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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 14
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 14

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
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TWO ijxooi.x soxdav stab SrXDAV, OCroHKU WAS TRAITOR IN DEMPSEY CAMP? Menke Declares Something (lueer Was Going On During I.ast Few Days Preceding the Philly Fight. HV I C. MENKE. Dempsey arrived in Philadelphia on fight night in a dazed and dozing condition. Alarm was felt over complete relaxation.

He seemed more intent upon wanting to sleep, than anything else He wante dto go to his hotel rcKim, and ju'-t a little His handlers, sensing something was wrong with him, refused to let him do it. They tried to from Dempsey some admission as to what was wrong His an.swers were only mumbles alwut I took They asked him what sort Of medicine. He answer. They then asked it he nodded sleepily. Paregoric, which checks contain.s a high percentage of opium.

If Dempsey took good as he has confidentiallv admitted, it was enough to account for his dopey of eagerness to sleep. Bundled Into Pent Sor mal Bohcata Out of Conference Race. Jiofi'ivo roUfc'b was all uthtiN' iiiUu- Wh wnrLl if. i a IIl it iiiil I. rill ullh th phi th in th e.i aKi.

iinpi hi liiil t.ik ir. Ih li HI nil II iva 1 tax. I ail. I I tl'Wn tail I hdpt' tti it thi- I fi-i riir. Ira a pati if tlin all I l.f I'V iva fiiiin I ffh lidf.

h.x him iifinp-ti'v la III at'iiiind la it tni than v.iiTi akf aima malf I'l'Illp- ihi- c.ill iiftii und ta 11, Wdsi.n luta h.i.à I MUUi. Brain Clogged. ciiuiiu-r. I'la 1 avx.iv lii'iu I at I'v a i lai II will a nun l.uu tin xt. ti-ua an I- nou.i,' i-ainp in L.

I and tu y. I .1 nil TEi liras a ti.i tulf is j.iiiu Stinor ,) fir ri .1. II H-au Iv. 11 1 ifhti irh Nnlin.i fur .1 Hru-w n. tui ten Ort'uson.

ituiuh.uu I.row tar* tut- ftis A alilaii a spraKur. 4 lor i STnph Warravv i Huwfll. Moiaisun tur liUlli. .1 Kur Hrovx 1 man Ix .11 rail tct H.i'V thUil.ta; liPtlfr ka 1 xdl. -an iandfil loi r.andrls, U.tlh far Ohio State Impresses Gotham Fans In One-Sided Wrn At Polo Grounds.

l.ARRV SMITH. lUM xns, 4n lr.r*,.,,s,v,* til'-A in UlK 1'. In iP.ft lifidti-oi I Wills rruwii th-i tirouruls I rncniurh'R to. f. VV hitmoru.

or ilanmlial. l.p'hiuan lar told liUi tl 11 th I tl 1 trat undni tic xvlu'ti Ilf XV a th Ifa. h- nl dti'ssiic. cam, hut lil.s actii'Tic rontltiUfii to I nd vxiirrx h.imhfis Imsti of jmrpltiK up and di un I locm, and In old mu- w.iy, 'dunifif'd tnto chair and closed hh Story. Kfiny tif of tinrnkfrp'Ts, ha; this to say; fdrui tno s.imcthinp xv.i.*; urotiK Ulti-- him fm minutf 1 him In .1 umn.

wife him on thf way fn.m^^ drf.sHlim room to I xvl l.f uvff and the -ccund tliiif hi tif iil.V fall. It Sffiurd to iiava lust all tic from his and hf kfpt inp lii.s ry.H a.s l.f u. i he ua.s Hfftn. am, Slumped In Chiitr. Kvcrvuiif uh Miu n'mpsry In thiat flKht will v.

carry tim stranKf pictiim of him. Ilf -sat le.H.s and hi h.iir, 11- kfpt hllnkitiK hla f.xc.s in a wax r'f 1 tit I If hllnkfd mure t'lan hff-ic atfl iilwiyH Ilf sort hh.ulm, i- thf hifiith thiuuiih hi.s niuuti. Hl.f a puffink fiuJnf My litfHS hex 1" tt'h I irnfr. 1 of in. WUftuti, Ir chiff St I oti'l.

