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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 4

Greensburg, Indiana
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Thursday, May 27, 1965
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Witt 2 Cnmbtf (M.) Mr N«w», Tfcm^r, Miy 27.1965 Plon Ceremonies ens Plans for opening day ceremonies next Tuesday for the youth baseball program in Greensburg were announced today by John HimmeJheber, president of the organization directing ~ttie two-month activities. Beginning at 5:30 p. m. on the diamonds north of the softball diamond at North Park, all teams and their managers will be introduced. A flag-raising ceremony is planned and Mayor Sherman G. Miers is to throw out the first ball, officially opening the season. Two Little League games and one Babe Ruth League tilt will be played, starting at 6 p. m. Babe Ruth League teams and their managers are: Kats, Jerry Rancher; Braves, B. J. Pratt; Giants, Bill Wenning and Harold Wells; and Tigers, Jerry Easley. Little League teams and managers are: Reds, Harold Seibel; Cards, Cecil Hull; Yanks, Robert Cochran; Bums, Ralph Milli- gin; Lions, Charles Wilson; Rams, John Stringer; Sox, Edgar Scheidler; Bucs, Carl Bode. Those in the Mffloi League are: Jets, Bob Arnold; Pirates, Wayne Humpert; Angels, Jim Fisher; and Twins, Estol Kamman and Jim Maple. The schedule of games for each league, with the first team 16 Teams— Slow-Pitch Softball Games, Rules Listed Plans for the slow-pitch softball league here this summer, including the schedule of games, were announced today by Jerry Gegenheimer, league supervisor. First games will be played next Tuesday night under the lights at the North Park diamond. Because of an increase in the number of teams entered from 12 last year to 16 this year, it will be necessary to play six nights a week instead of four, as formerly, Gegenheimer explained. Two games per night will be played with the first to start at 7:30 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and at 8 p. m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If the diamond is open, {hey may be started earlier upon agreement of both managers, it was stated. As in the past, the teams were divided into two divisions, or leagues, as follows: National League, Hill-Rom Company of Batesville, Westport Merchants, Crown Zellerbach Corp., Smith Corp., Clarksburg, Knights of St. John, Herbert's Shell Service and Christian Church; and American League, Delta Faucet, Jaycees, "Union Bank & Trust Bearings Corporation of Ameri ca, Bonn Aluminum, Strasburg- er'si Barber Shop, Methodist Church and Baptist Church. After completion of scheduled play there will be ''a best-of- three series between the two first-place teams for the city championship and then a single elimination tournament for all 16 teams. •The managers agreed on the following rules: Players must live or work in Decatur County; a 16-player roster is turned .in by the third game; a team will forfeit if at least nine, players are not present at the starting tune; the 15-run margin rule will be employed after five innings; pitchers may have only three warmup pitches between innings; a batter is out if he hits five foul balls after his second strike; no alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the. premises and no one who has b'een drinking will be permitted to play; and players can be ejected at the discretion of the umpire for arguing or unsportsmanlike conduct. The schedule of games, with the team listed first the home •team, is as follows: June 1—Westport vs. Crown Zellerbach; Delta vs. Jaycees. 