The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 3, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORXIAN- -THURSDAT, DECEMBER 3, 1008. tlx Bftktrsntfd California!! Kvrry Evening but Sundays at .Hfli'hl, KOITI County, California. City and County ^-j^to Official Paper •nterocl In PoHtolllci! ;it BnluT- rv Id, Cal., an Secoml-chiBS Mnl] M;ttti'i. |o cent:* 11 month; $r> a Year In Adviinm ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. J. C. STUBBS ON THE POSITION OF RAILROADS. Telephone Main 31 '! Ill IJSDAY, 1>K(T iT'l:">"". " 'I'll'- Il'-Xt l'e\v Weeks ;i re jioinjj to 1)' hiii'l (Hit's for tin 1 employes ol' the retail houses and particularly will this ho true ol' tho, days nmnodiatcly precedine; (.'hristmus. The-e \viiL" 1 earners will be eojn- jielled P. \v<ii'l\ very J;ite cncli niL'lit .'<•''• 'i' p liverynieii will work later -:• l-',\' '•;> i' irebiiser ejill help to | lij. r !i ', • 'i • \ •.- t nil by shop pi tin- e;irl v j — I . n i ii- -MIL;' In Follow tlie ens j ton. »i \\.niitiir iinlil ihi; last minute i..'1'j.-e lmyj)i'_'. This u-iJI in- ni 1 '- '"'I "tily to the advuntiiuv of tlie e|,'i-l;N nnd delivei-ymen, bill to 'lia' n|' Ilir Vboppcr JIS Well. l'M> ill- ii!'- UMleh greater wliile llle | fieri,- have lime lo \Vllil (ill the jiiil'i.i-. limn when the rush is <n )!1 llle la-,1 .lays pl'ecc<linL,' '.'hl'isl-i >" yo'! \vlin reii(| this, make up ' your iniiid to lie one nl' lliose id help ill' 1 '-li'i'ks us well as your ' Bell' Iy slinppMi'j: early. ' HOW ABOUT THE PAY? ! All know, Tin- pi'siol'li lepiirtmont is cuiisiderinu r Hiv advisability of compeiliiiu- the riii'iil rmito mail carriers In wear reeuhir unifdnus and if this order KWS into t'ffpct the men who serve the riira.1 m>m- muniiies with mail will appear before Ihe admiring gn>!« i>f the jinhlic with brund new to^s adorned with brass buttons. That is all well enough, but it may he said without interviewing these overworked, underpuid men that they would like In !><• shown They ri i\-e the smallosl pay of any ollieers of the irovernment and their work- is of Ihe hardest { kind, i )ul of Hie pittance they re- | Ci'ive, they iir( mpelled to keep j Vi|> tlieir lin^u'ics. and IV.-d (heir 1 liorses. ( 'ii|i'_'re-,s bist ye;ir \\'a- iisked to provide a 1ritV m..r.- pny for llieM- earrii'i-s I'lio'ij!-, rimv tf> inei-l tbr horsi'l'i"''! M:;'' mai; 1 repairs, but ( 'ami'iii ;UM! . •-- -.a :, •> lites said no, t Ih 1 i-,-:rri' ' v > r • getl illU' ennuub : 1 ll" i' '> •'• •• • . ,;M.| n't jitVol'il In i-n •• ;-,"_\ ...",,: • \ • , : then 111. 1 biw "• ' •'•!•-, . . : ,r .•. .1 their own sahn-.. •. .'i'. 1 :>••<• • .-MI ,.M'l adjourned wil h MU lilt : '•• Mill'."i ances. ll IllilV lie \\'rii ,-|!,. ... || !i, I'M prove Ihe iippi'.-irai!. 1 " "ill" r nr';i ; carriers to mei't i)-.• , '.i,.,,-. ,,i ,,? the flist illiolls dep i rt IH' •!:! . Ml"i!L.'h the nverau: 1 ' man will sa\- '!'.''•, ,-n pear well einuiMh, imi !„ i',,,-,. 11,.. brilNS but lulls. ^||-r I,;-, j, .;•,.,;. \y •' '. ] II 't it lie Well III |->-e.,l|s',i, ,- p M ; inntter of ('(impi'iisat i,e : . IT llle pi'opl,• ,|,,v. ii • i II,.;, i or some nl' 1 he,', .••MI 'i i-, M , in one wny. they will i i ,-n:,itli''r .Ills! HOW eo)ltc||i|||i : .. I',,,.I !.,|, s ,,,.,, ' w.'irriim' I'm- the n-hl !M •..:"•. ,i n and a mob emit rnK i 11 1,1,1' ,,l ; ellv. Jt is ;i I'liiiili! :i'i,- w,- • :i Ibis liniil h;i\-,. I,,, ,. ,,,,.,.,,';,,,, ,r T .-.,. ;.'•!:„•,p!,. .