Santa Rosa Republican from Santa Rosa, California on December 10, 1929 · 1
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Santa Rosa Republican from Santa Rosa, California · 1

Santa Rosa, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1929
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LI Comment Lower Taxes Poor China Hoover Roosevelt By Chester Rowell - EVERYBODY likes lower taxes Congress voted 22 to 17 al 1 Most without discussion for the $t 60000(100 tax redact ion hill - What was the matter Nv it h the off side seventeen does not a ppea r hut perhaps they vere disgruntled because the reduction was not all In the pa rticular taxes t hey were interested in Anyhow the vote was pract ically unanimous and everybod y is hapPY l' ltnill' NOBODY likes lower ap kr propriations If the question kl had been on the separate consent of 4 - each Longressman to a cutting of 1 LH the expenditures he vas trying to t "get for" his particular district '1- I the N'Ote against it would have beert i tnianiMOLIS Indeed if ttoy repre- r sentative had been rash enough to suport such a proposal his peopie t would have been unanimous in re-girding him as a traitor not to his country—a member of Congress k l list ehosen to represent his coml try---bilt to his district --- -- f1111Vr IS WHY a gOVerninent:11 1 I budget has to be Imposed from r above downward The flnal deck- ) ion is in the hands of men all of r whom wan a t txes lowr a n a ed ppro i prritions higher Since tills can nut be done the initiative 111 tiM- k 1 imam revenue and expenses has ( to be taken by scene One Whel rell- 1' I eMellif4 I tio WIffile Mint ry rather than nor ely the tuna of of all its r eta! T ha T IneAnS tinder Intl' frill of government the President l'n- less tt blifigoi is till pxolitive r: budget it will sow' evase ill be A !' Itudget at all DOOR CI 11NA t Threatened by I foreign war its treasonable f-hiMrta I !IS seized the occasion not to unite against the conmmn en - ymy but to start a civil war each looking to his own prof It Thy foreign war was only settled—if it ttays sett led—Thy dividing the counry against itself and making the led co with a local authority Nvh lett does not even pretend to he thy vernmein or China The civil ta has been settled three times in the past fpw months each time by bribing the misentied "Christian" Coneral Fenn Yu-hsiang to 1en h pfsat:e TWiee hp fanyd to "sta botigat" and tit° third tint is too rYeent tEl judge AP-'oven ti however the money to tih him was ohtained hV fain en 11F:A1) THE His Tony "r Aliv 1'141011N n Wird 111 I he wersi day 1f itome Try in tlisentitinie the int Helms of Ferdinand and 1:1 II n and the treachelles his nwn in the early wars (of I enry you seem to he living ill another world J whik the ortiloilry loyal ties and 1- eel-tele! Which We fOr granted did not eNist Those things you t rtiligh the dim td' hut tieeS the shiinkiiit iIf nt Frrie the same things are iI In China We (n I hyte4h ? w" I 1 msn1 years cd I hetn better Now we di !nand that China :41-tail learn th teS1)11 overnight 1:!41 DENT if( )0VEI Z4 II) of the forrps t'd trultis commove° itnd finttnco h tvor tho hush-toss hack- wttsh sooms stt sititith that it is oasy to rttrLtet thtit htive not had ti Prosidht ill 11141dq11 history excotH Enosevelt hot ‘Vitild have had the Ittditrrt tilt! t'tt tt iiIil I o do it tt Itooot would hot ha o tho hnowlfdgo It is a WI nint for what except for ittrvn t ion might Mt ve limm L vry strilttts omorgenoy THE NEWER Altiti it NTMENTS I to South American diplomatic artts aro all of men who speak Mc language 4old know something of tIII history and eustoms of the country to which they are appoint Thtis President Hoover adds itne more sten to the movement to ltave America represented abroad hN' Men W110 know their business Tito trellido is that there Is fl) gliarLIMee f th ontinuntia this policy Presidents liooseVell and Taft made a fine beginning 10Wfird till PreleSSMIlaliZatioll the AmPriean foreign service The llut Wilson administration tirlikr William J rirran npsnt It Ill It took inost of the two SUCePedil14 tO undo the hano whieh Bryan had Wrought and to establish a sounder leral basis Po t he surviee Now Itresithtnt Moyer who knows the World is taking further stens forwI1 rd lint if this next President should happen II) be a man who knows as little III the world as Alfred Smith would have known and if he shOlthl 41- i44i:A a Seeretary of State who knew as little as William 1 BrYan Ili' whole thing might have to lie begun over again by his successor TODAY'S WEATHER Occasional rains tonight and Wednesday moderate to fresh south to southwest winds mild temperature Temperature yesterday 56 low this morning 52 7 541 noon 59 IlTHIn LA?1UL-t:j SIXTY-FIFTH YEAR CALISTOGA IS INUNDATED BY HEAVY RAIN FINAL ELK CHARITY BALL WILL BE HELD HERE ON SATURDAY Pima I lila are being mad' here today hy he Santa Rosa lodge of Elks for I he It of a series of tour oharity danes o he hold in Elks hall Im e turclay night Funds derived from tho danoo will go town id filling of Christ - in s lifisliets for distribut ion among t In needy wit hill the territoy of the lodge: loss Pool is chairnyin in churge