1 thr rounds -himpfl and flouiidfind In ti-f fourth h.f fl.ishi aiilft and tmaily du'ppcd lun- nev with one puin h--- land. I on Tuniifv' I rifck. 'I a-n 1m -mppcd hack to sh.iffhni, and im.r Iv In Foretold the iirtli u.a.- i.i'iirir." it-- fiid 1 s.iid Wilson. j( that shaft few nii.r. hf wir it 1 .1 knork If hf IX hami'i'U xvild IifiiipHfy cntue hack hl.s uui hluxvinK ind xvlUi hUnklmr Wilson Into ar; lic do, n'l 1 I mi'Mf ids.

ina hh par it 'id' I t.i's 01 1 hit a.ittliu, a K-d loi 1 1 I Id him. t. lid. Irm. 11 I hrain l.s -oi.

xvhat 1 say lu un cunilition poucrfu' dose of ,1" hi is to havf who ulll cxplain nd thf dvsfntfry fh'-t thf fiirhi, n.d I '1 ui-til thf par cm io XV k-n? Seized by Vomitmg Spell. th- dav ihat takfM wh vomitina pflh. di II rl II 1 1 I -1 milk l.i\:o!f hls iriitiifr, dav am lUlum iollucd i M.ihiiutt. who was f. Iicmpsfv- tl- 'o if llk iin.l il sinc.

fv hrok" oiif with. rash tuo vtfi- tlo' tihht. o-it ith rrish. mp- cond lt o.tii -d to .1 intf tlnal r.m- 11 iijf I mic so; i of drim. ro.t imci -rllv in at flrst dniR- 1 po: P.i' Illa na Ion Traitor In Camp? Ni'd unot i ition fact tlmt md mnch'.

ift 'iti 'runtiiy in il vt'l h'll P.ini'sfv, loiidf lifs- c. ni thf ii N'ormai out in thf cfdlfRf football raro aft oinoun iKfi dmata, nevorttiolfs.s, havf oiif of thf loadintr tfnnis in state eollepe eiia-les. Thf sguad. 4 tom rou Brundson, Batti, Hillard, HtpKins. (turlss, Zorn.

rou Assi.Htant Kutnlnk, Hertz, Knaiip. Heywo. Buneh, Graf Thrid lou Super, (lalnes, Hansen. Kcrmu-, urrent hoiirth rou Boper.s, hurt. Ix Majors, Shnon, B.

Williams, Hauorth, Haft Tones, H. NT Boyd. Toft, Biiefert, Brockman. Anville, Vounji, l'iiller. Morrison.

H' lof orli- W.ishvn..' Haumbal 't Kurit, IV tot Jacbman. Klokfr fot H.II M' I 'onoupb im Hn 11 iriiu.R m- H-mouph. ae Ivaplan, K.iph.n for Hoffman tof Stutbe Kaplan. Mcium.ld lor Hunean.

Toucbdown.s oeblrleb. Marrow Extra points Ftepheiii by p'-nods Nebraska WnsblnKton MHmnald, unudte h' Harrtthers, fifM p.irtciilw hool main 1 .1 tn, tv Is iti in.nds tl. lUht I Hucki VX hf h.i,; so x.i-,tlv 1 Ilf orfl. in if Ih lift--I fun Pif tfcritorv an ik Bresne a 0 0 referee -am 1 em ttf I l'ta. althouith o.iit.« h.

