The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 3, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORN1AN THURSDAY, DBCBMBBR 8, 1908. TELEPHONE MAIN 30 and 86 QUALITY QUESTION ! ' t in;ility in every (Tut W,i- |er I'.otl le yon buy at. P.Jiet's ; guarantee Iheni I'oi- a y(>af. (n't they will last fur .">. All i-iililier ei.uds liuic.v',1 ''••.mi •.-. are sold that \V; >.'. The Store o' tastman Kodaks, aer s Leading Druggists. IONAL CREST YOU WANT IT t SOLD ONLY IN TINS BakersMd Grocery Co. Bak-rsfie!d. Cal. Salft Ar-cnts Phrn« M.iin 135. 1717-1719 19th They nii".l j||| ir,, I,,.),,,-,, Jan. 1st |o make room t'ur 190!) stock MOW riiroiitc from the east. Our hiiseiiien! is full now. and more eoiuin?,'; so this is an o[>|)ortimit;. to own a lii^h griulo machine l'<.r less tliTin a t'lieup our would i-ost yon at tlii! ri'^tilni 1 price. • Don't pass this up as you will iilwnys iv_:iv| it if you No Trash but tlie real Such well known makes as SNELL TRIBUNE READING STANDARD APPEAL PEERLESS and others. We uJso o'ive you over and above thc(;e lowest prices ever offered, bell, tool bag-, Iftmp and carbide, nil r<-;idy for the mulch —ami wo furnish that too. Could you ask more for your money? WARRANT FOR JAP WOMEN J. K] Fnakanaga and Rev. T. Kitazawa, pastor of the Japanese M. B, Church of Fresno, representatives of the Japanese Association, which IB directing Us efforts to the suppression of Immoral traffic among the Japanese women in the valley, are here today for the purpose of taking criminal steps against the women from the land of the cherry blossom who are engaged In that nefarious business In this elty. Funkanaga, as president of the association, swore to criminal complaints against ten o' 'he women this morning before City Recorder W. / i(. Thomas and warrants for t'.-.e ar- I rest of the women on charges of prac- liflng prostitution and residing lu houses of ill-fame were tosued. The women reside in the lower end of ,town, all In the same district, and their names are Toyo Tsujl, Kunl Tak- enioto. Sada Tsujl, KUkl Abo, Hnna Kusura, Hana Mlnoto, Karegeko Mu- notn, Shnkn Mnrakoml, Hana Sakurla, Shi7.ii Yamamoto. City Attorney Matthew S. Platz drew tho complaints. Too Latefor Classification | MRS MARTINEZ Is ready to do all ' kinds of sewing at the Willow, room ' R. Expert on evening dresses or tailor made suits. Mrs. Martinez Is j •well known. Telephone Main 136 LOST—Small bay horse (original); ; short tall. Return to or notify Plon-! eer Mercantile Company, 1918 I St.,' Bakersfleld. Ill ,' CALL UP FARMERS Ml for Garllck's famous sweet potatoes. Delivered in ' Bakersfleld by tne hundred pounds, ' or to nny part of the state by the ' carload. 129 ' FOR SALE—Gllftllan oil stock cheap ! It taken at once. Address box 372. i 106 I I FOll RI-:.\T — '1 lie American n-stati. i rani. Iiiijiiire on premises. tf. STIIAYED—From corner IDth street and OaU HI reef, a dark brown horse with ext'M loriK foretop .and mane. Finder will please telephone Main LOST—-Plain irold buckle fob. Return to New Southern lintel and receive reward. $l.">n. 1IIS FOR IIF.NT in acres, nood bouse, I stable. In acres Apricots, S acres] ! peaches. -Jn in alfalf;i: '.I miles south i west; waul only reliable practical j man. C.isb rein. See It. A. Moore j i room i i. ! lop'uius lilil;;. Ins FOH SALE—Four room house, cheap; i sliiiaieil mi in) L'l'.s.M;:; feet. Ha wiii'lii'.lll. cliic| s i.