Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 17, 1891
Page 5
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How's Your Liver? Is the Oriental salutation, knowing that good health cannot exist without a healthy Liver. "Whentho Liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the food lies in the stomach undigested, poisoning the blood; frequent headacha ensues ; a feeling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how the whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Regulator has been the means of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving them a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraor- dinarypower and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. RELIGIOUS THOUGHTS. TIRED. As aeeneral family remedy for D-yspepsln. Torpid Liver, Constipation, etc.,"l hardly ever use anything else, and have never , beeii disappointed in the e3ect produced : it seems to be almost a perfect cure for all diseases of the Stomach and Bowels. W. J. MCELKOY, Macon Ga, CUKE CONSTIPATION. To enjoy health one should have regular evacuations every twenty roar boars. The evils, both mental and physical, resnltiits; from HABITUAL CONSTIPATION •re many ami sorioiw. For the cnr» or this common trouble. Tutt's Liver Pills have sriilnerf &• popularity nnpar* •Ueled. Elegantly sugar coated. SOLD EVE-SY WHERE. SntiB: little fortunr«hnvr hern madeu rurlc for ui, b.v Amin I'HKP, Austin, 'ni«i, «nd Jno. llvnit, ToMo. Ohio. fSps gut. Others flrtdolntt unwell. Why [1101 you? Some rttcn over f 5UU.OO a uoiitti. You •:«» do the work and livo I home, wherevrr you iins Even b«- 'Rlnncr* lire tmtjly earninf; from ¥5 to *IOttliiy. AlUpivi. w*aho\v you how nnd Btnrl yon, Can work In «jinrc lima or all MIC time, HJp tndnrr tor H'ork- "]*:\Y »*cl w'raSfrf"""'^™"!,"?™^™! XI.IIullott.tr OO..IIOX »8«I'i>rlIllll<l,Muiiiu JOOOO. 00 lyear In beln£ mode by John H. Goodwin,Vroy,X.Y.,nt-wurk fur ua. Header, yuu limy I>"t make ai .nuch, but wa can fneh you quickly how to earn from $fi to 10 » tiny at the atart, and morn at you go n. Uut'll UCKM", ail URCS. In nny part of mericn. you catt ewmnitticft at home, glv- np h\[ your timc,or s|«iro moments only to lie work. All It Mew. Great pay SUUK for •vfry worker. We Btart v«u, fumtshlnf .<verylblnR. 'EASILY, SPEtDILY learned. IVUfTlCl/LAUS FREE. Addreu at onco, STl.VSUN A CO., I'OKTUkM), HilM*. I'm very tlrcO, Lord! Tho wny siiums cndluss, d;irk mid ilreury; The burden grow-i, I'm very wintry, Su weury and so snU— If I but hud Ono little rny of ciTtnin hope, With sttfiulfitst poise, faith's toloseopo Would road tliu stars to-nlglit, -And find tlif coming llj,'ht. Rut o'er my whole liorlxon darkness sweeps, And silently the fiituru'M secret kuups. I'm very tired. Lord! My aching heart with grief Is swollins, The bittur, burning teurs are welling; .My very soul is sick, And to the quick The shafts of sorrow pierce nnd quiver, Till closer soeins tho chilling river; And tempted with the song, " 'Twill not bu very loiv,-," I almost ivisli the black-plumed angel's wins Slight stop the conflict, and sweet slumber bring. I'm very tired,Lord! The long, long night my faith is shaking, My weary heart is surely breaking. If I could only rest On One dear breast Whose loving heart for me -was throbbing. Whose gentle touch would still my sobbing. And sweetest comfort give, 'Twould be less hard to live; And holding fast a sympathetic hand, Enduring, waiting-, hoplnjf-trust, and stand. I'm very tired. Lord ! My weary heart seems dulled to feollni;, I sigh and pray for some sweet healing; Please send me from above The b'alin of love. My sobbing pruvers are uninspired- near Father! I'm so very tired; Thy mercies overflow, Thou wilt not leave ine so? 