Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 28, 1965 · Page 8
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 8

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1965
Page 8
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CL ASS IF I EDS Reol Estate Service SEE SHEL—If you have property to sell. Smith Real Estate, 662-3655 or 662-5921. LISTINGS NEEDED of 2 and 3-bedroom homes. WHEELED REALTOR PHONE 662-2022 LISTINGS NEEDED of homes, farms and small acreages. Jack Bennett Real Estate, phone 6624273. /LAMBERT ABSTRACT CO., established 1870. Efficient serv ice. Pauline Wheeler, Mgr., Murphy Bldg. Phone 662-5653. LISTINGS NEEDED — Farms and small acreages, Raymond Clapp, Realtor, R. R. 1, phone Help Wonted 2 MEN wanted — ?127 weekly plus car, bonus. Room 12, Buell's Motel, Monday, 7:00-8:00 p. m.; Tuesday, 7:30-8:30 a. m. or 7:00-8:00 p. m. LADIES (4) part-time work, 16 hours weekly outside the home. Choice of hours. Write Box H, c/o Daily News. LINOTYPE operator wanted. Apply hi person, Tippecanoe Press, Shelbyville. NEED 2 good carpenters for work on houses. Steady year 'round work. Good pay; all the hours you want to work. Need 1 good lead carpenter. PAUL GATEWOOD House Builder and Contractor Westport Phone 591-3081 "The Gateway To Better Homes WAITRESS WANTED. Buell's Restaurant. No phone calls, please. Instructions FINISH HIGH SCHOOL at home. International Correspondence School. Write or phone: F. I. Simpson, 2807 Seventeenth Street, Columbus, Indiana, phone 3767703. Situations Wonted BOY, AGE 17, wants full time summer work; have driver's license. Call 663-4329. .- Financial FARM FINANCING or refinancing, long term mortgage. Contact Raymond Clapp, R. R. 1, phone 663-4849. FOR FEDERAL Land Bank Loans, William F. Smith, Room 3, Murphy Building, Tuesday A. M., Thursday P. M., phone 662-5791. Markets Friday, May 28 New Wheat—Delivered fl.24 bu. Ear Corn—Delivered 1.30 bu. Shelled Corn-4)elivered 1.35 bu. Oats—Delivered •...<•.... .85 bu. Soybeans—Delivered .... 2.74 bu. INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)—Livestock: • . Hogs 3,500; Barrow's and gilts steady; 1 and 2, 190-225 Ib 21.50-21.75; 1 to 3, 190-250 Ib 21.00-21.50; 2 and 3, 235-290 Ib 20.50-21.00, load 21.15; sows steady to 25 lower; 1 to 3, 300380 Ib 18.75-19.75; 380-500 Ib 18.00-19.00; 2 and 3, 400-600 Ib 17.25-18.25. Cattle 200; calves 8; not enough any one class of cattle to test market; 2 loads mostly good steers 25.00-25.50; load good and standard Holsteins 21.25; 'Utility and commercial cows 14.00-15.50; canners and cutters 13.00-14.50; utility and commercial bulls 17.00-18.75; standard and choice vealers 18.00-27.00. Sheep 100; almost entire supply on bought to arrive basis; not enough salable on offer to test market. CINCINNATI (UPI) — Livestock: Hogs 1,200; 25-35 lower; 1-2, 190-230 Ib 21.50-21.60. MISSILE FAILS VANDENBERG, AFB, Calif. (UPI) — An Atlas missile rocketing a piggyback research satellite toward polar orbit blew up two minutes after launch Thursday, markmg v the second consecutive failure in the program. Cause of the failure was not determined. , hrf(Ml DJy Mms, ttfn,tot 28. W65 wist' .r-jT — -<'it U- J -J.!U.-> Troops Occupy Bonk— Dominican Mediation Efforts Are Resisted By MARTIN MCREYNOLDS SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) — The Organization of American States (OAS), entrusted with keeping the peace here, today took over the role of banker to the strife-torn Dominican Republic. An OAS spokesman disclosed that troops under OAS command and including U:S; military policemen occupied the central bank last night. The action took place before OAS mediator Jose A. Mora announced he had arranged to pay the salaries of all public employes regardless of their political affiliation. Checks have been prepared on the 'basis of April payrolls and will be distributed to all persons on those foils at locations in Santo Domingo and throughout the country, the spokesman said. The United States meanwhile announced 19 cease-fire violations up to midnight Thursday night. There were unconfirmed reports one American soldier was wounded in the gunfire, but apparently American forces did not return any fire. Both sides in the Dominican conflict were reacting cooly to OAS efforts to restore normal conditions. Mora/was trying to win support for a plan which would give the OAS temporary control of 'the Dominican government palace, official radio, communications facilities arid the city's banks and power stations. He was ; reported "meeting "bbhsider- aWe resistance from both factions. ' .'