The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 19, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1971
Page 3
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FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 19, 1971 Previews Psi Iota Xi Sorority ; Psi Iota Xi Sorority will meet Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. at the West Street Christian Church. THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Life is Worth Living Past Present Ana Future Page 3 Twill Do Club The Twill Do Home Demonstration Club will meet Monday, February 22, 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Clyde Bunch in Windfall. Mrs. Max Bunch, president, will be in charge of the meeting. Steve Linerode, acting Cicero Township Justice of the Peace, makes a recording in the log book after having the duties explained by Joe N. O'Banion, Justice of the Peace-. Scout Linerode of Troop 592 is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Linerode. (Staff Photo by Margaret Hinkle) Mrs: Joe Messick Entertains Goldsmith Club The Goldsmith Extension Homemakers met for their February meeting in the home of Mrs. Joe Messick, Kokomo. The meeting was opened by the president,' Mrs. Earl Thomas who read the thought of the month, "Truth is " the most valuable thing we have, let. us economize it" and she welcomed those present. The flag salute and club creed were repeated in unison. . ' Devotions were given by Mrs. Jack Teter, read an article on "Holidays" and "A Light in the Window". The history of toe song of the month "He" was read and the^group sang it along with a recording prepared by Albert P. Stewart. Roll call was taken by Mrs. Messick and answered by a proverb. Minutes were read by the secretary of previous meeting. During the business meeting, members voted to purchase a scrapbook chosen for the club. A report was givenby Mrs. Thomas on a recent council meeting she ''had attended. She reminded members of the special interest cake decorating lesson on Wednesday and also reported on a -visit to the state legislature. Coins for friendship were collected and Mrs. David Hills won the auction gift. Mrs. Teter previewed the March meeting which will be at her home in Goldsmith March 9 at which time a lesson will be presented on "Indoor - Outdoor Cr- ,peting". A special interest lesson will also be given. Mrs. Messick then invited guests and members into her kitchen where she prepared "Cherry Whirl" and demonstrated the use and care of a blender. Assisted by Mrs. Hills, she served the dessert along with apple-orange nut bread which she had previously made in the blender. Those present for the afternoon " were guests: Mrs. Charles Wolfe of Kokomo; Mrs. Basil Teter, Goldsmith; Mike and LornaWoI- fr, Jerry and Eric Teter, and • Mrs. David Hills. . Members present, were: Miss Minnie Rode, Mesdames Rupert Mrs. Phifer Entertains Verus Cordis The regular meetingof Sorores Fidae Chapter of Verus Cordis Sorority was held Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Wilbur Phifer. . The creed was repeated in unison and the meeting conductedby Mrs. Ted Ehman, president. Roll call was taken and the secretary's report read by Mrs. Louis Weber. Flower fund was passed, quar- „ ters paid, and dues paid. AH dues hace to be paid by June. The treasurer's report was givenby Mrs. Don Smith. There were no bills. The Sunshine Chairman, Mrs. Thomas Mason reported that Mrs. Nellie Brown of Muncie was sick, also Mrs. Russell Hoover is a patient in the Tipton Hospital. . During the social hour^ bridge was played and prizes won by Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Ehman, and Mrs. Smith. Refreshments were served by the hostess Mrs. Phifer. The next meeting will be March 3 at the home of Mrs.. Weber. | Tetersburg Auction Planned Tetersburg Christian Church members met with Eddie Nash, auctioneer, - Tuesday morning, February 16, to plan a benefit auction for the church. Both new and used articles are being donated to be auctioned on the lot adjoining the church in Tetersburg on Saturday, March 6, beginning 11 a.m. Mr. Nash and his helpers are volunteering their service to make it a gala event for the whole community. The ladies of the church will be serving food. Clothing, food, household goods including furniture and appliances, antiques, farm supplies, seed, livestock and implements will be offered. The public is invited to come and enjoy this unusual event A complete billing of the auction will be advertised