'TIs nought for Thee to help; I have no might; O, cK'are.-t Lord ! In mercy send the light. —Capt. It, Kclso Carter, In X. Y. Observer. out slenderly feeds and clothes her Life seems so dreary .and empty, wit its anniversaries that bring pain an loneliness and tears, in place of lov and gifts and the smiles of kindred. Shi has tried bard to get used to it, but he: preat, loving woman's heart cries hun grily, it spite of all her efforts to hush it But once a week she ties on her well worn bonnet and goes to the prayer meeting-. She sits down on an end o the settee, where for so many evenings she has come for comfort. The lady who sits near her offers her the hymn-book and points with her gloved fingers to, the right line. The act is simple, and sweet as simple, It brings color to the thin cheek of the "lone woman" and moisture to her eyes, and when the lady sings with the resl of the congregation, in a sweet, clear voice: Jesus, lover of my soul, Let me to Thy bosom fly While the waves of trouble roll, Wlille the tempest still is nigh, the poor woman's troubled heart grows calm and peaceful, and she closes her eyes and listens as only those can who look to God alone for help and strength. Such, at least, is one of the worshippers whom the young man in passin called "the saints" in the prayer-meeting.—N. Y. Ledfrer. WHY MEN FAIL. HIRES' HHPROVED 2St ROOT BEER! KC BOlUNfiORETRAINING THIS PACKAGE MAKES FIVS CALLOUS. ROOT BEER. Tho most APPETIZING o-nd WBOI.2SOMB TEMPERANCE I>R1*JK to the worM. .T>ellciou3 and Sparkling. TBY 1^ Aslc yottr Druggist or Grocer for I« C. E. HIRES, PHILADELPHIA. A good many different Congo Bemcdies in my time, and I and tbat Dr. White's raimonaria in the best of all. It i» pleasant to take and relieves the conch at once, and does not constipate t»e bowel*. For Croup In Children it has no equal. rfold by B. F. Keesling and D.E Pryor. "HOW D'E DO?" Somo answer cheerily, because iliey are tutll tindfuU of life. Others suffering from KEItV- OPS PEBIIilTY. etc.. answer Kloomily. 1 " AitfTVi.-!!! •*••»•« laent sealed, J?v«« /tor OUR NEW BOOK l«««.*««fMn.e.ou«. i .Jiintei'd Testimonials. JExctitflve Jllrthotl*. HiirrtfKf Uniform. JBniE! OfJEDICAJCi CO., Buffalo, N.Y. Learn _"WHAT AILS YOU?" v GONE FOREVER. A Bad llnblt Thut Is Kntlrcly Too Common Amonc G<ipcl People. Sctli Smith was a tall, slender lad, son of the Widow Smith who did'the washing- for any strangers that might stop at the village, hotel. Ten minutes earlier on that pleasant morning Seth went down the street, whooping- and calling- to people whom he knew, but no .one turned to listen, or to answer him. Now he was quite still and silent, but the passers-by gathered about him, awestruck. His eyes were closed and his lips were white, but it was the same hungry, poor boy whom they had always known. There were the worn, patched clothes, the bare feet, frostbitten and bleeding. The innkeeper's wife, a stout old woman, suddenly stooped and covered them- tenderly. "I might often have giver, him old shoes easily enough," she said to herself, turning away. "He was a willing, kind boy," said another woman. "He worked hard for his mother. Maay's the time, too, he brought my little Peter safe home." She remembered that she had often thought of fiving him some decent clothes, but had put it off. The village teacher passed on his way from school, and stopped where Seth lay on the porch of the inn. "Who is it? SetJi.'" he said, peering down at the quiet, boyish fa.ce. It was full of accusations against him. His heart seemed to stand still for a moment. He had noticed for years that this boy was quick-witted and eager to learn, bnt he xvorked all day, and could not come to