The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 31, 1926 · Page 16
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 16

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 31, 1926
Page 16
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fí--^TWO rr\ /'íti,\ S(^yl)AV STAK — SU^AiAT, OCTDHKK 31. lOifí. ro sess N lOWA STfi Hifyu öiivi O! ijUicoin-Waiie irutuc. (Continued from Pagre One.) the touchdown door early in tlie final period, only to be balked by penalties. Btephens then Ktepped back to the 46-yard line, «nd. wltli Bronson takinj? the pass from center, kicked the ball Into the teeth of a stiff wind and sent the oval »ailing over the crossbar for an extra three points. Kubaiilute elevens were on the field during the closing moments of the fourth period, and the Corn- husker reserv .« executed a sustained Hdvance. into .\mes territory. Ilaltback Avard Mandery going over goal on Nebraska's final »coring drive. Lineup and Summary. , Nebraska, 31— Po». —Iowa Htute. 6 Burnham Ashiiurn . M< .Mullen Grow .. ... Whitmore Htlner (c.) Lawson .., Stephens . Dailey ... r’resnell , Oehlrlch Coe (r.) King» 1 y Anderson .. . .Xj I es Thomas . . Hinlth . Grimes \$eisi . . PlshM , Holman I.rfimaon —liandel.s r.,aw'son. .I.e ................. ..It................ ..1 g.............. , .c................ . .rg................ . .r t................ . .r.e................ . .q b................ . .r.h.............. . .f b . Substitution*; Nebraska for Ashburn, Weir for Bronaon for .Stephens. Stephens for Dailey. Sprague for Hurnhain, Ifolin for .M<-Mullen, ! ,ee for Sprague, Burnham for I.ce, .Morrison tor Grow. A. Mandery for 1'rosnell l>alley for Stephens, Zu\er for Wldtmore, Shaner for Weir, Lucas for atlner, Ltiidell for Bronson Durlsch for Holm, Vorts for oehl- rleh, H, Mandery for Burnbain, I)rath for Bandels. Iowa State—K J. Anderson for Grimes. Llndbloom for Holman, Hall for Llndbloom, Toom for Ayres, Llndbloom for Hall, J. Miller for Fisher, Grime.s for Smith, Budt for Lam.son, Ayres for Toom. Wilaon for Hiidl, Hall for Lindhlotirn, Fisher for Anderson, Baird for Wilson. Touehdowi Pre.sneir ”, Dailey A Mandery, Wels.s. Goal from field Stephens Goal after touchdown Stephens 3, tdndell. Sc«>re by periods; Nebraska ...............7 7 7 10—31 low’a State ....................6 0 ' 0— 6 Officials; Hef.*ref - J. c Grover, Kansas Clt > . I 'nipire—Pete Wel»li, J>e.s .Moines, HeHdllnesman—.M, C Lewis, St. Loul.s, Field Judge—M. C. Lewis, St. Louis. the third period. Then jaan« the ' fourth quarter. Captain Frank. BrianU, w ho had been kept on the »ido-llnes in favor of Wexler dvirlng the entire ttrst half, Anally began his terrlftc line smashing. Connor, seeing that his aerial offensive was unsuccessful, switched to straight football. Unleashed Steady March. Beginning from the Violet's 20- yard line, the X. Y. C . machine rolled straight down the field tor eighty yards on line smashes. Briante and Strong and Connor cut the Maroon line to ribbons, and the« offense ended with Connor skipping through left tackle for thirty yards and the touchdow n. Once under way, there was no halting the power of the N. Y. U. steam roller. Strong grabbed a pass from Delaney and dashed * forty yards through a broken field for the | score. An intercepted pays by Roberts put N. Y. I’, and the Maroon's; 3o-yard line. Connor found a hole in the line and went across for the third touchdowm. Connor Goe* 75 Yard«, With only minutes to play and Fordlmm fading fast under the strong battering of a straight plunging attack. N. Y. U. scored again when Connor, behind splendid interference. swung seventy-five yards for the third score for him. Strong missed the final kick. Score by periods: X, Y. r ..................................<1 0 0 27—27 Fordham ..........................0 3 0 ®— 3 Touchdown«—Connor 3. Strong 1. points after touchdowm—Strong 3. F'leld goal—Graham. Raugh, Ma*er for Austin, Koster for Skold, Auailu for Koster, liuk- sey for Townsend, Goal from field—L. Phelun (dropkick.) Safety—Lincoln 1. . Score by periods; Grand Island h 0 5 Lincoln ............................0 0 0 OOficlals: Referee—Sisty 0—5 0--0 tîm- plre — Johnson. Headlinesman— E. Frank. Yards gained from scrimmage Lincoln, 179, Grand Island, 214 Yards lost from scrlmmago—Lin­ coln, 25; Grand lalntid, 6. First downs — Lincoln, 9: Grand Island, 9. Punts—Lincoln, 8 for average of 32 yards: Grand Island, 10 for average of 31 yards. P«'«ialtie»—Lincoln, 35; Grand Island, 60. 