„ „,:,!....; I'lllo, is -,, t'.llly jiei'ep'c.i i,\ ,... , i-,- Ami'l'ii'a n. I 'i;i1 in, MII, i : ii:iK;-~ 'ii' dispn ; •;, ' . i-.'sn || i T ,, M ,-i .,. • i,., wlll'll ; f ,.. . ,,.,. iicc j- '•,.,!. :,',;! I I , luiinls ' • 'i • ,. ,,p|i. \>, l|,..| M I , . bee'l ,!, c . ; ...| w |,,, -|, :l l| ,,,.,.,., , ^- . 4* DUCKS IN A3UNDANCF. ON WEST SIDE OF VALLEY. Mr. J. C. StuMjH, Ttjfllc Ulr«ctor of the .Southern Macltli: '''impany. itclliiflr »S subfitltulf for Mr. !•:. H. Hiirrlaiun, who hud gc'iinlxfij in «ildrpfl» tlie Trann-MlFsi.- -trip! <'mnin«rctul i^tn- • rem, dnll\>'!>«l a rpin .irllulily InOTi-it- Ing speoi-h le-fure thai liody in >^M Krancl«co «( fi-: r-pcotit met'tlnf. 'I'lMTC l» »O inurli food tor tlellllflit 111 ln:iny "t Mr. .Slni, ti" idi-as un<l deduriiiiiiH fiat sorrif- < v "ij>is frnm the Mp'-crJi are prtntPd in-rc fur (tie conRldnrutl'jn of our r^ndiM^ "There huK li<-<»ri ' <i;rimlttfil to tlin of Mr. tl.irrtnian, UH you cnrtaln raitroftd By^tarns which servs, In lurf meaBure, tills TranK-MliiHlK!!lp|il f-gtmi Included In tlieao In the orlKinul ir«n»-oontlnental tine — that mudr by the Union IVclHc and Ontral P»clf!o railroads. It should hove been dubbed Tim "Trans-Mlssls- slppl Line." Probably thoie ruMroad syBtems reprpsnnt Dm \arsKst lnvpBt- ment of monay of any productive (>n- terprlKp In all the t»rr1iary wltliln the I'nlted States lyln» wr«t "f the MUfltn- slppl River. Tliwy arn r»l»o tho larK.-Ht Individual employer* of labor. Directly and through thenn »mplnyai*ii they are tli« sreatrsl cnns'iinicrn of lhe product.'! of furni, foreoi and factory. • • • Tlie trariH-conilnnntal railroad llru-s. iir rutlii'r the mi" described IIH having lieen nrst completed, us you nil know. hlHtorlrally Ht leant, WUH built by the nld of the <;en»ral Cen eminent. T)ie t'lilt'^il Slnt«-!i udv»nc"d larg-i- gums of money to the (.•ompanlen which pr.)- imitr-,1 and built tliese ronds. but d,i you know, what In true, that trie ] H «! of thDHe iidvanceH )I«H been re- tnrned to the (Jovernment, wltli Inti-r <•»!'.' You know that Die ConicruKS, |r, .-i Id of tin- project, sirve every odd section nf (Juvernment laud within twent> inlli'N 'if the completed road. Tl •>• (eiv -rniiienfR price fur tlu> land Wii.' Jl.-f, i>«-r urrc. but do you know what IH uls'i true, that the price of the re! Joining even Hectlon.e, retained by the (loverriment. \v«a ImmedUutely doubled " I'n you know that the Government n-Hervi-ii tlin riwht to fix the ratew to be charged for tranaportutlon service per formed for It hy these, land gru.ul roud«. .jnd IIUH exerclBod that right by pa\l-iK only hiilf of the, golne rates? That I* Ilkewlae it fact. Do you aluo know what Is demonstrable, that the suvhm •to the Oovernrnerit In the cost of Iran? portHtlon and In the cost of carlnR for nnd controlllnr the Indian trlbee. by the cunHtructlon and operation ol yjeii' lines, will air*?<»£ate Rucli more tt-a'ri •the sums advanced to these companies with Interest compoimded annually? These quest limn ure u.iked ami answered to stimulate pride In the administration of our Clovernment UK a marvelously successful trader; to e\press my gratification In the payment of the debt, which I believe will be equally ernilfylne to you. and to recor,! my wonderme ndnilratlon of the pre- Hclenee of nur fMrefathorH. j-fnlntj Ii ick to the senatorial days of Thmmi.- II Mentoti. • • • I welcome this opportunity to s:i y M,ui my |,eop)e do not ohlci-t to •)" imi>rov*»mpnt of the rivers. lh,> 1 nrl>»T': the -.vxte'-T. 1 :! v- of !>-,!« •!•''::! -.V'.rk I.-'OIIK ' f, t 1 e ' ', 'V "I MHert i,r.