The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 26, 1926 · Page 16
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 16

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1926
Page 16
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siXTi:i:\ THy l.T\roi.\ STAR— FRlDAr. XOI'FMHKK .>n. in Washington Huskies Defeat Cornhuskers, GiPAIGN SES IN EftS 10-6 Nebraska Loses When Last Period Drive Falls Short PRAISES Play-By-Play Husker-Husky 3 P 0 rt C)r¡ 0 ÍS BeaiKmen Carry Hall on 77-Yard March in ( losing Minutes of Plav Only t oMeet Stonewall When 3-Yard Line Is Reached; Howell and Presnell Head Attack Which Out-Downs Huskies. BY “( Y” SHERMAN. SEATTI.E, Wash.. Nov. 26.—A desperate rally by the Cornhuskers during the fadinj? moments of a thrilling gridiron battle yesterday—a rally in which the Nebraska grid- ders plunged from their own twenty-yard line to within three yards of the opposition goal—was turned back when the linal fhalk-mark and the winning touchdown seemingly were in their grasp and the Cniversity of Washington Huskies outscored the Missouri Valley conference entry, snatching victory by a point margin of 10 to 6. But Cornhiisker football is offering no aiK>logies for its failure. The Beargmen achieved a sulvstantial advantage in total yardage and first downs, and the twenty-five thousand spectators who crowded the concrete stands of the Washington stadium gave praise to the vanquished equal to that accorded to the conquering horde of Washington university. Coach r?ai?«haWa Ihjukl**« swrjtt Into the lead tlurlng the flril nuartei’, Rudrtrnly «witi’hlnit froi« « pinns injs Kanif to an acrl»! atlai k wllh fmo hrlllianlly ex*culeti forwHid aPi! croK.sf**] the NehiMMka k-onl o-hen llulffu<k Ti srcao fturletl the ova! to Ca})t iln Cutt on the sronnt; pla>. Siu;w k!okf»l tin extra point, Nebraska Plunges Across. Xebraaka’a reajKtnse durln»? th«' second quartet sjieeillly d'^pelled a'i siiííK»'atlon3 that tlte ilusktfs \x * r« destined to p»s.s or plunjie to d.-, cist ve vlctoty. s Taking a Tesreau punt and run ntng the tiack to Xebraska’s 30-yartl line, the CorahuHktTs unleashed a plunKlnK attack which battered and heat hack the Uuskte«. forward wall. With tlow U. Pres nell and Stephens nUernatln* In slashing nff the tackles or driving straight through the line, the t'orn- huskeri. marched steadily tmw:ud on a sustained attack which planted the hall hack of t!u* \\ ashlnRtoii «ual. Howell'a llne-iipplng phmifea fc.t- ltire<l the Nehra.ska advance as the TtearK team approached the goal line. Jt was Howell and then Howell again on si a sticce.ssive smashe s aa ho charged from the 2h-yard lln« to the sciirlng chalk mark. Stepn- ens' try for the extra point missed the mark and the fluakies were tnaking jmce, 7-6, at the start of the secimd h.alf Huskies Boot Ptacekick. Washington Inaugoraled the tliird per od with a driving offensUe which advanced the bull deep lnt<* Xehraska territory, 'f'esreau, <!til tormsen and Ch.arleston were plunging effei ttvely and :\ ftfte.ecn > ard penalty, assessed against the t'ornhuskers for unnecessary piling. enaldeil the Huskies to advance to within Xebraska's ten yard line. \ determined Nebraska defensive halted the Huskes, rush and Poach: Itigsh.Tw iii!crjci f«>d h.H st'dlar ’ placement - Kicker, (iene <*o(>k, for a try at goal from the Held, ' Pook conimlftctl the mi.stake of communicating with one of lus and the Huskies were set ba» k lo yards hy w ay of punish- merit. But Pook was undaunted by the penalty, as lie retreated to th* 31-yard line and booted the oval sqimrely between the upnghts and over the bar. The third period was waged on even terms, with neither Husky • nor Husk/*r making a serious bid to break Info the seairlng column. Xe hr.aska’a fourth period rally, however, gave the «'ornbat a thrilling «■Umax. A try-at goal from place, njent bv .»«haw, W ashliiKton guard was u failure an dthe lialt bounded over the i.'ornhusket» goal t * a rourhback Last Period March, ¿scrimmaging from their 20-yard ine, the Beargmen loaded their heaviest guns and soon were raking the Washington ship with a mercl less Are. Bronson replaced Stephens to handle the helm during the flnal drive and Howell and Bres- neU. plunging back of a .Xehraak i line which chaiged the Washington forwards off their feet, alternated efTectively together in snuishlng and driving In Ih«- direction of the Bag shaw team’s g<»al A i»as8 from Bmnaon to Bresueh accounted for six yards and tlun another pass for 13 .vsrds, Howell to Mtelen*, planted the ball on a-hlngton's 7-ya:d line. Final Oriva Is