Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 12, 1964 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1964
Page 2
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February HOUSECLEANING TIME at Wat do Sumuflu 1963 MODELS and 1963 FLOOR MODEL APPLIANCES at Sale 3 Days On/y— Thurs., Fri. & Serf. — Quantities Limited—All Sales Final — — All items subject to prior sale — NO DOWN PAYMENT H DELIVERY J) NORMAL • FULL Instillation • GUARANTEE REFRIGERATORS OUR NORMAL COMPETITIVE PRICE LT140 AMANA $229.95 R15AMANA 469.95 FFS 98 AMANA 519.50 FF 98 AMANA 585.50 IM105B AMANA (Ice Maker) 619.50 D 10 FRIGIDAIRE .... 199.95 D 14 FRIGIDAIRE .... 248.88 FPI14B 63 FRIGIDAIRE . . 499.95 FPI16B 63 Turq. FRIGID AIRE 518.88 FREEZERS D16 AMANA 349.95 UFPD 17 Frost Proof FRIG. 449.95 ELECTRIC RANGES RDD20 63 FRIGIDAIRE . . 279.95 RCI75 FRIGIDAIRE . . . 499.95 RCDB 630 Flair FRIG. SKS) GAS RANGES 7006 O'KEEFE & MERRITT . 189.95 7012 O'KEEFE & MERRITT . 199.95 8140 O'KEEFE & MERRITT . 289.95 9439 O'KEEFE & MERRITT . 419.95 AUTOMATIC WASHERS ABL EASY 339.95 ACL EASY (Yellow) . . . 389.95 DRYERS MONITOR Portable . . . 99.95 DML E EASY Elect. . . . 219.95 DMK G EASY Gas ... . 239.95 DCK G EASY Gas ... . 249.95 DCL G EASY Gas ... . 289.95 AIR CONDITIONERS 18CS3E FEDDERS 18,000 . . 499.95 A9MG FRIGIDAIRE 9,000 . 299.95 DISHWASHERS COST 14900 379 50 428 00 49500 49900 153 00 198 00 428 00 455 00 248 00 325 00 192 oo 325 00 29995 136 50 146 50 195 oo 285 00 198oo 21400 I900 128 80 144 5o 164 00 198 00 328 00 205 00 DWSTE FRIGIDAIRE . DWDTE FRIGIDAIRE . DWDTH FRIGIDAIRE DWDMH FRIGIDAIRE DWIMH FRIGIDAIRE lCmm r) 169.95 188.88 209.95 229.95 279.95 134 00 153 00 173 00 193 00 22200 WE Wia BE OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT. FEB. 14th BURROUGHS Appliances 117 East State St. Phone 793-5485 REDLANDS Redlands Daily Facts 2 - Wed., Feb. 12, 1964 POINTERS By Polly Cramtr DEAR POLLY — Recently I 'needed a vaporizer which I did not have late at night. I dug out our old electric corn popper. I filled the popper with wa ter and plugged it in. This got us through the night. Not only! was I saved the price of a new vaporizer which is not needed too often, but obtained badly needed relief as weli. — MRS. R. V. DEAR POLLY — The lining in my favorite short coat was hopelessly threadbare, although the coat was in good shape. 1 discovered I had another coat of similar cut with a perfect lining. The latter coat was no longer used, so I ripped the lining from it and sewed it in the good coat. Now my favorite !coat is ready for more wear with very little work. I think I have the perfect answer for seating a number ol i children in a small kitchen. A bench can be easily and quickly made with a 2 by 12-inch i board of the desired length and a set of four wrought iron legs. Paint the wooden part of the [bench to match or contrast with (the kitchen colors. This practical, inexpensive piece of furniture replaces up to four chairs. — MRS. V. M. DEAR POLLY — A looped i strap, nailed to the garage : will insure safe, upright ing for a bicycle. A number straps may be used along one f wall for several bikes. Run the ! handlebar into the strap. Also, the ends of old metal beds, with vertical uprights, make very good bike stands. Remove the casters and drive the legs into the ground or set them in concrete poured around the legs. - DICKIE DEAR POLLY — To firmly hold a candle in a candlestick, put modeling clay (about the size of a bean) in the holder. Press the candle to the clay.