•••• t Reliable sources said U.S. and inter-American mediators have dropped their efforts to form a compromise government here for the time being and are concentrating on the effort to restore vital services in the City. (In Waco, ,Tex., President Johnson announced that" '1,700 U.S. troops will be withdrawn Saturday from Santo Domingo, jare . :: :nio-^jonger needed because of the growing strength of the inter-American peace force there. Six hundred U.S. Marines have left the city already. , (Johnson said a new and much faster international system is needed to counter Communist attempts to seize power hi Latin America.) Col. Francisco Caamano Deno's rebels were particularly violent in their rejection of the OAS plan. Rebel sources charged it would end rebel domination of an important part of the city and pusn Caamano's men into a corner where they would bfe virtually sealed off. Maj. Gen. Antonio Imbert Ban-era's' junta government, though less angry in its opposition to the plan, showed no sign of willingness to surrender either the "White House" or the studios of Radio Santo Domingo to the OAS. The junta wrested both from the rebels during the fighting here. The rebel pocKet south of the U.S.-controlled supply corridor across Santo Domingo includes most of the city's banks, the post office, the telephone exchange and the offices of the cable companies serving the city. Few of these institutions are operating normally, and most of them are not operating at all. F. B. Membership Hits New High INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - The Indiana Farm Bureau reported today its membership has reached an all-time high of 135,954, an increase of 56 over last year. Organization director Hollys Moon said the total will be at least 138,500 when the rolls are closed Aug. 31, an increase of nearly 6,000 over the total by this time last year. in ief WASHINGTON'(UPD — H all goes relatively smoothly in the Dominican Republic during the next few weeks, toe United States may withdraw all or most of the 21,000 Marines and Army paratroopers there. They would be replaced by an Army infantry brigade of about 4,000 men that eventually could be incorporated into an inter - American peacekeeping force of perhaps 6,000 men. U. S. officials foresee the possibility that such a force, which would include 2,000 Latin American troops, may be 1 v needed'in the troubled Caribbean island nation for months to come. FRANKFORT, Ky. (UPI) — The Kentucky Court of Appeals today struck down local "right- to-work" ordinances as invalid and uiienforcable. Congress extended to states, not municipalities, the power to pass "right-to-work" laws, the high court said. TEL AVIV, Israel (UPI) —Israeli commandoes raided three Jordanian tpwns ! Thursday night in a bold warning to Arab sabotage squads to halt their attacks on Israeli border settlements, it was announced today. •The military action produced the makings of a new crisis in the Middle East. CHICAGO (UPI) — The House Committee oh Un-American Activities, here to probe alleged Communist activities in the Chicago area, wound up its investigations Thursday. "• In three days of hearings, there was testimony from tw'c paid FBI informers, a total of 449 "Fifth Amendments" from 10 witnesses and walkouts by three subpoenaed witnesses. There, were 70 demonstrators arrested and two pickets with bloodied heads. HAMBURG (UPI) — Queen Elizabeth II today wound up her 10-day official tour of Wesl Germany with, the hope that "the dark years are over forever." ..... Thousands earlier had stormed police lines to shower :he Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, with cheers and flowers. WASHINGTON (UPI) — Ala bamia is playing "Russian roulette" with the millions of dollars in federal school aid if it continues to delay on school desegregation, a federal educa tion official said today. Allen Lesser, director of compliance for the U.S. Office of "Education, said that Alabama is still far from qualifying for its share of President Johnson's $3.2 billion aid to -education program. The deadline is June 30. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Carrier in City and Towns—Per Week. * •By Mail (Indiana) Year In Advance — Six Months — .- --••Three Months —; Less Than Three Months—Month .-. By Mail (Outside Indiana) Year —.— Six Months _- -.