1‘aasea attempted —Lincoln, 13; Grand Island, 4. Nebraska Blanks Drake Harriers West Point Soldiers Make Doormats of Proud Old Elix Outfit. GOOD A College Football. (Continued from Page c)ne.) Wor- 20; AUING OGVENGE (Continued From Page (4ne.) next play fholo-.-nsriavlnir .shows y.ff or-.c of tho feature pD>s In tin i« c tU Idm-oln hlgh-Wotte high RHdtron ciasHlc at Toledo. The picture shows Fisher and KU«hen i»f Lincoln and Hartko of Waite all leaping high in tlie air for a forward pass. __________________________________________________________ PRESSBOX observations Fear that the Cornhuskers might be outklcke«! by Coe, .\nies captain and punter, was groujulless. Hobby «!‘epliens and Bill Bronson both w*»r% pn-Hng a mean foot against the pigskin ..-olate. getting con- statent dl.stance either with or against the breeze. In kicking off. Htephena and Roy Mandery got aw'ay three or four boot.a which went the full 60 yurd.s over the Iowa State goal. men Will clash with the Kansas Aggie yearlings In a cumlmt at th* Nebraska stadium. point. Score; Nebraska, 14; Ames, 6. Fmitb, lowa Stale's husky negro at light tackle, hud plenty of size, a.s .stat*Ml in advance notices, • tmt his value to the Ames team wa.s negligible. The Cornhuskers ran many a ‘touchhack and Ames .sciim- posltton, getting a . > | from its 20-yard line. When gains. In I resne ! s 1 pne plunges failed, Coe kicked 33 a touchdown, bmltii v . i'-ards, Presnell ietui"nlng five yards boxed «iut of the play. ■ - - out of hounds on th** Ames one- i across the goal line to a touchhack. toot line. 1 Ames scrimmaged from its 20- O.dilHch p'unge«! for haJf a foot, yard line. On a fake punt forrita- latephens fumt>lcd on the n^xt plnv:tlon L'.<ndbloom made a yard a.s and riailey recovered and went over] time was calle<l for the third quar- lor a tout-hdown. ! D'r with Ames In possession of the Ftephens place-kicked the extra ball on its own 21-yard line. Iowa Ftate, for no r*«ason. never has been a pulling card In the Nebraska camiu Yesterday's attendance was the smallest of the home season. Saturday crowd of 10,000 pronanij \«i(m on to«;- i»m v uim Wtll be surpassed by the attendance phens drove through for six yards frosh biittUi innr#- On th« R«r4>nd iilnv Fourth Quarter. , Coe punted 60 yards to Stephens, Stephens' ktck ifi went CO yards , ^vho returned 14 yards to the Nebraska 44-yard line. Presnell made three yards in two plays and Stephens HWtiiig around the Ames left end for 11 yards. Oehlrlch «‘ontrl- buted two yards and Presnell added five more. After a Nebraska fumble had cost, two yards, Stephens dropped hack and placeklcked a field goal from the Ames 46-yard line. Score: Nebraska, 24; Ames, 6. j to the Nebntska 48-yard line. , I Weir, Bron.son and Sprague went appal . Nebraska lineup for liaws a prime iioo«.,, „...a J. in son Dailey and Burnham Presnell hit off tackle for two yards before he was f«»rced out of Icjunda. He ripped through for 10 vards on the next plav and Ste- yard loss, hut on the Goudge took a pass from Hamilton vlrtuall.v on the goal line, with a disinterested Michigan man standing hard by. P'rom that point, It was a formality for Caldw'ell to .score the first touchdown against Michigan In two seasons, Michigan tried desperately to score In the closing mlnuten but when the game ended Michigan was being backed away by the ferocity of the Navy onslaught. Lineups and Summary. Wiil I'vs» ----- •' . at the Hnsker-Aggie frush this weekend. Holm, who Jumped into the Nebraska line as a guard substitute, gave an exhibition of active line playing which may w-in him a placr as a regular forward. Weiss, nln»- ble .Vrnes quarterback, once landed on hi» car for a 10-yaid los.s when Holm smashed through .V4ul dropped the Iowa State hack before he could get rid of the ball on an attempted pas.s. Play-by-Play Details. The Kansas Aggies, who clash wltli the Cornhuskers Nov*. 