Wilmington News-Journal from Wilmington, Ohio on August 24, 1950 · Page 6
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Wilmington News-Journal from Wilmington, Ohio · Page 6

Wilmington, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1950
Page 6
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Page Six THE DAILY NEWS-JOURNAL—WILMINGTON. OHIO Thursday, August 24, 1950 Social Happenings Personals vice president; Mrs. Rnleigh; Mr. and Mrs. James V. Price, show at Lunken Airport. Bogan, secretary, and Mrs. Roy Jones, treasurer. of Martinsville, were weekend guests of their son, Kenneth, and Teen-age Dinner And Dance Held At Country Club Men'.' .«Ñnow H:’’ caests e St Fr endship Circle Enjoys 10th Reunion ei-. a 4on- r-i-.' ’he c '' ' en '! ^ Mi V ' Mr. . tl M r¡PS- i-K - ere D - ; Ya::ies 't . y. Frcr, } ‘.‘\K 'i.t deb- , *i'.e evernng was svieni in ,:anv’- : '0 - ..Í \ M"i i .-K.-. . ’ r > t.! , ::C-tl- .»e ai'o . : ;g vVt ro M — P... '.i H. ! M' Hrv:- . n G. drv.J N.n-m.t . • . M . H> Asnnwn e, : . Meen M-nr s. I crs- M L 1 Lunny, Mrs. Roy Mobky.'bc present were Miss Mae Mc- .t Leoraid Harbaugh and Kibbcn. Mrs. Raymond William- I ■• ■ 1 '( • ' Sprirgboio. ' son, Mrs. Charles Pllis. Mis I C'hns (rchron. Mrs. Lena West,i I Mrs. Judith Spence, Mr.-. W. T. ; 'Carroll of Wilmington, Mrs. Bidna Betts Corwin, of Springtiold. ' 01 the F'riendship yi,,;. Rudell will be hostess for, up of intimate, old- the 19.")l reuninn. -vii c friends, met 1 reunion at Huffman Family Reunion Is Held at Sabina AiuiUal Huffman family reun- i m wac held at Sabina Methodist Conference (Irour.ds, Sunday, with itoire than lUO in attendance. .\;ier a bountiful basket dinner, an interesting and entcr- Hf.lii-ion-: ^Jining program was presented, ’ ‘ ■ Willi Mr. Donald Huffman, presi- Mcnbo- Cl . ,e. P M ; n'; e ir. o' 'he ’ . ' M: Ttinsv. D.u- %vrre p hosP >> V. daugliter. :!:Ual ■ M,.-. Louis Dolpli. F; : i.‘V. where they 1 ,is!y loeeived. The ,c issisted bv he;' '.u-, George Carnahan. of Fuii ohebter. in dispensing tin ' " ..yies of the occa- >i->n }-■ , ,at il l from Me i (0 ' ■ii--h lurui* r was st rve at. ut fuUy appointed t; 'vith a b'ovl Ilf lilies Mi. M l- The Pie^i 0 e:.t. Mrs. Cleie King, ttorrion, ».krd the gi<>up to sing “Piai.-e M.' 1 ec Skui.m.ng, M.ss Maoe- God From Whom All Blessing.: c I ' e ar.o M-. luanc. Flow.” a- they were seated ; . U , ; li ds' are. M;ss Madaiyn art.und the table to enjoy the td -i h, n, Mr Jan.es Jane-, Miss rneal. ta which each hafi contiul.'- •a, r' Fax. Mr. Go a i:e Ru e. ,jted. A’ .IS a h. • h.id pa I 'O J e; Sue Ro.poi ■ a. shire Badger the cl-'se of the dinner. ,y surpiise. Mrs. King iVided homemade loe : tin ciossert eour-e, esicient conducted a dent, acting as master of cere- moiiies. The program included group singing of the hymns, “The Gld Rugged Cross.” and “Let the Lawer Lights Be Burning;” reading of letters from absentees by Mrs David Huffman; readings. “Reunion Poem” by Mrs. Wilbur Huffman. “The Modern George Washington” by Darrell Huffman. vocal solo. “Dear Hearts and Gentle People" by Lana Jean Hutfmar. r.c- Mru Pcc'u At Surpr se H inored Dinner IV ente tame Tlir . esicient eonrtuomo a pi^- py Lana Jean Hutfmar. r.c- hu.'ini s - 1 ‘^sion in the afte; n-ion. py hei- mother. Mrs. \i i;i , .,eh menioer respionaing to Huffman, who sang I hd h,% i :,ming her wedding iuniveisal.v. H w'ns revealed M s Emma Peale’s anni mg Slipping .^^ound” to her own guitar aci omr.auimont; vocal solo, “Love Lifted Me” by Judy 1 ,1 s up- ISC i.iniu i : *.