or I he lance :tssiso d by lionrY ndorson and Harold Bruner general cha Elliott of eharity danoe and frolics Scores of s loon Pk ia h Vil tits Fort I ha g Sonoma Peto - Ittma San 1i Mel and other north-ha y cities are expected to a I tend hritte him wits tilltitinetl tty laiIir 1 By ELMER C NALZER “1"y"1 l""'lis United Press Financial Editor rpiw they have gline on the War p 1)( 10 ( (11 path ICJ hat iI lieconn of thp 'lIi stok g(overiilliftit if ittlYtiling I nett the elose lottity ititer ti seswili t iie its tilitee I ir1Iljtl t ilP cfrtaillty is 111it tittettititietts whittever government t-irtoll fir 1)thiff 1”11 liff a ritiiiien shares "IN'!" ''t nrlY will from yeteritly' titttte as itear'iittlit'Ve ill its tittilit either te fe I CALISTOGA Dec 10 (UP) — I A veritable cloudburst dropping almost 5 inches of rainfall in less than a half hour struck this town between 430 and 5 a m today No serious damage was reported although basements of several buildings were flooded The Napa river which rises in the hills a short distance above Calistoga was dry yesterday but early today was filled with a rushing torrent of water six feet in depth Calistoga's precipitation for the present storm is 541 inches at 8 a m Glider Dream Ends in Death For Bay Pilot I tat 2U10ü FULL UNITED PRESS LEASED WIRE NEWS SERVICE NEA FEATURES SANTA ROSA CALIFORNIA TUESDAY DECEMBER 10 1929 'Suite JMariir e T e SUICIDE IS HINTED '1" '(p U!' ttr - Ti! ry Ifn ystery Death HUT INHERE MAN I Rainfall Here LIVED IN Hills Is NearNormal 1 Stor is LocATED BytriContinti es with c5: inches of rain regis mARN officsinc17iut tthieologa w:ealtherchareaul ftLir rains predicted for tonight and to nowrow prospects of he normal SAN 115 Eli Bee 10—Con- NOISOna I average being reached tha iiody of an uniden- Vithin the next 24 hours are con-tined man found yesterday in sideved likely today Baltimore (In oyon t vii miles from The total rainfall to date is 457 liarkspm a s10111 and not inches 2 11 inches below the nor the vkiiru f mal mark of 116s inches according der 51arin comity authorities to- I to Mr'' '"4 NewherrY "'al "- day were searching the brushy "1Iv'T territory in acillity of the sPot The total rainfall for the tires Nvhre the dead PIA Ti TTS found in taIlt Ntorm was swelled last night an effort to rind the knife or when 11t1 inches of rain fell hew-1 with vi een 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon slashed and Pi o'clock last night The reading at that timo was 27c A (tempts 1'1 1011111'y the man Heavy rains (luring the who is descrihed its of light corn- fhemI night and early this morning and Plex ion well dressed and about 35 showers this morning brought the years of age through a Stockton total to I he noon reading SAN RAFAEL Dee vin41 that the body of an unidentified man found ysterday Itaithnore Caoyon Iv" miles frow Larlispor wa a skneide and not the victim of niY1Priolls flaird( Itii nnty authoritleA today Were 8etrrhirm the brushy territory in oiinity of the spot ' i ' vhere the dd ea P1111 was found in ' 4 : ia I an effort to find the krilfe or '' wel 4 I'l it his th v roat as : i p to wit OM I slashed t a Attempts to identify the man : I who is descrihed is of light complexion well dressed and ahout 35 ' years Of age through a Stockton ' 1 cloth ig firm whose label was : t found in his coat tailed I 1 The suicide the s ory va givon credence t oday V'hPn a small hut i'' 7Tt I ((ontinued on l'a tn Two) STOCK MARKET rItr 44AiL& I j i ' TEN PACES NUMBER 288 JOHN ROSS LOCAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YEARS DIES dud frolics :::- ' ' ' ' ''''s 1ieo?171f44-44k4'l : : ':10:' 10 : 440- 1 ---'- - - it : " ' :' l SA N I I t A N t I s c () Dec I 0 - - - - - - — -- -- 7 - --- 7 N- scoces of l-llks from pli hi ii Wil- 1 : : swoitRitli:soz::l-" l: ' l::: "'''' l' :ll?l-llWe'ANAt --'-- t I- P)---Eat cor W O oly (ing I W St o( ''4"81"" 0100151015 -S5 V X ( h ' II ' 10 1 I i I y f till (1 the market FUNIERAL THURS s i :ragg S onoma ileto - Ilona San 111 fact and other north-J ::: t eoniparatively 0 Li ivt With priC N4 as hay cities are expected to a ttenil a rule tn i ng Wit h in a fractional John 'Ross pioneer Santa Rosa Charles Ferguson Jr 35 long crierisned the dream he could surcVsfully cross the Golden Gate 1! A 14h lo -1 t a Tiltntrigrripher' whose Ittnt? in nor! tivtrat ce to San Francisco Bay in a glider Army officers sought to disulacie ' him the California wa pp:trent - t rature and reproduction of bort' - N Y STOCK Glider Club unsuccessfully sought to stop him by injunction Just as he was taking off from Crissy ulturn I and third! specimens for Alarehant led the iniltiszritis with Field in tow of a plane he crashed breaking one whrel (upper photo) He took the landing gear ittivLiteo or Fizt to : 1ttt cr aptlogue purpose p1 wn him S off started aloft again b hind the plane and when WO feet un an erratic jump of the glider 1 1tu9ments sivn lit nation wide fa me as tt master Of By ELMER C V A LZE R threw him to his death before 5000 spectators ir clucling his bride Lower photo chows the Diane 0I1teittillat! it ftit Fhott Ittchtnory l'i' Itri di'''l 'It an "111Y 111-11' thi'4 United Press Financial Editor