Short. Howell was thrown back a yard on a try at the hue, but two subsequent plunges by the s: inc Indomitable Howell airounied for Ave yard* and the oval was res'- ng on Washington’s three yard line, fourth il.»wn and gvial to go The Cornhuskers el*' t> d to send Howell catapiiltlna agaiiii.t the left aide of Washlngtim’s fm ward wall but the Huskies . •eni.d P po iil of attack ma; «cd their fon ^ a and losed In to hurl t>, ck the phin ,tP" Poriih.usker ha fba. k a h ' b d the line of scrlmi'iaK- T »-n P final pistol ba kcd t‘- t- ■ loinati.oi i f the strm yib' iml tb< Huskle- had oalkad Nsi r»ska’*« desp*- ate d-He anatciiing v ctorv trom the Jawr of threatened defe.a. tVashtnglmi profited from Ih* only break of the game A sec. n.l I>erlod march hv the Pornhu.''K^ s had netted three tlrst downs, advancing the liall to the Huakb thtrty yard line, l’;,.,n('l tlici' plunged through guaid for a i' •ard gain, but tin* < •••rnhu; ^- r l>,. r 1..S'k fumbled awsy p - , «-'.on ..f tht( ■■val and W sitngt n spe*dil- 1 eked It out of tb di ngec t'Oie Tbc contest was 1 • -fd peld Game Statistics. First downt-~V'aahington, 12; Nebraska, 16. Yards pained—Washington, 193; Nebraska, 242, Yards thrown for lossss— Washington, 3; Nebraska, 13. Forward passes completed— W.isbjog‘on, 3 for 56 yards; Nebraska, 6 for 51 yards. Forward passes incompleted— Washington, 5; Nebraska, 2. Punt average—Washington, 6 for 31 yards; Nebraska, 5 for 38 yards. Kick-off averagw—-Washing • ton, 3 for 5 yards; Nebraska, 2 lor 50 yards. Punts and kick-offs returned —Washington, 69 yards; Nebraska, 90 yards. P e n a I t I s s—Washington, 25 yards; Nebraska, 30 yai^s. Ball lost on lumble—By Ns. braska, 1. Field goals successful—Wash- innton, 1. Field goals attempted and failed—Washington, 1; Nebraska, 1. A AGS TIE Oklahoma Ags Get Touchdown Late in Game to Gain 14-14 Tie. H’riLI.W.VTKR. Okla., .Nov. 26. (.4*) In the la.nt few seconds of play, Oklnhuma Aggies put across a touchdown that gave the Aggie* a 14 to 14 tb with Pnlverslty of Oklahoma In thvlr annual Thanksgiving day game here ycstenlny. ’I'o Skeet Beery goes most of the | cretllt for the tie with the .Sooners as It was his quick thinking that .«natchc«! the team from what seemed a .«ure defeat and loss of the title. Beery, who was playing his last game for the .Aggies, passed to Mc- Been for a fifteen yard gain In the final stages of the game, the play giving the .Aggies the bull on the Sooners' 20 yard line. The flashy •Aggie quarter then dropped back u.s If ti> paas and a i*alr of charging Sooners came at him. He cut toward the able line ami while running he noticed Boole stsndlng over the K'Cil line op« n. Beery heaved the bill! Into Boole’s open arms, about eight y*r«ls over the line. Struck kicked g<*al for the extra point that knotted the count Grinnell Downs Drake. l)k:S MOINKS, la.. Nov 26.—C«») —AJrlnnell downed Drake university football team In their annual clash here yesterday 13 to 0. The game wuis played tn a fog eo dense that spectators followe«! the ball with difficulty. It was OrlnneU'» first victory over tlie Bulldogs since 191T and the ftr.Ht tune that te local squad hsd tsUen tiefore the Bloncer* dur- mg I'o.u'h «»ssle Solem's leadership. Std« 111 . Ill in Minm'apolm, f«illowt d th*' fortunes of bis 14ulbb»gs by ratlbv iM.ike was powerless before tlie iq*me«-i -. t»nly oiuc wa.s the tJrln- iiell line threatened that was In the p< liod wlieii a drive led by B*ebe took the phty to the Blonosr tight janl line w h< re It was lost on «low ns. Peru Prep Closes Successful Slate BBBB, N . Vo -Th.* t » 't b;.’l - ni ju .l dm heil w.«s one «»f ll m..;t m-.SHtvil tb* B*ru (' -i .l* «eii Ico- \* x;»eT leti. v.l. -ürnu I'ui V CO..bed th.* Brep ag- jl T* - 'lion, bti l«ling h « around «*\ veteran* ..nd with .i linilte.1 Hint -if reicivf mateilul. B.ister >'f the tU«l «tr'ng In' ludcs I :iptuln .lohn Juhl .iml Marian M.liir t.n'kle:'; Thom.».« Ball»hack and »'i ntun Buwel, emls. Baul B>>- blr.l '0*1 !’*rl Appiccai.', gu.*'»!-. lUro B unds It. ent r, ''aii Adlan-. quart'r’cti'k, H *i i v H qih.'f .ml Nndiew Bo’st 'H. h .lfb.i. k- j, • id ! > li, I' ; H ' I* f ul . b.* k Tlo> o 'ord tcnm: r'liiieh» ri and ■f’ nnl 1 .'I d ‘ 'o .-.n.l J Sh >!.. ! ..i t... kb' Hrsves, T n M'UI d 'o lain.I* ' It, uml ei >nmui -i. ^ . ,rd- T U r . ■ t :,I.T B ..■I^Io.■ff ALABAMA SQUAD Sport Critic Says Southern Eleven Real Goods This Season. BY DAVIS J. WALSH. BfUMlXHllAM. A a.. .N«u. 26.