The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 4, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA^ FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1908. Che Bak«r$fieid Califorwian •d ry Even I UK I. Kern i '"' lmt B.-k- City and County •ntt-red in I'osto!llc< Sunday* at California. lu> Official Paper Baken.nvid, C;ii., ;<i;; s .Mall Matter. |0 ci Dt-i a iiiontli; Friday, Dec. 4 DEAR TOM:The candy of all candies u Gruenhag- en's--soLd at Meron,1 Year in Advance [ 9V S . Enjoy ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. Telephone ................. Main '•.'>' M 'A V. !»K( K.MBKR !, 1!)OS. 31 FOR A WORTHY CAUSE. Tniiinrr..\v the people of Hilkel's- Held will have op[ioftunity to contribute In «ine of tlie innst worthy ctinses possible, the providing of a permanent home for the helpless children "f 'tie community, and the Cnlil'iiniifin believes that without any nririnir, cverv limn, vvom- an ami i-liild will evince an individual interest in the movement and one that will manifest itself in the most practical form, the of th? fund thjJt is to be raised. The generous offer of Mrs. T. A. Tracy to donate a block of land for the home that is to be is evidence that about all that it will be necessary for the people to do _« to supply th'.' cash for the Ijtt1k',ifi#, find tlie new children's shelter will be assured. No newspaper and no individual will pretend to set a figure on the outcome of the popular movement that is to find practical expression tomorrow, hut we believe that it will not be discounting the day to prophesy that the projected home is very nearly a reality at this time. The people of Kern county are n srenerous people. That has been demonstrated many times in the past when the occasion demanded, and there was never H cause more worthy than that which is now before the public. SELF DESTRUCTION. I" —— An investigator lias recently been going into the subject of filicides and from the figures obtainable be finds that in a single year some 10,000 people kill thcm- Belves in the I T nited States alone us many as were slain in sonic the hi>/ battles of the Civil War. The number is increasing t'ron year to year, the growth in sui cides in twenty years lie'mir inon than loo per cent. The same mi thoritv has fii.'iired ou1 sumo in box of this delicloiu; candy tonight. BILL lercstii)'_r facts m < men taking their < tistics show thai June, when all tin \vhori there is more singing birds and than at any other is fnvored above those who would with lives. Sta• month of • rid is glad, isliine, more and blooms time in the year nil others by travel into the unknown, while in the dark month of December, the suicides are least, and the deduction is drawn thnt the man with a grouch is out of harmony with the gladsome month of June, and finding little sympathy in the world about him, he concludes to fly to those ills he knows not of. It is also demonstrated that war or any great calamity lessens the number of suicides, the fulling' away being marked in the ease of a declaration of war. After the San Francisco earthquake, though suicides had before been common enough in that city, there were hut two in three months following the catastrophe. The figures show that many more men than women tnke their lives, thnngh this is not strange, as women ure far braver in ml- versitv than men. It takes cour- J. B, Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street stnictioti iimoiiLr who are $1"; lot us, block 61, Kern. sane presents ,i problem for serious thought. There can b the publicity little •' the doubt that tacts surrounding a sii'c'ide le.uls others to self destruction, and th,; nevmrm- pers are accused of being a factor in the heavy increase in the number of such deaths. However. that may be suicide of race suicide, but individual adult is going to attract a good deal of attention in the civilized world if the number of such deaths increases in, the future as they have in the past. AFTER OIL The sale of west, quarter Midway to Truett and Jacobfi, mining men, has just been made. Annie I... and R. W. Osborn to C. H. C'ongdon, Jr., lota 10 to 20, block 4SBC. fiahersfleld, northeast Quarter section IT, 32-29. Charles Asher and Leo Harris to City oi' ol.* Angeles, $60.50; strip of northwest quarter section 26, 32-33. Harry Crompton to 3. R. Parker, $100; one-half Interest Gold Hill, Gen. tipede. Baltic Extension mines, Rand district. VALLEY BANKERS HAVi; JRGANIZEO FRKSXO. Tier. 4.—Twenty-two prominent hankers of the San Joaquln Valley, extending from Modesto to _ Bakefsfield, and representing sixty- j its jy^' iron in wear yet "fitting five hanking institutions, met in Judge +1l . ._:.