after the fatal fall Ferguson is shown in ins t and indicated by arrow in upper photo morning following- a brief illaess Np yolti: inc to (Ipl- a i 13 ttifit t'ster unit kleiser tit Ii in !loss had relited in Sil litil Rosa The t soek m arket move d upward Illinois Pacil ic l i'lass dropped lmo 1 or ast half a century during noit Ow otttso tottt(y ttitor I sos- satisfactory outlook For PRIOR CONVICTION 1:::!!:::1:Ai4d:elig::iiill'ilt(st ii 11 11'i8n e'ev e Id ' ' 02 this Diesel at lint : c (if t II cij loirotWilli( 11 I i In ( he wS n as engaged sion rtf gitittr tratlintt tht rather phy Ile Wfi member tIT:ilic itri IhIcttuttitlus 1 ho old firm id' Ross fd Pick- 1: 1)oiliff cell yff a tiiiiiion sit' s A o-riculture Seen by State IIS cHARGED HERE ""iJ"35 "11-- ett a nd ill I:1 t fl yeNts env:Wed in ml-'s al "'''4 ""me e'ire liml 'Illi'lm' business for himself for many ottt ytttrtly 4 twtt as be art — --- to !IC :111 I('Slif S1111 Iii !!'-' lialICII i 0 :tin Ivide fame :Is tt rit:tster of 1 ""'"" "' "' ett lo later yl'IrS PnVaged ture ee-11 itate 1:1) LHAKIJEU litKE itO4 6'4 Home P'ire an't bilSillWS for himself for army :o mol Lesfle Soh nt 22 Haiku -- sontdit tr dent ess prices Traders ” 1 e " “"" '"' "' ' I 110 Fotirth street studio 1T R BuRGLARy 1 11)1)4 'Into I lifirtFouk wen prlifit in anticipation 01 Bureau 11 ith Present alp (w te11 reactiml but support he retired frd h om active work in Palters First Nati"nal Ilan!: I sntita Itosa lie Oftilti 110t 1'0M:1111 volfpod tili 1 S tct! NI vNT() 1) i nornialcv An amended inforniatinn ()11r:4- Vel11o1 tin e!trh tieline “i kmvvro xe II tri1--- I An amended information charg - li""o'i's I irst '''''"1 n6 SnIlla HOSN tie Ontliti 110t relnaln Radi4o (111rol ion WaS the rea- i S ' ' I " "'" -I nhrntalitY -The rain has lieen nil rticuliarli mg Fred somidefielid petttionta st d 4 tun notei tom opened a studio turt of the day soaring- to a new Ca ulornia'sgreit agrieultitral a nil i on 1 single I ra Ti nsletiou junine high siinie the reactitm on buying hYdrn - til ' tritt intinstries "tat benefielat tu livestock owners All 1 i I t to -112 TranSamerlea int Sehastop ol which he was on- irtui'li driver held here on a burg- tttintitiited 18 id tit and west ming nt um time or lik diiiiii breathing freely again today after hot a few of them had becii initimed by rein: l l'hS tot ( Wen D y wi 4 lo f t h senate Interstate weeks of anxious vaiting for rain forlied to boy feed to ket p cattle larY eintlt4t'' with a 'nit"' ttatvit- t'it'ast Bank was NittatiNi at' isit 11 had been in ill health for some I1miti urging a im Tho stern' v'hich begall Stillitu V troln starVing 'rhe nreeinitatiii tion of a felony was filed in sit- Among the oils Richfield lire- tin te past but vigited ids studio now as been general enough to as- will start grass on tilt ratu P m' eri court here this mornin rre g fet' added I sK at 12 5-ti rttion daily duri ng his illness ily in the radio field h Pool activity wo not d in spe- sure at least the northern portion and with "'Arty warm weath stuhi)-tiold DicI1 it guilty iates sold off 3-S to t :OS was a native of Pieton (dal issues Conte-14 DIVqi higher uf the state sttlist"ctorY lir"sPeris during the next IWO Week 10 the neW charge of burglary hut Standard at 6-I 3-8 and Shell at NioN'a Scotia aged 70 years 4 a m aim 1d buying de- III IMNt yetir for rorni1 lc- glwth will surely hegin admitted the nrior cOnviction from Nvi're off I-S Richfield coin- months and 2g days He leaves :i veloned iii several of the motor cnrding to E E Ka idiman chief -Truck crops in the ncw-11ri- i Contra Costa county un a litirghiry "len at '28 7-S: IMon It 4634 and wife MI'S Lilian Ross who is in hs 114 G 1 i Its id the lederil-state tritt report - gat d sections Win receive ts r eount thi had mt i itly pleaded fidewat a er t II were Steady I londulli with a daughter 'Airs T Ralph Johnstone (Sue Ross) wile h e!ttritI eituipments—Cditterill ing si ryiee Inendous benefit Those in in i - Hot gulitY to the charge of burg- Paiiilie (las preferred gained I -R E 1 e ii t ii i c and NV stioginiusf— 'units troubles are over for thri gated sections yip' indirtititiv in 1 larizing a Petaluma warehouse and at 25 7-S Southern pacific (kddett sPonk a part of the summer hero l handy towail th present - said Kann-n:1 II "a Ild WP el it aS 1 !IP Warm Weather Ali 11! W"8 "Witin'4 1'1'1 I'll"' IllIIIIIml" "at' A at Ill :" and Statng ials with her hairPhts and wls atqatm- pxpvct enough the rain iiring8 Wilt tifft tie- Judge Hos' Canildicll W"InesdaY ley it i5 wore unchanged Pacific hu P""ied m' by her muther "" her 1( 4tn reasonably return to the islands a tow weuku 1a! contlitlint anti Paciliti Iihtin- TiHOE IA ere abreast of the 111:11- ri ill ditritIL' 111P rema inder of the cold conditions ‘viiiiih have lii i December IS ket the 10e 11Ored COn 1110n- seas011 10 make the situation up- ripL 1 Stubhiefield's admission of i lie iiiimmilll Wel' ina° 'VP K"Iffier "g" An"111:-'1 ( " 1""t" Air' flew- ey was slightly firmer in tone - - -- -------- t prior enhvitin 011 1 this tNi kaliii moved un i to rt Atitnn ard i Sarni ( Jean !loss) lirrs in San filniinvisepi holtlintt it it tl p'1 Cent h0WeVer dente