Stockton Daily Evening Record from Stockton, California on March 3, 1902 · 1
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Stockton Daily Evening Record from Stockton, California · 1

Stockton, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1902
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i daily record lOc PER WEEK BY CARRIER LOGAN TiVa bkst FOTOSRAFS VOL XIV DAILY RECORD STOCKTON MONDAY EVENING MARCH 3 !SM: NO SENATOR MDENTER FOOGBT FOR LIFE WITH A MURDEROUS MANIAC Thrilliug Encounter at Hear lalbrop Morning Wiib Mrs ME5rJers Aid He Sccceeded la Binding ite Mans Hands and Feet After a Desperate Straggle A murderously insane man of Herculean strength and Senator August Muenter fought a desperate battle at 3 o'clock this morning in the Senator home near Lathrop As the two men rolled over and over on the floor each straining every muscle to win the lunatic made lunge after lunge at the Senator with a carving knife which he had snatched up from the kitchen table How Mr Muenter ever escaped unscratehed he can hardly explain himself He realized that he wan fighting not only for his own life but for that of his wife and children in the other room Mrs Muenter proved herself a heroine too " MR MUENTER AROUSED Shortly after 2 o'clock this morning Senator Muenter heard a disturbance in the kitchen which was separated from the bed-room occupied by himself and sick son by the dining-room He stepped Into the dining-room and called out asking who was there thinking at first that maybe one of his hired men was sick and was looking for medicine or aid He received only SENATOR MUENTER ing to go away when a dog which slept in the house barked Like a shot the man jumped up The muscles of his face became tense his eyes almost bulged from their sockets and he assumed a demonical appearance For a second and only a second he hesi-a grunt in reply Through the key-' tated as if trying to locate the dog hole he could -etA-That the Tfitrtidef "and then bolted for the house was carrying a light ' THE FIGHT BEGINS' PREPARING TO FIGHT I The man ran Into the kitchen and Instinctively divining that there was began kicking in the panels of the trouble ahead he went to his wife's dining-room door Hoping to put him room and told her to bolt her door at a disadvantage and fearing an over-and locking the room in which his turned lamp the Senator ran In and son lay he drew oij his shoes and blew out the light then remembering leaving the house be slipped over to his wife and child be ran around so the servants quarters and told a man as to meet the maniac when he should to come to his aid ' bijeak Into the dining-room ALL MINE! ALL MINE! They opened the kitchen door and found a large man with a lighted lamp going through the pantry muttering to himBelf All mine all mine As quick as he turned his blood-shot eyes and ferocious face on the new comers they saw that they had a maniac to deal with PARLEYED WITH HIM -They began to parley with him Inviting him to come to the servant' quarters and make himself at home He sat the lamp down and mumbling some Incoherent sentences accompan- GET MAD Akza Frkndi Tell tbc Trsth Many people become coffee topers before they realize it and would be angry If thus described even by a close friend It will pay anyone to examine carefully Into whether or not coffee has gained the mastery over them A coffee toper may suspect that his or her alls come from coffee drinking but they will Invariably charge the disease to some other cause for right down In the heart they realize that It would be practically Impossible to give up coffee so they hope against hope that It does not hurt them hut It goes on with Its work Just the same and the result Is complete collapoe and nervous prostration lasting sometimes for years unless the poison thst causes the disease is discontinued There are hundreds of thousands of Illustrations of the truth of this statement Any person addicted to coffee can make the change Dorn common coffee to Fortum Food Coffee without trouble provided the Portutn U property prepared so as to bring out the color flavor and food value It has a rich black brown color and chanr t the golden