The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 3, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1908
Page 1
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD. CALIFORNIA, TIH'KsDAY. DKCKMHEK :!. 1i)08. No. 105 ynamite Used Save City THF Nucleus SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 3.— Henry Boas, a salesman, died in his room on Third street early today from the effects of poison contained in a letter mailed to this city. In the letter were two powders which it was stated were for the relief of Indigestion and signed by Charles McHower, M, D." Boas formerly resided at San Jose with Mrs. Walker and a detective has gone there to Investigate. A letter giving directions for the use of the powders and evidently written by a woman was found. Boas formerly lived at the Walker house in San Jose and formed an attachment for the daughter of the house. HAYTIEN PINE BLUFF, Ark., Dec. 3.—Radical and determined methods by unknown parties were used last night in an attempt to divert the river from the Pine Bluff banks. Throughout the night loud explosions of dynamite shook the city. Today more than a hundred yards of the point of land opposite Pine Bluff, Including a country residence, had disappeared from view, the river sweeping past the city In a wider channel. The water is likely to recede tonight and city property j B i onsnf lne populace were aroused" af- CAPITAL PORT AU PRINCE, Dec. 3.— Stir- a woman succeeded In reaching his ring events followed the exciting and historical day that saw President No rd Alexis driven from the capital with au infuriated mob at his heels. side, and, drawing a murderous look- In? knife, m-ide a sweep at his body. The blow foil short, however, and foe- Klk» $50 Kngles ., 50 Koyul Arch 50 Knight* of Pythias 20 Mrs. W. S. Tevls 50 Chas. Son - 5 O. Scrlbner 5 J. i ENVER? fore tin* woman could follow The deposition of the President was [another, she was seized by up with soldier. followed by a night of looting and in Port au Prince. The pas is still intact. VALENCIA GUILTY ter being defeated In the desire of do. ing bodily harm to Alexis and the mob turned its attention to the well-stocked warehouses and to the residences of the supporters of the administration. The mob was rapidly getting out of hand when the authorities succeed- L ed in controlling the situation. Twelve ' men wore killed before order was restored, -*..* turned his barn), .said: excellency. 11 .1. Mack 10 .r. M. Keith 10 These are the donations already reported to the Childrens Shelter man- nRomont as a nucleus for Tag Day, one on tho neck. Nord Alexis Jnnd there are other individual contri- M. Carteron and, shaking j butlons as well, with the prospect of more before' Saturday. A limn succeeded in striking the president with his flst but the blow was a "I tol8 you so, your Tri the meantime stores had been After being out all night, the Jury , broli . en °J*n a »d the proprietors were fK« -««^ «*» o-n.v troi A -~i« «u«— i nemefts. Four men were killed in RAINFALL WAS VERY LIGHT Season's Rain Record, Sept. 7 Sept. 23 Sept, 24 ,07 in the case of Frank Valencia, ed with a criminal assault, upon thirteen year old deaf and dumb girl, brought in a verdict of guilty this morning in Judge Mahon's court room. The long disagreement of the twelve men led to the belief that a mistrial would result. It is said Four men were killed la among themselves over the ^r " ^r The Chorus Lady Here st)0i .61 Nov. 23 10 Nov. 24 Doc. 2 .17 I General PIclevty saved the situation. After a refusal of the police to help him he formed a band of armed citizens and some soldiers and marched to the scene of trouble. He fired upon pillagers and eight fell at the first first ballot stood nine for conviction. \ fire - Tne remainder fled. Shortly afterwards eleven voted for \ The residences of Generals Coicon, conviction and one for acquittal, and j Gabriel, Gullluame, Lefantant, Marco. FO the jury stood until morning. The, lin and Leconte were broken Into and penalty for the crime is from one