| siu,ij'-l I." . V'' ire'.er ,.,,.. i v | ... •,.»•.•> tli'-ie • J. B. Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application £). Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street S£™=i; Loral nr iliis season down aliont l.or Banns and Flrohntish rep 0 ''! Mint -into tho rainstorm of last week wild dufl;p Of flll varieties Indigenous to and vl<=- Itants of thin const ran he <=eon In flocks of thousands nil aloir.' ihe ercat plains, disporting In tho I,M Mies and ponds that have heen created liy the downpour. "It's no trli'U for any sportsman who can shoot a llltle hit on tho win™." ?• M a si-.-irlsnian, "to kill his jlttllt of Bprlp, teal, wMi-eon, mallard and ppoonhlll In a few hours' shoot nnywhoro nrav I/>F Hano? or N>wrnan at present. Tho rain has lirinu'lit with it a graft fllKht of hlnls. i...tii northern and local, which are fi'i-dli'ir over the plains. Piichs arc f-vervwheiv. } lint owing to tho many pond- that were made hy tho lalo rain's, we ineil flvo gunners now to one- that sh..t , n the cluh ground;* aftor the «ca>on "i>- t'liod to keep tho hlrds moving. Fresno Herald. "It's mighty tonsh," says (lie Phi! o- oilier of Folly, "lo havi.' a (much of fellows throw roclis at you. and then to have tlio owner of the quarry r-oino ; and get you pinched for rer elvine ' stolen goods."-—'Cleveland Lender. ( Bill—Did hu ever play on a football team? Jill—No; his nosn was broken when ke wu« living with lAe first wife.—• Yonkers Statesman, 1 ' i • Hi ':''-! I',- r^ in;j 1 ' \ I \ve;l: ' ' iii'l '.-..ii!' 1 -! ,.n III.- rHiu h i M I :i M Mri "( •!:•• 1 '••'•l!'ii ii .'l 'lie; i-li-iiit marine, whlrh [ 1i»- !"••• '.iisl'i '" I"' the nrvt ifrf;.t nn- •!• i - or of ..iir |,i-!,|>!» hut II 1 ..- I'ac i" : I'iiiiii' v.iiM li»-vlt,ilte fm m;inv -e:i - 1 i" 1 cn-l 'if rna Inl eiisinr^ hns nuti.r iili", in,-i'-u.^ed. Inn the COKI ,,r o;)r,r;' 'I'Ti IDII nut I.een redlic-ed Ii, pro|ci:'! Im, :" ' • •'• "SM'-nilll vi'-eM innde fur lln> pur- !"•• ' of i-i'ilm-liiK II More Ifian one of :•• .Mii-pinMtiunr owning a t rans-i-vin • ' ' • i.i.,l Hi,, nave e<t|i»rl(>nced bunk' ' '*.' M;K| I'M^n reor^a ni/.i'fl -.^orne ol t .,•••!, ei'in (huii one,.. All have al :nn.": fu.'i-.| ;tr>al llnaiteUI distress. 1 >:\ nl.-mls ei^ual to tie- ifHinp rate "f in;"r..»t t',ir lone loans on tcllt -eds«-d '-••t -;i r-i Me* h;oe bfen EJ recent cX|v*r|A,T;-"- .., (he.|< ' * ' Kut ie- S.IM aJl 1(^»». Willie th' 1 l-,! 1 "!,l"ii.. of tin> pitHt have oo«n meiiHiira'jIy •• >l\i,i v. <• M r c tMciua; a nnw one thut tb iit-l i.s insisir-ot in ttie rrilnfls of the '•^ • t; ''• ! i 1 '•:, iis waw tl.e huitdiiu; ••( ' • ill:, ( 'ye n.-.-c.»ntlnf nlul line. [( I > f,-. • •-•• i'i.i better ii,llro:i'l fai-llilles- 1 I ' '. U'r'.leMI '•Olllllry. Til" iUIMW"!' ' , ,i. In i I. I \v.,!! s n'.i I r e Ii,-, 1 '' ; : A'"' '••"'i'' vvhi't, in \-olutne \\\\] run l;ito M.e 1 ut'-lretls ..f millions of dv.lui's. I',,- fe-,,HOIIK Which VOU all UII<lrM"<IU Mil. rn'iiv of you I,, tier than 1 do. capital 1 ,i. In com- .-(.wry of rallfoad Invest• e, 1 I'erL.lllS f I.e ri-n 1 "!!! Illo.'Jt ef- 1 ' ' '\ •• In 1 --.I r- i' lie-' the lnve.|1 ,y S-J '!-.'• t'"'ir of nt i "a *o -mb !••• limit a t l'>n hy ' ' ' '• iiblii- i:|i .:; •}.! i ,-! :;,•;, i frntn II .' 1 ^ ."-t i'i*»in . 'I'he h'xioi v ,,f our rallr,.ii.|s H |iow-- H'.-ll Ihc l-il b..l,|i.r.« iiniiMlU- hnve h.-e,, ll!-a|>|ioltiled I'V lit,- rrturiiH they b.ivi; ;•' "n ••-,! SluilMticH of the l>e|i:irtnient ••( .