— the exhort« rs prate of the .Navy’s all-around excellence, the running game of Stanford anti 1-tf- ayettc. Brown's eU^ven. J e Mc- (;innity’i> and the put-and-takt A’i«r»lty coinhlnhtion.H of Bo«kne and Notre DHirn- but K-vv me the AU- I bamu team that beat He.ugla. 33 tj 6 veRl.*rday and I’ll ask nothing further «>f t.m* life. There, ladle-% gentlemen and female Imperrnma- ture, was and Is a footliah eleven. If Stanf. rd happens to be unaware of this fa«t, it will not remain in ignorance Indefinite >. los- Hibly the coa*^t champions nave been apprised of the *.tu»tloa even at this« early moment, for Mr. Glenn Warner wa* among th»'«.- present y.'.sterday and what he whs enough to .send him hack into dark of Incoming night, multerlng .strange » iiindu In hi* hea<l. Mr. Warner has seen many k»-'Ocl and | tiad football team* In his time. He ^ saw an .'Xtremely gofd one ye*-f I'-'t'da.v. B was a liberal e lucaf on to am - ' one with the faintest pretenre to technical knuwledKe of game to watch it expounded by this pro, duct of the genlu.* that l* \A a laae , Wade . ' Team Good Blocker*. ■ -If you can’t b ock, you can pUy no football Í» r me.’ 1« one of Wade s ^ .llctum-« and. whether he means B or not. It I* fact, nut flction. that no AtahHiiia man eyer ha.* gone to the exfrcin.' of tiatlng the coach s gu«>a faith on this point. Alabama take.* it.* men out In a manner that must have arous^il ^ dublau^ and rciuo- tant admiration In a man i^uch a* Warner who h* omimlBed himself t«i a life time In which InterfeT- ' ence I* given the alternative of tak- ^ Ing the man or taking the air An alnio*t e.tual number of young men have voluntarily taken both, so In- slstent 1* .Mr. Warnor on this point. Alabama’* ma.stery of the technique means that one of two funda- : mental principle* of all attack U ac.'ounte.l fur. The other is the, ■ xecution and conception of the ¡(;«*.* And here again the Wade ; . uttU 1« about foolproof or, at least It wa.* yesterday. It has a passing genlu* In Wlnslett, t’le type .,f pas.ser who bobs up from no wheie oiue In a decade. This man throw* them faMer. more accurately an.l, If neces.Hury, further than ¡ any m*n wh«) has playe«l college football In recent years. I tnake this statement duly cogntr.ant of the fact that Benny Krtedman, of Michigan, still Is very much with the situation I Winslett Clavar Paaaar. Wlnslett Is a better passer'than . Friedman. Moreover, he l.s of g eat- . er value ic Alabama than an.v im j dividual of the day ami age '»1^1 his particular team. This hombre play* a defensive en«J that w’ouhJ prove a comf«>rt t«v the declining years of such a* Tack Hardwick, | Bomelsler. KUpatrlrk, and the other j immorta .s. On attack, he goes In-| to the %ack fteld to pass as fow, men ever could, aiul to direct the team as Its fteltl genernl. I am pained to relate that he doesn’t punt. Some on* should speak to him kindly hut severely on this point. There hasn’t been another man Just like Wlnslett In th.* game since the «lav of Brick .Muller and Hardwick. The Brick, ul that, is th.* only one within memory who «'ou d d'l as many thing* with a football, barring the mere mutter of swallowing It. . Of c.nirse. it wa.s Wades Idea but 1 < nn’t help but tay that I llke«l the wav Wlnslett and Barnes picked their spots for passing play.*, using the surprise element for all B was Worth, Alabama se)«1om was tn th t absurd hole of having to make Its pass on the third down with eight yards to gain. Not a One-Man Team. Rather than give such an Impression let me hasten to say that Alabama Is no one-man team. H«-l- dom. In fact, has th«* writer seen a f.*arn that is less «lep«mdent upon Its individual* and more upon the effe. tivees* of th etlr»' comtdnatlon. But stars the # are In p enty both because <’f and In splte of this condition. They tu ned a young griit hy the name of TayUvr, from Benedb tine, Ga., and he was noih ;ng short of a caution In the open field, with a hlp-sway, a-la-Gr^tnge and in ex. ellent change of pace. Among «;ther things, he ran furty- iw«» >ar«1>t for one t »uch«lown with a rely a detaining hand being laid upon him. Taylor only u s<n*ho- morr, at tbal. Blckhard and Berry were excellent tH' kles. 'umparub'e a* a pair with Vt’b'khorst .»ml Kddy, of the .\'svy, H.riic* punted well and plave.l a ttiie pluiiKinng Muin*', t'uld wtll» bhn-kiiiK and txckling vva« above iei>roa< b aod a la<l l>y the name of Bear»*e gave a commend able exhit.ltlon of J«i«t how the posi- tb.n of guard should be playe.l. All In all, one of the givat teams of the year It niiaht even be the grealeat Hut, as lo that, I cun- tuil say lor ><ni never » an tell until get the good ones Jowl ti Jowl »ml s< e for youin.'lf. but the g' and.leni' .'1 1' '! ^ M \ ' bu . H tt C'l1 AAtU. imur t>f<'re Msme *> ne 'a!. ' ' '»•Id AA AA d- 1 UtU!