bv a ufids iir 'l'hf fl--t pcfiod biif ver I. I In t'Iark dropkbkfd or fjeh! tlmn batter, thf Ibm and klrt -d nd a tou, and in icrioo tlrlmm and duckf 1 vards ofhet countfr, si'orfd tiin t.hdi wbfi: VI bloekfd Bfb'- ounr rec.xfifi! un Buck ton thf -V I I Vlo- iptain li X. un I do- not 1 tu i tu butt tir. li 1 di but jv tir pr nil dysfnl' 1 r- ri i-e hf h-ft At- 1 in fvenine of liclit pan-pof ni i )fo 1 wa (..1 I hv tl tf rv io 1 un Tonnev ilirounh- the latf aft ,11 I iL'ht IS di 111- .1 I I 1 A tu I Ipllta. 1 ad il 1 h.U dnr: hah thf it nil ff th'ii C.

thiowr thi in.II t( on 't'unm win. lllfl-f fv can 11 I I i I- t. tl dor tn ttie 1 temp- Kina I' atures.) Hoie Cornfiitskers Downed Bears. FIRST QUARTER. faptain Hbner tim flip of tiif coin and i -k-t to deffiid th.

fst po w-hli'h Ktivf the t. th. ndvantaKf of wiml. Wa-'hinKt-m took the kh iff hut failed to return Hayes ten vards and a fb at Biown bv- a p.tss N'ht. .11 HowfU tdunpfd IP, p.Uin.-p.l thi e.

St and w'i 1 I I I hiok- II I 1 f' pnntfd ten mt houml thr-iURl ind a.ird lo vari.b: out o' vV hit II- riourc Inill asii- tn oli v.i Marrovx h'ft of Wnshlrikfon btie for iw 1 ol .1 rds tf ut for for How li ii.n I ka to I VV.iv Ir.Rt ItoW plHv .1 h-rown and It wfa fiv, ur I ht itiif lU 1 N' ill unif ball wa -m hue. sd to tt on thf next hot a pus- to lehl for fi for the extra h'i tackle Ix vards. T'-c- W.i-i IIP fi ar the first B- l.i VVa ngton n. SECOND QUARTER. r.

1 11' x.ird rti i I tu- r.p*-..t«d pi lOdt A 1 1 1 fo: I 'U In It XV 1 IH.t: aj. VVa h-r 1 tur ned -'1 lio Xr.l A bv 11 i XX -ft in. te pfxint low H.cre hi. W.tsti njEton. 0, Howell Iniured.

six I 1 otu.uil to Haxe.s gained hut llav' dropped the ft 1 -s and hl- VV 1 ff in f'T Br. xx a tth-r kick- .1 o'i .1 ami tl. .,1 wa ilte.l IP .1 VV i.bth 1 'ff 4 H. il r. tu a-n ar.l I ciii -ir ,1 XX l'UIt i'-- 1 O' 1 ut VV 11 I 1 le a nd av tn 1 1 ,1 VV 1 rd: .1 p.i'.

1 B. tl bt-oV-. i A l'fi, 1 PT i 1. B. 'Il fi.

"A j'iint 'i 1 1 f'i-vv r-l 1 P-; IV 4 1 In fc alt 1 .1 i. Ut I t' 1 11 li-; 1 1 ir' i It 11 1 1 1 1 V- 1 1 1 i I 1 1 1 1 1 1 llf.T 1 fp I 1 ni-', 1 a IMO 1 tol ih .1 alh 11 p.i 11 111 I I UI I. 1 tic' hall, ivv 'I' If f. a 1: 1 a ,1 tl iired Hi' I I S'f hin I a if I i. I '-A m- plcoCf pcjcibrrd half the.«'«* to o-cil penalty wa.s yatxls. ball a.shlnat Inc', Presnetl Into Lineup. Bm-cli went In Whitth'r ens tdtiic il for six yanis. the left side of the WashbiR- lon hut fclb-d to y.tln. Dailey ufiit off tackle for three yariis, Glfti Brespcll replaced Dailey.

