The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 21, 1926 · Page 13
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 13

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 21, 1926
Page 13
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SPORT SECTION THE LINCOLN SUNDAV STAR ADrERTISlNíí CLASSIFIED TWENTY-F I FT II YEAR, LINCOLN, NEB., SUNDAY, NOYEMBER D, HUtl, SECTION B EIGHT PAGES Nebraska Smears New York U/s Unbeaten Eleven BUSKERS FLASH WINNING PUNCH Undefeated In Northwest Circles. IIM BENGfiL VIOLET ELEVEN Fumbled Ball Spots New York to Seven- Point Lead, But Nebraskans Then Drive to 15-7 Victory. in “CY” SHERMAN. Comhusker fdotball, persistr^nt wrecker of undefeated Notre Dame teams in recent campaigns in the pigskin pastime, yesterday was the juggernaut which ran over and ' trampled on a New York universitv eleven which previously had compiled eight successive gridiron triumphs and was hopefully bidding for another victory whereby it might file claim to an ec.ual rating with the leaders in the race for the national title. , The Meehan-coa'’hed machine from the east gave all it had in desperate endeavor, but its best was insufficient to turn hack the superior plunging of the Bearg-tutored aggregation, which drove to a 15-7 victory during a half-blinding snow storm. i r At Break Favors Violet. Kiftreii tlioUMaiicl Mpi rtatiirM, | CurbafI iti wintt r vvrujiH ¡ i ? k 1 d**fy- , Inti tiu' « b nirnts, tlio j «’nrnliUhkorH in (lie tH’iiif'Vfiiu-nt (if i ti (iaciMtv«' triuiniili. Tlif • a.slv*rn nKKTPKatUHi n< t th»' scoring {»arc ; 111 tbr (ip**ninfi ijuurtrr %vh»-n Quar- trriiurk .Johnny «'«»nnors simt«‘h«‘d tJt» a NebruHka fumbb' and ajirint'al ; rf>v«»nty yard» to a touchdown. f’ndauntcd by thbs iiKKiavattnK ^ break in the fortuncH of a ihriHJuK j ^itrugRlc, thr c'ornhUHkor.s ro- Kpondcd wlfli a aucctaMfiil Hcorinn ' drive. Hiilfliack FUuo Jlowtdl char«- tUK over th»' New York tjual. «.¿iiar- terback Hobby Stcph* na' vlvd«.* too rx»*cutfd a Kf»al friuu plat'cnu'nl durtuK th«* third p«'rlod, a«ldinK i . orman tlircc r»««lnti« to th.- I'oinhuakcra ; \t ' Mi„n.>rt|Hdl t«>tal, and Hn«»tli»’r Js’cbraaka toucl»- n>*M> h . «. down In th** final pcru.d, with th»* ! \t l«»wa « l*> »nine Stc'plicuH luKitinK tin* oval. ColleÒG fiiis JÎÏBiK HERE NEXT YEAR Missouri Wins Over Kansas New York Enters Into Grid Pact With In Dedication Game For Tigers. Crowd Of Over 35,000 Claimed By Columbia Camp For Saturday Tilt. Nebraska to Meet Cornhuskers On Thanksgiving Day. .i CHADRON HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM. \UtiuuKli liPld to a M'urcl.-ss tie l.> I'rawfoid hh'h in a l-'rida> ^atnc oy a »now-covered Kndii.^., Chad- run Idkh is in witli a olaim tor tini nurtliwist^ N.*l.i i.^4a Krid title. Mernb.-i». yf Hi»’ .s.nnid.^ T pper row—McCollum, Hoff. Xcwb.'rry, Swc:it, Hov.l, Hare. Johnson t.uacn Hus n.ond No.\cs. Middle row Wake,nan. Wiley, Clay Hook. .Tohn H tersnn. Hanc. McDowell. Albert Peterson. Japtain Claude Hook, Wailac * Jc.isen, I'sln-r. Handail, (,al\‘can. t.eorpe .leiiseii. Hairis. FOO'TBAL.L IV THK WEST. I.fnrnin—Vrtiri.'.kii, I5¡ .V>w \ ork «! 15 j k»n- At Or« .Molli..«.—>l»ri M.iln.-» I' Vrhruiika 55r«, «. ,51 I ul.iiiibi.r — 5Il»«o.irl, K.ia, II. 51 MuiiliHttan—I. im » stair, «a». Anifir.., ‘2. 5f Sn.itli llrml—Votre l»nme, llrukr, 0. Okliili. Ilia, 17; St. la>iiU Dower rOM—Captain Nebraska-New York Statistics. NEBRASKA IQ. 2 a. 3 Q. NEW YORK “U’ ('ODl'MHIA. Mo.. Nov. '^0. (I’ P i a »utpbi.x iiiK and outfluhttnK balllinii Ja>hawk in every depart- nient o* tli*- KUine, Mlss.iurl unlvcr sitv d.’dlcateil its new stadium lier- today by irounclnK the I’nlversit^ .if Kansas. 15 to h. 11 was a vli't.iry for the Tiiiers in more ways than .)uc as the Mtssoui’, (ilayers showed the better playing .pialities »if the same, out-pu.ssln« uut-puntlnii and out-generallinK the Kansas eleven. Clarke of the Missouri backtield exhibited on.- of the best game.s displaye.i lure this season. Hif i-unninir back of punts was a feature. Time after time he took kicks I of Zuh.r, Kansas fullhack and rc- ’ turned th.'ru eight, ten, twelve an.l I more yards, There were some 37,000 ; : roothaH-mail fans in tin* stadium I I the game. Kansas did not dta- ■ j appoint thes«- spectators as th.* ; l.layhawk was expected to show j i ,nore st,‘cngtli in this gain.