the school. The master, in a vague way, had intended some time to give him lessons at night, to make a man of him.. He never had done it. He never would do it now. So he thought as he walked home with a heavy sickness at heart. The young minister came hurrying down the street. He, too, stopped! "Seth?" he said. "The Widow Smith's boy?" The minister was always a busy man with all of his flock to look after. He had noticed this lad only as a merry fellow who. never came to church, probably for lack of decent clothes and a little kindly encouragement. He had meant to,- speak to him as he met him, to tell him of the one Friend who is better than all others, and to give the lad a word of kindness and of help. ! He had not done it. A great horror ;seized on the young man as he stood •looking down at the boy's pale face. 1 Wherever Sefh had gone, these old friends who had known and neglected him so long could not follow... What, ever his need, they could not" call to him, nor touch him, nor help him. They were the same. The same sunshine fell upon the dusty village street along which he ran noisily a minute ago. In an instant he had passed out of their reach forever. There is not a friend nor a servant nor an acquaintance whom we neglect to-day, who sometime may not turn to us Scth's white, accusing face. The- pale lips will be • silent. But a voice will speak for them. Some of the words of the Master will make themselves felt. "Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of. these, ye did it not to Me."—Youth's Companion. HER TIME OF REST. th^» adepts it as from God, for such do alirays see on every cloud the face oi a» angel.—W. C. Whitcoinb. —Whatever God gives you to do, do as well as you can. This is the best possible preparatipn for what He may want you to do next.—G. Macdonald. ' —The man who goes around digging pits for other people to fall into is working for the devil, no matter what kind of a spade he uses to do the work— Ram's Horn. • —The most beautiful thing that God ever made is a little girl of about five summers—fifty springs in each heel, a hundred day-dawns in each check, a whole flock of morning larks and nightingales in her throat, so that every time her mouth opens one of them flies ° u t.—Talmage, in N. Y. Observer. —Parents who dwell -upon the faults and mistakes of their pastors, at the dinner table on Sabbath, need not be surprised when . their children drift away from the church, and are lost to its influences. If you can not speak well of your pastor, you owe it to your children, at least, that you should avoid all criticism.—United Presbyterian. —Xo man should begin or end any day of his-life without the thought Of God; and no man should spend the whole of •my day without having'his thoughts often turned toward that great and good ing. in whom he lives, and moves, ind has his being. Not to think of God s one oi' the worst habits of human' depravity.—N. Y. Independent. CARTER'S ITTLE IVER PHJ.S, East, West, Norlh. South. eunsylvania Lines. Schedule of Passenger Trains-Central Tim*. CHICAGO DIVISION. SelflshneMjt mitl Greed Can Never Reap a Gratifying Reward in the End. Many fail in the work of life through demonstrated selfishness. They make all the rivers empty into their sea, all the roads of emolument end at their door, and they gather all the plumes of honor for their brow. They help no one, encourage no one, rescue no one. "How big- a pile of money can I <ret?" "How much of the world can I absorb?" are the chief questions. They feel about the common people as the Turks felt toward the Asapi or common soldiers, considering- them of no use except to fill np the ditch with their dead bodies while the other troops walked over them to