brown when good cream Is added The change will work wonders In any one whose frT0U 'tPm or Hoenter Residence In the Early Honrs M them meekly to the place He sat down by the fire and ashed for his grip The hired man remembered Semg one on the port h and ran and got it for him THE MANTAC AROUSED Mr Muenter concluded that the fellow was harmless and was just turn- MET IN THE DARK He was not a minute too soon The two men met In the dark to struggle for life The intruder was big and muscular and would easily have mastered a man of less proportions than Muenter Wjth hardly a word they clinched and then began a desperate contest Over and over they rolled on the floor working their way Into the kitchen Mrs Muenter had got up and drees-ed and the hired man made himself as scarce HAD A KNIFE By the rays of the light falling Into ORTMAN DOES THE DNEXPEGTED ONCE AGAIN This Time He Assesses All Railroad Rolling Stock Not Owned by Company FIRST ASSESSMENT OF ITS KIND The Coup Wns Made Throughout tha County Promptly at Noon To-Jay County Assetsor Ortman who has gained a State-wide reputation for original aeacexm'-nta sprung hi annual surpH" to-day noon He pottid deputD at every railroad station and aide track In the county and at the stroke of norm they assess- j ed every railroad ear not owned by p the railroad compsnbs The rar owned by the railroads Jos ph Breen of Milton waa nearly are of course imksoI by th State drowned In Snows creek on the mW-but there are dale rood last Thursday avenirg He etc which are was riding In a cart and attempted to the kits hen from the other room Muenter saw that the mmemecta of the man's arms ere for more than bio a He was lunging at the Senator's chest with a large knife whith he had evidently picked up from the table The cont- t w aa prolounged for several minutes the men struggling a while resting with unrelated holds and beginning again SHUT OFF 1US WIND Finally Muenter planted hi knees on the fellows neck and the loss of wind began to tell on the murderous lunatic MRS MlENTER'S GRIT Then it was that Mrs Muenter showed her grit Her husband failed in vain for the hired man but It waa the lady who ran and got a strong rope and while her husband held the still struggling insane man she tied his wrists and with a cool nerve followed every direction given her Once the knife dropped from the fellow's hands the binding waa qulikiy completed the hired farmhand having eorne In to aid after the victory was won BOUND HAND AND FOOT Losing the usa of his hands the fellow still employed bis feet and kicked so viciously that another rope was brought and he waa bound hand and foot and lashed Gil he could not move a limbi MRS MUENTER'S EARLY DRIVE Mrs Muenter then got a buggy and while her husband and the farmhand watehed the captive she drove in the early morning hours and before daybreak too to Lathrop and brought Constable Shepherd back w Ith her DREW A RAZOR Just as Shepherd and Muenter were starting for the d pot with their captive the fellow managed to looeen one of bis bands sufficiently to get a big razor from his pocket and he made a lunge at the Constable with the remark I slilcka da steel in you ANDREA PEDROTI From papers found In bis effect It was found that the man's name waa evidently Andrea Perl rot lt and VWk ranr( waa' sworn to against hlta as such He is believed to be a Swiss as he spoke a mixture of Italian and German At the detention hospital the rrazed man had to be put In a straight-jacket MAGNIFICENT PHYSIQUE He was a magnificent specimen of physical manhood and the only wonder expressed by the officers was as to hour Mr Muenter had been able to overcome him Some who saw him thought that his condition might be due to heavy wine-drinking and not to a permanently unsettled mind TUGGED AT STRAPS At the hospital he strained the straps which bound him and bad recurring violent spells Mr Muenter said that undoubtedly if the fellow bad got the best of him take up his duties here a soon aa he his life would not have been the only j has been examined Mr Doan received 17000 for three months work at Al-t liras hut he says be would not go through the strain again for twice that amount