* than ; Ditln-rs played befor»* this s»-ason. Missouri's vletory was not as New York univensity. which gave Nebraska a stiff fight in yesterday’s conflict, 5vill be the opponents of the Corn- hu«kers in the Thanksgiving day game in 1927. The contest will be staged at the Nebraska stadium. (iraduate Ylanager Nixon of New York was in confer­ ece Saturday night with Athletic Director (Hsh and Bust- .Manager SelHck, after which announcement was made <hat the Thanksgiving day game definitely was booked. The ^nly additional formality is approval of the arrangement by ♦he New York facultv hoard, which (iraduate Manager Nixon *aid was assured on his return home. Slate Practically Complete. iieh Schoo. 'OOT3ABI 7. ,\f O.nitlm—T«rh, M* ( «•ntriil. 12. \t S«rg«*nl —l.<nip I'll.v, *H>!' S.,r*»>nt, 0. ,At F.illi-rlon—Ful.rrt.iii, 2.5, Itr.*,*!**}, t O. Tot.H Kan- 21 — MI c I i I kmii , 7; 5lln- — N»>rlhwc»t»*rn, 13; lovva, .5 \t I rliitna—Ohio Stato, 7; llin»>'.)». H; Chlci»- %t Í hb tieo—W Isronalii, BO. 7, •%t I.iifiijotto—1‘ur.l.i«*, 2t; In.llnnn tt. ,\t .Mllwtiuk»***—ortli OakoU», 9; 5l«r- yu»» fr, <1. At i.aii«liiK—llM«k»*U In.lliinit, 40¿ MU-hlKan % bic .»***, 7. At OlMTllii—íM.orlin, *t; 55.»o».lor, ». At I l**\t*lniMi—I into, 0; oHt.Tii Mo­ torio, ». At Oolawaro—Olilo Wonlojan, 9; Hon« ison. ». At 5kron—Akron, 2«; Kon.ron. ». ,Vt I.rooiMHStlo—W'almsih, B; l>o|iau\v, 0. %t I iil.'aBO—I »ijol«, 7; Arkansan ». ,5l Hotrolt — South Dakota «tato, 3; I . of Dotriiit. O. ,\t lloiiidor—Colora.lo I'.. 12; t ol- orailo roaci.orn, ». Al I»o..\or—K ok I n , 22; W'.ioinln* 1 O.Iur Kaphi*—t oo, 39; Hololt^ ». vyauKo«..M—Carroll, 9; l-..k,* Coi- \lator, 9; Val- OM, 0. \t 5aI|ian»l«o—St paraíso, ». . , At Vorthflobl—t iirelton, fl; < ornoH t ollogo. 0. , , , At Falrflol.l—Tariain*, 2», lor* a «tato toariior«. 7. « At l.aoro««o—laM-r.mso Vormai, «; l.utiirr to.»ogo, ». IV THE KSAT. At S.inu'ii»«*—Sjra.iiito, 12; VTa,- * .\t Now llitroii—Yalo, 12: ll.irvanl, 7. At West Colnt—Arinj, 21; .Vrwinu«. \t Vow 5»»rk—tioorBoto*» II. 39; lor.l- haiii, ». . n.. . \t IMt«hiir*li -t arnoglo Tovh.. .\t Aiiiiap».b*—Vary. 3.5; ToyoU. 13 At Vor» Hruiisw.ik—ltuiB*?r«, «; Srrarthinore, ft At Horton—Hoaton eolloi{ 0 , .iJ; <iolly«hnr*li, »». ... \t Hultalo—< niilsii«, t3; St. .lohn«, ». At Pr»iri.loii.-e-~llr«r*n. I»; .V**** Mampnlilro. » \l yai«lo'n—l^f»y «•. clinch.*«! til** CornhuHkcr«' triumph and cumplcte.l the .'ii.stcrn loum'.s rouf. J Huskers Had t' e Punch. Porrvard puwalng ta. tics, nutln re llan.o uf th»* Meehan tr.-xx, vv.r.» futile with a bull that wa.s »•luslvc anti slippery from a coating *»f !<’** and It llkewlHc was u hand.cap tu tlie plunging Curnhu.*»kero, win* ii»-\fit lule.s.s had tlie New Yorkers mitclussed in »trniglit f.iothull and i.inverted that a.lvuntug«* into victory too declslv** ti> justify «lulh- bllng over tlse ultlinale rcck.ming Nehrask«*« »ui.ertoiity vra« strikingly apparent in ♦•very .lepartnn'nt of the cnnbat. Tin* Husker buek.«, plunging Ix'hintl a forwar.l vral! wh'ch cona'atcntly outcbarge I the Kew York line, reeled t>ff a total of a**ven first downs. 'Phe cast»-rn eleven was credited with btit a single first down. Connors Scores On Fumble. j Success of Dajdnin Slln. r In win- ! nlng the toss from «’aptaln Brt- ante gave Nebraska the wind ud- xantage ami the I'ornhuskers per- , sistently k**pt the ball In New* York territory .luring the fust ten minutes of the upenlng »»eriod. With Halfback Howell bearing the main burden .*f the Nebraska offensive. | the Huskers apt»»rently were on : the wav to the New Y'l'ik goal. A ............ How»*ll fumble halted the N»*hrask.i ® ml va nee and yuiirterback f.iimors, grablilng up the bull, raced back of an Interferem e screen to a New York lotichdorrn. Halfback Strong pluce-kicked the extra t*olnt. Howell CroBses Goal. Pin* remainder of the o{u'nlng p.-rlo.! ami the ♦■iiriy part ..f the ». .-..nd i.eri...! featur.-d a puntmg .lu.*l by Stephens and Strong, but th.* tide swung in the Pornluisk.'ts tsvur when Hresnell. taking * Strung punt in ml.lftehl. whirled bims.-lf fr.e from New Irrs i.n.! returned the klik t<> thx eastern team’s 23-yard line. Stephens accounted fi*r a first d..wn in two drives at third Stephen» Plunge was maiwi „ bv a fumltle, but Halfiiack ITes- «..»hlnstoa—«»»h““««'». ....—...... oval a.’ros.s tl,'- N«'» y»rk K*>ai, - nearer falU—«ienera. 