'June 2—Hill-Rom vs. Smith; BCA vs. Bonn. June 3—Clarksburg vs. Knights Union Bank vs. Strasburger's. June 4—Herbert's vs. Chris- tipns; Methodists vs. Baptists. " 'June 5—Westport vs. Herbert's Shell; Delta vs. Baptists. June 7—HillrRom vs. Delta; Westport vs. Jaycees. June 8—Crown Zellerbach vs. Union Bank; Smith vs. BCA. June 9—Clarksburg vs. Bohn; Knights vs. Strasburger's. June 10—Herbert's vs. Methodists; Christians vs. Baptists. 'June 11—Delta vs. BCA; Hill- Rom vs. Westport. ;June 12—Hfil-Rom vs. Christians; Jaycees vs: Methodists. June 14—Jaycees vs. Bohn; Crown Zellerbach vs. Smith. June 15—Union Bank vs. Methodists; Knights vs. Herbert's. June 16 — Strasburger's vs. Baptists; Christians vs. Clarksburg. June 17—BCA vs. Crown Zel- lerbach; Union Bank vs. Westport: June 18—Jaycees vs. Hill- Rom! Bohn vs. Smith. June 19 — Crown Zellerbach vs. Knights; BCA vs. Strasburger's., June 21 — Strasburger's vs. Clarksburg; Delta vs. Christians. June 22—Baptists vs. Her- Bert'S; Methodists vs. Knights. June 23—Crown Zellerbach vs. Hill-Rom; Bohn vs. Delta. June 24—Smith vs. Westport; Baptists vs. Union Bank. June 25—Herbert's vs. Clarksburg; BCA vs. Jaycees. June 26—Smith vs. Christians; Bohn vs. Union Bank. June 28—Knights vs. Christians; Methodists vs. Strasburger's. June 29—Westport vs. BCA; Crown Zellerbach vs. Bohn. June 30—Smith vs. Strasburger's; Hill-Rom vs. Union Bank. July 1—Knights vs. Baptists; Clarksburg vs. Methodists. July 2—Christians vs. Jaycees; Herbert's vs. Delta. ^ July 3—Westport vs. Baptists; Hill-Rom vs. Methodists. July 5—Union Bank vs. Delta; Clarksburg vs. Hill-Rom. \ July 6—Strasburger's vs. Jaycees; Knights vs. Westport. July 7—Methodists vs. BCA; Herbert's vs. Crown Zellerbach. July 8—Baptists vs ; Bohni Christians vs. Smith. July 9—BCA vs. Hill-Rom; Bohn vs. Westport. July 10—Smith vs. Jaycees; Crown Zellerbach vs. Delta. July 12 — Strasburger's vs. Crown Zellerbach; Methodists vs. Smith. July 13^-Baptists vs. Clarksburg; Delta vs. Knights. July 14—Jaycees vs. Herbert's; Union Bank vs. Christians. July 15—Westport vs. Clarksburg; BCA vs. Baptists. July 16—Hill-Rom vs. Knights; Delta vs. Strasburger's. July 17—Knights vs. BCA; Clarksburg vs. Union Bank. July 19—Crown Zellerbach vs. Christians; Jaycees vs. Union Bank. July 20—Smith vs=- Herbert's; Bohn vs. Methodists. July 21—Westport vs. Strasburger's; Hill-Rom vs. Bohn. July 22—Smith vs. Baptists; Crown Zellerbach vs. Methodists. July 23—Knights vs. Jaycees; Clarksburg vs. Delta. July 24—Christians vs. Strasburger's; Herbert's vs. Bohn. July 26—Christians vs. BCA; Herbert's vs. Union Bank. July 27—Methodists .vs. Delta; Christians vs. Westport. July 28—Baptists vs. Jaycees; Herbert's vs. Hill-Rom. July 29—Union Bank vs. BCA; Clarksburg vs. Crown .Zeller- bach. July 30—Knights vs. Smith; Strasburger's vs. Bohn. July 31—Baptists vs. Hill- Rom; Delta vs. Westport. Aug. 2—Strasburger's vs. Hill- Rom; Methodists vs. Westport. Aug. 3—Baptists vs. Crown Zellerbach; Delta vs. Smith. Aug. 4-Jaycees vs. Clarksburg; Union Bank vs. Knights. Aug. 5—BCA vs. Herbert's; Bohn vs. Christians. Aug. 6—Jaycees vs. Crown Zellerbach; Union Bank vs. Smith. Aug. 7—BCA vs. Clarksburg; Bohn vs. Knights. Aug. 9—Strasburger's vs. Herbert's; Methodists vs. Christians. Plan Girls' Softball Play Girls in the Greensburg area of high school arid junior high school age who are interested in playing softball this : summer have been asked to come to Stiriv- er Field at 6 p. m. Tuesday for an