The Cumberland News from Cumberland, Maryland on November 17, 1950 · Page 17
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The Cumberland News from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1950
Page 17
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r . ' m i Phone 4600 for o WANT AD Toker THE CUMBERLAND NEWS, CUMBERLAND, MP, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1950 SEVENTEEN jeMnni . , - i i in . in - . Merrill And Berg Make "The Goldbergs For Radio And Television Followers By CYNTHIA LOWRY j NEW YORK Fortunately fori Gertrude Berg, Fanny Merrill is no j clockwatcher. She has never let; things like a private life interfere! With - the Goldbergs." j Mrs. Merrill, short, gray - haired j tnd friendly .as a puppy. Is the! sturdy left arm of the tireless Mrs. Berg who has created a warm,! funny, true - to - life Bron family forj more than two decades of radio and j television. There's no adequate name j for Fanny's salaried function, but she is referred to as "Shadow" by friends. It is very possible that,' should Fanny decide to sample ofj Joys of home and hearth, Gertrude, would be forced into premature re - j tirement and the nation would lose; a heroine, Molly Goldberg. j But Fanny loves her life, even' when it means a lengthy separation j from her husband, a composer, andj son Howard, a successful radio and; television writer. Last - summer she was off to California with Gertrude to make the Goldbergs, then on - good food and lots of it. radio and, TV, into a movie. In a single' day. Mrs. Merrill is Gertrude Berg (left) with Fanny Merrill she said. gaily. "And every Sunday for the past 21 years we've sworn to go on by turns a sounding board (Mrs. Berg likes to "talk out" plots) amannuensis, personal shopper, casting director and chum. They've worked as a smooth team since 1929, but Fanny has never lost a jot of her vast admiration for the middle - aged, friendly and charming Mrs. Berg. Mrs. Bere does all her script writ ing in long - hand, and has a secre - j steam some way. I sometimes think tary to convert it into the tradi - it upsets me inside, because I'm not tional form. Almost anything else 'that wav myself. I don't think I've thought it would be a good idea if she separated her fan mail into two piles. Christian and Jewish, send - a diet the next da?. Puffed eggs is ling the Jewish listeners Yom Kip - what does it each time," said Fanny,! pur cards and the Christian, Christ - Mwe love them." smas greetings. Soon Mrs. Merrill Gertrude, who has turned out; was handling all the fan mail of the close to 5,000 scripts on Goldberg adventures and produced a hit play, "Me and Molly, - on them, has a quick temper. But once it's out, it's over," says Fanny, "I figure she's got to let off is apt to land in Fanny's lap. "One day Mrs. Berg told me to go out and by her bloomers." Mrs Merrill said, still with some shock In her voice. "I told her that it was all right for me to go along ever lost my temper. When something really upsets me, I just walk out and don't come back." She more or less stumbled into her present job. Both she and her son Howard were tJoing some acting ith hpr tn Hattie Carnegie's and 'in the old silent days, and then BpnrriorfVs fnr rirpssps and to helot Howard naturally slid over into i pick out otlier things, but a person should pick out her own underwear. But I had to get it for her." The pair loves to sample restaurant fare. "You'll find us wherever there's rsuixn roles. Gertrude, about to launch The Goldbergs, did a mother part in a show with Howard. The two women met and took an instant liking to one another successful program, and then slid into other jobs when they popped up. . . She has been doing the casting for the Goldberg's for years subject to a final okay from Gertrude. - I've been with the show so long I get all mixed up on things she said. "Sometimes I can't remembei whether things happened to the Goldbergs, to Mrs. Berg's family or to my own family Gertrude, who has made a reputation and a fortune depicting family life in the Bronx, actually is a native of Delaware County, upstate, where her family ran a hotel. Fanny, nee Goldberg "strietly a coincidence," comes from the borough of the Yankee Stadium. After all the years. Fanny still thinks Gertrude Berg is just about . Jim mi I., ji.ii j" .i , ,, . , ii . " . ,' . i 1 NhIm ii w ii b e 5i? - ttPqttern 1 fibrin cl - - : ' kpI?' feiil'" ; "iff8 fp I I IK - SKt&m 1 I i tmm tags Imp cow nrmff ehowL ' I I One day Fanny told Gertrude she j the finest wcman alive. The feeling is mutual. Fanny thinks they get along well because they are botti tolerant. "After all, we've been repeating the same stories to each other for 21 years," she confessed, "and we both like the same old stories over again. Anyway, we listen politely." 