one sacrificed to the frenzy of the crazed man It) wae a thrilling experience and none of those who experienced It are courting it again not owned by any railroad company and on -which taxes have not b'-fore been paid In this State All of these cars which were caught In this county to-day will pay taxes thh year however The annual tax assessment for fitste and county purposes was commenced to-day noon The deputies appointed by Assessor Orlman are T C Allen C M Anderson R T Andrew F A Dougherty H H Fanning J W GUI J C Grldpr W 8 Illekman George F Roesrh J II Skiff Petr J Smith W H Thompson T E Wilkinson C T Wlirgin and C A Woodhull The Slat f far th Pakllt 0d In antdher part of tbl paper ap-jpaare an advertisement worthy th Ct brows and county rate for fitoek- rending aa Ha for the public good It ton prr perky la 31 37i ut which tit t i cent Is for High School purpose TTje or country rate U $1 4 5 ca the J HEW POLICE 0 E TAIL- P tltw'in 'wFgyx flit Vg tft If Chlrf Brlare put In fore yesterday it ' ' ' ' ft 4 3r T' noon new monthly police nvie v !f- ef a? ft FT itf I i E frk I ti Kfrd -M'lniM"! 4 ft ( a t a n '! ar 4 bailiff Marshall Chinatown Crit)gf""'"' khrst ward Simpson Reond ward! F- Mr Harrison at 121 South fluf-Carroll Third and Fourth ward ter nr-t and riiv a true spirit First te'i'bf'g Me and 1100 Circus JOr Thursday afternoon 2 TA and Sinday f xt 1 the stream His horse as swept cfl its fiet nd mao cart and hors wet mu whirling over and oxer as the current hu'ried them down M-cam Rrera wa finally able to swim out He lost hia horwe hut rr-ctv red the cart Seoetkief tor hwtats You tan get somrtheg for no hing something thst may prove of tnal-rusbiw ! cm fit to ytm You tan have jour cjr scientifically examined and tested absolutely free at Frtlhrer- optical parlor Ail thiy ask In return is that If you need glasses and determine to get thi m you will gtt them at their store A Ksaswty The hotse attached to Joe CUnvlli's delivery wagon ran away Saturday afternoon J Eri the driver jumped hut FJ MiLaughlin stayed It) until the ng collided with a t de-graph pole In front of Campl's restaurant Me-I-sughltn was bruised but not aerimra-ly Injured Saburlbrr balk Manager A W Simpson Jr of the Avon theater dishes to announce to his many subwnber that he will redeem any subscribers th kets that they may have In their possession by calling at the office of Eimpaon A Gray JACK PHILLIPS REPORTED LOST Started Out to Rescue a Man and Not Heard of Since A Jack Phillip a young man who A has been living in a hut on Ban- A A net Island was undoubtedly A dro wined In Rtotkion channel A A Saturday night A A The ateatner Columbia did not A A leave her berth until after 10 A A o'clock tm account of the wind A At she pulled out into the at ream A A a man fell overboard A A Phillips beard the mans cries A for help He Jumped Into a row A A boat and started to the reecue In A the meantime the man overboard A tJ trem hd a ladder at the Wharf and A A dlmped out of the water Phil- A A lips was not seen again A A A little later his boat was found A bottom up and with the bow A A smashed In The supposition fs A A that Phillips rowed too done to A A the Columbia and waa drawn A A under her wheel AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MR DOAN MADE C E Doan arrived to-day from Al-turas Modoc county where he has been rourt reporter during the trial of Brown who was accused of being one of the lynchers Mr Doan has been appointed court reporter In place of E E Hoods deceased He will HIS FIRST WORK Thomas Murdock the newly elected paired driver took oflblal charge of the wagon Saturday 111 first duty was to turn the cushion over o that they would not get rained on beastl y Fell la Nd Donnelly fell in 8tk ton bnnd lat night but waa pulled out before he beeame fully oberd I He wa not need to taking water with his whisky and the experience made him Uk J filetnbunr letnita Kidney I'iJIn a rmdjr tor III H(i Jt f8 rha Unig Cn f iif-miatfi nM Mala C! Iwyraijf fttrwfji Tf'! e v M It ft ft A ftat il A I lyFAttf-Ffll rtf o '('' trr! ' htn4' hi Ihfl ift 'LJ S JB T M AH off ft Y v mrg ' Cold we 11 Broa elentisla Gateway triildtig corner