|i lunise. shade ,-m,| I'ruil i re -,. Imjnire on premises, I'llion .u, llMc nll.l M M. Kern. I I 1 HOLLY WREATHS | l>'i'--cs. ('aniat iniis. \"iii|ets : and Chrysanthemums. ! Kirst class Nursery Slock. ' Trees, ShrilliS. j < '! dcrs prnmp! ly tilled ' CHESTER AVENUE i NURSERY ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. Coi Bivth St. and Chester Ave. Phone .Main 7l."j. in Coats 'I'lu'i. ,•!!•" less thiin two dozen In all--l-'-n<.r come nt once, for >on HIT I ilif-sp snlendid gar n>«., us ii;!n now. Many are or t!,e releiii "it-"! Ken yon make, of cravi'in'i'i' nr ruliherlzpr) B iJ|{, h; all the le:u|liiK colors; plain shades. snipes mid plaids. These Rain Coats at One Fourth Off. $11. V) Raincoats. Green Tag Ral " I"' 1 ' 1 " .......... $3. $1"."><| Pi-iincoats, Grep;i T.i •* GREEN TAG SALE ., . $!.>. "I' U "ircoats, (Jrec-ti Tag S - |V i' ; ' ir " ........ $11.25 ll^.'n I! rnooiits, Greev. Tag S; ' v I'' 1 '"' ........ $1 $L'ii'n, (.'-xncri'it.:. (jroon Tag Cravenette Ccats. Third Off $lM.M'i Qiiiilitv. Green Tag Sale " ri '"' • ............ SI 3.34 One Lot of Silk Raincoats. Half Price $!S.(iO Qinlity. Green Tag Sal " I"'"'" ••• ...... S9.OO Princess Dresses Silk and Wool Many of these wore receiver! from our Xew York buyer less than a week ago— fresh from the fashion center. MHteri;i)« ;nv me.s.viliiie and taffeta silk also flue wool fabric, in the lead tnif .shades of navy, Copenhagen .•"•own, cream, white, dainty" ev- cnlnq; shades an;I black. These Dresses at One Fourth Off. $15.00 Drosses, Greon Ta:* Sale A WONDER It's really wonderful the way the women of Rakersh'ehl and K-TII have responded tr this great sale. We have heen coni- Hed t" ,'nid additional help to the selling force and increase • • nirmher of alteration luin<ls. VI over the city and county the cut press we are giving are creating intense interest—be sure to come aHrr your garment while the i assortment is good. l.'K.MK.MiJHi; every garment in our Clonk and Suit Depart• :t dear- a d'RKL'X TA(i whieh means a reduction of Y4 (One-Fourth,) % (One-Third) and l /z (One-Half) OFF THE REGULAR PRICES Women's Tailored Suits Kvry suit is included in this sal-?, black find colored—many ••• iv ive.-ived just n few days njjo. The following prices were p .-l:ed at random. These Suits at One-Fourh Off ............. $20.00 Dresses, CJroon T?i ' Sal? Price ............. SI o OO $22.50 Dresses, Green Tac; Sa'le price ............. o-| n $2.".0n Drosses. Green Til' Sale " rice ............. SI 8.75 ?..i).no Dresses. Green Tas? Sale '"• ico ............. S22.50 ?.>.!. no Dresses, Green Ta^ Sal« l "' k: " ............. .320.25 These Dresses at One Third Off $^L>. .',•.. !'r,. ; .M^. C:- .,.;-, T ,- Sali' . '"'"'" ............. si r,.oo $::.-,. im Dr.. ,x^ s . i,;,, ,,„ T:u . s ,,!,, !"'''•'• ............. S2'»..'i 1 Sll'.nn Divsses, fJrei n Ta;; Safe Suits, (Jreen Tag Sale price Suits, drecn Tag Sale price Suiis. Cieen Tag Sale price riiiils, (Ireen Tas Sale price i Suits. Clreen Tag Sale price Suits, (ireeii Tag Sale price i Suits, Oreeii Tag Sale price Suits, Clreeu Tag Sale price These Suits at One Third Off. SI 1.25 $13.50 $14.63 $18.25 $22'. Ir»O $24.38 $2«.25 $30.0O Suits, (ii-prn Tag Sale jirice Suits, fireeii Tag Sale price Suit.