I'resnell 1 for anil a tbsf un. The ball was on Wfi- hinuton line. An otf tackh- nlav, maile yurd.s hut the hall wa.v called hack and ik I yards. nnole five xaiils 11 I line plnnRf. Stephens pliinyed tor two forwani fnim f-teiihciiK wa.s VVnshlmi- b'H took dowms on her line, Haxi- punted fortv-three returneil six yards.

en to Ofhlrh'h was good in eluht c.iln, 'I'ime was up for the first half. Ntbraska. 17; ton, 0 Diirlnc the first half. N'ehiraska ten fb'st downs and W.ishlng- toll inc. THIRD QUARTER.

kii off th rf.v yard ind turned to its 74- vaid Have: a forw'ard to which wuh hteen nnd down, Washington tried tin line and lost 1 I i forwnr'l to Me- gooii two xarils. I.wion ftr'iki' throuah and for cvi'ii loc, on plav ivm to Scntu trood for Ani tlier p.iss I i xrooii tor ird.s, l-'nr U.ird iiv was imomplet' 11 go. 1 1 for a bra SI rlriiua.z. .1 yard line. I Score Touchdown.

failed to igntn. Lintlell In for Bronson Tiuntiai thirty vards to: ill.i-ves. who returmil fixe yanhc Donongh line hut to In in for Haro- .10 McDotioiic I. Have hr. ke a.vk.i" llric want down tl field for 11.1 VI.

mliiped the goal. dv 13; aHhiMo foil, k. klekei! off fl'ty-five yards, Llndell returning fixe vonks to the line. Oehlrh hit the for ftve yrdf ami I'resnelD repeated for five for a first' di'Wn. dinxe throug'h for; male n.a gair toe me for six in iip' iiteo next id.IV r.

i- f-T a fir Tim is In ilio of the i M.irrow Ictit r1- left I 11 idpii.v.-«! for xards a fir. tri al right I nd and down, for .1 fix ule hai the h's- rounil Washington left nd made nine rain. Heads Attack. rsmic' .1 line for four v.irds. Tl'-' bill W.

1 .41 a hlng- -I X. lipc ff i I' Viird' m-n-e GehliarVs Boxing Class Popular at Lincoln GM 5 FOR INES .3 xaitt lim Iridil id.ii'cnu'tif In th irlrnm thud f' c- 1 for*« 1 end for bdi'iw bnal I'rtng Xoi rls XV ft gcval and Bowati and i itrow In lied fn I tlieb- ira'llHonal l.c m. must Cornel! Game. 1 TNb that an 1 Dow bernell p.issed it. xvav victor) teitm i'l'ior State In an iibei eleven seitloiial here t' lay, to I-t but 1 led an mi 1- oxery VS ami to I ix orx VO, ondar) tin fienet rabil- va'k rcMi I' '1 from the Dl- The boxinu of Heb- I- prox-iiig a popular branch tl.c ji'n 'teal dep.iItim i.f cl' the Din oir Te.u ln.xina Oldx i'tbx- XXltil hloll'l.

It 1 1 rt and oe xeter-in trip o.i- is f'lUmiing x-i ars i ice bi xiMg tor at the Dinc V. M. I pupils knoxv hoxv to give and t.ikc ami during the uuartcr of entury has been in bundn ds of local im-n tmigh.f the manly art of 1 Hnxi-k a 1 Do.dl The im-etH Mondav and Krldaxs In tlie lass this lall 'I'he photo shou a cl.i in tp i i'oxrr im IndiiP; i.hi'i hcrner, (ier.ild 1 rrx i.erald i Ix bv 'riirner, puitding Heorcc Thaxer. Kdfh Tiirm Drn 4 est b' irl Arn.d.l, K- N. W.