- '- • ; "™ 'Three Months —- —-— , • Less Than Three. Months—Month MiU Subscriptions Cannot Be Accepted In Towns With Carrier LA PAZ, Bolivia (UPI) — Police held 16 persons here today on suspicion of complicity in Thursday's-terror bombing and shooting in the suburbs of La Paz. Warrants were issued for the arrest of five leaders of former Vice President Juan Lechin's extreme leftist (PRIN) party, who were cited by the government as the persons principally responsible for the terror campaign. PARIS (UPI) — France is ending her military cooperation in the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) and is withdrawing all her military staff from SEATO's Bangkok headquarters, a foreign office spokesman said today. He added, however, this did not mean that France was abandoning political member ship in the anti-Communist alii ance completely. VATICAN CITY (UPI) —Pope Paul VI's plans for traveling to Communist Poland next year will not be officially announced for several months, Vatican sources indicated today. Church sources in Warsaw, reported Thursday that the rxm tiff will visit Poland in May 1966, to help celebrate the mil lenium of Roman Catholicism there. ' Daily Southeastern Indiana's Greatest .Newspaper Published, daily except Sunday and certain holidays by News Publishing Company. Entered as Second Class matter .« Ind.) Post Office .; r uai v/nmc. , . - • . " • • — AWT 'Member—Booster State Press Assn.; Bureau of Advertising (AM* diana Republican Editorial Assn.; Inland Dally Press Assn. ..* .45 „ 14.00 . 750 .4.00 '"_.' 2.00 ...... 16.00 . 8.50 ".._. 5.00 2.50 Delivery^ SWORN CIRCULATION APRIL TL, 1965 5816 Memorial Day Instituted Here 85 Years Ago The first Memorial Day exercises were held in Greensburg 85 years ago, on May 29, 1880. „ Thir was one of the initial projects of Pap Thomas Post No. 5, Grand Army of the Republic, following its organization on July 2, 1879. Afternoon exercises were held in the courthouse here under the direction of Dr. John L. Wooden, commander of "Pap" Thomas Post. As it developed, the event was actually a two-day affair, due to unforeseen circumstances. A heavy rainstorm developed Saturday afternoon, preventing the decoration 6f the soldier dead. The next afternoon the weather was ideal. A large delegation of veterans. marched to South Park Cemetery for fitting commemorative' services. They were headed by the Greensburg Band and the Greensburg Militia Company. For over 35 years Memorial Day exercises were conducted by the po'st of the Grand Army of the Republic. Thereafter, veterans of the Spanish-American War assumed direction of the Memorial Day services here. However, as late as 1927, William McCune, a Civil War veteran, served as officer of the day. ^ After Spanish-American veterans became advanced in years, the mantle was handed down to veterans of World War I. The groups included the American Legion post and the post of Veterans of Foreign Wars, no longer in existence. . ,.,•••• For several years the major portion of the planning has been conducted by veterans of World War II and Memorial Day services have been held in the court; house lawn and at South Park Cemetery. In recent years the ceremonies have been held at the cemetery. Large memorial crosses will be placed in Soldiers Circle in South Park Cemetery to commemorate the deceased veterans in seven major conflicts. The individual crosses will be eliminated this year, although floral arrangements may .be placed around one of the memorial crosses. . , With the possible exception of one year Memorial Day exercises have been held-in Greensburg-since 1880. Memorial Day has also become a time, when individuals decorate the graves of loved ones who have departed. ' ' ' . . The finest of American traditions are. embodied in observance of Memorial Day, a patriotic holiday of significance to all citizens. The exercises at South Park Cemetery'in 1965 will be held at 9 a. m, Sunday, May 30. YOUR THIS YEAR NEW WITH NITRANA-U • DOWN THE ROW, NITRANA- CONTAINS THREE FORMS OF NITROGEN — DIFIED GIVES YOUR CROPS A QUICK START AND FEEDS THEM THROUGH THE SEASON. SAFE: SURE: . . . Has less pressure than a bottle of pop. ., - . , ,.-S r: ,~1 >" ::«• /C 5. . . . You don't prune needed roots as r* applied only about 4 inches below soil surface. . . . Can be held in the soil anytime you can get in the field. • . . . Goes on fast with less pull on your-tractor.; PLANT FOOD ABSORBED BY CORN DURING DIFFERENT PERIODS OF GROWTH A «tndv showing that if high yields are to be produced, the soil must be able to ipjy largSuntfof plant food to the corn crop during, the period of rapid growth. MAY 20 JUNE 20 JULY 20 AUG;. 19 TO TO TO TO JUNE 20 JULY 20 AUG. 10 SEPT.. 18 PERCENT PERCENT PERCENT - PERCENT .. 38 « — : ~ « __ 46 '. 26 NITROGEN PHOSPHORUS POTASSIUM ... ..27.. WEIGHT ....23. .30.. ..46.. .. 0 .30 The percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium*absorbed and the growth produced each month during the 4-month growing season, each monm aunng _ D ato from Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. USE NITRANA-U THIS YEAR SO YOUR CORN HAS NITROGEN WHEN IT NEEDS IT. YOUR CORN WILL GROW,GROW KOVA FERTILIZER, Inc. North Anderson Street- Phone 662-3911

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