15; plunging over l.assman. New \ .»rk .« , ». massive tackb . on tlm sc.*nng pl.Dv “ * - .-nephens miss ..f the . xira point t. ft llte N»-w Yorkers on. p»)tnt in the van StBphBOB U bbb H. b Toe. Stephens' thirty yar.l r.turn .d a r onnur- i>uni u* ml.lfl.-ld s.-t up tla for .N'eloasks's s.*.«nul s««.nng , ifuit. Dn\** t tile New Y«.rk 1 no bv How .*11 and I'restu U »•’. ounted for eight > ir-ls. after wht. h Sf«-ph.*ns ietr»*at«*d to the 2'>-.vard btu* an.l « xe. utcd a p« rf»*. t gu.u from pla.-.-ment Miking pm «' in tlu s..y ring. 9 to », the .'ornhuskera vv.-r.' c.mtent, with the win.! advantage, to de- J .*nd on Stephens' punting duram ttie final period, but ;■ New York fumbi»'. when th.- l*all was d.*vj> ii fh. Meeiian t.*um » territ..ry, gave Nehraaka unoth»*T ro ..ring nppor- taultv which was sfie.-.lily con- xert d into the final touchdown of tiio confiât. StBphBOB Busy Again. Til. fumtile gave the llusla’is f i.s«-saton of til? I'all on New V ork’s Hi vu id lliu- In lO‘< dnvr- t rough center, Stephens plunged (tie Kosl, but ttie elation of I e N'.'l.ra*.W. rooters war of tnl.-f iratlun, tlie lieadlli.esman rnb*.l t nt tiotl' earns w.-;o offside oil t’,p pl«v « 11(1 the tiall w»i.s reealled .Vnotliei St.'ptiens off-lackU* s UHsh netle.l five yar.ts and on ttie .-■n . ee.bng ¡.lav .New York w..s >ff- s (1e. the peiialtv pia.-ing the 1-- M .... tt'» \ toi I !.** *n's one-rar*l lino (rontlnue.l ttn l'a--e Two i First downs exrned .............. First downs penalty .............. Yards gained rushing ..... Yard* lost rushing .............. Forward passes attempted Forward passes incomo'-te Forward passes inte'-cented Forward passes completed Yards gained passes ....... Net yardage gained ......... P'*n"'lties ....................................... Penalty yard.sge ....................... Punts .............................................. Punt average .............................. Punts -etuened|,.......................... P'ints blocked !......................... ; Kickoffs ......................................... Kickoff yardage .................... K'cko'f returneJ ..................... Fumbles ......................................... Ball lost on fumble ................ Ball lost on r'own# ................ , Field goals attempted ......... ' Field goals successful ..... . 1 . 1 .33 . 0 . 1 . 1 . 0 .. 0 . 0 ..33 .. 2 .10 ,. 1 . 60 ..32 .. 0 ;. 1 ..60 . .16 .. 1 .. 1 .. 0 .. 2 . . 0 3 0 46 10 0 0 0 0 0 36 1 5 3 27 27 0 1 45 0 1 0 30 10 0 0 0 0 0 20 5 35 3 26 72 0 2 115 0 2 0 22 1 0 0 0 0 0 21 2 10 4 44 25 0 1 50 0 7 1 131 21 1 1 0 0 0 110 10 60 11 • 3'j 156 0 5 270 16 5 1 1 5 1 First downs earned ............ Flr-»t down: penalty ................ Yards gained rushing .............. Yards lost ruihing ................ Forward passes attempted . Forward passes incomplete Forward passes Inte'cepted Forward passe* completed Yards gained passes .............. Net yardage gained .............. Penalties ...................................... Penalty yardage ........................ Punts ................................................ Punt average .............................. Punts returned .......................... Punts blocked ............................ kUckoffs ....................................... Kickcff yardage ....................... Kickcff returned ..................... Fumt les .................................. B-'ll lost on tumb'e ................ Ball l<ast on down« ................ Field goals attempted ......... Field noals successful ......... 1 Q. 2 a. 3 Q. 4 Q. Total , 00 10 1 0 0 00 0 ' 12 13 20 14 5} ' 3 1.Î 5 23 43 : : 0 1 2 5 K' 01 2 5 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 9 —2 15 _616 2 00 3 5 100 0 15 23 i , 4 45 5 18 1 3842 3723 33 1 00 0 13 13 . 0 00 0 0 ; . 1 00 0 1 : .45 000 45 . 0 16 2545 . 0 1 3 2 6 . 0 0 0 Î 1 . 0 0 0 11 . 0 1 0 n 1 . 0 00 0 0 ' th.- ,lii\hiiwk.H lu-l.l tin* ,Mi.s.m>urianH ft»;' «luwns. Il.iuv.'cr, the I\an.*<aH '-’.'vf-n liad liM!.' uppurtunity 1.» ■strike fear in th«- Tiger heart» ns the itall was only in Missouri territory for a very few inlnute.s of tlu* g.imc. Kan.s;is fouglit a Ue- fenslvo Irattb* througimnt. Mizzou Leads Way. The .Ml.s.sourl »cores were made in \t 1 birUs, 30; l.en«*H, 7, Al II.»vei.i.-li—Hwreluck. 7: ,4«hlttti»l. 0. Vt I nl. I'ltwe—1 111. I'lae»-, 13; Hedí­ an,* , 0. .Al IttitheiihiirB—lì.ithenburg, 31;Ke»r- iie,r. ». At I'ekwiiiah—rekiiiuali, 53; P oii .