The Arroyo Grande Valley Herald Recorder from Arroyo Grande, California on October 28, 1932 · 8
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The Arroyo Grande Valley Herald Recorder from Arroyo Grande, California · 8

Arroyo Grande, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1932
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PAGE EIGHT THE HERALD-RECORDER, Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo County, California Friday, October 28 OCEANO Mrs. H. H. Ornduff The Oceano Poultry association met in the school auditorium Monday. The Roosevelt-Garner club petitions sent out have 120 signatures out of 159 registered voters. Mrs. H. H. Ornduff spent the week-end visiting her daughters in San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Hill and daughter, Winifred, of Hollywood and Branch Perry of Bakersfield spent the week-end at the J. M. Brown home. Mrs. J. M. Brown has returned from a pleasant week visiting m Bakersfield. Her son, Clifford L. Brown, is attending junior college in that city. M. S. Cunha, vice-president and li51 iJ U Turneys Electric Shop Phone 41 Arroyo Grande BENNETTS ' GROCERY Phone 8J Free Delivery secretary of the Farm Products Sales company, that built a packing house in Oceano last year, arrived Friday with men, tractors and the pea seed to plant about 2000 acres they leased for that purpose last spring. Mr. and Mrs. George Spears attended Lewis Hardings birthday I party at Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bur-gans in Arroyo Grande Friday. The many friends of Mrs. M. V. Fialho, (nee Mary Armas), of Arroyo Grande, will be glad to learn, she and her young son are doing I nicely in a San Luis Obispo hospital. ! one of the modern bungalows being built m the La Verne addi-! tion to Oceano by John Loosemore of Atascadero has been completed, I the other under construction is j nearing completion. S Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parrish were i calling on friends in San Luis 1 Obispo Tuesday. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY FOR SALE Permain apples, leper lb; cabbage lc per lb. G. R. Woodnorth, Arroyo Grande. 10-28 11-11 LOST Tuesday, ladies Benrus wrist watch with small link bracelet, between Dr. Brown residence and Arroyo Grande Commercial Co. Finder return to Mrs. Earl Shrodev Reward. 1 The Farmers Corner Thomas E. Hodges of Halcyon j Mrs. Ed. Landis' of Pismo Beach has been confined to his bed for was a business visitor in this city seveial days with a severe cold. Friday of last week. J. E. Parrish of the upper valley Akira Saruwatari left Wednesday was transacting business in the on a business trip to Los Angeles, county seat Tuesday. He expects to return today Mrs. Maytie Shaw was a visitor m the county seat Friday transacting business. Mrs. R. M. Wabbel of San Luis Obispo spent Tuesday m this city visiting with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Cleon Kyte. Don Fred Branch and his wife, Dona Branch, are holding their own under a nurses care m their apaitment in Santa Baibara. Mr. and Mrs. R. Russell of Fair Oaks returned Tuesday from a i few days visit with friends at ! Bakersfield. Herbert Tanis and shipmate, 1 Charley Pierce of the U. S. S. Colo-1 radu, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. iHaiold Tams this week. Mrs. J. D. Anderson of this city and her mother, Mrs. M Proudfit of Pismo Beach, were business visitors m the county seat Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Mills of Pismo Beach were transacting business in this city Tuesday moiii-i ing. Miss Frieda Poole and Miss Margaret Southwick spent the weekend m Palo Alto and attended the Stanford-U. S. C. football game Saturday. Saturday CASH SPECIALS CARNATION Wheat Flakes 1 (1 Lge. Pkg. IOC SPERRY Pancake Flour and Wheat Hearts 1 7 Both for 1.IC CREAMETTES 1 A 3 Pkgs 14C (Milk Cooked Macaroni) MILK or 5 for LDC (Any Brand) BRILLO or 3 Pkgs LDC A" SATURDAY MEAT SPECIALS WILKINSONS MARKET Phone 205 Arroyo Grande ! V J seEsr I Mrs. Asa Porter returned from I Los Angeles last week-end and re-I ports that her father, Don Frank 1 Dana, who has been ill for weeks, was able to be out of his bed. Postmaster Chester Steele, who has been occupying the Fouch cottage on Branch street, has rented one of the Olive Brown cottages on Traffic way and will move in on November 1. 1 Mrs. A. A. Henry, who has been I spending several weeks in Long ! Beach with her nephew, George Runyon and family, for the benefit of her health, will return home i tomorrow. Addison and Newman Wood visited over Saturday night and Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Carmean Wood of San Luis Obispo. Mrs. Sam Thompson and sister, Mrs. Peel, of San Luis Obispo, called on Mrs. M. A. Newsom Monday. Mrs Will Zeyen and friend, Mrs. Warren Aubrey of Oceano, left Friday for a weeks visit with Mrs. Zeyens father, A. L. Montgomery of Exeter. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cook, who have been living m the apartments of the C. Kyte home on Mason street, moved Tuesday into the Turney cottage on Short street, George Spears returned yesterday from Salinas where he had been for several days on a painting job. Mrs. Spears visited with Mi . and Mrs. Perry Harding of this city while Mr. Spears was away. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Routzahn and Mrs. Mary Merrill, who have been living m the Poole cottage on Bridge street for several months, have' rented the Presbyterian manse and will move in tomorrow. John Guy and son, John, Jr., of Santa Margarita, were at the Leonard Fernamberg rancho m the Branch district Wednesday to truck the dairy cows to the Eagle rancho near Santa Margarita. Mrs. Pearl Arnwine of Corcoran, who spent several days last week visiting with Mrs. Rebecca Thatcher and C. E. Denham in this city and Mrs. Pearl Sewell of Pismo Beach, returned Saturday to her home in the valley. B. E. Patchett, L. E. McChesney, J. R. Heinrich, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wood and Mrs. R. R. Ketchum of the Arroyo Grande Farm Center attended the all-day county committee meeting of the farm bureau at Templeton Saturday. Nathan Mansfield expects to leave for Watsonville tomorrow to attend an old-timers night to be held by the Redman lodge of that city. Mr. Mansfield has been a member of the lodge for the past 18 years. 1 CALIFORNIAS program of agri-1 cultural research, judged by the j acid test of cash dividends to the ! farming industry, is paying both 1 liberal and regular dividends, j Actual savings of many millions of dollars have been effected by ! the states fanners as a result of I the research program, according to i a report on the practical value of i the laim studies, made public re-j cently by Dean C B. Hutchinson of the State College of Agriculture. , And both savings and added profits Will increase tremendously m the years ahead, as thousands of additional rarmers adopt improved piactices and adjust their operations m keeping with the f mo mgs of the research woikers. i Auditing books on a single research pioject to compute its exact, doilars-and-cents value, Dean Hutchison repoited that the application of new cultivation and irrigation practices, resulting from research into the use of water by oi chard trees and the movement of water in the soil, saved California f aimers $4,197,123 during 1931 alone. Of this amount, $1,683,440 was saved m irrigation costs, while $2,-513,683 was saved m cultivation charges. Dean Hutchison comments: Thus savings made by only a part of the growers in only a part of the fruit growing counties of the state, by the adoption of these two improved orchard practices, have amounte d in a single year to more than twice the cost to the state of all the activities of the College of Agriculture, including research, resident i instruction and extension. Furthermore, had these improved practices been applied by growers in 11931 to all of the orchard acreage I in these same counties to which they were applicable, the total savings would have been more than $10,000,000. Showing the tremendous losses averted over a period of years by I improved practices growing out of research work, the farm college head declared that $14,464,837 has been saved m irrigation and cultivation costs since 1925, when the college first made public its findings. 1 Giving a complete analysis of tills single project to indicate the scope of the work, Dean Hutchison reported that this study completely reversed the old theory of cultivation to Insure retention of soil moisture. The research work, start ing in 1920, disclosed that cu'tn-Lon, except to prevent growth3' weeds, grass and plants wvJ! draw moisture from the soil a waste of both money and eiie Many growers, who used to cm tivate six to twelve or more tirn ' j in a year, now cultivate only or four times a year, Hutchisn said; through this knowledge a! the- resulting charge m praetp the cost of cultivation is giean reduced, and the soil is left 7 better condition for the penetra tion of water. In the same studies it was fourr 1 that the plant can obtain , equally as well when the : content of the soil is just aboi the peimanent wilting percental as when it is near field capaciti By use of this knowledge the nig of much irrigation water arri 1 re danger of injury to the tre Horn leaving the soil dry too lon7 may be avoided. a 1 The practical results obnmiej by tins and many other similar lescarch projects demonstrates o .O-ifi all question, that the farm organizations of California ktier where they were going when the" lought for legislation to permi such research programs. It also demonstrates the need for sensible, intelligent economy Cuts during the next legislature, rather 1 that hit-or-miss methods which would endanger essential work that 1 is paying millions of dollars m i cash dividends. S Californias farm organizations having taken the lead in the figh 1 for reduced expenditures and re-' duced taxation, also have the responsibility of guarding against unsound economy proposals of the I penny-wise and pound-Joolisn" j variety. They must take their I own medicine, to be sure, as a ; guarantee of good faith and their 1 honest desire for retrenchment I but they must be sure it is the right medicine. j The College of Agriculture, in-j cidentally, is setting a good ex-! ample and minimizing the chance ! for unwise cuts by cutting its own. The college budget requests ! for the coming two years, which will be submitted shortly, will be greatly reduced, but the saving will be accomplished where it will do the least damage to worthwhile