organizational meeting. If sufficient interest is shown, teams will be formed to play a schedule of games each Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 6 .p. m. Miss Judy Fisher, art instructor at Greensburg High School, is assisting Jerry Gegenheimer, summer recreational program director, with plans for the girls' league. listed the home team in every instance and north or south diamond indicated by (N) or (S), is as follows: Babe Ruth League June 1—Giants vs. Braves. June 3—Tigers vs. Kats. June. 8—Braves vs. Kats. June 10—Giants vs. Tigers. June 15—Tigers vs. Braves. June 17—Kats vs. Giants. June 22—Kats vs. Tigers. June 24—Braves vs. Giants. June 29—Tigers vs. Giants. July 1—Kats vs. Braves. July 6—Giants vs. Kats. July 8—Braves vs. Tigers. July 13—Tigers~vs. Kats.' July 15—Giants vs, Braves. July 20—Giants vs. Tigers. July 22—Braves vs. Kats. ' July 27—Kats vs. Giants. July 29—Tigers vs. Braves. Little League June 1—(N) Yanks vs. Lions; (S) Rams vs. Bums. June 2— (N) Reds vs. Cards; (S) Sox vs. Bucs. June 4—(N) Lions vs. Rams; (S) Bumb vs. Yanks. June 7—(N) Cards vs. Sox; (S) Bucs vs. Reds, i June 9—(N) Yanks vs. Rams; (S) Lions vs. Bums. June 11—(N) Reds vs. Sox; (S) Cards vs. Bucs. June 14—(N) Reds vs. Yanks; (S) Lions vs. Cards. June 16—(N) Sox vs. Rams; (S) Bums vs. Bucs. June 18—(N) Yanks vs. Cards; (S) Lions vs. Reds. June 21—(N) Rams vs. Bucs; (S) Bums vs. Sox. June 23—(N) Sox vs. Yanks; (S) BucS vs. Lions. June 25—(N) Reds vs. Rams; (S) Cards vs. Bums. June 28—(N) Bucs vs. Yanks; (S) Lions vs. Sox. June 30—(N) Rams vs. Cards; (S) Bums vs. Reds. r July 2— (N) Bums vs. Rams; ^S)i Lions vs. Yanks. July 5—(N) Bucs vs. Sox; (S) Cards vs. Reds. July 7—(N) Yanks vs. Bums; (S) Rams vs. Lions. July 9—(N) Reds vs. Bucs; (S) Sox vs. Cards. July" 12—(N) Bums vs. Lions; (S)' Rams vs. Yanks.' July 14—(N) Bucs vs. Cards; (S) Sox vs. Reds. July 16—(N) Cards vs. Lions; (S) Yanks vs. Reds. July 19—(N) Bucs vs. Bums; (S) Rams vs. Sox. July 21—(N) Reds vs. Lions; (S) Cards vs. Yanks. July 23—(N) Sox vs. Bums; (S) Bucs vs. Rams. July 26—(N) Lions vs. Bucs; (S) Yanks vs. Sox. July 28—(N) Bums vs. Cards; (S) Rams vs. Reds. July 30—(N) Sox vs. Lions; (S) Yanks vs. Bucs. Aug. 2— (N) Reds vs. Bums; (S) Cards vs. Rams. Minor League June 3—(N) Angels vs. Jets; (S) Pirates vs. Twins. June 8—(N) Angels vs. Pirates; (S) Jets vs. Twins. June 10—(N) Twins vs. Angels; (S) Jets vs. Pirates. June 15—(N) Twins vs. Pirates; (S) Jets vs. Angels. June 17—(N) Twins vs. Jets; (S) Pirates 'vs. Angels. June 22—(N) Pirates vs. Jets; (S) Angels vs. Twins. June 24— (N) Jets vs. Angels; (S) Twins vs. Pirates. June 29—(N) Pirates vs. Angels; (S) Twins vs. Jets. July 1—(N) Angels vs. Twins; (S) Pirates vs. Jets. July 6—(N) Pirates vs. Twins; (S) Angels vs. Jets. July 8—(N) Jets vs. Twins; (S) Angels vs. Pirates. July 13—(N) Jets vs. Pirates; (S) Twins vs. Angels. Cliff Bergere Heads 100-Miles-Hour Club INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)—Cliff Bergere, who holds the record for miles logged on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Wednesday night was elected president of the exclusive "100-Miles-an- Hour" Club. Bergere succeeds Art Cross who presided at Wednesday night's annual racing banquet here. The club honored drivers A. J. Foyt and Ebb Rose for outstanding contributions to racing during 1964. Foyt is the defending "500" champion and a four- time national driving titlist. Rose was honored for the aid he gave when fellow driver Jim Hurtubise was badly burned in a crash last summer at Milwaukee. The club is made up of drivers who finished the 500-mile race without relief and at an average speed of at least 100 mph. "Bergere, who retired from; racing in the 1940s, logged 6,130 miles at.the Speedway- in- ifi races. 