later. The words of Charles Dickens* great story, VA Tale of Two Cities," written over two hundred . years ago, are a fitting epitaph to our past decade. "It was the best of time it was the worst of. time; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was the epic of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was. the season of light, it was the season of darkness; it was the spring of hope, it was'the winter of despair; we have everything before us, we had nothing before us; we were all going directly, to Heaven, we were all going directly the. other way." This past decade was one of apparent contradictions. Much good was accomplished. We reached the moon, we transplanted hearts, , kidneys, and other vital organs. We also fought one of the most unpopular wars in the history of the world and our streets were filled with rioting and racial dissent. The past decade offered many opportunities and presented many problems and so it will be with the, next decade. It was Mallory who said, when asked why he wanted to climb the Matterhorn, "Because it is there." With our hand in God's hand may we climb our spiritual Matter horns and overcome as many of our difficulties and problems as possible during this next decade. "I can do all things through I Christ which strengthened me." Phillipians .4:13.' .' Larry T. Swaim MONDAY Delphian Club - 2:15 p.m., Mrs. Bertha Graves, 533 W. North 'I' '-•„:'• Co-Worker Class - 6:30 p.m. -Meat and rolls furnished. TUESDAY Psi Iota Xi Sorority - 8 p.m., West St. Christian Churclr ' WEDNESDAY Tipton Businessmen i- 9:30 a.m. at Bowl-O-Drome THURSDAY j Lincoln School PTA meeting 7:30 p.m. multipurpose room ' Vermont entered the Union March 4, 1791. • •'»*•• Eli Whitney. produced the first cotton gin in 1793. Mrs. Gene Kenneff Hostess For Vashti Circle Mrs. Gene Kennett was hostess for the February 15 meeting of the Arcadia Christian Church Vashti Circle. The business meeting was conducted by the leader, Mrs. John Knapp. 'Mrs. RexStoops presented toe lesson entitled, "Daughter of Jepthah, The Mystery Woman." After the lesson Mrs. Kennett served refreshments toSueHa- worth, Linda Miessen, Elaine Conaway, Connie McQuinn, Kay Hartley, Sharon Knapp, Janice Stoops and Shirley Stover. Watson, Leonard Sturdevant, Earl Thomas, Jack Teter, Joe Messick and Wallace Longfellow. After School Supper And Party The God's Workers Class of Tetersburg Christian Church met Monday evening in toe church basement for: an after-school supper and parry. After toe supper, games and fellowship were enjoyed by Martin Teter, Don Smith, Brian Duncan, Phil Whisler, David Potter, Charles Henry, Jeff Whisler and the teacher, Mrs. Garland Horton. Improve the appearance of cracked china by boiling it in milk for about 45 minutes. Mary Guilkey Slightly Improved Mrs. Paul (Mary) Guilkey, 410 South East street, is slightly improved at Tipton County Memorial Hospital. She has been in the intensive care unit since becoming ill 17 days ago. At the present time she is not allowed visitors but persons wishing to send cards may send them to Room 212 at toe hospital. Sharpsville Club Holds Meeting Af Mrs. Edna Zehring By Mrs. Fred Leap SHARPSVILLE — The Sharps- ' ville Extension Homemakers. Club met recently at the home of Mrs. Edna Zehring with Mrs.Ro­ ger Beatty, assisting as co-hostess. A salute to the American flag and to the Christian flag was given. The song of the month "He" was played on record and also sung by all members. The members also sang "The Happy Wan-, cerer". A reading was given by Mrs. Luther Boone "Faith, Hope and Hilarity." A memorial service was held for Mrs.'Lawrence Whitehead a member of toe club. An original poem in memory of Mrs. Whitehead was read by Mrs. Phil Fecher. She stood before a table where a lighted candle and flowers were placed. A lesson in Safety was given by Mrs. Lee Baker. "WhatCau­ ses Birth Defects." The reading of the month "Nobody Slams The Door", was read by Mrs. Goldie Hanshew. Sha, also, read "Flag Tribute." The March 16 meeting will be an evening dinner with Husbands as guests. The place for toe evening has not been decided. The lesson will be given by Mrs. Luther Boonr in "Indoor 7 Outdoor Carpeting". The door prize was, won by Mrs. Phil Fecher. Roll call was answered by each one giving "My Worst Flop In Cooking." Refreshments were served to Mesdames Rogert Beatty, Jona- toon Harper, Walter Duncan, Carl Hanshew, John M. Lucas, Lee Baker Lula Bowlby, Luther Boone, Glen Huggler, Harold