The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 3, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 7
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA?? THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1908. BATTLING NEU80N WOULD BE MAYOR OF TOWN. A dispatch from Chicago says: Tho i ?ecret Is out. Battling Nelson, light- j •weight champion pugilist, wants to he mayor of Hopowlsch, and In a naive llttie speech to some of his familiars he told why. "One man's ambitions run one -way and others in another," said the man •who would he mayor. "When I was a kid my Iden of a gentleman was a fel. low In a shiny lid and frock coat that sold my old man life Insurance. We must be independent of Chicago. I always had an Itch to wear a silk tile, and If I'm elected mayor of Hege- wlsch I'll snpoprt the dignity of the place by wearing one all the time. "I want a town that, men can live In who haven't had the sporting blood stifled out ot 'em by laws that were made for crooks and three-card men. If I'm elected mayor I propose to dress like a gentleman and act like one. I won't behave like a preacher i In public and live like a crook In pri- Many Lodges Name Their Officers for New Year LEGAL. In (h of Rot fish Creek, and i Snrlnns about ! loot. Professor C. A. A. K. Newman, who, with i nieetltlK nlyht In Hoagland was placed In noinl-1 event will he one ol nation some time ago for worthy pros ant occui roncos of Ident of the local aerie of Eagles, ^ason withdrew from Ihe contest last night Ihe I,a ;; les hist , .0111:1^ lust before balloting was begun for with tlie spirit ol lap d:i> the annual election of ll-e. lodge's of | $30 for the benefit, flees and Hoagland was declarer! the i Redmen Elect. unanlnioUB choice of the aerie for ii .T-nv.iary an i the tln' most Import tin- local !ovH;e SUMMONS. | ^VlnWShour throe . ] loot. Located Oct. i In the Superior Court or the County corded In Hook slxtv- Keru. State of California. . Ini: Records, pace tot Ethel Romiuotte. I'laintlff vs. Peter nuS). In the office. nuinette, Defendant. , c> . Hoc-order. Kern conn' Aci'-m liro'.iirht In the Siuiorior 3. Thai certain oui Court ot tin- Countv of Kern. State ot . — 11...... v.. -i umi California, and the Complaint rt od in said Countv ef Kern, in the omc-o oi tho Clerk of >.iid Superior < --P 1 }V t -.i f , ,ii i». i. .•»».,. ^.,.»,. nt i 'M n f f i '. ... from hree hundred Ue;>t l' nce tin 1 voted of the a< - - clih-f officer. The other officers elect e-1 inv: Worthy vice prr ;ld; r,t, W.^S. fro; worthy chaplain, C. B. Key rotary, H. E. Galloway; treasurer, M^ A. l.indliei-K; worthy Inside guard, T. N. Mussoy; worthy outside guard, A C. Mason;' trustees, Pete Wilson. Chart Hiokoi-dlko and C,. ! J o::ch; aerie phy sician.s, Dr. Kellogg and Dr. ^ Vl '*' ; •"'•' l musician, Professor 0. w. Kuehn. installation will ti-.Uo place tho first EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE IN KERN COUNTY. Tho Redmen enjoyed a good moot linn last night. Following the elec Itlon of officers for the now term, an K,,,, i inviting spread was served and B ,,,, i much pleasure derived from an all round good