Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 12, 1964 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
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Wednesday, February 12, 1964
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Local Notes Dresses from $4.50 Hurry to Her Majesty! x Quitting Business! 10 per cent off on all merchan dise except bread, milk, wine & beer. The Food Center, 118 E. Redlands Blvd. > New junior high school named for Paul Moore The new junior high school in southeast Redlands was official- Money Stolen 'y named "Moore Junior high A total of S50 was taken from ^hool" by School Trustees last Shelbys Office Equipment, 24 m £,ht. ... , ,. West Central sometime i ast The name is in honor of tie night, police said. The thief en- ?, aul w - Mo °5? * amll >'- Pa , ul ,. W - tered through a rear window. \™ 00 ™ w " S ^r a ° d ., pub ^ sh f ! of the Redlands Daily Facts Time Valuable? [from 1929 until his death on Ap Call 792-8172, Haircuts by An- Til 21, 1942. pointment. x Two of his sons, William G. Moore and Frank E. Moore, pub New Car Announcement | Ijshcr and res pecUveIy. Lease 1964 Mercury, get frec iSliI1 carry on the faraily news . maintenance up to -10.000 miles. paper Ask Leo Crane at Jim Glaze, The nami of a sehoo , jn Leasing. ,93-2141 or <*M»2 honor of Paul Moore was origl. (eves.). We lease all makes, x na „ y sugg(;sted by Brooke Saw . Parts Taken !>er when the Trustees were dis- A generator and water pump j cussing a name for the new were removed from an auto Mariposa elementary school, owned by Wynn B. Fife, 123; At that time, the School Board Beverly drive sometime last! su Ggested that the new junior night according to a police rei h '8h school might be more suit- port. Value of the parts was S87.l ab 'y named for him. j Interestingly enough, Paul W. Disc Wanted with 3 Point Moore was a contemporary and Hitch. Write Otto Vogcli, 18600; very close personal friend of Ed Slover, Bloomington. x ward M. Cope and a good friend A L . » I of Henry G. Clement, the two We Are Number Two r„„ . i ,i,„ „, L„ ,-,.„;„, „ ... . . , , _ , men for whom the other junior So we will try harder to make h; „. r .i,„-i_ „_„ .,„„ - j„ t „™;„„j .'high schools arc named, you a deal. We re determined to , ,. _ . win the 10 day trip to Paris. L Ia , ear ^ f sc " ss ' onS : Come in and Jet us show you wc ! Ttuste " had alm . ost Id . ecv ! ded V» mean business. Jim Glaze Inc..| nam ,f the nc *' J umor(hl £ h f e £ Lincoln, Mercury. xl ' caI 'y 111 hoDor ° £ Paul W " I Moore. Benoy Funeral Graveside services for Mrs. Grace II. Benoy were held Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. at Hillside Memorial Park. Dr. Ivan Bell, pastor of the First Bap But in the final decision, the Board concluded that since Mr. Moore's history went back 22 years, it would be more meaningful to newcomers if the school were to be named in hon- acre parcel bounded by East Highland avenue on the north, Fifth avenue on the south. Dearborn street on the east and approximately an extension of Lincoln on the west. Redlands Architect C. Paul Ulraer w-as hired last night to Robert Watchorn, Clarence G. White and the Smiley brothers, he was always striving to make Redlands a place worthy of the good things that happened to it. as characterized by these friends. And when Mrs. George Mullen was promoting the concept of the Redlands Bowl in t b e formative years, he was ever ready to give her encouragement, support and advice. Too, he was among the leaders of a group of historically minded Redlanders who em barked upon a successful campaign to get the Asistencia on Barton road restored. Another of his favorite projects was the annual Community Christmas Tree service which was held for 27 years at the Triangle. And for each of those 27 years, he arranged the program. While he never held political office, he was one who sought out qualified candidates, urged them to run, then gave his unqualified support. It was this way in school affairs, too, and led to his long personal friendship with, and support of, Edward M. Cope who served on the school board for some 36 years. As an organization man, Paul W. Moore was a charter mem- Schools buy property next to Cope Junior High Four and one-half acres of property adjoining Cope jun ior high school on the east was acquired by School Trustees last night for eventual expansion of Cope facilities. The schools