- m , 9. The I’ornhusker .schedule, wltii the addition of tin* N. V. IT. gann*. practically i.s comiileted for next fall. The Huskers will with Syiacns.' and Xew Y’urk in IJn- coln and with the Hitt I’anthera at I’ltt.shnrgli in ttuec lnt»*rsectlonHl conteat.s. Mis.Hourl Y'alley conference opponents a.i*pearlng in Din <-oln will he and cither Iowa State or Itrukc. \ all«»y teams whl.’h Nebraska w ill play away-from-home a,«* .Missouri and Kansas Aggl.*». Thi' roster accounts for .sev.*n of Hm «'Ight gnmca permitted l>y ValUy rule». The eighth game, which wlit 1er At f'hmlron—frarrford, 0; fliadron, 0. At Sidney—s. .«((«Iihill, 7; >»ey, 7. j •Al .AIIifviM-e—Morrill, 21; AlllHnee, ». j At t iir.U—( urti« Agg.e«, 3«, ( ora«!. O. At Htiber—Hilher. 24.« Adam«. U. At Fremont-—Ilea.rl«-e, 19; I'reimurt, ». At Hrokeii Horr*—.Aiirnru, It; Hr«*Uen How. 0. .At Hri.lBr|*<*rt—HrldBri*nrt. 3H; 5llt- rhell, 0. the .s.-eoinl an.l fourth quarters of i ^ Mlnden---Mindei., >3; ». 1 . . 1 rr.., I A. blbert.v—l.ibert.r, «; t*dell, 0. the game, witli Hacehu.s and Tut- I H,.»,ri,-,__H,.a(H, tit» uettini? th<‘ îiont»rH for scoring:, i C’ret«* At HiiK.liiK«—llas.ii.B«, 17: s,i,M.ri»r, 0. ; be stage.! in Dlticoln, i)robablv will Atolla, I enter—FMgar, 12; t hr> ten-. ,;HnneIl. ESLf yp IN A It was Captain Hacelin.s' last a|*- t>atl field BÜLLDOGS WESLEYAN BOWS AMDTO DES MOINES Sons Of Eli Deliver In Methodists Miss Wibcrg’s Toc and Lose 2»; Drab Fashion But Win, 13-7. Two Field Goals In Last Half Pull Game Out Of The Fire. 6-0 Game on Iowa Grid; Fumble Factors In Defeat. DES dented tod MtONES, Ul., N'>'^'. 20—Des Moines university The fii.*jt tpiart.'r uf th^ game -a . ut tu Mis.--nnri witb tlu- Tlger.s strlking Intu terrlt.tri.'-s. .A f.«w iiHss.s and sev.-rul galns by th.' Mlssuurl backfleld pluc.-d th. hall on Kansa.s .‘12-yard line. O’SuD livan attempte.i a pia.-»- klck hiit ttie try was short, 'i'iier.» was aii ex- cliange of punts fur Ih»* rcst of thè .tuarter w lu.-li en«l«-.l wlth .Mi»sourl liolding th etiall <>n Kansas 24-yard liti.-. Missouri carrled thè ball on a few yanls further at th<* start of tlu», secon.l quarter an»l .vtuh.-r tried an- : oUier plnt-ek.i l:. H wa» wide. The ^ tw.» l.*ain.s exidianged punt.s for a; ilarge part. of th.* period an.l thè lasi 1 imlnut.» of play saw thè Tlgers | - with llie l.all «iown thè fleUl and a ■pass Slnher lo l'iark pla<*ed thc l)all ; ' on thè Kansas 11-yard line. Tuttle Go«s AcroBB. I*'rom bere, hehlnd perfect inter- , fercn. e, Tuttle. who had reT*lace.l ^ H'innuink as fullhack for thè Tlger.-<. | ran ihruugh thè line for a tou.-h- . Ulown. ad.b*d thè point wlth , At Anole.r—«nl. 2‘ì; Anslrv, «. Af < .»lunibii»—l oliiinbUN, 2Í; Albion, 0. At MHjrv.xrd—Vlayrrood, ti; Vorth' Pitti te re«errr«i. 0. .Al .Aiibiirii—l>.>uin«oli, t»; Auburn, 0. At lalrbur.* — Fuirluir.», 1.3, Voloon, 3. At soward—I re.»-, 13; Sewwril, ». %t \—Xor.l.m, 19; III.M-k, 7. At l-'rleiul—Frieml, 4»; 1 lr««e». ». At Hiirurll—Hururll, 1.3; l.llt-btli Id, ». Al Annelino—An«etnio, 13: An«|ej re- «rrrr«. 9, At It e«f —H e«t Pnint, 1.3; stuith slum I tty, 7. \t I »rl.«—( urti« Aggi««, 36; ( oaad, 9. At P»wn**o tlly—Putrn«*»* lily. l«! Peru Prep, »5. At siittun—siitloii, 6j K.xeler, 0. At «limila—O iiim I. h *«oiith, 2»*; «mahu, tl. At («liege A'lerr—Aggle bigb, 6; ( ol- lege A 1er* , 0. AI Hebron—Hebron. 25; (•eiiern, 0. At H eeping Hater—Uiieoin renerre». I'J; Heepliig Hater, ». .At H iiHi.ingt: n. Kan.—Hnabingtun, 7; Helleville. ». At (l.ide, Ka.«.—Clyde, 25; Morrow- rlHe, ». Local Baseball Club Still For Sale, Says Agent For Arnold. f.incoln’s YVe.sf. rn league ba.sehall cluh, owned h.y Darr.v A mold of Angfles, Httll t.s fur sab* to any re »TMUislble Iddder who toe,« the mark with a cash payment. Annnounce- ment was inuib* two week.» ago that At imM liad soM his franclilsc t.» Du.-ky Holmes and local a.sHoclates but fhnrle.s ,N. Moon, agent for Arnold, stated Saturday night that Ducky's liackers Hpi*nrcntly had ba.-k<-il out an.l the .¡eal wa.s off. Weaver and C!emone. Harry L. Weaver, manager of thc lintel (’ornhu.ske;-, and Verne r*l.*- At Hed (loud—K«*il (loud, 10; (iiiide, rn*nK, former big league catcher. Kotik, 7. At (Mnibrldge Ion Prep, 0. -4 aiiibrldge, 7; ( relgli- At I itllAMi(.v—.Vortli Platte, 13; C alln- ws.v, 0 . lied the done h.irket in North Central conferenee circles " 'u,“ av hy handini; th** Ne»*raska Mcslevan team of Lincoln a \it„.sourians taking th.