Cripe, Edna Zehring, Lillie Imbler, C. T. Worley, W. O. Miller and Phil Fecher. Hobbs Friendly Club Has Family Night ' The annual family night pitch- in dinner was held at the Hobbs Christian Church-Wednesday evening for members and their families of the Hobbs Friendly Club. ! ,:' Grace was given by Mrs. Wayne Castor. Dinners were fixed for three shut-ins who were and are afficiated with toe club. Mrs. Eula Warne and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Castor. After a meal a short business meeting was conducted the March meeting will be at Mrs. Joe Off with a food and bazaar fair to be conducted. Devotions for toe evening were by Mrs. Wayne Castor. Hostesses for the evening were Mrs. Wayne Castor, Mrs. Forrest Landseadel, Mrs. Ethel Hobbs. An Art Linkletter game was played during the evening. Prizes were won by several. The napkin prize went to Miss Lisa Landseadel. 1 . Guests were Rev. and Mrs. Robert Gerrett Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Orr, Mr. and Mrs. Dean WeismUler; members, Mrs. Maggie Fisher, Mrs. Alice Julius, Mrs. C. Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. James Melson, Mr. and Mrs.. Wayne Castor, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Landseadel and daugh- ' ter, Mr. and Mrs. David Julius, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Off and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weis­ mUler. -. IT'S'A-GIRL!'-'. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth BozeU, route 4 received a telegram white visiting in Florida that their .daughter and! husband SP/4 Robert J. Osborn in Germany are proud parents of an 8 lb 14 oz. girl, Christine Angelique born February 9th. The great grandmothers are Mrs. Ethel Bozell, 428 N. West St. and Mrs. Vera Hinkle, 315 N. Mill St. anner? variety MON. THRU SAT: 9 A.M .4 9 P.M J $ I TIPTON SHOPPING CENTER AND ALL DANNERS STORES COUPONS VALID I SUNDAY ONLY AT ALL DANNERS STORE* ELMER'S GLUE-ALL 22 c • Mends hundreds of objects • Reguforty.59c • * Limit 2 Coupon Valid Sunday Only, I AT AU. BANNERS STORES ' CHARMIN BATH TISSUE 22 Coupon Valid Sunday Only, F*b. 21 it 4 Rolls iPerpockoge ' j Choose from I white or pastels Regularly: 44c Limit 2 SUNDAY SIX PACK SAVERS BANKAMERICARD • * . . ....... master charge TEED OR YOUR MONET SACK '•', Tipton 1 County Agent Walter Clary explaining agronomy details to First Class Scout .Freeman Fox Jr., Thursday afternoon in the Tipton County. Courthouse Extension Office. Scout Fox was the Honoraryj Tipton County Agent during Scout Day exercises. The young scout, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Fox Sr., of Tipton, ftreeman Fox.Sr. is one of the loyal adult scout leaders •n Tipton.; (Staff Photo by Margaret Hinkle) Tri-CentralHigh I A I Band Boosters \ I To Sell Calenders by Helen Bottel- Too Good To Last With Her This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, "their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help Us!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help Us! this newspaper.' 11 Dear Helen: I went with this girl for a year and four months and saw her almost every day. For ten of those months we really loved and understood one another, and then she started to step all over me. She said I was being too good to her and it was my fault that she took advantage of me. Then she said she ranted to have a good time and not get serious, so she flirts with all the other, guys and hardly gives me a second look.. . ' I haven't taken her out in three weeks and it's about killing me. I've tried dating other girls, but I only have one on my rrtirid. And she's dating other boys. i . Should I crawl back and ask for a date, or let her come to me? CONFUSED AND WAITING Dear C and W: j Don't crawl back unless you enjoy being stepped on. Really you can do better — and you may evenj agree with me in six months. ~ H. ou, or 2. Go|banan- Dear Helen: j i I am faced with two' choices: 1. Write to < i . , as. : | .! .. I am Jealous! That's an underestimation. ' I have been going steadily with my boy friend for two yearsjsind we've fought over this stupidity of mine so much Fm almost air aid to go out in public with : him. My! jealousy is an unreasonable, close-minded and hateful thing that is usually unfounded, if Joe jeyeh looks at any other girl, I get pains in my stomach and clam up. Then I cry and threaten--and later, Pm sp-o-o ashamed! j ! We're so deeply in love and in friendship I to break up. I don't .think I need a headshrinker, just