-\l. M.oill ,11 e. ,,l Hie llnrf.'lll of I!,,' '"'•«" illul of ee lull r ..t.,lc CnminiM-ee i'-immls,-l,in "ho\y ll-..j| til 1^00 the fi'incis o» ri- '-uinili" received :) j-,.. '"•!'' "f •' l"i cent upon t'.ie \alie 1 of H.'O firm; In Hint year, that in.lmi- l'-ii-tii'-"r« Anlovn^ In the same ve-i r n net 'etiirn of 19.1 per cent, while the i\ p ,'im;i net returns upon rnilroEX'1 1 .- ua.s •'ilv I per cent. • • • lh\,'*t,>rs In rullrivels \\'ev( ,,f iic \le.>.u»ip|,| usually have e.n ,\ ,r,,> - , "ili r'o, iivcrilK'e dividend of \h.. Al- 1 l l uo I'oveka X- Santa IV in It •• v "avs ft'-'ti i v e» to lOiifi was '.'/» e," ,,-nt. T! e ,i- --• :,ir,' ilivliloml of I !-.• N ; ,>,,.,-,• I'.ic 1 :!, 1 '.!• i In- yems from i 1 ^:: i, unoi w.i- '.'.:• • • t cent. '!''•,, nvei.....livi len t >f tin- '•• -ilhern I'aeillc : ] be ,. iri« '••oi: l v -' ',• l!i"i: was 1 i, • cm!. Tae .:\'"raise !•• hit h:l nf the l',.|on I'ivelflr 'H Die ve , i •< ' -M (l , |tni,, , vnl! , f) p(M . nt. The i> ' nice dlvl.l. ,,d of th,. ,;reat Nortl i M in thp year froni i s:o, 1 • lin'7 wns ,: cent. • * • Til.- IUelle.1 m.ineV Will l-f "l.tillnrthle 1 ' ,-n I'onlMinie (n the IIP ,, •ii.-tu -ctiuss ••'• vii:riiad Investments K restore,!, v ' '"' en-,.;,, 'Ml |,,n and t,',.,,,l will Is '' ••: if' -t in ''•'• relation- "f II.e |,en|df .ii'd the eiirrier 1 when It Is promoted ' V the in.In Id'i il clll-'en win n It so pprviitles the public mind as t.i find expression through irnlMliitlvis 1 odlea • « • w 0 Wh«n these n-indltlons prvviil) tho nelided monej 1 will he forthcomlna;, the work will be prosecutnd and the wheeli of Induitry be if In to turn everywhere" Jim Corbett in "Facing The Music" ! "FaciiiR Hi- Mn.-lf," -.vith James J. • Corbetl in a stellar role, supported by a very stroiii; iast of comedians, will i be pres"iitc,] at the Ilakersfleld Opera ! House tonlmh by II. n. Frazee, for the I first time. It !H a fnrce comedy In Mhree acts by .lames Henry Darnley, who originally wrote the piece for 'Henry K. Dixoy. who played the part of John Smith during Us two long runs at tlie Madlfeon Square Theater New York, and Powers Theater, Chicago, where bt(. public and critics declared It. to be a highly entertaining | i comedy. The story of the piece can ' bo briefly told . i In a Kensington flat there lived two 'John Smiths, one a curate and the 'other a sportively inclined young roan ] with a liking for the race track. Both I Smiths were married to young and attractive women, and as both wives i . have been out of town and the curate Smith has engaged a Kensington flat i during his wife's absence, and as both wives return unexpectedly and one of j them late at night during a heavy fog 1 and is shown into the wrong Smith's J flat, the complications can better be : imagined than described. Suffice to ! say that with the aid of an actress ] and a detective everyone becomes In- Ivolved in a door opening and door ; slamming affair'that keeps the audl- i ence In a state of hilarity ranging 'from a titter to boisterous laughter, j and culminating every now and then In enthusiastic applause. As John Smith, the sportively inclined flat dweller, Mr. Corbet t onuht to give a good account nf hinis' If. Among the proiniiii.|it members of 'he supporting company are Messrs. Joseph I. Sullivan, CiHAvin Luskin'.or, Charles Horn. Tom I'tire. and Mi u .