— G. S. X. DEAR POLLY—Keep a piece of nylon net near your ironing board. If clothes have lint on them, roll up the net and brush the lint off the clothes. This works better and faster than a brush and is always at hand. —MRS. D. M. GIRLS — We have used the hint for brushing lint with nylon net, but I like the idea of keeping a clean piece attached to the ironing board. —POLLY ccietif MISS JOSEPHINE REAY Society Editor PLANNING SERVICE - Miss Esther Hile, Mrs. John Foerster and Mrs. Stuart Cummings confer on arrangements being made for the annual World Day of Prayer to be noted Friday, starting at 10 a.m. in University Methodist church. Miss Hile and Mrs. Foerster will take part in the program and Mrs. Cummings is on the arrangements committee. All women of the Redlands area are invited. oopea| 5 *1 World Day Of Prayer Service Set For Friday DEAR POLLY — I had a long, heavy, chenille robe that became worn around the neck and sleeves. I removed the buttons, cut off the top part of the robe, just under the sleeves audit "Let Us Pray" is the theme on which United Church Women will dwell when they meet at University Methodist church Friday at 10 a.m. to observe World Day of Prayer. Miss Margaret Sharp, dean of women at the University of Redlands, will be the featured speaker. All women of the Redlands are are invited to join the millions of others around the world in this annual observance. Mrs. Donald L. Fairchild of University Methodist church is this year's general chairman. Heading committees are Mrs. Fairchild, Mrs. C. G. Mason and Mrs. Stuart Cummings of First Presbyterian church; Mrs. Wal ter M. Ewalt, Bethany Reformed church, and Mrs. Stanley K. Lund, First Evangelical Lutheran, publicity. Mrs. Eugene C. Branson, University Methodist, and Mrs. bur H. Schowalter and an ensemble from the concert choir at Redlands High school who will sing. Ushers for the service are Mrs. Richard C. Hardy. First Congregational; Mrs. Raphael Jaime Quinoncs, Divine Sav-; Gonzales, Divine Saviour Pres- iour Presbyterian, arrange-.byterian: Mrs. Allie Townsend ments. j Second Baptist, and Mrs. Phil Assisting in the service w i 1 l;IIubman. be Rev. Philip E. Collin. pastor| Grecters from University of the host church; Harold Jenc-jMethodist church will he Mrs.'Hales def. .Mrs. Fred Howard; son, organist: Mrs. John D. For-IDonald G. Schmidt and Mrs.'" " J -' ester. First Evangelical Luther-i Frank Parrott. Flowers are bean; Miss Esther Hile, First Bap-ing arranged by Mrs. Donald tist; Mrs. Stuart Cummings.lArnegard of the host church. First Presbyterian: Mrs. John! There will be nursery care R. Stubbs, First Methodist; Wil-ifor children during the service. Mrs. Howard Wins Possession Of Golf Platter Mrs. William E. Howard with a 63 net. won the privilege of keeping the "platter" on which her name will be inscribed for the third time when she won the women's golf event last Friday at the Country Club. Tournament results were, in Class A: Mrs. Howard, first, 80-17-63; Mrs. Percy Dornfeld. second, 88-18-70; Mrs. Vernon Crear, third, 84-13-71, and Mrs. Robert W. Baker, fourth, 8917-72. Class B: Mrs. Geneva Reiter, first, 94-22-72; Mrs. Jack Clay, second, 93-20-73; Mrs. Austin Welch, third, 96-22-74; Mrs. Al Wincher, fourth, 97-23-74. Class C: Mrs. Robert Scholton, first. 95-27-68; Mrs. Fred Heisner, 100-27-73, tied for second with Mrs. Dee Cowen, 9724-73; Mrs. James Gillespie, 10327-76, tied for third with Mrs. Ed Schindler, 100-24-76. Class D: Mrs. David Rogers, first, 108-37-71; Mrs. Harold Moser, second, 105-32-73: Mrs. Earl Bandy, third, 102-28-74; Mrs. Jack Dunbar. 