The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 19, 1971 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1971
Page 6
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Page 6 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE, TUNA AND TINHORN DICTATORS Whatever Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra of Ecuador is trying to prove is unclear; but in so doing he is not only establishing an image of a tinhorn dictator, but he is also calling attention to a much needed change in United States policy. For the past several months, Ibarra has been snatching American tuna boats fishing off the coast of Ecuador-and then holding them for ransom. In what amounts to piracy .on the high seas, Ecuadorian gunboats have hijacked a number of American fishing vessels more than 100 miles off the coast of Ecuador. Ironically, the gunboats are American-built destroyers which were provided to the South American country when the people of Ecuador were allowed, at least- in theory, to vote in free elections—a- practice which was brought to an adrupt end in June, 1970, when Jose laid claim to the powers of dictatorship. Thus far, Iberra has collected booty (politely called "fines and license fees") amounting to about one million dollars. All of this has been accomplished through the arbitary claim by Ibarra that the territorial rights of Ecuador extend 200 miles from the coastline. Any vessel "intruding" upon the waters is then accused of "poaching" and is captured at gunpoint. The fishing boats are released only after payment of stiff "fines." Ridiculous as the Ibarra posture may be, the incidents point up the need for the United States to review and update its own territorial policy. Traditionally, maritime nations have held that a country's territorial rights extend 3 miles seaward. However, the 3 miles represented the effective range of a 17th century onshore cannon. The United States has clung to this ancient rule, while claiming a 12-mile boundary for fishing rights. Clearly, at a time when Soviet electronic.surveillance^nd espionage vessels are cruising at will directly off our coasts, the 3-mile limit is not enough to guarantee pur security. The 12-niiles limit no longer protects the'rights of our fishermen against the huge fleets of Soviet fishing boats which threaten to deplete the • supply of our seafood. Congress should get busy with this one. . FT. BENNING, GA.: Two defense witnesses, both psychiatrists, testified at the court martial of Lt, William L. Calley. Dr. David G. Craine (L) said that when Calley pulled the trigger it would mean death, but on 16 Mar. '68 was not capable of realizing the consequences. Dr. Albert A. LaVerne (R) made the statement he couldn't remember much about what Calley said about events on themostimportant date, so far, in Calley's life, 16 Mar. '68. UPITELEPHOTO Dear Sir: Do-You Agree With Them? The following questionnaire was sent to 1,500 American citizens all over the UJS. On the first group of questions 98 and 7/10% answered "yes." On the last, 99 and 3/10% answered "no." How would you answer them? Do you favor stronger legislation to curb crime, leftwing terror bombing and pornography? Do you favor stronger sentencing of guilty drug pushers? Do you agree that we need God and the teaching of morality back in our schools? Do you believe in upholding and defending our Constitutional American form of Government? Should we win in Vietnam and then get out? 40 top Generals and Admirals say •TV Schedule (Continued from page five) starring Henry" Fonda and Robert Ryan. (Part II). CD P'ccr Basketball (Cont'd) we could win in 6 weeks! Should 69 Fanfare our Government demand the re- Repeat of Sunday's program., lease of all American prisoners 9:30 in Vietnam and Korea? Do youw FrMt (Cont . d , favor voluntary non-demonina-' "1 _' tional prayer in school? Should ° Name ef tke Game teachers be free to quote from the Bible? To end riots, should criminals be locked up in jail? Can you also answer "yes" to these? Should taxpayers be compelled to support those who won't work? Should hams and other products from communists be sold in the UJS.A.? Do you approve of Aid and Trade with Communist countries supplying the Vietcong with guns and