„„, ^ „»„*„„*;„„ T£ A GOOD HORSE in a poor harness is as much out of place as a pig in a parlor. Our tanned harness will set off the beauty of any animal for light driving, while for draught work GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Ct-r. Powell and Ellis Street* PREO P. PLAQEMANN, Prop. , New Building. Modern In every respect. 160 rooms, , Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THH HEART OP THE CITY J Free bus meets all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars Or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel. • Entrance on Powell St. five hanUng Smith's court room last night in the ' first regular session of the recently' formed clearing house association, *o*n «* the ninth district of the sixty acres in the south- ?o*n «* e nn of section 4. 32-23 In the C , al , 1lfornlanSt | tecC1 f rlng . ,1 i ' i i I "'**** 'r> •"*-'"• "i*o jviob uc^u luauc* A uc age to face adversity, and men i Iocnt0rs of tne property, S. P. Wlble, lacking in tin's quality, choose th shortest route to end their worldly tronldes. Women /ire more evenly balanced, and though adversity frequently bears upon them more heavily than upon the men, they face it not only patiently, hut count ircoiihly. But if the suicide ratio increases 00 per cent in a few years, not mly in the United States, but the world over, and self inflicted leaths continue to grow in mini-' ner at the same rate, the world will soon be facing an appalling condition and one nol pleasant to contemplate. Not all men who euniniit suicide arc insane, hi I' .ct the major portion of them at • not. and the growth of self dc- II. I. Tupman, T. E. Klipstein and others, made the sale, but the price is not made public. W. W. Verner negotlat- d the deal for tfie mining men. A strong company, in which several and the First National Banl? of Fowler presided. H. C. Carr of the First National of Portervllle was elected secretary of the organization. The meeting was brief, the sole purpose of the conference being to dis- the animal to perfection. Its made and trimmed as a harness should be, and our prices gives you Satisfaction and us a small margin of profit. PIONEER HAKNKM *BO*P MATtSON BROS. San Francisco capitalists have been CUBS the purposes of the association "What's the most aggravating thing in married life?" asked Dorothy. "Sometimes," said the bachelor- friend, "it's the husband, *n{ eom*- times It's the wife." interested, will be formed at once and drilling commenced as soon as possible. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Deeds. W. R. Smith to Helen M. Hull, $10; 1-8 Interest in southwest quarter section 8, 28-28. J. W. Lancaster to M. L. Anderson, and complete the preliminary work, uncompleted at the first meeting, when organization was perfected, C. E. Wtoodaide, secretary of tha Los Angeles association, which is also | affiliated with the state organization,' was a visitor and explained the purpose ot the conference. "The main purpose," said Mr. Wood, side, "is to provide a system of thor- AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H. Jones Carter's Hotel, Marlcopa Bakersfield Garage, Bakersfleld. Main 142. Main 1260 $10; 1-7 interest in AJax mine, Mojave ou Kh and complete examination Into | district, sold first party under sher- the affairs of every banking corpora- < iff's sale. tlon or Individual banker, belonging Pacific Improvement Company to to the association by expert examin- Mrs. .T. C. Turner, $150; lot 28, block ITS. In brief, it is to generally safe- 01. Kern. guard the common Interests ot the Mrs. J. C. Turner to John E. Bailey, people and the banks as well. our method of having a OENtLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle l.orses that ladies can dHve. 'You will find everything spiok.and spar, ahout our stables, our horses good animals, and carriage?, cahs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. EATLIPP Cor 21st and .