108-31-77; Mrs. Frank Postle, 108-31-77 and Mrs. Clare Day, 105-28-77, tied for fourth. Results of second round play in the President's Cup matches were: Mrs. Vernon Crear def. Mrs. Warren Hooper; Mrs. Albert Wincher def. Mrs. Dan C. A. Smith; Mrs. Karp Stockton def. Mrs. Leonard Watkins: Mrs. William Howard def. Mrs. Rex Cranmer; Mrs. Jack Clay def. Mrs. Eugene Malone; Mrs. Edward Banta def. Mrs. Edward Barnett; Mrs. Fred Heisner def. Mrs. Earl Finch; and Mrs. Dee Cowen def. Mrs. Charles Haseltine. In the Vice President's Cup first round, Mrs. Robert Scholton def. Mrs. Madison Finlay; Mrs. Robert Hurt def. Mrs. Franklin Roberts: Mrs. Austin Welch def. Mrs. Edward Schindler; Mrs. Percy Dornfeld def. Mrs. Frank Genetti: .Mrs. Richard Finch def. Mrs. Ralph Hammer; Mrs. Jasper Bailey def. Mrs. James Edwards. Mrs. Robert Baker def. Mrs. Clare Day; Mrs. Gerald Larsen def. Mrs. Everett Smith; Mrs. Franklin Postle def. Mrs. John Hart; Mrs. Earl Bandy def. Mrs. Don Miller: Mrs. Edwin We, the Women By RUTH MILLETT. Preserve-your-husband committees are springing up all over Europe, according to a recent news story, as European women are becoming increasingly alarmed about the way wives are outliving their husbands. CAmong Europeans over 65, there are two women for each man.) I'm a bit hesitant about mentioning these preserve-your-husband organizations for fear the hemmed the top. Now it is a idea will catch hold in Amer cozv throw to use when napping, jica where, if there is anything and is good to wrap aroundi women DON T need, it s a new baby when going from house to]dub to join. car | But it would be a fine I keep a pair of stretchy bed-jidea^if American women be room slippers in the glove com U.R. Faculty Artists Star On Chamber Music Series Program Music of the Baroque, Classic;in one of his gay moods — al­ and Modern periods was repre-lmost playful in character, sented last evening on the pro-J Miss Schoenfeld and Mr. gram presented by four highlyjCrossan. members of the Des- capable musicians at Watchorn hall to continue the current Chamber Music series. Performing were John Golz. violin; Eleanore Schoenfeld. cello; and pianists Lou Ann canso Trio which is becoming increasingly well known throughout the Southland, displayed the sensitivity that ensemble work requires in their playing of the Bach Sonata in Fuchs and Jack Crossan. all ID Major, No. 2. Their exposi- partment of the car to slip on for traveling in real comfort. My sewing basket always contains a few white socks with holes in them. A patch of stretchy sock top mends the underarm tears in nighties and allows freedom of movement. — M.A.L. DEAR POLLY — When I take my small child to his grandparents' home for a meal, it is too much trouble to take along bis chair. I just carry his car seat into grandma's house, cover the back of a straight chair with a turkish towel and then put the car seat on the chair. The child can sit at the tabic and see everybody and everything. — GAIL DEAR POLLY three dry cleanings, the white piping around the collar and down the overlapping front of my favorite gray suit turned yellow. I carefully applied white liquid shoe polish with the dauber that came in the bottle. It does not rub off and the piping is white and lovely looking. — MRS. J. D. S. came alarmed enough at the way women are outliving men in this country to decide to preserve their husbands strictly on their own. Surely no wife has to join a committee to Figure out how to do her utmost to safeguard her husband's physical health and emotional well-being. All she has to do: Keep track of how much sleep he is getting (and see that he gets more if he isn't getting enough). Take his word as to whether she is planning too hectic a social life for them as a couple. Listen if he says she is spending too much money, and cut down on expenses wherever she can. Quit dreaming up household! chores for him when he comes j After two or,home tired, try to handle as! many family problems as she' can without involving him. \ If you consider this preserve- your-husband idea as sound, go right to work preserving your own—but for goodness' sake don't organize a club and make a big deal of it. The Browsers club met recently at the home of Mrs. C. E. Tartt with Mrs. C. L. Heflin as co-hostess. Mrs. Harry Phelps gave the interesting program, reviewing f.