* bail mt > 1». HA.S Kril.Al.I., At l.ndicotl—Key iiidd«, 14; Endii ott. 1. At .sliulierl—VliuUert, 22; Hrorrnrllle. 6-0 defeat in one of the ifreatest upsets of the local foothall 45; At AA »«lilnBtoi*—(4m»»*l“ o .Marine ori Henning, 7. .At Plil.M«lei,»ti>la—A ilia Vor», .Nt. ft ■ _ At l be«t.*r— P. M ( 25; .lunbtl.r. 0. At AA «y ne«burg-*Hetb.»ny, 1; AAa.rne«- burg, ». At t aril«!««—Db*kln«on, «; At * "pblliMlelpliio—Temple, *"Vt'xilddlebury—Middlebary , 13; Pror- At /.err l«burg—H rslern Alary land, 10; season. Wesleyan was shy the services of Oscar \ViberK, sensa­ tional punter and place-kick^r, and the .Methodist machine seemed out of ijear and had difficulty in Kctlinif under way. The Nebraska .Methodists’ victory over Simpson at In- 13; AA' h * ìi - ABBlr». At slorr'i.—( onn. »tiler, (I. At Attleboro—Dean Aadey ktnilnltiiH. 2». At I a »I «rnnge—Verr ti| I piuilH. »At .Ale.lfor.t—Ms«» 45. BY DAVIS J. WALSH. NEW HAVKN. (\>nn.. Nov. 20 . Much after thc manner of two old flrchorsc.s resp.mding t«» th»*lr last general alarm, Yah and Harvard, ttielr day «»f greatnes.s past, went to the mat tn their annual free-fur-, i , u x* i i u . .. all thi« afternoon, un i ^ ale I * ing dianohi several wceks auo had made the Nebraskans a nea\v slightly less »«. favorite in view of the drubbiny: previously received by the " At'that thoir n. v.r «aa anythine Moincs oultit ill the hands of the Simpson colleRians. very »ure about the matter until Molne» Tigers, how*, ver. tha, final whistb . ilarvard in fa< I pjayod a vicluu» hrand of ioutball wa» out in front by a score of 7 to hj,, visitor.» to a »tand- 6 tn the tlilrd perlo<l and a capaclt> i winning touchdown came crowd of ule''" 'hr flrat frrf minutes of the, laat that Y’ttle would plumb the absolute , , i i *ii,.irjn,.it depths bv finishing second to one|«luarter when a fumbb* by Halfback j .V Harvard’s teams «>f which there Kellough paved the way for a 1 ig- has been many a had one. !«r victory. I However, Yah- couldn't stand for Fumble Proves Costly. Keii«-! things like that an»i tt leclalmed j \ dom Moines lineman fell on tin I,r bn non Ï 1 ] 10; Hlue 13; Alle- MICHIGAN CAMP Kaiis.ts punting .Ml.s'.ouri rustling it liuck agitin. The p»-rio.i .-nd»-d wltti Mi»- -mir In po.ssession of ttie hall in ml.lf leld .\1uru punting In the final luiirter sliuved th.* luill bnek to tin* Kansas k-var«l line. A kick was blocked and was r»-covered la-htn.t the goal line .3 saf«*ty and tw<. puintK for Missouri, j Jayhawk Pas» Intercepted. Near the .*luse uf the game, Stub- i «-r Intercept«-«! i. pass by Zuber and T raced to the KansiiS 5-yard line, i o’.vulllvi.n and Tuttle giilned three yards an.l then Missouri pulled a surprsle hy sending Daptaln llacc- 1 hus arounti tin* end to re.-i-iA-e a pa.s.x from (t'SulUvan. He 'lid. Stuher’» try f.»r point wiis wide. Ther.* wa.s .At «ng—loruren.-e, 17; On«. IS. At Vtran«—Tobin«, 24; Strang. 2; gtrwng girl«. IH; l'oblu« girl«, 6 . Al tlaU.lM.ii IFi.litnni I»; «'Hnever, 6 At «biorrn—(Ihiorrn. 15; AA »«tern, 14 At Artell Kn«.—llll.Iretb 9; Axtell, g ,At Itiirnn—Kag in. :t3; AA'il«-«**, M. STATE IN were Interested in the local base ! ball project, Clemons coming to j Dlncoln to confer with Weaver on I the day the stat*-ment broke loos • j tli.-il Holmes hud come to terni-i ; with Arnold’s agent. Clem ms was here tw«r .lays, hut ( then departed on a hunting trip to ; Minnesota. Hustness Manager .Moon, acting fur Arnold. Indicated lust night that he -svould open negotiations with Wfllver and Ar nold. “The cluh is fur sale to any r<*- sp«msll»b* hitbler," Moon said. “Ar n.d«! wants to get out ui^ the first n-Ilulde bidder may liave the fian- <'fil»e.” ? s ; HawkeyesFinish Illinois Loses Out When Peters Fails to Boot Extra Point. CHA.MI'AflN. HI.. Nov. 20. Bad Season; Lose To Northwestern K»- the b*a.l wlihout loss of time. Two ; fmnhl.-d hull «ut 111 *- \V«-» 1 » yaii | A orb Ag«l»r«, Aggte-., 13; Turff«, f.a war.i passes t.> Kline an.l Scott yanl Urn-. Tw.. slw.rt» a. - m-tted 45 yards a%i.l placed the hall vuneed the hall ten yards a ml < mt- "I“::;;; Ihre»' Outplays Yost Team But Fumble Gives Wolverines Win. only a few mlnut.-s to play and thejtJne w.