ifarke-t and Ken Joaquin 'Phone white 721 Irr 0 M Wheeler Disease rf women Ofiiie I nlon bloek trrnxa 7 Dr Frank Burton epntlat Hale s Telephone HI bek over WERE STORM TOSSED OH THE BOAT BERKELEY Stocktonims Had a Lively ' Experience on Bay Ferry Saturday Night : LANCED CU tHt 10X8 WHARF )! Storm Da-hed th lll-lUbavloa bcrar Against to Whaif passttigeta Landed I here F B HiiMmrd and Georg Turner were among the fltikktonlsna who had 1 a hair raisin esprrlcftc on the ferry- 4 boat Ibrkoh y flatmday night wheft the storm dashed the big craft against the long whatf near the Oakland nmla turned ever) thing upside down and threaten d to aend the steamer with1 over a thousand popl to the hot- tom The boat had the Jut are tiger list of the otetlaild train la addition to the rigular forty travel and had hardly got out of the !ip on her 7 nrtiak trip till h waa taught In the howl-1 ing hurihana and rendered slsrolutely bolide The terrified pnssengu tor ! out the life presmrm howled cried' and rushed around In the tlurtn tossed summer frantic with fright The Isis4 war handled by the breaker as if aha war an eggshell and evety lurch sent the passer ge) a in heap on that flour and deck Tli summer ws finally dashed against the long wharf arid the roa-j chinny was Mplr to budge her The crew Is said to have Mood around helpless and it waa only after an old ! asiinr approm tied the trmta and round I ly abused him thst the crew wsa or-J dred to tear out th aide tall and aa atst the passenger to gt up on th wharf It was plb h dark when they clambered upon th trestle work and I Mr Hubbard asy there nond attain-! ly hues been some women and rMl dren lost Mr Turner and himself lurked arms and It waa with great difficulty that they made their way over th slippery tlea bmk to the mole The whlstlea of distress were the only aound that rose above the roaring of the angry water whhh ran In regular billows and dashed spray over the people phktng their way back to safety It was a thrilling experience and one that none of those concerned wish to encounter again The Berkeley is fated for wild anths and the paaengr thought that she should not have been nt out In the teeth of the atorm j The boat does funny things on quiet days and ran hardly he expected to breast a storm on a dark night MARRIAGE LICENCE Frank flmltb aged tfi of Sacramento and Lou E fllilblea agd 1 of Oakley Contra Coat county Frink Chester Cullums aged 21 and May Temper an ChMIstef aged IS both of Ktmkton fllavrl Bate florist More hs Wa moved to 33 South California street between Main and Market fit or phone 710 white resldenee phone It blue Year Ukrwii Babcorke picture are true 'llke-Beaaea" The moat modern methe1 are employ snd latest fintahlnes given flludlo Jn the Cortland bouse Jast ArrlvtA A large load of fieir foot willow and a an wrael bn lt arrived at M K Bell- w(Hd and road yard M D Glldden dentist 11 Enat Main atreit over the Artade Tbona THE I X L Boys Clothing Sale Extraordinary AH WinScr Oarmetut bud! go We take no middle ftound We rccojn ic no tompelltion t prices here named $295 Double Jrt aetc I Knee Pant Fuji bolts Norfolk ami Ruasian House fluttat It ml fiid am! fi 00 grad Now 000 $195 Double Breast 4 Kmc Cant Full Vest oe and him by butts all wool mat ml f r-merly 2 60 and f I 00 Now $1 95 - JTT' mn out wmowj H ln iff $)' ftau (A f RIP VAN f WINKLE RYE A Para MtdMaat Ctght-yess aid Rkbkey Me per tpi Holden Drug Co ( or Main sad 1 1 por4 aTofgtogcaf Victor Safes yte Sad Bnratar Prnnt AT PACTORV PRICES A a !( s mad f Ha nfm fJne rd U Rri k j cam mu Hour Ml Yosemba Puilllnf ru kt i Tal lie ONLY FISH MARKET W krfwU MD'f Kdf nlj w fM It r4 Pf Ph t'nHlIrrJvmttt Ptntl Mfifl b i ?' Ar i i Oyafri ltU Iff tiuiift UUHHiJt mi IU A ft A OALGUM Frey 22 ff It Pa xt LAV IN YOUR WOOD AM) COAL Choir In lot to suit 1 M M i N FUNKY H lit Vet kkashingtoo at i set Telephone BJ red l j jkL and tiirirul' o rf ftM fcDi'lw fto M n4 mtirur lH i ty Mea-j Fets i I ft ft i i w 'J The Old Rtliabla Market T P Poultry Phli and (lame H 'irvtc va ti mil Or4ftrriH tftfM 1ruwj r i IS ft Afl 1oflf t tit him It turbed by coffee I man7

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