13 in Nebraska’s home-coming affair, sent no less than four scouls to Lincoln to see tlie Beargmen do their stuff against Ames W. G Speer, tutor of the freshman squad In the Manhattan camp and former coach at Peru and Midland, suggested Saturday night that Nebraska had much of the old Corrthusker ilpp of several seasons ago when Husker teams were running over all opposition In tike Valley. “Charlie Bachman has a fine team at Manhattan this year,'' Speer said, "and the Aggte-Nebras- ka ganje will be the great football event of the sea.son In the Valley. Manhattan will send a hlg delega- tton of rooters to Lincoln Nov. 13. A victory would njeaii much to the Aggies, as It kvould estahlLsh them as Valley champs, even If Missouri ahmild win from Oklahoma next week.” Coach Noel Workman of lowa Flate declined to file an tntlmlta- tton of an alUd. “Nebniska had too much power for us.’’ he said. “We made a fine showing against Missouri and hoik'd to get somewhere against Ne)>nmka. but the Cornhuskers had such an offensive that we had no chance. Coach Rea rg and the Cornlm.sker» were showered with congratula- ttoiia by former Husker warriors w'ho crowded the dre.'CHlng quarter» »fter the game. “My real fear, as concerned the Ames game, was overconfldent’e,” Bearg satd “Wa had so many injuries during the week i»f pr.tctli-e we had to go «any aa«t I waa afraid that the letdown wouM put first quarter . Cautaln <’oe won the toss and chose the «‘'»ih goah giving A«nos the advantage of a stiff • I.amaori returne«! yar.l klckoff s- ven yauFs to Arnes 87-yard line. Weiss r.lunged five yards bra.ska drew a five yard penalty. After Weiss bad gained tvvo Y^rds. MrMullen broke tbrough ,am tossed Fisher for a six yard losa- After an Incornpleted forward pass, Coe punted 45 yards, turning four yards to the Nebras- Gfe*^**firi>t play, Ualley broke anrund Atne.s’ right end for 27 yanls Presnell and Dailey gained five ^*A^” forward pass. Htephens to Presnell. was rood lor 40 fore Presnell was forced out o. bounds on the Ames seven yaid line. Preenell mad*- three, yards on three plunges. Dailey made thre«- yards, but the play was culled bac k and Ames penalized half the distance to the goal line. Presnell hdt center for two yards and a t«>ucb- Wtephens placo kicked the extra {lolnt. Fcore: Nebraska, 7: Ames, 0. Grimes’ klckoff rolled 60 yards t.) a tou<hhack and Nebraska scrimmaged front Its 20-yurd line. Presnell fumbled on tho first play and Smith recovered for Ames on the Nebiuska 20-yard line. Flshe; mad.* seven y.ards In tw»> plays and Holman added a yard thnmgh c* n- ter. Hohuun hit the lln< for six yards and u first d(«l\n. Holman ■nude five yard* In two plunges and Wels.s smuBhed through center for the needed yard and a touchdown. Thomas’ ktek for tha extra point was low'. Score ; Nebraska. 7; Ames, H. After Htephens had kicked off out-of-bounds, bo bo«'ted the second klckoff 65 yards tv Wels.s. who returned 18 yards to the Ames 23- yard line. .atint r tossed Fisher for a vanl loss iiiul Tlolman made It hack on Ihe next play, «’oe punted 40 yard.« to Htephens, who «lowned the ball on the Nebraska 37-yard line. Iiallev swung around tho Ames light end for nine and Pre;- jiell made It u fUt»t down with a two yard plunge. Ht«>phen.s lost a yard I'resm ll went over Hmlth for M'ven yanls l) .n-v wap caught behind the more. t)n the second play Presnell fumbled and Ames recovered Fisher hrcke loose around the Nebraska right end for 1ft y'urda Wi iss pas.sed to Fislier for a 15- yani gain. Hall replaeed Llndbloom In the Ames backfleld. Holm went in the Nebrn.ska lineup for AfcMul- len and Lee replaced Sprague. Weiss dropped b.aek for a forward pa.Hs, but HoJm was through and spilled him for a Ift yard loss Pos. ..LE.. ..LT.. ..LG.. . ..C . .. ..RG. , ..RT.. ..RR,. ...QB., ..LH. . ..R H. . ...FH. . Michigan, h üosterbaan Baer Palmerll , Truskowlkl Levette Gabel Flora C. Friedman ...... Gilbert .. Green%vald Molenda Llndbloom returtied Stephens’ 35- yard kickoff for nine yard.s to tho Ames 34-yard line. Holm intercepted t’oe'a pass on the second play and Nebraska lm<l the hall on Its own 48-yard line. Bronson plunged for four yards. Morrison replaced Grow u»ui A. .Mandery w'ent in for Presnell in the Nebra.ska Unenp. Stephens made five yards at center, Dailey replaced Stephens and Oehlrlch plunged for four yards and anu spiiieu nim lor a lu yaru losa. , down. Hudl went wii the U was Nebraska’s Kill on dow'ns on I backfleld for Lamson. Its 44-yurd line, room went in tho ] Dailey plunged for two yards. Arnes line for Ayre.s. , Bronson shot a pass to Oehlrlch for Presnell plunged for four yards, i x^braska got a first After a pass had failed and Pres- Ames was offside on Navy. 10— Idoyd .... Wlckherst Gros.s Hoerner Boi'n .... F7ddy .... Hardwick Goudge . Hamilton Hannegan Galdwell ................ Referee—B. L. Fultz. Brown. Umpire — John Schoernmer. Chicago. F'leld Judge—H. Van Kersberg, Har. vard. I4nesman — J. H. Nichols, Oberlln. Score by period«: Michigan ..........................0 0 0 0— 0 Navy ................................. ^0 0 3 7—10 Touchdown—CaldNTw*!. Goal after touchdown—Hamilton. Goal from field—Hamilton. Suhstitutlons: Michigan—Puck- elwartz for Friedman; Bahcock for Greenwald; Rich for Babcock; Squire for Palmerll; Grlnnell for Baer; Weber for Molenda. Navy-— Olson for Wlckherst; Smith for Lloyd; Ransford for Caldwell. At Exeter—rhllllps F.»eter, 19; ceeter .Aoadem.v, 20. At State t olle«»—4*enw State. Cieorge Washington, '13. At Oene»'»—Bobart. 12; Ij»wr«nc*, 0. At Bnrtford—We*iey»n. 21; Trtnity, 0. .At Orono—Maine, 7 ; Colby. 6. At Meadvllle—«rovo City, 14; Allegheny, 7. At Huntington—llaverford, 33; Ja- ntat«.. 0. At Bethlehem—Muhlenberg. 32; I/O- high. «. At Olean—St. Honaventure, 37; Blue Rlrtge, 13. At Newport New*—William« and Mary. 47; l.ynrhburg, 0. At Burlington—Norwich, 8; Termont, 0 . At Mtddlebury—Mlddlebnr; , «I i «b Stephen», 0. At Niagara—Niagara. 0; .Alfred, 0. At Andover—Phillip* Andover. 0; Bean. 13. , At Provtdenoe—Quantìeo, .3-4; • rovl- dence, 0. . „ A* Troy—Clark«on. 7; Ren«*alaer. 0^ At Rocheeter—Rocheoter. 33; Buffa- At lanwUtoii—Bowdoln. 13; Bates, 7. IN THK M»l TH At AUanta^-Oglethorpe, 18; »'iirtnan. Tiieealix»»—.Alabama, 24; l«>uUl- toiumbia—Virginia, 6; SouU« Caro^" a Ì Bold»lH>ro—Make Forc*t, 12; Buko. ® At l,exlngte«.—M. !.. >2 ! I»«*Hd»on. 7. At At hen«—4ieorgta. .32; Morlda, «. At V4a«U1ngton—t*eorgetowii. 24; I«* hannn Valley, 7. ii»,..». At Nashville—Yanilerbllt. 31; South- At Montgoinerj—.Vubiim. 9; Sewanee. %t Chattanooga.—Chat lanooga. «0: Rmory Henr.v, ti. , tu. n At l».iil»vlllc—Centre. «; J At l^vtoigtoo—V. P. I.. 13; Kentuck,. *’ a ( Waco—Ba.Mor, 20; Teri^ At Austin—Southern Methodist«. 21 ^*At*Hou«ton—Rice, 7: So«thwe«ter». 0. At Blrmingliam—Ml»»i««lppl ««liege *^.At**^Data—Ogl^lhorpe, 12; Furman. “Xt Eleo®—r.leon, 9; Hampton Sld- ™At Bowling Cireen—Western Teacher«. **At^fb^kfert—VAllberforce, 0; Ken- *”At*^IUchi^Bd—Roanoke, «; Richmond, At Cliapel Hill—North Carolina, 12; North Carolina State, 0. At C4reen»boro—L'nloe», 7; Oreeneboro, * At Slarkvllle—Tenneeeee. 33; Ml»el««lP' A?**/a?yHUe—MaryvtUe. 42; “ At C ollege Park- Mary land. 3»; Oalta- det- 7. At Me«hlngton—Cieorgetown. 34; banon Valley, 7. NEW ITAVFJN, Get. 30.—(1. N. S.) ' — Eighty thousand spectators crowdeil the bowl this afternoon and: saw' a great Army foohall team lit-I j erally crush Yale foi* the one-sldcd I score of 33 to 0. It was the first 1 tima In a dozen year.s the t'aiiet-.- j had beaten the l<luo and it was al«a tone of the mo.sts crushing defeats ev«‘r administered a Yalo eleven. q'he Army's victory was clearly earned, oven if It was assisted by constant EU (mnbllns. Under the brilliant leadership of “Tiny" Hewitt, the West Point* rs uncovercil a versatile backfleltl HU*i a «tunewall line against which ih« Blue was able to make but liltlc headway. Yale Fumbles Costly, The first two touchdowns were tho direct result of costly Y ale funihles, but even without them the Army would have triunvphed, as the Ell defense crumbled HKalnsf the driving power of the Army attack. The fumbles merely made the going a little easier. Yalo reallx threatened only twice. In the first quarter an attempt«'*! field goal fromtho 30-yurd line failed and after that the Blue seemed unable to organize any kind of an of- until the final i>erlod. when Hewitts fumble of a Blue punt *reated another opportunity for the Blue t*> escap«i a .slmt out. But another try at field goal failed. Born Dashes to Goal. Born, Army end, started the Army’s mai'ch to victory by snaring a punt which