The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 3, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 3
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Our Toy Dapartment I is now in Full Swing If you want to get the best toys for the least money, get them at WeiM's. Our assortment Is large, complete and includes every kind of a toy that a youngster might want to make him happy. If you're wise, you'll start Christmas toy shopping now and here. Wireless From Mars, Prehaps (f.os Angeles Express.) Somewhere away nfi in the universe a wireless telegraph operator oacii night Is sending dots and dashes out Into the ether, that got fancied up wfth tin; "wireless wires" of tin- I'nlted \Vireless MMlnn at Chutes Pan\. to FOOTBALL GAME SATURDAY WILL DRAW BIG CROWD Tin- high school exciifinent over tin Is seething football unknown i Into tlie , Hleakney ; anil Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. stlflcation of II. T.. Bleakm' r ot the station. ! "or several nights 'his '•spark" has been coming Chutes Park station. Mr say« It is exceedingly plain parently sent by an e\i>" i-rator. but ii is in a di'i' : nuuirc" from any he knows. ; This and the fact that it camx t be ."turned out" by the Chutes Park st'i- ; tinn ate two mysteries. My. tlloakr.ey i is acipiaipte 1 ! with the alphabets and j codes in us" in wireless tolnur-iphy, bill the-e dot'; and dishes thai reach his ear- eich night from s"ii"-\\ here .away oil in space are not in his vo- 1 cabnlai 1>. I The\ •iiniareiitly come j great distance, for nth 1 i ! which i.i to be played at Ilocreuiion' F'ari. in tills city Saturday between I lie eleven local huskies and the la.I* fron, Tnhiie p n,e struggle is bu; a lew .lays di-\:i:; and every one in tin- hchoi>; as v. ..: a.s the players, (heat sehe- are v. ,.|,is,... for the success of, '•'ii financially and fron. p;>iiit of view. ill.' largest Saturday ,i- a football game in tin : lie nratldstand v when iln- clash. The. game fron, i standpoint has bei n i I'ldlUmellt thus far thi- 'del' lo even ll|) Hi" nts have (alien ih.. orns mid are now s.dli'i:: Hid town. The paMe hardly been out twehe the tine slim of $K> had and as this was bill ill" • laliors of one afti rnnon VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Late of Detroit Conservatory of Music Studio Phone 338 Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC The Southern Bakerafleld's Leading Hotel Cul»lne, Service Unexcelled • "inrneil 0111" by I'aratus. About 7: aki.ey was "'line ! • s'alirll at Tab!' ' lie cot!I I not •-.• •••;i.-rk thai cam • inn,; ai>:>;;rmis ai-imi-ontlv sen' and." said'Mr laii'jua-ji' is si i. - tmil ic ('iiiuinenl ;il ;>l;.':la'. lll.ll-lbel . Illll tills is < .ill tell. "I : '.• positive It '.- no loc; lor I can tune out' all 01' tlie- I. in s'-ii 'ons in I he city. It Is fref-iieiic;, spar!;, and li.e-rofo:' CI-PM. !rn.n. a --'1'i'at disi'iiire, I '!" ni't understand It at all. as it is something entirely new In wireless tcle^rnpb. 1 . "Whether it comes from seme st. am slilji away out on the Pacific nr from I he Asiatic coast I would net even Ivr/Ml'.I a guess. 1 have suppose,1 i!:;:' '.'ie wireless stations in .lapan use the Con- jiinental code, but this spark dues not talk Continental. 1 can get a letter now and then, but not enough to make I I out." . So strange Is the mystery to Mr. Pdeakney that he has been content- H'lill mo 1 , nun' lie. 1 mile i yards ; I.ightner, who lost his Curtis •'c.e during the summer, this i I'ecovei'i-ii the valuable vehl- was found little more than a ji'theast. of town hidden thirty mm the roadway under a heavy Coach Orllllth IUIH tabooed all bard hard work and now tho eleven in per fectlng Its signals and brushing up a i hi! on .speedy formations. The pin-, ei'B have been lining up as follows mi the practices this week ami will un , doiibtedl\ u-o into the game Saturday • in thai formation: Baker. <eni< :-. • Crandy. quarter; Kankin, right guaid;j Church, left uiiard, \Volgls, ru.'