( Stt Tel. Main 88 IDEAL FOR SHORTENING AND FRYING. MADE FRESH DAILY, RIGHT HERE ON THE COAST. Eastern Shortenings— at least 30 days old when you receive them— not fresh -not in perfect condition fur baking and frying-. THE CUDAHY PACKING CO. LOS ANGELES. "By our method of having a com- ; petent examiner, n banker who knows the business and knows it thoroughly, ' we expert to prove that the 'bank ] puui-anteo' system is not necessary, j inasmuch as there will he no failures of banks. We expect to safeguard | the interests of every state and na- , tlonal bank that is a member of the ' -tate association, and thereby safeguard the people's money. The exam- ( incr will be paid by the association . ,inii we intend to see to it that his as- , slstatits are competent men. If a com- , p. lent examiner is not secured, the' tinkers will be heard from." ! O. J. Woodward, president of the ; First National Bank of this city, was unanimously chosen to represent the i.inth district bankers at the central 1 oi'.y, which meets In San Francisco.' ' The following committee was appoint- . 1 ed last night to look after the inter- jests of the bankers from this section ' : of the state in connection with the j ! appointment, of an examiner: E. A.; i \\~aldrond, Fresno County, chairman; j ' F. R. Osterhaut, Madera County; 0. ' ! R. Stoddard, Stanislaus County; F. R. 1 Might, Kings County; E. D. Buss,; ! Kern County; H. C. Carr, Tulare . 'County, secretary; M. I). Wood, Mer-' 1 cod County. Each of the seven coun- , ties in the ninth district is thus COFFEE Our name on the package gives us the credit, and puts on us the money- back burden — it isn't a burden! Your grocer returns your money if you ioa't like Schillint'i Best: we Day him FORSALE EUCALYPTUS TREES 3,000,000, Leading Varieties Eucalyptus Land and Timber Company, Edward C. Cribh, Pres. \V. S. Thatcher, Sec'q. '123 So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal. Denver Restaurant Regular Meals, 2~>c and up. Eastern Oysters and first- class Chinese Noodles, Oh on Mean, Pineapples, Chicken, and Chop Suey. Good Service. 1313 19th St., Bakersfield. Capital Paid Up, $100,000 SurpltM. $25,000 :'-. 'c * »•' r-' 0 ." N (*'4j A checKiug account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have yon open one and test it io f yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. It was announced that the next Tiiei-tlng will be held in Frrsno, as this city is the central pn'^t, 'he f *•• vl'm being at the call 01 Chnin.'.'.ii Sin »1 grass. Jim Corbeti a Good Actor i'av in-- 1 , tin 1 M'i*li'. ' ii . ' • I.I o)iera house l:tst ni-:!i' . :,,y in which .lanii-s .I. t' ••iiier heavyweight inu'iii • :• of tin 1 i'o:intry. w:i.-- Ver !y one of the most iuiri, yet 1 i'l 1 Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Weil Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET aiitawe ol the II US III) ilClOl 1 . • y. o!' it '.vent up has It is cleverly v, and ulot and then Milous situation?. In which 'Tomiiu !> n- ,1'vi" t;ik"« well i.hove t':e IT ii- The play was \<\« t.'.r.iir.rh with <:h si)!i|'.' as ide coin;! iliy c;iu:;iit i!:e ly train for the smith, Noin s cut, however. Th;' curtain earlier nml (he iMteniussiou.s wert very much reduced. Tlie place in the apartuioniF of otv John Smith K'orhetti, whn owns ra<-i horses anil stays out ni:. r !us. a:i<l ie iinired but one KetHim' for the play, j Another John Smith, an • ccle-iast!<'al gentleman, llvi-s on the iippe:' (hit. :-.!ul liis wii'e, of bin six inomlis, is ilirei". j e.i to the wi'on. 1 ? apurtincntn, >-'he lur j im; never been there since ti'i-y we:e i rented. Tho sporty John Sini'h's w.'e unexpectedly returns from Dover a week before scheduled time and 'hon tin- fun begins. A detective, a show girl and a friend and many other things make the proceedings iatereai- ing. \ III '^' Leave for | AnUoch RC'rkeley . . . Chicago Corconin Fresno ....... Grand Canyon Manford Kansas City. Johannesb'rg Merced Oakland .... Oulcdnlo Ulchmond ... SanFntncisco Searchlight . Stockton .... Tulare Vlsalla Yosemlte .... -->» i 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 n i 7 7 7 7 7 7 A :6fT -.55 :30 -.55 :HO :55 :30 :55 :UU : ,'ii) :55 :55 : 55 :55 :30 :r,r> M. 8' 8' 9 8 9 8 9 8 9 8 8 88 8- 8 For detail information call on N. J. HUDSON, 30 20 00 20 on 20 oo 20 00 P 7 7 7 7 ! 20 20 20 20 20 20 n I 1 7 7 7 7 7 7 phone .M. :30 :30 -.30 :30 :30 :30 :30 :30 :30 :30 :30 ;30 or Agent. [PAYNE & SON Funeral Directors Embalmera AMBULACNE Phone Answered Day or Night HO!EL BRIM STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS. $1 PER DAY AND UP 670 Eddy, bet. Polk and Larkln SAN FRANCISCO Headquarter* for Bakertflef A Bargain!! FOR SALE—Lots 23 and 24, block 39, on Q street, between King and Baker streets, Kern. Price $450. .Terms if desired, $150 first payment; balance 1 2, 3 years. Write to Leigh Thornton, 531 North Boylston Street, Los Angeles, California, OLD UELXABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CAERIAGE PAINTING 8IGNI Phon» Main 1138 1687 Well 8t ••kerafltld, Oil.

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