-■■■ ■ r. (. ('«'Ic bin.tun * ; ¡ r i ' Í nn.\ ' : : ... ■ «'f Iv ' 1 a H :4 ' - 1 « , A' H: ' . , t IN-' ile ■ r. V : ' t .1 ■ ■ Ì ’ tiic 'r I ill' I «‘d gu' ' . ' • ■ ' ■ t ■ :thil' 11 cn. W.iller ,Iain> : W. b.ar. V c r 1 ■ Mr?. Th. n. F a n. ;r . M.ii>. M ixin«' an>d \’ii- ga ¡a F b M -. H- mor 1) 1 '.iriv ..nd nil^ ion, Ken an. . -vcc; M' . J' C. Gillam HU'' J 'nd... M \ r S U'-mpfiir and N- nry. M ; J, Dan Giliam Mr>. F ! ;.nk I urd V .ar.d Nan > Jecin. « f Nt X’Bu lirg’.'u; Ml. xt^i'-ivy d.ited th<* fartht*>t h^ick. acconipaiiiod at the pi, I- (,T >e.ii' The same officer.- ,^i,,dior, Mrs. Robert A « . e , ' iii-od for an"flu'r >a ii ; trumpet solo. “Mem- dr:. K.rg. president; Mm )..'ph, vice president, and Mi>' Wdl D-.u k, secietary-treasurer. I. ■ J. B. Britton, of M.tdison ville a former Martinsville gnu W..S I l.ir-en as program leaifm Hradcju.arlers for Sealtest Ice Cream Vi (Lah fall n.avor»» $1.05 Farquhar’s Grocery Established 1872 urn pet ones'' by Ronald Paul Huffman; song, “Jesus I.ovcs M»'." Joyce Shoemaker. Wanda Taylor and .Jo,\nna B"!'ir, acoomn.tnied by their grandmother. Mrs. .John Huffm.m: duet. “Beym-d the for next year. Mrs. Bid Rudcd., Sunsef,” by Mrs. Robert ............... Blanch« <ter. former i esicient o' chenault and Mrs Jack Briden- t'oimpfor M..rtm-ville, was a guest and b«‘- b<iugh. ■rvame n member of the circle. Three deaths, two m.irriages G;fts were <‘xchang«’cl and donors hirtlis were repr.rted and reveal'd “H.ippy Biilhday'’ was p,resented to the new ha- sung to Miss Mae Peale, whose pjes and bndes present, and al- anniversary occurred the follow- j;o, the oldest person present, ing 'day. The remainder of the Three contests, in which the au- ,ifterro«.n w.-- spent in reminis-, (¡¡(-pee participated, were eon- cing 'anu visiting, after which Muclcd by Mr;s. Sheridan Stew- Ihe hos'c-s and her daught«»r L,rt, Mrs. Guy Taylor and Mr. served a cooling drink. and Mrs. Orville Huffman. Those privileged to attend were During the business session. Mrs. King. Mrs. Doak, Mrs. Mr. Donald Huffman was re- George Kestcr. Mrs. Chloe Cle- tainecl as presicicnt, and Mr. land. Mrs. P« ale and Miss Peale David Bluffman was re-ekcted ■ *f Wilmington. Mrs. Britton, an-ri secretary-tre.i-urer. The jmo- Mrs. D'-dp'i. OÍ the meml.cr.ship. gram eommittee te r the ooming M- ' ('arna'han and Mrs. Rudell. year includes Mr. and Mrs. Orville Mickle, co-chairmen; Mr. guest':. Member who were unable t' You II never know how good instant coffee eon be until you try Tfta only “insfanr backed by 85 years of cofíbe expericnee 1-rtan.l '41Í tj P itr ' Co,'« ffti* Ütxirt'ij, 4 h 4 Dextrosi aaáti. and .Mrs, X'augnn Huffmai' and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Huffman. Bfstel Shoemaker was appointed e)r irn'.an of th«' table e«immit- tee, and Mr. and Mrs. Bi'.l.v Howard were clioscn to secure the grounds i.iv 1951. I’hobC pu«’ ent were Mr, an«i Mis. Iiwin Ellis, of 0'Bri«'n. Or.- : Mr. ciiii .Mr.- IL.ip.ld W.d- ker and son.s. Govingtnn, Ky.; Mr. anci Mrs. Si Simmnns. Mr. and Mrs. John Stephany. Cincin- n.ifi; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bright, Blanchesu I ; 'Mr. and M i .'. B'red Schroth aiul Debra Jo. Mrs. Ralph C'line and sons. D.iyton: Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Huffman. Loii'ion: Mr. aiul Mis. Or- \ille Mi' kle and family. Bloomingburg; Mr. and Mr -:. HcnsehiCi Mil kle and family, M' and Mis Jaok Bridenbaugh. Ohilacotlie. Mrs. Ogel Vineyarci : nd Su.sie. Sprii'igf ield; Mr and Mr,-.. Donald Huffm.m .