social time. The initiation of four candidates was another teat lire of the evening. The officers who are to guide Iho lodge through the coming year, their installation taking place early In .lamiary. are: Saclioin .1. M. Hahorfoldo: senior sagamore..1 A. Ciilciirist; junior sagamore, K. H YVhital,'-;-: prophet, .1. H. Payne; true- l ;?ii. the State- to Peter ~-'t' '." i " 'l I f ot Callf "Iron dUHi) 8. ISHItj, and TC- ,iv-slx (hb) of Mill- four hundred eight j- of the Countv timtv. Caiijorniii. .. nuartz claim known as TlKeT Vn/iiV iid as tot- ows iViinninif at tho Northwest end of.Tl^r.Nn. ? ^eane^slo^o. Plaintiff will lake ludtrment for aBT money or damain s demanded In uw ooninlaint as arlslmr 'innn contractor will aiiDlv to the Court lor my ottiwc relief demanded in the .•nnitdaml. Witness inv hand an! Hie seal < Counn • t mer .MI M, ijt-uiu «in *-r- ,, iii ild claim, 'nituatod on the Nod"* reek, and about, eighteen bund ... iiviini fv.i.t stnn h from lie said i tf -' d; Coo. 15. W! Supori SI;:' Oct. nirt . CalltKrma. this A. IV Yi'ii. I. 1.. Mil. .-.Ver.Atly fe; Kit, ClorK. r,:lT. It , i •;• -bv rediiircd to ani» ;ir i.rouuht against yon >v u'd ulaintiff. in the iSli in foot" South, fromi . ,catod (X'tober. HI b, ok sixtv-six Oil'I ot • Pl-if:, .1. Shields 11 ( •; 1 I 11 ( T •, 1 lit V* 11 III 11 i< " III ILI1L1K. V. l il I t u»i • ive of the dav of service i I said, aclministi . nn von of this Summons. Thomas Scott. I, lisa Countv: if served ! field buifdlne. -' bin tlimv davs. .Chester avum n' ei'ebv notified thai if' street. Citv ol is wll Tire' 'POOL. nia M-nd iirc doi.endant. You are h in an ac-lion i';uu~in .(wt,,».j. t- -• , tlie ;iliovc-n;in:"!l plaintiff. In the M pc'rinr Court o! the Countv ot Ken State ot Calnninta. and to answer c Comnlainl tiled therein, within ten da'-s (exclil:- after S'-i vici It SO|'\ '"i | \S 11 111 ii r.,1 o.i V-*'".. 1 • * • lso\vhe;'o. v ithin thirtv days. . ., And \oii an- herebv notified thai it •on tall to so appear and answer, the Kern suue i ilainiiff will take- iudement for air. •' riled in the o «,M «?« Wott. 1 V,V ' &ff'& d e WgljJtSn « f ^.r:i;^^,oVin'Tu'o t ftmffir 11 '' 1 :; n "\\^WA^^ n " NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. 'the Han' irner 21&1 helnit street i fiii'.i i" In'tho Sun ' • ; ifornla. in .n. . . i In tho matt.- ii'i I Bower, dec-oil•• 1|( ; Notice is lu "' ! suance .of. an of the ' Caiifornla. inad ctober. A. J>. ll'i's. ot Ralnli lor Court. S 1 .. . ' ' . l i • ' : I nl M,e 1-^.-, i. :'ele. i:i\.]i. Hi .mi,-!' 01 the luntv nl Ken mi e.f Cs5- Kern. ol SiiiMTlor <*? ' i t . estate nw to e andetl in the Coninlalnt tnv hand and, the bea Ko\u-n Irwln and ,1. W. I tonie\ s for nlalntiff. ol ,,. Uerk. . I.alrd. a! I' 1 s 'W. Public Administrator; of the Estate of r i i i :JH ^ . McC.lNN. _ ,1)111 jnisirator 'rank I .ass. Do- Tlioma's l 'Scott. Attorney Bakorsficld. California. NOTICE , Lh* s-ell itt, n»l>!i". hera for The most wonderful of nil Pianos. STEINWAY, A. B. CHASE. EMERSON, ESTBY, KURTZMANN. STERLING and others.. Also INSIDE PLAYER PIANOS. Very large supply to select from. Lowest Prices; Easy Terms. Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block-1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager Fraternal Brotherhood. Fraternal Hrothorhoo-1 fdllowing now "fllco initiu term: nt, II. H. Hi-own, re-el : !..'i: .1. F. Carver: seen C. Rose; treasurer. Mis. .1 ; physicians, Drs. Holm »"« ; chaplitin, .Mrs. .1. U. Rose; Cioorgo I,. Snider: iiiir,tri'sr s Mrs. William rpt'iu; inside eper Miss Annio Clar; outside ei'in-r William I'ptou. t,-u-dooF •,n\ei- C.. A. Wr.ilaUcr; (1 nance committee, C.eorgo Snider am Mrs. H. 11. nrciwn: dolognto to grairl lo.lue. Mrs. II. H. Bi-o-'-n. Knights of Pythias Also Elect. V •!:. u iM-ting nl tho Kniii!!-- ol officers who are to fill the posts during officers who are to fill the post (InriuS the coming year was held. As in most of the other lodges the Installation ceremonies will take place tho first miHthig night In .January. "I"'' 1 ' newly elected officers are: Chancellor commander, J. C. l ayne, vice chancellor commander, \\. J- Beard; prelate, A. P. Sanders; master of work, R. E. Blacker; keeper ot records and seal, Frank Haines; master of finance, H. F. Gregory: master of exchequer, B. C. Jones: master at arms, A. D. M. Osborne: Inner gnnrd W. L. Dlxon; outer guard, J. E. Porter. The Knights made a suhstantfl contribution to the tag day fund, vot ing $20 for the purpose. FORESTER DECLARES LUMBER BUSINESS AT MAXIMUM POINT WASHINGTON, Dec. 3.—That the top notch of production of lumber In NOTICE OF SALE OF DELINQUENT STOCK. ED. TO if'ot oil Comnanv. prln.eiiia) -'.|ii--s. Call '-.vnshii . pri Caiiui on N. K. ' South Riinn. _ California. , - delimiuont ui>:in scrihod stock, on 'lean at lovioil on the Mh llllis. Ihe several lioi-ito ih'- nanies ot tin- eliolders as tollowK: No. No. Name Cert. Shs. .Anil. Tiio>. (iie.i.-ou -jj 3! 1 !!/! *••",!•!!! '.'.'Vf.K,.-:::::: }ft ? ^; ICiiima t inli rbi'ink .IHJ . .tS 1 ! ...U--V' Kich.ird Kiiisiiiiin . . . 1 !•; Hich::rd Kinsi.ian . . . ]}': .1. 11. rhonison l«!i In the Sutiprlor^Court of the of Kern. State of California. In the matter of the estate .. .1. . . . ,1. 1>. 'I'honison . . . ,J f i Thorns on . . . ! And in acordali' liiiinil 'l'$0 iooiio 'with law of I-. •,-ne,riidminiMn;tm-;or the estate or I I (lartnian. doceasod. to tho oro< iiors i if and ;ill in-usony having clainih • e-'-iit -' the Vald deceased, to exhibit \ '•hem with the necessary youehoir j -.vitllin four months after (be lltvt mil -, iM-niiui of tills notice to tile sani »-i-' ministrator at lii«,"f"«' f f ''f,.!, 111 ' '.'{"I!/ house. In the Citv of, Connlv of Kern. State ot t amniii a. the same belli!-- the nlaco . ten transaction of tiiiKlnesa of said estate in said Kern C«untv.: Dated October 11. TJOS. W. A. McC.INN. ol Kern Countv. ,.„,„. of tho Estate ol Deceased. undersigned adiiilm- u/itoi estate of Killd deceased will private sale in tlie ollleo oi tin administrator and conm-i nt Connlv. situate in the court lieu..;. ,„. the Citv of.llakerslleli . in said Keri, Countv. to tho highesl lilddei- lor i-if) lawful monev of. the I tnlel Mali., t the :uh dav o Novombei. I!'" 1 - ai n> hour of B o'clock 11. m.. Mn- nri-Min-. tiroporlv helonelnir to the osta^" r. isaid Klilnh Uower. deceased: . lhr»wi ,- smiill liauses: 1 gasoline eiiinm- i L|M punin anrl nine: t water tank: 1 l-'Jr^ v.r§" I trousih' I barn: 1 corral, all silin.