Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 11, 1964 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1964
Page 8
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8 - Tuesday, Feb. 11,1964 Redlands Daily Facts National Beauty Salon Week Leap Year "Rights" Make Some Bachelors Unsteady HARRY J. STATHOS .during leap year, and if he istknown to go into hiding to stay United Press International unwilling to take the plunge hc'solvent. LONDON (UPI) — All y o u; m u st bu y her a gift as ransom.! Men get a better break bachelors running for cover over I generally a fancy dress, there OD Main Street, U.S.A..j Contemporary Germans who in this deadliest month of the!cling to superstitions feel that it leap year might like to know the brothers are running over here, too. In fact, this whole dangerous leap year frolic (for the girls) seems to have started over here, with the Scots, Leap year itself goes back to 46 B. C. when Julius Caesar's astronomers decided the solar year was 365 days and six hours long, and evened things up by putting 366 days into each fourth year. But as closely as anyone can figure, it was more than 1300 years later before the women got into the act with their pre datory leap year 'right" to grab for husband any man still untied. In 1288, a law was enacted in Scotland which said: "II is statut and ordaint that during. . . lepe year, ilk may- den ladye of both highe and lowe cstait shall hae liberie to bespeke ye man she likes, al beit he refuses to talk hir to be his lawful wyfe, he shall be mulcted in ye sum ane pundis or less, as his estait may be; except and wis gif he can make it appeare that be is betrothit ane ither women he then shall be free." Translated into plain english, this said that in a leap year an unattached female could pursue any unattached male to the altar with a penalty awaiting any innocent gent who couldn't prove he already was engaged or wed. A few years later a similar law was passed in France, and in the 15th century the custom I was legalized in Genoa and Florence. I is not a good idea to start any thing new in leap year. Many women tell their daughters not to give birth in the leap year because legend holds that the children will grow up seeing ghosts and having bad luck generally. The custom of having to buy expensive gifts for a girl who proposes to a man and is turned down holds true in Finland and Luxembourg. According to Finnish custom a girl may propose to the man and if he rejects, he is obliged to buy her material for a dress. This goes for every girl who proposes to him, regardless of their number. Finnish bachelors have been Blot Hair, Don't Rub A thorough shampoo the best treatment for hair, docs not require hard scrubbing which can actually punish even healthy hair, beauty experts note. Hair should be handled gently by working the lather through it with squeezing mo tions until thoroughly clean. This requires at least two sud­ sings, each followed by three rinsings. Then, blot the hair with a terry towel, avoiding brisk rubbing. Care of Child's Hair A child's hair can be damaged by permanenting or too t i g h t curling. It is best to dejay the first permanent until she is at least 14. If her hair is straight, Germany also is rich in leap!have the beautician cut and year lore, although old super-'shape it so it can be worn sim-i stitutions now are mostly joked;ply and neatly without the con- in Holland. There is no such thing as "breach of promise" in that country. If a man proposes to girl, be can break the engage ment by sending back rings and presents — even after the cou pie has taken out a wedding li cense. The predominanetly Catho lie countries of France, Spain Italy and Portugal favor the male viewpoint, too. The poor unwed girl just has to wait to be asked. In Italy, too, there is a widespread superstition that leap year is an unlucky year, as exemplified by such proverbs as "anno bisesto, anno senza ses to" (leap year, year without good sense) Husband-seeking girls in Rus sia have a kind of leap year all the time, though the term and the western leap year practice aren't known there. When the significance was ex plained by a U.P.I, reporter to one girl in Moscow, she laughed and said "That's capitalism for you! Here, we have equality of the sexes and we have as much right to propose as men do, although we do prefer it the other way." In the British Isles the unwary single man is in as great jeopardy as he is in the United States But there is one consolation. The 1288 law isn't enforced nowadays. Juice