Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on May 26, 1965 · Page 14
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 14

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1965
Page 14
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PAGE 22 Greemfarg (M-) Daiy Newt, WeAmfcy, May 26,1965 Sandcreefe (Continued from Page Ono> highest batting average in the school. Ronnie Milligan, top point-getter in track, received an award for this feat. Tim Cruser received the All-Sports Award. All Senior boys who participated in sports received Key chains. They wefe John Boyd, Tim Cruser, Jon Cayton, and Ronnie Milli- Bockstairs at White House— 0acn»rair* a* TT n»« • •»»•••»«— • , _^ . _ Vacation Means One Thing to President-Ranch in Texas gan. Mr. Pat Watkins, assistant coach, presented the B team basketball boys with chevrons — David McHwaSn, Bob Clarke, Everett Bates, Richard Biddinger, Bill Brown, David Helms, Byron Smith, Gary Ortman, Earl Stephens, manager, Frankie Whitkemper, manager, Larry Allen, Kenny Biddinger, Randy Gault, Pat Reiley, Mark, Fry, Milo Smith and Jack Low. Receiving baseball chevrons were Bob Clarke, Everett Bates, Richard Biddinger, David Helms, Byron Smith, Gary Ortman, Kenny Biddinger, Mary Fry, Randy Gault. Receiving, track chevrons were David McHwain, Everett Bates, Richard Biddinger, David Helms. Kenny Biddinger, Mark Fry. Milo Smith, and Jack Low. Pat Reiley also received a golf award. The program was ended by the Senior class singing "Graduation Day." Well, now that school is out at SHS, many students have obtained summer jobs. The seniors, who saw their last school day Friday, May 14, have been busy making preparations for many things. Some for marriage, others for further education, and some for jobs. The graduating class of 1965 was a 34- member class. Their Baccalaureate was Sunday, 'May 16, and their Commencement was Tuesday, May 18. j The Eighth Grade Commencement was held Friday, May 21. The junior high graduating class was 64 members strong. The By MERRIMAN SMITH DPI White House Reporter WASHINGTON (UPI) — Backstairs at the White House: With the arrival of hot weather in the nation's capital, some of the more senior citizens at the White House may be pardoned for practically subversive thoughts of yesteryear and how presidents once took vacations in gold-plated resorts. Not so long ago when summer rolled around, White House staff members could think of weekends on Cape Cod, months in Denver or Newport, yacht cruises on Chesapeake Bay or sme equally delightful form of diversion from the tedium of hot weather Washington. Under President Johnson Bass, Dale Bates, William Black, Deborah Brading, Earl Burgess, James Campbell, Dorothea Jean Carr, Rebecca Christian, Carol Creech, Melanie Ann Cruser, Sharon England, Kathleen Davis Richard Fall, Larry Gault, Rebecca Gault, James Giddings, John Giddings, Linda Glasson, Robert Glasson, David Green, Rose Harper, Alice Faye Hays, William Hays, Danny Helms, Brenda Ingle, Brenda Johnson, Roberta Larison, Lois Lawson, Betty Jane Lozier, Daryl Maddux, Charles Manlief, Robert Martin, Royce McCullough, Lester Mozingo, Marilyn Mozingo, Mildred Mozingo, Roger Nugent, Randall Parker, Robert Pickett, Joyce Powers, Melvui Purdue, Rita Richards, Rose Schoettmer, Ruth Schoettmer, Billie Jean Schonfeld, Paulina Schreiner, Danny Smith, Don -Harrison Smith, Donald Smith, Ronald Smith, Rickey Snyder, Dudley Tetrick, Judy Thompson, Miriam Tichenor, Susan Tower, Michael Vanderbur, Kathy Venters, Pau 1 Weston, John Wilder, Marjorie Wiley, Mark Wilson, and Arlie Winchester. Since this is my last Sandcreek School Notes, I would like to thank everyone who helped in any way and the people who read the articles and hope they will continue to read the articles next year. ' HIGH ALTITUDE SANTA FE — This ancient Class Roll includes Sheila j city, capital of New Mexico, is Adams, Barbara Ball, Kenneth • located at an altitude over 7,000 Yes, It's Truly Wonderful All The Tremendous Values To Be Found This Memorial Day Week-End! Sunglasses A Race Special. Now . . COMB AND BRUSH SETS' 69c nnVAV -AlllMBAA (Dry-Normal^Uy) .FA. BntCn SHAMrUU s-oz.,Reg.$i IK SCORE HAIR CREME,:";""- 57c LILT PERMANENTcSr.T I 39 COPPERTONE Sun Lotion 14-Oz. Reg. $1.50 Polident. Reg. 98c DENTURE CREAM STV JOSEPH ASPIRIN FIRST AID SPRAY J * J Children's. Reg. 39c 72c 28c Reg. $1.50 "60 With Greensburg" WEST SIDE SQUARE 'YOUR MEMORIAL DAY NEEDS HEADQUARTERS' OLDEST CHOIR GIRL NORTON - SUB - HAMDON, England (UPI) — Mrs. Bessie Green celebrated her 93rd birthday Tuesday with the claim of being Britain's oldest choir girl. She has been in the choir at the village church for 78 years. however, vacations means one er and later, President John F. thing — the ranch at Johnson City, Tex. The truth is that Johnson is not a vacation type. Unlike the last four chief executives; he has no desire whatever for resort leisure. Beaches bore him. Yacht trips such as the voyages of former President Harry S Truman aboard the USS Williamsburg would make Johnson feel more imprisoned than he does at the White House. He has no yen whatever for the cool ah- charms of the Rockies as did President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Newport, R. I., holds no charms for Johnson as it did for Eisenhow- Kennedy. In addition to,yachting weekends, Truman spent on the Missed Calling WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen. B. Everett Jordan, D- N.C., suggested Tuesday that Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey might have missed his calling. When Humphrey, a former Sunday school teacher, finished addressing an international prayer breakfast at the Capitol, Jordan said: "If they ever take the vice presidency away from you I can get you a church." average between six weeks and two months a year at the Key West, Fla., Naval Station, dividing his time there between late autumn and early spring. Johnson could not stand being away from Washington and-or Texas that long. Even when taking a holiday at the ranch, be it summer or winter, the President spends a good part of each day on official business. He works on a steady volume of government papers and makes frequent long distance calls. Interestingly, he was this way long before he came to the < White House. Even as Senate majority leader, his ranch days were full of work. 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SOUTHERN INDIANA'S LARGEST STOCKS OF: • ROOFING * LADDERS • KITCHEN CABINETS • FIRE PLACES • WINDOWS • DOORS (ALL TYPES) • SHEATHING • GARAGE DOORS v • HARDWOOD FLOORS • BARN DOOR TRACKS AND HANGERS.

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