«V EA S-i o\ li owesi one-half I'M ol Hie m>rt>- I west ciuarter (>,, I of section Hurt, I t'"-ei> ci'M i'l lownsliin tliirlv- Conntv 1 - 0 ; llh ,,i ,, lUl ,o ihirti-s.-vc-n :I7) M. D. II. and M.. in Kern count v. Estate. 11-11 i o 1111; i , , . .\ll-l ilnti-e Is herebv v, ;,;,.;! Lids \\i:l lie r.->' administrator Icir said i the hour ol s.ih- tlioroof. and I a bids must be accomnanied nv i.—. ,i» i-erilflod check in an auioimt. vaa* to ton nor cent ol Jhf J Administrator of th Uower. deceased. of .Ul POSTPONEMENT that the '' ! Public Administrator of i and Administrator -' L. Gartman. (lie hour of A. McCINN, estate o' I >, 1IIIUH. ' lilOS. sol of such ... . t -=,„.,. , ....1 be sold office of the Cpmpanv., nr incl National< f the hoard of directors filth dav of October diiiros of each narce. >.. stocl-' a^ mav IK' necessary will tic at. the !••• inch office of the room II. 1 . Citizens Nation... „ buildinu'. c-ornor ot Main and ih streets, in the Citv of J-os. Anuelos, California, on Sattirdav. the 5th dav of December. 1!ios. at in o clock a. m. of such diiv. to tm\ doiinnuent assessments thereon. toLeibei- with costs of advertising and OX.IM nse?..of thp _eale. Titos. Scott. tor. Altoruev for NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Welling Uil Coiiinanv. locution or •incl-vil place oXbusiness. 0(,!s_ Ui o. 1|n:n iilliot? c»i iiuwiiif&n. i"\M> *-''V . way. Oakland. Alumeda Countv. btalc °'Notice r Vs l ;neret,v riven, that nt a meeting of the Directors Md o the ninth dav of November. 1 SOS. an As- '!e"sment pj.3 c_e.nj S ,uekBb. tt Jf _ ffi w^v- Notlcq Is lu of tile atiovo saie oi lias lieon tiostiioned vembor 21. r.»»S. at o'clock, n in. \\ Adniinislralnr of tin Bower, deceased^ POS'ri'ONF.MI-'.NT. Notice is horobv ul\on tbiit of tho alinvo .'•".lie ol poisoniil .-.•• li-is been i.ostnoned to. Monday vombor ISO. liiuS. da*« .. oanv. Na Secretarv of Mascot Oil Co flee, room 413 Clti/ons ..... bank building, corner Third Main streets, l.os Anuelos. Ca nia. ... of- .tlonal and ents u the capital stock Pavable at onc sessn ied upon t npration. Pavable at once to Fid son Secretarvt'of said Welll J. II ,...^. Oil is i» and .lameaa x uuon remain il sir.' ^Ntv IlCll Id i^Hiinia*. V^- 1 ^'^ ^ Administrator of the estate ot Halts Bower, deceased. . STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. \t (he NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize Oil Company. Principal place of business. Bakers-field. Kern Countv. California. Notice is herebv given that at a meetinc of the directors, held on the 2lit 1av of November, liinsl. an assoss- ment of one cent nor share was levied iinon the ciiiiital stock of the corpora- Ion paval.leimmediat.olv to the undersigned secretarv of said cornora- Hon. at rooms 20:i-l!04 I r Ings Bank building. Bake Notice nual Pie Kern-Utah held, at the o at the sheriff Thursdav. the 1908. at tbe.)iou Oil ifflct s of said .corporation s citv 4 on nerembm. i., for tw» u'uropse of"efeci'fne directorsi for• Iftj SPW ^e r r fi^nST. $!?