frmi the jliry ilieil Win 1rY V"'s WaS elf 1-8 t1t 2 3-S while time 111011y ra I'S fil'Ineiities i up wiLsoN pllysicIAN Kenneth M onteagle him on the burglary charge here Funeral sterviees will Iiii held Thursday afternoon at 2 achtek to -i per cent for a II matur court attaches stiteil today steH rumon ws bdped by a tVcalthy S F Ala he tmell1 1 i hr wl “rki t 500 AcREs OF LAND : r im I tan 1 ttittTin I ittitiiirt rt 1 ini t it 01li the Le‘ E Snlail int reast rentirtell ill Illil Hied TEsTIFIEs BEFoRE T filed ' DiStriet Allorticy cart E ingrant pastor of the Presbyter - tonniigii :- Of NOIVet1111 ::1 a I IS Sd for D rce ivo ""v":"d wh" "'""'1 '"" ''"""11- SECURED AT COTATi -1--h "tr''''"H"g -kr t lloW iIly reiiiril a mont in OP fit mi ly nbit ill Cali IL L l'sc's1-:-::"'!-'(l'Ill'''' ::'11::-41'' 3"t1: mT"hr:HcENATr PONIMITTEE Si IINkS ue I' illi nisi In t UP 1— prior tonvit ill! Iti111 llt illehlde41 than font points and held around! 014 I Fellows' oernotory I Divorce suit was filed :igaiust in the information where such in- Foil sEED FAR !mar the di- who!' “ wAsIIINCTON Doe lo (1-1L--- K411114111 AlwIte:!!e we:litily sn formatin i 1mt t 1 h ur e- I MIN ii i n ll'it 71ss i tv'e:1"'4m rtltili1' IfN:i r tt:igrinv e leeodt n thrai ev was op 2 points from the figure Admiral Cary T crayI per- l'itaniVOIL hY MI'S EStne H1V411 111ing 111aal-y Si11 C0 rilinu the r easing of 5o10 acres o toe s'o- swim p h i i t he 1t pre Alontragle here today because she 01 iginal inr4windti"n 1 r ha It - tlis colleethon of photograhq token p the previous close during his journies wit's one of the mil Land Company's holdings to Railroad shares were strong' and mem w ikon it 0tud licf tn said mit husband informed 1nd maimed or stohhhrodr Forni tniist intern iitingi in eillifornia a W11 Of PrOMinent San Benitn tietit for a time hut tioy quielAd srntt ititttnt to ttito tii on that he "Intended to live ntv life conviction down Liter Motor 1 1 "thithwnts mitt' today in vont-met ion with in mY own waY" county lillql fOr the establishment of a st-iett farm has liten e e li I n- were song under th l l e ead od dm mien mit of t ityn it yowl l'he comnift int til!iireicii Ntrente Farm Bureau Work NI lirray tr CrorpOer nitiOn 1 ' '' ABATENIENT AsKED iy officials "t the tn- k ice-Illidelll 01 the Radio rir- Int ntal cruelty I nil ny li pion !ion i if A ineriiiiti I hill Wilson II is alleged liY Mrs Monteagle Told to Supervisors ‘ CALIFORNIA LEADS IN ittd situnstti tom:dim tdi dm that In r husband frequently was oN GARBAGE to the terms of the iiiirporatidn absent Fri on home vithout cause PLANT liase a three year eXtenSit11 Will 1 I 1 n Weintand Report that he refused to meet her friends he granted ot the end of two CALIFORNIA LEADS IN had silgtostoqi t orM:t1 ii i th“ till: nil t oN GARBA v:ithout GE PLAN't ioa a three veAr exteicdiiii will I grintt1 :It end of two n einiand Report FAIR ATTENDANCE -id Vil"h had I 191:adt A years it climatic conditions are If A WPinland county farm ad- 1i1n "t the l''trk ind other IctilA advisable for a seed farm vi before sor with his ageistants appeared NEAR SANTA ROSA get int(1 tmlull With ti js said that several other eon- the boara of supervisors io in A - do ont i w Bollard Ihro o-i staio fair attendance this ior 1 iffis and FARMER FOUND DEAD prepti 1 n i ccrns Mil sock to establish seed today and spent several hotms in d tho in thp on the property or the emit- makinil a detailekt report of the ve ChArl" " 111 11)1a14: initial experiment is work carried on by the dppostment viTirtnr ict tritTrrrn day to file alclanicnt pro ceditit PlInY if th" ne I hn cot-t ontainn cionn iLttluity - da Y to file alrwoorot I IHL Pany if the initial experiment 1 s Hork carried on 1 y the dpplirtment The body of Estelle Sera fine 19- nd o'clock last night The 7ending at that time was 2 7 fl-Ye'et r-ohl daughter of David Semites I leary rains during the f ine OecIdento I hotel elerk who flied herself in her room at the night and early th is morning and 4howen this morning' brought the hot el sometime Sunday night Or total to the noon reading early Monday morning will be tak- — en to Oakland tomorrow for ere- JOHN ROSS LOCAL riaa t ion Services will be held la t he erematorinin Coroner Fred Young of Healds- plloToc RApHER Inath invienstteigattihoimn f ternoon FOR YEARS DIES Ahr7s going N1gbent n eeording to a a riwell note to FUNERAL pigs h John 'Ross pioneer Santa Rosa Her body is :it 't he Welti f oh7:hotogrriplier NN Fto writ in nor- chapel here trature and reproduction -of horti- Iulturni and fhrfl perlmens for iambigue purpose: had won Min i Charles E Schell SIJICIDE IS HINTED' as part of the extension depart- Painr seermary-manager ot 11101 t y1- '0" 1Vo'o1"t The IZoct StvvImer sll'''(ss I mein cif the UniOeraity of Ca !Hoy - lair i Coalloson Sniol ho did lloo1 hi looW REDDING Gal DeC 10 I LEP) 1 anY battling hem Sinta Vegetable seeds will be product( inerts nri and its agrielthural di-pitrt l t - fit return il to Saeratneni" the eintents of the ill esSit tzlo 1i41111 T A siuda 73 farimee of the as nigh II t a er itteni ling the coo- th side ro diseu h 11 1 dituiim gu-lsic0 and titx(-Iiittslytehly iTiglitrayetafnor1 tilr