T. H. Kayimmd (inmtor id, li 'P Vbcrncthy. Balph Baker. Pie in I- a of InfttrucicT hart.

the litw pfnv-'l tnrning ami inten eptbm forwartl I'aw' Davenport. and among Conch c.ra»*: Imeim 11 the most in ppliig Ho ami Zi'rn fm yardage piled, bx the Hal Mancliesii-r, Clark, Huy. B.mll rnsl of'« lexa-n i'laybur a siiperh-r bull. Kell-uigh, 4 dav n-H ttie find of tlm -n also iftbu; Hir.miíh the T'lr f.inti;»! tig I game ami Surrm.iCy VVilbor Gridders Score Touchdown To Ik'ut HebroH ami I 11 I of IDBl N'eh Id t'-d fU'ht out I 1 1 Xmnp' Hiitz tit VVOOll D.i.. 11 I i.s nml I M.

11 1 lit. infill ted irw IT 1 1 r. I'l nn'fiiV II t-' Hotfman Wilbi 1 h-' phi I In' bpic S.I .1 TTili 1 I Wllbei loi isl fo Hebron tn noi Me ativ tinie of and VS ilic i b' hcd and ben Hb ft Ilf ..1 I 'a ti.i r. 1 ior VVlIbei a Viird I' 1 le.lture,] 1.1 lonir rmi pbiln 1 ntcr, gU I ffls, Ix' I I I Kusv end Sh'inn lepick-l eu IM 1 i 11 Cin Il ullh II 33 line ing Ih" bm Run swung fi rlg 't for phi; Burnham hr sidlled yes Dlmlell re'iirnlng Henne h'st a try- Called Back. rouicl brask yard.s H-iln le in ke throuvn ami a yard h'ss.

thirty txvo yanls. three Hi-ds I ELfiSHES GO ton i )n ur ski ji fr IX-I Good. Dr Br 1 Hi. B. le t.

1:11 f. 1 UPhf I 11 B' I ki. 1 N. I In 1 nUh ker'-. t- 's f.

I 1 li. s- I. D. ob I Mi: Bic 0 I I B- Th. 'X N' I 'b bn ft kh I I- 1 first (low 'i-f irr iv.

d. lip xtrn p.drf Wa I ine XX a.s Xehraska's hall on Its oxvn 33- yard line. faked a for- p.i rinfl for ur Dallex- hrokc for the play ua- ii.ack 1 ka y.cii five‘l:= I nb f'x -ith i Neiira line. r- the ft of the Ihie for n-'ls faki'il a pui't --H'l BTt ll txvo It xx Wo'ih tngt -n k.i’ 4 I -yunl line. A forward by vv In-Iirnid' te.

Haxm.s made a xard on drlxm. for inl by was 'Pin' Bears five xnrds Im-i'te p.isv« Huakers Rips Bear Line. iblrtx dve 1 ri iiirnirig ti'ii v.trd If Ill- lid ai X- rds ,1 ft II 1 1 a 0 XX- 1 1 SPph. n.s a IP .1 1 111 11 ih'.

ir -p lo I lui li II l-dS ili 01 XX in 1 1 Ih or I PS Mxf I and II 1 si xtn ani spi 1 idur i. .1 I. 1 Pi oli 1 1 eli I .1 I 1 al 1 li! IO "Her fll -l I 1 1 I Ho 11: oli if 1, XVn 1 Bm I I Bii 1 ani i fN. irasKa Ib I II t- icor li I 11 gli ami 1 11. f'.

I .1 II fS I in 1 I hi- Il ep nis 1 VVd nt 1.0 1 li .1 I. la: 0 1 al 1 1 br. .1 '1 f. 1 1 Il. 1 1 ff I 1 i op .1 1 1VV i a I in' i 1 1 1 'C Il I.