«, fu 1 leeui* and Samioar» b- ■ T 1 »■.■<« vvaah.agt"n • p.:■'.!!■.> 4 P .1 : * a ‘ « ,5 Ad.< < 111tiag ! I •• 4» I . r ■ ! •> . lit «' h »1 ■■ 1 * . . . 1. 1 J1 . 1 « '■ « ' ■ V« -ikht .............. I,«» ... . H 1 > ' ' a a . . ' ‘ t ■ f { I • Ja e. 1 '» . ». .s - .s * I . • ' I*..... H 1 H T P. . .. M »d.i -1» Ha e » V ■ ■ . • r ' * I':-. !, 1..- 1 »ÌU1MI ■ h »■ iwnea ty 1 -J s ' • • \X 1 '< ’ ihUi II «. jtii 1 i! a. a ■ ‘ (•««ii'it ■ • ' '; » ... I. q Niaphei'« 1 ■l*i.‘i-au p. • M.,.-,- e!l . ."deal*»» .. . Ì « 1 I -h VIan ! ! ' ■! w k > a' f «r A U „ . 5'g !l' ; r ' VI«!' !e! ' 11 • . .- •IP. - r "Kg’" Pai O'-' » W : ^ .1 I! ! fl !■ ' t ,».'■! ‘ a ' ’ f. 1 a»'»' 1. - . *1 rr»m i. K' n .. Ie»r,» , ,r. ! '• r.-l'P . »'1 1 . int «f't I'.a ' «,, ■ .'er!... !<", hy |>a*i 'la -..•I.ras. s 1,51 aa **' ■ ■ ! .. « n ««►- gt..- ft .! 1 ’ « ; .. Í5. I. ■. vv , ■ !' ■ - * ■ h a.'irj ft0 ■f ■» ‘ «11 M *>•' 1 ,.1, •a,',, o..- - tf.' Ula h. .* e 1 ».' h'"n» 1 *. W h . f. M- M.. .-I. ti, ,,n4<>a h Wet'-i f p r« Hal uh M •• ' , , .p ' 7 >! V) • I « 1 »ne» 'I 5 a./V • T 1 . . Q . . f. »ah ' .1 -■. = .■»! .p,,i 1 an* I» ...| w ii: i*i JUuii’*- Krahm Bijr Noise In Beatrice Win Ml t'l BU’K, Nell ,\ov 26 Blay- tng i'is lust high sclw.ol gunu' Harold Kr,. on, roo-i»«nnd Beatrlr,' full- bai k b'd his in.'te* tn u slashing «.ffense w lin h gave Itf Btrl» »' a 41 t»; 0 vtfti'i'V over the Haslng'V h'gh grid nen lo re yestertia« I'rnhni i " rfonn.d s- nsatirinallj. hainmer.ltng the Hi««t ngs !in<- In (ee«,sMtly ami Iwl»*' bre.-.Umg awry for long «•■orlng run*, t'aptatn I’sr mlcbii.'l also mad- iwo touthdowiis and Milbuin and J cK»»>n iv< » ount- .1 i ll I r, oth* r I w ' 1.1- d -a* \» « niarr rnin*»«r«) . ViMMf S>t b •» r ■ W n-»r* b : f1 »»• »;4 . «Ih^ll r.luir I., m • u ■■■■•' ' I' ■<' t>> ir ! Ihrrtr t n . ■,r hair > m. -I .i » ' V« ■ ■ »' u*,|rr t»krn fi't' • n» UB'lir I ! ,* .« If Sm « .n«' ««it /«.»<t aril .»r'l** «iv ma«isf ibe ■..*1)' iHVit I'f ih* FIRST QUARTER. Captain Stiner won the toss and chose the east goal Washington will kick off and Nebraska will r«c»3ive Tesreau kicked off fifty-five yards to Stephens who returned twenty- five yards to Nebraska’s 30-yar«l Une. Howell plunge«! through renter for three yards. Anotlier Howell plunge gained three yards over the Washington’.* left guard. Bresnell dove over Washington’s taokle for four yards. w Bresnell plunged through Tor two yards and a first down. The ball w;»i« on Neltraska’s 41-yard line. Howell hit over Washington’« left tackle tor one yard. Bresnell iir«)v« over Washington's left tackle for four yards. The play vva.* caUe«J bav'k and Washington ts-nallr.ed five yards Howell made five yards <»v«r tackle. The play was called hark and »Washington ptnallxed five ya rd.*. Bresnell tirvive over Washington’s right tackle for two yards ami another first down. Nebraska’.'' ball on Washington’s 48-yanl line, pie* I'.»!! plnnged for two ynnls. Te.s- reau st«»ppe«i him w'tth a vlclou* t. I'kle. Htnv«‘U ran center for thr.*e yard* Bresnell plunged o'er Washinglon’s left tacUe for three yards Howell made It a ftr*t ilown on plunge f«»r tw<v yar<l''. The ball was on Washington’« SS-yard lln®, .Stephens swung .»round Washington’.* rigtit end for eleven yar»ls and another first down. Nebraska took <nit lime to dry off the hall. The liull was on Wa.shlngton’s yard line. Bresnell m3»le two yard* through renter. Tlowell drove over W.Tshlngton’s left tackle for one yard. Stephens faked a forward pass and Presnell plunged four yards through center. .Stephen* dropi>e»l Ivaok to the SO.yard Une for a try ut goal fr»vm placement. The kick was I wble and rolled to a touchback Washington scrimmaged from Its ^ 29-yard Une, Tesreau faked a Punt ^ ami (lutterson plunged for three j yarvls. Teareau punte»! tvventy-four ; yards out of hounds Nebraska’s ball on Washington« 4.A-yar<! line Douglas broke through an«i droppe«! Stephens for a eleven vard loss on an atemt»ted p.ass. T’resnell hiuked through for four mstlon making four yards, .vilephens yards. Stephens ran from punt for- punled forty yards. Outtoruisen returning fifteen yarvls. It was Washington’s ball on Us 28-yard line. Tesreau went over Nebraska’s right tackle for seven yarda Charleston plunged for three yards and a first vlown. The ball was on Washington’s 8S-yard line. Tea- reau ran from punt formation for one yard. The play was recalled and Nebraska vvas penalized five yards. Tesreau shot a forward* to Charleston for twenty-five yards. The ball was «yn Nebraska’s 37- yard Une. Pulton failed to gain on ft plunge at center. Tesroiiu ran trom punt formathni for eight yards through the left side of Nebraska’s line. Charleston drove over Nebraska'.