purchased the property for $63,620 from Mr. and Mrs. Joe Monteiro. It includes not only the citrus acre age but the Monteiro home at 932 W. Cypress avenue and four shares of Redlands Water company stock. School officials said that only the rear two-thirds of the prop erty would be utilized in the near future and that the house would likely bring in a monthly rental of $125 until the land is needed for school purposes. Bill Gibson, assistant superintendent for business, said it is quite possible the Monteiro property will be used in its entirety for physical education purpose and not for buildings. He explained that the master plan for Cope calls for any new buildings to go on the westerly side where property is now devoted to physical education. Supt. H. Fred Heisner stated that the school district had purchased part of the Monteiro property when Cope was built list church officiated. Burial] or of Mr. Moore and his family was at Hillside Memorial Park. Mrs. Paul W. Moore, (Lucre Emmerson Redlands Mortuary]tia Prendergast Moore) whom in charge. |he married in 1907, still lives in I Iiedlands in the family home at 1 751 W. Highland avenue. Other children of the Paul For the Lady Gardner! Faded blue denim Pedal Pushers and cotton stretch denim Capris. Full range of sizes. Louise's, 113 Orange St. y Two for $3.50 Blouses from our stock. Her Majesly. Moore family, in addition to William and Frank, are Mrs. Ruth G. Murray-Kidd, who is associat jed with the Facts business of- re"ular'f' cc - anc * Thomas Moore, man" imager of the National Paper and " jTypc company. Venezuela. Be Our Guest Both Bill and Frank Moore for a three-day vacation in San (have continued their father's en- Francisco. Come in and see howithusiasm for community endeav. you can enjoy a free 3-day vaca-jors and just last June were both: tion for two people in the City by] awarded honorary doctorates by the University of Redlands for the Golden Gate. Bert S. Hatfield Buick, E. Redlands Blvd. between 7th and 8th. x Country Kitchen Specials Top sirloin steak, $1.85; Steak sandwich, $1.25; Shrimp or chicken basket, $1.45. 1265 Brooksidc. x It's Winn's for Heart Winners! Remember your Valentine with a box of delicious candy . . . choice of Russell Stover, Pangbora, Whitman, Hoffman . . . finest selection of Colognes & Perfumes . . . cards. Winn's Drug Store Cor. Colton & Or ange. Custom Gift Wrapping, S & H Green Stamps. Free Parking, x and '"it had always been , . planned that wc would acquire draw plans and specificationsi D er of the Redlands Rotary club,the remainder when needed.'" for the school. The first phase.l an d was a i s0 a charter member I With the continuing enroll to be built at an estimated costj 0 f the Redlands Elks Lodge,!ment growth at Cope, Dr. Heis of SL.3 million, is scheduled to iserv ing as its first secretary. 1 He helped organize the Redlands Country Club and was a veteran Mason. He was also an active member of the Trinity Episcopal church, holding many offices over the years. His sincere affection for Redlands kept him in leadership roles in the Chamber of Commerce for years. He served as president in 1911 and helped keep the organization from fold ing in the doldrums of the de pression. Upon his death, the City Council passed an official resolution of sorrow and downtown stores closed during his funeral. The Facts building, erected in Redlands Daily Facts Wed., Feb. 12, 1964 -5 be ready for occupancy by September, 1966. A brief history of Paul W. Moore follows: He came to Redlands in July, 1897, to work with his father, William G. Moore, in the publication of the Daily Facts. He became business manager in Oct. 1897. and held that position until 1929 when he w a s named editor and publisher, titles he held until his death at the age of 66. While he belonged to many organizations, he was perhaps known best for his particular faculty of sensing what was good ner said it ivas now felt it would be imperative to acquire the ad ditional property. He also stated that the price was a fair one since the property includes a good house which could be rented until the front portion of the land is needed. At that time, the house can be sold and moved. LINCOLN ESSAY WINNERS - A highlight of the annual Lincoln Shrine Dinner at the University of Redlands last night was the awarding of cash prizes to three eighth grade *tu- dents who wrote the best essays in the Lincoln Essay