Bi i 1 re 1r 1 I Continued from of proceedings ami a Haxi.s pass, the iiull on ar line 'Pwo plnry-s ihlnl bx Bi'axxn a tii sf nd the I on thi- xx.i,. s. 10 d'lo down xvh. I. a to dn.ppc.i the SI rtmniagc and i pass to ho tr the sprliittng at spe.

nnd Wiishington goal Brown's attempt to 0 the point xvas blocketl T)V the chargirg forxvanlv. balk'd off. perloil. hut a distrt sslng bx nt out of hounds the 3i and Himn'i'- Ih down to Ho- l.uslm-V the VV -hli'gi 'H With M.tti-'W, frtsmil, and rnaHu: 1 'tipi ugh VX aoiiingti.n ng a ouml oil Ihi Hh 1,1 hi. plaro'd tin two 1.1 sh lix Man put ng the 1 .1 p'-vint by the rl ni" row lugpeil If over on the ing in the hag.

Coach i rg m.iih' suhvtitntions dtinnir linai pt'rloii and practlrally loafed arnl siaihd along until the final shot. Vnx hope that max bistm'd hlngfon rooters that the mlght plunging re i.s shattered by the dlsfina litica- WhltthT. fiilltia. of -line k'raiik Nebra ka h-H 1.0 aftir the Alli -n. ImoI off ai.

rl (: ,110 (uid tiic liillii o'pf troin laid iix Id I I Di vlck 1 Ditd.e, VVIli.Tg tb VVc l.oilerfor Dliini'. ('revs Diab'i for- ni Bai uskv fm 'V l.l.b -It. I 1 Leittb Be.its Pierre (t -il let I l.i'ig'; the "ii play being in 1 rrborv iia-st of igti line tins not ben i b.ucl- gin- fa t- H.yx» I Hi for O'l I- Id.C lb. I. tbiliaid Malm Ibllla! for B.ath Score b.y ash 4 7 I doxvns Wesleyan II, 1 i I'yan It.

Tmichd du'i 2. llough, im-la Try p-cnt W.i ci Inpti il VV 11 I ru ie.l -d. Belli I Ba'fer. ihi. I lb 111 I .11 ley oiinxr Friend Hi Homps Over Osceola In Ini eresi iiiK Game BBIH.ND Ik 1 high h-x-en r.

gb- fb'dr vii-f. ry of t. i.l-iv, faktnp Imo- ciiil a BJ from Ose. rcpte.1 nnd I Ixmktc rnin 3. 1 -i pnnt for nn 1 II- ho.

k' .1 i r. i i. tal a 1 both ex .1 goal frop '1 1 pu nt wmm I third p. ...1 VV a-hlngb 1 Ioti I five x.iiaB ni rfotl l.o'Sh Ac 1 Ut tv hi XX I I Bea t.r 1 him vh iif .1 1 f. 1 I ani 1 Ile IP -n I Ph I nd FOURTH QLARTFR i-rvi enf 1 te.l for 0 I -b i 1 Bn si li; 1" 1 I- (C.

1 -1 0 .1, p. 1 M' 1 1 I Uf .1 bill Uc i 1 1 'i b. a 1. ki 1. Id.

Br. li' all- fc OH 11 1 i 1 li -'i 0 1 i 0 e. 1 II 1 1 1 Ila! ri. I l'iass Ili 1 XX li I' )' ur. 1 11 td- p.

in tO.Ji hliOXX-lt l'irl. di a nnd bulk Il PO tir 1 fi: fdiit- I I I un. I It .1 Il u.jiei f' U'. Il il Bi 1 (a- iiiid VBo I i ti-. m- d' Sn.xils RLEASE OTT AND POST LINCOLN HIGH VN LANE TECK l.anftsi Hiyh in Countrv.

Dav al al' Stadium "I 1 kxu 'MC 4 i 'U St'ul Ufi fi? I i it. 1212 mai onltp A Timely Offering MEN'S, FINE Underwear Vassar Fashioned Underwear t.f iriNbiniig rf rv kllC ft. 8 SO Long Wearing tJlobe Underwear tba tift iiiv' Ufhl 50 TO 7 00 Hilll IA JUV ID lU'.

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