bounded uway from Bunnell, the Yalo quarterback, in the. first quartre. He had an easy from the 13-yard line for the touchdow n. Uagle and Wilson were rrspon- stble forthe secoml marker. Hoben of Yale fumbled and Saunders re- covere*! on Yale's 28-yard line. 1 he Army punched tn two plays University of Nebrssk» h»r- riem shut out Drake university in the cross country run between halve* fo ths football game at the stadium Saturday afternoon. Five Nebraska runner* broke tho tape ahead of tho Bulldog squad. McCartney of the Cornhusker team Rniahed first ero 11 DOT OF DEFEOT Jayhawk's Line Shattered By Bulldogs; Drake Wins, 13toO. nell had gained tliroe yards. Ftron- son punted out of bound.«. Th*» hall was calletl back because Nebraska was offside and Bronann’s second punt went out of bounds on the Ames 40-yarif^ Une after going 17 yards. A pas.s. We Isa to I'isher. gained tw'o yards. Holm broke up H. j II’. s Hall mad* a yani as the half ended. Third Quarter. Thomas kick-off 30-yards. Presnell r*durnlng 12 yards to the Nebraska 42-yard line, Presnell plunged for six yard.s. Stephens made it a ftrsi down with a six-yard gain and ITesnell plunged for one yard and then reeled off a first down. Presnell went off tackle for 12 yards and after Stephens l;ad failed to gain, Brons«>ri hurled a pass to Joe Weir for a 12-yard gain. Nebraska had tiie ball on the Atne.s 20-yar«i line. After Stephens had hit center for Blx yards, Neluaska drew a 15-yard penalty on the second play. Ste, phens failed on an end run and down when Ames was offside on the next play. Dailey swung around around the Ames right end for five yards. Zuver replaced Whitmore in the Nebraska line. A. Mandery reeled off a first down e«id Dailey planted the ball on the Ames five-yard line with a three yard gain. Mandery plunged for three yards and then failed to gain on a try at center. Mandery went across for a touchdow'n on the viext play. Llndell placeklcked tho extra point. Score: Nebraska, 31; Ames. 6. R. .Mandery replaced Burnham in the Nebraska line and kicked off 60 vards across the Ames goal to a touchhack. Wilson replaced Hudl In the Ames backfleld. Beck went In the Nebraska bu*'kfleld for Dailey. Hall failed to g«ln at c«»iter. After Miller made three yards. Hall hurled a pass to Miller for seven yards and a first down. Morrison, Nebraska center, intercepted Weiss’ pass an*l it was Nebraska’s ball on the Ames 28-yard line. After A. Mandery had lost three yards, his 12-yard gain was brought back for the inHlcilon of a DES MOINES, la., Oct. 30—(t. r.t—Buttering through Kansas unl- vcrslty's line almost at will In tho first half- Drake university won 11.« first Missouri Valley conference game hero today, 13 to 0. It was the third conference defeat for the Jayha wkers. Led by Chuck Everett, quarler- back, the Bulldog« pas.«ed and plunged their way to a touchdown in Iho first minutes of the initial quarter on five plays, and repeated near the close of the .same period on u pass and a series of Una bucks After the first half neither team coitUl gain consl.stently, although the Drake backs were continually pounding their way through the Kansas line. Near tiio close of the fourth quarter. Starr- halfback, w'as injected Into the 1’ray and he lugged the ball for three eonaecu- tive first downs tn the only determined attack dl.Hplayed by Kansas. Hi.« march ended, however, when Everett, intercepted a pass on his own 15 yard line and Drake punted out of danger. I,e- (Gontlnued from page one ) Ñ’íxon was tlon to score the goal, the outstanding player for Doane The punting of Chrlsman featured In the FJagle victory Lineups and Summary. Pos. ..LE ..LT . .lAÎ . .. O , . RG . .HT . .RFl . .Qtt LH . RH ..FB » .................................... an . .... . .... „ Bronson’s forward flip to Weir was i from the 39->ar«l line was wide and^ath the arms of two Am«» wi»it us a touchhack. Ame.N scrimmage*! from its 20- yard line. Dn the third !»l#y Goe punted 33 yards and tt was Nebraska's ball on its 47 -yard line. Presnell drove over Smith, Ames negro tackle, and swung loose for a sprint of 53 yards and a touchdown. Stephens placeklcked the extra polot. S*'ore; Nebraska, 21; Ames, 6. Stephens’ khkoff rolled across the goal line to a touchhack and Chadron- Caroll .......... Hartman ... Weller .......... Christian .. Dewitt -----Spray............. Chrlsman ., T’erry ............ Worthington Garvin . .. Go.nes . ... Goal from field—Garvin kick.’ Score by periods; Chadron ..................................0 0 0 3 3 Doane ............................ ft ft ft ft ft Official»; Referee King. ITmplre —Prince HV*adllnesman—FllUott. —Doane, 0. Bayer Booth Adams ... Swanson Park ............... F7111S . Sanderson Taylor Heckenllvely .., Baldwin ..... Nixon (drop- ON THF. t t»AST. At 1,0« A b *« 1««—Stanford. U; l4outh- rrn (»»forni», 12. At Han Diego—FXesno Htat». 14; h»i» Ai B*»«en,an—.Montana filate. 0: ( olo- mdo Tencher», S. ..... ... At Mail» M»U»—M*«hlnglon, 44; Mhitman, 0. , .a At Berkley—Oreg«>n, 2t; ( »llforBl», 13. At <or,»lll*—Bregon Aggte», 3; At *Tu"«eon—.Vrlron». 1«: Mhlttler, H. At fipokane—tton«»ga. 10; Montan». «. At «ani» < Ufcra—fi»nt» ( l»m. 25; ' *At Ulltiamette—Willlninette, 10; F»- a V tenta riiMW—Nerad» 1'., 0; te«l» Blam. 35. Wlls«m first carried the hull and then Cagle. Army Had the Punch. The third tou* hdown was the re suit of steady Army driving from mldfield, with WiUson going over at the end. Wilson also kleke<l the placements for extra points. The third period was scoreless. In the final period, Murrell crashed through at tho end of another drive and then Gilbroth. « substitute, wound It up by grabbing another Yalo fumblo on the 6-yard ftnn .scoring. Both goals from placement were rnisse*! in this quarter. Purdue Has Soft Game. ! LAFAYETTE, Ind.. Oct. 3ft.—(I. ' X. S.)—Purdue started to score in: ths first three mlnut*e< of its game | with Indiana State Normal today and gathered a total of 38 point.« on the teachers I'Cfore the iBjal shot found them on Normal’s «»ne-yard line ready to score again. Th«- final score was 38 to ft. Phelan used his second and third-string men Ihroughotjt. Purple Trounces Hoosier*. BLDDMING.TDN, Ind., DcL 3ft.— Northw-estei n university's Wild Cats scored their second victory of the’ season over Indiana today, winning by a srore of 21 to 0. Just t\v«j weeks ago. .Northwestern won the first of the home-and- home serle.« from Indiana, 20 to ft. The home-and-home series is an Innovation in "Big Ten" Footl*all records, two such series being scheduled this year, with Michigan and Minnesota having a similar arrangement. Long Return of Kickoff. On tlie first klckoff, Lewis oC the Purple grabbed the ball an*l ran 75 yard.s for u touchdown down the side lines. A moment later. Sibley fumbled a long punt from the toe of L«'wls. The ball rolled over the goal line and W. F'lsher of Northwesàm *#< Hi Grid Games This Weekend Brown Still Unbeaten. HAN0VF:R. N. H.. Oet. .30. (I N. S.)- .V powerful Bniwn university team, playing with tho drive and precision that humbled Yale n week ago, today carried Its fight Into the reservation of the Dartmouth Indians and emerged with a 10 to o victory. Brown is still undefeated puss beneath the arms of two Am«» i»lockers and it netted a 12-yard gain Mandery gained two yards and the ball was brough. hack, after he had plunged five yards, for the infliction of a five-yard penalty on the «'uixihuskers. Ames was penalized on the next play for off-side. Mandery made It a first down with a three-yard gain .Nebraska was penalized 15 yards and Mandery br«>ko through the line to make back the penalty. Miller Intercepted a Llndell pass the goal line to a touchhack territory as the game Ames »« rlminaged from Us 20-yard , . line. Nebraska drew a five-yards'^“?”-, Nebraska 31' penalty. Fisher failed to gain and ; ^1. lost three yards on the second play ' -''* 4 ies, when he fumbled. J. Miller replaced Fisher In the Aine» huckfield. Pf broke up Llndbloom'" pass, Goe punted 45 yards «und It buskers ple.’iSi'il me immensely the 1 *» sh .tul Stephens kleke.l Se yards, sh ii I elsa returning 10 yards to the afra!*! that the letd.»wn wouM put D-lly w;*j eaught behlnd Nebrasks’s bailón Its own 32 Nehraska off its stiide. The Uorn* ¡ .,* ritme age n ríe '0^ i yard Une. Grlmes went In th " ‘ ' '' Ame» Une for Smlth. Stephens an*l Bresnell inade a yurd and Bronaon punted 40 yards. Ames took th« bail «»i Us SS-ysrd Une after Nebrasku tee*»lved a flve- yard penalty. Mllh-r mude 12 yard irne tlirf*ugh. W way they bave two full we«*k:^. in gt-Ulng ready f*T the Kane.ts Aggi.