* left ta«‘kle for five yards and n first down. The hall was on Nebraska’s 23-yard Une. Nebraska took out time. McMullen broke through and spilled Charleston for one yard loss. A forward pass, Tesreau t«> Charleston, was ln»'«»mplete. The ball rolled out of Charleston’s liaml on the one- j yard Une. Charleston plunged fori two yards over Nebraska’s left i guard. It vvas third down an«l nln- yar«is t»i go. Tesraau’s f«>rwar»l pass' to Guttormsen vvas g«>od for twen. ty-two yar«ls and a touchvlown. it was a fake double pass, followed hy a forwar»! pass. Shavv kicked the extra point. Score: AA’ashlngton. 7; Nebraska, 0. Time vvas up for en»l first quarter. Score: Washington. 7; Nebraska. 0. SECOND QUARTER. Tesreau klck.'d off for Washington. Tesreau kicked off thirty-five yards. returning eleven yards t.i Nebraska’s 3l-yur»1 line. I’resnell plunged for three yards. Bresnell addevi another yanl around Washington’s left end. Shaw waa hurt and Washlngltm took «ml time On a triple p,'iss, Bresnell ma»le three yard* around Washington’s right end. Stephens puntevl thtrty'- four yar«i« to Outtormsen who signalled for a fair catch on Washington’s 2$-yard line. It gave Washington a free kick Tesreau kicked forty-five yards, Stephen« returning eleven yards to Nebraska’s 86- yard line. Howell rammed center for two yards. On a criss-cross play, Fullback Oelhrieh made ten yards around Washlneton's right end. Captain .Rtlner was Injured and Ne. braska took out time. It was -Nebraska’s hall on Its 4i-.vard line Hchuh replaced Tbiuglae at rlghf en»l for Washlngt«>n Ftlner remained In the game Howell made two yards through «•enter. Nebraska took time I.iicas replaced Ktliier for .Nehras- Ua Bresnell plunged for three yards and was for»'«d «»ut of hounds Anvtther drive by ITesnell gained six vards and a fUst down It was Nebraska’s ball on AVashtngton’s 41-vard line Bresnell rammed tbe M’ashlngton line for six yards. How,ell add*«l two yard.-t over Washington*« left t.ickle. Bresnell drove over the renter of the line for one yard ' I’resnell made five yar«la on the next play but fumbled and Guttorim-en ie«overed l<*r Waahlngt'.n on Its 27- vard Une Tesreau o|ung«i«l f<»r on« var.l Gutormsen ran from punt tor- inalion and was thr< «v ii for a tvv.j vard loss. Tesre|iu puntevl forty yar<ls, »" ' Hiephens who returned nineteen vartls to \A'a«hlngtv>n’s 46- y ard line. . Wilson was Injured and Washing- , ton tovik out time Brown replaced f Bresnell In .Nebraska's ba< kfield I Bape repla. ed Wilson In the Washington line Brown made tu- gain an«l era* forced out of bound* t*tephens shot .» forward pass to ttelhrlch lor fifteen vards Nebraska's ball on Washington t* 3ft-yard line <»ti a I di.ubb- pa«a back of the line Br«.wn . lost half a yard «tephens mud« tia.-k the loss on it Una «Irlve Another pass fnim Hl«;phe»»s to Oehllreh galiie»! ■nine yards Both teams were off side «»n tl»e next play, Howell made it a first down on * plunge for one yard The ball w as •iFi Wushingtion’s 2ft.yard Une How #11 slifiped through left guard for ■tx yards H i . well failed to gain on drive at other guard Howell ran lhr«>ugh jc«»nter for six yaids and first duw« The ball was on Washington's * vard line Howell plunged 'hrec yards Hi.a ell drove Ihrough center f..r another yard Howell hit the Washington right guaril for fau* ,grda ami a tou» hd«.wa Iftriire, Nebraska. 6, AA asblngltm. ' 7. Bonainy replaced Bauxon at cen- I ter for AAiwihtrigton Stephens mlased the kick for the extra point Hi o»‘ AA’aahlngton N’ebraski» '• l^tephene kicked off fifty yardi-. rfchuh returning slxt«'«» yards to Washington’s 36-yard line. Te.sreau t*Uinge«l from punt ft>rmalion making four yards. Carr«vll replace«! CharU'slon In AA’ashington’s lva» k- lleld Guttormsen «»u a fake punt pluggevl sixteen yartl.s. Teareau broke lovjse aroun«! NebntsKa a right end for sixteen yards. Nebraska wa.s penalized fifteen yanl.* fvir piling 'Vesieuu. B wa* AA'iishington's ball on Nel.raska * 13-yar«J line. Lawson replaced AA'eir Rl .Nebraska s right end. Hanley re- pluce.l Te*rcnu Batton made tw* .varvl* before he vva.% f«.*rce«l out of iioumls Carroll «Irove over Nebraska’* left guurvl for three yanl*. Cook repUiv'evi Wright in AA ushlng- ton’.s line AA’aahlngton wa* »-enaltzcd hf- tevn yarvlK. C«>*ik talkcvl to «ilhet player'«. G»>«ik di'«>ppe»l h.n'k t«i the .'iO-vfird line f»>r a try ;it goal, thiok’s .kick vv:^ perfect uu*i scored three aiUUtlonal points for AA’ashlngfon. Score: AA'iushlnRlon. 