.hi t.n k ' !••; Henm-ii. left tackle; Sto.-; ;.,a. , icaptalin let't end; nelijiiinln Kn: ; . light end; John Strotid, left hall; Me ] Kinle\, rij;ht half and \Vieman. i ,11 i end;. Tl;e reserve men will In j .-ieini, Omlen. Curtis and Til'on. 'I'ul.ire and Hakerslield hate !< lu 1 i . - n rival.- on the gridiron and it v>:e f !...i|i> veal.-, befole the loijil player- 1 •A • re aide lo defeat thidr nonliern op I'H'i lil.s. Tjey have been n.m'e sue i-esslul of late, however, an 1 while , tt" leci.l players sire hy no means l.iia-'fu! or overconfident "<ev ..v.>,,,.( in score a victory Siiiiirda>. liisne., i!-e!r opinion on the "dope" .>' th. i,",,. etit le-i.iriu 1 series. The st ri'iun .-' . ar-:iiinoiit is the games again-I VI -ilia The Tulareans we-,- .life 1 '.-! by the champions Vi to ", while li-i); • r-1'ndd scored a victory over the lads (lull! ilie Tiilare ciiilllty capital I to n ill irddllion to cro.ssiup the upposini! team's goal lines several timt-s and l the scores being disqualified en ac ' count of off stile plays. ; The student body of. 111. lja',:i i 1 : j Held Hi svill be at the i:am, i'.i to; re Smith, the \ell lead,•;. =•• :-a!.ir..: a stri-nuoiis plan o' . i' :. ',-, fi i; i grandstand and ih. I-.e,,! ; oimg w ill ha\ e much cppm lunity u heir \ olces Into pi i>. .. MGRilGlE SUNDAY MK For Canghs and Colds RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE NATURE'S BALSAM We Recommand the Use of Our Guaranteed COLD TABLETS A Cu-ativ :nd Laxative When RED SPRUCE AND^WHITE PINE Is Take Of Drug Stores iGEELAN Millinery 1329 19th St. plating taking a receiving Instrument , wav of lools (|I . -n Mci;v,t Wilson ;;nd stringing some 1 receivint; wires from a high pole up there to ascertain if the liHttht will enable him to locate tlie strange spark. cover of houghs ami leaves and appar i-iitly had been there since the time of the then. It was in fine condition save for slight rust on the metal parts. The tires are apparently ai good as when Lhihtncr last saw the wheel and nothing was missed In the Visit Bakersfield's Finest Millinery Shop j sli/iwiii": ol' Ni-\v York's Intest models. Our prices L'5 per cent less than elsewhere. \Ve earry an ex- •e]diotia]ly hiru'e line of shapes and trimmings. Wo make a specialty ill' iviiiodelinv;. luring in your old halt, or trimmiim.s and have a new hat made of them. Big Contract on Aqueduct It has been decided that, the great | Ciilifornian-Echo baseball game for i thp benefit of the Children's Shelter will come off on schedule time, ono week from Sunday, nnd all plans are parts. The gasoline being perfected to mat end. On Sun- tnnk was filled, whereas when tho ma.' day morning next tho Californlan nine chine was stolen the supply was al- will go out to Recreation Park for a most depleted, showing that the thlet dress rehearsal, as It were, and Mana- had evidently intended to leave the ge r Hicks will line up the men for city with it but the publicity which the great contest. Ike Alexander Is at] followed the theft, determined him. homo again, and he will coach the | not to take the chance. The machine boys In free passes, the art of maldng then was hidden. Bakersfield's Finest The Hoard of Public Works this afternoon awarded to P. A. Howard, n I,os Ansreles contractor, the contract for the Antelope division of the aquc- duo nt j'cn.on.n. The contract Involves the pToava- tlon of fdeven miles of nnnediict which i li was discovered yesterday after- 'noon by a Irani)) who was fishing 'along the canal which runs under the bluff-, lie wa-i walking along the ••end which parallels the railroad spur itn the uravel pits and when near tho •hill, lending to the fork In the road, he ' Mimed to reach the side of the canal and there stumbled over tile motorcy- c!.