-md family. Sou'hi Chari« ton; Mr. and Mrs. Fdvi Huffman and Robeit, Midhiud. Ml , and Mi s. B?vcrctt B'islu-i Social Calendar THURSDAY, AUGUST 24 Group IV of the Woman’s Society of the Friends Church, home of Mrs. Ruby P. Sperry, 479 North Walnut street. 8 P M. Young Adult Bible Class, Methodist Church. family picnic at Denver Williams Jr. Memorial Park, 6:30 P. M. Ladies' Bridge Luncheon, Snow Hill Country Club, 1 P. M. Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary of Morris Mc^Tillan G. ' A. R. Post, the Courthouse. 2 IV M. Clinton Council No. 32, D. of A., regular meeting and birthday supper, 8 M. Wisteria Council No. 148, D. of A., regular meeting. 8 P. M. S, C. ih E. Club with Mrs. Howard Hackne>. 2 P. M. I’resbyterian W’ o m a n’s Guild. Group B, with Mrs. B'verett Heston, near Reos- Yille. 2:15 P. M. Springfield W. C. T, U.. homo of Mrs. Clarence Smith. Ogden road, 2 P. M. Martinsville W. C. T. U.. covered dish dinner at noon, Martinsville roadside park; followed by regular meeting. A * 4 FRIDAY, AUGUST 25 Annual Haines family reunion at New Hope Church, Greene county. L.adics Aid Society, Cuba F'riends Church, home of Mrs, Carl Kelly. 2 P. M. Sabina Garden Club, Sabina Conference Grounds dining hall. 2; 15 P, M. « « «■ SATURDAY, AUGUST 26 Wilmington Assembly. Order of the Rainbow for Girls, choir rehearsal at Masonic Temple, 4 P. M. Annual Pdcrson family reunion, home nf Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. McMillan, basket dinner at noon. Loyal Partners Clas.s, Mor- risviile Metho(iist Church, home of Mi . and Mi s. Harold Swisshelm. 8 P. M. • • • SUNDAY. AUGUST 27 Osborn family reunion at Clinton C-.'unty Fairgrounds, basket dinner at noon. Clinti’n i'ouncil No. 32 D. of A.. annual picnic for members and families, at Chautaucjua near F'ranklin, basket dinner at noon. •Annual Westboro School reunion. «m lawn of Uongrega- tional Christian Church, Westboro. Dinner at noon. Methodist Youth F'ellow- ship Group. Nc’vV Vienna, at home of Mr. and Mrs. John Croghan. 6 P. M. Hnyride to Wa.shington H. Ice eream supper for families of Sunflower Sewing Band with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Vance. 7 P. M. Haworth-Bailey family reunion. Dovei' Friends Meeting House, bi.sket dinner follows church service at 11 A. M. Hodgson family reunion at Nebraska’s Hope Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Donaldson returned home Monday after Refreshments were served to j family at Dayton. Ky. On Sun- j,ppn<iing several days fishing at 15 members and four children. , day the group attended the air the summer camp near Ripley. SHOE SALE Names You Know... Shoes You Love! FINAL CLEARANCE All Women^s and Children's Summer Shoes! WOMEN'S PRETTY Jinx Burru.s. 22, Crete. Neb., will represent her state in ihe "Mias Aniorica' pageant in Atlantic City. N. J., in September A baton-twirling expert, she i.a 5- feet-B'a, brunet. (IntcrnatwnuL New Burlington W.C.T.U. Meets at Mclntire Home Mrs. James Alclntire and Mrs. S. S. Matthews entertained the New Burlington W. C. T. U. -F the ioimer's home, Tuesday afternoon. Reports were heard fiTim all departments. M r s. Donald Jones, in charge of tlie devotional period and program, was assisted by Mrs. William Smith. Mrs. Carl Jones and Mrs. Lester W j Figgins. A piano solo was pie- sented by Marilyn Smith and Carol Jones sang a solo. During the business session, Mrs. J, Peterson was elected president, Mrs. Weldon McKay, New Antioch school. Basket dinner at noon, Plymire lamily reunion, home of Mi', and