Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on December 5, 1967 · Page 16
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 16

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1967
Page 16
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VIEWS ON INFLATION,* CABINET SHIFTS, ASIA AT CONFERENCE ^SS^SSiaS*!*^ i*!? To Hold Down Prices '** Jo '»»n ta .MK^nUy ^ ., No Price Gmirul. ffif\vK tous?* 1 "*^ *' "£°'" hc answ?ral - After comment on former President "A tot of people .* lookta- lying more on words than actionlaction, the Preside rt renJfodSid c-alleJ fo en ,c n^t ' f, u .'"'T 8ls ° WUS asked Jotaso » cami in and an- S °°rT at s i«^»ation that oth- Dwight D. Eisenhower's slate- for the fire cscape-an easy s-J far to oounter anv ihreat of al-\Vo !,.•„.„ „».. ' iZlTr" ... It . 1 "??• an «. ( alled "» en.ictmcnl o. the? whether he was considering ask- n™.,™* M. ,.^', f ,. ~ an «' Cabinet res i<< nations are im-mem that if mi«),» i,n «-PII m u- :il - ™,t TI,™ „.„,-„ ,i™~ :, .-1 • on words th«n actioniaction, the President rooji oounter any ihreat of a|"We have exercised such ri» . . e spiral pased bv im- as we had in the m-itfm- " ° pending hikes in steel prices. Uree* UcLti Johnson was something less But he added the than vehement at a Monday lion will continue to news conference in reaction to ••"-' '-•••' • • the steel price boosts. When a reporter said other and bti sincgs ((J on price and wage boosts. Otherwise Johnson stood what he called "our FROM a name DESK Naming It, Not Healing It There is a great deal of difference between naming your ailments and healing them. Sick peo- pie who spend their money g t>- ing from doctor t o doctor looking in vain for help be: o m e i w a r e of the routine habit, of giving their painful symptoms _ _ and then trat doing anything about healing them. Many doctors honestly tell these unfortunate sick folks that there is nothing in their line that can be done outside of just trying to dull the pnins and make them as comfortable as possible until tiiaf "unknown something" which started the trouble also stops it. We find that the "unknown something" that started ihe trouble is frequently an irii- tation of an old, possibly unsuspected, spinal condition interfering with the natm-al flow of nerve energy along the nerve lines which was made worse by a minor bump, strain, jar or fall, etc. A pill just cannot remove that interference nor straighten those scrambled nerve signals from the brain to the suffering organs. When such is the case, removal of this interference, with subsequent restoration of nerve energy flow to sick areas, reactivates the body's natural healing forces to perform the important task of doing something for these "many named" conditions. At our clinic, here in Lubbock, we have the means of determining if such interferences exist and if something can be done to correct them— Remember the Science of Chiropractic deals with (he relationship between the articulations of the spinal vertebrae and the nervous system, and the ro!e of these relationships in the restorations and maintenance of health. (The author is Director of BLAIR CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC. 3430 Avenue Q, Lubbock, Texas.) on strong-fell views" as slated Sat- ,urday by Gardner Ackley, his j chief economic adviser. ! Reacting to a price boost on |stccl sheets announced by U.S. j IN U.S. Devaluation Of Pound May Heip ; Fann Exports I By OVID A. MARTIX WASHINGTON (AP) - Devaluation of the British pound will iadverscly affect some American exports to Britain, principally : less essential items, the Foreign Agriculture Service predicts. Exports of farm products mighl be huit less than some ^manufactured products, it said m a report. I Because of the recent dcvalua- 1 lion, the pound buys less in the [American market—it takes more pounds to pay for a given jproduct than previously. I In 1966, this country's exports to the United Kingdom, totaled nearly Jl billion dollars worth 'Of agricultural commodities. The sen-ice said the British likely will cut back on nones5°n- lial commodities first. Thus, it said. U.S. agricultural exports should not feel the impact of de|valuation to the same extent as jother items. | "In evaluating the U.S. position, ii should be remembered that this country's competitive status in the world market for agricultural commodities has not changed with regard to Australia, Canada, Argentina and other agricultural exporting nations mat did not devalue their currency," the service said. The agency said the devaluation action might well have Jong- term beneficial effects on American exports because, it said, the devaluation should promote sounder economic growth and a consequent increase in demand for American foods. ley said it represented "another t'.ny turn in the price-wage spiral" ! 