-.-. Tlu j Uoinhuskers still are ir; tlu- run ning for Valh'V le i.1er ship. T ] conshler U tar from *'eitaln that ■ Mlss«»uii will defeat • »klahonia ru'Xt j Satut'tlsy at Lawr'-n-*■ and If th** Hooners * iin titrn b.i- U tl i- Tlg*-rs. i Nebraska could step tnt«* first i*l,ie*t ' tn th«' V'tillev t>y .lef*-.*nt;g the A' -i prit-s We kn*)w the Aggii-* will he bard to beat httt Nohr'isk.* ill rU e that gauu- tlu* hlg try ." Ames *’T-yur«l line. I isher fuih.l t*» gain anuird the Neltr.. ‘«a right end. E. J Ander.■;.'in replui'Cd Giriures in tire Arnes line. F.. hor plunged two vards h- time w.*.- up f*.r th«. first quarter With ; jo^s and when W'eis.s’ pass was Ih. b .lMn Aui.-s posa*-Sion on the coe puuf.*d 20 yards, the An>e« y«Ml Ifiif »r.n/'hinflr n ?sfi»i)r;iiikii nliiv^rand ftlL! BÌ Ï BEftTSFOO LET i (Continued from Page One.) (rt«me«t Tlils Meek. Om«ha Tech *t Lincoln. Omaha South «t Fremont. Slou« City, la. «t («maha Central. Ratbany at A«hlan*l i£lm*»oo<l at ('on«s« Vie*«. Havelock at ^eward. Afgle high at miv«r«lty Place. Grand I«.»nd «t Norfolk. Holdrege at McCook. «'entrai City et Columbu». HasUnx« at Keainey «irand I*Iand «t Ni^rfolk. Nellgh at f’relfhlon. Red Cloud at tranklln. «uld« Rock at Edsar. Oriean« at «'ambrldfe. «'ret* at Krlend. Broken Bow at Ravenna. Bancroft at Becatur. Imperlai at Grani. Homer at Bakota City. Rosa»« at Blatr. Pallsade «t Bis Sprint* Sidney at Bayard Laurei at Colerdffe St. Patii at Arcadia Pawnee City at Fall« City. Ktmball at Morrtil. Tufts Easy for Harvard. CAMBRIDGE. Oct. 3ft.—(I N S.) Harvard scored at will on Tufts here todaly and w'on by a score of 69 to 6. It was hardly a test for the Crimson- for both tho regttlars and second-string men roamed the field with mtle or no opposition from the Tufts eleven. fell on the oval for a second t*#ch- down. Lowis place-kicked both extra points PurpI« on Dsfensiv«. The second quarter was, the Furple kicking on first downs and being content to play a defensive game. Northwestern bad th« advsntag« ijp the numerous ex­ quarter but the Indiana line held against the Purple plunges. At the start of the second half another lopg run scored Northwestern's llrlrd touchdown. After Fiaker had taken the ball to midfield on an end run, Holmer l«roko through the center of the Crimson line and ran 60 yards across the goal Une. Columbia Trips Cornell. NEW YORK, Oct. 30.—(I N S.) A raging U'ohimbla team, led by a will of the wisp lad named Rleger, Juat a foottrall player and not a regular at thaU lieretofore. today lifted Columbia from the slough *»f football despondency to a sensational 17 to 9 victory over <111 lYoble’s supposedly powerful Cornell team. It was (’ornella first defeat this ye^ir. Lafayette In Lurid Finiah, 1 *HH-\DELPHIA, Oct. 30.—(IN. S.)- A gri-al finish In the last two minute.» swept the unbeaten I.Afay- ett«,' college eleven 83 yards down the field to a touchdown and a 16 lo 1ft victory over Us annual rival. Washington & Jefferaon, here thla afternoon before 35,000 spectators. W’lnn«b«»o «t Lyon«. Oordon St Crawford alibis to Offer, that they had been decisively beaten. Lineup and Summary, Grand Islagid, 5—Pos —LHicoln. 0 Dunning L. E Fisher JuMtlce (c.) I.. T.Koster Werner L, G. Folger (c ) T. I'helaai G Bauer Rasmussen H. fi. Austin Rcheel R. T. Hkold Nath R. E, Hussey P«-(er»on Q B. Kitchen M«»rri» !.. HPacker !. Phelan R. HRaugh G Moore F B Suter 1 Substitutions Grand Island— (Continued From I’age Gn«.) ............ tbrough the Itn«*. VV<*)hs made a gigantic pr«»portlonH, as kordham j i^Bp^en yard, but Miller fumble«! for a three succeeded In breaking up the V lo- Hackler .............. let’s passing attacK. C. ml»ae«1 several oppor Kroeger for \Vern«*r, Werner for Kroeger. Luncoln Armstrong for Townsend for Hu»a«y, Hubtwll «t llebron r«w«rv««, Hsrvsrd «t G«n«vs. Croftori At Hlo«rnfl»l4 Batti» Crr«k «t Newm*n Grov». 