-ek ago today Meyers Clark Mlssuuri sut>H weiv R.-nt In. Hyars | miss«-.! a drop lil. k which cwt intercept.*d a Kansas pa.»s as the'ohP) state umxersity a 17 (o 17 game emb'l rvltti the ».'ore; .Mis- tie with Michigan, a tie which .H.'url, D>; Kan»as, 9. mlglit have put Ohio Steto into a Lineup and Summary. tie for Hlg 1'en onfereme »-ham- .Mar- Houtb- IV THE h (H m. Al Atlanta—Ale «er. 31: Dgel(lior;M-. .. Al 1 e%li*B(«.a—( 7; Ken ii.'k.r, At*»—VAn«ti un.t • e*. 3; Al.ii > tiia.l. 9 At I xuUrltIr—l.o«ll«rHie, • I. m U, 3. At Mrn*;.!*!«—Hen.lra U». ae.terii, «». At I ii*«»rj—Eim*r.r. 2«; Eton, ». At AAaUe «*rt*«t AA akr F.*re» , t.uitfurd. ». , M » .... At Trtiiip*«—ll*.iu».lei» Sjiliiey*. M. , ,At t‘iiHrle«t«»n— I iirnian, • ,%l III. liti agttM lit Alal*a»*^r 7; Hlrn*ln«bi*»n fwaitl.erii, 7. At t .iluii*bla - »<•*•((* I aruHii«. Varili ( ar«»ll«itl «t.».»-, At K .-tiiit.m.l—-5lun«*le Euriliait«, 9. The li.*n- n». drives runs Wesl.yan I: -.s y.dn.*» IS- MDN.N'D’ADDDIS, Nov. 2». J.lttle Hrowii Jug was giv.-n into the ke. ping <if ('upialn ny I’rie.lman of .Ml.-higari tonight and he aceepft-d it ¡».s mod* stly as ' ‘ t'Kulllvan he kieked Hie point after the tuucti ‘'lark .. down that gave Mlclilgan It.s »IxHi 9; Altailr. 0. li.iv* ur-l. 20; Vurmal, HV THE tDA.SI At llrrkl**!—41; Ilia. 5. Air ( «rralit« -(>reg«»ii At Albi«u*ie .pit* - Vra Mmleo < olAm.l« AA.*M«*rii «tuH*. « t aUf.»r- worth was »’“‘'I '“Hantlv for kleker and he tgac.-kl ked a i*«*'D Knight .Iruv.- .»ff ta.-kh* ami goal from the , 1 ;»-yar<l lln»-. Dl»e hall was a.-ross h.v In.-h.-». Harvard Loses Fight. .Methodists ni.ide their most Hunn«-ll add«‘‘l three more P«)lntH H.-orlng tlireat in the to the Yale total in Hie fourth P*‘- thlr.l quarter when ,M.>on ran buck rlu.l. He clut.-h«*d a punt on his own tlu- D«-s Mulnes kt. koff to his 40‘¿ 0 -yard line and riu-ed ha«'k through yard line. WlHi id'f tat-kh* the ». attered Harvard defense* tor ■ and H%v»*eplng .-ml ' 40 yards. ^ Dank.-;- jTilssed th« !‘’ons.-culive victory .Her Minm-suta game. Then. , 7.^.- reI't from Hu* fieb! cation of coming to a parade rest Kellough if. tlie b.gck- wtHi its attack, and Hunnen , j Huy«-k ami Frulding at the «Iroppi*«! back to llu- 38-yard 1 tackle.» and Manchester at «-nd fen ■ ami reglsttued a fl.’bl goal. ,tur«-«l |h«* Wesleyan (day. (.’.>urt- Hy that time Harvard was fairly Ciawven, Crawford and li.-ke-l Yah. knew it, the crow.l Ha.stings lior.* the lirunt uf Hte at- knew It ami w orst of all Harvard i tack fur tip* Des Moines team. »«•emed to know it better than any- i Lineup and Summray. l.tuiy else, yxc. pt for French’s 35- i Moines. « I’us. Wesleyan. 0 \1 ¡».souri, !.. Bacchus . . Dii«-as ............ Wa!k = -r . • ■ . M orgH ri . . . , I Miller............... bai k stfldehkaer . Diîî'lenrn. ver ¡4tnher . . . I 'o.s. DK . . 1 /r. . D« î - . Kansa». 0 phmshlp. Hauser Today Clark made a dropkick I lOYVA CITY, la.. Nov. 20. (I N jK.)-Iowa university cloacd t^ I most illsustrons conference i !ri Ifs history her« today when th»* Norfhwentern eleven defeated if. 1 t.* ti, to gain a tie xvlth .Michigan tlie Hlg Ten chumfdon.stilf». Northwestern got off t»j an earD lead when Haker and T.ewls wen* down the right side of Hie Hawker, line for a touchdown in the first »tuarter. Haker ad.b-d the extr- jioint. luwa especially flashed a pr Vulghts .»hat beat the I nlverslty of Illinois. . a, i loud 7 to ti. An.l It wa. 1-urrest 'l*ro»t> I JIO. .. . ItT . . ÌIK . gfK DH .. till. . FH . . , Tuttle, p.u.l , to «. .Ann u wa r urr.-s, a* rus, > | t..uehdorvn . .miing via the passim Davidson i »-lertt, the Illinois halfhaek whos»-. ' f^ufr Myers dropku-k 1-emisyl vs nla three. Interference ..revenie»! t,P* ... Cramer weeks ago. who falb-.l to plant Hie ; Kutsch from getting Kdieiik! l..-tw.*»n the bars today H.f away ami plar.d a pta.mlnent pnr* . Hamilt.m tlu- point whbh w.ul.i have given garnering Iowa’s fifth cuns.-.-u .. .»Shannon lUinots a H.- with the gr.-at Hlil.» ,iv,. cunf.-rence defest this yeai Zuher.t.ain. ¡The vlct«»ry was Northwestern . .Mc.Mlllan Atlioiigh it was t’lark who made ; fiftJ, f„ the Hig Ten and leaves U Hac«-hus. AiBte», 1 «; Ore* I .. .(5, At |*rt»r«. -( « HrtztiM.M Young I . At I o« Aiigrlr»—I . I». ( , liu. H, . . I At 1.