to ' plundered. Order was restored at 11 fifteen years and Valencia .will be o'clock and many of the pillagers sentenced on Saturday. vu-re arrested. On Trial For Robbery. K. Rignosa, a Mexican accused robbing a Chinaman, was placed on trial this morning. He is defended by Col. Ruberson and Deputy District The Chorus Lady, with Siahl in the leading role, MlBK will in at 'the H:ik«M'hfi«'M opera house on I)* 1 cumber 11 \\ith tbe sum* 1 company that played for a in NV\v York. Tilt- play Is one of tin: b"est in the country \i\n\ i.. ( s is the company's first tour of the coast. F. V. Brnnn, the advance uj;<'iit. in thi.s city today. is Total 1,17 i Attorne y Irwin appeared for the peo- \ , — I ^—^ ^^L ^f — - — ^H ^^. ^B ^^H ^H^ ^^ ^^T ^f ^^m -. — ^^ ^^t ^B — ^^ • IP ^fc Nord AleAis after hU deposition yes- flay maJf* his escape on a vessel. Mob Insults President. An Immense crowd of men and wo- \ men assembled at the wharf, and the ! Tulare Forfeits Saturday Game The rainfall yesterday and last high! was not as heavy as most people wore led to believe. The showers, although very wetting as long as Ihey continued, added but .13 of inch to the season's record, was true of Bakersfiekl proved true for the most oart of the whole county. In the northern part in Poso and vicinity there was not enough precipitation to measure, while south of town at and around Lakeside no measurements wore taken, the showers be- in-: so linht. San Kin id to 'lad a slight fall, .11 of an inch being the measurement there. At. Stodulalc I'all vrns soino\vh;tt N-ivifr. Tin 1 i owed .18 of an inch. At Vlsalla oni'-qiiai •'.<>]• n!' <ui I, while i'nrihe; 1 sruMi a) M -1 .U-at TnUuv but .1.". of an infix- was amount. South of the '[Vhachapi the fall was heavier, ami one inch way r«-- corded tit. Ventura. A llfcht I'all is re •ported from all points in tlio Sim .To-i- quln division of the Southern Pacific. pie. Marshal McKamy, the arresting officer, was first on the sTand and told of the condition of the Chinaman after the crime, of the premises where the robbery was committed and of the arrival of the presidential carriage, escorted by a battalion of Infantry • and a squadron of cavalry under com- ( mand of General Hippolyte, was the i '-•ignal for tumult and riot. i All along the route the people who atreets shouted. Jeered and the following: J. W. Davis, Thos. R.I cursed at the president, but when the in the case is composed of ( i Davis, M. P. Pearson, R F. Gregory,' landing: stase was readied the mob C. O. Oidorshaw, J. C. HeiUeg, W, T. : lost a11 restraint. The scene was \Vhiro. P. U Jewett, C. P. Wilkes, 1.1 tragic and shameful. Infuriated wo- W. Hall .Harry Messena, Otto Kara- men lirakp throng p ra tti i * roons aml shrieked Since an article elsewhere was In print, the High School has been ad- vist'd that 1 Tulare has forfeited the football game scheduled for Saturday with the local High School. nrury Wii'inan. manager • >!' • \\- AsxK'iati M. ' a Tho total is now about $270. The captains and a number of lieutenants met at the home of Mrs, Webster last evening to perfect plans for the day, A large number of printed badges have been provided for the official taggers, consisting of ribbon with the words "Childrens Shelter" printed thereon. Those \veuring these symbols will be authorized to proclaim that "you're It." The work of tying the thousands of tags is progressing and the slips of pasteboard will be in readiness for the work of Saturday. It IB significant that Sacramento, which Is to have a Tat? Day on Saturday abo, is providing but 55.000 tags. In Bakersfleld (his number will nearly be doubled. The Auction. A great crowd is expected at the American Jewelry Company's store wh^n the auction of the gold fag takes place Saturday night, and Tag Day, according to present plans will contln- no as long as tho usual Saturday night crowds are on the street. Will Give Prize. The naUerbflclrt Grocery Company haw offered a prize of a handsome chocolate set for tho lady securing the greatest amount of money on tag day. McKittrick and Midway Districts. In tho Midway and McKittrick <!:*• trlcts the lag force will bo; Captain, I DENVER, Dec. ;].