tfilizne Pacheco tau as f dead refuse in the Loil 111111 oloo::iol Weinland's report went into rention ”r the latertiaidenid A'''' at the I ime of the cunt' renee of Y w """" " to the ladricul milking shipping today in his cabin home The The abatement aeilon Vo ooS in - — many details of the various pro- lation of 1'Or :-orettries the propo11 to form the raitai mellows ideal It is sml !empty shell of a shotgun was dered Yesterday liY th l"'" '" hlems which are It of the dai“ - -lima was tirsr with 1oilli ewher"lien 1" keel' Areelu'u'l found laying by his side indict- ' 411ftervisors ' : 1 Ater a petition ie11 - ------- work of t his staff in Sonoma spectators and California second l iu in (' - -- - 'I'1" Ini" e"" atter- i inq that he had taken his own life ing the names of 34 residents or W VETE d ad he mm r AR RAN FREED county and tebes wit h 4ti I W sta oo in te lair a 1 lend- int I or from t he I trit ish The aged man recently deeded the district derlaring the garliagc of the board of the work done for atie for I iii!ii" Paine said '''en"Ii" l'ill Illene"T"II el his home to M M Roderioue a plant to bier - nuisance rind in- IN MURDER CHARGF the county farmers of 111 classes "Onr perm ntag w e of l000locosoo :ishingn s" ii only neighbor ur asking him to provide it to public health- Miii h iss! J hy the I on advisor's (afire VoIS !flitch Q0000a lig 11WeVer :IS Mir lifirtWS0 Wolo t SOIVO the Alex-- for the funeral tiled qii a ibi-r-(ill I) Ill Dec Id (ur) totoViolls yeemool wao 1OioLoo00 Mille it lio ri0000il 0 lioi'llii tor from the Brit- ----- --- -- --lir Lloyd D Leitch war time ll'"" st'"e f"i' "'" "ss" 11"': is" 1"1 iths'""i C"m"Y He cl""7" INVESTIGATION STARTS R denti and amateur taxidermist Salary Increases Are s mark on several occasions that stly th 1 tum T-N r r 'onion vies Af her WilS reicaSed front custody todlaY Ilitol 1 III'lled it toVer too the cencern 0- ' wh D en State's Attorney 'William Gwen Railway M en M m RS SOLDATE DEAD "r u Yong A llemht at Suicide testified to that 14- VER WORKERS DEATH icide K c night liecanw onvinced he know NASFIVIr-LE Tenn Dec 1 O— i Mrs Alice Solthile wire of John tort y:tertay: he ii N nothi abou mur ng' t the gas-pipe der "1 - (2"1" I''' 1" (1 1" 1 t' N'Ioy De lo - -' trP e u )-Nin hndred clerks of the Soldate id' the l'enngrove section Voting who was on th st1 Itigiti FC N e t G m under i wav - ' '' - id Miss ordelia umer m sheier Nashville Chatt u anooga & st 10i died vsterday following an illilloSs dill not dony I hi nvo Miss Helen SehllePed mdi" wetly brunett oc her e here today of the neeident at the I e hith chollet 8 R in AMON- wer!e aw arded salary - oI :Aix years She was a natio ot It Springs proteet of the 1' G Wag SIMI 10 naVe cut her tnriuit Leach was freed shortly after creases of :I per cent retroneti Petingrove 74 years of age lie- WAR SCAR TO REMAIN iK Ei Company in which Dan Driiim with a razor while she was tray- war huddles had moved to obtain to last April 1 in a iIN-iision made elmg by train from Los -kngeles sides the husband the survivimz LONDON Dec 10 trIrl --- The 10 was usiipti 1 d01 under a nis treeomn 'I I h M i 1 a- OtheolN et irPtliS lotildie today hy a federal linarti 4: children :11 ArtillIr S Soololoit O London County C0111h11 has de- hug houlde te ICIneat" died in a h"Pital bere'' 'ivrit Leach had been held with- arbitration 11101 s mrA Miry Re se and eided Ilia t the Iva rt imp damage i r he a ecident occurred while She was removed front the train out charge since Sunday morning The decision xepresents a to trt Mrs Helen Midas's all of San caused by it 1101)11) to I ho stone i Drlon was driliing A rock shin after the conductor Mond her in when he was arrested at his shltek yearly increase or 1145000 to the FratICISCO and Walter S of Al- work of Cleopatra's Needle on the i ed MA InONeried another boulder the aisle or a Pullman car early outside town With a shot gutt on eleticF‘ Who will veecive PlinOn un tunas Embankment vitt nut he repaired' n'hieh ernahcil down upon hiki head in the PlUrillng Ills iih1t01vr idr VIP Vetronet lye proviSiull Given Railway Men NASFIVIrLE Term Dee 10— LP)—Nine hundred clerks of the Nashville Chattanooga & st Louis Railway wolte awarded salary n rase of per cent retroactlYe to last April I in a deelsion made bublie today hy a federal hoard 41 arbitration The decision xepreseras a total yearly Increase of $45ono to the elelcm who tlli tweive tA000ft Un - hr Cle etoaei hrovislun I (-14 L'1'e :11rary 11ZIJ Sacnislicrito "TALKIE" ACTORS T RAPPED BY BLAZE NEW YOliK Dee 10 1T1i — The girls of the piny ballet hare-ii leg-Keil and smiling 1APre chattering- on the stage :it the Pattie Com patty's m0111(1 -f iim st udi(s this morning waiting f o r the orrhegtru ah-eady on the set to Strilif i) t he music It was to he a go la clay They were to record and film a feature number for "Harry Delmar's ja t U ye hey up" But the m u sit never sta not for Jost at thtt I) Writ t a girl of I he chorus saw flames leaping a t her front behind the 'el Vet bah drop and shouted "fire:" h Pee hours later 'hen firemen got through peking a mong the rui ns the morgue reeord showed nine dead and at the hospitals the registers