«» AiiBet»-»- I .»I (. Hiaa.b. ( aUiornia I H 7 At D< . i.IrBtal — IM*, bl. nlal, '”*A|'*Ìy titiller -YY Itlllle*-, « 9 ; Ke.tlaiul l.iH- Agfcl«-«, 2 S; S«ut berti «I; l*«f 9. yard run d« »-p 1» Harvard territory 1 iiuiley the CrlmsfiU si»ent th. r.-muliider of ji' . I tiu- gam»- niaklng geslures D’ • Kiirly In Hu* Hi‘rd p. rloil Kllm* ‘ Crawford ' fuml.b-d on Yal.-’s ’jy-yard Itm- ami Kulu-rb k Saltonstall rccur«j.d fur Harvard. i«Hi the flrat jday Saltonstall losl a.-ven yard.s but Immedlat.-lr ait. r lu- Iliade u stutinlng . al.-h of Chattncey’.s pas» tm Vale's 7-yar.l Harm*» .... Craven .... Hartman .. Courtw right Knight .... Substitutions .DK. . .DC.. . ,c . . lie,. . H'T. ., HK. . ,DH. l.H. . HH . ..FH. .Matichestf-r (las.s Dully « 'liit tendon . . Frühling D. vb-k Weld .. Kellough .M'lun ... Danker W. slexHii -Ha.ltn- Alliaiu-c Hows T» .Ybirrill Griddcrs line and .■ontlnm*d iwroHS the goal _j,y K.-vh-k, l»>d.*r for Kellough, t.uliij', 7 t>* 6 Tlie gaily decorated rurtheiivvari- container returns to Ann Arhur, •Midi., f«.r urmther year after om* of the heart breaking gam.*» * l.«*tween th»* W.dverlm s an.l i (lOjibers in the history of th.'lr trudith»iial rlvairy. ' .Mlrinesuta lived up to expeeta- tbfiiH uf the erowtl uf f.8,000 and ; f«*ught its greatest t.attle of the j y**ar, Tlie «»«»ph.-rs had the Wol- i A'erim s beaten fur thre« quar t. ; s. Init in the f.nirth it.-rlud a (Stiptier; player futnhbd. . ‘ OoBterbaan Comef Through. 'The l.all rolb'd to w her** Hetin\' (lostertiuan pick»*«! 11 up and in a twinkling uf an ey, «»ost.-rbaan WHS off ami down Hie field like a : flasli fur tlu- touchd.iwn Hiat tied ; the m ore. Heniiy Friedman's toe j Fla mn Ilk Touchdowns Tuttle, Hac»-lni.s. Hlu* pnitleiilar de.’lslve point today. I’o'nt after tuudulown Stuber 'it was .Maurle Kl.y, «ihto's s»>pho- (»ffi.ini«; referee, .1. c (îruvêr, inore halfback who was the out- Wa.shtngton; uinplre, F. K Dennb*, standing star of the day. and Uie Hrown; fb-bl judge, W. (« Karuz. ; man w Iro wrh resp«msll»Ie for th« WashliiRtun; hemiUm »man. War-' Huekey*-s victory. It was lu- who umlefeat«*.! in Hn* Hlg Ten. reu’K, Da Fayette Cambridge High , Trims Creightaii I’rep Grid Team “Ren” Dow Now- Proud Father Nebraska Waaiayan loat a elota footoall gama to Oat Moirtaa univaraity Saturday af• ; tarnoon but thia was no particular signal for gloom <n tha Dow heuaahold. C. Lv “Ran" Dow, athtatic di ractor and baaketbali coach of tha Waaiayan athaltaa, ta now tha proud fathar of a baby girl. Tha youngatar was born Saturday' mornjng. addi ANC t-.. -<'l- N ham.- i Igh school -iidst-r» «lropl>*‘l , Kiiim- to M-.iliH h. r. v .stcrday hy ') to » r.- Curi u-r. .Mun is and H.ibriun wet.- Hi- tnain fa<t.»ts in tin .*,« Mill »* .Tin« cumlilnatlon. Curri.-r, Johnsfm ac l M-'in» ma'b- t.'ucbdown*. nd cthck Currier hu.»t,'.l a i-l.u < ku k . arty In Hu- »■■«•und I'Hlf Morrill lu 1 a Ufiiv f'-r- *rai.l wall ami a w *-11-ui gun ir.»'«! 'ua.-k'i.l»1 ■ runl.inati.m, Tii.- visitut.s i. urtt.i .'-h-* fly tu lliu* j.luiig»-.-- and ,itt- irpt d tun ixu fujward i*isa. Muirill K. pt its slHt)' .-lean, and ha« nu* 1 ud Its M - .11 llm* eru:;«. st-uiitui. . Milane. 111 .ft» Hajard at lìuyard i 'Ti.i^ni.sgtvh'if Du* , line for a touchdown. i Harvard Once in Lead. Chaumey's goal «ft'C totieh'lowii .-«-lit Hurvar.l «*ut in frmil 7 1«» 6 It wasn't enough h. au >»' Hui v.-ird WHoTt a f»um that eould 1«; coa »Ub-re«l one point bett. r than Yab*. It wa.s. in fa< t, exactly fire p«4nt» wor»*-. Taken on tlu* run ««f tb»- play, Yah was inm h Hie sup« rlur team. Thu Hulldug fur.-e.l th.- pa«-.- Hiro.igli the first two but was aide to Hcur<- only om e and tlien Hirougii a bl«» k.-.l punt Hicb- ar«ls did th. Id-.-cWlng on th.* 20- vard hn. and ,-^tui tian r»s ov, i*--d li.- yuiid ttu Harranj „a!, .‘^tui lialin’s tins I atti-inpted trual afl*-r tuiiclul.iw n wa.H l'l«s-k.*d, how.-vcr, • . . '•Iff at. iik.«l'..v , Jt vru.-* this >«a*ng * (Cuiiwnu-*1 «>11 1‘u.»--, Tw-> j H.-ck for Moon, K«Hough fur laai«*r, Muuii for H.-'-k (iffb lals: Je.nsun uf Am«s. ref- »-ree. Hrnliam of ,Ml«-lilgan, umt>ire Ditti«* of Ohio, l-.r:»diln>*Kiuaii.* Hi*! Ohio tou«-h«b»xvn after a brllliHUl parade <lown the fieltl. Eby Scores for Ohio. Hut in front of Kliy, were Clark ami Kruska;ni>, wh») were the buttering luiYiS who were r< »ponslhle f«,r some of Kby'a Kalns .And in ! the front wall, aheiol .»f them were ' Haskowskl an«l Hill H.'ss, who horcl .