned on the afternoon train yest<"-day from Los coK'S, after visiting her sister, Mrs. '. Mill, for the past month. Excellent Values that Co-operate with this Event Madras Waists $1.25 They itre well made-of grade of madras In fnncy slrltu-s and checks; colors blue and white, tun and white, pink and white. Very prettily made in a strictly tailored effect—open In the from and trimmed In the front with 14 wide tailored tuek-s—nitre long shirt sleeves with starched Pelf cuffs—have high turnover linen collar iintl plain full back. They are very sightly find very suiinblA for evi-ry diiy and street wear—will lauiiiter (satisfactory mid should prove excellent wenrer.". Worth at least $:;, our bargain price is $1,25 HAMILTON'S •MONt MAIN 309 2000 CHESTER AVE. AT 20rn Swell Long Coats $17.50 *i.<! ; -ii. inaii-lailored iranii' 1 ! 1 ! ;na-.|e n;' -'\f\ \Vi\i\ i- |i;!!tiTii: are made I'uH ,nnl romny . !>;>v-> el-, lii'.'u Mr* Ves tilld hijil) tltl'n '.;ie!< rp.'.'is ;i;:|'ie bi'nuii !>> v,,i.l,'|.nli and I'tM'rtir.n i'.'.iiii; IK'-- • • )"'•.• • maiV In jiKiieb cuffs aiul ill' 1 : , • rMier 1.1 'Min.'iiii ? !.(,'.;.,:-,-•. .\ ' ."ouHdy ri'lialtle y;;i: ei"'it. ; l.v!i' .'; :•> d v warm MI> ' "speejiilly suitable l.m 1 ;;r.;». •< i . ni.. wi'l! \VIM-I!I .-"J"). <>',ii' price iuciudi:i!jr aHei.iti<.ii> !ii!i-t paleli porli- -''•fi'Jinir e< i liars v. : l'ii I'aticy vi't ii .-•;• I'm : is vrry •.:.!;.". .917.50 Our Special TAG DAY Offer • We consider the Children's Shelter n most worthy cause and nre willing to give it our en', nest co-operation — consequently this offer. For every purchase mode in our millinery- deportment today we will buy Children Shelter taps nt the rate of 1 for every dollar s;;!e: f> for every sale; 10 for every $10 sale; I'll fur every .'jC'O sale, ell'* This In ofiMiicf !i<iii wifii thi; fad that our ii/ices arc a fii!! H."i ;H J " ('"lit iiil'Vr -Nti'i) millinery vahi"* .^htnil.l make h;.! b'i;.i:i;.: 'odav ;• !••:'! nlcn.s M'niy i ' i ijr- Y"; y ):.>. ••.( i-f. ft-i'ls to choo-'f ir.'iu. i.u'1'1,1- Ili-; Mirli |Mi'u;. ,• (!!>..;• K ;>x mushroom st..!." . ; n'lin-.v "f fool.-i, Ihit.-:. slian- -. i-lr. '! )!• ti'linniili:'. • ;c. i' if i •'•' iv.' i'i>l tin 1 dfslriv- up 1 ••'!!::'.. ",']•:"•• ;:;•• $!'! ' I,. --:-, nil' '.."', V.'it.- in a ::n.i'l .1 .<::•... i i.ii-nt NOTICE CF SALE OF REA'- AND PERSONAL ESTATE BY PRIVATE SALE. In the Siiiierior Court in in! '••> 'in. Countv of Ivi-vii. S'a'i- ril C,;li ! ' Ill (lie lll.'lllel 1 til tile iCl'ic'ksuil. Dec'.'iise.l. Not lev js llt'ivhv ::iv r.llawi' of all nrd'T of vhe S Coiin Hi the Co;;:it' nl K'-M 1 . '.'alilol'llia. HKl'le I'll tile o'Mil NoVHllllVM 1 . 1!»i^. ill 111'' in. lite;' Also. f.uli as is now displayed iu the win- ^rn^l^i^';;: 1 ^^! 