Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on October 22, 1970 · Page 2
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 2

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1970
Page 2
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Saitfa rvi SJrnllnrl October 22, 1970 1 Is A u Im Tarot Cards, Clue In Soquel Slayings, Have Long History ieommiing AAoosi (Continued from Page 1) export said there would be no particular significance to the knights. While the cards are believed to have originated in Italy, the (Continued from Page 1 word tarot apparently is Ecvntian in derivation. DOSsiblv i wr-" --- . suspects, aimougn snenn s spoilsmen sam uu ttiiai!Stemming from the ancient nier- Imrt hron maHo nnlmh!al "tarn" tn ronnirp 7 , ' . ,. , ,..u: ub.,p.v-. .. - "r ., young man incimormanwwnom m general, wc nuiv rauai, progressiv Ci has st rong i. j k e s tng were scheduled to see the DA again today at 1 p.m.icards take their meanings fr?m and dislikes operates more on of intellect and emotion, aggressive and impulsive. Departure, separation and disunion. Knight of Cups-A fair young man, a lover. His best quality is sympathy and his temperament can vary between despondency and enthusiasm. Arrival, approach, advance. Knight of Pentacles A fair The Soauel mass slavines have taken on occult over-iothers in their proximity during tones reminiscent of those in the Bel Air massacre of a fortune-telling session, but Sharon Tate and her companions. leach card has an assigned mys- A note left bv the Soquel slayers read Wednesda night during a sheriff's press conference has a strong mystical flavor and for a signature bears the names of four tarot cards, a special deck used for fortune telling. Contents of the note: "Today World War 3 will begin as brought to you by the people of the Free Universe. From this day forward any one and -or company of persons who mis uses the natural environment or destroys same will suffer the penalty of death by the people of the Free Universe. "I and my comrades from this day forth will fight until death or freedom, against anything or anyone who does not support natural life on this planet, materialism must die or mankind will. "Knight of Wands , . ,, Knight of Cups Knight of Pentacles Knight of Swords" The four knights are cards from the tarot deck. Undersheriff Paul Tara conducted the press con ference Wednesday night and said the note was found under the windshield wiper of a Rolls Royce blocking one of the entrance ways to the estate of the Victor Ohta family where the slayings took place. Killed in the execution-style slaving were Dr. Victor Ohta, his wife, Virginia; their two sons, Taggart and Derrick, and Dr. Ohta's secretary, Dorothy Cadwallader. Tara said the note was not released earlier because of the need to study it as evidence. He added the original copy "is in the hands of some of the most competent analysts in the State of California. Clearly fearful the note might trigger vigilante-type action against non-conformist youth elements in the area, Tara concluded his message by stating, "We recognize the shock that this senseless act has brought to our era zenry. We trust that the sober judgment of our residents will prevail over any emotional reaction. The successful conclusion to this tragic crime will be based on the com bined efforts, a rational, logical citizenry responsive to the tedious processes required of competent law enforce ment personnel." v The sheriff's administrative assistant, Louis Keller, took over the press conference, but added little informa tion about the note. Asked if the killings might be the work of a mysti cal cult, Keller said police thought that might be the case. He said the note was typewritten, but officers don't know whether it was written at the Ohta home. He said he knows of no other evidence being withheld from the public and knows of no other threats delivered to other local persons. ........ Three barefoot, strange-acting people who entered a Monterey restaurant Wednesday night about midnight are being sought by police for questioning in connection with the Soquel mass murder, The. Monterey Herald said today. ' .. Shaken by his experience, the restaurant owner re quested that neither his name nor the name of his res taurant be used for fear of reprisal. He told police that three people, two men about 26 to 32, and a young woman, about 20, entered his restau-l rant and asked if he served food in nature's manner. The woman was waving a red wand and appeared to be in a semi-dazed condition. The two men asked the tical significance. Those of the signers of the death note are: Knight of Wands A dark young man, a friend. His emo tion springs from a blending Fear Stalks Area In Wake Of Slayings ' (Continued from Page 1) of hand guns continues unabat ed. Area animal shelters have been deluged with calls for po lice dogs or watchdogs of any type. iwo hippie-type students in the San Lorenzo Valley told a Sentinel reporter they are "scared silly" by the prospect of their daily hitchhiking trip to UCSC. The current marked fascina tion of youth with witchcraft and the occult forms a damrv ing link with the slayings through the death note. Jack Cadwallader, husband of the slain secretary, thinks the killings were the work of a cult after the fashion of the Man son "family" on trial in Los Angeles in the Sharon Tate mur ders. "What else would it be?" he asked hopelessly. "They weren't