&%& i;v V*» of»m v-»*« t'*f* offlce. in this cit 3rcl day of Decci mr of 8 n. in... Jo )v come BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE »0»T. 0. PAtTON, N«n«4tr The Popular Comedian JAS. J. CORBETT In the Comedy Success of the Year 1VJJI IIU^ 1 -" «1 j/i^" the United States was reached during the last year and that from now on the annual production would either, remain the same as last year or would | show a decrease, was the startling ^ announcement made yesterday before j the national conservation commission by Overton W. Price, associate forester in the United States forest service. | Ho also said that the annual cut of | timber Wist year would cover a piece j of land 10 Of i acres In area and would, tmik" a pile n s high as tho Washington I monument. ; "It has boon estimated," went on I'rice "that our Industries subsisting wholly or mainly upon wood pay the ; wages of more than one and one-half ; million persons; that the original for-; ests -covered one-half of the United | States and existing forests cover one IllJ^n IJCllll^ .mm.i(».- Conntv. Calllornia. 'stock uim'ri which this a«K< \nv stock uuon wnicn mis, a-^-v m on t shall remain unpaid »» ril ',Vii 1: \' he nth dav of .l-.inuiirv. Iti"'.. will 1« ilelinnnont and iidverttped for s.i'.e a ! , HP iiiictlon and unless navnient ii NOTICE TO CREDITORS. 'orti T" the Siiwrior Court of the County •'"-"' of Kern. State of California i i" n'" \uiiior of the HjHtate of Alexander Bessuellle. decoased. nerenv [rivon^bv^the un- 111 n ^ • ' i'" • • • • • • • • ; sold on Satnrdii%\ io VnVction'.and nade betore. wnl n.- o..... •y-.f.•:••„-; ^nV^oY^^oS S:f v «n inciuont assessment, toirotlioi vlTI f AVs- s of iiilvorilsing am', .-xpens"., ot •• ie' F K BOHTKN. Secy, liro lorn. fourth; NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Civil Code of Calilorma.) Kern Ccuintv plo7> line an.l Stor:iffe -^^^le^.'^il'^m^I^'fg^;^ ., ocullon of wiii-l.". Kern (oillil*. ( all-; ! xVit'i'co is borobv L-iven, that at a j i^^'^ille'^nl'lav!.^ $S l St ijr«^y.?H w v^,^,ov,v i is;;n U'miiaf si'oc.k o.f,rnoration. na\:- IN * I L H. t 13 lie i \" i' T t- i i v. "'_"-( , ('.oisi-.'nod administrator of the osta o of Mexander Bosauellle, deceased,, to tlie creditors of and all persons hav- n? claims against the said deceased to oNhibit them with the necessarv vnuchtvs within four tnonlhs alter the firv nulilioatlon of this notice., whlcu i« tin- d-ilo boreo'' to said iHlllii'ilst i tor at the law.,pfflce of C. I.. C I rooms :;i ami .!U. I }anl> ju Hake. : buildiii'-'. HakorslHdil. Kern Co .ralilornia. tlie same lieing tiii foi- the ti-nnsnclion of the- Piislnc «;nl(" ORtilte ..... . , saio obi.ut. nKSI[{( , : T j|-:sKi'i-;ii, ! Administrator of the Estate of aiidor lli'Ssiioillc;Docc--i.sed. ! Dated November 19. I!H)S. cumc U M"'A^ KBlJIjy T. A. Baker. Secretarv.' DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is hcreljv civen ,to all, NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. . "",-, -8 gold at the office- ol „ ....,-., .•alifornia street. Bi ' A \,y' r s!