work. 1 LOS- ANGELES. (UP) Los An-! geles owns a swarm of coccophagus gurneyi worth $280,000. The swarm I is nothing but little white flies used I to battle the mealybug, deadly citrus pest. The reception given the teachers of the grammar and high schools Thursday evening of last week by the P. T. A. was one of the most enjoyable affairs ever held. There were about 150 people in attendance and all report a delightful time. SPECIALS for SATURDAY - - - OCTOBER 29 - - - Mrs. R. M. Plympton and daughter, Miss Eunice, motored to Ventura Saturday and visited until Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. A. Page. Miss Plympton made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Page for two years in Santa Barbara while she was attending teacheis college. FREE Three Packages of Greamettes Macaroni with every purchase of 3 packages at . . S & W COFFEE 2-Pound Can 18c 56c Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Patterson wish, through the columns of. this paper, to correct an unjust statement circulated about that they had pat out poison with which several dogs were killed. The well-bied dog belonging to Russell 1 Mines u died from the effects ot poison and several other dogs were poisoned but resoonded to treatment and their lives saved. The members of the American Lesion Auxiliary gave a countiy store card party in the Legion hall last evening. The decorations and refreshments carried out the Halloween motif. The pumpkins used m the decorations were donated by J. E. Parrish. W P. Brady of San Luis Obispo was m this city Tuesday endeavoring to organize a Roosevelt-Garner club, but as only two Democrats appeared at the city hall to confer with him, and these two being unwilling to part with any cash, he dismissed the idea of a club here. ALBERS FLAPJACK FLOUR large; 2 for 25c PEARLS OF WHEAT Large size 25c PEACHES No. 2 Dunbar SHRIMP tin; 3 for 3 cans. L$C QATOWTVtJTTTrr - ASPARAGUS TIPS s 84c r" 25r green; 2 for Sperry ROLLED Q SALT -a r OATS lg. pkg. IOC 8-lb. bag. 13C S A T U Pi D AY WE LEAD OTHERS FOLLOW The NOVELTY VICTOR TARWATER PHONE 50 Wp Deliver Meat From Wilkinsons Market Free with Grocery Orders v r 1 & Y i 3 Vt pismo ? V' Y BEACH J"' Vi 1 ;.u .g i -nV-.: Adults 3Jc Children 15c TONIGHT and SATURDAY A native legend of the fire god. Filmed in the Hawaiian Islands. Spectacular and primitive. THE BIRD OF PARADISE With Dolores Del Rio and Joel McCrea SUNDAY and MONDAY Frank Bucks BRING EM BACK ALIVE Sound and picture record of warring beasts of the Malayan jungle. Adults 25c TUESDAY ONLY Children 10c Phillips Holmes, Dorothy Jordan, Charlie Ruggles John Mack Brown in 70,000 WITNESSES Astounding mystery thriller with a football background WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY Marlene Dietrich in BLONDE VENUS Playing an American role for the first time. IF YOU ARE HARD OF HEARING ASK FOR EARPHONES BUTTER Per lb... 23c 25c SWEET POTATOES Per Lb LC MACARONI 8 oz. pkgs, 6 17c SNOWDRIFT 3 lb. can ... 43c PEARLS OF WHEAT Pkg Ik DEL MONTE PUMPKIN 2(2 can 9c PIAZOLA OIL Quart Crystal OATS kg. SWEET CORN Can .. .. RED SALMON Can lrKSALMON Can 32c 20c 8c Me 8c H. R. PHILLIPS 'Y'c Deliver Santos Bldg. Phone 255 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gammons and daughter, Rosemary, of Orange Cove, vnsted several days with Mrs. Gammons mother, Mrs. Clara Von Dorn, and several of their friends Urs week. Their eldest daughter, Mm Clara Maddux and little son of Hanford, accompanied them. 2 ' rr: '.sirr za t 'J November 3-4-5 Airzroy SDjiifig C. ; V"- j An operation for mastoid was peitormed Sunday at a San Luis Obispo hospital on Gordon Bennett. 6. son of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Bennett of this city. He was reported as being past the critical point yesterday and probably will be brought to his home here early next week. !dnimAair.x! WU) Mrs. Rita Langenbeck has been seriously ill for several days this week with a heart attack complicated with the flu. Her youngest daughter, Miss Babe Langenbeck, has also been confined to her bed this week with an attack of the liu. Both are reported as improving. Jimmy Orman has prepared for the heavy winter rains predicted by Gin Chow, Chinese weather piophet, by having a new roof put on his dwelling on Branch street, a new foundation placed under the front of the dwelling and a concrete porch laid at the front door. rry-jr ,rp j5 SM'fbALoMHti Halloween Novelties Matinee Daily, 2:30 15c and 30c Sunday and Monday, Oct. 30-31 HAROLD LLOYD in MOVIE CRAZY Tues. and Wed., Nov. 1-2 ' NIGHT AFTER-NIGHT and Week-End Marriage Thur. and Fri., Nov. 3-4 GRAND HOTEL At Popular Prices Witches, Goblins. Black Cats, Masks, and all the accessories of the successful Hallowe'en celebration are here, ready to take part in your Halloween party and assure its success. Come in early and look them over. THREE DAY BARGAIN SALE THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY November 3-4-5 Three Big Days when Amazing Values will be given for only a few cents. Dont forget Thursday, Friday and Saturday of next week November 3, 4 and 5. Red & White Grocery Specials on Page 4 Arroyo Grande Commercial Co "A Good Place to Trade Free Delivery E. S. WHITLOCK, Prop. Phone 202 5 n y

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