ammunition used to kill American boys? Do you favor busing of children to achieve school integration? Do you favor registration of guns .and ammunition? Do you believe that our Constitutional Rights are pro- Don ond Peggy investigote the tected under the United Nations Charter? Do you support President Nixon's guaranteed annual income plan for all welfare recipients? Do you approve of teaching immoral "Sex Education" in our schools? . Do you approve of the protesters tearing down the American Flag and of their proudly displaying the Vietcong flag? Would you ans- .wer these with a "no"? I agree] I am proud of America, and grateful for the privilege of living here. . Robert Phares Tipton, R. 1 HUNTING FOR MORTGAGE MONEY! We have it for buyers, builders DON'T LET TALK of high interest rates or "tight money" scare you off from the joys of home ownership. The fact is, real estate values are climbing faster than other prices... a home .of your own can be one of the best protections you have against inflatiort; And we have ample home financing funds available for all qualified buyers. Down payment and monthly repayment terms are reasonable, and can be fitted to your budget. Stop in and discuss buying your own home, in confidence. First Federal Savings o^LoanAssociation OF TIPTON lOS-ltO W.JEFFERSON STREET TIPTON, INDIANA 46072 filming of on ecology documentary that has . sparked trouble with heods of a logging' operation. ' O Movie (Cont'd) CD "aeer Basketball (Cont'd) GD Fanfare (Cont'd) 10:00 Q frost (Cont'd) O Name Game (Cont'd) O Movie (Cont'd) 19 Lore, American Style "Love ond the Pregnancy/' "Love ' and the Logical Explanotion," and "Love and the Jury." Qjj) Fanfare (Cont'd) 10:30 O Local New* O Name Game (Cont'd) Q Movie (Cont'd) CD Love (Cont'd) £JD (B) Toy That Grew "The Social Secretary." 11:00 Q Nightmare Theater . "Diary of a Madman" (1963), 'with Vincent Price and Nancy Kovak. A condemned murderer's diary is read, telling how he was forced to kill by a demon called Horla. Also; "I Married a Monster from Outer Space" (1958), •with Tom Tryon. O Final Report O Local News CD Eyewitness News O (•, Tay (Cont'd) 11:30 O Nightmare (Cont'd) Q Tonight Shew O Late Shaw "Treasure of Sierra Madre" (1949), with Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston. Three men fight, each other in their lust for gold. IB Dick Cevett Sat.. Feb. 20 6:30 O IB) Heosier Roundup Q Sunrise Semester 7:00 O (•) Roundup (Cont'd) O Heckle and Jeckle • O Town and Country CD Time far Timothy 7:30 O Lessens for Living O Woody Woodpecker. O ietsans 09 Agriseope 0:00 O Cool McCool g Three Stooges •ugs Bunny , CO Here ond Now 8:30 O "opoye. Q Stooges (Cont'd) O funny (Cont'd! (0 Safety Corner 9:00 O Fopeye (Cont'd) Q Fun Club O Sohrina CD Lancelot Link. 9:30 ' O Underdog Q Fun Club (Cont'd' O Sabrina (Cont'd) "CD Lancelot (Cont'd) 10:00 O Sompton Q Dr. Ooolittl* O Josie and Fussycots CD The Real Jerry Lewis 10:30 O Cowboy Bob Q Fink Fanther O Globetrotters CD The Double Deckers 11:00 -O' Focus O H. R. Fufnstuff O Archie Fun House CD Hot Wheels 11:30 • O Dialogue •f3 Here Comes Grama O Archie (Cont'd! ••'.V CD Sky Hawks i 12:00 J'' O <B> Laurel * Hardy O Hot Dog I O Clowning Around CD Motor Mouse j 12:15 O Hootier Hinterland ' 12:30 O Roller Derby . <4 Job Line O Clowning (Cont'd) CD Hardy Boys 1 1:00 O Roller.Derby (Cont'd) . O Bible Teloceurse © Kennel Club Show CD American Bandstand • ( ',•..'" ,:3, > O College Basketball Notre Dame at West Virginio. O Telecourse (Cont'd) O Roads to Learning CD Bandstand (Cont'd) ' 2:00 ffj Basketball (Cont'd) P Wild Kingdem O Bi9 Tan Basketball Purdue at lowd. I CD Sports Challenge 2:30 0 Basketball (Cont'd) O Pogo Birthday Special The gang in Okefenokee Swamp decided that every day should be a holiday and proceed to throw a surprise porty for Porky Pine. '(Repeat). | O Basketball (Cont'd) 'CD American Sportsman ; 3:00 : O Basketball (Cont'd) O (B) Saturday Matinee "Ten Days to Tulare" with Sterling Hoyden. | • •• 0 Basketball (Cont'd) j CD Sportsman (Cont'd)' i '• 3:15 ' CD Sports Lino j ' 3:30 • O Outdoors •' I ]. . • O (B) Matinee (Cont'd) 1 O Basketball (Cont'd) ' CD Bowlers Tour f 4:00 , O I.U. Basketball ' Indiana ot Illinois. O (B) Matinee (Cont'd) I O Saturday Theater Laurel and Hardy film. CD Bowlera (Cont'd) ."' 