take the fort. After a- while this prince of worldly success is sick. The only interest society has in his illness is the effect that his possible decease may , have on the money markets. After a SIDES, HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE while CURE Bick Headache and relieve all tho treaties Inof- flont to a bilious state of tho system, traoh as Dizziness, Nausea, Dro'CTinoM. Distress alter osttag. Pain in the Bide, io. "VVhllo their moat reinarkablo success has been shown in curing SICK Headache, yet Carter's Little Livor Pffla DM equally valuable in Constipation, curing and pro* venting this nnn«yinEcomplaint, while they also correct all disordajjDf tho H tomach,s timulato tha liver and regnlattfUle bowels. Even if thoj oily HEAD Aolie they would bo slmootpricoleasto those who Buffer from this distressing complaint; butfortu- catoly theirgoofliioBS does notendhoro,andtiiofl9 whoonco try thorn-will find these little pills vain, able In BO many ways that they will not bo willing to do without them. But after allsickheail Westward. Columbng Iv Marlon.. " » i Hi ai PM AM AM •735HSOOj*7aOJAM Ill|300jl204-r820 Logaiivport Winamax: Crown Point.... ' AM T61S 703 fa I Iman Vo»t ibule Dining and Sleci>~ tnu; Cars run on Now. 20 and 21 between, Chicago and Columbus, Pittsburgh, Baltimore Washington, Philadelphia and N*ew York-; Pullman Sleeping Cur* on \"os. 3 and 1 ft_ , BETWEEN LOGAMSPORT AND EFFNER. Read Down. Read Up. Isthobanoof so many lives that . wo make our great boast. Our pills euro it wiiilQ others do not. Cjirtert Little liver Pills are very small ana very easy to take. Ono or two pills raalto a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripo or purge, buthy thoirgentlo action please all who uaotlioia. JtavJalBiitSSccnis; flvelorSl. Sold by druggists everywhere, or neat by mail. CARTER WEDrClNE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE 7 14 1 00! 9 50! " 7 45 1 SOlll lSar.1,4) •EflTncr ar. ... Kentland ... Goodland ... ...Remington... ...Moniicello... Idavjlle . rt 1 v. 303131 l[3?tb AM I 3?M PM 'I0«t9501€00) 10 30! 9 40 5 3? 1014 928 *41!1 957 §,'02352 9 14 813 140 9 02^ 7 S8i 1 Ott 830| 7251131> AM PM Air RICHMOND DIVISION. Weatward. READY REUE The most certain^ and safe Pain Remedy in the world that instantly stops the most excruciating pains. It. it is truly the great CONQUEROR OF PAIN and has done more good than any known remedy. FOE SPRAINS; BRUISES, BACKACHE, PAIN IN THE CHEST OR INE-APPLE YRUP New Castle Anderson.- Klwood Kokomo Galvcslon JLogangport ar. i- --• PM £lnclnnaU jv.|»7 55M 45*8 5C , 905 6BOIlflBD(A3ir| Rlcbmond " 1035 735111 30f720 11 ni mc:10 10 oon! Culcngo ar.j 51U|PM IPM 111*1 835,1222 820,! 11461 915,1259 90S .^ , 1211! 945! 128 935!AM 3j 12451030 2151020*120^ ; 1045 10 34 f 150™ 1120 SOffllllO -" '730J AM AM| he dies. Great newspaper capitals announce how he started with nothing 1 and ended with everything-. Although for the sake of appearance some people put handkerchief to the eye, there is not a genuine tear shed. The heirs sit up all night while he lies in state, discussing- what the old fellow lias probably done with his money. It takes all the livery stables within two miles to furnish funeral equipage, and all the mourning- stores are kept busy in selling- weeds of grief. The stonecutters send in proposals for a monument. The minister at the obsequies reads of the Resurrection, which makes the hearers fear that if the unscru-. pulous financier does come up in the g-eneral rising, he will try to get a .corner on tombstones and "rave-yard fences. All g-ood men are glad that the moral nuisance has been removed. The speculators are glad, because there is more room for themselves. The heirs are glad, because they get possession ol the long-delayed inheritance. Dropping every feather of all his plumes, every certificate of all his stock, every bond of all his investments, every dollar oi all his fortune, he departs, and all the rolling- of the Dead March in Saul, and all the pageantry of his interment, and all the exquisiteness of sarcophagus, and all the extravagance of epitaph- ology can not'hide the fact that these words have come again, to tremendous fulfilment: "lien shall clap their hands at him, and shall hiss him out of his place."