3 .550 3 .528 4 ,512 4% .459 6% .436 7% .405 9 .286 12% 3, Minnesota Chicago Detroit , 21 17 Baltimore 22 18 Cleveland 19 *'' Los Angeles 21 20 Boston 17 20 New York 17 22 Washington 17 25 Kansas City 10 25 Wednesday's Results Minnesota 9 Boston 7, night Kansas , City 6 Baltimore night ms Los Angeles 2 Washington l. night Cleveland 3 Chicago 2, night New York at Detroit, ppd., rain. night Thursday's Probable Pitchers iTk" first defense Minnesota at Boston - KaiF ™ lirst ° (34) vs. Morehead (3-3). New York at Detroit (night) —Ford (3-5) vs. Sparma (2-2). Los Angeles at Washington (night)—Chance (3-3) vs. Ortega (54) or Narum (24). Kansas City at Baltimore (night)—Sheldon (0-1) vs. McNally (2-2). (Only games scheduled) Friday's Games New York at Chicago Cleveland at Detroit, night Minnesota at Washington, 2, twi- night Los Angeles at Baltimore, 2, twi-night Kansas City at Boston, night Los Angeles 25 15 .625 Cincinnati 23 15 .605 1 St. Louis 23 16 .590 1% Milwaukee 19 16 .543 3% San Francisco 21 20 .512 4V 2 Chicago 19 20 .487 5% Philadelphia 18 22 .450 7 Houston 19 24 .442 7% Pittsburgh 15 24 .385 9% New York 15 25 M5 10 Wednesday's Resu.ts Houston 8 Cincinnati 3 Milwaukee 10 San Francisco 4 Chicago 8 New York 6, 10 innings, night Baseball Scoreboard (United Press International).' American League W. L. Pet, 23 13 24 14 21 .639 .632 .553 By TIM MORIARTY UPI Sports Writer LEWISTON, Maine (UPI) — Although the combatants - have departed this Maine mill town with considerable amounts of greenbacks, the furore over the Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston fight continued to rage today amidst •he usual demands, for "sweeping" investigations. Clay who scored - a record (was it actually a record?) one- minute knockout over Liston in his first defense of the world heavyweight title Tuesday night, headed for New York Wedries- National League W. L. Pet. GB Pittsburgh night 5 Philadelphia 3, St. Louis 2 Los Angeles 1, night Thursday's Probable Pitchers Chicago at New York— Koonee (3-2) vs. Kroll (2-2). Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (night)— Veale (3-2) vs. Gulp St. Louis at Houston (night)— Washburn (3-1) vs. Farrell (3-1). Milwaukee at Los Angeles (night) — Lemaster (24) vs Podres (2-0). Cincinnati at San Francisco— Nuxhall (1-1) vs. .Perry (3-3). Friday's Games Pittsburgh at New York, night Chicago at Philadelphia,. night. St. Louis at Houston, night Milwaukee at Los Angeles night Cincinnati at San ' Francisco night Pacific Coast League Eastern Division W.L. Pet. G.B. Oklahoma City 2414 .632 Denver 23 15 .595 Indianapolis 2215 .595 San Diego 17 21 .447 Salt Lake City 1423 .378 Arkansas 1124 .314 1 1% 7 9% 11% Western Division W.L. Pet. G.B. Tacoma 2215 .595 Portland - 1918 .514 3 Vancouver 1918 .514 3 Seattle 1818 .500 3} Spokane 1619 .457 5 Hawaii 1823 .439 6 Wednesday's Results Oklahoma City 7 Indianapolis (1st Game) Oklahoma City at Indianapolis 2nd game ppd., rain. Salt Lake City, at Denver, ppd., rain San Diego 6 Arkansas 2 Vancouver 8 Portland 7 (10 in nihgs) Seattle 4 Tacoma 3 (11 innings) Spokane 4 Hawaii 8 Thursday's Schedule ipokane at Hawaii Usual Demands for Probes— Clsiy, Liston l£aye ••. * • ' -• • • -.