*, Croon Tag Sale price Stilts, dreen Tag Sale lirico Suits, (ireen Tag Sale price $10.00 $13.34 $2O.OO . J, ,11.1111 [)!'(< ,, S .'S. CJreen T,-i'-: S li These Dresses at Half Price $ir.JHi r).-, ,. JS ,. • d,,,.,, -i- , , x.,;,-, " ri<v ............. •' S7.50 These Suits at Half Price (ii'ei n 'r,ix Sale jince (lre"ii T;'g fl :ile |,rico ceil T i" J":ile price Green Tag Sale Price $2fi.67 $10.0O $1250 S15.OO $16.25 Cream Skirts These Skirts at One Fourth Off $G.OO Skirts, Green Tag Sale price S4.50 $8.00 Skirts, Green Tag Sale " Hce S6.00 $10.00 Skirts, Green Tag Sale > irlce 87.50 $17.50 Skirts, Green Tag Sale " rlce SI 3.1 8 $20.00 Skirts, Green Tag Sale l )rlce 815.00 These Skirts at One Third Off. $7.50 Skirts, Green Tag Sale price (jjej f\f\ $10.00 Skirts, Green Tag'Sale price (|ii $20.00 Skirts, Green Tag"Sale' l' rlce 813.34 These Skirts at Half Price $22.50 Skirts, Green Tag Sale price Qii osr •n • • . ^ttt Long Cpats Full length and three quarter length coats for girls from 6 to IS years; a color becoming to every little miss. Every " one this season's style: $4.50 Coats, Green Tag Sale price oso o $5.00 Coats, Green Tag Sa'le" price 83.75 $5.50 Coats, Green Tag Sale' price j^ -t o $6.75 Coats, Green Tag Sale' price ajej ( $7.50 Coats, Green Tag Sale' price &5A $S.OO Coats, Green Tag Sa'le' price c^ $S.5rt Coats, Green Tag Sale" ' )Hoe • Sft.38 fS.,5 Coats, Green Tag Sale . prlce $6.57 $9.00 Coats, Green Tag Sale price j«^j 17^ $10.00 Coats, Green Tag Sale price OLf erri •Tt m « t m\t Misses' and Children's Coats All are new models; some tailored of striped stilting; oth- «'"} in all black trimmed with slik and fancy braid. There are not many of these long coats— quick action is necessary. $0.00 Coats, Green Tag Sale '"•"• e S450 $6.50 Coats, Green Tag Salo i' rico 85.13 $7.. r >0 i ^its, Green Tas Sale price $?> f»° $!(.oo Coats, Green Tag Sale $15.on Coats, Green Tag Sale l"' ic<1 $11 «2r, $lP>.r>n Coats, Green Tag Sale price o-| r> or> ?'J..f>U Coats, Green Tag Sale $L 1 :..oo Pouts, Green Tag Sale prit'o c*"^ o P^** 1 >> 1 .V7r* A GREAT MILLINERY EVENT j$ Scheduled for Saturday Kvery day our Millinery experts are displaying hats of remarkidile value, fn,ni iin-xpensive hats to the fine im- porteii Parisian models. SAT1 KDAY Ijedliek's \vill outdo themselves aifain hy of- t'eriim heaiitit'nl hats, ivyularlv priced,' from sjirt A* C.f\ to .tn'. n.r ;. , «p4.ou VISIT REDLICK'S TOYLAND You Will Enjoy it Right uo« Is the best time to visit Redllck's great Tov section \on can go through at your leisure, and with less crowding mi see the various exclusive novelties which we have prepared for you-the beautiful things from France, odd devices irom Germanv and perfect miracles that come clear down from the Black Po^est You will greatly enjoy a visit here, we can assure von If you tlo not wish to have the toys and dolls, which von select at your home, let Redliclfs lay them aside for you until Christ' NOTES AND PERSONALS LIKE FINDING MONEY \veel< in |, a p Koli,.s and Hlanl:ets, ('oin I'ui'ses, (,'hives of all kinds ! eut slier]) skins, ridiiii,' liridles, hat ands and lielu. suit eases at your vvn priee.s. Dnn'l overlook our ille ol' I'eaHier dusters. 