0«kl«nd at W«lthlU. Wllb«r at Hebron Arademy. OKAllala at Chappelt. Farnam at ■ •Ilaway. R«.1 Cloud at Franklin Curila Agglea at Oolh«nburg. An«i«y at Gtbbon. Rondar at Takautah. Bridsaport at Gerlng. Oaford at .Mln«ten. Auburn at Plattamouth. Aurora at «'•rd. Tllilan at l’iar«« Srottabluff at Alitane*. VVaat Point at A'hlon Uol'lr«»* at McCiiOk. Nabraak* City at Perù P t * p S outh Hloux City At Ona*»a, ta. L1tehft*ld at Hargenf. N'awcaatI« ai \VAkaf1*ld. Stanton At .Madtaon. Benkalman at ilarndort, Kaa Since George Herman ("Babe") Ruth atarted kno<-klng boni*- 1 * 0 * in thè major league, May i, 1116. he lias ;nad*‘ a granii total ol 4j«> His hlglu'st mark was ln Ift’il, wh*n l^ÌRtv/isiD) t® S177BI swiini \ »TiS Î88L88U.W®*” v.M Knotbsll fsns who delight from eeetng open pt.‘*y. with the backs clearing the uilitgu for lottg gMlns. forwur*! pa.*'. p1*>.- worktnc for Hubstantiul dl.'.tHOi *■ and <he bail frequently •/.login.: ihroiigh the air on punt excttaimes. surely ha«1 their fin The Buskers did fholr l»»rt toward giving the 10,00ft spectators a series of thrdl». 8i yards i Ji.lW.r VS *»f- 1114 4' ■ The weather |ln*. which hung an tnlsicd a 58 yam phnektck ainl the Neltraska’s trail fur th*» fuai iv*<> b.f.11 went m<io»s th*- soal line f*'r u game» of the buivc- .--.« 0 , :,u;t. w r« | t-)*. ''itî iu.k the x'..*.,...! K G.all touching a N’ehraaka player and '^“"‘sECOND QUARTER. - , Atne.s r.wovertng on the Nebraska UDhei’s ^ ; Mllh r headed « sinaahlng stt-aek ounle*l 4ft >aids, Htephens r* turning T”'”,16-yard line. !w!! yarda to th** Nehrask« '27-yH. I , Hron.-m's punt r«olIed line. On it run from punt f«ormatl*jr St* plirtiH swung around th- Am left - nd for 37 yards. .N- hrask»'» tall <m the Ame» 36-yard line, a!ei>ti*-ns had a eh-ar fbld but W elHs’ ta 'kle brought him d v\ n. Dailey lust two yards, but gained b..< k nine yar-1« .-fter ,»''t*»pt«enH' p.isi-; war lncomt)lt'ie. ¿it-phens N. Y. ............... - (unities to score. In the eec*>nd half the V'lolet -qnart-hetl down th<- field for fifty' yards, but Fordham held for d<jwns on lt.s one-yard line. A few minutes later Wexler fuuibled on Fordham’» 6-y«id line and another fine chance went by. Htrong missed hi» two place-kicks for Koaler, Perry for he drove out a total of 69. off his b*-iit HalUidav and Husker» and I*> wh F.irmer-* w *-re tatored by Ideal ci>n*!lt lut.s Th- tang of a cri.^p fall art*-r»'un wa * in the air and, from e\er> standpoint, the «lay was perfect for the most enjoyable of »II college sport» Nehra»ka »cout».will pull • vav ..late this week t‘> f-e Chick M*'e. hnn’» New VtrV'erH snd <’- 01 ,-IU' Haehman » Axmle.i in a* tu n n xt. H-vturflnv AHb-ftJPh' i *’ busKers i'l'* Hotoribij, ^1b day wfll T»e no blank uU Ih ' N'e- t>raaka book. Tía» Husker ftesh- At-'*-;; -r: rii:tnm it« niil» line i.intthiooin vvent in tl> ■ .Vm-'s bnrkfirld luf Holmun .Aft 1 «br*«- pl. ys hitd tulhd i<i guln sul-« fich nt vsi-fb"... , (.Jo- punì* *! B» ytmlr out uf bounds Oli th** Ame-i 33-yard line. Htephen» and l’resnell plunged for lUne t'H-rtls. Prehn*i! tiome It a fltAf ilow n un tw*i play». Dallev fa!;.-d lo «-*rne bi.*l'H.inib'ls ! -p! i«'ed A^hV uni, th** 'l'ilih'ii biiy ti- .in; In- ;ur-(! DaiU'v ¡.n*l Hi**ph*'tn* «.«mi- tiin-'d fr,r u .-** vt 11 vani galri aii-l Preme* ii.ade u a fit«! tlown witt- a sv^lng ouisidt; ' Ih*' -Aui*'!* ngtit t.*^ kle lo» 13 yutd». He was forued > Save 25 CASH and Cents CARRY (Jn all garment? amounting to $1.00 or more. .Men’s Hats Cleaned and Blocked Sl.OO l!3316 Gelhaars Cleaner» 1324 N B4456 Public Cleaners 15140 . Lincoln Cleaning and Dye Works . 156573 336 So. H To 0WTÎ7Ô«4 Why Waste Unused Mileage? Let our expert repair men make your cut, blown or worn tires like new. ¿Tx ^ This »qulpmant il*v**lor»<l s( tha Flr*«ton* fACtor>, mAkas poaaibta Aiitaad rapAlra. Don't throw away any cut or blown tire untll you brfng tt In let ua teli you If It can b*. fix*;d, (tur c«iulpment la thè fiiiesl. (tur men know how to r epa Ir uny tire and do a belter Job. \\ e ar­ ai .yaur aervlce any iliiie un«l qur prh.'e» are very« tesaonable. Come In! • News Items From Beyond the Hiver Styx D; Q. TIRE SERVICE CO. I). E. OODDARI) too Sé. nth St. ‘ • • Vhone 1*935«. Shade of Moses eondoniiuj uith Shade of ITdsoit: "Too had old ehap about the smashiny up id pour fourteen points hard tiiek" Shade of ITilson : ' /'Xot alone old hop see xvhat the eurporntwnM 'are trpiny to do to pont Ten TommamF rnents doten in iJneoln,

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