'i, and called for enactment o* the? :s lax increase Johnson wants plus "more re.sfKmsiblc behavior on wages and prices by both labor ;uid management." At almost the instant Johnson was talking about the steel situation with newsmen, Bethlehem Steel Corp. announced it was following U.S. Steel in boosting the base price of cold rolled sheets—used in the manufacture of atitos and appliances—by $3 a ton as of No t'rice Controls Johnson also was asked whether he was considering asking- Congress for emergency wage and price controls as an alternative to his beleagured proposal for a 10 per cent income tax surcharge. "No such proposals are under consideration at this time " lie replied. Then hc added: "1 say nothing at this time." the White House. Johnson came in and announced his choice of Lt. Gen. Leonard F. Chapman Jr. to succeed Gen. Wallace M. Greene Jr. as Marine Corps common dant Xo .More Shifts Jn view of defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara's impending departure from Die Cabinet to head the World Bank, John ^^<- <<-<- - - ask-whS fi£ niKKE OIJGflTA HE A L*W Bv SHORTEN NOW INSTANTLY STOP ALl DRY "Skin-Flake" ~ A+JD PRACTICALLY ENGAGED/ HE SAYS I'M GIRL H£ VCCTH A SECOND MA4MG-ITOFFICIAL TESSIE -RATES A HAMETO"APPEWPU' * TAKE HER OUT OHCEAWPWTS H£ HASK'T GOT A M£W -BUT TMEV HEVER 1&EP Tl4E. TYPIST 01 TriE VERG QUICKLY LOSE T(i£ URGE answered. After scoffing at speculation that other Cabinet resignations are imminent, Johnson added: "I have no information thai any Cabinet officer has any intention of leaving, but I could conceive of Cabinet officers— one, two or more —leaving at some time under certain circumstances." The news conference was unusual ^ in that the Vietnam war didn't draw a major share of at- many tention as it has fo months at such sessions. Progress In Asia Johnson said ho didn't want to comment on former President Dwight D. Eisenhower's statement Uiat it might he well to send U.S. forces into North Vietnam at times. But in addressing a foreign policy meeting for some :'>5Q business leaders several hours later, Johnson said all Asia is moving toward freedom from outside oppression. "And the major agent of change has been our firmness in Vietnam," he declare*.! The President also had some words for critics of his Vietnam telling the businessmen: "A lot of people are looking for the fire escape—an easy way out. They were doing it in Mussolini's lime .. . they were doing thai i;i Hitler's time. They didn't ihink jt was important to their security almost until it was loo late." TOOTHACHE Owi't suffer i|<xiy. Grt OKA JCL, !• Mcer.di you let relief from throfcN«| UoftKht >ilV Put en -pirn's mint. Until >M CM ie« « is millio - . >M CM ie« yoai dentist /« is millions 4,-utt OMKL ktc' emmtnrft* bjr HIM* fe*. _ lists. As* p*Jrm«Ut tor ^•TT < *«y — ' ? RIVALS WALT, KRULAK PASSED OVER Management Specialist Gets Top Marine Corps Duties WASHINGTON (AP)-Lt. Gen. Leonard F. Chapman Jr., a management expert, is the dark horse winner in the race for Marine Corps commandant, apparently because President Johnson chose the middle ground be numbering more than 300,000. himself into the situation when Greene retires Dec. 31. He '" 8.uuauon. 4.-J-- *-- ". r <»»j »_.».- t_-|. jf t;\jU V (Ji pected. the Senate confirms his sources said. [» r»ur .Lin "Baking-'? Do detergent* ntke your hand* roti-h. •ore or red? If votirftkin i« irritated by detergent*, you need ANTI- TERGE PROTECTIVE CREAM. Just one 6O-secon<3 application give« ' i twcen two faction-backed gener- 1 -'s. Announcing his decision at a [Monday news conference, Johnson gave no hint of the behind- the-scenes heat generated for months by rival backers of Lt. Gen. Victor H. Krulak- and Ll Gen. Lewis W. Walt. The quiet. unspectacular Chapman, 5-1. has been assistant commandant since July and for more than three years before that was chief of staff under Gen. \Vallace M. Greene Jr.. the pens that the commandant is . *. ~ "a ***M~t* i^v juat, <aiJULK irv- r- aS "• cr >' bod >' °, f consequence, Presen: commandant. "It "hapl n g hUn in 'vS VSy OCns thai thf> rnmm^nrlar,! ;<r „.! :_-j -. . . •«<-»} nomination. Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, who will leave the Pentagon sometime next year to become president of the World Bank, was reported to have recommended Krulak to become the next ^Marine commandant. Krulak is chief of the Fleet Marine Force Pacific. Marine sources said Krulak has indicated previously he might retire if he didn't "make commandant. 'Big, broad-shouldered Walt, who became a public figure while commanding the Marines instant relief. That'* because ANTI- is going in. TERGEisaremarkabSemoisturizingison put it protective cream. Not sticky. Not TM" greasy. Heals detergent hands and was the way John-jncl matters. Army Critics Get Four Stars GUARANTEED. At cosmetic counter* ani{ b*auly salons everrwlicrrl ANT1-TERGE protective CREAM Comfort .Mfg. Co., Chicago 7, III. commandant of Walt has been criticized pri- BUNIONS? Get f»sl relief! Dr. Scholl's SuiKr-Sofl {and .. -— Witl employment of Ztno-pjds cushion, ease painful , protect *orc toe joints from shoe p«5*ure. Zino-pads' D'Scho/fs tactics troops in ... both pacification and combat operations against North' Vietnamese forces. There were reports last week that Army Gen. WilliKin C. Westmoreland, U.S. commander . Though a fighter in World War fl, the tall, crewcut Chapman made his reputation in the military establishment while in key staff jobs, particularly over the past six years at Marine headquarters. Gets Management Award Last August, the Armed Forces Management Associa- OUTCOME P> in Vietnam, was for Wait ljut WARD Be sure and drop by WARDS and see 'de SANTA! DAILY 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. WARD CHRISTMAS HAVt A POLMOi COlOt MAM WI1M SANTA EA. WMU TOW WAIT CAPROCK CENTER 50th& BOSTON ^ .GO£ N EVFP V N ' G M T • 0 PM f^' lion gave Chapman its award for "outstanding accomplish-i ment in the field of professional' management." He was cited! chiefly for actions enhancing the corps efficiency. j His two sons arc Marine officers. Capt. Leonard F. Chapman III, now commander of the Afarine detachment on the nuclear-powered carrier Enterprise, has served a tour in Vietnam. Second Lt. Walton F. Chapman is a Marine infantry leader in Vietnam. Son and grandson of Methodist clergymen, Chapman was born N T ov. 3, 1913 j n Key West, Fla.. majored in mathematics at the University of Florida and began his 32-year Marine career after graduation. He is married to the former Emily Walton Ford of Birmingham, Ala. :Army Reserve Honors, Retires Col. Crichlon ; DALLAS (API — coi. jack A.:, Crichton. commanding officer of) the 4SSth Military Intelligence Detachment, was awarded the Legion of Merit Monday night on' his retirement from the Army- Reserve after 30 years of serv ' ice. The medal was presented in a ceremony by Col. Robert D. Of-; fer, commander of the VIII U.S. , Army Corps at Austin. An oil man and petroleum consultant, Crichlon organized his Reserve unit in 3056 and has i been its only commander. The award cited him for "exceptionally outstanding service" as commander and for the preparation of a scries of military intelligence studies. Poll Shows Johnson's Popularity Increasing WASHINGTON (AP) — President Johnson was reported by the Louis Harris poll Monday to have apparently reversed a downward trend in popularity. Although reporting that 'the public still takes a generally negative view of Johnson's performance, the survey said confidence in the President's handling of the war jumped II points—from 23 to 34 per cent— between the first and last weeks of November. BONN — German retrenchment may start with the post- office. I.FMOCK 4OCVXM. Edition of , Pnirtrt M Wj Morr.inz. Evtninf. Saw!*? * s?un<i»y ..... ... . j« * Sunday .......... ;, ...... igj . Only .. . ................. IT? Only ____ ,'. . ............ , p ij Only -Per Sai»Uy '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. »e Once A Year Spa Crash Program MEANS QUICK TREATMENT ONLY 20 COMPLETE ONE WEEK MEMBERSHIPS UNLIMITED USE OF OVER 50 FACAL1TIES TO GUARANTEE RESULTS T0 Ffr YOUR NEEDS HYDRO-SWIRL MINERAL SPA FINNISH SAUNA— EUROPEAN SAUNA EXCLUSIVE MAGIC FACIAL— ERACES WRINKLES YOURS FOR ONLY ONLY TWENTY AT THIS PRICE HEALTH & BEAUTY RESORT CALL SW2-2375 TODAY REtAX IN THE SPRA WHILE THE BUBBLING MINERAL WATER RELAXES YOUR TENTION. What Ctut Ja» /food COME iY 4404 SOtfc ST. and fefalfCfift

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