4. B. HEKRINOT01T 1517 19tb St. down from Kresno last evening. J. P. Steller of Fresno Is reR.v.?re«l at the Southern. S. A. Blythe, the Ttilure real estate to- man, came down from the north last ! night, returned P, C. Selhy of Fresno Is In town. Dr. Stark and H. M. Storey j Standard are here today. Pete, Spella-ey was an arrival fro» of «.. See Us Today Don't put it oft' till the host live gone, but blow ri^lil in oriel got the piek ol' the whole stock. Think of that $45 Appeal for $37.50. $45 Baker and Hamilton' for $.'57.50. How does that sound t You save enough on one wheel to buy Santa Cluus and his'whole outfit. Tito sarno old place on Chester avenue. Bible's Cyclery 1817 Cheater Ave. MECHANICAL TOYS WE HAVE A FEW LEFT FROM LAST Y£AP. WHICH WE WILL SELL FOR COST HOLIDAY GOODS SEE OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS A WEABER. 1822 Chester ave Phone Main 4 1 .Minstrels tomorrow night. J. .1. Corbett will Face the Music at tiiu Hakersfleld Opera House night. Mrs. R. j. Beaiulry has retu from McKlttrlrk, where she has heen visiiinc; Mrs. Steve Golden. George Monroe ami \V. H. Graham, • i vi» oi«;iiiw:y wn» mi umvai uumi Fresno nil men, returned from a two l."s Ati^eJes tills morning, 'lays' trip to the West Side last night. O. C. Glover of Fresno Is at the \V. Ij. .\fcLaine. superintendent of Grand, the Associated rilled pipe line, came ' I. HJrshfeld of tie Ford Lumber Notice to Ladies"-To See New Gorset Designs on Dec. 4 Kvery woman knows that the styles this season call for the IVIneess hack and lont;, slender hip effect. To secure this figure, proper cor- acting Is reiiiilred. Henderson's La Princess Front-Laced Corsets are not In the experimental sta^e, but have reached the highest point of perfection. The model Illustrated IB designed with extreme length over the hips and back, giving (lie snug hiK effect utid the IOHK. smooth, Hat back. The laclni? in the hack from the waist line down, permits an absolutely perfect ndjnst iiu-tit over hips and back, slv- In- Die s(-:i;u)n'.s inort ideal A printed description can not do these models justice, so we Invite you to cull at the Grand lloteV room 3fl, on December -Ith, fc'om 1 to B p. m., where our saleslady your orders and demonstrate the many points of superiority In n;leru<e, considering style and quality style of figure. I Company wert to San Francisco last . B<m H ' S111 went to Te '^» c napt 'nst 1 night. r.Iglit on business. E. B. Farnsworth and V W. Atch- HaiTy Phelan la ln towtl f: "-- M ' !son. Los Angeles oil men, are In town K '!} rl a k - TI , ,,, . J , , r T n »'• S. Hutchlnson registered » *he <-. I-. Connor Is In town today. (Jrand ia,st night from Fresno. will tuk these corsets. We also have The price U very models for every HATS AND SHOES THE HUB FURNISHINGS TRUNKS A GreaV Sale of Fall Suits For tliis wee); we never offered hetter values in .Men's Suits. Time now to buy your winter suit, fni- (here'II he no time like the present to save. And the savings that can he poeketed now are real, ifonnine savings, not eeuiiemies made possible by a lack of style, inferior tailor work or poor materials. You eon sfive on clothing now that measures np to the IU'H:!] standard of excellence—and there's none higher. We quote you values for this week that have never been equaled in any store. Selz Shoes •re made of genuine leather; .they are not cheapened by the usual frauds. Every ,mt •• *m in Shoe j U guaranteed. We tell them. S.WiSEKOPF

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