— Denver i'o.sf today says thflt the police depnrenmt of Hint city is looking 1 for Chid' Hiiriry. the office hnv- inir received in formation that the head of the San Knun'ist'o police department is in that city. No in format ion is given as to the basis of the report hut officers have heen detailed to look for the miss- missing chief. No Credence Given. SAX FUANC1SCO, Dec. ,'..---N<i credence is given in the report from Denver that Hiirtry is in that city, The police continue to search the hay for the hody of the missing chief. tr V i' YEARS In JudK<' Henentt'H court (his tnorn- (UK JHIIICS WunI was committed to the Pn-ston school at lone for four years. Tin* hid who piitori'd a room In tbd HahorfoM hiilMiitK IH bur IB years of ago. Ho plead guilty and owing to his youih was sent to the reform f T to S.-'in.i >t'<l !\ ANDARD IN CALIFORNIA DID HIGH FINANCIERING. th ;ind the *. » *.« MCNV YORK. bold today trstiHeii t Slaniiard Oil bou^lu ri.i- I Co;»wi Oil Con»p»uy i\.i- ni quarters of i\ mlV.iou, raised the capitalisation *• cntefn million, it chau^*-! the name to tho Stumiavd OH of C'allfornia. av- 350 FISHERMEN LOST LIVES IN TYPHOON. THE WEATHER. TOKIO, Dec. 3,—Thirty-five Japan ese fishing boats were caught in a ty phoon yesterday off Hatsu Island Kawatsu Bay and wrecked. It la Cloudy and probably and Friday, rain Il , ported that 350 fishermen re- lives. (lie cordon of the -coarsest of Insults In the very far? of the president, who strove bravely lo appear un- jlismaycfl. They tried to hurl themselves upon Alexis', and fought with hands and feet against the soldiers, who found difficulty in forcing them back. In order to disengage him. tho troop? disrhar-r- their puns. During this time a re wits cleared and Nord Alexis, *;\vlth the French colors still rtraped 7'about him, was hurried aboard a skiff "'"Jin tow of a stonni launch his suite tumbling in after hlmtaolnetaolntaol tumblliiR into the sUiff after him. As . . . , ,the launch drew away, three Haytlan, tonignt RUnboats anr ] the French and Amerl- ( can warships In the harbor flred a salute to the fallen president. Woman Wielda Knife. Just as Nord Alexis was embnrklng ; -, lo sre if they i-a 1 i (-niiim Sniur.lny, In pliice of fire Tnl;i:v tfum, \\ liicJi, J'orlVitrd. Selinu ;tn*l Kin.^sbnr.i; hiivo tas! t»»;inis nml ;t^ ninny tickets h;i ve been sf>M ;if t'nr (Jic SnUinhiy Brown, Mr. IA^S (.Mott'eltcr, Mrs. K. 1>. Hut-K<', Mi^.s =. Midway; Miss Morris Pnnlilor. MrKit- Davis i *. § * t .'« V i:ian,mei]i"i)! wisties tickets by ;; pvaciice .'ft Ion. No .'iD 1 1'nu.l either lejiin it a ' hem ran b«* ii lso t'ori'eited to IHuuba. thus Icaviui it poslliv4> that HuUersliebl will bav io play Dinuhu again. redeem l!i * with a fast has been re>ct. bill it \\i\\\ one Visalia lias HENEY LEAVES .SC3PITAL. NY. A. \Villi;mi . accuse 1 \Vh :) !«-v j' row, and Other Cases. \Vh* i tmt',v, Morse Williams, >)msun ;ind It. (i, f'o'inies, all of 11-Inn leu, wt-iv in cnir't id .Itdtnson will pie-id tornor- Williams' trial was set for SAX ieff fli.- in Marin roiini \ ii is tnlh r !«•( '-- - f i-'Ji fo(J;n (MI Kt-nilli in i "M';tni ''in il d Ja ils Doc. 8. Amended Complaint. the caao of W. If. SJy v.s ,\, II. and C. M. Sloll. ailieiltled v,;is fiii-d lihl.iv. • I. ii: d ;iii>i Uuwiin Irwin are . \V. P. tost thelt -Year fant on Throne Hibbard Confirms Report Santa Improvements I. L. Hibbard, Keneral aniterinte.nd- croaseti biiHlnosH tlusro demands ia ent of UK* coast lines of the Santa Ko, crensed faciJItieH and U will bo but is hero today on a r<>Kular trip of in spection. Mi'. Hibbard made, a care ful survey of the, work now in I rn a matter of time, Hays Mr. Hibbard, before plans are made for the; construction of a roiiiirfhottHc In the raisin renter siirh as ban Just boon cotn- y increase Die ceremony ot I'EKIM Doc. 2. Overco earner ow on ne Hugh BROS

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