carried the names of 20 injured Of the (tea il four were wildcat tilled girls who burned to death (Continued (fit Page Two) RITES FOR GIRL SUICIDE WILL BE HELD IN OAKLAND Rancher Is Dead Charies Elmer Schell rancher of Folton district died at a local hospital 'last night a it1 a long illness leaving a Nv ife Mrs Ittry Schell an4 two children Mrs Caroline Hanson of 1:crktiley snit 'William' fiesta Schell of this city Schell was born in this stiiiist 1 u no 20 ISM: and had re!ddPd'h(tv of his litc Funeral services he held from I he family 1- hi rscia y mon' in g at 11 o'clucts with Interment in Sit ilow cemetery Dohency May Not Be Called in New Case LOS ANGELES Dec 10 (1:P)-- Iteen use E L Doheney (ill man testified in a nother Similar suit he probably xvill not be called in the present ldeal court hearing where the !2overnment is trying to cancel ee'nt mi in leases held in the Elit naval oil reserve by the Pan-AtimrIca n Petroleum Corporation - This inmouneetnent was made today by Norman Sterry cider ominsel for the oil e0Mpany Stet- ry sa ict it Wa S phi !mod to mks ntheny's testimony lit the prior Ite7I nt and Intro(' nee it Teacher Course Will Open Here Saturday A course in building and training to he given over a period if 12 weeks hy Dr A J Hamilton of t he University of California -Will open at the Santa iltosa city hall Saturday according to an anPouncement made today by Stilton county superintendent of schools The course to he held PVI'VY Saturday morning between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock is oPen to all Sonoma county elementary and high school teachers )MECTIANICAL I 'TOYS ALWAYS AQ THE WIND OF CPQISTMAS 5iA)PPINCt tervention mann nave peen a inoy th e preview' close wit phy" to I le 1te 're 00meic oe e oniay occii nip siic o is i-o " - - - tail Land Company's holdings to ---"" 12 weeks by Dr A J Ilamilton of a' scII ots em 'Pan'" thr' wr' Wilso orgeney i sl's ''' ''ll'ifit''' aihi ident n a siltri d h hu bnd 141itl before the !(lier sa informed her ' teiumed or stuh at ldetield's lornicr most intereting in California U 14 gn) IPI Prominent San Benito t he niversity of California Will active for a tiu t hut they totieb1 sinto iit ette that he -in todot t live tey lif ilyati11! — county lilf11 for the rStahlishment open at the Santa !Rosa city hall riall It NNN'Ell 1111't liNTMENTS ((own lahr NI"Wr ""il"'H'ats mitt today in collitcct ion tt itli in mY "wit waYi" I — - of a stif(1 farm has will tin- Farm Bureau Vork day according to an an- 1 I to South A inerhilo diplomatic were stronger under the lead (it tteriti f t Rye IA ytetg Th et-thio jot age t extreee prts are all of men liclio speak the NI orray flill'iiiil'itt ion li io-pliicill of tilt- itiolio rm- in ntal eimelt y I notineett 1 oft nuals of the com- pany ABATEMENT ASKED Y ' it riouncement made today by D F superintendent of lanua and know now something of -- --- — 'or ation of Amet t hat ilson -W It is alleged hy Mrs -11onteagle I ( T Stilton county old to Supervisors According' to tho terms of the schools the history and customs 'the 'id --- -i-1 t "r n" 1 1"n " th u y " that lp r hsband frequentl was! 1 i The course to hp held everY c ount rt' to Which they are al:mut-Ili CALIFORNIA LEADS IN l nhsetit fron hook( without cause 1 oN GARBAGE PLANT 114' a three ear eXterislint Will In Weintand Re o rt Repo Staturday corpocitatit be y granted at the end of two mor fling beteen th wo t oil 'rhos President lioyer adds I that he refused to meet her friends me tore sop t o th e movement to FAIR ATTENDANCE (o said 1Vilsoll had "- and avoide dinner pa rt i n es o!- NEAR sANTA Ro ir limatic conditions are lf A Wleinland county farm ad- hours Of 111 and 12 o'clock is i n t oPon bare America represented abroad ittlesil'd l'im at' tic Pa d ris ffarr ! tainMents and other social :ictivity lomat Idris:dile for a seed farm visor with his aseistants appeared to all Sonoma eounty elementary to! Ilion Clio know their business sici :Ay' ENV! 1 i to In 'CIO— ! nee t eet inte t1 with I It is said that seieral othel Con- before the boarf of supeit isat s and igh ehot" 1 teachers Icid Ac IT Thp tenni& is that there is no California led the nation in ill- Admiral 11' I I (l itultalid diree-: FARMER FOUND DEAD ptnv() i (-o -Il o-- to osinblish seed today and spent several hours in - I'llarunli'e iii 'he c ontinuati on of crea n t i es i sate far attenda n lot t ce this ' o na val eommuni ion ea i s 1111 t the tii! -' t farms on thp property of the earn making a detaillad report of the P his policy Pres d ients liooser en Year aceor!linu- 444 t'h(t rles "'' ' deliver !in " impor t ant n icsal- : i 1 any if the initial experiment is tyork carried on li3- the delkirtment 1 1wliP r7-' t ! SIJICIDE IS HINTED ''IY Iu t" ''''"1"" '''''''''''''''' as part of the extension depart - Ind Taft niade a fine Iltigiiiiiing I(i lop iiiiiiieliiry-inaniitici 11 1 lo i te yp Illic Vent Ilia Itociiii Sciiliingfir '' sn''"'ss I owil I'd M tlic PhileSsional izat ion of Mir 1 Eraysoli said he did not know ot I inteat of the l'niCeraity of Califor - ! REDDiND Dal Dec 10 W13) “ollatnY - ) 5110 PPI49 the A er iciin foroign service Then tu Paine rer n 11 1 t d to