contest. The winners, left to right, are Edward Imsond, 13, Valley Preparatory School, third place; Mark Wenzel, 13, Cope Junior High, first place; and Ann Walden, 14, Seventh Day Adventist School, second P ,ace - (Daily Facts photo by Ron Kibby) for the community and working for it with everlasting zeal and 11956 at Brooksidc and Center, their many civic contributions The new Moore Junior high school will be located on a 30- cnthusiasm until the goal w a s reached. Because he was a personal friend and contemporary of such community benefactors as Dr. was dedicated to him by h i s sons. A portrait of him, done by Redlands artist Ro Rivera, from a photograph, hangs in the front entry. Trustees at UR plan for decade of the 1970s Annual Lincoln Dinner Rev. Suttner speaks to us says Lincoln today Woman reports burglary-rape attack Another burglary-rape attack 'of a North Redlands woman [reported to police early today. The victim, a -53-year-old ; North Church street resident, jwas awakened by the sound of Allison Funeral j footsteps in the living room at Funeral services for William 4 a.m. She screamed and the Clifford Allison were held Tucs-'man lunged into her bedroom day at 10:00 a.m. from Emmcr- and held a knife to her neck son's Redlands Chapel. Rev. V. as he sexually assaulted her. Stanley Silke. of the First Bap-| After the attack, the intruder tist church officiated. Pallbear- forced the woman to give him ers were: Robert L. Cooper, her money. She gave him two Ronald L. Allison, John Vander -|S20 bills and two $1 bills. The made, S. D. Savage, Bernic man then held a pillow over Mauldin, Ernie Haeger and Otto!her head and took about SI Haeger. Burial was at Monte-1 worth of change from her purse. cito Memorial Park. Graveside services conducted by Redlands Masonic Lodge No. 300. Emmer- land a World War son Redlands Mortuary in j rifle. Along with the money the in truder stole a .22 caliber rifle II German charge. He apparently gained entry to [the home by prying a hasp out NOW YOU KNOW jof a rear door frame, police Construction of the 103-mile-, sa >d. long Suez Canal began on April The burglary-rape continues a 1859, and it was opened io; scries oi such incidents on the years later on Nov. 17, 1869, according to the World Almanac. Weather Jan. 12 . J*n. 13 . Jan. 14 . Jan. 15 . _ « 58 68 Jan. IS B7 Jan. 17 _ 64 Jan. IB »1 Jan. 19 57 Jan. 20 _ 61 Jan. 21 _ 53 Jan. 22 _ 54 Jan. 23 54 Jan. 24 61 Rainfall Temp. 24 Sea- Hours 33 . 64 son Jan. 25 Jan. 26 Jan. 27 „— .Ian. 28 Jan. 29 Jan. 30 .Tan. 31 _ Feb. 1 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 11 Feb. 12 2 3 4 S fi 7 a 9 10 . 67 . 58 . 70 . 70 . 70 . 70 . 78 . 7R . 77 . 70 . 73 . 63 . 64 . 80 SO , 62 . 69 31 ai :>a 35 35 46 43 33 47 41 34 35 36 36 3R 38 39 40 42 41 37 40 37 41 33 40 37 40 41 39 .02 .11 .78 .72 6.50 north side of town, although not all the victims have been assaulted. Library receives Lincoln film INSURANCE AETNA C & S CO. EMPLOYER'S GROUP MARYLAND CASUALTY CO. NATL. AUTO CLUB "YOUR PR01EC1ION IS MY BUSINESS" A 20-minute film entitled Face of Lincoln"' has been do- 6.61 nated to the A. K. Smiley Pub• 7 ~jjgjlic Library by Mr. and Mrs. a.'n'Robert Lehamann, 31057 La Co- ilina drive, Redlands. The lCmm film, made by the University of Southern Cali fornia in 1955, features promin ent Southern California sculp lor Merrell Gage. The nar rator describes the life and ca­ rreer of Lincoln while he sculptures physical changes into a clay bust of Lincoln. Gage molds different expressions on the bust to correspond to events in Lincoln's life. The Library expects delivery of the film momentarily, and will make it immediately available to clubs, organizations and groups wishing to view it. ...... I JACK W. ROSE 793-3134 416 E. Redlands Blvd. Redlands WILLIAM C. MOORE. Publisher. FRANK E. MOORE. Editor. Published every evening (except Sunday) at Facts building, 700 Brookside at Center. Redlands, Calttomta. Founded October 23, 1890, 74th year. Entered as second class matter October 23. 1890. at the Post Otfice at Redlands. California, under act of March 3. 1878. SUBSCRIPTION RATE (In Advancei Br Carrier Delivery One Monlb I 1.M Three Months 4.SU Six Mentha *-»» lone leer 16.40 One Month i One Year ... By Mail Vital Records BIRTHS WESTOVER — Born, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Westover, 11783 Eton drive, Colton, Feb. 9. 