\^iinon;'^hi^-.hisafisqss- rav.^w^f'V^W?. j^: Supported bv a company of unusual excellence, incluclinsr " FACING MUSIC " CURTAIN AT 8 P. M. SHARP. Eleanor Montell Amanda Hendricks Charles Home, and oCrwin Luskmoor Lillian Logan Mae Dudley Joseph Sullivan Thomas Dare Hie ^111 II IHI-. 01 l 'ev eilli'y I . > -'i" 1 - wilTbe dellnuiient and advortls.-jl for puld sale at ... c'auctlo and unk-sA nav- ment"iK made before, will bo sold on Krldav the 1Mb dav of .lamiiirv 1!iOS. to v' the delliKiuent assessment.. t<v cothor with tlie costs of advertising Vhat"onlV"oV«th of allouriHj;|«;-|/»n{ h '»Ccr«.VJr l v u.,,8 timber is publicly owned, th,, companv. No.!i and that only 70 per cent of our pub- lie forests and less than 1 per cent or our private forests are conserved by "The average growth In all our forests is about twelve cubic feet per acre, or a total of seven billion ruble fo.-t Hut. wo take twenty-three billion cubic foot each year, or over three times what the forests produce The land section of the commission will hold Us session tomorrow. The names of two new commissioners were announced yesterday, ex-Governor fieoree C. Pardee of California and Dr. ; Charles R. Van Hlse of the University i of Wisconsin. Ah-x IM!» "oELOT>TE:GHA"V<OT SPRINGS. " ..losY'remarkaTilH mineral snrtngs a California. An aosoime cure for RHEUMATISM Korty-live miles from naUersfleld ID ^l«rra Nevada Mountains. Fine mim mer climate. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfield Thursday mornings between 8 and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Occidental hotels, and from Met'/opole in Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad- 1r«8B, BAUBRAU & ROQURTTE. M Proprietors -, Baker*- levied ill" i Hie cjiiiilal s c'ciriioralion. iiavalilo iinini irled Si iles rnld c-'lll Ii ; -elarv of sahi eornor.ition al the conilianv. loom I. I'nidiicer* it-i- hank b'lildiim. Hakerslleli!. AIIV stuck iinoi) wliic-.h tills a iiu'nl sliall remain ujinaid mi tilt dav o!' Ilocemlier. ] '^i ^} K .'^o "'Ibjlo'.'auci'ioti 'ami uiiu'ss uiivmont. th' !H"S» 2'\«fa i ..a" .'•• .— *.\ VTA svil' IK- sold on tho J.7_t I'i v • ri er AT Ofllce. ro IneH Bank imildl <t roots. Uakorsfi If e Hoai'' of DirecUKis. Ll'-.liTNEB. Secretary. Produ ""iiv" rircie'r" "of the^Hoard of Directors. in HKIS. JR.. Secretary,. Office. No. fiClt California Streot.,San Franoisc'o. California. t an 1] ' 2 " NOTICE OF MEETING. NOTICE TO HEIRS ON PROVING In tho Superior i.purt of the Count v of Kern, State of Collloriua. Oonart- matter of tho estate of lloln- ricl) August. ()ildome.i8ler, decoaHo(.l. m 'ii n i'tlii .., ,...^ur»i. vjujt. ... T Notice is borobv gl., the Mth dav of Docon i\i Hi o'clock, a. in. or th " Msler. deceased, ven, that Monday, ^niber. A. D. I'M that dav anc . of siild Prices 25c, 50c 7oc, $1 and $1.50 Friday, December 4 Almost Here—the Very Best of all— RICHARDS & PRINGLE'S Famous Minstrels 40- Eraperors of Mirthdoia 40. Prices 25c, 60c and 75c Seats on Sale Wednesday .-rlain ininii.t • ••-. CV tv of Isorn..State. lion to thiit ot -,.i.. ........ ,..