after money. They didn t give themselves time to take any." A nun at Dominican Hospital where Dr. Ohta was a founder and practiced ophthalmology, said "This has cast a pall over the whole city." Sandra Vallelunga, whose family lives on the next ridge over from the death scene, said, 1 m scared to death." a mental than an e m o t i o n al plane. Wisdom, economy, order, regulation. Knight of Swords A dark young man. an enemy. Higniy ambitious, he strives to gain power. Skillfulness, cap a c i t y, address, promptitude. Another tarot card symbolizes the universe, but there has been no comment on whether it has connection with the "Free Universe" referred to in the note left at the scene Monday night of the slaying of Dr. Victor Ohta, his wife, sons aiid; secretary in the Ohtas Rodeo Gulch home. women codefendants returned beaming to the Sharon Tate murder trial courtroom today after three weeks of exile for misbehaving. The judge ordered them brought in after a conference at the bench with their attorneys, but gave no explanation. The four were ejected for in-terruntine thp iudtie and sineinc stranger. He isU,rjng court sessions, and have been listening to proceedings via loudspeakers in adjoining rooms. The judge had said they could return any time, they promised to behave. They ful down and made no disturbance ?s testimony resumed. Earlier testimony indicated that Manson visited Miss Tate's mansion in search of Doris Day's son about five months before the actress and four others were slain there. Rudolph Altobelli, a personal manager of entertainers, testi fied r.t ha Tate murder trial Vedr.u;d.'-.y that Manson's visit stuck in his mind because he'd previously met Manson, then an aspiring singer, at a Hollywood party. When he started to introduce Miss Tate and six others August 1969, Manson. was clean shaven, and his attorney said he I .OS ANC.Kl.KS (AP) -himself, I said, 'I know you,:on trial with three women fol-jhim out as the visiter Charles Manson and his t hreeThn.-iio " AltnMli Mlinrri-lowers charged wnn muiui-iuiK.usuaiiy uearuen, of the surprise visit on March 23, 1969. Manson, 35, shaggy-haired head of a hippie-style family, is .u i l f ,,i did it voluntarily to aid identify Tn confirm the identification, " . J the state had Manson broughtpuion. ne iwu nu uumu into court, and Altobelli pointed Marc!., 1969. in Police, Blacks Battle In Cairo, 111. Willie Sutton Pulls Another Bank Job NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (AP) - Willie "The Actor" Sutton, onetime nemesis to : banks across the country, has pulled off another bank iob and he says it was one of the toughest Sutton has been hired by the New Britain Bank and Trust Co to introduce on television com mercials the state's first Master Charge card with the bearer's photograph. The batik said that after a month of "careful negotiations" with Sutton s lawyer a contract was signed and a series of com mercials was filmed in Miami Beach, where Sutton is putting the finishing touches on his au tobiography. "It's not the easiest bank job I've done," Sutton said after the filming. Sutton was released from Atti ca State Prison near Buffalo, N.Y., last Christmas Eve after! spending more than half, his 68 years behind bars. A court order had vacated two of his prison sentences. owner if he believed in nature. He replied he did. . In the ensuing conversation the words "Without nature, we're dead" were used. The trio left the restaurant in a light colored, im ported van. . Funeral services for the Ohta family will be Friday at 8:30 a.m. from White's Mortuary, 138 Walnut Ave., to Holy Cross Church for a requiem mass at 9. Inter ment will be m Holy Cross Cemetery. The rosary will be recited tonight in White's chapel at 7:30. A mass will be celebrated at 5 p.m. today at the Dominican Hospital chapel for Dr. Ohta. The Rev. James Fallon will officiate. Our Most Compact Complete Stereo System! AMFM' Radio - Phono - Cassette Recorder Player ModJJdte Stereo Music Center 1 DUST COVER I INCLUDED You cn pUy AM or FM or FM itro; us tht 4-pd automatic phone; record or pity pre-recorded Upas with built-in cassette. You em tip recordi or ndio on tht ciitatto listening to them it the tarn timt thru headphones or the big 10"x5"xl5" walnut grainad speakers. You can also racord your own action utilizing the 2 pencil-slim dynamic microphone. 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Judge .Franich cut in sharply during questioning of Zehner . The purpose of welfare, the judge snapped, "is to help those who need help and can't help themselves. If Mr. Pratte won't make sacrifices for himself and his family, how can he expect the rest of society to make sac rifices for him?'" On the question of constitu tional rights or equal rights, the judge asked, "What about the hard-working people who have a horrible time meeting their bills and supporting these welfare programs.' What about their constitutional rights if a person voluntarily exel u d e s himself from employment? . The reason a democracy ex ists," the judge continued, "is because people are willing to make sacrifices for. their fam ilies and their country. 