Consumers The U. S. Department of Agriculture reports the average American drank 38 glasses of reconstituted orange juice and 59 glasses of other juices and fruit drinks in 1962. New Hair Conditioner Has Protein Have you been meaning to I And it's synonymous with beau"do something" about yourl tv: na jj., | This rich formula is recom- ', , . i mended for hair normal, drv or Today s smoother coiffures ac-, damaged . It dcanses and condi . centuate the condition of the;^ deUghtfuUv . Most import . hair more than ever tour new.j ant of all vour hair and sca , mobie. softer "do won t be \ won - t be robbeti of natura , oils tempting to the touch unless it s, The proteins have an affinitv silky, shining, in super condi- 1 - • tion. Dry, dull, with split ends, is how it should NOT be. And, if there's a hint of dandruffy scalp, we just hate to think of if* the effect on smart good looks. | So — if your top-knot isn't lus- for the hair, give new body, reduce brittleness. help guard against breakage. trous and healthy looking We Specialize in £ AH Types of Permanent » Waves and Tints i X t lus- > ~ «\\ you've teased it once too often! i DDIlru ,. rv „ . * and brushed it less than you(| BnUifi BAlft rerfnanSIll J should — and if, as so many of \\ Special $4 50 us have, you've been putting J " * the emphasis on styling and* N° Setting Necessary SSSSgS^r • here '1MentoneBeaufyShop It's Ogilvie's jewel-green Con- f 1870 Meniene Blvd. Mentone ditioning Shampoo with Protein! j °P en E,eni "fJ AppK ° n,ir PROTEIN. . . that's a word we< m-iwu hear more and more these days. Jv SAUY YATES - OWNER) y** A eV i r-^ i i—• • CAN D I ES Bath Sponge A new bath sponge is heart. . . . _ .... ^haped. It has a long handle about. But the custom remains:stand struggle of nightly set- Give it to one you love, the that a girl can propose to a boy tings. I manufacturer suggests. CELEBRATING NATIONAL BEAUTY SALON WEEK! Be Smart. .. add a Wig to your wardrobe! A/ever a worry when you own a Wig! Your hair always looks perfect! Come in and See Our Wonderful Selection of Fashion Wigs MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A PRIVATE FITTING IN YOUR OWN HOME. Style Salon CHRIS THEOS — Owner Stylist 418 E. State Sr., Redlands 792-4877 RUFFLED LOOK — The back of this new soft coifure for evening is just at important as the front and sides. It is from the Leap Year Coiffure Collection being introduced this week during National Beauty Salon Week by the National Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association. Chiffon-like in quality, it features a soft crest of waves fanning into a dramatic lift on the right from a smoothly waved and closely defined forehead treatment. Slanting side part at left plays on important role in coiffures this season. Forecast Of Beauty In Palm Of Hand Crystal-gazing comes in f o r some competition from the Feb ruary issue of Mademoiselle with forecasts of beauty that are definitely not fatalistic in ap proach. The palm that holds futural secrets often turns over to reveal lines that tell of neglect in the past, abuse in the present, more lines in the future. But these, unlike their permanent counterparts, can be assured a happy future when given the proper care. First among the preventive measures is an application of rich hand cream immediately after hands are in water. Some magic potions help keep hands! from getting grimy — but fail­ ing that, try protective gloves. I Phrenology exponents say j'Show us the shape of your Ihcarl, the formation of your !forehead and we'll tell you what I you arc." In a more realistic manner. Mademoiselle says, "Show us. and we'll tell you what to do about it." If a winter's worth of steam heat and cold winds has left your hair lifeless and shapeless, | get back into the hairbrush ha bit. Whether you brush bending over or standing up, be sure to brush hair out from the scalp, benefits from massage, a gentle rotating motion with the balls of the fingers. Also benefiting from both the brushing and the massaging — your upper arms and shoulder muscles. The heavenly body that could be yours takes no magic but it does demand work and willpow­ er. The work begins with exer cisc. Two sets of ten of the fol lowing will aid the waist, sides of hips, and thighs: Sitting on the floor, legs straight out, lean back, rest on bent elbows. Keep bands flat. Roll left knee over right leg, then reverse. The willpower part may be achieved through a time-tested action — slapping your hand every time you reach for a potato chip or peanut! Disposable Gloves Hand protection while doing the household chores or using beauty aids is now available in disposable gloves. Made of self- conforming polyethylene, these gloves fit all hand sizes and can usually be used more than once before they need to be discard ed. FANCY SATIN HEARTS 53.35 to $10.00 FRIDAY k. ^**\ FEB. 14 th .