1 ' 1 -. Full ,lc:t n ll, of the m a nn,r rf slilu 'Jii S. rani:.' L'I 1C. .M. ) >. H. an I .M. <;is)ioslm? of the gilt will he ex)ilA.oco eonti'.inina I'ivl acres 1,1 ire or le>s. ,,„ a! ,,,i i( ; ,ti 0ll ; ,t the furn'ture store ' 'AU utnlivldfd oiK-"li;:i!li inii'ii:-'! l.i n-i.l the event is cfrlaln to interest I' housewives of the county. iutt l '. ni tlie •!. BAKERSFIFLD UniV L II O I I LLU (IO»T. C. BARTON, nancger TONIGHT Almost Here—the Very Best of all— RICHARDS & PRINGLE'S Famous Minstrels 40 Emperors of Mirthdom —-40.. Prices 25c, 50c and 75c Seats on Sale Wednesday . Two Nig'hts Momday Dec. 7 » BAR.R. i Always Buy Jessie j Moore Whiskey PRESENTS The L-a Saile Co. —IN— HAL REID'S MASTERPIECE The 5>couts Reveng'c Tueseay Dec. 8 A SOUTHERN ROMANCE THIS ORGANIATION CARRIES ITS OWN BAND AND ORCHESTRA AND PRESENTS A FIRST CLASS VAUDE- VILLE PERFORMANCE BETWEEN ACTS. If It's for homo HSP. It's ihe best—and for a drink at the bar, It's the oni> you should nlwnytt ask for. Havo a cholco In wills- key—always buy tlio best. ,J( ssio Mooro, celebrated the world' over for its parity. If you don't know this whiskey, it's time you were yetting acquainted with it. Always bear the name in mind, .lessle Moore— —and whiskey satisfaction will be yours. Fred Gunther Co. Family Trade Solicited | Store and Warerooma 1518 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. | said •.;s'f:lfi > !"X\HI ... ; ol' tii'i'" Tnlicd Statr.-*, t'.'n I V.n'ii- ci (•' '.'onilniiation li\' thi- Snin-r : or Court, ni, r after lljc -Isl day of I)ri'"!»ijt.>. :. •-..' Aisu. An undivldi'd urn -icht lots IL'. i:!. II. l.i. i.;. I section ti. town^liin !!u S. .. AI..I). B. it M.. containing iriu u.orr or li'ss. .llsn. .\n tiii'ii .!'.<d uiii'-r-iLMt ii in.' . the N'.-:. 01 Ilie ,S>.. ol Si-ci!i.'l sin;) .!u ;S. r.uim- '_ I K.. AI ,o (,iii. -.-•< i''»is'.":ir tlieViftir'-e' oi"ihf'said adiViin!s : ''"• '."iiici lui; . i i\\'i " in tin 1 com 1 1 liini^i'. in naUers- '.'.' a..i' n; i. 1. Meld. Kern Coiuilv. Stale of f'ailfrr.-'in ' '\' SlIlL'l the'sal.i' Emii'EHclison."0t the i ««'ld. ly-vu e.niniv. 1 to i ?els o n the _ „. ...... „ -.., j.-.-lfornlH. and 1 bounded and described ass follows, to- certain lot. vi time nf ills tleath. in and ,lo 1^,1! Ui lot. Ivin . S an ,dlvtde.l tnrarter int the S\\'U of seetli Miiuiu*. Ivinir. of Kern. State ! uit ece."or."t)a'i;celV <>L lands ur In Caul . liolmr of . , . t»'ii per ci'iit ol tiic ainuuiil bid uiiift ni-iMiu- it or I' •-Diiuv tiit- liiii. halaiK'*' on contirnuitlou tlie Countv "t Half liv suid siipiM'ior cuiirl. l)ccil An undlvlde.l outirter interest in the ' U of " ......... Also. -Ai Administra;o." of tUi- o! hinll b^rlcKHOii. deceased. Malthi'W 3. I'laiz. attoracv tor ad- pd ono-fii the S\V',i fth '" .111,1 ;: iu section 10. toivnshin :!0 s. •e 21_ensr, M. I). B. iS- M.. coniain- ranwe Inn SX lon in. L east. M. I). ^ 73-JOO ficrcs. WILL GIVE AWAY A HANDSOME HOOSIER CABINET. more or li'ss. Prices 25c, 35c and 50c. v Buy Seats Saturday, Wednesday Dec. 9th. The Two Happy Boys, Dixon and Bernard, in HANDS AN' NIX 30— EXTRAORDINARY COMPANY OF —30 And the Original Dancing Dolls. Massive Scenic Sets and Elaborate Scenic Equipment. GIRLS FUN Prices 26c, 60o, 75c, and $1 Buy SeaU Monday. .