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. SWOPE — Born, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Swope, 13489V3 Third street, Yucaipa, Feb. 8, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. HEMPHILL — Born, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hemphill. 10495 Kansas street, Feb. 8. 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. MILLER — Born, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Alan Miller, 26531 East Ninth street. Highland, Feb. 11. 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. KORFMACHER — Born, a son. to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Korf- machcr, 3144 West Cypress avenue. Feb. 12, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. FARMER — Born, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Tim Farmer, 23489 Cooley avenue, San Bernardino. Feb. 12, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. SAENZ — Born, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Julio Saenz, 822 West Lugonia avenue, Feb. 9, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. STITES — Born, a son, to Mr. and Mrs.H. Stites, 12821 Kendall way, Feb. 9,1964, at Redlands Community hospital. DIEKMANN — Born, a daugh tcr, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dickmann, 32117 Tennessee street, Yucaipa, Feb. 11, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. MARRIAGE LICENSES I5SUED BENNETT-SMITH — Ronald D. Bennett, 24. Yucaipa; and Janie M. Smith, 18, Redlands. JONES-BITTERLE — William E. Jones. 28. Redlands; and Linda Bitterle, 19, Riverside. (Issued in Las Vegas) DEATHS j FINN — Died in Loma Linda. Calif.. Feb. 10. 1964, Richard F. Finn, 1030 Occidental, Red lands, aged 70 years, native of Colo., and resident of Redlands for 8 years. Memorial services will be held Thursday 1 p.m. at the University Methodist church, Rev. Phillip Collin, pastor, officiating. Emmerson Redlands Mortuary in charge. FISHERING — Died In Red lands, Calif., Feb. 9, 1964, Mrs. Gwendolyn Fishering, 410 Church street, Redlands, Calif., aged 51 years, native of Mo., and resident of Redlands. Deceased is survived by her husband, Robert H. Fishering, Redlands the following chil- Two held for burglary in Calimesa A stolen automobile and an attempted burglary of the Greyhound Bus depot in Calimesa led to the arrest of a 23 year old man and 18 year old Calimesa boy yesterday. Riverside sheriffs department took into custody Richard Eledge. 23 when they found him inside the station during the early morning hours yesterday. The 18 year old was observed in front of the depot. He drove away and was picked up yesterday afternoon about 3 p.m. by Det. Hodge and Gopperton of the Yucaipa Sheriffs substation on a charge of auto theft. The stolen vehicle owned by| David Richard, 12286 Yucaipa boulevard was recovered on Jefferson street. Planning for the decade from 1970-80 at the University of Red-, lands began yesterday when the Board of Trustees of the University, at their regular midyear meeting, appointed a special committee to recommend plans for guidance and growth during this period The special committee, composed of chairman of other trustee committees, and members from the University staff and faculty, will begin within the next thirty days and is expected to make a progress report for the next meeting of the Board in June. The Board also discussed a proposed new faculty constitution, authorizing a committee to work with the faculty andj administration in final formu-| lation of the document; and! Lincoln still speaks to us to-;by the Dr. Robert Watchorn day the Rev. Harry Suttneri family and carried on in a joint assured participants in the an-j effort by the Redlands Kiwanis Walden. 14. of the Seventh Day Adventist School. She is tbt daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R. T. nual Lincoln Shrine Dinner at j Club and The Lincoln Shrine As-1 Walden, 11640 Anderson street, the University of Redlands Com-j sociation mons last night. j Highlighting last night's pro- Words by Lincoln that t h e gram was the presentation of real danger to America comesjawards in the Lincoln Es- from within and not from abroad are valid in these times Rev. Suttner observed before more than 150 Redlands residents who attended the annual memorial event on the eve of Lincoln's Birthday. "We are well aware of t h e military threat to our great country, and we are doing much about it. "But what about the crisis at the level