-• -*fK -**^' day afternoon bus. Liston, in his private , , smarting from the first knockdown— and knock- oafe-^of his career, headed for his Denver home. Based on early estimates, each will net about $550,000 for then- 60 seconds of labor ,at the Central Maine Youth Center before only 4,280 "live" onlookers, Bowling News West Bowl Lanes Friday Night Mixed W Dairy Queen 62 C & A Piambler Town 60 Maddux Auction LaMar's, Foodtown Commonwealth Ins. C & P Restaurant Union Bank & Trust Bilt-Rite Women's high 49 48 47 46 45% 38% series: L 37 39 50 51 52 53 53% 60% June Tumilty, 449; Leah Humpert, 441; ence Pat Bultman, Wingate, 422; 428; Flor- Mary Lee , Pruett, 419; and Virginia Johnson, 409,. Women's high games: June Tumilty, 168; O. T. Wagner, 165; and Leah Humpert, 157. . Men's high series: John Tumilty, 551; Earl Clark, 508; and Larry Johnson, 501. Men's high games: Bill Bultman, 206; Larue Fecher, 204 John Tumilty; 192. West Bowl Lanes Sunday Night Mixed League Final Standings Pts Laudick T. V. City Restaurant Dog House Buell's Restaurant Huber Locker Parkside Lanes . West Bowl Lanes Bob & Mac's Women's high series: the' smallest turnout for a thrown Clay out of ' the ring for heavyweight title' fight, in his- hot'going to a ; neutral cornej, ; Welch said. "It was a bad job of refereeing." :. After the fight Waicptt explained he couldn't^ pick 'tip thife •ourif from Mepqnbugh because le was too biisy''trying to get Clay back to a neutral corner. Wheti 1 fist talking .Clay arid slow-moving Liston 'pulled > out of ' town, they left behind two burning controversies arid several 1 'enrageA officeholders de- mariding probes because they snfelled "fix:" ; The controversies involved the knockdown count and the time of the kayo.' Doncari McDonald of Bangbr, a member of the Maine Boxing Commission" conceded Wednesday that referee Jersey Joe Walcott "got a little mixed up" when Clay landed his short right that sent Liston sprawling to the canvas. McDonald wondered aloud why Walcott didn't suspend the count of knockdown timekeeper Francis McDonough when Jersey Joe was unable to get Clay to go to a neutral corner. "Walcott could have suspended the count and started over again if he wanted to," said McDonald. "He had the power ' - "' right in our supported by „ , _ former New England middleweight champion who served as a judge at the fight. "If that was an amateur fight, the referee would have to do that. It's record book." McDonald was Coley Welch, a High School Nine'To Open Play Saturday The Greensburg High School summer baseball team, under direction of Jerry Gegenheimer, varsity baseball coach, wiH open its season here Saturday with a doubleheader starting at 1:30 a. m. against Waldron on the Shriver Field diamond. This is the second year for the summer baseball program, which is for boys who will be on the Pirate varsity next spring and is designed to develop their full potential, Gegenheimer stated. Bill Espy and Alan Goddard are slated to be the starting pitchers against Waldron Saturday. A schedule of about 15 games is being completed. "When 12 Count I checked tne timekeeper 1 (iMcDonough) hie told me he 'had already 'reached 12," said Jersey Joe, who had been invited to attend a Clay press conference Wednesday at nearly Auburn but never showed up. When Clay met the press at a midday interview he expressed hope that "they don't take my record away," referring to the kayo time. McDonald revealed the controversy over the actual clocking—many writers timed the finish at 1:45— would be discussed at a meeting of the commission. However, he indicated it would remain a one- minute knockout in the books. Gov. John H. Reed of Maine, who was