- U OFFERS THE MOST COMPLETE SE- XT LECTION OF USEFUL £\MAS e PRESENT^ K E S E M O R I U AT PRICES FAR BELOW THOSE OF REGULAR DEALERS. A FEW SUGGESTIONS DIAMOND RINGS, DIAMOND BROOCHES, BRACELETS, CpMBS, LADIES' OR GENTLEMEN'S WATCHES SCARF PINS. EAR RINGS, STUDS, CHAINS, FOBS, NECKLACES, CLOCKS. GUNS, PISTOLS, TRUNKS, SUIT CASES, VIOLINS, GUITARS, MANDOLINS, ACCORDEONS, KNIVES, RAZORS. OUR PRICES TALK WE HAVE TH5 GOODS. UNOLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. 1406 19th St. Phone Main 1154. Good- Groceries \\'a have them. Our stock is complete and we would be pleased to have you call or .pivo us an order for anything ia the grocery line. Our stock of liquors is always kept up to tlie standard. Now that Christmas time is near and you want to put in a supply of good things to eat and drink don't worry about where yon are goin^r to get it. Just remember Pasquini Bros. 1209 19th St. Main 655 Prompt Delivery. The Harden Furniture vonipnny, | Dyer & Jones, will on New Yenrs day j give away to some one of the pntronB i of the store, a fine Hoosler Cahlnet, adding new lines of 5, 10, 15 and 2. r H! dry goods and notion specialties. Onr latest will be the Hichardson em- hroidery outfits, which is the most popular embroidery line in the world. We invite the, Indies to call and inspect a few samples, already received. Joj;i n Richardson Club i ml learn the beautiful art of embroidering. We give special prices on many useful articles. L. T. GODLEY & CO. Don't be Late for the Whistle. Go to Geo, L. Snider and buy a =:= BICYCLE Lam Closing out all '08 models at a Great reduction McDon Famous Candies \V T e have just put in a line of thepo fine candies awarded five gold medals throughout the world for quality. Try some. Annett's Bakery 102719th St. Phone M 390 All new and up-to-date; no shop worn or old Htock. You will he plensed with any selection you may make, as every hicynle, in my store is "Al" arliHe of the grade. fires! .lust received a fresh shipment of the best, I want your tire business; I can take care of you in a way Unit will be satisfactory. The Holidays are on us. A question is, what to pet for that present Select soTiic'tliin-.' beneficial and useful. Nothing better than a IVicyclc. Get Something for home entertainment an Edison Phonograph is the proper article. Have I got them? Tiet you. Call and see and hear them, the up-to-date. Play both the late Amborol or 4 minute, and the fiold Mould or^2'ininute records. I am headquarters for EdisonjiHonographs and records; the largest and most, complete sto«1< in Kern county. I sell Edison Phonograpbfl on installments. Just received a largo shipment of Zon-o-phone records; will sell at a reduced/price. I also have a select/assortment of pocket cutelry; also razors, the best ever. / fall and exaininf- my line, will be pleased to see and show you, / - / Bicycle and Talking Machine repairing a specialty. A nice lirj'e of Cabinets for Edison Records in stock. GEORGE L. SNIDER 968 Baker Btrwt, Kern, Cat.

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