Sacra 14'11 ii i he 11(11 iii of the message but ti the fiten nth and its- agriclultural d(!pititt - —T A Sluda 73 farmer of the t z osa from illimpite! girl iiiilfi and '''N' I s'Ye Y' ' ' ' ' (' ntertQ battling fi om Santa yeugetallle Tsal'e:lstraYritil be Pr Thee( the ‘Cilson administration linitcr Iasi night after iittenil jag the 04'4' - Illfirli Watt tionSalcratilti (lisewsh'n Pacheco Valley was found dead refus'' I" 1hr' 1-'""Im '''''''''''' irollit the highway ono is toose Weiniand's report went Into 51 AVillint a J ilrya p n upset It all It cention or the international A'- at the time of the coal rence of to 1110 11117'o:id milking shipping today in his cabin home The The lb:none-9u aeiten wiis or- " many details of the various pro - o lok most 44 tile t WO 1411CePoiling la It on of Van' Secretaries the proposal to form the radio Mellows ideal It is said ' empty shell of a shotgun was dored Yestcrilat ItY the n""11 '" moms which are part of the dailN' 'Ctif2DA( 1' ?administrations to undo the Miro- -1 was iirsr with -120011 -------- "P"r'"1" 1“ kePP An"""nifound laying by his side inclicat- t-illuercisoes a fter li !will hill n i1 work of this staff in Sonoma whiel rya ti Bn had Wrought and to pei-ta tors and California second! i J Lilt' e h -'---- -" - th 'A'x''lliders " 'lit"- i inn that he had taken his own lite in e m res g th naes of 34 idents' of WAR VETERAN FREED county and advised the niembers establish It solltulcr I('C'al "'is thr with 4:l1011i in state fair attend- 'mho front the Elitist: The aged man recently deeded the district ileelarinii- the garbage of the board of the work done for I it ' the sur‘ice Now President I ha ttet for !9- 1 n 'e sa eamw I 'ill ilenu"r"I I "I id al I ' home to M M Roderique a uhint to 1--r -i l n inkaee an d in- the ounty farmers of l classes - t!- vol who k he nows t world is hik- "Din' percentage of ilicrpse vitiegtee -et kviit' onlY neighbor asking him to provide turious to puldie health- iiiii twee IN MURDER CHARGI ' c J ily the hirrn advisor's (Alice IP - k)) big f ort her steps forward Rut if us -1 t-tr1-r however as (111' purpose iy:IS to SONO tile A IcSitil - for the funeral tiled qiiiiii'101ID Ill Dee 10 (17P) the next President should happen ptevimis record wa 1(c2laill Mille and rso n alternator from the Brit- M ) a — '-'11 Salary Increases Are A z '-- -AL -t- In he it Ill'in who knows as little assed the ish ma remi t'ompany lie (ha rtpal INVESTIGATION STARTS -------- 11 Lloyd I) Leach war time ist and taxi amateur dermist fremith "'aid it't'a'1‘(Atiats::In'iPrli ti'(Ini'seitlil"'''11'casions" (imi sitlaaitillPlit ly ho corporatillii 'it-1- 1 - of the world as Al d S have known and if he should tip- 14 - — dent 01110n Dies After Wits felcaSeil front custody today P Given Railway NI en 'r- ----'---7!---------4 1 had turned it over to 111 concern — oint :t Scoretary of State whp OVER WORKER'S DEATH 0( wt lio's Attorney NVilliam D MRS SOLDATE DEAD "Mr Young te!1 Pled to that ef- knew as little as 11-illiant 1 hrllatt A t 1 e m p t at suicide Knight 14(1 ine cOnt'lltelitt he know NASHVirLE Tenn 'Dec 10— nothing about the t he whole thin be gas-pipe murder (1"P)—Nino hundred clerks of the tg mi ht h ga Vf o Mrs Alice Solda le or "r 1hil laivq P' i stitrillIY lift sa l'i Sold:al of the Permgrove secti on i ll niir W Ito Watt o n th e sb ill it l 1 - :111'‘t:ktSigt::t-i't-t'll'‘Itf't'inittill'111'‘1'‘) -S VE l N deli l1S ei hoc 1S r NI is''s' Cora Gummershe imer begun over again by his successor Nashville Chattanooga & St 1-ollis flied V sterility f o lloWi ng n illtic l tiiiis (o t n ( ot 111 Ill "' I li 14 )-- NI isS 1141 011 Sch"cP°1! wh” pre tty br unett hih eh )OF tea e g soc her e ------ here pahl y of hie :11Ciilont at the ' Railway yaprte awarded salary in - '''' -1' ' MECTIANICAL TODAY'S WEATHER of Six years She was a native ot Salt Springs protect of the 1' G Leach was freed shortly after ( reases of :1 per cent retronctlYe ' ' 'TOYS ALWAYS Occasional rains tonight and Pennitieve 7 4 y ears f l WAR SCAR TO REMAIN o age- io- C N E Company In which Dan talon v!" :' "2"ri Whil° sl"' '"i" tra‘- ' war buddies had moved to ohtain to last April 1 in a decision n-utde ti1:4 I sew to have mit her throat n- train fram Itus (a-ca s l his freedmn with a habeas corpus online today by a federal board 4I C AQ THEWIND Wednesday moderate to fresh stiles the "shan't' the su"'iving ! 'LONDON Der lit fl: Irt --- ThP In was erlishett to death 1111(let e a uP O F PQSTMAS south to southwest winds mild c 1 A children a re A rthur S Soldate ! London Connly rOlitlf:11 has do- huge houlder t" IChioag!"( died lit a 1°sPital l''''''''' ! writ Leach had been held with- arbitration temperature 511-t s m is 1 iici lle se and eided that the Warhol(' da mag' 'rlie itecident occurred while She was removed front tho train out charge since Sunday morning The decision xepresents a total --P' ' 5i4‘)PPINCi' s after the conductor found her In ‘vhen he was nrrested at his shSek yearly increase of t15000 to the 1 Mrs He Ion Mews' ll s a o f an S cau sed by t i bond) to the stone Drifirt Wa d rilling A rock s hift ' l Temperature yesterday 56 low this morning 52 7 c Int nandsco and Walter t5 ot Al- work Of Cleonatra's Needle on the ed MA infiNenrd another hmthier the aisle of a Plillinan tor eorIY outside town With a idiot gun pe elorkm wh will veoiv 1A1100f( un i i r 54 noon 59 turas Enhapliment vitt not he reitili tiPit' Wiliall crashed down tipoo hhi head in the morning l hitt shiintter 1 der Vie retronci Vat provision I t - ' - '!