-• ill. in and t'- (•hilnis sltual fit i'oriVi'a. aml"inor( ; "ni'rnicuhtrl\ , follows, tri-wit' 1. That certain (man:', mlnlni: situated in Kovosville Minim: » Count v ii.nd ^ Iil . t '',, l , 1 . l '; l1 '!i!y, l .}'J' /||!,|| (ill i PHONES MAIN Little Stc NOTICE SALE - stun 1 & Co., corner ('hosier avenue, i most in tlu .ildios fe\V S til. .Tiiin ;i ititl learn Ihe embroider! ti'-'. Cial T'l'io'-S "il a ' L.''V. GODLEY No. 1. i-' ld. ucers th lll ) ' NOTICE TO HORSEBRE^DERS, Positively no advancement In novice feo of the stallion Richard I* for tho season, 1!»"!». Those being inforaa- od as to advanc(;mont In price a» I11( ' )I7S "" 1 - DU. SEARS, V. S. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE opife room No. 1. Producers »s II,ink bulldint'. corner H'tli and IJ slreeis. Haki-rsflold. CaliJjM-nja^ n-^i ~OF ADMINISTRATOR'S OF MINING CLAIMS BE- Thos. \Vrn:lit Honor. Dated Administration Ih< "'"'i'; I, MIU-EK. Clerk. , Scott. Thos. Scolt. Jr.. iind k NVrkht. Aitorncvu lor Poll Nov. 10. A. D. 1908. Notice is hereby given that t&« taxes on all personal property, a«w one-half of the. taxes on a'.! real properly will be due and payable oa tw» second Monday in October, and WHl be delinquent on the last Monday «t November next tberafter, at 6 o'cto<*| i p m and unless l<uid prior thenrto -l" ! fifteen per cent will be added to said In the Superior Court of the State of California. In and for the Countv ot K< in"iho matter of the estate of Fran!; 1 JU i ' ' I it '.*» i i »'. *»• "'• •••••'•-'• l ill l v.1. 41 i*» i »..'-••«' >• •.'•" — " rrrMMON-? amount thereof, and that it said ow*- In the S.inorior Coi.n of the County | half be not paid before the last Motor Kern. State c/r Californiii | , lliy ln April next, at C o flock p. iw~. .. •). Q... IIo'l^-»«: ' ! l l" AK.^ H ' bilvul „„ nddltional five per cent will »m V .... . i said '. l IK ! Ill C Qjupanv. You art . ... tlvon that .In i»ir- of an order of the Sunonor in tho Countv of. Kern, State u •nia made on tho ith day of NViVI-'m .o •'. iiov-ln the nntlor ot tho ,bovo entitled estate, the under*";n< d ulininlst rator of the OH'ate of r ninK I ass deceas(-d. will soil on. or after, M ndav. tho IHUh dav c, November. I In an ifiin; nl nrivnto Kale at the ofljco 2 and 1. In huildinir. corner . hosier ..._ IIT i.iui street. Citv of Hlik- oi-sfleld. Countv of K^-rn Suite of Ci - Iforniii. to the, highest .bidder for c.iM . tcold coin of the Implied Sla,d mid ect to contlrniitfjon of said Sin- - rior Court, all the rliibt. Itlo and Horest. of the mid Frank Lass, al I he time. ,,f bis death, and all the riL'hl.n ml interest o.f the estate .0.1 t-.n 11 ll,7w Hi V'linii nv. 'l eK n.Viint , nn additional five per cent Acti n lir ig t In the, Superiormided thereto. J r "•"" " r That the romalnlnr onohalf . -,,-.-".Court of the Countv of Kern S at( Oiilifornla. and. the Coi.iinh)int nled . Countv of the Ke rn, un v oiiiuv in ix.