—Talmag-e, in N. Y. Observer. A Good Start In Life. A good start in life! Often do we heai it said of a young man that. he ought, as a matter of course, to turn out well because of his worthy parentage, his pleasant surroundings in youth, his educational opportunities. But is it not as true that many a /one turns out well largely because he had no goodly inheritance, but rather cold, defiant surroundings, and a hard-earned acquaintance with books? Only he turns out well who improves his circumstances and environment to aid him upward— be they pleasant or unpleasant, smooth or rough; full or scant.—S. S. Times, CHOICE SELECTIONS. AftA One of lie BEST rams ever Iratei - TOR - . . '; ' PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, both Extemallvand Internally. It is safe and certain inits action . ForBurns, Poisoning, Erysipelas, Inflammation of :,the -Eyes or Bowds, Earache, Deafness, Rheumatism, Pains in Side, Back, or Shoulders, Piles, Sore Throat, Croup, or Bronchitis. Price 25 cts. and fi. at all druggists. E. MORGAN A SONS, Proprietors. MtOVTDENCE, R. X, ' TB1DE SUPPLIED by ROSS GORDON, UFtyettc, Ind. Forsale.by' B.- A Haven of JPcaro for the Weary and Heavy I-adon. "The saints are .in there -holding- a prayer-meeting 1 ." . • .. This was spoken in jest, in our hearing-, by a young man who was passing- a church, a few evening's since. True, we thoug-ht, the "saints" arc there. There is the poor woman, who drops all her cares and biirdens once a week,- and leaves her dim-lighted, cheerless, lonely room to seek warmth and lig-ht and companionship and Christian 'sympathy. She has none who care -whether she stands or falls in the fierce battle of life, -which she is waging- single-handed. She has no little, arms -about, her neck, or soft little cheek laid against hers, in the long-, silent, wakeful hours of dar.kness. No father or. husband to protect and love her; no mother or sister to ;soothe and comfort her. She.is a lone woman, in the most desolate sense of the word. Her ceaseless toil •—When God borrows of man He pay's good interest.—Ram's Horn. —Remember the world has no use foi gloomy people.—Chicago Standard. —There is no' easy path leading cral of life, and few are the easy ones thai lie within it.—Walter Savage Landor. —The coin we use in this world is not current in the other; we must therefore go to God as petitioners, and not as purchasers,— Jackson. —Misfortune is never sad to the soul OR ^ANY OTHER EXTERNAL PAIIT, a few applications rubbed on by the hand act like magic, causing the pain to instantly stop. For COLDS, BRONCHITIS.PNEU- MONIA CONGESTION, INFLAMMATIONS, RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA-' PAINS IN THE SMALL OF BACK'- etc.. more extended applications are necessary to effect a cure. ALL INTERNAL PAINS, PAINS IN BOWELS ;'OR STOMACH, CRAMPS, SPASMS, SOUR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIARRHOEA, COLIC FLATULENCY, FAINTING SPELLS are relieved instantly and quickly cured by'taking internally a half to a teasnoonful of Ready Relief in half a tumbler of water. WITH RADWAY'S PILLS THERE IS NO B ETTER CERE OR PREVENTIVE OF FEVER AND AGUE. Price .'»