10; .Nebraska. 6. C<»ok kicked off for AA'a.shlngton sixty yards. Brown returning twenty-four yard* to Nebraska’s 24- .varvl line. Htephen.s mavlo two yards on a run from punt formation. Time was up for e.ni1 v'f first hair ( Score; AAhashlngton, 10; Nehras. ka, 6. j During the first half. Nebraska’ ma«!e hlne first downs and AA’ash- j lngt»vn five. i I At the start of the third perb.d | the lineups wore the siiinc as before excent T'ape repl.ace«! Wilson, j THIRD QUARTER, Tesreau vvas In again. Th« Ne- . braska Itneui» vvas the same as at | the start ex«'^pt Law .son was In for ! AVvlr ami Lucas for Htlner and ’.lug’j Brown f«»r Bresnell. Htei»hens kl«'k.* off for Nebraska fifty yards. Gut- j tormsen returning twenty-five yard.*, to AA'nshlngton’H 35-yard line, | Batton failed to gain on criss- : cross play. .Nebraska was off Hide and w-a.s penallxe«! five yanl*. A forwar«! pass. Tesreau to »’harles-| ton. knocked ilovvn by Stephens. ‘ Tesreau plungetl for tw-o yard.*. ¡Guutormsen made «»n yard through, center. 1 Tesreau punteil thirty-seven yard* i out of hounds. Nebraska’s bull on ■ Its 22-yard line. Stephen.* faked a! punt :in«l Howell nui.le six y ards j thr.uieh the left side of AA’ashlng- . over AA’iishlngton’s right t«ekle. Neton'.s line. Stephens made twsi.yard.« hraska took out time. Howell got a lot of mud in his eye, .Stephens broke through «'enter for six yards and a first down. A : forwar«! pass. Brown to I«»vvson^ ! was Incomjilete, Stephens ran from 1 'punt formation and vvas thrown fori !a vard loss. On a quick kick, .steph- j ;en‘s punted thirty-eight yard* to; Guttormsen who made no^ retprn. ; It was AA'aHhlngton’s ball on Its j 23-yard line. B.vtton ran from punl > ftirmation making three yanls aiound Nebraska's right end. Bat. ton carried the ball out of tiound* . ■for no gain. TesreAU ran from punt j formathm making seven yards and a first down on Nebraska’s left end. On a reverse vilay Patton made j nine yards through left side, of the j Nebraska line. Charlest«»n plunged j for two yards and a first liow n. It | w as AA'ashlngton’s ball on Its 45- i yard line. Guttormsen wriggled j through the line for five yards over Net>r«.ska’s left guartl. Charleston plunged for two yards. A forwarvl pass hy Tesreau was Incomplete. U was blocUetl by Oelhrb’-h (in a quirk kick, Tesreau punte«l twentv-five yards. It was neltras­ ka’s ball on It* 25-yard line Stephen* made two yards on a run frvun punt formatui«!. Howell plunged for i three yanl*. over AA ashlngton s right guard. ' Brown made four yard* over the ! AA'ashlngtou left tackle. Stephen.* I punted thirty-eight yards, tluttorm- i sen returning fifteen yard.* Vo the ' Washington 43-yard ime. Balt»m plunged f«»r two yards. A forward pass, Tesreau t«» tiuttormsen. made nine vanls an.l a first down. It was AA’ashlngton’« ball on Nebraska’s 4*1. yard line. Nebraska t..f»k out time. Batton plunged tw«> yarii* Gn a crlas-cross ; plung*‘»i two yard*. .V. ward pasH, 'TeKreau t«i 8ch»ih vva.< blocked by Stephen.*. Tesrean then piinte.l thirteen yards ou! of Iniunds. Nebraska’s ball on its 29-Aard line. Howell plunged f«*r two yards over Washlngto»»’a center Tesreau was hurt and AA’aHhlngtun took out time. Bresnell replaced Brown In the Nebraska hUckfield. Tesresu stayed In the game. On a crisscross play Oehlrtch failed t«v gain. Time was up for the end of third quarter ^ Hcore; Washington, lb; Ncbras- kas, 6. FOURTH QUARTER, Stephens pulled a qub'k kick f»**" thirf>-seveu yard«. Waahlngtoii’s ball on its 33-yard line. Batt.m ina«le four ^■ar^!9 aroun»! Nehra;'kax left en.l Batton rammed the line for three yar«l«. Sjirsgue replacevl Lee at Ne- hramka’s left end Guttormsen hit ,Nehi.«ska’s right tackle for l«nir yard* and a first d..wii T«: .reau »Bf «»vt r Nebraaka’?- rigHl tackle for four yards. ‘ On criss-cross, I’aB»*n ma'b four yard.s over Netirsska’s left tackle .Alnlzcn replaced L ucsm In NebraaKa’s line Churleaton ma<b‘ •anoth. I first »low n with a fwo-yard gain. AV iSbliu;ton*K hall on IL* 45- yi«r 1 line .Nebraska vv»s oft side o*« the next play and was penahxed flv<* vards Batton ma»! two yards over .N.'brasks’a left tackle. Tsfcreau hit the line for one yard Ghsrleaton luiule ,x yard over Ne i laesa’s r.ght t.n'-le. .Nf braska to.qt 1 3 v'HlCAGG I’oach A. A. ¿'itagy. 01 thy Cniversity ut I'htcag«». h* giving 20 vi»i.*lty letters to hi* Mai uon.H, vv lu» uiulcrstoo«! tlu y might <iot receive umtiogram» tin* fall b.'< ause they U»*t every ern «Hinfcience game. ,V.s an additional re war«! "the «»bl man" comtdetlng hi.