4:30 . ;0 Basketball (Cont'd) O Bill Anderson i . O Theater (Cont'd) CD Bowlers (Cont'd) 5:00 O Basketball (Cont'd) O Wilburn Brothers ' Q Flying Nun (Q Wide World Sports 5:30 ' O Basketball (Cont'd.' * O Farter Wagoner • O It Takes A Thief CD Sports (Cont'd) Dick Van Dyke a a o CD Early Report j Thief (Cont'd) Sports (Cont'd) •' 6:30 -'. O Daniel Boone A white g>rl raided by the Cherokee; as a princess, is kidnoped and traded to the Bobnesborough settlers for prov isions. j Q NBC News O Lecal News i CD Midwestern Horrid* 7:00 21 Oanic! Boone (Cont'd) Q Death Valley Days Q CBS News CD Hoyrlde (Cont'd) ' 7:30 Q Sin Tut Kirk and his crew encounter" o primitive society dominated by a powerful moehine. ; * Mayor Claims (Continued from page one) paign at the grassroots level on behalf of President Nixon's revenue • sharing proposal, j qith backup support from the spon* sor. of the measure in. the Senate. ! Sen. Howard Baker, H-Tenn., was a last-minute addition to the conference here, replacing Murray L. Weidenbaum, assistant U.S. Treasury Secretary, who was ill. j The conference had a 10 a.m. starting time,, less than one hour before Agnew's plane was due to arrive at Indianapolis. Agnew was scheduled to appear during the morning segment of the program, first speaking on behalf of the proposal, then participating] in a question and answer program. He was to be introduced by conference host Mayor Richard G. Lugar of Indianapolis,,who. also is president of the National League of Cities. Luncheon Speakers The Vice President and Indiana Gov. Edgar D. Whitcomb also were scheduled to speak at a luncheon. ' i Whitcomb, in remarks; made Thursday during taping of a television program to be shown around Indiana Sunday! said "We have been very strongly in favor of revenue sharing with the federal government. But it appears we now are talking about sharing a deficit," Baker also was scheduled to speak at the luncheon. Baker first introduced the revenue- sharing proposal in the{Senate - and is expected to sponsor the FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19. 1971 lit comes up program was regional work- 100 local and measure- when again. The afternoon I to be a series ofji shops for the state officials from around the country expected to attend. Speaking Thursday at Richmond, Va., Agnew said the Nixon administration feels it must strengthen state and local governments. anc return them to "full partnership in the federal system." "State and local governments cannot continue to meet the multiplying demands ' of their citizens without] sonte assistance,'.* he said, f "They are in a financial, crunch." "The president's proposal is . that the federal government release some of its superior resources, and at] the same time transfer more decision-making power to the state and.local governments, which are. the scene of the action," he said. : "New Federalism" Cited Agnew said the President's program for a) "new federalism" was the answer to halting "the shifting of power to Washington." | : "We are seeking nothing less than a return to the states* and the local governments which were created. by the states and historically are a part of them— of a measure of the power theyj formerly held and should ! hold in the federal system," he said. Agnew's appearance here originally was planned Feb. 5, but -the conference was delayed because of bad] weather which prevented his plane from landing. ' During this O Andy Williams ; Andy's guests ore Jonathon Winters, the Lennon Sisters. Jo Anne Worley, Charlie Callas and the Friends of ^Distinction. O Mission Impossible Guest star Andrew Duggan' portrays a multi-millionoire militarist •hose' sori defected behind the Iron Curtain with the formula to a. lethal nerve gos he hod developed. • ! ' CD Lawrence Welk 0:00 O Star Trek (Cont'd) O Williams (Cont'd) O Mission (Cont'd) CD Wolk (Cont'd) ; 8:30 ' y ; • O Saturday Night Movie *T"he President 's Analyst" (1968); with Jomes, Coburn and Godfrey Cambridge-. The President 's analyst is forced to flee for his life when the head.of. a spy agency feels he knows too much ond orders him liquidated. . j O Channel Sis Movie I VA New Kind of Love 'j (1963), with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Reporter and feshion buyer fall in love in Paris. O My Three Sans j Dodie and two of her friends form a musical.trio. \' CD Pearl Bailey Show Kate Smith, Phil Harris and George Kirby join Peorl. . ' 9:00 i O Movie (Cont'd) Q Movia (Cont'd) O Arnie Arnie's mysterious behavior at past week the Indiana Senate has passed two resolutions concerning the vice president's golf game. Agnew last weekend at the Bob Hope Desert Classic in California hit three persons with two erratic shots. The Indiana Senate Tuesday adopted a facetious resolution sorbidding him to play golf during his visit here. Then Wednesday the Senate adopted a resolution inviting him to play at the spacious Otter Creek course near Columbus. Hospital News THURS., FEB. 19, 1971 ADMISSIONS: Thomas Williams, Kempton; Ralph Graham, Tipton; Sean Hampton, Arcadia; James Harrington, SharpsviUe; Judith Gossard, Sheridan; Connie ' L. Stewart, Kokomo; WeldonD. Farley, Anderson. DISMISSALS: Barbara Collins," Frankfort; Betty Tharp, Kokomo; Helen Lineback Kempton; Michael; Tolle, WindaU; Yvonne Stacker, Tipton; Irma Wright, Elwood; Ronald Cole, Tipton; Infant Wright, Elwood. BIRTH: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wright, Elwood; Boy born at 11:03 p.m. February 17. FIGHTER OF YEAR NEW YORK (UPI>-The New York Boxing Writers Association 1 Thursday named lightweight champion Ken Buchanan of Scotland winner of the Edward J. Neil fighter of the year award. Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali finished second and third, respectively, in the balloting. seems to point he's seeing work ond at home ! to one conclusion, another woman. CD Bailor j (Cont'd) ' 9:30 ID Movie (Cont 'd) O Movie (Contjd) O Mary Tyler Moore One of Mary's ; crtildhood friends turns op o» the new receptionist at the TV station].CD. Johnny Cash: Linda Ronstadt, [ James Taylor, • Tony Joe White, The.Dillards and Neil Young join jlohnny. 10:00 Q Movia (Cont'd) O Movie (Contj'd) ' O Monnix I Mannix is hiredj by a girl who was a highly promising Olympic swimming and diving champion, but who", followng a car Occident, is confined to o wheelchair and receiving threatening phone colls. CD Johnny .Cask; (Cont'd) 10:30 O Movia (Cont'd) O This Is Your Life - CD) Mennis (Cont'd) . CD sTyawitnass News' 11:00 O Local News O Final Report CD) Local News CD Saturday M i»i« "Beloved Infidel" (1959), with Gregory Peck - ond Deboroh Kerr in the story of F. Scott Fitzgerald's . romance with Sheilnh (jroham. Also; "War Lover (1962), with Steve McQueen and Robert Wogner, Two W.W. II pilots are in love with the same girl. And; "Psyche 59" starring Curt Jergens and Patricia Neal. 11:30 O (B) John Wayne Movie "Winds of the Wasteland" (1936), with John Wayne and Phyllis Fraser. Pony Express riders win a race for a government contract. O The Movie "The Sundowners" (I960), starring Deborah Kerr ond Robert Mitchum in the story of Australian sheepherders. Also; "Bigger Than Life" with Jomes Moson ond Barbara Rush. O <•> Late Show "Companions in Night mare" (Made -for TV-'68), with Aru^ Baxter ond Gig Young. A group of emotionally disturbed people ot on institute are involved in murder. Also; "Brides of Draculc" (I960), with Peter Cushing and Martita Hunt. Dracula seeks some new ghoulfriends. ' CD Movia (Cont'd) 12:45 . O Wrestling IBBJJV 0 675-4300 TONIGHT & SAT. Thunderball 7:15 Live Twice...... 9130 Before March 1st CLEARENCE SALE Used cars — we are loaded No reasonable offer refused '70 Barracuda, 2 dr. hardtop top '69 Super! Bee, Dodge, 2 door '68 Chevrolet Malibu SS, 2 hardtopf door hardtop '69 Coronet 440, 2 door hard top ' • ' '. '68 Monaco, 4 door hardtop, loaded I . '67 Newport hardtop '67 Ford Mustang V8, 2 door hardtop j Custom, 2 door '68 Polara, 4 door Sedan '68 Ply. Spt. Surbaban, 9 pass, wagon, loaded , j '66 Ford 9 pkss. wagon, bargain, here too long y '66 Lincoln Cjontinental, 4 door loaded, sharp ' •68 Chry. New Port, 4 door . sedan • ' \.\- '66 Olds, 4 door sedan '68 Charger R.T., 2 door hard '65 Polara Cornet, sharp For the '»e got to. Clyd«p Oyerciorf Motors, inc. 1 State Rood 28 East Tipton, Indiana SPECIAL MATINEE Saturday at 2:00

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