some sound advice. Please help. — G.E. ; Dear G.; What you need yourself. Somewhere . j — is a good hard look atjv——_ along the One you've either been spoiled in o possessiveness or deprived of pride. Either way, you feel secure only when, you're ' not sharing Joe with anyone else. i „...And that's a form of selfishness. You can conquer, it if you analyze the reasons. Fd guess youfeel inadequate because you've never learned your own worth. Get proud! -} H. Dear Helen: Nowadays more and more kids are beginning to believe God is where it's at -- but where B that? Not in church, it seems. I'd like to go to church to hear about love and goodness, and that things wiU be al right if I believe in Him. But instead -For three Sundays now we've been getting sex education. I think it's up to the parents who put us in this world to tell us how /• they did it. It's not the church's job. EspeciaUy when it's made to sound kind of awful. !\ j J . - j Before that we discussed crime and drugs and pollution and segregation and pornography — everything but the Bible. Helen, Fd like to attend church to find some peace, and instead I come away more scared than ever. Fd like to sing the good old songs and feel happy being with happy people who don't find fault with half the other people in the congregation. •• i " Would it be a sin to go lookfor God on a hilltop instead of where He often isn't at — in church? ~ STILL SEARCHING, AGE 15 Dear S.S.: / \ '] y \\ It's no sin to look for God wherever He's 'at — and a hilltop is one of the best places. You might ask; Him to come and visit your church. — H. Celebrate 61st Wedding Anniversary By Mrs. ted Barrett WINDFALL. — Mr. and Mrs. Omer Salsbery attended a family dinner Sunday at the home of their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weakley of near Muncie. The dinner was in honor of the sixty-first wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Salsberry and the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Weakley. Fifteen relatives attended the dinner from Advance, Lebanon, Atlanta, Windfall, and Muncie. " North Carolina has 3,b4D square miles of inland waters. * • « Argentina's presidental palace is known as the "Pink House" because of its color. at Your i-' Friendly Bank! FARMERS LOAN TRUST COMPANY 110 E.Jeff. St. Tipton, Utdiant WINDFALL—The Band Boosters organization of the Tri-Central High School met Monday eve- ninggat the High School Building. Mrs. Oren Schinlaub, president was in charge of the meeting. Plans were made to sell community calendars and several helpers were appointed by the president. The secretary's report and roll call was in charge of Mrs. Jackie Miller. It was announced that a Style Show would be held in the Spring and a committee of Mrs. Max Henderson, Mrs. Roy Savage, and Mrs. Philip Henderson was appointed by Mrs. Schinlaub. The members are waiting on an application or may take part in the Cherry Festival in Washington D.C. in April. Roy Sa- vagr a member bf the School Board read rules, that no High School class or group may stay overnight at a School even without the approval of the Superintendent or High School Principal. It was announced that a music and Drama program will be presented by David Holder,'music teacher and Robert Lee, a Tri- Central High teacher in the near fuyure with the date announced later. The next meeting will be held Monday March 15, 7:30 p.m. at the Tri-Central High School. Mrs. Glenna Powell HostessFor HomecraftClub Homecraft Home Demonstration Club met Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Glenna PoweU. Mrs. Don Clouser, vice president, was in charge of the meeting which was opened with the song of the month "He". Mrs. Robert Terwilliger gave devotions entitled "Where Is God l Going and God's Purpose for America." The vice president gave a report on the County Home Demonstration Council meeting held at Tipton and a pennies for friendship fund was taken. Project lesson "The Fibers & Construction of Indoor - Outdoor Carpeting" was givenby Mrs. Alton Terwilliger. The hostess gift was received by Mrs.. James Melson and refreshments were served to eleven members and a guest, Miss Lisa Terwilliger. . The next meeting will be held Friday, March 12 at the home of Mrs. Don Clouser, r LEAVING HOME ^ IS NO LAUGHING MATTER... But the Welcome Wagon hostesscan make it easier to adjust to your new surroundings, and maybe put a smile on your face! . Call 675-4492-

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