*t>»‘ii hob.'M thruugli whb'h i « aiiihndKt- high tb feHled «'i»-Ightoii Kl.y and his caidalii. Marty K.irew j J'rri* uf Ouiuha in a cbi'^-.'iy «dn jdrove. «Milfi soared Ifst touchdown in test.d fuoH.aU game here 5 eeter- ' »he »econd quarter when lllliil fum- ^ . hle.l. Khy c,orrl»*.l tlu- ball down to day, . t . 0. ! two-yard lln.» ami Hie« w.-nt Ivaveny BC«>red on « p»«« In the j (|,p tom-hd.nvn, wli.-n Be, ond quarter. .JanieH, Camhrbige <*|iirk kicke.l his goal St. Louis Easy For Oklahomans «’A.M'UHDC.K, N h. •;.v wa« tt.o (|ui.-k for tlu* rushing llm* fullback, -di'i off tackle in the third p.diit Hiut wug l^urdue Romps On Hoo*sier Eleven DA FA VKTTK, Ji.d , N.,v. ‘20 (1. i'i Purdue H touted t;ff( ns* l.i'uv.-d t<».> inu. h i*«»r Indiana l«*- d.iv ami altlu.UKh tb "'leven l'Ut Uf. a rea! balH« ami lit" a.l.J.'d tlu- the gam»'. Tliereaft.r, the \Vulv.-rin«*H, for t.' fii»t t.nie outpluye.l Hu* (»ojiliars and |iluv»".l *"af»*ly. 'ri.u «b.pluis Hiriateni'd an.l failed t" «cure lhr«-e time» In the first «juaiTer. I’inully in Hu* niidtib* of tlu* "^econd p»*rlo.l, the Hopher .Irixe brought rehult.«. .roeatlng with a 17 ^aid gain and Nydahl with an S-var«l gain and Pepiaw wiHi an .*lgbt-iurd sprint a.lvan«.*d tlu bail ÎU the une.f<»ot line from wiure j'law b«iul»ii If*ft and the r;uai'tei ami Mi»iir:'.'<l to tin- i'reli;b- tuii .< >aid line Ciialnblge fuiiibl>‘d 1 uri Hie m xt I'la .v and tii - lu< als iu.-.l a « l;an. •• 1" m ,,i-i . (rinatia i.iiurte.i to fui'W'ard Í ..nilnu.-aiy l-u*. Canibr i'h;c Ml uHierd« 1 lu* an. tnfii at iteiiul iplay « la-igbfuri I'r.qi iia.I a lu*av.v . , wi'ii-’ht advantu;'u u\. r Hu* (.'am- ' I 1 rlugt' « luven. at nm^ Illinuis’s fa-^t ¡‘»le final p. rlud, , .*p. atliig the tiift dune bv Bui. |{.,tt«, h, (Uuar-ter ,.e,f,,r"man. .* cn^.salng Hu . I^r»i,l 1.,,,,.« ,.Ht***t. J.uUl« gu.,1 ill,« H.Iue tlliu -« clul ' weic cnnsli. d by tlu* fbiilermakers, 24 t" 14 ■ _ Imiiajia'.H .uflutu-u wutK*'! well but th»*«- were uriab!»" tu stqfi (he ^uharging ..f_Hi.- d.‘l,'rh»ined Purdue Si.u 4 . 8 - . * ‘‘'‘"““‘*'1 bfrting went ..v. r I they ( |f,p ^,.,11 f ,,, far lu Ht- Mtndan Baata Orlaana. MINDK.N. Neb, INuv. MindiU" blgb fit feat. (! or tea 11 .; In futdliall ve.tuidcj .ft.rtiuun by a 12-11 ccuiu. try fur putnt failed. Tiu ibiplieia ciitlnued t'.,'|>mnK< .ml’ ' irele .‘lui« ifluU Hie a<na-/liig tutal uf DÎ firxt iluw ri.H hud l.eeii“f"ed,. half iyul Hu* .Mn r, (Contjriu»'.! On Pago Ttv.,.» Bridyapurt Hr Winner. JHHD«H-.l’« »H'T, \ h, 's’ux. 20, - Hi'idmpoi t hlMli u allufe d .Mitehell in »U.dbull >«*St. »h.:V I'.'" •* e-'* to U .0 -‘B ’ , * . In the f.airtli (|uart.i. wlien Pe- f»"iH want into Hi»" game, he dup- Hated Kl.y’» iltl\e duwn Hu* fieltl, but biH entriti.'.- Into the game ratn.' roo late. I ntU that IVOt k W 11 who plH\.«l a wonderful game a« roving .enter for Illiiujis. Hay Hal- llvan ami Hu«« D;«uglu rty ha»l h I ho . ontrU'.ited to Ultnoi«’ ground gaining. ('¡ulllvi.n with hi« !im- puin. mulling ami Daiiglu-ity wiHi a luauHful «larili armimi left end. In the game (Iblu mad»- fourteen ftiKt liuwns (o Illinois six Olilo tn»d ! . V« n fiaHt'« '«, u npb'led two ,,nd five w«-if- inompb'te.l. lllnot« t u-,: ( d MX t>a«s.-.-*.; Hit' " v«.-r. com- lilei?-.l, two i!,.,miileii* .-ml on«* W'<r. .mti-if.-rd.‘f lliinol» galiu-d 5’.' >ai.ic tiiimigii to.' line ami (ihlo DH. «liu.d mud.' 113 \ards atuuml , I nd i\iui lllinuu niatlt- 112 there. NOH.MA.N, Okla., .Nov. 20, A »«;. Honed Missouri Vallei* eonferem t.*arn of the Fnivr-rsltv of Okl,ah«im tf»y«-d with the Hf. I.uuls nniverslt \ f.MdlKill .‘lev.-n un o w.-ti field hen Hii« uftern«,un ami ..ver ran Hu- lilllikeim 47 tu 0 Th»! « »klah« »r.aiiM «'r*»ss«*d thè .*-^1 Douih goal line s.-v« n Hiii.h. In Hu first «luarl.-r Hu* Hiioiier varHitv fuund liHb* I .iWfiiry ahout, tnur.-h. down the fb'hl at will and rolbd up a 21 lo 0 total. The Ht Doul» t»*am In Hu- se»*und P*'rl«)«i held a siibrdffute Oklahoma t«*«m s< «líeles» bui Hu- H<»oiu*r se* «md string i;.me b-H-k In thè Hdr.l ito lake atuiH««r t.uub.P'wn without ! Hu- extra j.uliif ' Houru’r tumulai“ falUrig un mie try foi- t.olni. (Yete Reserves Want Grid Game Coach "Pop" Kla n is m the rrarkat for a Thanksgiving day gama for hi» Crata raservat. The Crate aacond string are gnxiout to book a contaat with aoma taam in Lincoln or vicinity.

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