'Why do. jurors serve who get paid only a i2T day? If they insisted on being paid more, there would be no more jury trials, because j trials would be too expensive." Even if Pratte's attorney proved the county has a policy against granting aid to longhaired persons because they cannot be employed, Judge Franich said, "I can't see anything wrong with this." It's not just a matter of long hair, the judge said, but the attitude of persons who deliberately make themselves unavailable for employment, yet insist on welfare support. "If we've gone this far, the moral decay of this country is worse than I thought," Judge Franich concluded. Fox, after the judge's remarks, replied it was obvious what the court decision would be, and said he rested -Pratte's case. "Your honor has agreed with the welfare department's decision." The trial continued, however, because Dwight Herr, assistant county counsel, said that the points raised by Pratte's attorney should be answered in the court record. No formal decision was made by press time. NEW ROOM NEEDED STONEHAM, Mass. (AP) -Charles J. Hugo, a 25-year-old iron worker whose family grew from five to nine with the birth of quadruplets Wednesday, says he'll probably have to build an addition to his three-bedroom house. CAIRO, 111. (AP) - Heavy gunfire flared between police and entrenched snipers for three hours Wednesday night in this racially divided Southern Il linois city, then it died away as abruptly as it began. There were no reports of injuries in the shooting that broke out after an early morning fire destroyed a Veterans of Foreign Wars hall. The gunfire was centered along a 250-yard strip between the police station and a black public housing project. Police darted into the street and, taking cover behind nearby buildings, fired with pistols, car bines and submachine guns. Witnesses said most sniper muzzle flashes came from near the housing project. They said snipers as well as police were armed with automatic weapons, State troopers called by May or Pete Thomas sealed off roads in and out of town after the fire, attributed by officials to arson, razed the VFW hall. A white railroad worker was stabbed and wounded seriously by a Negro at the fire scene, po lice reported. Snipers also shot at tiremen trying to extinguish the blaze. In another development Wednesday, the resignations of Sheriff Cliesley Willis of Alexan der County and his son-in-law, Cairo City Patrolman Steve Thomas, were announced without explanation. In an emergency meeting, the Alexander County Board appointed Coroner Donald J. Turner to act as sheriff. ' 30 Horses Die In Barn Fire CHERRY HILL, N.J. (AP) -, At least 30 thoroughbred race horses valued at almost $500,000 were killed in a fast-moving fire that destroyed a barn at the Garden State Race Track Wednesday night. A trainer collapsed and died early today after going through the ruins to check if any of his horses had died. A 19-year-old groom was1 missing and track officials fear he may have died in the blaze. The blaze broke out just before midnight in Barn D, a large 300 Attend Funeral For Victim Of Slaying A plea was made today not floral pieces covering the front to blame God for the slaying around the coffin and extending of Mrs. Dorothy L. Cadwalader, but to blame a depraved and sadistic cult. The Rev. D. R. Peterman of the Church of the Nazarene, spoke of society's moral sickness and degenerating minds to some 300 persons who crowded into White's Mortuary for the funeral of Mrs. Cadwallader, a victim in Monday night's mass slaying in Soquel. Besides family and friends many journalists and law offi cials were present and on the outside some 10 camera crews waited for the family to appear after the ceremonies. J, The funeral was quiet": and dignified with some 40 to 50 around the sides, of . the audi torium. . The Rev. Mr. Peterman dwelled on the theme that "God is love and watching over each of us with tender loving care. He is never the cause of acci dents or death. God is love." He blamed Mrs. Cadwalla- der's death on the wickedness of a degenerating society and on depraved and sick minds and asked for prayers for the speedy capture of the guilty. He also criticized television, saying that people were taught to "beat up, fight and shoot," by the "great home educator," television, . , , ? He also prayed for a refufti to morality within our society. barn that houses 55 horses in the track paddock area. John Madala, track security chief, said the fire started at the south end oi the barn and spread quickly through the structure. Despite a light rain, the barn was. a roaring inferno by the time five Cherry Hill fire companies arrived. .' Flames were visible for several miles during the hour-long fire. Terrified horses roamed through the area and interfered with efforts to rescue other race horses, track workers said. Kidnaped Baby Is Recovered PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A 3-month-old boy has been recovered unharmed in a Philadelphia apartment four days after he was taken from a Richmond, Va., hospital by a woman who posed as his mother. A 20-year-old woman, Anne Delores Taylor of Philadelphia, was arrested and charged with kidnaping, the FBI said. The FBI said the unnamed baby, son of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Robinson of Richmond, was taken to a hospital here. The woman, who the FBI said is also known as Andrena Taylor,: was held in lieu of $20,000 bail pending a preliminary hearing before a U.S.; commissioner. . . ' 15 off our regular low prices on draperies and scatter rugs. It's Penney Days! even for thousands who perspire heavily An antiperspirant that really works! 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