-. Kt ti' to town he told the > ii'ploycs at the Land Company ware .house of the find. They informed him 'ihai a reward of $.10 was standing for :he re'-oviTV of (lie motorcycle and If THANKSGIVING ESSENTIALS are vr'iod. well fitting, stylish Hollies hut above all clean Hollies. Wo can lake out all spots, sin ins and dirt, of any kind, so thai your present suit will appear like a bran now one. Send us yoour best suit or your winter overcoat and you surely will he ((leased at I he ri'Slllt. Pioneer Cleaners z,uA Dyers A. C. Jaccbsen, Proprietor. Offl(.<«. ir,U< ;:>th St.. Phono Main Works, 129-1 S3 L'f'th St. Phone Msi, Is to be lined with cement nnd It is he would eomnnnifcufo |,is discovery the Prst large construction contract ' > f > ""' sin riff's office he m it-lit be ablo _, 4Akl nrr „,»»,.„ do claim the money. Th'- l;iiI K hf of. WOMAN BEATS MAN'S a run without hitting the ball. The < ditor will show his proflctcney In throwing a few In and out shoots and j with the spit ball. | The Kcho men will likewise occupy' the diamond fora practice t-nme In tho afternoon. Harry Stuart has devoted a Rood deal of time during tin 1 'week to explain'"" tlie rules of the 1 I .-,ime to Wallace Morgan, and the latter now knows that he can't run '. rn a foul ball, and that over tdie |:<.nce is not out. C'oa'h Millard has had I-.-.. !.'i K- a' work between times and confidently expects a victory when the 'preiit day comes, 4-»-»- DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worries you consult; u.s. We will ae/n>enlily surprise you. A'_ r !iiu you can do it so t|iiiekly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. || plied, cmiies in any \viillli; «« Pioneer Mercantile Co 'awarded to private contractor. At Elizabeth Lake. Elizabeth lake tunnel reports Phnw Uiat a total of 30," feet were driven in November from the south portal. OT this footage 117 feet were made in the first ten days, 1-14 feet. In the second ami 134 in the third. Tills record does not come up to that, for October, when 400 feet wore driven, but it is fully 1">0 foet ahoid of the estimates and Is highly satisfactory to thp engineers In chars,>. The reports of progress from the ! north portal have not yet !..>'. t-e- iceived. but it Is snid that th" men j working at. that end will make r i ..m- jfortable salary bonus this ni"i>'h — j Los Angeles Kxpress, Phone Main 98, I the road stated that he did not wish 'to assolate with officers of tho Inw and V.MS not seen again. The warehouse men told P. S. Bible, tho cyclcry man, of the tramp's story and Mible in turn told Light ner. Llghtner and Bible | wont to the place this morning and found (he machine. HEAD INTO A JELLY. C11AFRY. Nev., Dec. 2.—Tin- first murder to be committed in this mining camp occurred lit 4 o'clock this morning when Mrs. Tena Coby, a colored laundress, killed John Mauley, also colored, with an ax, almost severing his head from his body. Tho woman struck the murdered man a doz- i n times, healing his head to a Jell Manley had been collecting for tho laundry and had failed to return 40 ii-nis. This Is Ihe woman':; only ex- i i; e for the deed. Out Icbamblin ! | *f»» »<Hl+4Mf4HJ( | ] I It is a Wonder. fc . \ , Chamberlain's Liniment Is one of tho most remarkable preparations yet ; produced for the relief of rheumatic pains, and for lamo back, sprains and ; bruises. The quick relief from pain [ which It affords llu case of rhouma- tlsm is alone worth many times Its cost. I'ri'-c, 2."i cents; lai'Ke size, 50 cents. Fur wile by liaor Bros., Dak- •crKfleld; Kern Urns Co., Kern. * THIS IS THE CAR HAVE YOU SEEN IT? Shows State in Good Condition ft has been in preparation for flve years, awaiting the time when the plant could be brought, to the point of capacity nnd perfection which would make it possible at such a price. Tliere Is not an ounce of uncertainty or experiment In this marvelous thirty horse power car at lll'tocn hundred and fifty dollars, because It derives its beiiiL' from twenu ihoii-.ind other Cadillac cars which have pteecded It. It Hpri!i'--s lii'inedialely Into full-Hedged competition with the best ol' others at iwice and thrice the piie.