-^ti&Sk&r 'W\ Valentine's Day ASSORTED CHOCOLATES 1 lb. box $1.60 2 lb. box 3.15 RED FOIL HEARTS 51/2oz. 80C 1 lb. $2.10 13/4 lb. 3.40 NOTES Hairdressers, Cosmetologists Follow Code For Patrons' Benefit The insignia of the National Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association Inc. Gives assurance to women of today that a definite code of ethics is being followed for their protection and assistance. Members of the Association subscribe to the Code of Cosmetology which reads as fol lows: That the best interest of the patron shall always receive the first consideration in the conduct of this salon : That we dedicate our professional skills in the enhancement of the beauty of each patron, according to her individuality. In so doing, we shall give the highest quality of service; through constant attention to the artistry of the newest hair fashions and the other advancements in professional beauty care: That we shall continue to maintain the highest professional skill through attendance and study of professional educational programs under the guidance of our Association: That we shall be ever aware of the latest scientific developments, techniques and products which have been proved beneficial for the best interests of the patron: That we are thankful for the respect, loyalty and confidence which the patron has displayed and shall compensate for it with courteous, fair and professional treatment in a salon cognizant of the health and welfare of the patron: and — That we shall always try to be good citizens in the communities in which we live and practice our profession. WE FEATURE A COMPLETE LINE OF ONLY THE FINEST FOR OVER FORTY YEARS WINN'S Daily 8-9 DRUG STORE Sund °y 95 Corner Colton and Orange 793-2804 fBEE PARKING FREE GIFT WRAP StH GREEN STAMPS PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY - FREE IN REDLANDS NEW YORK DOCTOR'S CLINICAL TESTS SHOW YOU CAN LOSE EXCESS WEIGHT SAFELY AND EASILY. • .Without Drugs Let Us Arrange tfcar Trip AIR — SHIP — CRUISES — TOURS No Service Charge CLEM SERVICE CLEM LAU LAURA CREATURA 298 I. CITRUS Phone 793-2555 REDLANDS TOSE-WEIGHT* (ablets help cm* appetite, belp you cat less and lose unsightly pounds soundly and safely without special diet. No matter what you've heard about exercise, massage, steam baths as a means of reducing weight... no miner what you're heard about overweight... here are 1he facts which any doctor can confirm: ONLY WHEN YOU CUT DOWN YOUR INTAKE OF CALORIES - WILL YOU REALLY REDUCE YOUR WEIGHT AND IMPROVE YOUR FIGURE. The trouble is that many people who are too In can't seem to car down withoat help. New LOSE-WEIGHT tablets ate the answer to TOOT p.-ayer to help you lower your weisht and set a more attractive figure. Lose Ugly Fat ...Fact The N.Y. Doctors' Safe Way LOSE-WEIGHT is the wonderful new way to curb your desire to overeat... helps you reduce your calories . •. lets you eat the delicious foodsyou love (but you're satisfied to eat less with LOSE-WEIGHT tablets.) These remarkable, tablets, shown QOINO OONC Csaww You can trim down pounds and inches and have that beau- ttful new body! LOSE-WEIGHT was clinically tested on TT ^rW^ 3 .!Ll 0 ,TT^ ly °«rweight men and women. The doctors spotted 9*% tost weight without side effects. effective in New York doc tors' clinical tests, are completely safe... contain no drugs, have been granted a U.S. Govt, patent. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to try LOSE- WEIGHT tablets today, and see how you can lose burdensome extra pounds and inches, slim your figure, look and feel like a new person! Sold on absolute money-back guarantee. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE We absolutely guarantee ... you must be delltMed and satisfied In every way with lose- Weight er return the unused portion and your full purchase price will be promptly refunded ... no questions asked. I Cut out, bring or mail this coupon to: | Please rush my lose-Weight tablets to me on your j money-back guarantee. I want: i • 45 tablets, $J •90toblefi,$SJO j O Remittance! Enclosed. j Name _ I Address I City. _. ..State... Esther Davis HEALTH FOODS STORE 416 E. State St. Redlands 792-2579

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