instrumental in bringing the fight to his home state after it was banned in Boston, defended it as "completely legal." He commended the state Boxing • Commission "and all other officials connected with the fight," and insisted "they did an outstanding job." State Sen. Donald O'Leary hardly agreed with the governor. He asked the Maine legislature to create a subpoena- powered commission to investigate the bout, which he termed a "debacle." The Senate tabled the request for further consid- justice to an investigation in the waning hours oi" the current session. day, before heading down the Maine Turnpike in his red and white bus, indicated he would like to .give Canadian champion George Chuvalo the next shot at his crown—perhaps in New York this September. 'Me and George are. two good-looking young fighters," said gasseous Cassius. "George is a good puncher and he don't fall from one punch like the rabbit (Floyd Patterson)." This represented a change of heart for Clay, who has deen promising Patterson a title fight' since Floyd outpointed Chuvalo in a brutal 12-rounder at Madison Square Garden in February. Regarding his preference of New York as the site for his next title defense, Cassius said, "It's the' big town, the center of the world, where all the,Ing people are." Lewiston—and all of Maine—don't care where Clay- takes his road show next, just so it isn't here along the hurtling Androscoggin River. eration. worth got our million dollars of publicity (but) we don't want any more of this," O'Leary said. "If this is the death of boxing, I think it is a good thing." Legislative Probe Floyd Harding, majority leader of the Maine Senate, said he was approached by four of five colleagues about the possibility of a legislative probe> He said he felt sorry "for all those people in Lewiston who were bilked," but pointed out the legislature was shooting for adjournment and could not do Modern Carpet Leading carpet manuf acturen now recommend that wall-to- wall carpets be dry cleaned with the HOST Electric Up- Brush. j Host actually removei dirt, reconditions the pile and raises matted nap. Best of all, your carpets v are never wet — your rooms can be used Instantly. This process is favored for all types of fibers. Phone us for informatioa Carpet, and - Drapery E. City Limits Road .46 61 59 55 47 46 45 45 42 Jeanne Snedeker, 411; Jean Wagner, 409; and Virginia Enzinger, 401. Women's high games: Virginia Enzinger, 178; Jerry Wilson, 170; and Mary Koetter, 165. Men's high series: Paul Enzinger, 569; and John Laudick, 509 Men's high games: Paul Enzinger, 212; John Laudick, 205; Paul Enzinger, 204; Charles Wfl- son, 197; Harley Hunter, 191; and Ralph McKee, 189. Osting Receives Volleyball Award Dallas-Osting, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Osting of Greensburg, received a freshman volleyball award at Ball State University recently for parti- cipatiori in the sport this spring. Arkansas at San Diego Vancouver at Portland' Tacoma at Seattle Salt Lake City at Denver . Oklahoma City at Indianapolis REALTOR WEEK MAY 23 THRU MAY 29, 1965 PICK THE RIGHT HOME- THROUGH A REALTOR The term realtor has been registered in the U.'S. Patent Office and may be used only by members of the National Association of Real Estate Boards: DECATUR COUNTY BOARD OF REALTORS. JjF. BENNETT KENNETH CHITWOOD RAYMOND E. CLAPP ROBERT A. FOSTER L R. HERMANN RUTH HYATT DALE G MYERS LOWELL NAIL CHARLES NEWLON HAROLD L. OAKLEY HARTFORD SALLEE R. SHELDON SMITH PARK H. SNYDER J. H. 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