-in. in the, office ie Clerk (if said Superior Court. The Pconle of the State of Ciilifi lit send Creeling to Silver Uow < of for- Oil private sale ... Scott, rooms .2 Bank of Hakersflold of 20th street and Ch< Inir No. ir.dft 20th, ., i ai an act ion hroun of the_, ii_b()vo naiiiod to appear nst vou bv pe > rloV"(vVii7t; > V;f > the"Cpiintv n ol (1 I<ern; fet.,to of <^>jf-n h -in, ir u> -]^er t h« 'plain'tlff In" the Countv of K 1 Coinnlaiiit iinvn (oxol,....... at'lor Horvlcn on von thin ton dnvs'7ex;-lusivc;'onJKvia^ of service. I it!.. UILVB. notified III11 1 ,tll»l»li'-H I! If Korvod within wn<\ olHowhere. within of t Countv Amr'voii arVriiorob^notiflea that If von fall to HO aiioenr and answer, the Plaintiff wl take iiidirment for i nv money or duniairi-H domandivl In the (-omnliiint IIH ailnlnp niiori Contract cir will annlv to tlie Court for anv othoi rello/ ileniiindod In thu CoinnlaHil, Wfl • w ,.v,-9;h^.«r;cW«^w%"firi«f Kern. State of CaJIfoni a claim istrlct lieo. tiff. » —• \ f'l •Mn Whltaker. Attornov the taxes on fill real property will few payable on and after the first Mow day In .January next, and will he d«- Hmnirnt on the last Monday In ApW* next thereafter, at « o'clock p. *».. and'that unle^ jmld prior thereto five per cent v. ill l,o added to tl»* amount thereof. 2 That i-- ;| ! ^^ r ' s ma y ^ e V*"& wl iH'SutTi'inons' ; the time Ui Hr>'t. Irmtailment, as 'Uotw ' i r , provided, Is due and payable. 3 That taxes may be paid In <&* oillc ( . of H"' Tax Collector in ttw county courthouse between tbo bocrs of o ii m. rind 12 m.. and 1 v. pva3f B p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. i C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, Ciillfornfi summons. If Horved tho Heal of i.( Countv of Ihia 2ml dav li-5 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. SUMMONS. In Hie Superior <dtirt. of the (..ciiiinv ° f /'M 1 ' 1 iten"' MtfiP. lB vs. Silver HOW oil Company. V"fendnnt. Action brouirlit u the Sunonor ( ourt nf il.o Countv of Korn, Stat« of Ca I- forni'i. and t)io Cottiplad.l ^ od In Hal.J r.ounlv or Kern. In tbo olllce ol tlie In Ihe Rimerlor Court in an. County of Kern. Suit In the matter of th A. Smirlin. Notice is d o . for th (li ,Calil'"nlii tate <.l dii(-ciion and that i end (if amended, id Clerk of Bald I Tho Peonlc I nia Homl en . . ... Ill t ii.; .•».. Siinc'rlor Court, of the State, of et'lnu to Silver Callfc Uow C aim. Del IK; (jiM. the RecorderS Ci '! ir °ffllo ti!at""^nal'n' almrtif inlnlw (dalml'nown M.II«'V: %1 .Jfo. 2. sltuat* ol (Ti(L' i m , " * . notice of Ir, Volume, iir Hocords In orn Countv. in an action brought the iibove tiamed jdal crior Court. It rt rn I '/lllH L V I K ' I'l ( M" lylJUM >" i-u» •* • Caliror^a: ,, --^vl^^^! ^ of^ii^nii..^ m linnwn an T KO|- !NO. '(,, BIIUIHI; in PloncS* *i\nlna, DiBtriCt \ <$ Kern Co"" *v hoyndiMt aiwl deacnlx- ni j iiti.H .'• itv. boundf*! I bejpnninR. on qTt runn no. 1. an ll()e i .oiuiiiniiik pied " tjiprolii. idivs (c^RluHlvci of the ?f"^p v iMffl Bl8 ^h^al?i5.rebv you fail to •» N»oear ulrefl to annear upalnat vou bv rjtlff. In ihe. Su- ini. tho wor t . . lieiehv iriv rHlmiod udndniHtrator v A Si-'irl n ah answ.w. ..... within ten service! ^BS«lS V 1 >illli'7(;iin. in« ,,'• for the iransactlor eBtate In Bald Ko mtolBtrai . unty of the sam Admlnistratox .M.atthTrs. Wtrafcrirsrast «* nubllcatlon 10.0M.

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