‘' ' i i t OM Lower Poor Hoover By Chest ' - EVERYBODY Congress :rot : most without di $160000000 tax What was the tar ' - side seventeen i hut perhaps they I: ''' because the redu a r in the prticula interested in A was practically everybody is hap " — 11: 'RUT NOBODY -1-1 propria dons :: $: had been on the s each Congressma ill the exp d enitures "get for" his p OP VOte against i ' tillanir110 LIS I mie F sentative had her t suport such a pr F would ha ve been -: 12 Arding him as a country—a metal t Dirt ellOSt11 to re : trY---bilt to hie 11 — Titvr IS VIII budget has It ''' :Move i 10 NVIIIIA'ard ion Is in the hat r whcan want t:ixo pat tions higher :' not be clone the 1 AWitig VOA:lot-HO' ( In be taken by st t liiiiielltS1 I Ile Wlicil t 'kill tilr lety tliii t r parts That tom al government it 1- less a budgot budget it will $f t laidget 41 i all t: -- r nO01 CIIINA I f f oreign War f-1)141"ta I nit seized to unite against Pray but to start ': loolting to Ins foreign war outs ttays sett led--hy r wainst itself peo VII It a lam ills not evn p ' verrttn11 u or I i has been st in Me tnist few I by bribing the 4 Ilan" Cotter:II rf laqp lito peate v r4 to -stN:r 10ogitt ) !tub I too rPoet 4 11-Ittl: haweve ‘ Irihe him was a r ' I 1 I I: 1 t 04 t' 11AV they haw '" gill h I I What gaverittro-nt and i 1 ill ta ke its 11 1 guess 'lite only !' whatevPr gaVerni i l:til'i rilllent ii IS ) "") litli n tiv in It ati 1 --- ': pEA1) THE I IL 1 I' !' 1 11'Y 10 I :onto I I the int rig ties to t ' Ala NI in ll i:i n and tv:40 his own of fiettrt If I tenry VIII living in a mita' t the ordinary to: veriels Winch Wi :' ) ilk' Flit exist "-' Si' W I It rtiligil I h 4 him iir”s Op ap0 the same I i Mg in China two i lio eel:Intl Y'" ve 1e!a n to lean tit mato' I hat Chi I le son overnight — : pi 1:!:1 DENT II 1 Za 1 itin if OH : I r‘ (OlillisCIc0 11 : over the business I : tt sittlith x that it ltu:t we 'thy( n't t ill ilietiliril history is hot would have - and resoureentlat ' I to tsevelt would : lantiv I edg e It is ' ilit-ill Ilit Vigil I 4 lerven I ion might : it buts emergent: — : pH It: NEWER I to South An orttts are :tit of n la nttitt Li e anti kr ' the history :trot :t country to which '''' "I 'rims Presid tell' More slop le )) lotve A meriea rr ltv Olen Wilti kilt ) Tito t roultio is Witt ra It t ee of tilt this policy Pre ''t twit Tat' t made : I to fi I'd the Prof the A MPrieN it for the Wilson adm -: Will its m 1 Bonn ' took most of tit i tolminiSt rill ltillS I4 1 which Bryan had t : tit s :1 It I(1ii srx:th 1:allsnpstta itit111 eistil I l he urvive Nov t! you' Nvho knows 1 7t it thp world as A 1 ha ve known and t Imint a Sooretar knew as little as the whole thing I begun over ti on in ----- - TODAY'S Occasional rai Wednesday too south to south temperature Temperature low this mornir 541 neon 59 CaarY v r eri- c - 0-v 7:- 0 0 ANNA A ( " 14 E r I qww r 0 ELILE0 EV 2U:4i0111 011-1-F-----(2176 ti 0 tiAit it L & 1 9 too AZIA1 Able 4o 4t i j TALKIE t r of :2 41r lit 141- ANI: i : u 4i 11 I 1 tit ACTORS v 1 1 44‘:ri ri r 410 if 771 FULL UNITED PRESS LEASED WIRE NEWS SERVICE NEA FEATURES T RAPPril - 1 taf e e Ai $:ff:' -: c ' '' 1040 k - : e ' po ! Or44400L 7 ilU ' : :- :::':r:00i 1r '''"!!': 4 '' 33PP'74P'44'14-::-''-hoPoomdiiow - 4"'!'r ' :'1-: - 0'':' :: i 4::' :0: A :10 --':j 34 ' :i: V'''4 'e:f:n-''4':'''':LI'''':''1:: IS '- ' --""AYAØ - g-' i:'":::)i'Tti-7: Ä4 -14-fy1:471 d 4:-:3dr: -:!?47: -'--:-A:1e:: t's:'4:p1::::Vv--! - 1:!':i193 ::f 40-§:i:- - '-: i4 ::::::: ::tti:1:4':01'':4::0:' 0- i'-4'riiiT ' g101::0i':: 14: ::- -:eg1'''?::'i'li'-'''''''o'tgt'"'if''":4' i0-: itojk"::::::' —1 Ar---- :'':i:' -:rr-211iti4''47134t4t11'4'! ' :': ' L : 40? :: -'-'-'-:1::M''''-k''''''''T'''':::''-'-ii 1 ' !:it:!p: t ' ' 41:'5:: : - : 41e:If::: : T-7 -2": '-'04:i 4 ': ""!'0:::::K iv :!J ' --j'7'::4:14 4ek:J:1 i '4: il : :- i :: : its i ' ::':: :i(—kg :4 i': lik ila 1 '' -' 1 4 '' 1f - 't 41- AP 1 :04 - i"14'- 4 I : f :Y1 - i '': - :- c': ' it: :: '-':--' Pit r'1”" ''et : : w' :' :: 'l' r : ':''3'" ':":i ii"': : A: f 5 11:': 1":'''' ''' -?0::::!:::::"? f' '0:'!':: '7 : '- ') ":' : i-s' 'i:' 'i 44'':'i 4'4Y?:-' ' '''' ':: ' - ' ‘w- $ 2 : : J 830 :: :::"'' :' ''''' i '''!A? : q § - -J ::i000r ' :: : : '''5Ple''i14 ao i :s 4 t :t' : :: ' i — w?x0: ' :-:z- 1 ::W'W2'4(:kA:: '1 ' t i 1 ' 1 't i ' '1' 4 ' r P ' ' :: - i eyiv - 4 ' f ! yZiPMA:rfal17-110101400' : ': :' ' ' ' '''"' '' '':'":? l'':::'-::::: 74::':: '' 't 'iii tli H'-':::: ':''::: : :-:''': t' 1‘ ":1 : : s :::::: :::: - :::' ' : :'':::::tii4-: -!:-4-' : :'::' ::"toftstor !-: ': :4"14:v:::-47 :ge:--''':Ø--: :1- — -'7 : ' : 44'44 ':40 4--------- : 4 : 14tem:pI-- -4:-?1: :: : : : 4 -0 3 ----- - en': 4iqsox-::41 : 0 ' '''' ''''' ' " ' 14''''"""' iormi!$ '7' -' : : : : : :

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