it counts — the personal and community level," the Congregational church pastor questioned. He continued, "Today wc base the good life, the easy life on the assumption that the production and consumption and enjoyment of material things more adopted the procedure recom-! an(J more guaranteed by our mended by the faculty for!government is in itself the good scheduling of speakers on thc; and eas y Iife - say Contest conducted among eighth grade students in Redlands. University of Redlands president Dr. George II. Armacost, president of the Lincoln Shrine Association, presented the cash awards to the three winners. Writer of the first place essay Loma Linda. Third place went to 13-year- old Valley Preparatory School student Edward Imsand, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Imsand, 204 East Ralston. The essays were judged by Rev. Suttner, Rev. Philip E. Collin and Jack Levine. Wenzel read his stirring first- place essay to the audience. In her annual report, Lincoln student at Cope Junior High school. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wenzel, 2245 East Crescent. Second prize in the essay competition was awarded to A n n Ruby's attorney scores victory DALLAS (UPI)—Jack Ruby's attorney Melvin Belli scored a strategic victory today by forcing into evidence the records of an advertising-public relations executive assigned to aid the court. The third day of the hearing to determine whether the slay er of accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald can get a fair murder trial in Dallas blew up into controversy- over the role of Sam Bloom, head of the Sam Bloom Agency in Dallas. ..I - 18.0111 WHY... does Garvay Motors deliver so many new and used cars. Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: 56s 72s 88$ 113s First grade... 4.20 4.07 3.47 3.49 Second grade..— 2.89 2.90 3.06 138s 163s 180s First grade 3.72 3.70 3.48 Second grade 3.24 3.45 Trend: Slightly lower. campus, subject to continued prohibition of "propagandists" for the Communist cause from speaking on the campus. President George H. Armacost in his report reviewed the Educational Facilities Act and its application to the University. The board adopted a procedure whereby the administration will examine specific terms of the Bill to see if applying! for and accepting an appropriate grant would in anyway jeopardize the freedom of the University to determine its policies and standards. The board also granted approval for the additional expenditure necessary to extend the library hours from 75 to SO hours a week so that the library can be opened on Friday evenings. Charles O. Picrpoint, financial vice-president, reported that total assets for the University have increased by nearly two million dollars during the past year, with one-half the increase added to endowment assets. God grant that tomorrow (Lincoln's Birthday) all of us will think of Lincoln and rcdedi- cate ourselves to the principles that guided his life and make them a part of ours The Lincoln Shrine Dinner is a community tradition started J hns stated that 6.a38 persons visited the Shrine last year, averaging 544 a month. She related that among the gifts received during the year was an original letter written by the young Gideon Welles before he became Secretary of the Navy in Lincoln's cabinet. The letter, dated 1819, was donated by Joseph Johnstone of Redlands. An Ohio newspaper dated 1865 and carrying an account of Lincoln's death was contributed by Lois Morris of Yucaipa. And E. Farnsworth of Redlands Rainfall, Just Barely Services Thursday for Richard Finn Richard F. Finn, 1030 dental drive, native of rado and resident of Redlands for eight years, died in Loma Linda Monday at the age of 70. Mr. Finn was a veteran ofi ment . and a Union soldiers belt Occi- Colo- W. contributed Civil War souvenirs | including a bullet, a bridle orna- World War I and a member of Redlands Barracks 1370, Veterans of World War I. He had served the barracks as a trus tee for four years. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Frances K. Finn of Redlands two daughters. Mrs. Helen McDaniel of Redlands and Mrs. Frances J. Crow of Longmont, Colo; six grandchildren and two Redlands had a bare .02 inch of rain from the brief shower yesterday evening. Despite the storm conditions, very little rain fell anywhere in the valley. Some snow fell in the mountains but m most areas it; brothers> Robe rt Finn of Red- turned to rain. Redlands now| lands and Sam s Finn of Dear . field, Mich, Memorial services will be conducted tomorrow at 1 p.m. at at University Methodist church with the pastor, Rev. Phillip Collin, officiating. Emmerson's Redlands Mortuary is in charge of arrangements has a season total of 8.13 just slightly below normal. N.Y. Stocks Beatles off list LONDON (UPI) — The Beatles, four British lads who are currently the toast of the United States, are out of Britain's top 10 hit record list for the first time in six months, according to this week's Melody Maker magazine. dren: Don C. Fishering, San Diego; Ronald G. Fishering, Rialto, also S grandchildren and a brother; Chauncey Martin, San Carlos, Calif. Funeral services will be held Friday 1:00 p.m. at the Emmerson Redlands Mortuary chapel, Rev. Aaron Eurich, pastor of the Temple Baptist church, officiating. Interment in cito Memorial Park. Weeks named to PRO post at LLU Loma Linda'University President Godfrey T. Anderson to day announced appointment of Howard B. Weeks to be vice president for public relations and development. Mr. Weeks, 40, was director of public relations for the Seventh-day Adventist Church's world organization in Washing- ion, D. C, from 1936 to 1962. In his new post he succeeds Jerry L. Pettis, who resigned the university vice presidency January 9 to seek election to the U.S. Congress. Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES. Feb. 12 (UPIi — Eggs: Prices to retailers f.o.b. to distributor plants (delivered 1*4 cents higher": AA extra large 47V I -51'i. A extra large 46!i-4D'b. AA large 40' } -44' : . A large 3S l 3-30';. B large 34'i-35!3, AA medium 39^-42'A. A medium 374-38^. AA small 30!i- 33>>. A small SB^-a'i. Prices to consumers: AA large 45-1 62, A large 51-58. AA medium 49-53. A medium 53-55. AA small 45-49. A small 42-45. Poultry: Fryers 17-19. roasters 21,23. light type hens 4-5 wtd. arc. Alonte- nens cross SHi-6 wtd. avg. 357: turkeys: young toms 21, young hens 24, roasters 22. NEW YORK (UPI) — Stocks put in another solid session of widespread gains today and closed at another all-time high. Trading ran ahead of Tuesday despite the fact that today was Lincoln's birthday and. Ash Wednesday and many institutions were closed or working at half staff. Brokers said the increase in volume as prices advanced was particularly bullish, especially under the holiday circumstances. Dow Jones Stock Averages High Low Close Chgs. 30 ind 798.14 790.39 794.82 up 2.66 20 rrs 184.20 181.87 183.03 off 0.08 15 utl 140.88 139.71140.43 up 0.27 1 65 stk 277.93 275.11276.68 up 0.60 Sales today were about 4.65 million shares compared with 4.04 million shares Tuesday, 15 Mast Actlre Stocks (Dow-Jones Service, Courtesy Lester; Ryons A Co.) 2113 E. State Volume Close Choc 130 .200 Amer. T. t T._t4»?4 +2tj 101.600 Ling Temco 19"i + »» 100.(00 Chrysler _ 42 ft.tM Geo. Dynamics— Jg'i -f 'i 76.600 Great A. £ P- — 36 — S7 .000 Ford _ SS«» + «, AM .1BO Jf.v. Central .72!, +1 50.000 Parke Davis 36 -:- H 46.100 Sperry Band _ 20>» J- >j Bucyrus Erie — 26 \ 41.300 Xerox 76'i -l'» 40.900 Peuna. It.K _ 30H — <, tO*D» West. Eire. — 31 440.300 San Diego Imp— ll'» 32.700 Helene Curtis .._ 37'i — 'i buckle recovered from the battlefield at Bull Run. Noon Kiwanis Club president Rex Cranmer served as master of ceremonies for the program. Jack Cummings of the University of Redlands led the audience in singing "Dixie" and the "Battle Hymn of the Republic." The Rev. Frank SI. Toothaker offered the invocation. HOME OWNERS PAINT STORE Discount Paint Store 9 W. State, Redlands Announcement of Funeral Services CARL LEE DONALD DEARDEN Services 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. JOHN (Jack) A. STEWARD Services 11:00 a.m. Thursday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. JERE C. BOWDEN Services pending. f. ARTHUR CORTNER Announcement of Services HESSER. George 0. Requiem Mass: 9:00 a.m. Today Sacred Heart Church FINN, Richard F. 1:00 p.m. Thursday Memorial Service University Methodist Church FISHERING, Mrs. Gwendolyn 1:00 p.m. Friday Redlands Chapel FAGERBERG, Mrs. Amelie S. 2:00 p.m. Monday Valley Chapel Loma Linda ODELL, Mrs. Elsie M. Services Pending Redlands Chapel MOREHEAD, Mrs. Maude B. Services Pending Redlands Chapel Emmerson Mortuaries and Chapels 221 BROOKSfDE AVE. • PV 2-1411 1 703 BROOKSIDC AVE,

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