* thlrty-tbir«l ..ear as «’lilcago coa«h, I* taking ‘25 of the sqiia«! t«< the .•Army-Navv encounter I.U8 AN'GF.i,K.'i The lUO-iniie dirt track uuto racing cv»'Ut for the champlt>n*hlp i>f the wt-.*t, aclutl- uleii at .Ass'ot Burk Thur*«lay, waa j>«i*tp«»ned unit! «,* xt 8umiay bc- CJiuse, of the t>ui»r .'onitdiou o'* th.- Hack f«»llow1ng ye*ter«ia>’3 ruin. out lime McMullen vvas hurt. AN'hit- Tnore rcplace«l .AlcMulUn in the Nebrask;» line. Ballon tdungcd f»»r twu yards and a first down. AA’ushlog- ton’* ball on Nebraska'* 34-yard Hue ».’harUsBm t>luiigetl for two >ards. On ;» fake t»a*s play, Batton hit the line for two yards. A f«vr\var«l pas.»{. Tesreau to Guttormsen. vva." gntunded. « Shavv retre.ate«! to the Nebraska .36-yard lino f»»r .a try at goal. B vva.s .short an«l wid«* au«i roHetl to a touchback Bronson replaced Quarterback Steph.cus. B.'ck rephice I Oehlrich. • N'et»ra*ka Rcrimmaged fr«uu It* 20-yard line. Howell plunge«! .s*'v.n .var.H, Bre.snell fail«*»! to gfiln on a 150 A’ardsaGame AA’ith Quick Rick drive ut the line, t'arroll replaced Tesreau. Howell drove through center foi tvvti yards. Howell hit the lino for two yiirds and a first down. .Vehras- ka's ball on its .'llyard line, Bresnell ma<le two yard* around AA’ushlngton’.* left end. A forward Pits*. Br»m»<in to Beck, galneil five yards, Howell ramme«! tbe AA'ash- ington line for seven yanl* and an- iither first down It was Nebraska’s ball ivn its 44-yard line. Bronson iiiRd*' a yar«l «m a tackle drive. Presnell «irove «routul Washington’s end for five yard*. The ball is In the niUldle of the field. Howell plunged through for three yard* and was foric»! out of bounds. Bron.*on plunge ilthrough center for twti yanl* un«l a first «lown. A f«irward pa.*s, Bronson to Beck was good for three yards. Br« snell made two yardH over AA aslilngtun’s right guard. AA’llson rephuetl Bap«' In the AAashlngton line. Mlelenz rciilaced Beck In Nebraska’s Imckfield, Bre.snell plunged for four yar»l* Bronson squirm«'«! through center for tw«> yartl* .and »« down. A forward pass, Bronson to Mlel- enz, was good for one yar«l. Ball on AA'ashlngton’s 33-.var«l line. A forwar.! jias* hy Bronson was incomplete. Howell i»lungeil for five yur«!«. Bron.son .shot a forward t»a»s to Bresnell fo six y.irds and a first down. Ball 1» on AA'ashlnglon’s 22- yanl line Lindell replac«-d Bronson in the Netiruska baekflehl. H«>well drove over AA’ashington’s right tackle for three yards, yifty called back both teams were off side. Forward jiass Howell to Mlelenz galue.l thirteen yards and a first down. Nebraska’s b:»n on AA'.asblngton's 7-y«rd line. „Nebraska took out time. Howell lost .a yard on ,a run aroun«! AA’ash, Ington's left end. AA'lckman repla»'C<l Duteaii for Nebraska. Howell plunged for three yards. A. Mamlery re|>lH< e»l AA ick- man. Howell drov«' over AAashlngton’* right tRCkU' for two y;ir»l.*<. Fourth down and three yards to go. Dailey replaced A, Msn.lery. Howell f.alled In a drive at left side of AVashlngton line and his try ended the game. Final score: AA'.ashlngton, If*; .Nebraska. 6. Lafayette and Navy Only Unbeaten and Untied Aggregations. NKAA' YORK. N«.»v. 26. •»*' -M at of the warring football forces T the east were at p.Act to«iay wlU* only two uubeatcu and untied elc.«m* left to I'latm the mythical regional championship. ’I'hcr«^ Is u »luestlon «>f suprema«y hrtw.'cn Hob t'roa* and Bj.-,ti>u cullege to be .>«ettled I'finorrow but the guns of maj>»r f» r«'c* have been .silenced foi another year, laifay- ctte look* through ttic re«'«'d;ng moke of conlUcl to view a« it* onb H‘malnlng rival, Navy, which will hav«' a final test against Army at Chicagt*. Br«>vvu remain* uubealeu, hut the "Iron Men" yesterday tlnally fell from the lofty plnn.vclc th.-y had iCiupied with .Navy ami Isifayette I'olgate tied Brown 10 to 10. Gnb’ by Ini'lu's, how »•«*■. , «lid the B'rulns tall to flnlKh their «•unuxiign with .111 unbroken string «»f tt'n straight triumphs AA’Ith tlte .scoic tied at 10-10. .Mlih.'l’s .ffoil to rescu«' a vli tory. sti in k the t'olgate «'rossbar. wavered and then .Hopped biicK t»i th.' vdaying field a* 3'»,000 speolalor.-i .saw hisitcry n’pt'atcd in the deiid- lock «>f tlic.^e two :«ucicnt rivahs a ' car ago. Pe nn-Cocn#ll in Tie. For the third .suciessive game, Biiul 8«ull ami hts uner-ing toe saved Bennsylvunla. Gutphiyeil by a .smashing Cornel! eleven which plle.l up 10 point* us th. re.sult «>f a place kick by Carey and a touchdown by Molln.'l, the Quakers were .savad In the tlnu quaiter by a sen- National 65-yard nm i>y AA’,«scullnt» ami Scull s tl.