-, because it Is the outcome and ^volution of a laci.n'y ,'i|Uipii!-ni. and a laclory i-xperleucti that ha:-, ens' inillion.s hi tii" nui^in^. I'l-'.ce jour o.der now. First car lo.ul already sold. We have a few second hand bargains. Cadillac, one cylinder. 1907 two cylinder Tourist. Two Cylinder Red, with top. (Trade for horses). Two cylinder Maxwell. >, ,.,,,.- v ,. ,•,*,,''.,. .V _-'?"''?; Bakersfield Auto Supply to. 19th and G tits. Tel. Main 1260 The California Promoti,,!. tee has just issued a ! n nouncing that eommercla 1 : (lal conditions In this stale intr a marked upward tende sums of money are coining state for Investment and r cfdved by the committee -•!-,•.••.there has been complete !• • Ironi the money panic .if i ye i In commercial lines i-e;i..i-i- rnte a larger volume of'.'av than hist year, with a n nl,. rrease noted In nil re. 1 ,':'!' Wholesale houses atin .'.'••• orders from the Interior :•'••' ' jobbers and mnnufactnrin. 1 . -•• ments report n. big' i fornla orders. niiildlng operallous In ?>' '' co contlnttf- on a large pea' • ; ports from all Interior c[tie | the effect that active d"v- ' onl Inuea. Numerous small I'.-irn.- 1. • Tf-ii[i|ei| and !'!a< > d 'iMb-i- • !iih. and !'." ' d in mar v !'•'• • .••iris! s.'a-'ii I. 1 lliis v. ir ;.- ir an- fl!ian- e -:h.iW- •. Large •n thp |" v VO. •V lll'lt ..nvcry In- iries. . tier |!l tidtis are that the niim " r , •, - ' i Callt'oinia ili:.- •.vlllter v, 1)1 ' .':'• '''>' above the average. .^ — .^»^^. - —• COFl'IiE is perishable, it ou^ht to be kept in ti^ht packages, not exposed to air. Your grocer returns your money t! |ou doo'l like SchllUns'i Best, we pay him i' «.<•>• I )ot!-i!i, v, ho is now :- ; ',.. a- McKltlrick, is or ..,.. lia-' 1 ',;.!' le'ini and hopes lo pit hir 1 , ( jiif ti.e; :>' II; . : rl>* dale llail lias writ- te;i i'i •- vefal local baseball plajers iiM-ln. ''i' rn lo band a ti-ain together and t-i:i'-e n. 'rip '° McKIIirick to play \ a L-ana. The matter has been placed, in the hands of Kxre Rehfeld nnd he j will nr^ani/e a nine and endeavor to, arraiiLn- a special train to make the trip. J i A petition will probably be idrculnl-j fjr cd to provide the number of passen- t j -.e-.'.s ;ei;uired hy the railroad company lu ^eiiu'e the train and If this Is d"»e t'ne o.-cii.-doii will be a noteworlhy one for the W^-t Side oil town. Hap writes that the fans of McKittrick wi!; C'Xtend Iheniselves to the limit In rib r lo entertain the excursionists and a big barbecue at noon Is one of tie- methods of entertainment under • uiisldi.ration. The train, If secured, will start from liakersfleld early on a SMI day morning and leave McKlt- irlck about r, o'clock, ft will afford many who have never visited the ihrivlng West Side district an oppor tinilty of making the trip at a reduced rat' 1 and in one day, with plenty ot' time i,, !-i/ai" 'it the <>'her end. The 'VT'-iui i 1 i '''v Til i-n'bryo no«', 'm 1 . .-erv ' ' v '" w i'! 1" I; ade In a rra Ii."' PIANO TtJNIN-, AND HP.PA 1 ."M NG. .1 L'.ie'. . :,, at, , • i,' ;: t M. •' and , ; : '-). Hi li.'i - hit-he.- 1 i. . i.iiiini nda- > ' : ili;ii; fiom the best of pi.nd.'t.- 1 , \o.-a!-, ii 1 . end i i-ino nianid'acti.M'is. Leave ;:j i! 'i-r- bi-i'ii e Sanirdav. I lee. If, at , i[j. ||-i!i--i'feld" l-'in'eltuve C.ui.pany s.fore, . T;..(.liter, Ninetei-uth street, phone i |'| - -«• - Abandoned farms oft find jou can, j ' ; \Veed grown and dank. i | Hut what I'm looking for Is un Ab;uidoued bank. — IMUhifJolnhla Bulletin. luig ll>£ SUwifldB niui Bowels, of Promotes Di^cslion.Ciiecrful- ness antUtest.Contalns neiUicr Opiudi.Marphiac KOT NAUCOTIC. The Kind You Have Always Bough! Bears tlie Signature of Ray* ofOM llr&IKL'fZ P J\ttniJ, •/. Srett ~ stix.Saina ' /"„,/</// S:,Ul - .jfiitl Srftf * ' Aprtf-1"I lu'tucily I in i '.',!i|Ki- 'H)H . Sdlll' ;.it'ii!l'A ll.l ':-:! I'llOCil, Thirty Years K-- • .-II, i Loss i,/ '.inmlc Se. M..|I;I i-

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