„„.„„ :,.„» ,.;„ i , , highlights of her trip abroad ers — Mr. Crossan had just dis-1 envolvement of figurations. ! lo ^T JT™™,,,. ci,„ »^„.«i^ i-> tinguished himself in a solo:' The delicate and%inging Mo-ijf ~ a S^SS members of the University of Redlands school of music facul ty. Their individual talents were familiar to regular concert-go- tion of the music was in excellent taste and their agreement in interpretation maintained the purity of style with balance of tone and impeccable Mrs. Harold Moser def. Mrs. Geneva Reiter; Mrs. Jack Dunbar def. Mrs. Henry McCutcheon: Mrs. Marjorie Summers def. Mrs. Howard Dickerson; Mrs. James Hicks by default from Mrs. Jack Washburn; Mrs. Robert Sherrod, bye. Players are reminded to sign up at the pro shop for the draw tournament scheduled for Sunday with each player playing his own ball. The Edwin Ban- tas and Dan Smiths are tournament directors. Browsers Hear Travel Talk recital the previous evening onizart Trio in B Flat (K.502) con- the same platform — and the combination of artists last evening was further expression of their depth of musicianship. Mr. Golz and Miss Fuchs played two Sonatas, the Beethoven G Major, Op. 20, No 3, and the Hindemith in C Major. The latter was a fitting tribute to the late composer who died only weeks ago. The Hindemith might well be considered the evening's highlight — it sparkled with a superb reading of the intriguing score. A coordination of texture and exchange of musical ideas between the two instruments made for fascinating listening. The Beethoven Sonata opened the program, its final move- cluded the program as played by Mr. Golz, Miss Fuchs and Miss Schoenfeld with ever graceful, flowing line. AEROSPACE WIVES COFFEE TOMORROW Edward L. Jury, administrator of Redlands Community hospital, and Mrs. Edward Tefft, president of its woman's Auxiliary, will be guest speakers tomorrow at the monthly coffee planned for Aerospace Wives. Mrs. Gordon Burton, 114 Sunset drive, will be hostess. Members will meet there at 10 a.m. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or ap pliances will find a ready mar- mcnt revealing the composer iket through Classified Ads. thousand more by motor coach, rail and ship visiting and sightseeing in England and on the Continent of Europe. Mrs. Phelps presented to each member, as a memento of her trip, hand tooled leather book marks purchased in Florence, Italy. A new member, Mrs. Fredrick Greeley, was welcomed into the club. McKINLEY PTA FINAL UNIT MEETING McKinley PTA will have its second and last unit meeting of the school year tomorrow at 7:30 p.m Founders Day will be noted and honorary life memberships presented. Past president of the unit will be special guests. The program will incoude the showing of two films. mote meat IVIEAT FLAVOR toon flavors ' 'MAKE f RLENDS Howmany back seat drivers have been burned by pipe or cigar ashes emptied out the front window? TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. CARPET SALE DU PONT 501 NYLON a loop pile from Duponf s finest nylon — Continuous filament, won't fuzz, pill, or pull out . . . YOU SAVE 30% While it lasts *6' 5 WOOL PILE SCROLL TEXTURE WILTON BROADLOOM Closely woven Wilton construction for extra wear. YOU SAVE 40% $595 EXTRA HEAVY PLUSH HERCULON PILE BROADLOOM New sensational fiber. Hi-lo, random sheared or muted tweed. 3 styles, 27 colors $795 NO MONEY DOWN — 36 MONTHS TO PAY. THREE FINE STORES TO SERVE YOU REDLANDS — 100 Orange — 793-2389 YUCAIPA — 35119 Yucaipa Blvd. — 797-1121 HIGHLAND — 27204 E. Baseline — 862-5*56 Linoleum,

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