()<•,. pel'bottle. Sold by dru"-gl«ts Any "R. K R.» or any "READY RELIEF" without the oameRAD WAY, is a COUNTERFEIT ADWAY'S PILLS, The Great Liver and Stomach Remedy Forthecureof ail disorders of the STOMACH, LIVER, BOWELS, KIDNEYS, BLADDER, NERVOUS. DISEASES, LOSS of APPETITE, HEAD ACHE, CONSTIPATION, COSTIVE NESS, INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS FEVER, INFLAMMATION of the BOWELS, PILES, and all derangements of the Internal Viscera. Purely Vegetable, containing no mercury, minerals, or DELETERIOUS DRUGS. PERFECT DICESTiON will be ac c->mplished by taking RADWAY'S PILLS. Byso doing Eastward. Chicago Iv I.oifoiiNport Iv. Qalvestoa Kokomo Ehvood Anderson Xew Castle Richmond...'..... Hamilton.. Cincinnati' ar. FOR YOUR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA AND It is unexcelled as a CROUP REMEDY. So pleasant that children cry for it. Cures all Throat, Lung and Bronchial troubles, and is pleasant, positive and PERFECT. For sale by J. F Coulson & Co.. feb8d&w3m IU| 0 PM j AM *9«ff730 * *105: t5 50 620 150 635 207 322 2 24j 712 2 37 412 247j737 l 3'03 445 323i820 3-34 530 '4 10! S 15! 415 S30 5 4510 521-5 45 PM 700,12011700 AM I Run | PM I '. ^ to qj. Fnllinan Rleepinic Onrs run on 'Son. » and 10, and Ballet 1'arior Curs on XOIL. IS and 19. BETWEEN LOGANSPORT AND LOUISVILLE. Read Down., Read-Up. 45 Iv..' Chicago ar. 10 I'M AM •82! 12. .__ 330! 345 6 59! 7 30|ar. LouIavilie..IX3v. AM |PM 125 " Logansport ar. ftr Indianapolis 10 i 13" P.M AM 'S10W 30 1130 220 11051130 730i73S AM ! PM- BRIGHTINE Correspotjdenct.' •ollcted. valuable oformatlon free. . Jatitl discount to •^^de, TJisease wsr. T. 1.1 X ^8 XJO.SILHC 3tr«!et, -A 1VEW KJBMKJDT FOS1TIV.M CUKE PO* «1«I&VIT3 >.ii-^ .ndrnd nllmentt Al CO., Chtciwo. Ill _ WEAK HEN Cured Quickly of SIGHT EJ11S. .$ SIQA'S, lost power, dark circles tin act oycB, pimples.?! tal urin S ary dram.etc..by llr.PKKCY'S HMO. I POSITIVE ttRBAL REMEDY. f-the result of K4 y earn trlvnto jPraetico. Enormous Bala. QTJAEANTEED CUBE. l£ small pill form. Scat in plain. - - -scalod package on receipt of Two Dollars. (Tj- Scaled Pamphlet free. Di£.j;ai«.NPEEOT,BOXT8, CLEViXAJil*. O. lion. IO and 13 carry Pnllman Sleeping Cars; Pnllman BnfTet Parlor C»r.") are run on SOB. 18 and 19. -~- a JOSEPH WOOD, E, A. FOED, General Hunger, General Passenger Lgmi, 11-23-90. ' PlTTSBTEBOH, PEITX'A. For time c&rds, rates of fore, through tickets baggage checks, and further information regarding the running of trains apply to arur A-Sent of the Pennsylvania Lines, J.:A. MjCULLOTJ(5H,STk-ketA!!ent. Logonspurt, Ind. SCHIFFMANN'S ASTHMA CURE wp. Jt.WilTIJjOrorRKSCLTs. SSmf,M! ll ™ J * U °"' i","" 10 " I" Immcdljic, LKKTAIX find A slnclo (ri Dyspepsia, SICKHEADACH, FOUL STOMACKE, BILIOUSNESS will be avoided, .and the food that is eaten contribute its nourishing; properties to the sup port of the natural waste of the body Price 25c. per box. SOLD BY ALL DRCCISTS. -^ unnatural discharges ia 24. hours. Gleet •S: Gonorrhea in 3 days. " NoStricture NoPaia SURE PAINLESS. PI LL S EFFECTUAL: WORTH A'-'GUZirpEA A BOX.1V For BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS S L CH Sick Headache, Weak 'Stomach, Impaired Digestion, j Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc,,-ACTING LIKE MADIC on the vital organs, strengthening the muscular system, and arousing with the rosebud of health The Whole'Physical Energy'of the Human Frame. Beec/jam's Pills, taken as directed, wil> auickly RESTORE FEMALES to complete health. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. . Price, 25 cents per Box. Prepared only by THOS, .BEECEAM, Bfc Helens, lancashirg,-England, JB. F, AZZElf CO., Sole Agents for TTnitca, Stnlrs, SOS & 367 Canal St., Nets York, who (ifymtr(iru{i(tist does not Taxptiiem) will mail Btccliatn'a PilU on (Mention thispaper ) Clieap Lands and Homes LIU Ken- r tucky, Tennesee, A:LABAMA,V Mississippi andLoTiisiaua. On the line of tae Queen & Crescent' Route car be found 2,000,000 acres of splendid bottom, up land, timber and stock lands. Also the Ones! tmlt and mineral lands on the continent tor sa.K ' on favorable terras. FABMJ5RS! with all tay getting get a home ID the sunny South, where blizzards and Ice elatf plains are unknown, • The Queen & Crescent Eoute Is Si Miles the Shortest and Quickest tine Cincinati to New Orleans , _ Time 27 Hours. Entire Trains, Baggage Car, Bay Coaches anr Sleepers ran Adopted by the Gcr- manGovernmentTor- Hospital &Army uso P.S.C. ispucupiotr American trade irj a patent bottle holding syringe (see cuti At druggists, $1.0(^ din/?Syriiipe r ov ..sealcd, forjl IC> The Von Mohl Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. fiolc American '.ficntl. P. KEESLING, Agent, Logansport, Ind. Ladies $500 Reward. Dr. Anderson's English »raale Regulating Pills an- the surest and nrok't reliable. Give them a trial nnrt i e convl ceti. At Drug. Sloie or by mall, post-paid r,er box $1.00, B boxes J'or $2.50.i fllokii MfdieliiclCo., Toledo, O. For sale In Lognnsport, Ind.bvBeD FlSler, ITo'SH Fourth Street, ' " " llentlon taper. rebl9d&»3m JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. aggage Car, Bay Coaches n through without change. Mrs. Allen's Parisian Face Bleaoh) Golden H»irWasr,. Mamma Dura, for dcrel- opinp me bust. Rusira. for rcmovinp supcrflu. — hair Bane dri-ain r . All foods "hoWle reintl. Send s cts. for illustrated circular. ! line of Jtnc linir goods. Mrs. K. W, Allen :to Wood. AT.. Detroit. Mich. 110 Miles tlie Shortest, 3 Hours the QuickC/ Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla. Time 27 Hours. The only HDP running Solid Trains and Tnrougt Sleeping Cars. ,. ONLY LIKE FEOM CINCINNATI'TO'•" ...-J., Fort Payne, Ala,, Meridian, . Miss., Vlckburc, Mis?,, Shrevenort, La. 20 Miles the Shortest CInV"3natl to Lexington £y 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxvllle, Tenn, 116 Miles toe Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and Augusta, Ga, 114 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ala 26 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham Ala: , 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. , Direct connections at New'Orleans and Sh reve'imr For Texas, Mexico, California. Trains leave Centra! Union Depot, Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Bridge, of Kentucky, and roundlne the base of Lookout Mountain, Pnllman Boudoir Sleepers on all Throngh Tralnc. OurMalydor-PertecUon Syringe Jrce with aver? Dottle. Prevents Stricture. Cures Gouonrhnm »pd Gleet in 1 to 4 tlayn. jUk you r DruflM ior it- Sent ty'any address-for $1.OO. Addr^M — MAWUF'G CO..LANCAST£B,a JUDICIOUS AND PERSISTED Advertising hug id ways proveo sucoessful. Before plnclns-ai.,y- Ne«*spaper Advertisluff consult LORD & THOMAS. jlrtlUTISl.VO AGKNTS. Slrml. CHICAGO SPlG CURRY - Over One Million Acres of Land In Alfoama, tb- fcture Great Stata of the South subject to pre-emption. OnsurpnsRPd climate. For Correct County Maps, Lowest Bates RDT fall particulars addres, D. G. EDWAEDS, Kw Passenger & Ticket Agent, Kueen 4 Crescont Eoute.' Cincinnati. O. Pntcntcd iu rniteil States. July 1C, 1889. NK in Ton Foreign Connlria. A COMB THAT COMBINES THE STRENGTH' op METAL WITH THE .ELASTICITY OFA BRUSH. Efficient, Humane, Conuenient and Durable. •89-CmCTTLARS ON APPLIOATIONi-SS Ask your dealer for jt, or. send 50c. for Bamplo by SPRING CURRY COMB CO,, Sooth Bend,

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