«e<-- Kleanor Men. t'-ll. Aruand-i Meii'l-iclis. Mlllnn Leo.! lii' and Mae l>'n!li y. Appropriate and i e(iiii|,lele scenic oijnij,merit has been' Big Micis'.rel Show ! The management <,f a successful I minsti'i'l niuanization requires more ithoimht, time, eiierirv and expenditure .than any other branch of theatrical , endeavor. i ! \Ve see the same old plays and mu- | slcal comedli's season after season,; ga/o at the same old wardrobe nnd : scenery, listen to the same dialogue,] songs and situation.-, and accept them j without protest. But we expect far J more of a minstrel performance. V.Tiiln we insist that it bp a minstrel ; show, we demand that the songs, : : jokes, speoialtiop and scenery must be •different from that of any previous season. : i The wardrobe, scenery and state ; ! settings must be bran new. spick and spun. 1 Different novelties and specialties; must be offered. In short, a complete 1 change of program in every particular. ' ?.Iany minstrel mai.aners don't renl- l/e this Important fa< i and the |>ox of., . floo suffers as a cori-jeijueiicp. \V7iilo still others nre ilrlv-n -o desperH-e ' straits in the search for new Ideas. i lose slight of Hie t'a t that a minstrel ' must always be a M,:<><tn>l, and offer ; n conglomeration iba' the public r< - f ii<*o to accept. i Richards & I'rii:-. 1 ' 'amotis minstrels, which appear .*• the Baker?Moll Opera House • : ,,rvow TitKht have unciueVtlonab'.'. ' . . n the most I successful in pivsi :u : .1 new and iifi to date minstrel p> ••• • •••., ';\<TI season of any company > v :••.'. i There will be a . • ; arade th roach (ho principal sine:. \:-..i a concert by the best minstrel ':.•.,! in the world in front of the t!;. •• : ,i 7 ; ::u <,Vio, k In tho evening. i i "Hnns r,n-| Nix." ' i The lati-st musi .. •••;>. iy, "Hans an-li Thursday, Dec. 3 ox of Gruenhag- candy will make best girl happy- it at '.leroney ' s . BILL : , be thp attraction nt the .•:•!'! f'pera House on Wednes'.••;. :'th, and promises, from the . -• thus far displayed In the en. nt. to he one o f the largest at- events of the theatrical year. • .' ;,; two seasons It has only ; resented in a dozen cities, its ^ having been so pronounced long runs of several months dur- •v re scored In New York, Chiam! B<'ston. It will be presented i y a cast of prominence and with ,( splendid scenic effects that rauprd comment everywhere, •'i-iginal pony ba'ilot is a special ::•'• with this company nnd Is pos•he best flanclng team of girls brought to America. Madge—Miss Avoirdupois Is taking hers, i ack riding. Has she got off any f.V? "* I*>'iy— Yes, oH the horse.—Llppln- CO'! ». J.I 4 A GOOD HORSE \ in Ji jKMir liann-ss is as much out of pKnco as a i>i«j in a parlor. Our liinnetl linrness will set off the tieiinty of any animal for light drivinir, while for draught work ils like iron in wear, yet fitting the animal to perfection. Its made and trimmed as a harness should be, and our prices gives you satisfaction and us a small margin of profit. P10NEEE HARNES* CHOP MATTSON BROS. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL o* THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern In every respect. 150 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meeU all trains and boats. Take Market St. 'cars or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. COFFEE Good is so good and poor is so poor; have Schilling's Best tomor- n i\v. V '-.i srorcr r"ttirns your money if you don't li.r a. we ;-a> I:::;, * E. H. LOVELAND * + Wholesale Produce Merchant + * Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, * 1* Eggs, and all farm products. * •fr* * PAINT YOUR HOUSE * * House painting Is my specialty. * •>• I use nothing but the best mate- * •»• rials, guarantee my work and <• * charge reasonable prices. <{• *.. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor * * 3117 B St Phone Main 172 * THOSE INTERESTED IN ORANGE CULTURE FOR SALE EUCALYPTUS TREES 3,000,000, Leading Varieties Eucalyptus Land nnd Timber Company, Edward C. Cribb, Pros. \V. S. Thateber. Snc'q. V2:i So. Broadway, Los An<reles, Cnl. GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle torses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and span about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. RATLIPP Cor 21st and v Sta Tel. Main 88 eniiid !e;i;'il sullli't Ilillu iiv vis- i?in.r tii 1 ' iii'Miitrc uTnves uf TULARE COUNTY CITRUS FAIR \vii s now heiim iidd in 1lie town ot' Kxi-tor this woek the last diiy Ix-inir Saturday, the ,"ih of December. Trains le;i\e Kern every inornin" early, returning jit nicrlit. Fares reiliu-ed. Denver Restaurant Meals, 2oc and up. Eastern Oysters and first- class Chinese Xoodlcs, Chou ^lean. Piueapplos, Qhicken, and Chop Suey. Good Service. 1313 19th St., Bakersfleld. AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. H. Jones Carter's Hotel. Maricopa Bakersfleid Garage. Bakersfield. Main 142. Main 1260 Phone Main 977 1512 Eighteenth Street. CITY FISE MARKET A. LYON, Proprietor FRESH FISH, LOBSTERS, CRABS, OYSTERS. GAME IN SEASON AND POULTRY Prompt Delivery. TRAINS LEAVE -JtT, BAKERSFIELD Leave for Arn inch Berkeley . A.M. Corcoran .... T'cnvc T ..... I'leStlO ...... (iriind C'anyon llfinl'Drd ..... : Kansas Cily. ; -Mereeil ..... Oakland . ...' Oak'lilie ..... Richmond ... SnnKnmci.seo Sea!'clilit;ht . | Stockton ..... Tulare ...... Visalla ...... I Yosemiie . . . . | S: 20 9:00 8:20 n: 00 8:20 9:00 S: 20 9:00 S: 20 8:20 S: 20 X: 20 S: 20 P.M. "7 :l!0 7::iO 7:30 7::!0 For detail inforination [ihono call on N. J. HUDSON, Agent. Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A checuing account with the First National Bank has go many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have yo;; open one and test it for yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. [PAYNE 4 SON Funeral Directors Embalmers 4MBULACNE Phone Answered Day or Night MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue AdlTlisSJOn Continuous Performance . 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 NO STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. A Negro In P.iris (co Hurry Up Plense (Comedy) His Own Son (special) The Shoemaker (comedy) Crazed by Je.iiousy (drama) An Awgul Shock (comedy) SONGS—"When the Birds Go North Again" "Dear Old Dixie" Entire change, of I'ro^ram Monday nnd Thursday nights. Matinee, Saturday nnd Sunday. Coupons given every night. Nov. 23d,24-plec« quadruple plate Rog. era Bros.' set to holder of lucky coupon. Piano Tuning of tin.. \\ :!..y n. ,\!H;ti Co. will he hero cv.'iy tinny days. Leave order with ll;ilicri(.-jii(.i l-'urnmiru Co. Ti'ims rcnsoiiahlo. HO!EL BRILE STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS. $1 PER DAY AND UP 678 Eddy, bet. Polk and Larkln BAN FRANCISCO Headquarter* for Bakenfiel A Bargain!! FOR SALE—Lots 23 nnd 21 hloclc 39, on Q street, between' King and Baknr streets, Kern Price $450. .Terms If desired $150 first payment; balance 1 "' 3 years. Write to Leigh Thornton, 531 North Uoylston Street Los Angeles, California. OLD ULIABLE Painters BNYDER & JAOK80N Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty, CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phont Main 1136 1627 Wall 8t Cal.

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