‘M g««»!. The linal count was K*-10. C«dumhia «lose«! it* campaigp her»' In a futile eltort lo shake the long Kunremac.v «»f Syra»'u*e, wh« se luilliant wlngmen, H;tn.*on ami .\r«'hosk;i, ga loped over the Bolo grounds f«** 19-2 victory. The former contribute»! to two .''iyracus« touchdowns, making the tlrst on a 2()-yaid brok.ui ileld run after receiving a long f'orwiird pass, and putting his team In p!>sitlon for anofli.T by rc>uvering;i blocked puut. .Archoska ¿cored the thir»l tom hdow n aft»'r soooptiiK ui> a Columbia fuml>i»'. Syraouse Shows Strength. Syraevi.'-e concede«! u .*;«fety t«> the Gotham eleven in the thlnl ncrlo»! after holtllng »'olumbla for downs ou the cme yard line. Hayle.v touch Inir «lowii the ball behiml bii* own goal wifhuut iUtcmptlng to punt out of «lunger. * A powerful ami varle«l atia.K enabled AA'iishlngt;m an»l Jeff*'ls<»n to crush AA'« St A’lrginla, L’l to 3. whlb* Blttshurgh scored Its flftli straigbt win over ih-nn .*tt:il»' with tw» brl'- lliint da.shes for touchdown bv AA'elrh In th»» final qu.irter. Brzdek’s tejim outphtyed the Bunt hers In the flrst thre«. p< rlmls hut wllt»*«l *>efore AVt'b'h’.s thrusts toward the close. Bitl.sbiirgh r»»llliiR up i» tow- erltig total of 21 points to H for the Li'»n.s. V Ox °>0>^ o omomm © « O USE IMF. aUlCK KICK' AGAINST THIS DFFENSF NO SAFFTY HAM Colima Decisions Western Scrapper LC.8 ANGKI.FH., Calif, Nov. 25. (I. N. .8.) B.'i t C«illma eRslCv de- clsioned "Tiger” Jvihnnv Cline In I be t. n-ronml main event at Culv« r 1 I'tty last night. Bj *Ol, .Hi;T7».r.lC. The q»ijck kiik from •rrlmm«»« U O' « ; of Ihp OK»»» fftoi llv« pt«y« in feoll'«!! The team lhat «-«a «•« It »• nevsr golee • to play long agalnaf tt t1*f«nM thei «n» p’oy« elf'Oil men either <n< the ItOf e«I .. >>r ti «topping Its r»in« I unit pa»«.», for «hen the opponont'« do ‘ oa iiirv «Aili gfl off ‘a qtilok punt i> roller ihiil will carry and roll an.vivl!*»» fio-u it* to kO yaids. AV« ha«* »o.'ti many of thrin wind up 90 vard* from vvhi'ie kli'ked And as no on* 'a hark to hand!« them thay ai» ntvar tun haol. I The latf .Andy StullU, i aUf.»t nU'.« I grf;it cOi«i h, iw'fr lai hl.<» ie< «ni I'ail j toinia teatua puut lu any other *■*.' I The re'ull na» the di'fenao "a* n*'»*« '11 i> CH k off hte man guli'g do»» *i ed :in^ tmnia wars nnvar run hark i Andy l.dd a« that It gslnad him an s' eraga of 140 >arda to a game j The <iul« k kl. h I» ma li- fiom a nm , n UK formation aa aho«'n in th«' dia I gram. The two «nda go de««n on tha ' ..lUip of tha hall, lha ha* k» hlot UlnK The kU'ker lakes a »tep lowurd the aide lli;ea and tha nkicka the hall down lha held. Il'a tl'e heal pl.t.v In the «mld ■ Itreak up a clo«,' up «iafentr ('otner Bulldogs Bow To Zebras (iBAND L*;LAND. Neb., Nov. 26 IC.rand l.slaml flnlsbe.l Its football * schedule with u >A to 7 victory over the Collier BuUd«»gs In a closeb playe.l, but tagged contest here yesterday. Th«> jiushe«! over their touchdown in the first qiinitei on stniight (»Hitbiill with Captain Bush carrying the ball from the two-ynrd lln« afl.'!’ tb«* ii^.'brsH buil worked lilt«» a N«*«»rlng p«>Nltloii with a serie* of line piling«'* featuring the Grami l.*l:tml l«;id«‘i’. The Xchra.* gained their winning margin on a safetv I In the ae. oiul »lerlotl. Cotiier opened up with ar arlel g.xnie In the roiirth «juarfer ami ’scored In the hist few minutes of ’ jilay when Miller p.«as< <! t.. ."tnydcr 111 the • n«l zfine. Fn.v»1er kleke«! the t xlra p<»int. Th«- Bulldogs had a.l viutced the b;ill from th« middle of the field l.ineup an.l ,'s»imuu«r«. (ii'ln.r, 1 f’u 'liaiitl l ilaiul ' In«.' .. . ............I.*-; . t-augtiltn Kennedy .......... t* i .Silz. l I uiiK an................Til Oil " aima ................. ' I’eat'-r VV pi in....................... H } . ,M .ill"* HI^,5 ............... U I Ural Mnydar ................. ■ OH . Trai ■ Alwuod .................... Qt* ................. «■»«laman ............... t-U Muah OUa* .................... km .. H.*r.. Howland .. » II ................... Haynea Subatltutlun». fidnrt Ma key ('*r RIgg F fiardiwr f'»r Kennedy, » !, fSard ner for Ma'Wev MllPr (ot hen nedv fur K (iaf'tnar. ftffldals! Hefei ae Porter Pmplre - timlth. Head Uaaaman- B'utach CThe For III*’ Military Ball (fft ¡uto Our *tf Our ( Utm ftlt'U’ Tuxedo Outfits AT uiic in on a good smoke / cMild andcMellow On cFive IPopulur Sires lEssuy \Ó-Í4rtstúcrat Iy-7bc/ ICf'-Waldolfo/ly ( for OteioHny tMun "Púnatela 10^ FRANK p. LB W I S C 1 G A R CO. PEORIA« ILLIN O J j

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