1. HbmMc Actio Bodk mcxfc lostoc yam hoidt and moofK, ray lo sfip c and oft. neotd colon and pafUm. CHAIR FLORAL $219! sotiorN m mmm m - M mm t wc juwao ac - mooom fl" ' (Doyle's Election Meeting Planned Plans for the annual election of Celanese Locali 1874, Textile Workers Union of America (CIO, will be discussed at membership meeting Tue'sday, November 21. Action on the election was plated Wednesday night but no quarum was pres ent, according to Earl L. Snyder, president Gonder Will Ask Recount Bernard I. Gonder, Oakland resident who was defeated by one vote in the November 7 election as the Democratic candidate for the State Senate, from Garrett County, will challenge the results and ask for a recount. , Gonder was nosed out by the incumbent Republican, Senator Neil C. Fraley. The official count was 3,080 for Fraley to Gonder's 3,079. The State Senate will ' receive Gonder's petition in the January session and will act on it, setting the place and conditions of the recount. Gonder said: "After the unofficial tabulation showed that I had lost by 21 votes I made up my mind not to ask for a recount However, when the official tally had reduced my opponent's lead to only one vote, I was urged by many of my friends and supporters, not only in Garrett county but throughout the state, to challenge the count. I did not feel that I could ignore their request, especially when reports of election irregularities began to reach me, I decided to go into the matter as fully as possible. "Of course I do not suspect any deliberate attempt to change the vote, but I do have evidence that certain irregularities occurred in the marking and counting of the ballots which could alter the result." Hearines will be arranged and persons having knowledge of discrepancies in counting or marking of ballots will have an opportunity to present their statements. . Items Donated About 1,000 pounds of food and clothing were donated here this week to the Church World Service Center, New Windsor, for overseas relief use. Next collection will be made the second Tuesday in February. .71 0 MAKE YOUR WASH u yes r$ rxaef Afy SHEETS IKE VOfV 7MVmEW MOM SAyS MY COCOREP 1 7 VOW 7MWHWEV 7ffyCMtE fRMf7HE u0S7mE - x ii THESE RESULTS ARE CERTIFIED BY THE LABORATORIES OF THE UNITED STATES TESTING COMPANY. INC. "'.i?S X. .. - .:.:W. ?v.j56. S "V.':v C 4 Muni ' CoLIUM V - :"' - ' No other soap can get your clothes soWHTf BRIGHT because no other soap contains SOLIUM IT'S A SCIENTIFIC FACT! Rinso with Solium gets clothes whiter than new makes washable colors brighter than new. And eveo if you have to dry your clothes INDOORS, Rinso with Solium puts sunshine in your wash. Yet for all the amazing hard work that Rinso suds do, they're safe for clothes, kind to hands, and fine for dishes. Use Rinso next washday ! Another fine product of lever Brothers Company j - X - Xe, Rinso with SOLIUM fhe Scientific Sunfight Ingredient puts sunshine in your wash even on rainy days mm - ? . , .s - ,.,; ' Lmllmmm.mmmmmil i , " , , , - . - 11 high quauty J fC shears $Jr Grandma Knows . . . good ingredients from Alberts makes cooking easy chore! AND A BOX TOP FROM FAB OR THREE WRAPPERS ROM CASHMERE BOUQUET SOAP Get Free Order Blank - 1 Mpl I 2 17c 2 - 25c 1 ll - 2 - Kv IM Free! Food Basket Saturday Evening, November 18th Sign your nam and address in tha rar of market. Drop your slip in box provided. Drawings will bo mad Saturday evening. Your presence i not required to be eligible. jT X,U. X V II. Crystal Cear Carved wlHi. delicate chotn onfo m mT .ibbx J m mum VaM mi box top or 3 wrappers from SUPER SUDS or Vll cr PAUHOim SOAP GOLD MEDAl S lb. 49c Kitth - fSt4'' ENRICHID 10 lb. 93c FLOUR 25 lb. 2.05 COMPLETE LINE OF CHRISTMAS CANDY NUTS GLACE FRUITS AND HOLIDAY NEEDS Domino Sugar 5 t, 47c Nestle's Milk 6 11 71c Apple SauceZ: 2 ;f 29' Tomatoes 2N,27c Salad Dressing Bowl qt. 45c Coffee Kr" .. 11 85c Tender Leaf Bogs U. S. No. 1 Pennsylvonia POTATOES.. Pascal Celery 21c Iceberg Lettuce 2 - 35c Emperor Grapes 2 27c Florida Oranges 25c Juicy Grapefruit 3 - 23c 22c 15 - lb. Peck 29c ii aiiii N U W JUST PH0NE 900 Don't wait for the rush! Moke sure you get just the bird you wont for the Thanksgiving Feost just the right size ... the right quality ... the right price. We'll reserve o plump fresh killed, full dressed, tender . .. heovy - meated turkeyas near to the weight you want as possible and hove it cleaned and ready for you at ex octly the time you specify. loin End Pork Loin Roast 47c Our Own Mad , Loose Sausage 49c Sliced Pork Liver 39c Meaty Veal Chops ... 59c Veal Pocket Roast ,k 39c Fresh Ground Beef - 55c ,l0" $lZl Swift's Premium 12 to 14 lbs. Whole or Shank Half Hams lb. 51c o s; EX. D CV 45 Baltimore St. 30 WINEOW STR FR ARKINC rli WliMliMI - mil'' 'l Till iiairtiliiTiMi Wi

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