Mrs. W. J. Keller, near Mainville, basket dinner at noon. Davis family reunion. Fort Hill Park, basket diitncr at noon. 33rd Hale family reuna>n, nn thr Inwn of **•«■ residence of Dr. Kelley H.ile. West Main street, basket dinner at noon. Babb - Miars family i e- union, at Mrs. W, A, Bailey’s farm (the former Fred Mitchell farm) basket dinner at noon. • • • MONDAY’, AUGUST 28 Wilmington .Assembly. Order of the Rainbow for Girls, regular meeting and inspection, Masonic Temple, 7;30 P. M. • • • WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 3d Ne'.v Burlington F'. o-i: is Alissionary Society wi'l .Mrs. Luther Haines, 2 P. M. SHOES Red Cross and Johansen white, and brown and white shoes in broken sizes. Values to $14,95. $4-97 WOMEN'S SHOES Hroken lots of all Connie Lo-Heelers in and Mid Wedjjes. V allies to H.95. -while Flat« $397 WOMEN'S SHOES Broken lots of “Helter- Skelter” multi-color wedjjes for wearing now. Value« to 5.95. $2 97 CHILDREN'S PLAY SHOES Broken lots of all leathef sandals in red . . brown . . . . white. \'aliies to $5.95. $‘1.97 No Refunds . • No Exchanges • . All Sales Final hui- Haffm.an .'-nd .Mr, an .Mi>. V.'Ughn Huffman and Pen ENGLANDER -liipiiKUit of the ^aiiie Hi^li <,hialil\ iiialtre-'»#*'» which we are fealiir- in«: in our Viijiii't Sah*. *’*s/ec/i l.il,r ) tm'vr Ncrer >/e/)/ Hvforv'^ • I em|M*r»*d ^tccl ¡nnt‘r«priiij 2 : unit • Stileheil ■^i'-al |»a<l iii"iilator • l.a\«*r upon la\4*r of eotlon ltd! • I ape trim « m I^ c * wilh »iiiooth top hutton tiilt*« • Hi inloreeil "*i<lc wall- • Cord handle" and \« nt" • I iek" ari‘oi h«‘a% n <pialily Daina^k A (>uai aiitrrd !.uiiUindcr vdHdidv n il It nKttclt in Li littx Spriitfi Only S00.66 n.\, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huffman an«i Debarah, New Vienna;; ...........................- - - Mis. Alice Mickle. Mr. and Mrs ! Mai tir.sville: ?.Tr. r-n«; Mrs. Wil- Kenneth Mic kle and family, Ktr, ' ' " ............ and .Mr.s. Ralph Huffman. Mr.s ■ Mary Trout. Mr. and Mrs. Flar-; :Jd Jtnkin? and Gloria Jean, Mr.; and Mrs. Bernard Huffman and ■ iaughters, Wa.shington C. H. j Mr. and Mrs. David Fiverman ■ .iiui family. Mr, and Mrs. Albert j Howard. Sr.. and sons, Ree.s-' villo: Mr. and Mrs. Heber MuL; ler.ix, Mr. and Mrs..Billy L. H"W-; aid. Wilmington; Mr. and Mis.; Orville Huffman and family.' Mrs. Raymond Shelley, Mrs.' Sheridan Stewart. Mrs. Leonard Huffman. Mr. and Mrs. Albert' Howaifi. Jr . .tn«f daughter, Mrs i Lewi.s Vineyard and Wilma. Mrs.; Bernard Vineyard and Sandy. Mr and Mrs. Earl Vineyard, Mr. and Mrs, FIdward Wilson and sons, Mr. an«l Mrs. Hoy Arrasmith and «’i. ughtei s, Mr. and Mrs. John Huffman. Mix';. Fistei .Shoemnkei , J(»yce an«i Fistel, Jr., Mrs. Guy Tnyloi' and children. Mr. and Mrs. David Huffman and children. Mr and Mrs. Herma.n Flot and daughters, Sabina, $ 29.00 to $ 55.00 Attention Clinton County's best dressed women! The new Foil Betty Rose Coot and Suit styles . .. the very some that ore featured in America's leading foshion magazines . . . are now on display ot The Poris, Think of the exciting fashion thrill of being oble to wear these thrilling magazine sponsored styles. 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'Ihe f...Jiion ieafiiia-s of the w’f>r‘-ted crepe .suk made by Stern-Slegm'in-Prins Coinpanv, were inspwed by her picture called "Sunset Boulevard.’' WHERE THE STYLES COME FROM Use Our Lay-Away Plan Buy your new coat and suit now. Pay a littli down and balance as you can.

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